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LYRASIS IVIembers and Sloan Foundation 

Vol. 47, No. 5 

Love Foundation Gives Elon 
$1 Million Endowment 

The Martha and Spencer Love 
Foundation has made a $1 million 
gift to Elon College. The donation 
is the largest private gift in the 
97-vear history of the college. 

The funds will be used to endow 
the business school, which trustees 
have voted to name The Martha 
and Spencer I-ove School of 
Business in memory of the founda- 
tion's benefactors. 

Announcement of the gift came 
at a news conference December 6 
on the campus following a meeting 
of the foundation board of trustees. 
Charles Spencer Love, chairman of 
the board and son of Martha and 
Spencer Love, made the announce- 
ment, surrounded by other Love 
children and trustees and college 

Elon College President Fred 
Young said the gift signifies a new 
chapter in Elon College history. 

"The Martha and Spencer Love 
Foundation has made an invest- 
ment in this community, just as the 
benefactors did so many times 
when they invested in new textile 
operations in this county. I am con- 
vinced that Mr. and Mrs. Love 
would share our pride in this an- 
nouncement today." 

J. Spencer Love built the world's 
largest textile empire, Burlington In- 

dustries, from humble beginings in 
Burlington. With $3,000 in savings 
in 1923, he built a small textile 
plant and over the years expanded 
it to 65.000 employees with 
manufacturing operations in 130 
plants spread among 16 states and 
seven foreign countries and sales ot 
fices through the U.S. and in 85 
foreign countries. 

Martha and Spencer Love 
established the foundation in 1947 
as a means to assist educational in 
stitutions, one of their many in- 
terests. Following his death in 19tii 
at the age of 65, Love's wil 
specified that one-third of his estate 
go to this cause. He was a trustee 
of the University of North Carolina 
and Davidson College, and he 
received an honorary doctor of laws 
degree in 1951 from Elon. 

Mrs. Love, the former Martha 
Eskridge, was a native of Shelby, 
N.C., and a 1933 graduate of Agnes 
Scott College. She also received a 
graduate degree in business from 
Simmons College in Boston, Mass. 

Education, particularly business 
education, and medicine were Mrs. 
Love's major interests. She served 
on numerous boards of colleges and 
universities, hospitals and medical 
foundations. Her love of young 
people often led her to direct and 

J. Spencer and Martha Love 

A Lifetime of Service 

Charles love announced the $] minion gift to Elon at a press conference. He 
is shoum above with Dr. Fred Young. 

personal involvement with students. 
An avid golfer and tennis player, 
Love was a Presbyterian and loyal 
Democrat. He crusaded for higher 
federal minimum wages and worked 
toward an equitable solution to 
tariffs and imports, seeking safe- 
guards for the jobs of textile 
employees, who suffer most from 
cheap imports produced in low- 
wage countries. He served as a 
member of President John Ken- 
nedy's Advisory Committee on 

Labor-Management Policy. At one 
point the President considered ap- 
pointing Love Ambassador to Great 

The Business Administration ma- 
jor is the largest academic program 
at Elon College and involves 14 
faculty members. Last year the col- 
lege established a new master's level 
program in business leading to the 
M.B.A. degree; it will also benefit 
from the Love Foundation gift. 

The military career of J. Spencer 
Love was marked with success and 
recognition- During World War 1. 
he became the youngest major in 
the Expeditionary Forces and was 
later cited by General Pershing for 
"especially conspicuous and 
meritorious services." He was recom- 
mended for the Distinguished Ser- 
vice Medal. 

Alamance County became the 
seat of Love's business activity 
when he founded what was to 
become the world's largest textile 
manufacturer. Burlington Industries. 
With vision, expertise and deter- 
mination, he began the textile giant 
with the modest investment of 
$3,000, the total of his savings at 
the time. 

Martha Eskridge Love also served 
her country as a captain in the 
Women's Army Corps during 
World War 11. The Loves met in 
Washington. D.C. during the war. 

Interest in business was a com- 
mon thread for the Loves. Accord- 
ing to their daughter. Spencie, Mar- 
tha Love was "very much a man- 

ager." She had worked for many 
years in various segments of the 
business world before her marriage. 

The Loves always believed that 
the future of our nation lay with 
youth. Coupled with their dedica- 
tion to education, the Love School 
of Business will honor those beliefs 
in a living, tangible way. According 
to Spencie Love, her mother 
"would have been very, very in- 
terested in this enterprise (the 
business school). She would have 
jumped right in and would have 
had lots of opinions as to how it 
should be done." 

Love was always noted for three 
great qualities: vision, courage and 
initiative. He was an optimist who 
believed that he could do whatever 
he set out to do. Perhaps by par- 
ticipating ia the tangible legacy of 
this family, The Martha and 
Spencer Love School of Business, 
students will gain a sense of the 
intangible— the vision, courage and 
initiative that were so characteristic 
of J. Spencer Love. 

A First Birthday 
for the MBA 

The Master of Business Administra- 
tion Program is one year old, and 
Dr. Mike Marr, director, reports 
that he is very pleased with the 
overall development of the program 
as it begins its second year. 

Statistics reflect a picture of the 
program's current status. Enrollment 
stands at 60. Students' ages are 
concentrated in the 25 to 40 year 
range. Approximately 95 percent of 
those enrolled are working full time 
in established careers. A large 
percentage have backgrounds in 
' business and accounting or 
engineering and are employed in 
area businesses and industries. 
About two-thirds of the students 
are males, one-third, females. 

Any MBA student can tell you 
that statistics never tell the whole 
story, however. Full-time student 
Sally Brown is in her second year. 
She comments enthusiastically 
about the scope of the program; 
"The small class size allows us to 

have lots of personal attention from 
the professors. We're also exposed 
to several methods of learning. 
There are formal lectures, seminars. 
student presentations and field pro- 
jects that involve actual data- 
gathering and problem-solving for 
area businesses." 

Jim Wrenn is a part-time student. 
He is a full-time insurance agent, 
husband and father, so he can only 
attend classes in the evening. 
Wrenn is a firm believer in what 
Dr. Marr calls "career enhancing." 

"School doesn't end with an 
undergraduate degree anymore," 
Wrenn said. "You need graduate- 
level study to be able to compete 
more effectively these days. Profes- 
sional designations often make the 
difference in career advancement." 

Wrenn also stressed the excellence 
of Elon's program. "The faculty, in 
particular, impress me," Wrenn said. 
He was enrolled in another MBA 
school when Elon began its pro- 
gram. He switched not only 
because of the quality of Elon's 
faculty, but also because the faculty 
actually do the teaching. "Graduate 
students taught some courses in the 
other MBA program I attended," 

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College Calendar 





Editor: Nan Perkins 

Art Director: Gavic Fishel 78 

Staff WriterSasan C, Klopman 

Piiotographcr: lane P Vondy 

Typcseticr; Laura Bennett 


Tim McDowell '76 

Ditpcror of Community Rclatio 

Susie Sanfotd '79 

Directoi of Alumni & Parent 

Siepheti Ballard 

Sports Information Director 
Dr. Jerry Tolley 

Director of Ctjrporate and Annual 


Shifley Crawford 
Mctedith Lee '86 
Bob Mo5cr '86 

Elon College Alumni Associa- 
tion 1984-86 
Executive Committee 

President, Zac T. Walker, III '60; First Vice- 
President, Noel L Allen '69; Second Vice- 
President, Ronald P. Butler '75; Immediate 
Past President, Sally A. O'Neill "70; Executi' 
Scctctaty, Susie Sanford '79 

Alumni Chapter leaders 

Alamance County, NC, Thomas L. Bass, 
JT. 'Tli Greater Atlanta, Ga., B. Allen 
Jr. "68; Gieaier Charlotte, N.C, Stanley E. 
Butler '78; Forsyth County. N.C, Jack P. 
Locicero "81; Guilford County, N.C,, 
Ashburn L. Kirby "57; Grcaier Richmond, 
Va„ Linda M. Shields '67; Sanford/Lee 
County, N.C, Donald E. Dollar *70; Suffolk, 
Va„ Betiy Jean Crigger '76; Triangle Area, 
N.C. Timothy M. Moore '78; Virginia 
Beach. Va., Henry F, Piitman '72; Greater 
Washington. DC, Robert H. Pafe -75. 

M e m be rs-a t- La rgc 

Bryant M. Colson '80. Irene H. Covington 
■41, Sigmund S. Davidson '62, James S. Den- 
ion '73. Lester E. Fesmitc '24, Daniel B. Har- 
rell, Jr. '48, Victor H. Hoffman '61, L. 
Donald Johnson '65, Michael A. Lcggctt '77, 
Helen J. Lindsey -52. Philip R. Mann '54, 
John Z, McBtayer '58. Nina M. McConncll 
■70, Calvm A. Michaels '54. John P. Paisley. 
Jr. -70. Nancy R. Penick 'SO, Lynn M. 
Stewait ■81. C. Grayson Whiti '79, Ann M. 
Wilkins '53, W, Woodrow Wilson '38, 
William C, Zint. Ill '79. 


Highlights from Parents Weekend 7 

Back to the Future 8 

Pwfiki oj Tu'o Elon Minicians: 
Professon Arlene Goter and 
Ellai Williams 

College Calendar 


3 Dr. Paul Bravender 

Lecture Recital 
Whitley Auditorium, 

8 p.m. 

Dr. Paul Btavendet, chairman of the 
department of fine aits, will present 
Ralph Vaughn Williams' Songi of Travel 
He will lecture on the composer, the 
music and Roberr Louis Stevenson's 
poetry that inspired Williams. 

/3 Emanons Concert 

Dr. Jack O. White, director 
Whitley Auditorium, 8 p.m. 

/6 South African 

Chaplain Richard McBride, 


Whitley Auditorium, 

7:30 p.m. 

A three-day effort lo inctease public 
knowledge of the conflicts in South 
Aftica, Waich for more details on 
special guests and related events. 

17 South African 

Whitley Auditorium, 4 p.m. 
and 7:30 p.m. 

25 Former President 
Gerald Ford 

Sponsored by the Student 
Government Association 
Alumni Gym, 8:30 p.m. 

More details to be published later. 

27 North Carolina Afro- 
American Dance 

Sponsored by the Lyceum 
Whitley Auditorium, 8 p.m. 

Distinguished dancer-choteographer, 
Chuck Davis has drawn on his North 
Carolina heritage and years of ex- 
perience with Aftican, Carribean and 
American dance to create this exciting 
new dance troupe. 


Jomni Theatre 

Atlanta's Professional 
Black Theater 
Whitley Auditorium, 

8 p.m. 

U Craig Karges, hypnotisi 

Sponsored by the Studer 
Government Association 
Whitley Auditorium, 
8 p.m. 

During a performance, Karges 
demonsttates his skills by mjnd teadi n^ 
feats, levitating tables and linking fin' r 
rings borrowed from audience memb' ,:.. 

;6 Dr. Ellen Williams, 

Faculty Recital 
Whitley Auditorium, 8 p.m 

24 Alan Weinberg, piano 
Faculty Recital 
Whitley Auditorium, 8 p.n: 

Worship Service 

Chaplain Richard McBride 
Long Lounge, 6 p.m. 

The service will be held itr conjunct ■ 
with the CROP fast on Holy Thurs 

Circumstances beyond o 

ro cancel eveniJ. If m doubi, please confirm By c 

ing 584-2386, 





The Magaiine of Elon (USPS 174-S80) is 
publiihed quarrerly with an extra issue during 
the fourth quarter. Second class postage paid a 
Elon Colleee, N.C, 27244, PosmiMter Send 
address changes to Elon College Office of 
Development, Campus Bo. 2116, Elon College, 
N,C, 27244-2010, 

The Magazine of Elon December. 1985 

Tour Russia, Finland, 
Armenia, Mongolia, China 

May 18— June 18, 1986 

Elon College 

Round the World Tour 

For more information contact: 

Dr. David Crowe 


Box 2147 

Elon College, NC 27242-2010 

Board Approves Fine Arts 
Center, Greek Housing and 

At the October 23rd meeting of the 
Board of Trustees, significant 
action was taken in three major 
areas of college business. 

The most exciting news was the 
Board's authorization for construc- 
tion of the entire fine arts center. 
In addition, the decision was made 
to build six houses on the north 
campus for Greek organizations. 
Finally in a unanimous vote, the 
Board decided to limit the school's 
investment in companies doing 
business in South Africa. 

The trustees' authorization to be- 
gin construction of the entire fine 
arts center set in motion a plan 
that has been ten years in the mak- 
ing. D. J. Fred Young, president of 
the college, called the center "the 
most important building to be built 
in Alamance County for the rest of 
the 20th century." 

The two-story center will contain 
56,000 square feet of floor space, 
housing a 600-seat auditorium, 
125-seat recital hall, music rehearsal 
and multi-purpose rooms, an art 
gallery and faculty offices. 

A few items from the original 
plans have been delayed until funds 
become available. Rigging in the 
stage loft, some sophisticated cabin- 
etry in the art rooms, interior light- 
ing in the black box (multi-purpose 
room) and eight additional practice 
rooms on the second floor are the 
components affected. The delay of 
these items will not affect either 
the quality or the programmatic 
usefulness of the building, accor- 
ding to Dr. Chris White, vice presi- 
dent for academic and student 

At a cost of $7 million, the 
building is expected to be com- 
pleted m 1987. Funds totalling $8.5 
million were raised during the 
PRIDE I and II campaigns. 

The fall of 1986 should mark the 
completion of the houses for the 
campus Greek organizations. The 
projection at this time is to build 
six houses. The college will finance 

construction of the houses, but the 
membership of the organizations 
will repay the college rather rapidly 
at the rate of $50 per semester per 

The buildings will house approx- ,c 
imately twelve students each, ad- 
ding more beds to total campus 
facilities. The Office of Student Af- 
fairs will be responsible for deter- 
mining which organizations will get 
the new housing and what the 
rules and regulations will be. The 
construction will also enable the 
organizations to move out of 
residences that are non-conforming 
with town zoning. 

The South African resolution 
passed by the trustees stated: "That 
the Elon College Endowment Fund 
not invest in stock of any corpora- 
tion which has operations in South 
Africa unless that company 
subscribes to the Sullivan prin- 

The Sullivan principles are a set 
of criteria to which companies must 
adhere or risk disinvestments. The 
principles address such matters as 
nonsegration in public and work 
facilities; equality of pay for equiva- 
lent jobs; fair employment practices 
and generally improving the quality 
of lives outside the work environ- 

The trustees' decision was dif- 
ferent from the faculty resolution 
requesting full divestment. In ex- 
planation. Dr. G. Melvin Palmer, a 
trustee from Greensboro, said that 
Elon may be able to exchange the 
stocks as its investment portfolio 
"turns over" within the next year. 
Of the approximately $2 million of 
Elon's endowment invested in 
stocks, about $180,000 of that is 
with companies affected by the 

Palmer stated that "No one 
would support apartheid. The only 
question is how to address the pro- 
blem so that you can be responsible 
to your own duties." 


Lake Named for 
Fine Arts Gift 

The lake on Elon's north campus 
has been named Lake Mary Nell in 
recognition of a gift from a trustee 
and his family to help construct 
the fine arts center. 

Maurice Jennings and the Gor- 
don-Jennings family have pledged 
$100,000 to the fine arts center in 
honor of Mary Neil Jennings, 
daughter of Maurice and Patricia 
Gordon Jennings. In appreciation 

for the gift, the executive commit- 
tee of the board of trustees has 
named the lake in her honor. 

Jennings, a 1957 graduate of 
Elon, is president of the Biscuitville 
chain of restaurants. He is co- 
chairman of a fund-raising effort 
among trustees to raise $1.5 million 
to complete construction of the fine 
arts center. 

Mrs. Jennings operates the Cut- 
ting Board restaurant in Burlington. 
Her father, Clyde W. Gordon Sr. is 
trustee emeritus of the college. 

Dr. Andrew J. 
Angyal Named 
Fulbright Scholar 

Dr. Andrew J. Angyal, associate 
professor of English, has been 
named a Fulbright Scholar. His 
award is for a senior lectureship in 
American literature. Dr. Angyal's 
Fulbright is the first senior lec- 
tureship appointment in Elon's 

He will teach three American 
literature and culture courses at the 
University of Debrecen in 
Debrecen, Hungary. The professor- 
ship will be for a six-month term 
beginning in late January, 1986. 

Dr. Angyal earned the B.A. 
degree in English at Queen's Col- 
lege, City University of New York, 
the M.A. degree at Yale Divinity 
School and a Ph.D. in American 
literature at Duke University. Dr. 
Angyal has been a member of the 
Elon faculty since 1976. 

"I have no idea what to expect," 
Angyal said looking ahead to his 
days at Debrecen. "1 do know what 
I will be teaching and that I will be 
teaching in English." He selected 
the textbooks which will be sent to 
the University prior to his arrival. 

His preparation for the trip to 
Hungary has included a lot more 
than the selection of courses and 
textbooks, however. He has read ex- 
tensively about American history 
and culture. "I will be a represen- 
tative of the United States at all 
times," Angyal pointed out. "1 ex- 
pect a lot of questions about 
American foreign policy, the recent 
summit meeting and human rights," 
he said. 

Angyal also attended an intensive 
two-day orientation seminar in 
Washington, D.C. last summer. He 
has found that he must be well- 
versed not only in American 
culture and government, but also in 
very practical and personal matters 
such as the tax implications of his 
appointment. Fulbright appointees 
also serve as cultural ambassadors 
generally with full diplomatic 

"The adjustments will be enor- 
mous, but rathet subtle too, I ex- 
pect," he noted. Angyal will be the 
only American professor at 
Debrecen. "I have been brushing 
up on my Hungarian with the help 
of Ester Szoffrey (Elon's Hungarian 
student)," Angyal noted. He will 
not be the only English-speaking 
person at the University, however. 
"Many of the faculty and students 
at the University are multi-lingual. 
The students are also required to 
take eight years of Russian in 
secondary school and also study 

Andrew J. Angyal 

Angyal does have a friend and 
colleague at Debrecen, Zoltan Nagy. 
He is assistant chairman of the 
English department at the Universi- 
ty. The two men originally met at 
Duke University in 1972 when 
Nagy was there as a Fulbright Ex- 
change Scholar. "He was insttu- 
mental in my applying for the 
Fulbright to Hungary," Angyal said. 
Speaking of Fulbrights in general, 
Angyal said: "The field is very com- 
petitive. The more specific you can 
be in your location, designating a 
country like Hungary, for example, 
the better chance you have of being 
awarded an appoinrment." Nagy 
was very encouraging and has kept 
in touch with Angyal thtough the 
long, complicated application 

Angyal experienced several delays 
in the appointment. He originally 
applied in June, 1985. "There are 
many steps in the application pro- 
cess. Two governments are involved 
in addition to the three or four dif- 
ferent government agencies," he ex- 

Angyal joins approximately 300 
other scholars in his discipline 
receiving the prestigious Fulbright 
awards. The Fulbright program was 
established in 1946 by legislation in- 
troduced by Senator J. William 
Fulbright. The stated purpose of 
the program is "to enable the 
government of the United States to 
inciease mutual understanding be- 
tween the people of the United 
States and the people of other 

Angyal looks forward to his ex- 
perience in Hungary. One thing he 
said he is sure of: "1 know I will 
learn a great deal about what it 
means to be an American." 

The Magazine of Elon December. 1985 3 

Senator William Proxmire Visits 
Elon for Two Days, Blasts Deficit 

William Proxmire, maverick United 
States senator from Wisconsin, paid 
a visit to the Elon campus on 
November 10 and llth. His two-day 
visit was sponsored by the Student 
Government Association and The 
Liberal Arts Forum. 

In a speech to an overflow crowd 
in Whitley Auditorium on Sunday 
evening, Proxmire blasted the 
federal deficit, military spending 
and inflation. "The US. economy 
is headed for disaster," he said, 
"unless we take rough, crude steps." 

"The basic problem is the deficit," 
Proxmire declared. "It stimulates 
economic activity and provides 
jobs, in the short run, but it is a 
long-term formula for destruction. 
It will ultimately result in high in- 
terest charges that we will be pay- 
ing for the rest of our lives." 

High interest rates on credit will 
severely damage the housing and 
automotive industries, Proxmire 
predicted. He pointed out that the 
export-import problem will be in- 
tensified too by the increased value 
of the dollar overseas. The greatest 
long-term threat to the economy, 
however, will be inflation. 

"Cut spending, cut it everywhere," 
Proxmire expounded with energy 
and gesture. Proxmire described the 
cuts in social and governmental 
agencies he had proposed to the 
Senate— with no success, he added. 

With equal animation Proxmire 
struck at the military, including 
President Reagan's Star Wars pro- 
gram, as the major contributor to 
gross spending and waste in our 

Military ashtrays that cost $650 
and fighter planes at $30 million 
each were some of the examples 
Proxmire used to illustrate his 
point. "We need someone to come 
in and tell us what it should cost," 
he said. Engineers could determine 
this before contracts are signed, he 

"Can we cut military spending 
and still maintain our national 
security?" he questioned. "Yes, yes, 
yes," he replied. 

Tough arms control is the answer, 
according to Proxmire. "We need to 
stop nuclear testing and reduce 
arsenals," he said. "We could use 
our marvelous technology to see if 
the Soviet Union is in violation (of 
an arms control agreement)." 

"They would agree to tough arms 
control," he contended, "because if 
they didn't, nuclear escalation 
would be the only alternative. The 
people who run the Soviet Union 
are ruthless, but they're not nuts— 
they also don't want to commit 

Senator William Proxmire 

On Monday morning Proxmire 
spoke to history and political 
science students. A press conference 
for regional media representatives 
completed his agenda at Elon. 

Proxmire has been in the Senate 
since 1957. During the last four 
years he has had the best Senate 
record for holding down spending, 
according to the National Tax- 
payer's Union. His own campaign 
expenses are illustrative: $177-73 in 
the 1976 campaign and $145.10 in 
1982. Proxmire's "Golden Fleece" 
awards for nonsensical government 
spending have long been another 
one of his claims to fame. 

Sanders Writes 
Accounting Text 

Dr. Allen B. Sanders, professor of 
business administration and ac- 
counting, has co-authored the sec- 
ond edition of Financial Accounting, 
an accounting textbook published 
by Dryden Press, a subsidiary of 
CBS Publishing Company. The 
new revision, copyrighted 1986, is 
already available. 

Dr. Sanders wrote the text in 
conjunction with Isaac N. Reynolds 
from the University of North 
Carolina at Chapel Hill and A. 
Douglas Hillman of Drake 

The book is a one-semester text- 
book for students who have had no 
exposure to accounting and have 
little knowledge of business. The 
range of topics covered makes the 
book suitable for the first semester 
of an undergraduate course. It can 
also be used as the introductory ac- 
counting text in a master of 
business administration program. 

Sanders previously co-authored a 
textbook entitled Principles of Ac- 
counting. It was originally published 
in 1977. The third edition was 
released in 1984. 

Fishel Wins 
Design Award 

Gayle Fishel, director of publication 
production, has won an Award of 
Excellence for her design work for 
the 1985 Elon College admissions 

The award was presented by 
Potlatch Corporation/Northwest 
Paper after a national, juried com- 
petition. Fisher-Harrison, the 
Greensboro firm that printed the 
catalogue, submitted it for the 

Fishel is a 1978 graduate of Elon. 
She has been employed by the col- 
lege since 1981. For four years she 
was a media production specialist in 
the Learning Rescources Center. 
She assumed her current position in 
December, 1984 when Elon's 
publications department was 

Annual Fund 

Annual Fund Chairman Zachary T 
Walker III '66 has a dream: he 
believes Elon can set new alumni 
giving records during the 1985-86 

Elon currently ranks number one 
among co-ed schools in North 
Carolina in alumni participation. 
What can top that? 

"Being in the top ten ranking for 
the southeast," Walker said. Elon is 
number sixteen in the Southeast 
region, which includes Virginia, 
North and South Carolina, 
Georgia, Florida, Alabama, 
Mississippi, Louisiana and Ten- 
nessee. "It doesn't take you long to 
figure out who our competition is 
in the region," Walker pointed out. 
"What a great day it would be for 
Elon to outrank the big co-ed 
schools in percentage of alumni 

Dr. Jerry Tolley, director of an- 
nual giving, is committed to the 
belief that Elon can set such a 
record. So far during the "SOs, 52 
percent of all Elon alumni have 
made a gift to the school. " If this 
percentage is matched in one year, 
we will achieve a top ten ranking," 
Tjlley added enthusiastically. 

So the challenge is set. The 
goal— a marked increase in the per- 
centage of alumni giving for a top 
ten ranking — is possible for Elon. 
The class chart below shows how 
much the percentage of participa- 
tion has increased in one year. 
"This year we can do even better," 
Walker urged. "If everyone will 
make a gift this year," he said, 
"Elon will be an example to the en- 
tire Southeast." 

The Greek giving results demon- 
strate what a big difference a few 
gifts can make. "If any of the top 
six organizations had received five 
more donations, they could have 
come out on top" Tbiley noted. 




Golden 190(1-35 



Panic ipation 









1 984-1 98S 


Zeia Tau Alptia 


50 3% 

Sigma Sigma Sigma 

^6 8% 

48 6% 

Phi Mu 

27. J % 


Alpha Sigma Alpha 

23 8% 


Delta Sigma Ttieia 

14 3% 

27 3% 


Kappa Sigma 



Kappa Alpha- 

Kappa Psi Nu 

40 0% 


Tau Kappa Epsiion 


44 3% 

Sigma Phi gpoifon 

33 8% 

40 8% 

Sigma Pi 



Pi Kappa Phi 

17 5% 

?I 5% 

lota Tau Kappa 

42 1% 


The Magazine of Elon December, 1985 

A Chance to Travel 'Round 
the World 

Dr. David Crowe, associate pro- 
fessor of history, is offering a uni- 
que travel/study experience during 
the late spring of 1986. It will be 
Elon College's first " 'round the 
world" adventure. 

On May 18, 1986 travelers will 
leave New York City and head for 
Russia, Mongolia, China and Japan. 
"The trip is unique because it in- 
cludes travel through Mongolia. We 
will be only the second group in re- 
cent times to get into that area," 
Crowe explained, "Mongolia has 
almost no diplomatic relations with 
any country, so that's why it is very 
difficult to get in," he said. 

"Travel groups generally go to 
Russia or directly to China and re- 
turn home," he noted. "It has been 
almost impossible to combine visits 
to both areas by traveling from 
Russia through Mongolia to China." 
Crowe mentioned that Mongolia is 
a fascinating country with vast con- 

trasts within its culture. 

The grand travel scheme includes 
several days in Helsinki; in Russia, 
highlights include Leningrad, Mos- 
cow. Erevan in Armenia, Tashkent, 
and Irkutsk in the heart of Siberia. 
"Siberian stereotypes are really 
wrong," Crowe said. "The resort 
area we'll visit. Lake Baikal, is the 
world's largest freshwater lake. The 
countryside is beautiful with moun- 
tains, rolling land, forests and 
wonderful log cabins." 

A train ride from Irkutsk to Ulan 
Bator will take the group Co the 
capital of Mongolia. After several 
days they will move on to Beijing 
(Peking). China. "The Chinese visit 
is designed from the perspective of 
what you would want to see if you 
could only go to China once," 
Crowe explained. "We will also stay 
in city-center," he said, illus- 
trating one more unique aspect of 
the trip. 

"Chinese travel is usually booked 

through the Chinese Touring Agen- 
cy. That really means tourists are 
booked in any available hotel, with 
little regard for location or ease of 
transportation," Crowe said. "By 
special arrangement, we have ob- 
tained the best accommodations in 
the best locations." 

After Beijing, visits will be made 
to Xian and Luoyang before the 
train trip to Shanghai. A short 
flight to Tokyo will be the last stop 
before home, San Francisco on 
June 18. 

All transportation from New York 
and to San Francisco (including 
travel by air, boat and train), all 
meals, transfers, first class hotel ac- 
commodations, porterage, tours, 
theater tickets and more are includ- 
ed in the $3,675.00 price tag. There 
is an additional $100 refundable 
deposit. Academic credit in history 
is available. 

The trip is open to everyone, 
though spaces are severely limited. 
For more details, please contact Dr. 
David Crowe at Elon College 
(919-584-2387) or at home 
(919-584-4419) or write to him at 
Elon College, Box 2147. 

Dr. David Crowe has been at Elon 
since 1977. Prior (o (hat, he served as 
an archivist at the National Archives 
m Washington, D.C. Crowe received 
the Ph.D. in history, specializing in 
Russian and Soviet history, from the 
University of Georgia. His doctoral 
degree work also included a minor in 
modem Chinese and Japanese history. 

Elon Receives 
UCC Grant 

by Meredith Lee '86 

Elon College was recently given a 
program grant from the Council for 
Higher Education of the United 
Church of Christ.The $7,000 grant 
is being used to enhance present 
programs and to establish a com- 
prehensive substance abuse 
awareness program. The new pro- 
gram will target alcohol and 
prescription drugs as well as all 
controlled drugs. 

"Nothing is more important in 
the lives of our students than hav- 
ing a sound understanding of the 
true implications associated with 
the use of drugs," said Elon College 
President Dr. Fred Young. 

The Reverend William Long, 
director of foundations for the col- 
lege, is pleased that the grant is 
from the United Church of Christ, 
a long-time supporter of the college. 
"The grant deals with one of the 
most pertinent contemporary ques- 
tions," said Long. "People who don't 
have drugs under control are 
hurting— the church is set up for 
people who are hurting." 

The substance abuse awareness 
program is centered in the college's 
Office of Student Affairs and coorr 
dinated by Associate Dean Pat 
Morgan, According to Morgan, a 
very important part of the sub- 
stance abuse program will be three 
Peer Drug Education Counselors 

(PDECs). These students will be 
trained by the staff of the Office of 
Student Affairs and the Chaplain 
and will play a direct role in carry- 
ing out the educational programs. 

The PDECs responsibilities will 
include educating three target 
areas— fraternities, sororities and 
residence halls. They will also 
develop and promote a "portable 
program" dealing with substance 
abuse, particularly alcohol abuse. 
The "portable programs" will be 
presented to campus social groups, 
residence halls and in "wellness" 

Other responsibilities of the 
PDECs will be: 

•The activation of a campus 
chapter of BACCHUS.(This 
student-run activity has had 
substantial success on many cam- 
puses in dealing with alcohol and 
controlled substance education.) 

•The promotion of Drug 
Awareness Weeks. 

•The promotion of a designated 
driver program in cooperation with 
local establishments which serve 
alcohol, (Designated drivers would 
drink free soft drinks in return for 
refraining from drinking alcohol.) 

•Assisting in the presentation of 
the course Peer Counseling and 
Substance Abuse. 

•Preparing literature and video 
tapes for area and campus 

■ In addition to the PDEC pro- 
gram, where students will be 
educated by their peers, there will 
be other educational opportunities 
offered by the college faculty, Elon 
will continue to offer a credit- 

bearing course. Human Services 
270, that will deal with substance 
abuse education. According to 
Morgan, the students who take the 
Human Services course will be 
prime candidates for appointment 
as PDECs in future years. 

The substance abuse education 
program will be in the planning 
stages until December, 1985. In 
January of 1986, the program will 
be implemented, although many of 
the programs will have already 
begun by that date. 


continued from page I 

Wrenn remembered. 

Broad educational exposure and a 
strong teaching faculty are two rea- 
sons why the MBA program has 
had initial success. The students are 
the third reason, 

"One of the real strengths of the 
program is the calibre of student 
enrolled," Dr. Marr emphasized. 
"They are mature and highly mo- 
tivated, and they are good man- 
agers of their time" 

The Elon MBA program is de- 
signed to meet the needs of both 
full-time and part-time students, 
like Brown and Wrenn. Its flexibili- 
ty within rigid professional stand- 
ards is certainly one of the keys to 
its initial success. 

The course of study can be tailor- 
ed to the individual's schedule so 
that if a student wants to take four 
courses a semester, he can. If pres- 
ent career demands prevent such 
intensive study, then a student can 
take one course per semester. 

The program requires completion 
of a minimum of twelve courses, a 
maximum of seventeen. Part-time 
students can take anywhere from 
three to five years to finish the 
degree, A fijil-time student could 

possibly finish in a record three 

Marr sees the program continuing 
to develop in three main areas: fac- 
ulty, facility and library. "To main- 
tain and attract an outstanding 
faculty will always be at the top of 
the list," he said. Facilities con- 
ducive to the different teaching for- 
mats are important considerations 
too. That includes keeping up with 
state-of-the-art technology, especially 
in the area of computer hardware. 
The development of a current and 
extensive library is also a vital ad- 
junct to the course of study. 

In order to attract outstanding 
students from a variety of under- 
graduate schools and professions, 
Marr said: 

"The program must stay in touch 
with current trends in the business, 
economic and professional worlds. 
We have an obligation to create an 
environment that will meet the 
needs of our people— professors and 
students— and stay in touch with 
the rapidly changing business sec- 

Year one has certainly gotten the 
MBA program moving in that 

The Magazme of Elon December, 1985 


Hall of Fame 
Inducts Five 
New Members 

Four former athletes and a coach 
who helped build the highly suc- 
cessful athletic program at Eion 
College were honored in ceremonies 
inducting them into the Elon Col- 
lege Sports Hall of Fame on Satur- 
day morning, November 16. 

Clayton C. "Jack" Andrews Jr. 

Jack Andrews was a standout in 
both baseball and football for Elon 
College in the late 1940s. A native 
of McLeansville, N.C., Andrews let- 
tered for four years in baseball, 
becoming the third pitcher in Elon 
College history to win 20 games. 
His 20-8 record included 133 strike- 
outs and a string of 27 scoreless in- 
nings. Andrews was named All- 
Conference for 1947 to 1949 and 
was first-team All-State in 1949. His 
career batting average was a solid 

Andrews lettered in basketball in 
1948 and 1949, backing up fellow 
Elon College Hall of Fame member 
Roney Cates at center the first year 
and starting in the pivot his senior 

Andrews and his wife, the former 
Betty Chilton, are currently 
residing in Asheboro, N.C., where 
he is an agent for the State Farm 
Insurance Company. He was in- 
ducted into the hall by Fred J. 
Vaughan "49 of Lawrenceville, 

Maurice M. Craft Jr. '42 

Maurice Craft starred in two 
sports for Elon College just before 
World War II. A standout on the 
football field, the Washington. D.C. 
native averaged nearly 40 yards per 
punt in his career. In baseball. 
Craft was both an outstanding pit- 
cher and hitter for the Fighting 

As a pitcher. Craft had a 12-2 
record and a fine earned-run 
average, allowing only 39 runs in 
133 innings pitched. He struck out 
148 batters in 133 innings. Craft 
also led Elon to victories with his 
bat. He had a career batting aver- 
age of .319, spurred by his excellent 
.400 average in his senior year, and 
was an outstanding base-stealer. 

Craft now resides in Los Angeles, 
California with his wife, Carolyn. 
He retired as West Coast District 
Sales Manager for Carborundum 
Company of Niagara Falls, N.Y. He 
was inducted by Victor A. Zodda 
'45 of Newport News, Virginia. 

Clarence "Diffy" Ross '76 

One of the greatest athletes of the 
1970s for Elon College, Clarence 

The neu'est memben of the Hall of Fame are It Maurice Craft '42, Clayton 
"Jack" Andrews '51, Clarence "Dtffy" Ross 76, Brent Sexton 75 and former 
coach Jim Mailory 

"Diffy" Ross lettered in three sports. 
He lettered for two years in track 
and field and was outstanding on 
both the football field and the 
basketball court. Ross played defen- 
sive end for four powerful Elon 
football teams led by coach Shirley 
"Red" Wilson. He was an All- 
Conference selection in 1975 and 
tied two Elon College records for 
fumble recoveries. 

In basketball, Ross was an out- 
standing scorer, rebounder and 
defensive player. He was named 
All-Conference in 1973 and 1974 
and Carolinas Conference Player of 
the Year in 1974. He is the eighth 
leading scorer in Elon history with 
a 15.2 career average and the fifth 
leading rebounder in the college's 
history with an 11.6 average. His 
23-3 scoring average in the 1974 
season is the fourth highest ever at 
Elon, and his distinguished play 
helped Elon compile an 86.32 
record during his four years on the 

Ross is currently residing with his 
wife. Barbara, in South Boston, 
Virginia, and is employed by 
Goodyear Tire and Rubber Com- 
pany. He was inducted by the 
Reverend Wesley K. McLaughlin 
'78 of Ettrick, Virginia. 

Brent Sexton '75 

Brent Sexton was an All-Ameri- 
can defensive back for Elon College 
in the early 1970s. He led Elon's 
defensive secondary, which was 
ranked among the nation's best 
during his four years. Sexton was 
an All-Conference and All-District 
player each of his four years and 
was All-State in 1973. He was nam- 
ed to the second-team All-Ameri- 
can list in 1974. 

Sexton intercepted 19 passes dur- 
ing his career, falling only two 
short of Elon's all-time interception 

record. He set a record with five in- 
terceptions in one game and was 
considered an excellent tackier. 
After leaving Elon, the Fayettevilie, 
N.C., native was drafted by the 
Pittsburgh Stealers, despite a final- 
season injury. 

Sexton and his wife, Patti, now 
live in Laurinburg, N.C., where he 
serves as National Sales Manager 
for Charles Craft, Inc. He was in- 
ducted into the hall of fame by Dr, 
Alan J. White, athletic director for 
Elon College. 

James B. Mallory 

Jim Mallory came to Elon in 1948 
from Burlington Senior High 
School and became one of the col- 
lege's most successful baseball and 
football coaches. Mallory had been 
a football and baseball star at the 
University of North Carolina be- 
fore entering the coaching 

Mallory 's six baseball teams had 
an overall record of 110-46 and an 
outstanding 76-17 mark in con- 
ference play. They won three North 
State Conference titles in six years, 
with numerous All-Conference and 
All-State performers leading the 
way. In football, Mallory was con- 
sidered an authority on the single 
wing offense. His teams produced 
an overall record of 28-18-3. Elon's 
first All-Americans, Sal Gero and 
Arnold Melvin, were coached by 

Mallory left Elon for East Caro- 
lina University, where he served as 
assistant football coach and physi- 
cal education instructor. He later 
served as associate dean for student 
life at E.C.U. and is now retired. He 
currently resides in Greenville, N.C. 
Mallory was inducted by Dr. Jerry 
R. Tblley, director of corporate and 
annual resources at Elon College. 

Alumni Day 
Combines with 

The Elon College Alumni Day, 
traditionally held in the spring, is 
being moved to a new date. Begin- 
ning in 1986, all Alumni Day ac- 
tivities will be held during Home- 
coming Weekend in the fall. This 
will include the Golden and Silver 
Anniversary reunions and the 
presentation of alumni awards. All 
Homecoming Weekend activities 
will continue as usual. 

The move is being made in order 
to increase interest in activities, ac- 
cording to Zac T. Walker III '60, 
president of the Elon College 
Alumni Association. "We believe 
we can best serve the interests of 
all alumni by combining the events 
of Homecoming and Alumni Day 
into one weekend," said Walker. 
"We hope there will now be even 
greater participation in such events 
as the Golden Anniversary Re- 

L. E. 'Toots" Fesmire '24, presi- 
dent of the Golden Alumni 
Association, concurred. "Moving 
Alumni Day to Homecoming 
Weekend should make it more en- 
joyable for everyone. With more 
people attending, we will all get the 
chance to see more of our old 

With Homecoming and Alumni 
Day combined next September, the 
college anticipates an exciting— and 
full— weekend for all of Elon's 

Emanons to 
Entertain at 
Alumni Dances 

Alumni who live in the Virginia 
Beach, Richmond, and Washington, 
D.C. areas are invited to dance to 
the music of the Emanons in Janu- 
ary. The Emanons, directed by Dr. 
Jack White, will be traveling the 
east coast from New Jersey to Flor- 
ida on their 23rd annual tour. As 
part of the tour, the band will stop 
in these areas to entertain alumni. 
Details were not definite at press 
time, but if you live in any of the 
areas mentioned, your invitation 
will be arriving soon. For more in- 
formation, contact one of the 
following; Linda Shields '67, presi- 
dent, Greater Richmond Chapter, 
804/379-1402; Henry Pittman 72, 
president, Virginia Beach Chapter, 
804/340-2957; Bob Pafe '75, presi- 
dent. Greater Washington Chapter, 

The Magazine of Elon December, 1985 

Highlights From 

Parents Weekend 

Sharon Roihivdl '89 and parents. Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Ro:h'.vdl 

of T. ..-:' \ :\ ".Ld, With Dr fred Young- 

Mr. and Mrs, Dcnms Doyle of Baitimort^, Ma., aangnccr. Kerry *88 and Kevin Iciier '■'i/ 

Mike Storck '86, Dr. Linda Weavd, and Margaret Mary Starch of Ashton, Va. 

Shirley R. Jones of Raleigh, N.C., and son, Shane '86, president of the SGA. 

Nominations for i986 alumni awards 

The Alumni Awards Committee of 
Elon College Alumni Association 
invites you to nominate alumni and 
friends of the College who deserve 
consideration for one of the three 
Alumni Awards presented annually, 


The award is presented to a max- 
imum of two alumni who have been 
graduated for a period not to exceed 
fifteen years and have distinguished 
themselves in their professions and 
communities. (Alumni who 
graduated in 1976 or later are eligi- 
ble in 1986.) 


The award is presented to a max- 
imum of two alumni who have 
distinguished themselves in their 
professions or communities and 
thereby brought honor to their 
Alma Mater. 


The award is presented to a maximum 
of two individuals (normally not alum- 
ni) who have been instrumental in the 
advancement of the College through 
the giving of their time and energy-, 


The award is presented to one 
organization that has been instrumen- 
tal in the advancement of the college 
through the giving of time and energy. 
Alumni who have gained prominence 
in business, education, the ministry, 
science, social service, the arts, law or 
politics might be nominated, but 
qualified nominees from other fields 
arc also eligible for consideration. To 
make a nomination, complete this form 
and return it to: 

Alumni Awards Committee 

Office of Alumni & Parent Programs 

Campus Box 2107 

Elon College, NC 27244-2010 

Name of Nominee 

Elon Class Year 

Type of Award: 

Nominated by: 


Young Alumnus of the Year D 

Distinguished Alumnus Award D 

Citizen's Service Award D 

Service Award D 





Nominations must be received in the Office of Alumni & Parent 

Programs by January 17, 1986. 

The Magazine of Elon December, 1985 

A new 

fine arts center, 

expanded faculty, 


student interest — 


repeats itself 

as the Elon 

fine arts program 


a new era. 


Professors Goter and Willi ams 

Performing is Their Forte 

Arlene Goter 

Gentle, modest, competitive- 
meet musician extraordinaire, ' 
Arlene Goter, pianist and assistant 
professor of music at Elon College. 

Since Gofer's arrival at Elon in 
1983, audiences have been spell- 
bound by her performances. In the 
spring of 1987, Carnegie Hall will 
be the stage for this exceptional 

"You have to be able to 'buy' the 
hal! for a performance and then 
you have to have the guts to do it," 
Goter said in response to a ques- 
tion about what it takes to perform 
in one of America's most prestig- 
ious halls. Buying the hal! means 
renting it for an evening's perfor- 
mance, 'The guts to do it" means 
the courage and stamina to prepare 
and present the fmest effort you 
can muster as a performer. She 
makes so staggering a commitment 
sound simple. But that's her style, 
whether at the piano or in the 

Goter began her formal training 
as a pianist when she was in the 
fifth grade. Before that time, she 
taught herself "I'm from a German- 
Lutheran family," she said, "and 
music was always very important at 
home. There were six of us and we 
could not all take lessons at the 
same time. I had to wait my turn." 
When Goter left the family farm 
in Carrington, North Dakota, to at- 
tend Indiana University, she knew 
she wanted to major in piano. "I 
had no idea how far behind I was, 
though," she remembered. "But 1 
thrived on that situation. I'm very 
competitive and I was challenged to 
catch up." 

"By my sophomore year, I was 
practicing six hours a day," she 
commented. "I had a violinist 
friend who practiced that much, 
and 1 couldn't stand to have 
someone do more than 1 did!" 

The hours kept building. So did 
the expertise. Goter stayed on to 
earn her masters degree, then she 
taught at the University of Illinois 
for awhile. Her doctoral work 
followed, but it was interrupted 
while she took a position as an ac- 
companist in Minneapolis. 

"I decided I better go back and 
finish my doctorate while I had the 
opportunity," she said. After receiv- 
ing her doctorate and performers 
certification, she came to Elon. 

This year Goter is teaching two 
music theory courses and twelve 
piano majors. Her philosophy of 
teaching is patterned after the 
methods her teachers used. 

"I try to teach like the best 
teachers I had," she explained. "My 
background in musical training was 
very comparable to that of the 
students here at Elon. I understand 
where they are." 

"I have a certain technical way of 
playing that I try to teach to my 
students. I also try to make all 
their studies come together," she 
said. By that she meant that music 

Arlene Goter 

theory, history and technique are 
all brought to bear on the music at 
hand. "I would rather have an in- 
telligent musician than a brilliant 
pianist," Goter observed. 

Tne number of music majors in 
the freshman class has almost 
doubled this year. Dr. Goter gave 
Don Gibson, former chairman of 
the department of fine arts, a lot of 
credit for that. "Don had experi- 
ence in recruitment and really got 
Elon (the music department) going 
from an organizational standpoint. 
He used up-to-date recruiting 
methods and got to the prospects 
early," she explained. 

Fine arts students are also being 
offered the opportunity to go to 
London for the 1986 mini-term. 
Goter will be going with them. "I 
went to England and Scotland last 
summer to do some preliminary 
planning and get a feel for what we 
might expect in January." she said. 
"I would like for us to investigate 
some things that will provide a dif- 
ferent exposure from that offered in 
the United States." For example, 
students will be introduced to con- 
temporary British art and artists 
and hopefully visit some working 

In the spring Goter looks forward 
to finalizing the details of her Car- 
negie Hall debut. She will not be 
able to secure a performance date 
until that time because Carnegie 
has been closed for renovations. 
"It's just my luck that when 1 final- 
ly decide to perform there, they 
close for renovations!" she laughed. 

So far she has not chosen her 
program either. "1 may play the 
same things I played for my doc- 
toral recital," she said. "I will pro- 
bably talk to my former teachers 
and get their advice too." Former 
teachers include renowned pianists 
Walter Roberts, Menachem Pressler 
and James Tocco. 

It will also be Goter's responsibili- 
ty to get the critics to attend her 
concert. "If you can get a review in 
the New York Times, then you will 
be read almost everywhere," she 

One thing is sure. Goter seems to 
thrive on challenge. Whether it is a 
very full schedule or an especially 

difficult piece of music, she 
responds with enthusiasm, energy 
and dedication. Carnegie Hall 
seems like just another performance 
date in her life. 

by Susan Klopman 

Ellen Williams 

The name of John W. Barney is 
one of the most familiar in 
Elon College history. A member of 
the class of 1910, a beloved pro- 
fessor for 33 years, he is still 
remembered by alumni, faculty and 

Now his name will live on in 
another way. His granddaughter, 
Ellen Barney Williams, joined the 
Elon faculty this year as assistant 
professor of music. 

John W. Barney first came to 
Elon College in 1906, not as a pro- 
fessor, but as a student. As Elon's 
first fullback, he played on Elon's 
first football team which won three 
out of its five scheduled games. He 
majored in English, Latin, Greek, 
and French and graduated in 1910 
as valedictorian of his class. For 
fourteen years, he pursued a teach- 
ing career first as a high school 
teacher and football coach and 
then as a principal, in additon to 
doing graduate study at the Univer- 
sity of Virginia, the University of 
Wisconsin, and the University of 
North Carolina. In 1924, he return- 
ed to Elon College as a faculty 
member and here he remained for 
thirty-three years, a beloved and 
respected professor. 

Quiet, unassuming, and mild- 
mannered, he was also "thoroughly 
competent and conscientious," Dr. 
Earl Danieley recalls, remembering 
his classes. "He was in every sense 
of the word a gentleman but he 
was also very firm. He had his 
standards and his principles and his 

Dr. and Mrs. Danieley both had 
the opportunity to witness Professor 
Barney's teaching methods firsthand 
from the student's seat. They 
describe him as "the classic teacher 
of grammar." He drilled his students 
on subjects and predicates, nouns, 
verbs, adjectives, adverbs, and 
prepositions. He was fond of having 
his students diagram sentences and 
considered that an excellent visual 
aid for learning grammar. In addi- 
tion, his freshman English class 
studied spelling lists and took a 
spelling test each week. His liter- 
ature classes read, analyzed their 
reading and answered questions on 
what they had read. 

His classroom was in the south- 
west section of Alamance Building 
now occupied by the vice presi- 
dent's office, the faculty mailboxes 
and part of the Academic Advising 
Office, It seated at least seventy-five 
students. Professor Barney delivered 
his lectures to this group, assigned 

Ellen Barney Williams 

homework for every class meeting 
and graded all of the work himself, 
always managing to have it graded 
and ready to return by the next 
class meeting. All of this was done 
for the princely salary of $3300 per 
year or less. 

Professor Barney loved his six 
children dearly, but it was to no 
advantage to be Professor Barney's 
child if you were in his class. Ellen 
Barney Williams, daughter of Pro- 
fessor Barney's younger son, John 
W Barney, Jr., recalls a story con- 
cerning her father and her grand- 
father. J.W. Barney, Jr. had stayed 
out late one night and was inade- 
quately prepared for class the next 
day. Knowing the situation, Pro- 
fessor Barney nevertheless called on 
him quite deliberately, showing no 
mercy. Education was the priority. 
All six children graduated from 
Elon College and all had outstand- 
ing academic records. 

Professor Barney's dedication 
brought forth fruit in his students 
and his family. They recall his in- 
tegrity and his enthuiasm for 
teaching and for Elon College. 
They also recall his generosity with 
both his time and his possessions. 
During the Depression when he 
sometimes received no salary for his 
teaching and the larder was low, he 
nevertheless frequently invited 
students for dinner, offering his 
friendship as well as instruction to 
his pupils. 

Ellen Barney Williams received 
her bachelor's degree from 
Meredith College in 1972. She had 
obtained a double major in music 
and religion and initially thought 
she would go into church music. 
As she worked on her master's de- 
gree at New England Conservatory, 
she found herself drawn to teach- 
ing. She returned to North Carol- 
ina with her husband, Douglas, 
and taught at Meredith College for 
two years while Doug worked as 
the piano technician at East 
Carolina University in Greenville. 

In 1978, Doug decided to appren- 
tice at Steinway's in London to ex- 
pand his knowledge of piano tun- 
ing and repair. Ellen used the time 
to study and perform with the In- 
corporated Society of Musicians in 
London. They returned to the 
states a year later, settling in Long 

Island where Doug worked for 
Steinway and Ellen studied and 
taught music. 

In 1981, Florida State University 
in Tallahassee offered Doug a posi- 
tion as their piano technician, 
which happily afforded Ellen the 
opportunity to work on her doc- 
torate. While studying there and 
scanning the market for a good 
teaching job. Ellen heard about the 
opening at Elon. Doug and Ellen 
and their daughter Caitlin (who 
will be two in December) were 
ready to settle down and this seem- 
ed the perfect opportunity. Doug 
plans to tune and repair pianos for 
area churches and Ellen has found 
her "good teaching job." 

Ellen is most enthusiastic about 
her new position and the possibil- 
ities it presents. She is very pleased 
with the Elon atmosphere and the 
support and encouragement she has 
received. She intends to perform 
whenever the opportunity presents 

itself and has already performed in 
an opera in Jacksonville in October. 
She will sing in the Messiah in 
Tallahassee and Elon in December. 
She also hopes that she will be in- 
vited to perform at area churches, 
particularly in smaller country 
churches. Her zeal is contagious 
and she explains, "If 1 can't stay ex- 
cited about the opportunities, 1 
can't inspire my students." 

She is an inspiration. She is con- 
vinced that anyone with a good 
speaking voice can learn to sing. 
She suggests a group voice class for 
non-majors who want to build their 
self-confidence and learn the rudi- 
ments of singing. "In music you are 
dealing with intangibles, with im- 
agery..." she explains. "You want 
your voice to be an instrument." 
Ellen Barney Williams will teach 
you how to do it. 

by Deborah H. Crotts 

And the Future Unfolds... 

On Thursday, November 7, Royall Spence Jr. and former Senator 
Ralph Scott, on behalf of the Board of Trustees, turned the first 
shovel in groundbreaking ceremonies for the new fine arts center. 
They were joined by Mrs. Alyse Smith Cooper, chairman of the 
Presidential Board of Advisers, who is pictured above with Mr. 

"The opportunities which will be offered in this building will 
enrich the educational experience of every Elon College student," 
said President J. Fred Young. 

The Magazine of Elon December, 1985 9 

s ports 

Winter Sports 
Off to Good 

Men's Basketball 

Coach Bill Morningstar's cagers 
have opened their season by captur- 
ing two victories out of four games 
played in November. Included in 
their wins are a 68-67 victory over 
Mt. Olive and a 65-48 win over 
Mars Hill. Their losses thus far are 
CO Beimonc-Abbey, 61-48, and 
Lynchburg, 76-72. Leading the 
Fightin' Christians are Clemson 
transfer Warren Wallace fronri 
Charlotte, N.C.. Bernard Torain, big 
6-5 sophomore from Hurdle Mills, 
N.C., and 6-7 junior Eric Hairston 
from Eden. NC 

Wallace played for ACC member 
Clemson his first three years, start- 
ing as a freshman and continuing 
until he was injured a year ago. 
Wallace is a 6-4 senior point-guard 
and has been labeled as the play- 
maker for Elon this year. 

■Jumping Jack' Torain saw limited 
action during the '84-^5 season but 
should see much more action this 
year without Carolinas Conference 
Player of the Year Robert Leak on 
board. Power-forward Hairston 
averaged nearly nine points and six 
rebounds per game a year ago and 
looks for an even better season this 

Women's Basketball 
An old familiar face has returned 
to the Elon bench this season, but 
^he isn't wearing a team uniform. 
Jackie Myers, former All-Confer- 
ence performer and graduate of 
Elon in 1978, is the new women's 
basketball coach. Myers has been 
coaching the past three seasons at 
Pfeiffer College. 

The Lady Christians opened their 
season in the Mt. Olive Tipoff 
Classic by splitting a pair of games. 
Elon lost to Mt. Olive, 68-7L They 
came back to win over Coastal 
Carolina, 64-57. Coach Myers' team 
lost to two district powerhouse 
teams— Belmont Abbey, 48-65, and 
High Point, 53-59. The Lady 
Fightin' Christians were led by Lisa 
Briggs, a junior from Graham, N.C., 
point-guard Theresa Sandell, a sen- 
ior from Charlottesville, Va.. and 
sophomore center Lisa Hairston 
from Eden, N.C. 

5-7 forward Katanja Clapp of 
Elon College and 5-11 senior Beth 
Gardner of Winston-Salem com- 
peted for the fifth starting spot in 
pre-season warm-ups. One new 
recruit, Mae Haith, a 5-7 freshman 
from Alamance County's Western 
Alamance High School, was con- 
ference Player of the Year in her 
senior year and should be a key in- 
side player for Elon in the quick 

The Magazme of Elon December, 1985 

forward position. 

Elon Wrestling 
Coach Jim Richardson's wrestlers 
opened their season impressively by 
defeating conference foe Pfeiffer, 
35-12. Also in the Elon Invitational, 
in which individual team scores 
were not kept, Elon captured two 
weight titles, finished runners-up in 
two other individual weights and 
finished third in four weight classes. 
Ten teams entered the Invitational. 

Capturing individual titles for the 
grapplers in that Invitational were 
possible All-America candidate 
Bobby Brown, a 142-pounder who 
was 26-6-1 a year ago as a fresh- 
man, and Scott Crater from Rock 
Hill, N.J., in the 134-pound class. 

While the schedule as a whole "is 
one of the toughest in the school's 
history," according to Coach 
Richardson, he does "expect to be 
improved throughout the season." 
His hopes include qualifying five 
wrestlers for the NALA Nationals. 

The team includes freshman 
118-pounder Dan Fabbri from Lan- 
disville. N.J. Fabbri earned the 
number one spot backed up by 
junior David Lawior of Ashburn, Va. 

In the 126-pound category, 
freshman Colin Sprill from Fairfax, 
Va., is numer one, while Frank 
McLaughlin, a freshman from Fair- 
fax Station, Va., began in the 
number two spot. 

In the 134-pound weight class 
with Crater is sophomore Stafford 
Young from Summerville, S.C. 
Rounding out the 142-pound 
class with Brown is freshman Kent 
Pond of Chester, Va. 

In the 150-pound weight class, 
two freshman have earned the 
number one and two spots. Sitting 
at number one is Jon Frederick of 
Woodburn Height, NJ. Number 
two is Steve Leach from Silver 
Spring, MD. 

Fall Athletes 
Receive Post- 
Season Awards 


Coach Macky Gardens Fightin 
Christian football team completed 
their 1985 season with an im 
pressive 20-0 victory over the Mars 
Hill Lions. With the win Elon 
finished 7-3 overall and 
ranked 14th 

m the final NAIA ratings. 

Leading the Fightin' Christians 
offensively were junior quarterback 
Garrett Robinson from Fayetteville, 
N.C, senior runningback Jonas 
Davis of Henderson, N.C, junior 
offensive guard Alphonso Morrison 
from Hamlet, N.C, and wide 
receiver Stanley Hairston from 
Eden. N.C. 

Defensively, the Fightin' Christ- 
ians were led by noseguard Grady 
Williams of Weldon, NC, junior 
linebacker Tony Settles of Laurin- 
burg, N.C. and senior safety Mike 
Ferrell from Danville, Va. Morrison, 
Davis, Williams, Settles and Ferrell 
all made first team All-District for 
the Fightin' Christians. Hairston, 
offensive lineman Ricky Sigmon of 
Catawba, N.C, fullback Mike 
O'Lari of Orange, Md., senior 
linebacker Jack Arnold of Albany, 
N.Y., and senior defensive backs 
Jake Wejborn from Lexington, N.C, 
and Albert Hendricks from 
Henderson. N.C, were named to 
the second team All-District 26. 

Making the Honorable Mention 
team for the Fightin' Christians 
were offensive lineman Tony 
DiPietro from Rocky River, Ohio, 
kicker Paul Mullen from Myrtle 
Beach, S.C, defensive lineman Joe 
Ford from Winston-Salem. N.C, 
and linebacker Russell Evans from 
Che raw, SC 

In addition to finishing 14th in 
the NAIA, the Fightin' Christians 
finished second to Mars Hill in the 
SAC-8 race. 


Coach Steve Ballard's soccer team 
completed their '85 season with a 
13-3-1 mark, the best ever for 
Fightin' Christians soccer. Making 
the All-Carolinas Conference first 
team were senior Joe Nepay from 
Monrovia, Liberia, senior Andy 
Schaefer from Altamonte Springs, 
Fla., and two freshmen forwards, 
Glenn Gess from Somerdale, N.J., 
and Mike Wessels from Jacksonville, 
NC. Nepay, Schaefer and Gess also 
were named to the All-District 26 
first team. 

The Fightin' Christians finished 
second in the Carolinas Conference 
and advanced to the semi-finals of 
the NAIA District 26 playoffs. The 
Fightin' Christians 
finished the 

season ranked eighth in the NAIA 
Southern Division poll. 

Simpson Named 
Chairman of 

Haywood G Simpson has been 
named chairman of the Fighting 
Christian Club for the 1985-86 
year. Simpson has been an active 
supporter of Elon for over fifteen 

Simpson lives in Burlington and 
owns the Haywood Simpson Insur- 
ance Agency, His daughter, Susan, 
is currently a senior at the college. 

Membership in the Fighting 
Christian Club is open to anyone 
who makes a donation to the 
Athletic Scholarship Fund, accord- 
ing to John Bangley '84, director of 
athletic fund raising. "Mr. Simpson 
has been a tremendous help to me 
this year," said Bangley, who assum- 
ed his current position in July. 

The goal this year for the Athle- 
tic Scholarship Fund is $114,000, 
"This fund is the backbone of Elon 
College athletics," Simpson said. 
"Donations are used for scholar- 
ships and the general operation of 
the athletic program, so there's no 
question about how important it is 
to the whole Elon picture," Simp- 
son emphasized. 

A gift to the fund can qualify the 
donor for one of several levels of 
membership; Scholarship Patron, 
$10,000 or more; Fighting Christian 
Patron, $5.000-$9,999; Gold 
Member, $l,000-$4,999; Maroon 
Member, $500-$999; Sustaining 
Member, $250-$499; General 
Member. $100-$249; Associate 
Member, $55-$99; Contributor, 
$25-$49. Gifts can be designated for 
special uses, such as an endowed 

So far, over $10,000 has been 
pledged this fall during the first 
Fighting Christian phonathon. 
Another first for the club has been 
the sponsorship of two successful 
tailgate parties held before the 
Catawba and Wofford games. More 
tailgate parties are planned for next 
year, Bangley said. 


Rosa Brannock Sutherland and hus- 
band, Alfred, recently celebraied their 
t'2nd wedding anniversary. 


Phaiti and Ruth Lawrence '30 have 
moved CO a new toctage in Wescover 
Retirement Community in Hamilton, 
Ohio, They write that they are enjoying 
living in the cottage very much. 


Robert "Shrimp" Morphis and wife 
celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary 
August 3. Their three children and six 
grandchildren were present, along with 
some 70 or more friends and neighbors. 
"Shrimp" has lived in the Northeast 
since 1945 and was employed by Allied 
Corp. for over 36 years prior to his 


J. Everette Neese of Lexington, N.C., 
recendy pubhshed a book entitled The 
Dutch Setdcmmt on Abbotti Creek. It is 
the history of Pilgrim Reformed UCC 
from 1754 to 1979. 


Eugene A. Gordon received the 1985 
Brotherhood Citation Award of the 
Greensboro Chapter of the National 
Conference of Christians and Jews at rhe 
chapter's annual dinner on Nov. II. 
Gordon has served 18 years as a U.S. 
District Court judge for the Middle 
District of North Carolina. 


Betty Jeanne Hendry Mahaffey of 

Spartanburg, retired from Sears, 
Roebuck and Company. 


Ed Mulford is retired and living in 
Sanford, N.C. 

Charles Wesley Randolph is a retired 

Methodist minister m Mooresville. N.C. 


Hal D. Foster is librarian for Palm 
Beach Junior College in Lake Worth, Fl. 
Jane Warren Hook and Lehman H. 
Johnson Jr. were married recently in 


Roger B. Wilson writes that he attend- 
ed an American Guild of Organists 
Regional Convention, served as best man 
the day before the convention and was 
named Decade Chairman of the Year at 
the June reunion at Proctor Academy, 
Andover, N.H. 

Edward Carney and Jacqueline Smith 
Hackney '55 live in Ft. McPherson, Ga. 
Ted is a colonel in the Army. 


Dwight L. Dillon, of Bassett. Virginia. 
became President-elect of the Independent 
Insutance Agents of America (llAA) dur- 
ing the Association's 89th Annual Con- 
vention held recently in Honolulu. In 
his new position Mr. Dillon will be the 
llAA's Executive Committee liaison to 
the Big "I" Insurance Youth Golf Classic, 
Government Affaits, Young Agents and 
National Insurance Producers Commit- 
tees. Mr. Dillon is president of the Dillon 
Insurance Agency, Inc., in Bassett. 
Glenn M. McDonald is a designer for 
Duke Power in Chafloite. N.C. 


E.B. Moore has moved back to 
Reidsville. After having spent the major 
portion of the years since high school 
days performing operas, he will be 

Left to right, Dt. Fred Voting, Vivian Wrenn and Sybrant Pell '39 . 

Pells Establish Music Scholarship 

Mr. Sybrant H. Pell '39. has 
established the Vivian Wrenn Pell 
Scholarship in honor of his wife. 
The new $10,000 scholarship will be 
awarded annually to a worthy 
music student. Preference will be 
give*n to students specializing in 
keyboard or orchestra study. 

Mr. Pell entered Eton in the fall 
of 1935. Some of the college's most 
loyal and active alumni were his 
classmatgs. Clyde Rudd '37, for 
whom an athletic field is named, 
was here. Dr. John Robert Kemodle 
'35, G. Thomas Holmes '39, 
Woodrow W. Piland '37, Dr. Japeth 
E. Rawls, Jr. '35. W. Millard Stevens 
'36, and J. Hinton Rountree '33, are 
all currently members of the board 
of trustees. 

Pell remembers. When he entered 
Elon, he and six other boys shared 
one large room iii the old power 
house. Pell used to walk across cam- 
pus to the business office to make 
his tuition payments. Hinton Roun- 
tree worked in that office. "I always 
gave my payments to him," Pell 

Mixed with these memories has 
been the thought of establishing a 
music scholarship at Elon. "1 want 
to honor my wife because she is an 

excellent piano teacher and has al- 
ways been very involved with 
music" Pell said. Mrs. Pell received 
her training and taught at the Nor- 
folk Conservatory during World 
War n. She is currently affiliated 
with the Sherwood School of 
Music in Chicago and uses their 
teaching methods with her students 
in Fayetteville. 

"I was urged to be a concert 
pianist," Mrs. Pell said, "but I have 
always wanted to teach." One of 
her most successful students is her 
own daughter, Susan, a 72 grad- 
uate of Elon. "When Dr. Westafer 
found out that I had been the only 
teacher Susan ever had, he was 
amazed!" Mrs. Pell laughed. "He 
said her technique was excellent." 
Susan majored in piano and 
minored in flute. 

Susan and her husband, Kenneth 
Ellington '73, both have very suc- 
cessful music careers with the 
Cumberland County school system. 
"They have built the music pro- 
gram from 240 students in 1980 to 
1700 in 1985," Mrs. Pell explained. 

So Elon, music and memories 
have all combined in the Pell fami- 
ly. Elon has received the fruit of 
that combination. 

teaching a course for Rockingham Com- 
munity College Department of Continu- 
ing Education entitled "Singing and 
Theory and Practice." 


Don L. Allen received the William Fin- 

nigan III Professorship in Dental Science 

granted by the University of Texas Board 

of Regents. 

Everett Clay Brown is a teacher in the 

Gaston County Schools. 

Glenn P. Pierce was recently appointed 

president of Dunbar Furniture, Inc., 

Berne, Ind. 


Carole Morrison Medlin is a teacher 
in Rock Hill, S.C. 


Becky Sue Bowden is a health 
educator for the State of N.C, Raleigh. 
Rosaline Toney Bush is a teacher at 
Suthcrlin Academy, Danville, Va. 


Maurice "Tunner" Brosky, a pro- 
fessor at the University of Massachusetts, 
reccnrly visited the Elon campus and con- 

ducted a short workshop for physical 
education majors. He has developed a cur- 
riculum called "Fun in the Woods," an 
outdoor adventure curriculum which 
challenges students to cooperate and to 
develop skills in a non-competitive, fun 

Robert Lee "Bob" King, chairman of 
Southeastern Community College's science 
department, has the longest tenure of any 
faculty member at Southeastern and is 
considered the longest tenured employee 
of the North Carolina community college 
system. King marked his 20th anniversary 
with sec on Aug. 15; however, he was 
at College of the Albemarle, one of the 
first state-supported junior colleges, when 
the community college system was man- 
dated by the General Assembly, so he has 
over 24 years with the state system. 
Stephen L. Mauldin Jr. recently retired 
from 22 years with the Air Force. He is 
now di.ecror of administration and train- 
ing with Tampa Bay Plumbing and 
Mechanical. Inc. 

Harolyn Hanford Merritt received a 
diploma in cosmetology from Northwest 
Junior College in Oxford, Miss., and re- 
ceived "Outstanding Student Award." 
She and her husband, Ron, have a com- 
bination business of hair styling and scuba 
diving called "Family Hair Care and Ron's 
Dive Shop." 

Jerry W. Turpin, assistant vice ptesident 
of Gate City Savings &. Loan in Reidsville, 
headed the Professional Division of the 
1985 United Way Area Campaign. 


Annie Cochran Edwards is a retired 
teacher and lives in Southern Pines. N.C. 


Henry H. Hubbard Jr., assistant 
manager of Leggett Department Store in 
Waynesboro, Va., has been active in the 
United Way of Wavnesboro-East Augusta 
Area Campaign, 

Jimmy Ray Marshall is directot of the 
anesthesia training program at Mt. Sinai 
Medical Center, Miami Beach, Fla. 


Peggy Carter Hampton is a teacher at 

Farmer School in Asheboro, NC. 
Don Jenkins is jewelry manager for Ser- 
vice Merchandise. Cincinnati. Ohio. 


Larry D. Allred was elected ro a three- 
year term on the North Carolina League 
of Middle Level Schools Board. He is cur- 
rently the Coordinacor of Middle Grades 
Education fot the High Point Public 

Lea Mitchell Blanton is associate direc- 
tor of the Division of Extension and Conti- 
nuing Education at UNC-Chapel Hill. 
Sally McDuffie, a chemistry teacher at 
Owen High School, was honored as a 1985 
First Union Outstanding Educatot at the 
Downtown City Club, Asheville, N.C. She 
also teaches chemistry part-time ac 
Montrcat-Anderson College and was 
named Buncombe County Teacher of the 
Year in September. 

Frederick J. Stephenson Jr., associate 
professor of transportation and distribution 
in the Department of Marketing and 
Distribution in the College of Business 
Administration, University of Georgia, has 
been selected Chair of the University In- 
structional Advisory Committee. 
Carole Boyle Thomson is a teacher in 
Hamilton County School system, Signal 
Mountain, Tenn. 


Rodney D. Barfield is curator for the 
N.C. Division of Archives &. History. 
Fayetteville. N.C. 

The Magazine of Elon 


Class Notes continued 

Rebecca Ruth Webster Graves receivei; 
a specialist's degree in educational admini- 
stration from the University of North 
Carolina at Greensboro last August. Thu 
degree of specialist is in educational ad- 
ministration. She is married to William 
Lee Graves '61, and they have one 
daughter, Beth, who is a senior at William' 
High School. The Graves are employed in 
the Burlington City School system. 
Thomas W. Jeffery is on the theater 
faculty of Young Harris College in Young 
Harris, Georgia, where he serves as Chair- 
man of the Division of Fine Arts. 
Dave Potter has accepted the task of 
running the Waynesboro Generals Vallev 
League baseball club as president of 
Waynesboro Baseball Charities Inc. The 
Generals consist of various eligible college 
players who come to the city to develop 
their talents while providing entertainment 
for "sports-hungry" fans. Potter is person- 
nel manager at the Mastic Corp. plant in 
Stuart Draft, Va. 

Laura Rice Robinson is a mathematics 
and art instructor for University High 
School, Irvine, Calif. She is also National 
Science Foundation and California Math 
Pro|ect Math Mentor through the Univer-^i- 
ty of California. 

Earl Moses Sartin Jr. is owner/vice presi- 
dent of C &i D International, Inc., Burl- 
ington, N.C, 


Les Askew owns a trucking company in 

Greensboro, N.C. 

Oliver Halle is a special agent for the 

Federal Bureau of Investigation, Atlanta, 



Rick Adams is a service technician for 
Southern Bell Telephone, Greensboro, N.C. 
Marcia McCredie is a technical writer for 
Telex Computer Products, Raleigh. N.C. 
Tom Rodnev has been promoted to reg- 
ional vice president for the Southeast with 
Great Southern Life Ins. Co., Houston, Tx. 
Mike Wood is a regional sales manager 
for Ricoh Corp. in Arlington, Va. 


Jeanette Amick Armour is a substitute 
teacher in the Christiana School District, 
Newark, Del. 

Kathryn Copeland is a computer mar- 
keting consultant for AT&T in Oakland, 

Rebecca Whitaker Davis and her hus- 
band, Mike, 3615 Sulkirk Road, Charlotte, 
N.C, announce the birth of a son, Mat- 
thew Brandon, on Sept. 17, 


Joel Christopher Fowler and Rebekah 
Ann Harris were married Sept. 28 in 
Charleston, S.C. 

Dianne Gucker Greene and husband 
Wayne, adopted a daughter, Amanda 
Lillian, on Oct. 22. 

Joe Jessup is administrative assistant for 
the Honorable D. French Slaughter Jr., 
member of Congress, in Washington, D.C. 
Sue H. Faucette is assistant vice president 
of Preserver Assurance Company in Burl- 
ington, N.C. 

Earl D. Hinshaw is a junior high teacher 
and assistant pastor at Florence Wesleyan 
School and Church in Florence, S.C. 
Jeanne Shay Schumm is reading instruc- 
tor at Louisiana State University, Baton 
Rouge, La. 

Jerry Schumm is pastor of First United 
Church of Baton Rouge, Baton Rouge, La. 
Royall Spence III and wife,Louise, 216 
Beverly Place, Greensboro, N.C, announce 
the birth of a son, Royall IV, on 
November 6. 

Jo Nelle Skipper Walker is field service 
manager for Xerox Corp., Columbia, S.C. 

Searching for 

Genealogy buffs can sympathize 
with Elon alumnus, Bacil Hudson 
Steed '47, as he searches for North 
Carolina relatives. Steed, however, 
is conducting his search from Pro- 
spect, Australia! 

In a letter to the alumni office, 
Steed requested that we publish a 
note asking any North Carolina 
Steeds to contact him. Included in 
his letter was a fascinating synopsis 
of the Steed family history. 

The first Steed to come to Am- 
erica was Edwin Steed, Esq., in 
1737. He had received a land grant 
from the English king for a tract of 
land on the Roanoke River In 
Brunswick County, Virginia. Ed- 
win's son, John, married Simon 
Randolfs daughter, Mary, and thus 
the American branch of the family 
was begun. 

The generations flourished. 
Charles Steed, born in 1782, was a 
member of the House of Represent- 
atives from 1820 to 1622. He was 
also the father of twelve children! 
John Steed, Charles' son, had six 
sons and five daughters. 

Obviously Steed has a large track- 
ing job to do in locating all the 
branches of his family tree. Inciden- 
tally, Steed himself has recently 
been distinguished by membership 
in the Australian College of Educa- 
tion, a national professional 

If you are a Steed or know of 
one, please report in! Steed's ad- 
dress is; 

24 Richmond Avenue 
Prospect, South Australia 
Australia, 5082 


Jeff Hansis received his master of : 
degree in applied management from Lesley 
College Graduate School, Cambridge, 

Stephen West Holden III received a 
master of science degree in educational ad- 
ministration/supervision from Longwood 
College in 1982. In 1984 he was appointed 
principal for the Department of Correction- 
al Education at Nottoway Correctional 
Center in Burkeville, Va. He is also the 
founder and president of Moose Enter- 
prises, which specializes in custom design 
printing for T-shirts, caps and jackets. 
Stephen L. Hutcherson has been pro- 
moted to manager of the research data ser- 
vices group for AH. Robins Company, 
Richmond, Va. He previously served as a 
scientific coordinator in the medical 
therapeutics department. 
Linwood Register is southern regional 
manager for General Electric Company, 
Atlanta, Ga. 

George J. Shahwan is an analytical dev- 
elopment chemist for Stuart Pharmaceu- 
ticals in Wilmington, Del. 
Curtis G. Shaw Jr. is manager of 
McGladtey, Hendrickson and Fallen, 
CPA's in Winchester, Va. 


David O. Cansler is director of financial 
aid at Dorothea B. Lane School, Newark, 

Phil Davis is co-owner of B &. D Comic 
Shop in Roanoke, Va. 

Joe Freve is superintendent for The Strutt 
Croup in Hunt Valley, Md., and Lynne is 
home executive for Joe &. Lynne, Inc. in 
Baltimore, Md. 

Shirley Burdell Hammock was installed 
as president of Scotland County Council 
Homemakers Association for 1986-88; as 
Southeastern District North Carolina Ex- 
tension Homemakets Association Recording 
Secretary; and selected as delegate-at-latge 
to represent Southeastern District NCEHA 

as delegate for the National Extension 
Homemakers Council in Estes Park, Col. 
for 1985. 

Valleen Moore Maness is a reading 
teacher in Moore County School, Car- 
thege, N.C, 

Dean McBrayer and wife. Elaine, 3107 
Manchester Crt., Jamestown, N.C, an- 
nounce the birth of a son, Ryan Holt, on 
Nov. 25. 

Donna Oliver was named Teacher of the 
Year for Burlington City Schools. Donna is 
chairman of the science department at 
Cummings High School. 
Jim Parker and Linda Rayfield were mar- 
ried Aug. 3. Jim is a history teacher in the 
Suffolk City Schools, Suffolk, Va. 
Hyman Sater recently became president 
and sole owner of Sater's Men Shop in 
Danville, Va. His wife, Lii, serves as vice- 
president and office manager; and both 
sons, Jason (13), and Jeff (10)', also help in 
the family business. 

Bill Smith is president of Bill Smith Ford, 
Lincoln, Mercury, Inc. in Southern Pines, 


James S. Denton has recently published 
two studies: one on U.S.— South Africa 
relations, and a comparative analysis of 
Presidents Reagan and Carter's spending 
and tax policies and theit impact on in- 
come and poverty. Also, he had an article 
published in The Wall Street journal on the 
Sandinista's Washington lobby apparatus. 
Greg Fowler was promoted to division 
planning manager with Burlington House 
Draperies, a division of Burlington In- 
dustries. He resides in a new home in 
Greensboro with his wife, Carolyn, son 
Tommy (8 years), and daughter, Jenny (5 

Reece Gordon is manager of sales ad- 
ministration with Bell South Advertising 
and Publishing Corp. in Columbia, S.C. 
He has been with the firm for 1 1 years and 
in South Carolina for the past six years. 
Annette Ling Gordon "74 owns and 


operates Independent Word Processing Ser- 
vices from their home at 320 Deer Run 
Road, Elgin, S.C. Their first son, Travis, 
was born May 9, I'^S'}, A second son. 
Miles Roland, was born August 19. 
Shelia Walker Hovis and husband, Ran- 
dy, recently returned to Charlotte. She is 
doing inside sales for SKP Instrumentation, 
a manufacturerers* representative firm. 
They have one son, Joseph Craig, age 7. 
Raymond N. McClure and wife. Sheila, 
6654 Sharon Woods Boulevard, Columbus, 
Ohio, announce the birth of a son, Evan 
Scott, on August 13. 
Glenn Mayhew is self-employed by 
Mayhew Business Forms, Inc., Roanoke, 
Va. He and his wife, Deborah, have two 
sons, Nathaniel (age 6), and Mark William, 
horn on June 14, 1984. They reside in 
Boone's Mil!, Va. 

Kay Holeman Melvin is librarian for 
U.S. Dept. of Commerce, Arlington, Va. 
Francis Lynch Montgomery and Sara 
Elizabeth Niver wer married .Aug. 31 in 
Greensboro, N.C. 

Mary Cranfill Phillips and husband, 
Henry, 2995 Wesleyan Lane, Winston- 
Salem, N-C, announce the birth of a son, 
Andrew Lov, on August 18. 
Hughes Jenning Rhodes is southeast 
sales manager with Cross Country Fashions 
out of New York and lives in Virginia 
Beach, Va. 

Sally Rhodes is a tennis pro in Virginia 
Beach, Va. 

Joel Smith and wife, Diane, 703 Argyll 
St., Fayetteville, N.C, announce the birth 
of a daughter, Kelly Gray, on Sept. 10. 


Barry C, Baucom is district sales 
manager for Lever Brothers Co. in 
Charlotte, N.C. 

Betty Boyd Brannock is a consumer 
products sales representative for Eastman 
Kodak, Dallas, Texas. 
Michael K. Brower has been promoted 
to business services officer with Branch 
Banking and Trust in Sanford. Brower, an 
assistant vice president, was retail services 
manager m BB&cT's Siler City office. 
Stephen A. Collins is a salesman for 
Fleetwood Homes, Inc. in Rocky Mount, 
Va. His wife Nancy '75 is a homemaker 
and mother. 

William "Scooter" Dunn is 
teacher/basebal! coach in Halifax County 
Senior High School. South Boston, Va. 
Beth Young Hunt is a third grade 
teacher in the Guilford County School 

Curtis "Gigi" Leary is with the field- 
office support unit of Carolina Power & 
Light Co., in Raleigh, N.C. 
Fred R. Midkiff Jr. has been promoted 
by John Deere Co. to the position of Fi- 
nancial Management Advisor for the At- 
lanta Branch. His duties include developing 
and presenting financial education and 
dealer management programs to John 
Deere dealers in the Southeastern eight 
states, and establishing strategies for the 
short-term and long-term development of 
dealers. Fred has been with John Deere 
Co. since 1977 as a financial service 
representative and territory manager in 
Alabama and Georgia. 
Debbie Yow has been named the Univer- 
sity of Florida's first Gator Booster Field 
Secretary for Women's Athletics after turn- 
ing around the University of Florida's 
women's basketball program as head coach. 


Timothy A. Amurakis and wife, Joann, 
139 Kenilworth Ave., Danville, Va.. an- 
nounce the birth of a daughter, Catherine 
Ann, on October 11. 

Louise Damon Baucom is a professor at 
UNC-Charlotte, N.C. 
Wilhelminia Annette Brown is an ad- 
ministrator at ITT Telecom in Raleigh, 

12 The Magazine of Elon December, 1985 

Roger Staley is band and choral director 

at North Davidson Senior High School in 
Welcome, N.C. His wife. Jeanectc '75 is 
teaching mathematics at Davie High 
School in Mocksville, N.C. They have two 
children. Lauren and Adam. 


Debbie Cloninger Ballard is a teacher 
m Ruther Glen, Va. 

H. Neal Day and wife. Martha. 1! Fair- 
mont Ave., Upper Montclair. N.J., an- 
nounce the birth of a daughter. Heather 
Jean, on July 4, Neal is an assistant vice 
president of Joshua L, Bailev & Co., Inc. 
in New York City. 

David Michael Braxton and Ten Ellen 
Waggoner were married Sept. 28 in 
Graham, N.C. 

Debra Lane Brown is a retail banking of- 
ficer with Branch Banking and Trust in the 
company's main office in Sanford, N.C. 
Zene Fearing is a captain in the U.S.M.C., 
stationed at Camp Pendleton, N.C. 
Ruth Perry Grant and husband, Mike, 
11005 Wiltshire Lane, Charlotte, N.C, an- 
nounce the birth of a daughter. Mary 
Catherine, on Nov. 2. 
Stephen Z. Hearne was the recipient of 
North Greenville College mini-grant (June 
1985) to attend the Southern Baptist Con- 
vention and write about the underlying 
problems. He was listed in the 3rd Edition 
of Marquis Who's Who in Religion (1985 

Janet Hovis Henry and husband. Les, 
1332 Spero Road, Asheboro, N.C., an- 
nounce the birth of a daughter, Katherine 
Elizabeth, on June 25. 
Bobby Hurst was recently appointed by 
Governor Jim Martin to serve on the 
North Carolina Small Business Advisory 
Council. Bobby is currently vice president 
of Hurst Annaho Supply. He and his wife, 
Donna, announce the birth of a daughter, 
Kathryn Michelle, on July 5, 1984. 
Rob Johnson was recently promoted to 
regional manager for Royal Business Mach- 
ines, Inc. and will be located in Boston, 
Mass. The family will be moving to the 
area in January 1986. 
Tom Ponder has been promoted from 
claim representative to personnel specialist 
at State Farm's Southern California regional 
office located in Costa Mesa. Calif. 
Phyllis Johnson Tew and husband. Jim, 
RO. Box 772, Sanford, N.C, announce the 
birth of a son, Coleman Alan, on July 29. 


Kathy L. Bowman has been promoted to 
department chief-matenal planning and 
management with AT6*.T Technologies, Inc.. 
Greensboro. She was chosen as one of 25 
participants in the Greensboro leadership 
class of 1985-86. 

Debbie P. Butler and husband, Jay. 143 
Robin Lane. Suffolk, Va.. announce the 
birth of a daughter, Ashley Hart, on Oct. 

Yvonne Byers is employed by B.F. 
Goodrich as a cost accountant in Houston, 

Mr. and Mrs. David M. Crowder. Ri. 3, 
Box 1510, Chase City, Va., announce the 
birth of a son. Cory Blake, on Sept. 22. 
Tom M. Davis Jr. was promoted to assis- 
tant director of sponsored programs at 
Duke University in August. 
Laura Crews Forrest and husband, 
Kevin, 502 Edney Ridge Road, Greensboro. 
N.C, announce the birth of a son. Kevin 
Todd, on June 30. 
Veiver Lee DeHart Jr. and Sarah 
Elizabeth Williams were married Oct. 5 in 
Whiteville. N.C 

Denise Turner Johnson and husband, 
Gil. 8716 Silverthorne Drive, Raleigh, N.C, 
announce the birth of a son, Robert Cole, 
on April 23. 
W. Andrew Kirkman has been named 

vice president and loan officer at 
the main office of Security Bank and Trust 
Co.. in Salisbury, N.C. 
Greg and Janice Merwin Lanier, 10614 
Dunlap. Houston. Texas, announce the 
birth of a son, Christopher Alton, on Oct. 
8. They have another son, Gregory Bran- 
don, born on May 31. 1963. Greg is a food 
and beverage director for Marriott Corp. 
Stephen Leach and wife, Lisa, 201 Hut- 
chinson Street, Highstown, N.J., announce 
the birth of a daughter, Catherine Alanna, 
on July 1. Stephen is a coffee trader with 
Westway Merkoria Corp. of Englewood 
Cliffs, N.J. 

Tom Meletis and wife. Effie. 1758 
Houghton Drive, Charleston, S.C., an- 
nounce the birth of a daughter, Stephanie 
Barbara, on Oct. 11. They also have a 
2'j^-year-old son, Peter Thomas. Tom has 
joined Biggers Brothers Food Service as a 
sales representative in Charleston. 
Tony Mullins of WREV-AM radio station 
has helped chair the Communications Divi- 
sion of the 1985 United Way of Reidsville 
area campaign. 

Susan Lynne Shoffner and Michael 
David Hartsock were married recently in 
Burlington, N.C. 

Phillip Smith and wife. Pamela. 894 
Quadrilla St., Morgantown, WV., an- 
nounce the birth of a daughter, Stacy 
Denise, on Aug. J 5. 
Lenny Stadler is working on his doc- 
torate of ministry in spiritual formation at 
Asbury Theological Seminary in Wilmore, 
Ky. He is in his second year of a three-year 

James Tew and wife, Phyllis, P.O. Box 
772, Sanford, N.C, announce the birth of 
a son, Coleman Alan, on July 29. 
Joann McPherson Maurakis and hus- 
band, Timothy. 139 Kenilworth Ave,. Dan- 
ville, Va., announce the birth of a 
daughter, Catherine Ann, on Oct. 11. 


Warren Berry is a product developer for 
Carolina Biological in Burlington, N.C. 
Lonnie Bowland is an account executive 
for Transus, Hiaieah, Fla. 
Jay Butler and wife, Debbie, 143 Robin 
Lane. Suffolk, Va., announce the birth of 
a daughter, Ashley Hart, on Oct, 22. 
Richard Lee Byrd and Sandra Joyce 
King were married Oct. 5 in Martinsville, 

Garry F, Fitchett is an area supervisor 
for Domino's Piiza Co., in Philadelphia. 
Charles and Martha Mitchell Harrell, 
122 Thorncliff Dr., Fayetteville, N.C, an- 
nounce the birth of a daughter. Jamie Vic- 
toria, on Aug. 23. 
Donna Rogers Hurst teaches 
kindergarten at Fayetteville Academy. She 
and her husband, Bobby, announce the 
birth of a daughter, Kathryn Michelle, on 
July 5, 

Richard Todd Iddings is an auditor for 
Prince George County. Md. 
Kemp Liles is a second year law student 
at Campbell University. 
Bonnie Pryce Mahone is supervisor m 
the RIA lab at Roche Biomedical 
Laboratories in Burlington, N.C. 
Kathy Hester Mauk is a certified radio 
marketing consultant and account represen- 
tative with WMAGIC Radio, Voyager 
Communications, High Point. 
Joel Poe recently joined the firm of James 
L. Massey, Inc., as a commercial lines 
underwriter. He was previously employed 
at Shelby Mutual Insurance in Greensboro. 
Johnnie Allen Renick received her mas- 
ter's degree in education with an English 
concentration from Virginia Tech in the 
spring. She also recently presented a pro- 
gram at the Virginia Association for 
Teachers of English conference. She 
teaches English at Blairs Junior High 
School and serves as chairman of the 
English Department- 

James Keith Richardson and wife, 
Rebecca, Rt.l, 62-A. Chatham, Va., an- 
nounce the birth of a son, Joshua Ken- 
neth, on Oct. 7- 

Bill Waller and wife, Lori, 441 Circle 
Dr., Burlington, N.C, announce the birth 
of a daughter, Laura Elizabeth, on Sept. 9. 
Chappel Whitt has been promoted to 
manager of men's manufacturing purchas- 
ing with Kayser-Roth Hosiery Co., in 


Christine J. Anderson, 1214 Rodgers 
Street, Chesapeake, Va., announces the 
birth of a daughter, Rebekah Christine, on 
Oct. 21, 

Tim Beck plans to open a health club. 
Body Shop Health Club, in Raleigh in ear- 
ly Nov. The club will cater to people of all 
ages and will be suited to varying levels of 
physical fitness. 

Rodney Lee Cook and Melanie Caryl 
Howard were married Sept. 21 in Graham, 

Kathryn Trent Dickens is manager of 
Valley Health &c Fitness Center in Dillard, 

Thomas G. Dodd, owner of Nordic 
Fitness Equipment, has opened his third 
store in Jacksonville, Fla., and plans for an 
opening in Greensboro in the spring, 
John and Dianne McAllister Atkinson 
'80 write; "We're sorry to be missing 
Homecoming again this year, but we hope 
by next year we'll be close enough to make 
it. In the meantime we'd like to provide the 
following information. John has been 
assigned as commanding officer of the 
Naval Reserve Center m Kingsport, Tenn. 
Dianne is teaching third grade in the 
Jacksonville, Florida City Schools. We ex- 
pect to move to Kingsport in the summer 
of 1986." 

Janice Trent Berry is a teacher at Wee 
Care Child Development Center. Inc.. in 
Burlington, N.C 

Suellyn Reynolds Gaines is a social 
worker at Care Inn, Graham. N.C. 
Martha Jo Knight Hall is a financial and 
property development consultant for M.J. 
Hall Associates, Ocean Isle Beach. N.C. 
Terry Mack Hennessee is a bookkeeper 
for Skyview Estates, Inc., Mountainside, 

Greg Hicks will serve as assistant prin- 
cipal at CW. Stanford Junior High School, 
Hillsborough. He is presently completing 
his master's degree in administration at 
UNC-Chapel Hill. 

David Hinshaw and wife, Charlene, P.O. 
Box 111, Bethania, N.C, announce the 
birth of a daughter, Kelly Marie, on Aug. 

Robin Annette Johnson is an executive 
secretary for Kewaunee Science Equipment 
Corp. in Statesvillc, N.C 
Richard Joseph Renick is a tire builder 
at the Goodyear Plant in Danville, Va. 
Richard, his wife, Johnnie, and daughter, 
Ricki Noel, reside in Semora, N.C 
David Wayne Sams and Mary Gail John- 
son were married Nov. 2 in Mount Airy, 

Leslie Morse Timper and husband. Bob, 
7832 Hemlock Court, Raleigh, N.C.. an- 
nounce the birth of a son, Matthew Morse. 
on Aug. 26. 

Michael Vaughan and wife, Bonita, 110 
Gateway Drive, Darlington, S.C, announce 
the birth of a son, Justin Michael, on July 

Nolan E. Williams is a senior accountant 
with Deloitte, Haskins &i Sells firm in San- 
ford, N.C. 


Linda Glunt Adams is a travel agent for 
Travel International in Orange Park. Fla. 
George J. Allen is an account executive 
for Commonwealth Mortgage in 


Sharon Douglas Austin is a radiology 
technologist for Duke Medical Center in 
Durham. N.C. 

Jill Ann Bennett and Shawn McGlinchey 
were married Oct. 19 in Stone Church. 

Cass Covington is an assistant manager 
for Mademoiselle in Norfolk, Va. 
Preston McKenzie Cox and Nancy Earle 
Rogers were married Oct. 26 in Roxboro, 

John Ferguson is a sales representative for 
The Hamlin Companies, Garner, NC. 
Betty Faye Jernigan teaches college prep 
biology at Walter M. Williams High School 
in Burlington, N.C. 

Timothy Julius Jernigan and Catherine 
Marie Rogers were married Sept. 21 in- 
Yanceyville, N.C. 

Joel P. Lawrence is vice president of 
Seven Lakes Investment Group in West 
End, NC. 

Rusty Lee has been named head baseball 
and assistant football coach at Northeast 
Guilford, Greensboro, N.C. At Northeast, 
he will work as offensive line coach. 
Lynne Diane Silcox and Charles Alex- 
ander jarrett, Jr. were married Oct, 12 m 
Alamance, N.C, 

Judy Faye Simpson and Paul Kirk 
Thompson were married Sept, 21 m Burl- 
ington, NC 

Nancy Elizabeth Thomas and Douglas 
Kevin Davis were married Sept. 14 in 
Salisbury, N.C 


Sue Bias teaches and coaches at Wade 
Hampton Academy, Orangeburg, S.C. 
Bruce Kylle Brown and Cheryl Joanne 
Byerly were married Sept. 21 in Salisbury, 

Margaret Claud and Steven Vincent Pad- 
gett were married Sept. 7 in Winston- 
Salem, N.C 

Dorene Spaulding Evans is an account- 
ing clerk, III, for First Tennessee Bank. 
Memphis, Tenn. 

Mitch Foil has been promoted to mana- 
ger of B &. B Music Co. in Virginia Beach, 
Va. Foil was formerly associated with Piano 
and Organ Supermart at Reynolda Manor 
Shopping Center in Winston-Salem. 
Patricia Jernigan Guill and Ronnie 
Dean Baker were married Sept. 28 in Mint 
Hill, N.C. 

Rolf Gerard Hendrickson and Monica 
Elaine MilUvood were married Nov. 2 in 
Garner. N.C 

Jerry Lynn Hooker is in radiation re- 
search in the Radiation Biology/Oncology 
Dept., East Carolina University School of 

Kelly R. Horner and Robin R. Reaves 
were married Sept. 7. They are living in 
Roxboro, N.C. Kelly is a sales clerk for R 
&. S Sporting Goods in Roxboro. 
Bill Hughes is general manager for Mac- 
field Text. Plant in Stoneville, N.C 
Carl M. Lewis has been promoted to 
assistant plant manager of the John H. 
Harland Company in Dallas, Texas. The 
Harland Company is a nationwide check 
printer with 42 plants in the United States 
and Puerto Rico. 

Robert Lockerby teaches science and his- 
tory and coaches baseball at the Bellows 
Falls Middle School, Grafton, Vt. Also, he 
coaches football and the Alpine ski team at 
Bellows Falls Union High School and is a 
part-time ski instructor at Okcmo Moun- 
tain. The Lockerbys have a daughter, 
Courtney Lynn, born on June 8. 
Debra Mason is project director for Vrain 
Corp. in Martinsville, Va. 
Scott and Kim Matthews have recently 
moved to Richmond, Va. Scott is working 
for Filtration Technology, Inc. as a branch 
manager-sales. FTI specializes in air filtra- 
tion and contamination control equipment. 
Kim is busy with daughter. Tiffany, and is 

The Magazine of Elon December. 1985 


Class Notes continued 

involved in community activities. 
Myron L. Moore has been named tax 
senior by Seidman &. Seidman CPA's, a 
national accounting firm with offices in 
Greensboro and High Point- 
Veronica Leath Revels is an accountant 
for Burlington Housing Authority, Burl- 
ington. N.C. 

Valerie Clark Routh is a conference cen- 
ter coordinator at Holiday Inn, Four 
Seasons, in Greensboro, N.C, 
Kathv Gilliam Ruffin is a sales and 
customer service representative for Austin 
Company, Yadkinville, N.C. 
Robert "T-Bonc" Ruffin is area sales 
and markering manager for Lever Brothers 
Company in Winston-Salem, N.C. 
Steve Seibert is manager of budgets for 
MW Manufacturers in Rocky Mount, Va. 
Shana Morell Stadler is a fourth grade 
teacher at Drexel Elementary School in 
Burke County. 

Carolyn Maness Stutts is a teacher for 
Alamance County Schools, Burlington, 

Jayn Safrit Swaim is a credit coordinator 
for Hewlert-Packard Co, in Greensboro, 

Bonita O. Vaughn and husband, Mike, 
110 Greenway Drive, Darlington, S.C, an- 
nounce the birth of a son, Justin Michael, 
on July 7, 

Debbie Wallwork does crew scheduling 
for Piedmont Airlines, Winston-Salem, 

LaMont Shelton Williams and Crystal 
Sirtethia Strong were married Sepr. 21 in 
Charlotte, N,C. 

Carina Mandis-Wist is an office adminis- 
trator/meeting planner for Milk Indusrry 
Foundation and Intcrnarional Association 
of Ice Cream in Washington, D,C. 
Mary Carroll-Williamson was promoted 
to community resource sf>ec!alisi of the 
Newark-West District office of the Division 
of Youth and Family Services, Irvington, 

Stephen M. Wright and Lisa Anne Wil- 
son were married July 6, Stephen is self-em- 
ployed in his own accounting firm in 
Edge wood, Md, 


Melodte )o Adams and Jerome Wallace 
Kay were married Oct. 19 in Yadkinville, 

Vanessa Caid Bowen is personnel man- 
agement specialist for Civilian Personnel 
Office. Fort Bragg, N.C, 
Vanessa Lynn Caid and James Warren 
Bowen were married Sept. 7 in Fayetteville, 

Maiiy Callas has been selected for a 
management training program with Inter- 
nal Revenue Service in Savannah, Ga, 
Susan Love Dimock was promoted to 
manager of financial analysis at First Am- 
erican Savings Bank in Greensboro, N.C. 
Lisa Adams Duncan and husband, 
Keith. Rt. I, Box 286-C. Stoneville, N.C. 
announce the birth of a daughter, Lauren 
Elizabeth, on July 24. Lisa is a senior ac- 
countant with Stoneville Furniture Co,, 
Inc, in Stoneville, 

Joe Garbarino is city manager for the 
Town of Spring City, Tenn. 
Jackie Gregory and Scott R. Churchill 
were married Oct 26 in Orlando, Fla. 
Cynthia L. Howard is a contract special- 
ist with the Department of the Army at 
Picatinny Arsenal in Dover, N.J. 
Sheila Willis Lcdnum Is a senior lab 
technician ar Guilfod Mills, Greensboro. 

Edward Lewis Marks, IV and Annette 
Elaine Pickett were married Sept. 28 in 
Durham, N.C. 

Tracy Mebahe is working at the Law 
School of the Uruversity of North Carolina 
at Chapel Hill. 

Laurie Michaud is a systems engineer for 
NCR Corp. in Cayce, S.C. 
Keith Miller is president of T.N. Boone- 
Morton Formals. Burlington, N.C. 
Cindi Osborne is a field service represen- 
tative for ITT in Greensboro, N.C. 
Richard Pender and wife. Dorothy, 2710 
Davie Drive. Durham. N.C, announce the 
birth of a daughter, Jessica Elizabeth, on 
Aug. 12. Rich is inventory control 
specialist with Winn-Dixie in Durham. 
Kathy Perry is teaching third and fourth 
grades at Creedmoor Elementary School, 
Creedmoor, N.C. She was nominated for 
Granville Couunty's teacher of the year for 

Kevin J. Robinson has been transferred 
to Winston-Salem to become the opera- 
tions manager of deposit services with 
Wachovia Bank &. Trust Co. He was a 
branch manager in the Thomasville office. 
Nancy Rose Stainback and Martin Ber- 
nard Lee were married Oct. 27 in Mid- 
dleburg, N.C. 

Kim Steenken Steffen is technical editor 
for E-Systems in Falls Church, Va. 
Lynn Zabel-Tatro recently began work as 
a clerk specialist II for the University of 
Alaska— Anchorage School of Engineering, 
in Chugiak, Alaska. 
Frank Nelson Wallace, Jr. and Jean 
Darnell Walker were married Oct. 12 in 
Burlington, N.C 

Anna Webb Wheeless is a teller for 
Wachovia Bank &. Trust Co. at the 
Research Triangle Park, N.C. 
Donna L. Whitfield is employed by the 
Washington County School system as a 
social studies teacher at Plymouth High 
School, Plymouth, N.C. 


Betsy Airman is computer operator for 
Pawleys Island Realty, Pawleys Island. S.C 
Susan Rae Appleron and Gerald Lee Elks 
were married on Feb. 2. Susan is a secretary 
at Beaver Dam Baptist Church in 
Franklin. Va, 

J. Michael Bennett graduated from Ap- 
palachian State University in Boone on 
May 12. He now serves as director of in- 
tramurals and recreation at East Tennessee 
State University in Johnson City, Tenn. 
Anthony D. Berardi is employed by R. 
E. Scott Mortage Co.. a subsidiary of K. 
Hovnanian Enterprises, in Bricktown, N.J. 
In recognition of his ability and achieve- 
ment, the firm has named him to represent 
them in a Hovanian magazine publication 
as feature employee. 

Ron Blevins and wife, Elaine, 606 Oak- 
grove Drive, Graham, N.C, announce the 
birth of a son, Justin, on July 13. Ron is 
manager of Anderson-Little in Greensboro, 

Jeffrey Kent Brinkley and Paula Leigh 
Brannock were married Sept. 28 in Mount 
Airy, N,C, 

Trish Byrd is an eighth grade math and 
science teacher at H.J. McDonald Middle 
School in New Bern, N.C, 28560, 
Kyle Campbell is director of Social Ser- 
vices Nursing Home in Salisbury, Md. 
Gregory Eugene Cokerham and Myra 
Marie Burler were married Sept, 21 in San- 
ford, N,C. 

Lisa Jo Crawford is a flight attendant for 
U.S. Air and will be based in Pittsburgh, 

Alan Lee Dalron and Jeannine Welthers 
Boger were married Sept. 21 in Sanford, 

Laura Ann Emerson and Wade Levon 
Dark were married Sept. 28 in Pittsboro, 

Ricky Fain is office manager for Kamter. 
Inc. in Mebane. N.C. 
Wanda Denise Foust and Bcngie Tate, 
Jr. were married Sept. 28 in Graham, N.C 
Bill and Marrha Griswold, 103 Clement 
Circle, Mt. Airy, N.C, announce the birth 
of a son, William Joseph, III. on Aug. 24. 

Robin Reaves Horner and Kelly Ray 
Horner were married Sept. 7. Robin is an 
account representative for Surgical Private 
Diagnostic Clinic in Durham. N.C. 
Don McCauley Isley and Lu Ann Brum- 
ley were married Oct. 12 in Greensboro, 

Peter Mark James is employed with MCI 
in Alexandria, Va. 

Douglas E. Janssen is programmer/ ana- 
lyst for Rodime Inc., a manufacturer of 
hard disk drives for computers, in Boca 
Raton, Ra, 

Robert Calhoun Jordan, III and Cindy 
Michele Kerr were married Sept, 28 in 
Springfield, Va, 

Sreve Lirrle has joined Morton Homes 
and Associates as sales representative, Steve 
resides at 54— A Gentry Cove, Riverbend, 
N.C. 28560, 

David S. Massey and wife, Grayson, Rt. 
2, Box 289-A, Burlington, N.C, announce 
the birth of a daughter. Morgan Lazette, 
on Aug. 3. 

Mark "Ennis" Moore is in his first year 
of graduate studies at Southern College of 
Optometry in Memphis. He received his 
A.A.S. degree from J. Sargeant Reynolds 
Community College, Richmond, Va., in 
June and is now working toward his doc- 
torate of optometry. He is co-owner of an 
optical shop. Sight Unlimited in 
Petersburg, Va. 

Keith H. Myers married Susan Wallace 
Aug. 3. He is restaurant manager for The 
Holiday Inn in Bristol, Tenn. 
Robin C. Pirrman and Tina Lynette 
White were married Aug. 24 in Siler City, 
N.C. Robin is department supervisor for 
Basic Metal Products in Siler City, N.C. 
Aaron K. Price and Kelly Ann Loftin 
were married Sept. 7 in Haw River, N.C. 
Robin R, Reaves and Kelly R. Horner 
were married Sept. 7 They are living in 
Roxboro, N.C. 

Gregory D. Scott is personnel lines 
underwriter for Great American-South In- 
surance, Raleigh, N.C. 
Teresa Warren is an English teacher at 
Eastern Alamance High School, Mebane, 

Robin Hatchel Welborn is a medical 
laboratory technician at Alamance Hos- 
pital, Burlingiton, N.C. 
Ann Taylor Wickham is pharmaceutical 
salesman for Wallace Laboratories in 
Greenville. S.C. 

Linda Lloyd Wilts is teaching at 
Woodlawn Middle School, Mebane, N.C. 
M. Jayne Weigand and Roy Clark were 
married Aug. 31 in Virginia Beach, Va.. 
and will be living in Jacksonville. Fla. 
Susan Elizabeth White and Mark An- 
drew Webb wre married Oct. 5 in High 
Point. N.C. 


Teresa Lynne Austin and Richard 
Lander Webster, Jr. were married Sept. 14 
in Graham. N.C. 

Linda J. Beisner and Kevin A. Hand 
were married Sept. 28 in Greensboro, N.C. 
Linda is employed by Dean Witter 
Reynolds as a sales assistant and Kevin is 
employed as business manager for Rich- 
mond BMW. 

Elaine Hamilton Blevins and husband, 
Ron, 606 Oakgrovc Drive, Graham, N.C 
announce the birth of a son, Justin, on 
July 13, 

Mark David Breslford is district 
manager for J. G. Durand International in 
Irvin, Texas. 

Tamra Leigh Cash is physical education 
instructor and head women's basketball 
and Softball coach at Union College in 
Barbourville, Ky. She received her M.S. 
last summer from the University of 

BariT Cox is manager of High's Dairy 
Stores, Inc. in Lynchburg, Va. 

Kelly Crissman has recently been promo- 
ted to manager of the California Distribu- 
tion Center for This End Up Furniture 

Donna Jean Davis and Ricky Dean West- 
brooks wcrejnarried June 29 in Burlington, 

Gerald L. Elks and Susan Rae Appleron 
were married Feb. 2. Gerald is employed as 
a supervisor in the shipping department at 
Champion International Paper Company in 
Franklin, Va. 

William J. Evans is teaching third grade 
at Hardy Elementary School in Isle of 
Wight County, Va. 

Dawne Forbis and James Preston Lee 
were married Sept. 21. Dawne is rehabilita- 
tion therapist at High Point Mental 
Sharon Kay Foster is a first year medical 
srudent at East Carolina University School 
of Medicine, Greenville, N.C. 
Donna L. Franklin and Richard F. 
Strickland wre married Oct. 12 in Burl- 
ington, N.C. 

James Bryan Griswold and Paula An- 
nette Smith were married recently in 
Mount Airy, N.C. 

Kevin Avery Hand and Linda Jo Beis- 
ner were married Sept. 28 m Greensboro, 

Steven Craig Hunt and Stephanie Lynne 
Murawski were married Sept. 7. Steve is 
manager of Market Basket grocery stores in 
Wilkesboro, N.C. 

Cindy Michele Kerr and Robert 
Calhoun Jordan. Ill were married Sept. 28 
in Springfield, Va. 

Billy Wayne Knight is a teacher in the 
Caldwell County School system, Lenoir, 

Michelle Lea Krinsky is a sales manager 
trainee for Famous Footwear in 
Greensboro, N.C. 

Charles Brian Mann is a scheduling 
associate for AT&iT in Burlington, N.C. 
Clay Robcrson is regional sales director 
for House of Raeford Poultry Farms for 
eastern N.C, Tidewater and Richmond 

Debra Ann Sapsara and Jonathan 
Wesley Willard were married May 25. 
Jon is a corporal in the Army stationed at 
Fort Myer, Va. Debra is continuing her 
education at George Mason University. 
Sandra Lee Trip and Jimmy Rhodes 
Cook wre married Oct, 12 in Mebane, 

Anthony Turner is manager of Radio 
Shack in the K-Mart Shopping Center, 
Burlington, N,C, 

Beth Waterfield and Phil Hubbard were 
married June I in Virginia Beach, Beth is 
employed as a business education teacher 
with Norfolk Public Schools in Norfolk, 

Julie Worst and Scott Barbee were mar- 
ried July 20 in Norfolk, Va, Tliey are now 
living in Virginia Beach. 


Richard Anderson is an auditor with the 
North Carolina Department of Revenue in 
Rocky Mount, N.C 

Beverly Badger is a group home house- 
parent for Greenhouse in Durham, N.C. 
Derek Bates is director of CASHE Ser- 
vices for National College Services in 
Gaithersburg. Md. 

Laura Ann Campbell is a kindergarten 
teachet at Grafton-Bethel Elementary 
School. Grafton. Va. 
Delia May Coble and Timothy Glenn 
"lapp were married Ocr. 13 in Julian, N.C. 
Billy Chenault is a salesman for Luck 
Stone Corp. in Richmond, Va. 
Julie Federchuck Dawson and husband. 
John, Box 8014, 910 Burlington St.. Gib- 
sonville, N.C, announce the birth of a 
daughter Jessica Leigh, Oct. 18. Julie is a 
'^ibmpucer programmer at Carolina 
Biological Supply in Burlington, N.C. 

The Magazine of Elon December, 1985 

Lisa Dcnniberg of Poromac, Md., is a 
mid-dav radio personality for K-97 FM in 
Charlotte. N.C. 

Penny Rosser Duncan works as a micro- 
biologist for the Quality Assurance Depart- 
ment of the Coty Division of Pfizer in San- 
ford. N.C- 

Kellev O'Ferrell Garbarino is accoun- 
ting supervisor for Suburban Mfg. in 
Dayton, Tenn. 

Donna Lynn Graves is a lab analyst II 
chemist for Burroughs Wellcome Pharma- 
ceutical Manufacturers in Greenville, N.C. 
Julian "Trev" Harrison is a laboratory 
technologist for Hoffman LaRoche, Burl- 
ington, N.C. 

Amy Herrick is employed by Kajima In- 
ternational Inc., a Japanese company which 
designs buildings, decorates and manages 
office buildings, plants, condominiums, etc. 
in Fort Lee, NJ. They arc the world's 
largest general contractors. 
Jane Hollander and Samuel Ray Falls 
were married Oct. !2. Jane is a loan officer 
at the Cannon Mills Credit Union in Kan- 
napolis, N.C. The couple lives in Charlotte. 
Lucille Paton Holt is major account ex- 
ecutive for Telecommunications Manage- 
ment in Greensboro, N.C. 
Lori Horton is a member services coor- 
dinator for Urban Land Institute in 
Washington, D.C. 

Karen Jones is a planner in the Com- 
munity Development Planning Department 
for rhe City of Sanford. 
Beth Kotoski is an administrative assis- 
tant for Tele Sec in Kensington, Md. 
Brian Lane is a dock worker for Carolina 
Freight, Rocky Mount, N.C. 
James Preston Lee and Dawne Forbis 
were married Sept, 21. Jay is employed by 
Mebane Recreation Center in Mebane. 

Edgar Eugene Malker is medical assis- 
tant/secretary for Charlotte Memorial 
Hospital in Charlotte, N.C. 
Stephanie Lynne Murawski and Stephen 
Cr^ig Hunt were married Sept. 7. Stephanie 
IS employed by Wilkes Y.M.C.A. as director 
of aquatics in Witkcsboro. N.C. 
Reba Medlin is a teacher/coordinator in 
the Day Habilitacion Program with Residen- 
tial Services, Inc. in Carrboro. 
Kimberlv Starr Oakley and Daniel Graf- 
ford Vaughan were married Nov. 2 in 

Cindy Olsen is workshop coordinator for 
Carson-Dellosa Publishing Co., Inc. in 
Greensboro, N.C. 

Mary Elizabeth "Sissy" Parrott is 
general office manager for D 61. B Medical 
Supply, Inc. in Oxford, N.C. 
Matthew Payne is employed by Duke Po- 
wer Co. as a computer programmer/analyst 
in the Information Systems Dept.. Applica- 
tions Development and Support Division. 
He is a member of the Energy Transmission 
and Distribution Project Group in 
Charlotte, N.C- 

Melia Montague Perry and Charles Lee 
Wells were married Sept. 21 in Burlington, 

Annette Elaine Pickett and Edward 
Lewis Marks. IV were married Sept. 28 in 
Durham, NC. 

Louis Michael Riccio Jr. and Penny 
Lynn Thomas were married Aug. 17 m 
Southern Pines, N.C. Mike is an accoun- 
tant for Deloitte, Haskins &. Sells in 
Southern Pines, N.C, and Penny is a 
reporter for The Pi/ot. 
Bob Sadler is a student pastor at 
Mansfield United Methodist Church and 
attends Candler Seminary, which is part of 
Emory University. 

Timothy Saunders is a management 
trainee for Household Finance Corp. in 
Petersburg, Va. 

Laura E.- Smith is an insurance under- 
writer for Tapco Underwriters. Graham. 

Michael C. Snyder is Metro District 
Manager for Raleigh News and Ohiewer. 
Annie Spaniol is assistant to the property 
manager for DeFranceaux Realty in 
Georgetown, Washington, D.C. 
DeFranceaux is a nationwide commercial 
real estate investment firm, 
Susan Ellen Spoon and Kevin Joe Smith 
were married Sept. 28 in Burlington. N.C. 
Sherri Ward is admissions counselor for 
Elon College. She visits high schools in 
D.C, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Ohio. 
Jere Marion White and Elizabeth 
Chrysson were married Sept 28 in 
Winston-Salem, N.C. 
Robert Wayne Williams is materials 
manager for MCR. Inc. in Mebane, N.C 
Catherine Diane Wright and Cylde 
Ralph Love were married Sept, 21 in 
Durham, N.C. 

Kimberlv Ann Laws and Kevin Lynn 
Moore were married Oct. 12 in Hurdle 
Mills. N.C. 

Pamela Lynn Melvin and Martin 
Dwayne Stadler were married Sept. 28 in 
Burlington, N.C, 

Bengie Tate Jr. and Wanda Denise Foust 
were married Sept, 28 in Graham, N.C 



Beulah Foster McPherson, 606 W. 

Markham Street, Durham, N.C, died Oct. 
30. She was a native of Alamance County 
and a member of First Christian United 
Church of Christ. 


Sadie Parish Auman, Maryfield Nursing 
Home, Winston-Salem, N.C. died Aug. 
30. She served as missionary in Nagoya, 
Japan from 1921-1927. She was a member 
of Centenary United Methodist Church in 

Majorie Perry Presnell, Panama City, 
Fla., died on Oct 24. She was a native of 
Siler City, N.C, a member of the Eastern 
Star and a retired Florida public school 


Grace McElroy Rainey, Route 1, Box 

35A, Dillwyn, Va.. died on Sept. 6. A 
retired teacher at Buckingham Central 
High School, she also wrote a weekly col- 
umn for the Farmville Herald. Her column 
included news from Dillwyn and Buck- 
ingham County and other human-interest 
items. Her last column was pubished the 
week before she died. While a student at 
Elon. she and her husband operated a 
boarding house to help pay their tuition. 
Henry Lee Scott, 4265 Wilshire Drive, 
Marion, Indiana, died July 7. 
Margaret Moring Wilkins, Carol 
Woods Health Care Center. Chapel Hill, 
N.C, died Oct. 2. A native of Yadkin 
County, she did graduate work at Duke 
University and the University of North 
Carolina. She taught in the Durham city 
schools 18 years, 


James Eugene Watts, 508 Lang Street. 
Haw River, N.C.. died Nov 10. He was a 
native < Anson County, a retired owner of 
Burtex ' -'es, and a World War II veteran. 


Frederick H. Miller, 1643 S,E. 12 
Court, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., died July 27- 
He was a member of the bar in the District 
of Co' ia and New Jersey and was for 
40 V s a member of the law department 
wit^ .- Prudential Insurance Company in 
Newark. N.J. He also served as lieutenant 
commander aboard the carrier Croatan in 
the Atlantic as an executive officer of a 
squadron engaged in anti-submarine ac- 
tivities. While at Elon he was active in 
football and track. 


Stephen Leander Maudlin, 317 Corona 

St., Winston-Salem, N.C, died Nov. 15, 


Robert C. Collins, 212 Freyer Drive, 

Marietta, Ga., died Aug. 24. 


William C. Capps, 511 Woodhaven 
Drive, Jacksonville, N.C, died Feb. 25. 
Fannie Marie Peoples Isley, 601 E. 
Salisbury Street, Asheboro, died Sept. 30. 
She was a native of Chatham County and 
was a homemaker, 


Andrew H. Lindley, 1900 Efland Dr.. 
Greensboro. N,C,, died Aug. 16. 
William Harden McGee, Germaniown, 
N.C. died in Oct. He was president of 
Germantown Winery and Vineyard, Inc., 
and director of the Stokes County 
Veterans Service Office. He was also presi- 
dent of the Stokes County Historical Socie- 
ty, past president of the Stokes County 
Arts Council, and a member of the board 
of directors at Stokes-Reynolds Memorial 


Joseph Henry Westmoreland, 5812 N. 
King's Highway, Myrtle Beach, S.C, died 
Oct. 16, A native of Alamance County, he 
was a graduate of the University of North 
Carolina School of Dentistry, an Air Force 
veteran and a member of the First Baptist 
Church in Myrtle Beach. 


Ray Brevard Wesson Jr., 240-N North- 
point Ave., High Point, N.C, died Aug. 
21. He taught school in Boiling Springs 


from 1951 to 1953, worked in the insurance 
field since 1953 and was vice president of 
Erickson-Wesson Insurance Center, Inc., in 
Greensboro. He was past president of the 
Certified Property St Casualty Underwriters 
and a member of the Willow Creek Golf 


John Frank Broger, 14411 Meriden 

Drive. Woodbndge, Va.. died Feb,5. 1983- 


James Robert Marshman, 111 Tamaqua 
St., Hazelton, Penn., died July 22. 


Rick McGraw, professional wrestler, died 
Nov. 1 at his home in Farmington, CT. 
He was known to wrestling fans nationally 
as one of the "good guys" on the World 
Wrestling Federation circuit. 

Forsyth County 
Alums Meet 

On Tuesday, November 12, the 
Forsyth County Alumni Associa- 
tion Chapter hosted a "Happy 
Hour" at Bennigan's Restaurant ir 
Winston-Salem. About 25 alumni 
and friends enjoyed cocktails and 
talked with old Elon friends. Jack 
Locicero '81 organized the event. 

Let's make our competition 
green with envy! 

Pledge some monumental support 
during the 1986 Elon Phonathon. 

February 10 - March 6 

Persons making contributions before January 15, 1986, 
will not be contacted by the Phonathon. 

The Magazine of Elon December, 1985 15 


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= HH ■*! 

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i5' > 

all th 



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= 3 T- 










Vol. 48, No. 1 

March 1986 

Hail to the 
Chiefs . . . 

Three of the five most recent 
presidents of the United States 
have visited E\qn College in the last 
25 years, although none of the visits 
occured during their terms in 

Gerald R. Ford's February 25th 
visit was his second to Elon. He 
was the House Minority Leader in 
the United Stated Congress when 
he first visited in 1966. His speech, 
entitled "Changing Political Con- 
cepts," dealt with the increasing 
power of the federal branch of 
goverment over the legistlative 
branch. Ford attacked increasing 
executive power and Supreme 
Court decisions involving reappor- 
tionment, the issue at the time. He 
declared that the Congress was fast 
losing its partnership status because 
of the difference in manpower 
available to the two branches. Dur- 
ing the 60s, the executive branch 
controlled more than five and a 
half million federal employees, 
while the legislative branch con- 
trolled only 9,000. It seems that his 
remarks were prophetic. 

By all accounts Ford impressed 
his listeners greatly, and a spirited 
discussion session with students 
followed. Ford became the head of 
federal government in 1974 upon 
the resignation of President Richard 
M. Nixon. 

Lyndon B. Johnson created quite 
a srir in 1962 when he arrived on 
the Elon grounds m a helicopter 
and spent most of the Elon College 
Founders Day on campus. Presi- 
dent. J. Earl Danieley conferred the 
honorary degree of Doctor of Laws 
upon Johnson, who later spoke to 
a crowd that was the largest ever 
to assemble at Elon up to that 
time. The speech he delivered to 
the rapt ears of faculty, students 
and friends was primarily on the 
subject of foreign affairs. Within a 
year, (he Elon Founders Day guest 
would become president of the na- 

Jimmy Carter was on the Elon 
campus early in his campaign for 
the 1976 Democratic nomination 
for president. Carter, however, did 
not come as a guest of the college- 
He delivered a speech to a small 
crowd at the annual Alamance 
County Democratic Party fund- 
raising dinner on the second floor 
of the McEwen Dining Hall. The 
Carter address did not attract a 
great deal oi attention, as few peo- 
ple imagined that the little-known 
former governor of Georgia would 
become the nation's 39th president 
little more than a year later. 

Ford Speaks 
on Politics 
and Policy 

"We hold our economic destiny in 
our own hands- . .If we blow it, we 
have nobody to blame but 
ourselves," said former President 
Gerald R. Ford in his remarks to 
the large and responsive crowd 
gathered in Alumni Gymnasium on 
February 25. Hosted by the Stu- 
dent Government Association and 
the Liberal Arts Forum, Ford's ad- 
dress was the main event during 
his visit to Elon College. 

While the economy was not the 
focus of his speech, Ford's remark 
about the future of the American 
economy certainly reflected his 
belief that America still has control 
over its destiny. 

Addressing the main topic of his 
:>peech, entitled "The Future of the 
Republican Party and Campaign 
Spending," Ford affirmed our two 
party system as a national "bless- 
ing." "It gives better government, 
better legislation and better 
management. It keeps us healthy," 
he said. But he was also firm in 
pointing out that our presidential 
nomination and election process is 
too long and too expensive. "It 
wears the candidate out, mentally 
and physically. . .It wears out the 
electorate too," he added. Ford of- 
fered partial solutions by saying 
chat there should be a law that 
campaign contributions could 
not be accepted before January of 
an electoral year. He also suggested 
chat primaries be consolidated reg- 
ionally in a period of four to six 

Turning to domestic issues. Ford 
declared that Washington has 
mismanaged federal fiscal affairs. 
The national debt is unquestion- 
ably a critical problem. "I deplore 
the methods employed by the 
Gramm-Rudman-Hollings law, but 
1 applaud the goal." he stated. He 
condemned the robotic-style trig- 
gers in the law, stating that Con- 
gress had abdicated its responsibili- 
ty to make judgments on indepen- 
dent issues. "Yet if we follow the 
trendline of Gramm-Rudman- 
Hollings, we can guarantee pro- 
sperity in this country," he said. 

United States-Soviet relations will 
continue to be characterized by 
tough negotiations, according to 
Ford. "Gorbachev is formidable an 
he will be around for 20 years," he 
said. Yet Ford was pleased with the 
Geneva Summit and the plans for 
another in 1986-87. "As long as we 
talk, we aren't confronting each 
other," he remarked. 


Months in the making, the day 
goes off without a hitch 

From the time Gerald R. Ford step- 
ped out of his tan Buick in firont of 
Holland House (No one opens the 
president's door but the man in the 
right front seat, the Secret Service 
had warned!), until he headed off 
for the Greensboro Airport follow- 
ing his speech, Elon College was in 
a state of excitement. 

Every detail of Ford's visit, spon- 
sored by the Student Government 
Association and the Liberal Arts 
Forum, had been planned to the 
minute. Approximately 65 student 
and faculty leaders were waiting in- 
side when Ford arrived at the 
home of the President and Mrs. 
Fred Young. After a brief reception 
line, the former president took a 
seat and for 45 minutes loquacious- 
ly answered questions from the 
students who crowded into the 
room around him, many sitting on 
the floor. His audience was rapt. 

Following a brief rest, it was off 
to Alamance Country Club for a 
dinner with 125 Elon trustees and 
special friends. N.C. Governor 
James G. Martin was also there to 
greet Ford and the guests. Again 
Ford spoke graciously with in- 
dividuals, often posing for pictures. 
After dinner—beef tenderloin and 
asparagus— Ford addressed the 
group briefly, reportedly praising 
Elon and the role of private colleges. 

Leaving the dinner, Ford's motor- 
cade drove to the college and across 
the grass to the south entrance of 
Mooney Building— which is now 
used only as an emergency exit but 
which had been altered and spruc- 
ed up for this special occasion. The 
entourage quickly entered the 

Mooney television studio for a 
15-minute press conference before a 
roomful of newspaper and radio 
reporters, photographers and TV 

A walking trip outside to Powell 
followed, where Ford took 30 
minutes alone in President Young's 
office to go over his speech. Then 
he was whisked away from the door 
once more and driven to Alumni 
Gym. Secret Service watched unob- 
trusively from various points while 
Ford delivered a 30-minute address 
and answered questions from the 
approximately 3000 people, many 
of them students, who had come to 
hear him. Then bidding goodbye 
to President Young and Governor 
Martin, he was whisked away into 
his waiting car and the exciting 
day was over. 

Ford's historic visit to Elon was 
months in the making. SGA Presi- 
dent Shane Jones, with the support 
of President Young, invited Ford in 
the spring of 1985, after a conver- 
sation with Ford's son, Mike, who 
lives in Winston-Salem. By July the 
date was set. After that time, ac- 
cording to Jones and Dr. George 
Troxler, director of cultural affairs, 
who coordinated the visit, the list 
of things to do and decisions to be 
made multiplied at an exponential 
rate. Nevertheless, the occasion 
went off without a major hitch, or 
even a minor one that was apparent 
to any onlooker. It was a great day, 
all involved agreed, but no one was 
anxious to repeat it right away. 



Q Jomandi Productions. 

Voices m the Ram 
Whitley Auditorium 
7:30 p.m. 

Jomandi, Georgia's only major black- 
owned and produced professional 
cheater company, combines drama, 
dance and music in a provocative 
and entertaining porrraval of the per- 
sonal and interpersonal telationships 
of black men and women. As the 
script includes some profanity, paren- 
tal discretion is advised. 
Admission; $5.00 or College 

]i Craig Karges, hypnotist 

Whitley Auditorium, 8 p.m. 

During a performance, Karges 
demonstrates his skills by mind- 
reading demonstrations, levitating 
tables and linking finger rings bor- 
rowed from audience members, 

13 Michael E. Lewis, trom- 
bone, and Arlene Goter, 


Faculty Recital 

Whitley Auditorium, 8 p.m. 

Professor Lewis and Dr. Goter will 
perform works by Hindemith, Grafe 
and Block. 

J6 Dr. Ellen B. Williams, 

Faculty Recital 
Whitley Auditorium, 8 p.m. 

Dr. Williams will be assisted by Dr. 
Arlene Goter, piano; Dr. Paul 
Bravender, baritone; Barbara Dinger 
Jacobson, flute; and Scott Walker, 
cello. Works will be by Tilemann, 
Brahms, Wolf. Copland and Ives, 

\9 Shirley Chisholm, 

"Women and Policies" 
Whitley Auditorium, 8 p.m. 

Ms. Chisholm seri'td seven terms in 
Congress. During .her last term, she 
was the senior Democratic woman in 
Congress and the only woman and 
only black member of the House 
Rules Committee. In 1972 she cam- 
paigned for the Democratic Party's 
nomination for President, the first 
black woman to seek that office. She 
is presently teaching at Mount 
Holyoke College, 

24 Alan Weinberg, piano 
Faculty Recital 
Whitley Auditorium, 8 p.m. 

Selections include music by Ravel, 
Brahms and Stravinsky, 

^ John Spelman, 

Grease Heat 
Whitley Auditorium 
7:30 p.m. 

Spelman is a professional actor and 
storyteller who has appeared at the 
Kennedy Center and the Smithso- 
nian Institution. He is the host of his 
own NBC television series, "Three 
Stories Tall," Grease Heut is a careful- 
ly researched and sophisticated com- 
mentary on American society. One 
fifteen-minuie segment, based on 
firsthand accounts, describes the state 
of mind, apprehension and emotions 
of an American soldier in Vietnam. 
Admission: $5,00 or College 

12 H.E.L.P. Conference 

Whitley Auditorium 
9 a.m.-3 p.m. 

Mary Cosby, co-founder of the 
Church of the Savior in Washington, 
D.C., will present the keynote ad- 
dress. Workshops will be held on 
hunger, environment, lifestyle and 

13 Arlene Goter, piano 
Faculty Recital 

Whitley Auditorium, 8 p.m. 

16 Duane Raver, "The Art of 
Painting Wildlife" 

Room 205, Duke Building 
7:30 p.m. 

17 The Fantastics 

18 Presented by the Fine Arts 

19 Department 

Whitley Auditorium, 8 p.m. 

22 Nanette Roberts, 

"Educating Christians for 
the Twenty-First Century" 
Spring Worship Service 
Elon College Community 
Church, 7:30 p.m. 

Dr. Roberts is general secretary of the 
United Church of Christ's Division 
of Higher Education. 

22 Second Aldo Leopold 

Led by Elon faculty 
Mooney Theater, 7:30 p.m. 

The theme of the festival this year is 
coastal resource conservation. 

23 Leopold Festival: Orin 
Pilkey, "The Impact of 
Coastal Development on 
Natural Resources" 
Mooney Theater, 7:30 p.m. 

Dt, Pilkey is Professor of Geology at 
Duke University. 

25 Construction Company 

26 Dance Concert 
Pat Gray, director 
Whitley Auditorium, 8 p.m, 

28 Elon College Orchestra 

Dr. David Bragg, conductor; 
Scott Walker, associate con- 
ductor; Dr. Ellen Barney 
Williams, soloist 
Whitley Auditorium, 8 p.m. 

29 John McCutcheon 

Appalachian Folk Music 


Whitley Auditorium 

7:30 p.m. 

McCutcheon is recognized as one of 
the world's finest hammer dulcimer 
players. He also plays the fiddle, ban- 
jo, autoharp, guitar and Jew's harp as 
he presents the music of the rural 


1 Band Concert 

Dr. jack White, director 
Whitley Auditorium, 8 p.m. 

2 Burlington Boys Choir 

Whitley Auditorium, 8 p.m. 

The Burlington Boys Choir, directed 
by Miss Eva Wiseman, will present 
works by Christopher Tye, Bach, 
Brahms, Handel and Berloiz, 
Admission: $2,00 or College 

4 Barbara Dinger Jacobson, 


Faculty Recital 

Whitley Auditorium, 8 p.m. 

8 Choral Concert 

Presented by the Elon Col- 
lege Concert Choir and 
Chamber Singers and the 
Alamance Chorale 
Dr. Stephen Ten Eyck, 
Whitley Auditorium, 8 p.m. 

Circumstances beyond our control sometimes 
force us lo cancel events. If in doubt, please con- 
firm by calling 584-2386. 

Editor: Nan Perkins 

Art Director: Gavie Fishei 78 

Staff Writer: Su^an C, Klopman 


Tim McDowell 16 

Director of Community Relations 
Susie Sanford '79 

Director of Alumni & Patent 

Stephen Ballard 

Spotrj Infomiarion Director 
Dr. jerry Tolley 

Director of Corporate ,-ii)d Annual 


Shirley Crawford 
Meredith Ue '86 
Bob Moser '86 

Elon College Alumni Associa- 
tion 1984-86 
Executive Committee 

President, Zac T, Walk-cr. fU 'W: First Vice- 
President, Noel L, Allen "691 Second Vice- 
President, Ronald P. Butler 75; Immediate 
Past President, Sally A, O'Neill 70; Executive 
Secretary, Su.sie Sanford 79 

Alumni Chapter leaders 

AUtnance County, N C, Thomas L. Ba.«, 
Jr. 71. Greater Atlanta. Ca,. B- Allen Bu.K. 
Jr. '68; Greater Charlotte. N.C, Stanlev E, 
Butler 78; Forsyth County, N,C-, Jack P, 
Lccicero '81; Guilford Coutity. N.C, 
Ashbuni L, Kirby '57; Greater Richmond, 
Va., LmJa M. Shields '67; Sanford-'Lec 
County, N.C, Donald E, Dollar '70; SufloK-. 
Va., Betiy Jean Ccigger 76; Triangle Area. 
N C, Timothy M, Moore 79; Virginia 
Beach, Va,, Henrv F. Pitmian 72; Gicater 
Washington, DC , Robert H. Pjic 75, 


Bry.-int W. Colson 'SO, Irene H, Covington 
'■II, Sigmund S. Davidson '62. Jame.^ S. Den- 
ton '73, Lester E, Fcimirc '2-\. Daniel 8 Hat- 
re!l, Jr. '48, Victor H. Hoffman '6!, L, 
Dtmaid Johnsnn '05, Michael A. Lcggcti '77, 
Helen J. Lindsev '52. Pbiip R. Mann 'i)-t, 
John Z. McBtaver '38. Nina M. McContiell 
■70, Calvin A, MichaeU '5-i. John P. Paislev, 
jr, '70, Nancy R- Penick '80, Lvnn M. 
Stewart 'St. C. Grayson Whiti '79, Ann M. 
Wilkins '53. W. Woodro^v WiUon ■33, 
William C, Zinc. Ill 79, 

The Magaiine of Elon (USPS 174-5SO) i> 
published quarierlv wiih an extra it^ue siuniig 
(he fourrh quaitec. Second cisji pt'siagc paid a) 
Elon College. N.C 272-J4. Posfmaster: Send 
address chsnges to Eton College Office vjf 
Development. Campus Bex 2116, Eliin Collefie. 
N,C 27244-2010. 


To the editor; 

Thank you for sending the 
Magazine of Elon. I enjoy reading it 
every time. I would like to know 
whatever happened to Mrs. S. 
Hooper. She was the Fiench 
teacher at Eton when 1 went to 
school. I've lost contact with her. 
Could you help me find her again.' 
Maria Von Bortzell 
Vikingstad, Sweden 

Susie Sanford, director of alumni 
and parent programs, has discovered 
that Mrs. Suzanne Hooper is nmo a 
teacher at Western Alamance High 
School. We are sending you her ad- 
dress. She was delighted to learn that 
you inquired about her and would love 
to hear from you. Thank you for your 

The Magazine of Elon 


Poindexter Is 
New Business 

Robert E. Poindexter. former assis- 
tant superintendent for business 
and finance with the Burlington 
City Schools, has been named vice 
president for administrative services 
at Elon. 

He replaces John Mitchell who in 
November 1985 announced his in- 
tention to resign after the spring 
1986 semester in order to accept a 
teaching position in the Depart- 
ment of Business Administration. 
Poindexter, who arrived at Elon on 
February 3, will work jointly with 
Mitchell for several months for a 
smooth transition. 

A native of western North 
Carolina, Poindexter holds 
undergraduate and master's degrees 
from Western Carolina University 
and has done additional graduate 
work at UNC-Chapel Hill. Prior to 
being named assistant superinten- 
dent, he had served as controller 
and finance officer, director of per- 
sonnel and a school principal for 
the Burlington City Schools. He is 
president of the North Carolina 
School of Business Officials Associ- 
ation and is generally regarded as 
one of the most capable and ex- 
perienced business officials in the 

John Mitchell joined the Elon 
staff in 1981 as the college's first 
vice president for administrative 

Mitchell holds A.B. and M.B.A. 
degrees from Dartmouth College 
and has recently taught in the 
business department. 

White Named 
President of 

Dr. M. Christopher White, vice- 
president for academic and student 
affairs at Elon, was named presi- 
dent of Gardner-Webb College on 
December 30. White, who is 42, 
has served in a variety of capacities 
at Elon since joining the faculty as 
a religion professor in 1972. He 
held the positions of chairman of 
the department of religion, associate 
dean, and dean of academic affairs 
before his appointment as vice 
president in 1983. 

White was selected for the 
Gardner-Webb post from a field of 
more than 70 candidates. A Burl- 
ington Daily Times-Ncvji editorial 
appearing after the announcement 
commented: "Elon College should 
be complimented that a school of 

Gardner-Webb's caliber would look 
to Elon's administration for its pres- 
ident." Gardner-Webb is a South- 
ern Baptist-supported liberal arts 
college with an enrollment of 1800. 

"We are very proud of Dr. White 
and pleased for him, but this is a 
substantial loss," said Elon Pres- 
ident Fred Young. White came to 
Elon after receiving his Ph.D. in the 
field of Biblical Studies from Emory 
University. A popular professor, he 
was voted by students as outstand- 
ing professor of the year for three 
consecutive years. As vice presi- 
dent, he supervised academic and 
student affairs programs, the admis- 
sions and financial planning efforts, 
and academic support services for 
the college. 

White will continue in his pre- 
sent capacity at Elon through the 
end of the academic year. He will 
assume the presidency of Gardner- 
Webb from Dr. Craven Williams on 
July I. The search for a successor 
to Vice President White began soon 
after the announcement of his 

An M.Ed, 
degree at Elon? 

Is Elon considering a master's of 
education degree? Yes, says Dr. Wes 
Brogan. chairman of the Depart- 
ment of Education and Psychology. 
According to Brogan, the educa- 
tion department, in response to 
many requests, is now designing a 

proposal for a graduate degree pro- 
gram. He cautioned, however, that 
thus far the program is ofily in the 
form of a proposal. 

Before the master's of education 
degree can become a reality, the 
proposal must be completed by the 
education department and then ap- 
proved by the Graduate Council, 
the Curriculum Committee, the 
faculty and the Board of Trustees, 
in that order. Finally, it must be 
approved by the Southern Associa- 
tion of Colleges and Schools and 
the North Carolina Department of 
Public Instruction. 

Over the years several school 
systems, including Burlington City 
and Alamance County schools, 
have inquired about a master's pro- 
gram at Elon, according to Brogan. 

"Our local school systems have 
responded enthusiastically to the 
idea. They want their supervising 
teachers to have the opportunity to 
receive additional certification," 
added Dr. Chris White. "I believe 
this would be a good thing for 
Elon. Teacher education is a tradi- 
tion here." 

The education department 
prepared an interest/needs survey 
which was distributed to superin- 
tendents and teachers in 11 area 
school districts. The data gathered 
confirmed the interest and support 
for such a program. 

The next step was to talk to the 
State Department of Public Instruc- 
tion for their assessment of need, 
especially since several regional 
schools already offer the degree. 

With a positive response from that 
department, Elon requested guide- 
lines for a program design. 

New Greek 



The tentative plan to construct 
new Greek housing for up to six 
organizations, approved by the 
Board of Trustees at their fall 
meeting, has been postponed. ^Ac- 
cording to John Mitchell, vice presi- 
dent for administrative services, 
concerns over the proposed site for 
the housing construction prompted 
the college to begin seeking differ- 
ent solutions for housing Elon's 
fraternities and sororities. "The 
site," he explained, "turned out to 
be smaller than we had hoped. We 
would have had to build the houses 
15 feet apart and in a straight line 
to avoid incurring a far greater ex- 
pense than either the college or the 
houses had planned." 

Dissatisfaction over the prohibi- 
tive costs of constructing sewer and 
water lines and roads, along with 
concerns about the proposed design 
of the houses, also contributed to 
the re-evaluation of Greek housing 
plans. Mitchell said that the college 
is considering numerous alternative 
plans for housing these organiza- 
tions, and he welcomed ideas and 

SLOWER THAN A SPEEDING BULLET-but exciting nonethetesi. Halley's Coiner was a featured anT(u:tion on tfw Elon Campus. In- 
terested students and loumspeopie were treated to a iophscicated vicv.' of the ipectacU thanks to physics profcfsOT Frank Harris and his bitter 
than average looking glaa 

The Magazine of Elon 

Win Awards 

Publications for the admissions 
department, including the 1985-86 
admissions catalogue and several 
brochures, and the 1985 Investors 
Report have been cited for top 
awards in national and regional 

Designer Gayle Fishel, director of 
publication production, has receiv- 
ed the top design award given by 
the Printing Industry of the 
Carolinas (PICA) for her work on 
the admissions catalogue. The 
catalogue design was designated 
"Best in Catego'-y" for educational 
publications. She had previously 
been awarded a national Printing 
and Design Award of Excellence 
presented by Potlatch Cor[ oration 
for the same publication. 

In a competition sponsored by 
the Council for the Advancement 
and Support of Education (CASE), 
District III, the admissions package 
won an Award of Excellence, and a 
"search" or mass mailer won a 
Special Merit Award. Both awards 
were in the category of admissions 
and recruitment. The 1985 Invest- 
ors Report won a Special Merit 
Award in the category of 

The award winning publications 
were written by Nan Perkins, direc- 
tor o( public information and pub- 
lications, and designed by Fishel. 

In the CASE competition, there 
were 204 entries from colleges and 
universities in the Southeast such 
as Georgia Tech, University of 
Virginia, Vanderbilt University and 
the Memphis College of Art. Most 
schools use professional agencies for 
their publications. 

Eton's Department of Publications 
was formed about a year ago when 
the college purchased typesetting 
equipment. Now all college publica- 
tions, except those for athletics, are 
produced in-house. The printing is 
done off campus by regional firms. 

Dry Rush 
Comes to Elon 

Rush — the word evokes good 
memories for many Elon students 
and alumni. Now, the memories 
that come from fraternity and 
sorority rush will be a little dif- 
ferent. As of this spring, both 
fraternities and sororities at Elon 
will have completely eliminated 
alcohol from their rush activities. 
"Wet" rush, with alcohol served 
at parties and other functions, has 
been outlawed for sororities since 
1979, when the national 
Panhellenic Council made dry rush 

the standard. Pat Morgan, associate 
dean of student affairs and advisor 
to the local Panhellenic Council, 
says that dry rush is "no longer a 
big issue" for Elon's four sororities. 
But dry rush has been slower com- 
ing to fraternities on campus, who 
tried it on a limited basis in the (i 
and have recently approved rules 
that will totally eliminate alcohol 
use in rush beginning this spring. 

The impetus to institute dry rush 
came largely from pressure by the 
national organizations of fraternities 
and sororities. Morgan and Atkins 
recently attended a National Inter- 
fraternity Conference meeting and 
found that dry rush is a very 
popular concept. "Fraternity leaders 
have become scared that fraternities 
were depending almost totally on 
their social aspect— and forgetting 
the concepts of brotherhood that 
they were built on," Atkins says. 

Both Atkins and Morgan point 
out that the Greeks are enforcing 
the dry rush rules themselves, with- 
out the involvement of college of- 
ficials, The Interfraternity Council 
will be especially strict on its 
members, having instituted a fine 
of $15 per member for any group 
breaking the rules. "We're backing 
dry rush by netting our own rules 
and making ^ure that everyone 
sticks to them," commented I. EC. 
President Paul Purdy. 

While some Greeks are still un- 
sure about the effect dry rush will 
have, many are looking forward to 
it. Sororities are planning a pre- 
rush social this year with cheese 
and non-alcoholic wine that they 
hope will serve as a model for a 
successful "dry party." Ed Snider, 
president of Sigma Pi, spoke for 
many Greeks when he said. "Dry 
rush should be great. It will let us 
get to know the guys and find peo- 
ple who really want to be part of 
us, not just a part of the party." 

Greek Alumni 
Council Formed 

On December 14, 1985, a group 
of alumni from each Greek 
organization at Elon met for the 
first time as the Elon College 
Greek Alumni Council. The 
G.AG. has two representatives from 
each social fraternity and sorority 
at Elon, representing around 1400 
total alumni. The goal of the coun- 
cil is to provide support for the ac- 
tive chapters and to help strength- 
en individual alumni groups. Tim 
Moore '78, a member of Sigma Pi 
Fraternity, was elected chairman of 
the council, and Jeff Bowling '80 of 
Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity was 
elected vice-chairman. 

At the meetings of December 14 
and January 25, the council discuss- 

NO BONDER THETRE CALLED COURT-YARDS' The appeal of Elons beauufui campus 

IS undiipuied. Here, two smdents seeking relief from ihe January cold found refuge in a snay 

patch of sunlight on Jordan Court. di, , u n- v^ ki ii 

Photo by Diane McNeill 

ed topics of interest to all members 
of Greek-letter organizations, rang- 
ing from Greek housing to dry 
rush. The council also made plans 
to sponsor its first annual Greek 
Alumni Weekend, March 14-16. 
"The weekend will be a good time 
for Greek actives and alumni to get 
together and strengthen their 
brotherhood and sisterhood," said 
Chairman Moore. Each fraternity 
and sorority will have its own ac- 
tivities over the weekend, and all 
Greek alumni will assemble for a 
dinner at the Lodge on Saturday at 
5:00 p.m. Greek alumni interested 
in the weekend's activities can call 
their local chapters or Lisa Melton 
'81, chairperson of the Greek 
Alumni Weekend committee, at 
[919] 584-3919. Bob Moser, admini- 
strative assistant for the Develop- 
ment Office at Elon, can also be 
reached a 584-2380 for details. 

Members of the Greek Alumni 
Council are as follows: Sigma Pi- 
Tim Moore '78 and Charlie Diehl 
'85; Kappa Sigma-King White '80 
and Jim Zint '81; Tau Kappa 
Epsilon-Jeff Bowling 79 and Scott 

Stevenson '82; Sigma Phi Epsilon- 
William Newman '79 and Don 
Carlson '77; Kappa Alpha-Steve 
Martinelli '81 and Ted Reinheimer 
'83; Pi Kappa Phi-Chris Jernigan '78 
and Roy Avery '81; Alpha Sigma 
Alpha-Cmdi Lawson '85 and Pattie 
Brodie '82; Phi Mu-Angie May '84 
and Patti Brammer '84; Zeta Tau 
Alpha-Lisa Melton '81 and Linda 
Wills '85; Sigma Sigma Sigma- 
Denese Patton '81 and Karen Wel- 
zant '85. 

Ex-officio members are David 
Atkins, director of student ac- 
tivities; Pat Morgan, associate dean 
of student affairs; Susie Sanford '79. 
director of alumni and parent pro- 
grams; Bob Moser '85, admini- 
strative assistant for development; 
Paul Purdy '86, president, Inter- 
fraternity Council; Andrea Orr '86, 
president, Panhellenic Council; and 
Shane Jones '86, president. Student 
Government Association. 

The Magazine of Elon 


Sun, Skis &l 

Emanons highlight 
alumni chapter 

Three alumni chapters held their 
annual gatherings in January, with 
alumni and friends of the college 
enjoying the entertainment of The 
Emanons, directed by Dr. Jack 
White. The Emanons were perform- 
ing as part of their 23rd annual 
tour of the East Coast. 

Virginia Beach and 
Suffolk Chapters 

On Saturday night, January 18, 
over 175 Elon alumni and friends 
from the Tidewater Virginia area 
enjoyed a party at the Cavalier 
Golf and Yacht Club in Virginia 
Beach. For the second year in a 
row, the group had the largest turn- 
out for a chapter event. Bob '52 
and Faye '52 Smithwick hosted the 
social which was organized by Suf- 
folk Alumni Chapter President 
Betty Jean Crigger 76 and Virginia 
Beach Alumni Chapter President 
Henry Pittman '72. Many members 
of the college staff were there to 
share in the fun: Susie Bullard San- 
ford '79, director of alumni and 
parent programs, and her husband, 
Ronnie; Senator Tim McDowell '76, 
director of community relations, 
and his wife, Zody, Nan Perkins, 
director of publications and public 
information; Frances Stanley, coor- 
dinator of alumni giving; John 
Bangley '84, director of athletic 
fund raising; and Bob Moser '85, 
administrative assistant for 

Greater Richmond Area 

A dance was held for the Greater 
Richmond Chapter on Friday, 
January 24- About 75 alumni and 
friends were entertained by The 
Emanons at The Downtown Club, 
atop the Ross Building in Rich- 
mond. Joe and Nancy Redd '80 
Penick hosted the party, assisted by 
Richmond Chapter President Linda 
[Shields '67 and her husband, Bill. 
(College staff members in 
[attendance were Susie Bullard San- 
jford 79; William Long, director of 
'foundations, government and 
ichurch relations, and his wife, Mar- 
jorie; Frances Stanley; John Bangley 
'84 and his wife, Kathy '86; and 
Bob Moser '85. 

Greater Washington 

Over 50 alumni and friends in 
the Washington, DC. area gathered 
to enjoy seeing old friends and dan- 
cing to the music of The Emanons 

on Saturday, January 25. The 
event, organized by Chapter Presi- 
dent Bob Pafe '75. was lield at the 
Springfield Hilton in Springfield, 
Virginia. Other local alumni who 
assisted were Cheryl '78 and Rick 
75 Teller, Hillary and Doug '77 
Durante, Mari Behrend '82, Eileen 
and Mike '69 Lee and Ellen Geesey 
'84. The college was represented by 
Susie Bullard Sanford '79, William 
Long, Frances Stanley, and John 
Bangley '84 and his wife, Kathy '86. 

Alumni Ski Weekend 

The second Elon Alumni Ski 
Weekend was held the weekend of 
January 31 through February 2 at 
Winter Place Ski Resort in Flat Top, 
West Virginia. About 50 alumni 
and friends hit the slopes with 
Director of Alumni and Parent Pro- 
grams Susie Bullard Sanford '79 
and Bob Moser '85, administrative 
assistant for development. Tim 
Moore '78. King White '80, Brent 
Whitener '79, Julie Vogelsang '83, 
Donna Hanes '79 and Hunt Ward 
'82 also helped to organize the 

Mane '56 and }ake Thomiinson at the 
Washingion, DC. alumni gathering. 

}uiii and Russ '73 Dixon, Pauieue and Wa-yne '71 LeGrande, Alice 
"Weegee" '75 and Jeff '73 Mant::. 

The Richmond Gang: Hal Cole '83, Lew Blakey '85, Mark Forlines '81, Amy 
BuTch '85, Julia Strange '84, Tracy Trimmer '82, Bill Long, Lisa Bariolomeo 
'83, Toni Napoli '82, Marcie Melhom '83, Rob Moms, Kevin Hand '84, 
Robert "Four" Harrison '85, Martha Downey '85, Linda Hand '73. 

Sally O'Neill '70 and Skip Giddings pause during tKcir conversation to smile 
for the crowd at Virginia Beach. 

Christian Club 

In January, members of the 
Fighting Christian Club in the 
Virginia Beach, Va.. area gathered 
for fun and good food at 
September's, the night club owned 
by Elon alumnus Rex Harrison '66. 

John Bangley, director of athletic 
fund raising, counted the evening a 
^reat success. He and Coach Macky 
Garden joined the club members 
lor the event. 

"This was the first social like this 
we've sponsored," Bangley said, 
"and we have plans for more. 
Everyone really had a good time." 

Future plans include an evening 
in Raleigh m the spring and possi- 
ble socials in the Washington, DC, 
and Richmond areas later on. 

The Magazine of Elon 

Elon grad 




by Susan Klopman 

Chip Atwater 77 and his brother, 
Mark, owners of Royal Textile Vlills 
in Yanceyville, N.C., are manufac- 
turing perhaps the biggest, and cer- 
tainly the most famous, long 
underwear in the United States. 
It all began when Royal Textile 
Mills came up with an ideal fabric 
for long underwear. It is made of 
layers of Lycra spandex, polypro- 
pylene and cotton, a construction 
which allows the fabric to stretch 
and "breathe." Marketed under the 
logo Duke Athletic Products, the 
ThermaForm long underwear is 
sold for about $35 a set. 

This fall. Royal received a very 
special order. Ray Earley, the 
Chicago Bears equipment manager, 
called for a size double XL. There 
could only be one team member 
who would wear that size. Sure 
enough, it was for 300-pound 
William "The Refrigerator" Perry. 

"Just for fun, a salesman came up 
with the phrase 'We Keep the 
Refrigerator Warm,' " Atwater said, 
and an advertising campaign was 

"We mentR>ned using Perry as a 
model to our advertiser {at Luquire 
George Andrews, Inc. in Charlotte), 
and he pursued the suggestion," At- 
water said. Throwing the advertis- 
ing budget out the window was the 
first big step for this small manufac- 
turer with 75 employees and $4 
million in annual sales. It was a 
risk worth taking. "We were able to 
sign Perry to a contract to endorse 
our product." 

Both Chip and Mark personally 
flew to Chicago for the photogra- 

phic session with Perry, "We were 
there for three days and met Perry's 
wife and daughter too. Perry is a 
real nice, 'down home' fellow," At- 
water commented. "He even invited 
us to his home in Aiken, S.C., for 
a 4th of July picnic." 

The photograph that resulted 
shows Perry modeling the under- 
wear with a live 100-pound bear 
looking on. "We went to a nearby 
animal farm to get the bear," At- 
water said. "William and the bear 
got along just fine." Thank heavens 
for that. 

The ad began to run in January 
in several trade magazines. Atwater 
said that even by mid-January, 
Royal had received attention from 
television, newspapers and publica- 
tions all over the country. Orders 
have also reflected this interest. Ten 
other National Football League 
teams have started using the under- 
wear since Perry's endorsement. 

At home in Yanceyville, Atwater 
has two football fans of his own: 
his sons, David, 15, and Josh, 12, 
who "seem to be taking things in 
stride," he said. That's pretty re- 
markable since they are the proud 
owners of pictures and footballs 
with Perry's autograph. 

For Royal Textiles, outfitting 'The 
Refrigerator' with long underwear 
has resulted in product exposure to 
more than 175 million people. As 
far as William Perry's exposure goes, 
he's had a very warm season play- 
ing in ThermaForm long 

The Magazine of Elon 

Former gridder makes companies 

Fit for Business 

By Bob Moser '8i 

One look at Tim James 77 tells 
you he's a big man. His massive 
chest bulges, even through his con- 
servative business suit. And after 
listening to this former Elon Col- 
lege football player talk about his 
new business, you know he has 
ideas as big as he is. 

James' business is Fitness Con- 
sultants International, Inc., a 
Greensboro-based operation which 
he founded as a result of his 
lifelong interest in fitness and his 
experiences with corporate fitness, 
or "wellness," programs. Meeting a 
growing demand for employee 
fitness programs, F.C.I, has grown 
rapidly in its short history and has 
all the trappings of a successful 
organization of the future. 

The company sets up fitness 
centers for businesses, either on-site 
or in industrial parks where 
employees from several participating 
corporations can have access. F.C.I, 
uses computers to design individual 
programs for employees and to 
monitor their progress. Carefully 
planned and executed, it is a cor- 
porate fitness plan that James says 
makes it unique in the fitness 
business. "We are not in competi- 
tion with anyone," he declares. 

While he probably did not envi- 
sion turning fitness into his own 
business, James became interested 
in training and health at a young 
age. Only 190 pounds out of Smith 
High School in Greensboro, he was 
not recruited by major colleges and 
came to Eton in 1972. 

"My experience at Elon," he says, 
"was one of the greatest things that 
ever happened to me." A great deal 
of hard work and training enabled 
James to make it as a center at 
Elon, which at the time had 
developed into one of the leading 
small college football powers in the 
nation under coach Red Wilson. 

James said that he "learned to 
train" while at Elon, working at 
various local fitness centers and 
summer camps and beginning to 
teach others how to train as well. 
After graduating from Elon in 1977 
with a degree in business admini- 
stration, he proceeded to try the 
improbable; become one of the few 
small college football players to 
make it in professional football. 
And, as he has discovered many 
times in his life, hard work and 
perseverance paid off. James played 
center, guard, and long snapper for 
teams in the Canadian and Nation- 
al Football Leagues and with the 

Chicago Blitz of the United States 
Football League. 

While living in Buffalo in 1982 
and doing a stint for the NFL Bills, 
James became convinced that he 
could run a fitness program for cor- 
porations that would be better than 
anything existing at the time. He 
continued to give health and fitness 
seminars, which he had begun do- 
ing at Elon, on topics such as 
smoking cessation, alcohol 
dependency and stress management. 
He also worked at various football 
camps and helped Nautilus set up 
fitness centers in New York. At this 
time he began to feel that compan- 
ies were not getting their money's 
worth out of fitness programs. 

Around this time, James met Dr. 
J. W. Cranston, who was instru- 
mental in helping to turn the idea 
for corporate fitness into a reality. 
Beginning in 1980, James worked at 
summer football camps run by 
Pittsburgh Steeler star and good 
friend Jack Lambert. Cranston was 
the medical director at the camp 
and at Kent State University. James 
and Cranston began to collaborate 
on the idea of a "total" fitness pro- 
gram which would tailor an exercise 
routine to 'each individual's needs, 
as well as provide a way for the 
company to check up on the pro- 
gress of employee fitness. They set 
up a totally computerized medical 
screening, which designs a fitness 
program for each person and a way 
to monitor individual advancement 
on a regular basis. 

James tried out his ideas by start- 
ing Sports Fitness Training Corpor- 
ation, Inc., in New York. With only 
$50 in a commercial checking ac- 
count, he went door-to-door pro- 
moting the corporation and con- 
ducting his seminars. Then James 
made what would be a very pro- 
pitious decision; he returned to his 
hometown, Greensboro, lured by 
the attraction of industrial parks in 
the area. James continued to con- 
duct his research and to program 
computers for screening and 
monitoring. In addition, he hired 
fitness experts (trained exercise 
physiologists) and pulled together 
investors from other fields, like law 
and business. Carl Stewart Jr., 
former Speaker of the State House 
of Representatives, is the full-time 
executive vice president of F.C.I. 
F.C.I. was incorporated in April of 
1984, but James* hard work had on- 
ly begun. 

James' extensive planning shows 

impressive results, and companies 
are taking advantage of F.C.I.'s uni- 
que approach. The business is 
growing rapidly, having recently 
opened a facility at Research 
Triangle Park in Raleigh and at 
Greensboro's Airpark West. James 
says that Airpark West is his 
"flagship" operation— an example of 
what he has envisioned for his cor- 
porate wellness centers. After open- 
ing a center for Glaxo, Inc. in 
Research Triangle, F.C.I, will begin 
looking to interstate expansion. 
In his centers, James strives to 
stay away from the "sweat shop" 
look and feel. The centers feature 
well-designed interior decoration, 
with exercise equipment color- 
coordinated to match the decor. 
James proudly points out the 
details— including a thick, well- 
padded aerobics floor designed to 
cut down on injuries. The centers 
are spacious, with juice and salad 
bars, whirlpools, saunas, and F.C.I.'s 
own line of equipment, which 
James hopes to market in the future. 

"I am very proud to have gone to 
Elon," he says emphatically. In addi- 
tion to praising the academic pro- 
gram, he lauds the athletic pro- 
gram, calling it "tremendous." James 
believes that he was as well* 
prepared both mentally and 
physically for professional football 
as any of his counterparts from the 
big "football factories." 

Tim James leans back for a mo- 
ment, looking around his office at 
the diagrams, plans and volumes of 
information which have turned his 
love for health and fitness into the 
successful Fitness Consulting Inter- 
national, Inc. "Elon," he says, "was 
the basis for all of this." He stands 
up as his eyes meet a table full of 
checklists and reminders in another 
room. Perhaps, he explains, it is a 
good thing to be an expert on 
stress management when you face 
16-hour workdays trying to develop 
a business. Tim James heads for the 
table in the next room, ready to ex- 
plain some more about his very big 

Tlie Magazine of Elon 

What^s a nine-letter word for a puzz] 
tests your knov\^ledge about Elon? * 





2 In 1941. Elon's more mature male sludenis 
were required to register for the . 



3. Fir5l female graduaie and firsi female facul- 
ty member 
5. First sport Elon "officially" niayed 

7. Elon opened its doors in 18 

8. Building completed in 1903 during Staley's 

10. Name of the shon-lived monthly college 

publication of 1907 
13. Name ot the only women's society in 1910 

15. Name of the first woman lo receive an 
honorary degree in 1940 

16, The college was adopted 

as the official one in 1908 


1. In 1900, two facully members sought an 
exhibition game of ihis spori but it was rul- 
ed out of order 

2. The Student Army Training Corps was 
begun on campus during World War . 

4. Building was destroyed 

by fire in 1923 
6. The firs! president of Elon College 
9 On lanuarv 1. 1907, the college turned on 

electric - for 

the first lime 

11 Monument in ihe Quadrangle named after 
the founder ot the Christian Church 

12 Name of Ihe auditorium begun in 1923 
14. Number ot students graduating in the first 

graduating class 

4. Way Elon's female students contributed lo 
the war effort through the Red Cross 

5. Last name of student body president in 

8. Last name of 1940 May Queen who work- 
ed in Southern Conference UCC office in 

9 Professor who taught ground courses for 
government's Civilian Pilot Training Pro- 
gram, WWII 

10. Professor who succeeded Dr. J.D, Messick 
as dean ot college in 1944 

11. Nickname of Horace Hendrickson, who 
coached last football team at Elon before 
World War II 

12. Nickname of Elon's most famous football 
coach, DC Walker 

14, Name of the college's president in the 40's 
IS Name of president of Elon College 
Aeronautics Club in 1940 


I. Professor who was sponsor ol the German 

Club in 1941 
2 Name of first full-time secretary of the 

Alumni Association 
3. President of sophomore class in 1941 who 

became an admiral in the U.S Navy 
5. Name of apartments hurriedly constructed 

in 40's to accommodate increased enroll- 

6 Dean of Women who arranged for tire 
doors to West Dorm Annex when fire 
struck in |an. 1942 

7. Elon was site for trainine _ 

g WWII (for Army Air Corps) 

10 History prof., director of college news 
bureau and sponsor of student newspaper 
Miioon and Cold 

11. Nickname ol L.|- Perry, coach of first loot- 
ball team after WWII 

13 Co-editor of Maroon and Cold who 
became Washington correspondent for 
New York Times 

16. Member of Elon College Players '41 who 
later acted in and directed television plays 

--™™»T *'^ '^l r*auaa«s si -JUl £i .'uMi||ns 

> -aiiiAuty ■; -W/MOO :'aujia4U!aH i\ '^Jieijs 

^)03 L uasotv s !uAW9 C :)|DD 1 -SfOSDV s,086l 

sfApda "CI ;si||3 6 -Bunojf^ i -aaoads 9 
si^DMId 't- :|iappE3 E ''apjg ■; nMOO 'M'"!'d 'Si 
^JaujEH >l :a«no4man 71 :saiij ([ :aujoiMaf.j 'ot 
iiuu^i -s INIJM 'I SSOM3V s,0i6l 
Aew SI ;MAaji)5 n 
S^ ioAcy i !e4(t|V '9 'suwuaiov S 'seiiiSA 
^jr ijeoN t .Jeisauiujow 7 -^moQ '-P^'i 91 ''ai)!W 
:|ieqi3il!efl fi ^uieaiis Z\ 'oosuqol z\ ^suoii 


nnoSnoQ "6 ^AaujPA 7 '^HA S '5J"1I'M '(■ 'liSnop 

103 E 'Mq t :p(XiMm8*iB 1 MVIOO 'uosijjeq 'ot 

'Uieq8ii|uun3 91 'ijijon >l ^^'apunoj fi :A|35ow 

U ruaueH'Psw 9 '>i3<iuuBja 9 SSOiOV :s,0S6t 

iin '9t "'aiur'H (1 ^8H H 

:pJ^fl 01 '^lupd 'L "pioj»0 '9 .'suejoiBA S ^swiaj e 

;uapiea i ri|?uiH \ NAIOO ^whSoh 'SI ■"£»! 'tl 

'pesqead 71 'a^WH It ^uap-Aog "01 'fooH 6 -H^'iJ 

e :ajOA S :8uiiim5) ir ;ijeja 7 :»OJ/3V 3-ltt6l 

ct 'MwA,o 11 '■'•Wn 6 -aucn 9 '"|fw > -a^o ': 

tlicqiooj 1 -MMOO 'I'^S '91 .Ajniieas SI ruHiiaqrif^ 
£[ meiuoia 01 ^8a||00 "0 .'^laui^ t ;i|BqasP8 
5 :uosuiio| f SSOajV' ■SISMU WHW S.N013 




6. Long-ijme professor who retired in 1955; 

has dormitory named after him 
8. Name of college quariei 1954-58 
11. Furman was SCA 

President in 1956 

13. Cornerstones for dining hall, Carolina & 
Virginia Hall laid during Day, 1952 

14. What dorm was on site of presenl Powell 
Buildmg until 1958? 

16. Head of History Dept., author of Doctors 

•n Cray 
18. Owner of local 'greasy spoon' grill 


1 "Brew" stop halfway to Greensboro 

2. The Student's Organi- 

zalion was the largest student group for 
most of the 50's 

3 Mary Sue had a 

famous Elon name, was named to Who's 
Who and was 1955 May Queen 

4. Downtown Burlington's beer, pizza and 
shutfleboard hangout 

5- Apartment complex tor married students 

7 Head coach in 1958 when Fightin' Chris- 
tians football squad went undefeated in 

9. Another Burlington 'brew' stop 

10. 1957 Phi Psi Cli was dedicated to L.E. _ 
and his wife, when 

he retired as President of college 

12. Elon golfer in 50's who later became a 
club professional 

13. The Liberal Arts was 

organized in 1959 

15. Reverend |ohn S Graves was the first col- 
lege beginning 

in 1960 

17. Biblical king assumed hiding in hall out- 
side Dr. Sloan's religion class 



1 Original call letters of campus radio sta- 
tion, now WSOE 

5- In 1974 Elon began its first women's team 
in this sport 

8. A favorite mam campus landmark and 
repository (or graffiti, torn down in 1979 

10. Name of the baseball field dedicated in 

11. An unlodunale rash of dormitory struck 
campus in '78^79 

12. Popular hangout which opened in the 
late 70s 

14, First woman SGA president, Uurie . ._ 

15. One of two history professors who in- 
itiated the Winter Term in England lour 


2 Other history professor who 

initiated the Winter Term in England tour 

3. The Black Cultural Society was lounded 
by Dean Long and Chaplain Steve 

4. Organization in which students became 
interested as result of Ralph Nader's 
visit to campus in '74 

6. In mid-'70's Elon acquired 48,000 volume 

Stratford College library, known as 


7. Residence hall that was (or men pre-fall 
'78 and (or women after that time 

9 Glenn was drafted by 

Baltimore Colts in his senior year. 


Universally beloved "Wicked Witch of 
West" dorm, Leona 

Thanks to our contributors! 

Moses Crutchfield, Gayle Fishel, Bob Moser 
Barbara Plumblee, Susie Sanford and Ray Thomas 



1 The college celebrated its _ 
anniversary in 1964 
1 the early 60's _ 


. Nighl 

kicked off (raiernity and sorority rush 
each year 

The performed in 

1967 at Spring Weekend 

Vice President of the United States who 

addressed the 1962 Founders Day 

"Doc" Reynolds taught us about our 

of consciousness 

lesse Branson was All-Amenca in in 


Head Coach Bill led 

Elon to basketball championships m the 
60s and 70's 

Stephenson was SCA 

President in 1964.65 

basketball in early 60s became head 

SCA President Allen 

presided during the tumultuous 1966-69 


Short-lived, controversial nevvspaper 

begun in 1968 

Concert by jay and the ^ 

highlighted Spring Weekend m 1966 
"Order of the Oak" honor society 
became Chi in 1968 

The Elon . 

. gave perform- 

ances throughout the 50's and 60's 
Senator Timothy McDowell, a student in 

the 60's, now hopes (or at least 

terms in the Senate 

President Melvin of Sigma 

Mu Sigma later became athletic director 

of the college 

Day became "Spring 




1. Elon's national championship sport in the 
aO's (besides football} 

3 Melinda '84 Homecoming 

Queen whose mother is chairman of the 
Physical Education Department 

5 SCA President 1978-79 and 1984-85 

7. Bryant was the first black 

SCA President, 1979-80 

8. Long-time librarian who died in 1981. 

10. resigned as dean in 1983, 

now director of foundations and grants. 

12. Vice President who resigned in 1985 to 
become president of Gardner-Webb 

14. Director Martin of "Norma Rae" fame is 
an Elon alumnus 

15. ChapUin ol the college 1972-1984 

17, Ted won a close election 

for SCA president over lames Kouchinsky 
m 1982 


. Fountain was built i 


Coached two national championship 
(ootball teams in 1980 and 1981 
Sorority Creek Week champions every 
year in 80s but one 
Name of bartender at Dewar's Tavern 
Site of Kappa Sigma's annual Halloween 

"Inn" hangout (or beach ntghl in the 
early 80's 

Named as Maude Sbarpe Powell Pro- 
fessor in 1985 
13. This fraternii/s house burned in 1984 

15, Class president of 1985 and two-time 
editor of Phi Psi Cli was Maureen 

16. The Foundation gave 

Elon $1 million in 198S to endow the 
business school 


Morningstar To 
Take New Job 

Bill Morningstar, Elon's head 
basketball coach since 1979, has 
resigned that position and has ac- 
cepted the job of Director of 
Athletic Fundraising. He will retain 
his position as golf coach. 

"I've been thinking about it 
Iresigning] for the past couple 
years," Morningstar said in an in- 
terview with the Burlington Daily 
Times Neu's, "It just seemed like it 
was the right time. . ." 

Morningstar, a 1964 graduate o{ 
Elon, was a former guard on the 
team. He served as an assistant 
under head coach Bill Miller from 
1973 to 1979. Since becoming head 
coach, Morningstar's career record 
IS 96-100. He is a former ClAC 
Coach of the Yfear. 

Dr. Alan White, director of 
athletics, said that the college is 
delighted that Morningstar has 
decided to take the fundraising 

"He is an industrious, loyal and 
very capable person and has been a 
valuable asset to our athletic pro- 
gram all the years. He likes people, 
and he loves Elon and the Elon 
athletic program. We look forward 
to our continued work together," 
White said. 

Sports Outlook 


With graduation and professional 
baseball leaving many key positions 
to be filled m 1986, head coach 
Rick Jones looks for a semi- 
rebuilding season for the Fightin' 

The addition of seven junior col- 
lege transfers, three four-year 
transfers and 10 freshmen may 
cause the process to be pushed up 
quickly, however. In fact, with some 
good pitching, Jones believes his 
team may have another chance to 
reach the NAIA College World 
Series in Lewiston, Ind. 

Jones must rebuild his mound 
staff. To help with that, he points 
to junior lefty C.W Willis. 5-0 with 
five saves, sophomore Benny Tart, 
4-1, junior Mickey Dean, 3-1, and 
red-shirt players Robby Schoonover 
and Jeff Girton. 

Action on (he court with Elon's Bernard Torain (4i) and Eric Blair (55). 

Sophomore catcher Jerry Russell 
returns after an outstanding 
freshman campaign. 

Heading the outfield is senior 
All-America candidate Troy Harris, 
joming him will be JUCO All- 
America Jimmy Caldwell, who 
amassed 51 rbi's at Louisburg Col- 
lege, and transfers Andy Barrick, 
Tom Alessi and Randy Warren. 

With sophomore Kendall Carter 
and freshman David Crouse in 
reserve, this could be the finest out- 
field in Elon baseball history. The 
key to the season, however, will be 
the pitching. "If it comes through, 
we should do well," Jones said. 

Men's Tennis 

1986 will mark a change for 
men's tennis at Elon. Tom Parham, 
who coached for twenty years at 


Parents Weekend Sept. 26-28. 1986 

Homecoming Nov. 7-8, 1986 

Please note this scheduling 

and plan to join us for both weekends. 

Atlantic Christian College, will be 
in his first season as mentor of the 
Fightin' Christians. Parham's career 
includes two NAIA Championships 
(1979, 1984) and three awards as 
NAIA National Coach of the Year 
in men's tennis. 

Coach Parham will not be 
without some talented players. Billy 
Mitchell returns and sho.uld be one 
of the premier performers in the 
Carolinas Conference and in NAIA 
District 26. Mitchell will be com- 
plimented by All-District per- 
formers Duane Johnson and Jeff 
Hooks who have been appointed 
by Parham as co-captains for this 

Winter Sports 

Men's Basketball 

The men's basketball team under 
Coach Bill Morningstar stands 12-8 
overall. 7-3 in the Carolinas Con- 
ference, and 9-6 in the District 26 

Leading the Christians as they 
head into the final months of the 
season is senior forward Warren 
Wallace of Charlotte. N.C. The 6'4" 
sharpshooter is averaging 17.1 
points per game and 3.8 rebounds 
while 6'5" sophomore Bernard 

Torain of Hurdle Mills, N.C, is 
averaging 11.6 points and 6.0 re- 
bounds per game. 
Women's Basketball 

In her first season as head coach of 
the Lady Christians, Coach Jackie 
Myers has struggled. Leading a 
relatively youthful team, the Chris- 
tians are 4-16 overall, 2-9 in the 
Carolinas Conference, and 2-10 in 
District 26 action. 

Jim Richardson's wrestling team 
currently stands 4-6 in dual meet 
action. Despite the record, Richard- 
son is confident that the Elon grap- 
plers will be well prepared for 
District 26 and NAIA National ac- 
tion in late February. 

In Memoriam 


L. J. "Hap" Perry, P.O. Box 5646, 

Sun City Center, Fla. 

Lindsay Jackson "Hap" Perry, legen- 
dary Elon player and coach, died on 
January 24 in Tampa, Florida, at age 
89. Perry, a native of Jonesboro. N.C, 
graduated magna cum laude from Elon 
in 1923 after earning 12 varsity letters 
for football, basketball and baseball. 
He returned to Elon in 1945 after ac- 
cumulating outstanding coaching 
records at Reidsville High School and 
helped lay the groundwork for Elon's 
athletic program. 

Hap Perry returned to Reidsville after 
coaching Elon football and earned ac- 
claim for his work as Rockingham 
County school superintendent and as 
longtime director of the North 
Carolina High School Athletic Associa- 
tion (NCHSAA). He is credited with 
leading North Carolina's high school 
athletics to national prominence. In 
1972, Hap Perry became one of the 
original Inductees into the Elon Col- 
lege Sports Hall of Fame. 

The family of Hap Perry has re- 
quested that memorials be sent to the 
Hap Perry Athletic Scholarship Endow- 
ment at the college. The endowment, 
begun in 1985 by Perry's sons, provides 
an annual scholarship for a student- 
athlete from Reidsville. 


Norman B. "Muddy" Waters, 5531 

Wayne Road, Greensboro. N.C. 

Norman B. "Muddy" Waters, a 
standout athlete for Elon in the early 
1930s, died on January 26 at the age 
of 77. Waters lettered in both baseball 
and football and was a 1977 inductee 
in the Elon College Sports Hall of 

Waters, a native of Washington. N.C, 
came to Elon in 1930 and lettered for 
four years in football. An all- 
conference performer, he was named to 
the All-Time Elon Football team by 
alumni in 1949. Warers was also one of 
the first baseball pitchers to win 20 
games for the Fightin' Christians and 
also achieved a career batting average 
of .318, 

Waters was a longtime resident of 
Greensboro and was retired from the 
Men's Wear Division of Burlington 


The Magazine of Elon, 

Estate Planning: 

An Investment in Tomorro^v 

By Dr. Brank Proffitt, 
Director of Deferred Giving 

What is an estate? 

The word "estate" may evoke im- 
ages of landed gentry with big 
houses and servants. Or for the less 
romantically inclined, the first 
thought may be that it pertains to 
the property and debts of a deceas- 
ed or bankrupt person. Certainly 
these meanings have been strongly 
associated with the word over the 

For our purposes, however, the 
word has a more practical and 
useful meaning. As an alumnus, 
aiumna, or friend of Elon College, 
you have an estate. Your estate is 
what you own, the whole of your 
possessions, including such things 
as your house, income, savings, 
other investments, insurance, retire- 
ment benefits, personal effects, and 
the cash in your pocket. Many peo- 
ple have larger estates than they 
realize, simply because their atten- 
tion tends to be drawn to things of 
the moment and they do not keep 
an up-to-date valuation of their 
total assets. 

Exercising your property rights 

One very intangible but highly 
valuable, and even precious, asset 
which belongs to you as an estate 
owner is the legal rights which you 
have with respect to the acquisi- 
tion, management, use, and disposi- 
tion of your property. It is in rela- 
tion to this asset — this set of 
rights— that the concept of estate 
planning has meaning. Wise and 
timely planning helps to insure that 
you will exercise these rights in the 
most beneficial and personally satis- 
fying ways. 

What is estate planning? 

Many people may think of estate 
planning only as deciding how to 
dispose of property at the death of 
the estate owner. While this is one 
of the most important, if often 
delayed or neglected, steps in the 
planning process, estate planning is 
much more comprehensive in its 
meaning. It is concerned with how 
to build an estate, how to protect it 
against erosion and economic pit- 
falls, how to enlarge it, how to 
make informed decisions in the 
management and use of it, and 
how to pass it on in keeping with 
the owner's wishes and objectives. 
In this larger sense, estate planning 
is something you should do all of 
your adult life, not just when you 
make a will. 

Estate planning for young 

Young adults, who have not in- 
herited an estate or have not had 
substantial gifts of property or in- 
come from family members, may 
understandably be preoccupied with 

meeting living expenses. As some- 
one has said: "When you are in 
water up to your neck, with alli- 
gators all around you, your frrst 
priority is not going to be planning 
how to drain the swamp." 

Basic financial questions for such 
young adults will be how to earn a 
steady income, how to have a place 
to live, how to build up a savings 
account, and what insurance to 
buy. Probably the number one cau- 
tion for them is to keep their stan- 
dard of living within their means. 
Early in their careers they should 
have a plan for systematic saving, 
which is the beginning of an estate. 
Conservation of assets is a theme 
that pervades all estate planning. 

Planning for emergencies 

We all know about emergencies. 
Unfortunately many of us think of 
an emergency as something which 
happens to others. Try telling 
young people about the Great 
Depression! How many of the peo- 
ple you know really take to heart 
the admonition of financial advisets 
to keep at least six months of in- 
come in a readily available account 
reserved for financial emergencies? 

The truth is that emergencies do 
occur and may happen to any of 
us. Knowing this, an important 
thrust of your financial planning 
should be precautionary in nature, 
designed to protect you against, or 
lessen the effects of, emergencies 
which may confront you, such as: 

— Loss of job 

— Major illness or accident, with 
all of the financial problems 
which attend either of these 

— Total and permanent disability 

— Legal liability incurred in an ac- 
cident, in business, in the prac- 
tice of a profession, or in other 
unexpected ways. 

— Death 

Since you cannot remove the risk 
of such emergencies altogether, how 
can you protect yourself and your 

1. You can build up a cash reserve. 

2. You can insure yourself: life in- 
surance to protect your depend- 
ents; major medical insurance to 
guard against catastrophic health 
costs; disability income insurance 
to offset losses which result from 
being disabled and to allow time 
for making necessary adjustments; 
adequate automobile insurance to 
protect yourself and others; 
homeowners and other property 
insurance as needed; 

3. You can conserve your resources, 
avoid excessive debt, anticipate 
any unusual financial demands, 
such as taxes, which you have to 
meet, and thus keep yourself as 
financially strong as possible. 

4. You can be alert to, and take ad- 
vantage of, available government 
programs, state and federal. 

which are designed to protect 
against disability, illness, or other 
hazard, such as state workman's 
compensation. Social Security, 
veteran's benefits, and military 
service-related government 

Planning for retirement 

You may have years to go before 
you expect to retire, but you should 
start planning for retirement years 
ahead of the event. Otherwise you 
may come to the time of retirement 
without the satisfaction of financial 
security and the means for a reason- 
able standard of living. 

Planning for redrement is as 
much a part of estate planning as 
planning for employment during 
the working career. Retirement 
benefits and assets must be ac- 
cumulated over the working years if 
you want to be free from financial 
worries and live comfortably during 
retirement. Even if you set a 
modest standard of living for your 
retirement years, you can be sure 
that you will need more income 
than Social Security and incidental 
savings will provide. 

The surest way to provide an ade- 
quate retirement income is through 
a well-structured pension plan. But 
you must try to make sure that 
your pension plan is sound by 
understanding how it is funded, 
when you are covered, and how the 
benefits are distributed. Another 
important question is when are 
some or all of your benefits 
"vested." To the extent that you 
have become "vested," you will not 
lose these benefits if you leave your 
present employer and take another 
job. And the ultimate question is: 
how safe is the pension plan? Will 
the expected benefits be there when 
you retire? 

You should have a retirement sav- 
ings plan in addition to Social 
Security and your employment- 
related pension plan. Systematic 
participation in company profit- 
sharing plans, individual retirement 
accounts (IRAs), tax-sheltered an- 
nuities, money market funds, and 
other savings accounts can make 
possible significant accumulations of 
redrement funds. In deciding on a 
retirement savings plan, be sure to 
take into consideration the possi- 
bility of employer contributions 
and available tax breaks. 

Other kinds of wise investments 
can increase your estate and thus 
prepare you for retirement. Invest- 
ment requires you to weigh the ex- 
pected benefits against possible 
risks. A good rule is to venture in- 
to high-risk investments only to the 
extent that you feel you can afford 
to lose the money invested. Keep in 
mind that only successful invest- 
ments make money for you. On 
the other hand, no investor is suc- 

cessful 100 percent of the time. 
And ail investments have some risk 
associated with them. You have to 
decide how much risk you are will- 
ing to incur in the light of your 
financial responsibilities, the discre- 
tionary funds you have available, 
and the information you have con- 
cerning potential investments. 

Part of your investment sttategy 
should be to avoid unnecessary 
taxes. But over the long term, you 
need a balanced investment pro- 
gram which will make the best use 
of your discretionary funds to help 
you realize your estate planning ob- 
jective. For an increasing number of 
Elon alumni, alumnae, and other 
friends, an Elon College life income 
plan has become an important part 
of their retirement plans. 

Making use of advisers 

Wealthy persons have long made 
use of advice aimed at protecting 
and enlarging their estates. Com- 
plicated tax laws and the competi- 
tion for investment dollars have 
caused many middle-income in- 
dividuals to seek advice in tax mat- 
ters and in making major invest- 
ment decisions. 

A great amount of common sense 
needs to be exercised concerning 
when you really need advice, what 
kind of advice you need, from 
whom you will seek advice, and 
how much you should spend for it. 
Except from a family member or 
good friend, serious advice is not 
likely to be free, even though you 
may not pay a fee for the advice 
itself. When you accept it and act 
on it, you either pay for ir directly 
or indirectly through a commission, 
brokerage fee, or the like, 

Do not hesitate to check out the 
reputation and qualifications of 
legal, financial, or tax advisers. You 
may be in a position to do this 
through knowledgeable acquain- 
tances or local agencies such as the 
Better Business Bureau. Satisfied 
clients or customers are always 
good sources of information. If 
necessary, inquiries can be made to 
state licensing agencies or depart- 
ments that regulate business 

Other good ways of informing 
yourself and increasing your own 
competence in financial matters are 
reading and talking with people 
who are more experienced than 
you. Much useful information is 
published now, some of it in books, 
magazines and newspapers, much of 
it in newsletter or digest form. But 
there are times when personal ad- 
visers should be used. Seek advice 
when you have a clear need for it 
and select your advisers on the 
basis of the best information you 
can get. 

Part U, Making a Will, in the next 

The Magazine of Elo 


Kathleen Brothers O'Boyle 

celebrated her 90ch birthday on November 
7, 1985. 


Oscar "Country" Gorman completed 61 

years as a Rotary member in May. He 
celebrated his 86th birthday on May 13. 
The Atlanta Area Council recently 
honored the former scout executive at the 
annual meeting of the American Humanics 
Foundation by presenting him the "Trustee 
for Life" award. "Country" was a charter 
member of the American Humanics Foun- 
dation and is one of only four leaders co 

; this distinguished honor. 


John L. Cameron is vice chairman of the 
Raleigh Telecommunications Commission; 
he is also a member of board of directors 
for the Wake County Men's Garden Club 


Sal Festa was named Alamance County's 
Citizen of the Year by the Burlington 

Kiwanis Club. 


Wayne H. Smith is traffic manager for 

Henredon Furniture, Morganton, N.C. 


Charles D. Melvin has retired from 
General Motors Corp. in Michigan and is 
now living in Greensboro, N.C. 
Arthur L. Mizell retired after 35 years 
from General Motors Acceptance Corp. in 
May. He had been manager of the 
Salisbury, Md., branch since 1976. 


Joe and Helen Craven Morris moved in 
August CO Rota, Spain, Joe successfully 
completed a course in the Spanish language 
at the Defense Language Institute, 
Monterey, Calif., in March and moved on 
to Madrid where he opened a new office 
for the Naval Investigative Service. Joe is 
the assistant special agent in charge of 
Spain and parts of other countries 'n 


Doris White Lindsay is president of 
Fountain Records in High Point. .'J.C. Her 
husband Robert '56, is employed by 
MaUk Industries. 

Zane Marshal] Moore of Greenville was 
named the seventh president of Thornwcll 
Home and School for Children in Clinton. 
Moore, senior minister of Westminister 
Presbyterian Church in Greenville for the 
past seven years, will assume his duties on 
March i, 


Lois Ann Simmons is an office supervisor 
for Burlington Industries Transportation 
Division, Burlington, N.C. 


Hugh Bolick has been named real estate 
manager of Coldwcll Banker-Ellenburg 6*. 
Associates in Burlington. N.C. 
Clyde Lee "Ted" Fields Jr. is wholesale 
representative for Stratford Furniture in 
Virginia Beach. 


Edward and Nancy Wilson write: 
"Thank you for your very excellent 
publication of the newsletter from Elon. 
We look forward to receiving, reviewing 
and reading this. We hope to have our 
daughter, Suzanne, added -to your list come 
this spring. I thought you might be in- 
terested to know of our whereabouts and 
doings. I have been included in The Third 
Edition of Who's Who in Religion— Marquis 

From Medieval to Modern: 
History and Music Combine in 
John Marshall Carter 

Do the Bayeux Tapestry and the 
Wampus cat have anything in com- 
mon? As a matter of fact, the two 
have a mutual friend. Dr. John 
Marshall Carter, 1971 graduate of 
Elon and currently a professor of 
history at East Carolina University. 

Carter is the editor of The Bay- 
eux Tapestry as a Social Document, 
Selected Readings. The tapestry is 
housed in Bayeux, Normandy, and 
dates back to the 1070s. It contains 
more than fifty-eight different 
scenes and has served as a unique 
source of information about life in 
medieval times. Since history of the 
Middle Ages is his specialty, it's 
easy to see why Carter is interested 
in this tapestry. 

The Wampus cat, on the other 
hand, is a legendary creature of the 
Dan River. "His very fictitious ex- 
istence conjures up a longing for 
the days of yesteryear," writes 
Carter. Perhaps it was this senti- 
ment which led Carter to choose 
the name Wampus Cats for his 
Eden, N.C, -based band. 

For years, Carter dreamed of 

combining his songs, his musical 
friends and the record business. 
1985 saw that dream come to pass. 
"The Ballad of Leaksville, Spray 
and Draper" is a poem written by 
Career and published in a book of 
poetry, Wampus Cats and Dan Ri- 
ver Rimes. Now it is also a 45 RPM 
record performed by the Wampus 
Cats band. 

Carter and his friend Ron Mar- 
tin had been hoping to cut a re- 
cord since 1971. "Finally we lured 
some of our musician firiends from 
the sixties out of semi-retirement 
and rendezvoused with chem on 
March 1, 1985," he writes. The re- 
sult was not only the creation of a 
band and a record, but also per- 
formance engagements and inter- 
national exposure in British, Ger- 
man and Latin American news- 
papers, according to Carter. 

What's ahead for Carter and the 
Wampus Cats? 1986 promises a re- 
cording date for an album of ten 
original songs by Carter and Mar- 
tin. What about a ballad on 
Bayeux, Dr. Carter? 

edition, will be a contributor to the 1988 
Abingdon's Minister's Annual and have 
been elected to attend the 198th General 
Assembly of the Presbyterian Church 
(USA) meeting in Minneapolis in June. 
Nancy is an office manager for Harold P. 
Hope, M.D. in Charlotte, N.C. Thank you 
again for your good work." 


Pat Branche is director of activities for 
the Suffolk Christian Church and 
kindergarten teacher for Suffolk Day 

Richard A. von Doenhoff is a Navy 
records specialist at National Archives in 
Washington, D.C. He is author of Obierva- 
tions oj ihe Riuio- Japanese War and Versatile 
Guardian; senior offshore racing coach and 

race commitcee chairman at U.S. Naval 
Academy Sailing Squadron; and benefactor 
to the University of Virginia Naval 
R.O.T.C. Sail Training Program. 


Amy Harman, associate professor of 
biology at Frosiburg State College, 
Frostburg, Md,, recently presented a paper 
at the Entomological Society of America 
meeting, Hollywood, Fla. 


Bobby Crawford is a high school math 
teacher in the Burlington City Schools, 
Burlington, N.C. 


Bobby L. Brigman and Kathy Stallings 
Honeycutt were married Nov. 15 in Con- 
cord, N.C, 

Brenda Kaaren Brown is an accountant- 
supervisor with Roche Biomedical 
Laboratories, Burlington, N.C. 
Hal Williams, and wife, Mary Chris, 40 
Cameron Glen Dr., Atlanta, Ga., an- 
nounce the birth of a son, James Burke, 
on December 14. 


Phyllis Register Wells is secretary/ 
treasurer for Cabbage Key, Inc. in 
Bokeelia, Ra. 


Edward Deane McGinnis is pastor of 
Riverside Baptist Church in Eliiabeth City, 
N.C. He is married to the former Donna 
McCoy of Elizabeth City. 

In celebration of American Education 
month, the Richmond County Unit of the 
North Carolina Association of Educators 
spotlighted teachers from the local schools. 
Mabel Meacham, third grade teacher at 
L.J. Bell Primary School in Rockingham, 
was selected to participate. Teachers, 
selected by the individual schools, were 
asked to submit a written statement about 
their educational views and beliefs. 


Ed Conner received his master of science 
degree from Virginia Commonwealth 
University in August and is employed by 
the Virginia Department for the Visually 
Handicapped as a rehabilitation counse- 
lor/job placement specialist. After pur- 
chasing a house in the Chesapeake Beach 
area of Virginia Beach, he discovered he 
was living next door to Jim and Prudy 
Ramsey, Elon alumni. 
Darryl Jennus, while at Island Beach 
State Park, N.J., this past July, heard a cry 
for help from a person floundering in the 
surf. He proceeded to dive into the ocean 
and pulled the man to safety. In recogni- 
tion of this unselfish action, the "Act of 
Heroism Award" was presented to Darryl 
by the commissioner of the New Jersey 
Departmenr of Environmental Protection 
for both the governor and the department. 
He received two separate awards on 
December 1 1 acknowledging this deed. 
William Dewey Owen Jr. and wife. Gail, 
Rr, I, Box 165, Buffalo Junction, Va.. an- 
nounce the birth of a daughter, Carla 
Eliiabeth, on Oct. 29. 
Lawrence Sage is executive director of 
the Northside Community Development 
Council, Brooklyn. N.Y. Also, he is on the 
staff with Circle in the Square Theatre and 
Stonewall Repertory Company in New 
York City. 

Don Tarkenton is employed by Interstate 
Securities m Sanford. N.C. Tarkenton is 
vice president of the Siler City Chamber of 
Commerce, chairman of the Siler City In- 
dustrial Recruitment Team, an officer in 
the Rotary Club, a Mason and a member 
of the Moose Club. 


Joan Leo Lee is a real estate salesman for 
McEvearney Associates in Alexandria, Va. 
Margaret Hubbard Roberts is a horse 
trainer for BelAire Farms. Shelbyville, 

Linda Hundley Smith and husband, 
Robert, 4012 Scotfield Dr., Chesapeake, 
Va., announce the birth of a daughter, 
Erin McKay, on Nov. 7- 
Robert Thaxton is general manager for 
Seager Waterproofing Company in 
Greensboro, N.C, 

T>ie Magazine of Elon 


Charles "Chuck" Ball is district sales 

manager with W.H. Rorer, Inc. in Severna 

Park. Md. W.H. Rorer is a pharmaceutical 

company in the Washington, D,C. area, 

David O. Cansler is financial aid director 

of Dorothea B. Lane Schools in Newark, 


Dean McBrayer is vice president in 

charge of consumer lending at Gate City 

Federal Savings and Loan, Jamestown, 


David Newsom and wife, Janice, 1401 

Red Sail, Greensboro, N.C, announce the 

birth of a son, Matthew David, on Dec. 7. 

Jim Poole is president and owner of 

Telephone Answering Service of 

Greensboro, Inc. with a branch office in 


Kathv Utz, clinician for the labor and 

delivery unit at Moses Cone Hospital, is 

enrolled in the ^aduate degree program at 



Deborah Wright Chilton and husband, 
Clinton. Route 1, Box 104, Pilot Moun- 
tain. N.C. announce the birth of a 
daughter, Meredith Fran, on Nov, 7, They 
also have a son, Eric, age 10, and a 
daughter, Stephanie, age four, 
Mr. and Mrs. Dudley Mattingly, Box 
1371, Woodlake Pike, Stamping Ground, 
Kv-. announce the birth of a son. John 
Lincoln, on Aug. 9. They have a daughter, 
Mona Marylou, age three. 


Larry Anderson and wife, Millie, 1847 
Skyland Glen Dr., Snellville. Ga,, an- 
nounce the birth of a son, Timothy, on 
Nov, 15. They also have a daughter, Katie, 
age two. Larry is manager of credit and 
collections for General Electric Supply 
Company in Atlanta. 

Connie Morris Blue recently was award- 
ed first place in the third annual Associa- 
tion of Junior Leagues, Inc. (ASL) Photo 
Contest. The contest was open to all 
Junior Leagues in the U,S., Canada, Mex- 
ico and England, Connie serves as a 
member and photographer of the Junior 
League of Fayettevilie, serves as 
photographer for various community 
organizations, and operates her own 
photography business. She and her hus- 
band, John ("Rick"), who is a family prac- 
tice physician in Fayettevilie, have three 
children: Christopher, age seven, Jennifer, 
age six, and Glenn Tyler, age two. 
Andy Lightboume is director of 
academic computing at the University of 
South Alabama, Mobile, Ala. 
Marilyn Ruth Newton is finance office 
assistant for Jaars in Waxhaw, N.C 
Thomas O'Berry is a manufacturing 
representative for Professional Sales 
Associates, Inc, His territory covers South 
Carolina, Georgia, Alabama and East Ten- 
nessee, He is married to the former Colleen 
Coulter and they have two sons, Patrick, 
age two, and Collin, age six months. 
Maurice Peele Jr. recently moved his 
family to Hope Mills, N.C, where he is 
employed with the Cumberland County 
School System, He recently received a 
master's degree from East Carolina Univer- 
sity in administration and supervision. His 
other activities include teaching piano and 
serving as organist/choirmaster in a local 

Vicky Lou Terry and Dale Alan 
McDanicl were married Nov. 23 in Laurin- 
burg, N.C 


Teri Kaley Draft and husband, David, 
4581 Chatwood Dr., Stow, Ohio, an- 
nounce the birth of a daughter, Brittany 
Alice, on Nov. 16- 

Tim Cox: 
Triple Major 

By Meredith Lee '86 

Put a hole punch, hammer, a 
scallop tool and tanned leather In 
the hands of Elon graduate Tim 
Cox '76 and in almost no time at 
all, he has created a belt. "From 
cow to belt," said Cox. "All it 
needs is a man." 

Cox graduated from Elon with a 
triple major in business ad- 
ministration, accounting and 
economics. They're the skills he 
employs during the day as store 
manager of Ramseur Building 
Supply, a family business. 

At night Cox operates Leather 
and Brass, Inc. from the basement 
of his home. His six-employee 
operation produces North 
Carolina hand-made leather 
products—from pocketbooks, 
cigarette pack holders and belts to 
caps, vests and women's bikinis. 
He sells his leather products at 
fairs and to wholesalers. He 
averages about 15 shows a year 
himself. He enjoys working with 
leather products. "I just picked it 
up when I was in college," he said. 
"It's something you get into and 
keep growin' I reckon." He takes 
pride in the fact that he does all 
the leather working by hand, 
"When you get through, you can 
see what you've done," he 
said. Cox's triple major fits into 
the leather business as well. He 
has calculated production 

very systematically. "You have to 
base your price on optimum pro- 
duction. With an inch and three- 
quarters (width of leather), I've 
figured we should be able to make 
four belts per man per hour. If 1 
have three people working for five 
hours, we should be able to pro- 
duce 60 inch'and three-quarter 
belts," he said. 

The talent and business skills 
make a powerful combination. At 
a show in the fall, Cox figured he 
should take about 45 dozen belts. 
He came home with only three 
dozen. Between the handsome 
leather work and the careful 
business management. Cox has 
created a successful world that he 

Jeanne Hynes Gleeson and husband, 
Perer, 1 Pinto Court, Rockville, Md,, an- 
nounce the birth of twin daughters, Kristin 
Nora and Kelly Jeanne, on Nov. 22. 
Terry Lee was elected 1986 president of 
the Dismal Swamp Golf Association in 
Cypress. Va, 

Joseph B. McDonald is president of 
Regional Insurance Service, Inc. in San- 
ford, N.C 

Timothy Maurakis and wife, joAnn, 139 
Kenilworth Avenue, Danville, Va., an- 
nounce the birth of a daughter, Cathetine 
Ann, on Oct. il, 


David Addy, and wife, Donna. 127 Shire 
Dr.. Seweli, N.J., announce the birth of a 
daughter, Kaitlyn Marie, on Dec. 15. 
Peter Wayne Bartlett is a sales manager 
for Olympic School Plan in Jacksonville, 

Fred F. Caudle Jr, is associated with 
Remax of Buckhead Realtors, Atlanta, Ga. 
He specializes in commercial and invest- 
ment properties but would welcome the op- 
portunity to help incoming Elon graduates 
find their new Atlanta home! 
Aiah A. Gbakima was awarded two 
:h grants in 1985. He received 

$150,000 from Science Advisors Programme 
of USALD for three years, and 85,000 
Canadian dollars from IDRC in Canada 
for two years. The Gbakimas announce the 
birth of a son, Tamba Hakawa, on Sept. 

Joseph Allen Harrison is now terminal 
manager of Roadway Express, Inc. in 
Chesapeake, Va. 

Stephen Z. Hearne, assistant professor of 
religion at North Greenville College, has 
been recognized in the 1985 edition of the 
Marquis Who's Who in Religion. Hearne is 
married to the former Mary Jaundrill of 
Bridgeport, Conn. They have two children, 
Stephen and David. North Greenville Col- 
lege is a South Carolina Baprist Conven- 
tion college located in Tigerville, 18 miles 
north of Greenville, S.C. 
Steven and Dorothy Greene Inge, 712 
Ellen Drive, Gibsonville, N.C, announce 
the birth of a daughter, Megan Deanna, 
on April 8. 

Bonnie J. Marshall was recently named 
vice president of Salem Trust Bank, a 
private banking concern in Winston-Salem, 
N.C. Prior to this appointment, she was an 
investment broker. She holds the certified 

financial planner designation and teaches 
personal finance courses at UNC-G as a 
part-time instructor. 

JoAnn McPherson Maurakis and hus- 
band, Timothy, 139 Kenilworth Avenue, 
Danville, Va., announce the birth of a 
daughter, Catherine Ann, on Oct. 11. 
Warren Miller and wife. LuAnn, 500 
Faet Street, N.W., Valdese, N.C. an- 
nounce the birth of a son, Joshua Chase, 
on Feb. 8. 

Billie Gail Snow and James A, Ciano III 
were married Nov. 9 in Freehold, N.J. 
Randy Worsham recently completed 
graduate level studies in social science at 
the John F. Kennedy Special Warfare 
Center, Ft. Bragg, N.C, following par- 
ticipation in joint exercises in Cyiada. 


Jeter Gregg Benbow and husband, John, 
3701 Sidley Court, Chesapeake, Va,, an- 
nounce the birth of a son, Patrick Clinton, 
on Dec. 16. 

Deborah Morrow Bowes and husband, 
Charles, Rt. 4. Box 333-H, Roxboro, N.C, 
announce the birth of a son, Adam 
Richard, on Nov, 30. 
Carolyn Edwards Carter is a substance 
abuse counse'or for Rockingham County 
Mental Health, Reidsville, N.C. 
Patti Tarrant Duke is a legal secretary 
for Harlow &t Stark, P. A., Research 
Triangle Park, NC 
Leslie Tucker and Ted Gayk, 5 
Beechwood Drive, Grafton, Va., announce 
the birth of a daughter, Emmaline Holland 
(Holly), on Nov. 18. 
David H. MacMillan and Inga A. 
Huckenpoehler were married Nov. 2 at rhe 
Naval Academy Chapel in Annapolis, Md, 
David is a real estate appraiser and they 
are living in Norfolk, Va. , 
Suzanne Hunter Messick is secretary to 
the president of W,W. Pulley Company in 
Greensboro, N,C. 

PegffV J- Scott received her certificate of 
advanced study in administration and 
supervision from Old Dominion University, 
She is working at Indian River High 
School in Chesapeake in the business 
education department and as adjunct pro- 
fessor at Tidewater Community College in 
the word processing department, 


Douglas W. and Janice Summers Brad- 
burn, 5306 Cornfield Lane, Elon College, 
N,C,, announce the birth of a daughter, 
Karen Michelle, on Dec. 3. 
Don Culclough is corporate controller for 
Globe Communications, Durham, N.C 
Kelly Harris is a dentist in Asheboro, 

Bob Henritze is a commercial real estate 
represenrative for Metroplex Properties in 
Norcross, Ga. 

Bryant Kirkland is a sales representarive 
with Surgider Corp,, selling intraocular 
lenses for cataract surgery. His territory is 
Virginia. His wife, Harriet '78, is a sales 
representative for Dominion Medical Supp- 
ly Company, selling chemistry and 
hematology analyzers. They live in Rich- 
mond with their three children, Rebecca, 
age seven, Bryant, age five, and Joshua, age 

Donna Magnano is an EMT with 
Cromwell Volunteet Ambulance, part-time 
autopsy assistant and telecommunications 
person, and Tech II at American Red 
Cross Greater Hartford Chapter, Farm- 
ington. Conn. 

Gwen Crawford Manning teaches at 
Rankin Elementary School in Greensboro. 
She and husband, Timothy, have a son, 
Bryan Timothy, who was born July 7. 
Tim Moore is territory sales representative 
with Gillette Company, Razor Division. 
Tim, his wife. Linda Bartlett '78 and 
daughter, Sarah, live in Gary, N.C 

The Magaiine of Elon 

Michael Leon Murphy and Cynthia 

Gayle Duggins were married Dec. 28 in 
Thomasviile, N.C. 

Mary Frances Hamill-Tamucci is a 
dentist in the Washington, D.C. area. 
Becky Charlene Tumblin is an account 
executive for Automatic Data Processing 
in Ch.irlotte, N.C. 


John Atkinson, a Navy lieutenant, has 
assumed command of the U.S. Naval 
Reserve Center, Kmgsport, Tenn. 
Barry G. Duff is coaching at Douglas 
Byrd Senior High in Fayetteville, N.C. 
Marcus Edwards is vice president in 
charge of marketing and sales for Com- 
pulabs, Inc.. Burlington, N.C. 
Meri Ford Lightbourne is band direc- 
tor at McGill-Toolen Catholic High 
School in Mobile, Ala. 
Edward Alan Roberson has been pro- 
moted to regional director with Domino's 
Piiza. Inc. His arej will include Colorado, 
Wyoming. Nebraska. Utah, New Mexico 
and Western Texas. His and his wife, 
Cyndie, will make their home in Boulder, 

Richard M. Scearce is research analyst 
in the department of medicine at Duke 
University Medical Center, 


Timothy Michael Bartolomeo and 

Anne Carter Yeager were married Dec. 7 
in Charlotte, N.C. 

Jill Ann Bennett and Shawn McGlin- 
chey were married Oct. 19 in Stone 
Church, Pa. 

David Byrd is a police officer for the 
Greensboro Police Department, 
Greensboro, N.C. 

Dave L. Clark has been selected for the 
inclusion in the 1985 edition of Outstarui- 
mg Young Men in Amcncii. The Outstand- 
ing Young Men of America program 
recognizes the achievements and abilities 
of men between the ages of 21 and 36. 
These men are beini; honored for their 
outstanding civic and professional con- 
tribution to their communities, their 
states and their nation. 
Angie Lintz Duff is teaching third grade 
in Fayetteville, N.C. 
Diana Taylor Gwyn is employed by 
N.C. Division of Motor Vehicles in 
Mount Airy, N.C. 
Tina Martin Hannasch is an 
ultrasonographer for Atlanta Gynecology 
and Obstetrics in Decatur, Ga. 
Harris Lee Johnson Jr. and Kelli Ann 
Smith were married Nov. 9 in 
Greensboro, N.C. 

Melody Ann Lankford and Bobby 
Bradshaw Worrell Jr. '82 were married 
Dec. 22 in Franklin. Va. 
Rick Riggsbee Jr. is a sales represent- 
ative for Carolina Distributing Company 
in Durham, N.C. 


Gary Allred is a CPA for Controller Air 
Conditioning Corp. in Greensboro, N.C- 
William F, Carr III is working as a 
merchandising manager for the Durham 
Coca-Cola Bottling Company. 
Michael W. Chavis is with the North 
Carolina Highway Patrol in Elizabeth Ci- 
ty. Chavis has been a trooper for two 

Lynnette Hope Cogle is a secretary for 
The Virginia League of Savings Institution 
in Richmond, Va, 

Diane Dewhirst writes; "1 am now 
teaching kindergarten for the Department 
of Defense Dependents School System in 
Mannheim, West Germany, 1 completed 
my master's degree in early childhood 
education from East Carolina University, 

Dr. Mike Man, chairman of the business department, accepts the Massey 
Scholarship from David '83 and William Massey. 

Business Scholarship Honors 
William Raymond Massey 

William H. (Bill) Massey and 
David Massey '83 have established 
a business scholarship in memory 
of their grandfather, William Ray- 
mond Massey. The scholarship 
will be awarded annually to a ris- 
ing junior who has declared 
business administration as his ma- 
jor. Preference will be given to an 
Alamance County resident. 

At Elon David Massey was a 
business major and a member of 
Epsilon Beta Epsilon, the business 
honor society. "Ever since I left 
Elon, 1 have wanted to give some- 
thing back to the college," David 
said. "This scholarship is the most 
exciting thing I've ever done." He 
added that he hopes other people 
will remember Elon by establishing 
scholarships or making donations 
to the Massey Scholarship "so the 
fund can keep growing in service to 
students at Elon." 

According to David, the endow- 
ment of this scholarship is in 
keeping with William Massey's in- 
terest in education. "He was a 
very generous man and often 
helped students obtain a college 
education by being their benefac- 
tor," he said. 

Massey came to Burlington in 
1928 and began City Ice Services 
and Burlington Truckers. He was 
later one of the organizers of 
Carolina Casualty Insurance Com- 
pany and owned Peoples Insurance 
Company in Burlington. He died 
m 1981. 

Bill and David Massey also 
share their grandfather's interest 
in the insurance business. They 
are currently president and vice 
president, respectively, of James L. 
Massey, Inc., a realty and in- 
surance agency in Burlington, 

then applied for an overseas teaching posi- 
tion. I have been in Germany since 
August I. It's exciting to be living in 
Europe and the traveling is fabulous, I 
think of Elon often— a special hello to the 
Education Department," 
Tim Bancs is a profit sharing analyst for 
Booke &. Company in Winston-Salem, 

Karen M. Isaacson and John Schwab 
'85 were married Aug. 24 in Elmira, N,Y, 
Randy Jarrett has joined Tfi.e Daily 
Timei-Newi staff after having worked in 
advertising with the Greensboro Nctvs and 
Record organization, 

Becky Kimbrell is sports editor of the 
Hiiton Head News. Hilton Head Island, 
S.C, Prior to going to work at Hilton 
Head, she had been a staff reporter for 
the Lorii Sentinel, Loris, S.C, 
David V. Mantiply and Trenace 
Newman were married June 30. 
Mary Elizabeth Moore and Clifton 
Clark Mooney were married Dec, 7 in 
Reidsville, N,C, 

Barbara B. Stokes is a flight attendant 
for Piedmont Airlines and is based in 

David A. Vaughan and Hope Madeline 
King were married Dec. 28 in Wilm- 
ington, Del, 

Ken Whitley is group manager for the 
Carnation Company in Memphis, Tenn. 
Bob Williams is a marketing/indirect 
lender for Old Stone Savings and Loan in 
High Point, N.C. 


Vicky Annette Adams and Otis T, Cole- 
man Jr. were married Nov. 17in Eden, N.C. 
Sharon Douglas Austin and husband, 
Philip, 511 E, Geer St., Durham. N.C. 
announce the birth of a daughter, Cameron 
Bayli, on Dec. II. Sharon is assigned to 
special procedures ar Duke Hospital. 
J. Dennis Bailey received his ].D, degree 
from Wake Forest University School of 
Law in May. He passed the North 
Carolina bar examination in July and is 
employed as a law clerk for U.S. District 

Court Judge Frank W. Bullock Jr. in 

William Blanchard and wife. Angie, 
2929 S, Main Street, Graham. NC, an- 
nounce the birth of a son, Joseph William, 
on Dec. 14. 

Judy M. Craft is an examiner for the Of- 
fice of Commissioner of Banks for the State 
of North Carolina. Her job involves exam- 
ining the records of state-chattered banks 
throughout N.C, She resides in Raleigh. 
Teresa Farrish is a flight attendant for 
Trans World Airlines, currently based at 
Jamaica, New York. 

Jacqueline Gregory was married to Scott 
Churchill of Osage Beach, Mo. at Walt 
Disney World in Orlando, Fla., Oct, 26, 
Vickie Roupe Gray and husband, Jeff. 
603-A Hibbard Dr., Chapel Hill. N,C„ 
announce the birth of a son, Andrew 
Clayton, on Feb, 18, Vickie has been a 
secretary in the psychology department at 
UNC for five years. Jeff finishes law 
school in May and will then be employed 
by a law firm in Greenville, S.C. 
Philip Duane Hemdon and Karen 
Michelle Pridgen were married Nov, 10 in 
Duke University Chapel. 
Hampton Kite was recently promoted to 
the rank of captain in the U.S. Army. 
Hampton and his wife, Becky, and 
daughter, Amanda, have just completed a 
three-year tour in Germany, Capt, Hue's 
next assignment is the Officer Advanced 
Course. Ft. Sill. Okla, 
Cindy Miller King is an order and in- 
voice processing manager for LaLoren. 
Inc, m Brockton, Mass. 
Mark "Teddy" Nisbet, a sales represen- 
tative for Roche Biomedical Labs in 
Mississippi, won the President's Award for 
outstanding sales achievement in the 
health service field for 1985. 
Wayne Mizell is employed by General 
Motors in Dallas, Tx. 
Kim Oakley and Daniel Craffton 
Vaughan were married Nov. 2 in Burl- 
ington, N.C. Kim IS employed by Golden 
State Foods administrative offices in 

Emily Katherine Perry was selected 
Creedmoor Elementary's "Teacher of the 
Year" for 1985, She was also elected to 
the superintendent's council for Granville 
County Schools. 

Nathan Pulkingham is a second-year 
med student at East Carolina School of 

Kevin Robinson has been promoted to 
operations manager for Deposit Services 
with Wachovia Bank in Winston-Salem. 
Kevin is enrolled in the MBA program at 

Dawn Burgess Rudolph is employed by 
Peninsula Anglican Boys' School, Sydney, 
Australia, as the Headmaster's secretary. 
Katherine Cole Rushin is a legal 
secretary for a law firm in Bloomfield 
Hills, Mich, 

William M. Womble has been selected 
for inclusion in the 1985 edition of 
Oiitsianding Young Men in America. The 
Outstanding Young Men of America pro- 
gram recognizes the achievements and 
abilities of men between the ages of 21 
and 36. These men are being honored for 
their outstanding civic and professional 
contribution to their communities, their 
srates and their nation, 
Beverly M. Wood is working for 
Deloittc Haskins &. Sells as an auditng 

Bobby Bradshaw Worrell Jr. and 
Melody Ann Lankford '80 were mar- 
ried Dec, 22 in Franklin, Va. 


Kim Michelle Aaron and Keith 

Thomas Cardwell were married Nov, 30 
in Greensboro, N,C. Kim is employed by 
Dillard Paper Company in Greensboro, 

The Magazine of Elon 

Michael Duain Apple and Linda 
Strader Cobb '88 were married Dec, 21 
Jn Burlington, N.C, 

jeannie Elizabeth Collier and Marty 
Brvson Frve were married Dec. 7 in 
Greensboro, N.C, 

Tamara J. Cook is a scheduling associate 
for the federal systems division at ATfiiT, 
Guilford Center. 

Talphiline Crank and Darrell Joel Haire 
were married Dec. 21 in Goldsboro, N.C. 
Tim Daly is a sales associate for Color 
Tile in Montgomery, Ala. 
Dueward Rivers Edwards Jr. and Tina 
Diane Cagle were married Nov. 16 in 
Timberlake, N.C. 

Angela Rakes Evans and husband. 
Greg, 3945 - 700 Sailboat Landing, 
Virginia Beach, Va., announce the birth 
of a son. Joshua Weldon, on June 1. 
Angie teaches English at Lynnhaven 
Junior High School, Virginia Beach. 
David Gandy is stationed at Camp Le- 
jeune and has been promoted to first 
lieutenant (Marines) during his deploy- 
ment to the Mediterranean Sea, 
Dee Norris Harrison is teaching third 
grade at Eastern Elementary School in 
Greenville, N,C. 

Scott Howell and Susan Neth were mar- 
ried Aug, !0. Scott is employed as a staff 
accountant with Island Enterprises, Inc., 
Charleston and Kiawah Island, S.C, 
Paula Medlin Hutchinson is recep- 
tionist for Coe Insurance Agency, Boone, 

Cal Jordan is mortgage loan officer for 
Orange Federal Savings 6*. Loan in 
Chapel Hill, N.C. 

Clay Lester and wife, Langley Hin- 
chee Lester '84 are now living in 
Raleigh. N.C. 

Cecil T. Lewis III was promoted to first 
lieutenant in November. He is working as 
a platoon leader for Charlie Company, 
5th Bn. -327th in Ft. Richardson. Ark. 
He and his wife, Susan, announce the 
birth of a daughter, Aaron Elizabeth, on 

F.W. Lewis IS director of guidance at 
Tidewater Academy in Wakefield, Va. He 
IS responsible for guidance in grades 8-12, 
teaches two computer science classes, and 
coaches varsity soccer and junior varsity 

Rusty Miller is a ranch manager for Ha- 
cienda Las Cacas in Webster, Fla. 
Chris Phelps and Rebecca Lynne Howe 
were married Dec. 15. Chris is working 
on his master of divinity degree in 
religious education at Southeastern Baptist 
Theological Seminary. He is also minister 
of youth at Yates Baptist Church, 
Durham, N.C. 

Judith S. Rodgers is part-time instructor 
m drama and watercolor at Surry Com- 
munity College. She has opened a new 
business, "Special Occasions," which 
specializes in gift baskets. 
Harvey Smith has joined the Virginia 
Department of State Police and will be in 
school and training for about six months. 
Kathy Spelman is an assistant senior 
counselor for Goniaga College High 
School in D.C. 

John Albert Wieland Jr. and Angela 
Carolcne Thomas were married Nov. 16 
in Pittsboro. 


Michael Ford Brooks and Joyce Marie 
Boyles were married Dec. 7. 
Robbie Byrd is an assistant director of 
linance at Interstate General Cotp in St. 
Charles, Md. Her husband, Tim '84, is a 
staff accountant for Braunstien &. Co. 
Timothy Ray Clayton is enrolled at 
UNC-Chapel Hill on a William Neal 
Reynolds Fellowship in the business ad- 
ministration doctoral program. 
Susan Overby Davidson is manager of 

Danieleys Host Alums at ECU 
Grad School 

It was "Elon night" in Green- 
ville, N.C, on Wednesday, Jan- 
uary 22, when a group of Elon 
alumni who now study at the East 
Carolina University graduate 
school gathered for a dinner hosted 
by Dr. and Mrs. J. Earl Danietey. 
A total of eleven alumni, many of 
whom attend the School of Medi- 
cine at E.C.U., were in attendance. 

While in Greenville, the 
Danieleys also visited with Pro- 
fessor Waitus W. Howell '36 and 
his wife, the former Sue Craft. 
They were both members of the 
faculty at Elon in the early I940's 
and are retired and living in 
Greenville. Mrs. Howell, at age 83, 
still serves as a substitute teacher 
in the local high school. Dr. 
Danieley was at E.C.U. to attend 
a meeting of the statewide 

Task Force on Teacher Prepara- 
tion, and he invited the sizable 
group of Elon alumni who are 
pursuing graduate studies in 
medicine and related ftelds to dine 
with him and Mrs. Danieley. 

Elon College alumni enrolled in 
graduate studies at E.C.U. include; 
David Osborne '81, Mark Kemp 
'84. Nish Bynum Jackson '81, 
Chuck Mills '81, Bob James '82, 
Sharon Foster '84, Dr. Gregg 
Sigmon '72, Jerry Hooker '84, 
Gene Botwrighc '85, Emmett 
Montgomery '83, and Nathan 
Putkingham '82. Others dining 
with the Danieleys were Cindy 
Horner Osborne '81, Hope 
Newman Kemp '86, Karen James, 
Dr. Evelyn McNeil '51, and David 
'81 and Hope Vaughn. 

Shoney's in Burlington, N.C, and hus- 
band, William, is employed in planning 
and scheduling by Kayser-Roth in 

Brent Ellis is a personal banker for 
Wachovia Bank, Ashcboro, N.C. 
Elizabeth Anne Graham and Timothy 
Lee Collier were married Oct. 20 in Eden- 
ton, N.C. 

Cindy Kerr Jordan is a savings and 
loan teller and loan processor for Security 
Federal Savings &i. Loan in Chapel Hill, 

Langley Hinchee Lester and husband. 
Clay, are now living in Raleigh, N.C. 
Ken Lipstein has been working for the 
past year with the Philadelphia Depository 
Trust Company and Stock Exchange. 
Carolyn Drake Martin and husband. 
Don, 3644 Old Lexington Road, Winston- 
Salem, N.C. announce the birth of a son, 
Zachary Scott, on Dec. 9. Carolyn is 
manager of Computer Si Software Outlet 
in Winston-Salem. 

Michael E. Martin is collection coor- 
dinator viiith General Electric Credit Cor- 
poration's Manufactured Housing Finance 
Division in Charlotte. 
Raoul Rusbin is national development 
director for American Speedy Printing 

Centers, Inc. in Rochester Hills. Mich. 

Richard Strickland is product planner 

for IBM, Research Triangle, N.C 

Rita Knight Swinson is computer 

operator and office manager for A.L. 

Williams, Eden. N.C. 

Huel "Trey" Walton is a claims 

representative for State Farm Insurance in 

Kinsion. N.C, 

Susan Marie Wilson and Douglas 

Glenn Vincent were married Dec. 21 in 

Bellemont. N.C 

Linda Denise Yeatnan and Douglas 

MacFarland Jermyn were married Oct. 19. 

Craig York has reopened York's 

Photography Studio, his family's studio, 

after his father's tcHrement in 1985. The 

studio is located in Whitseit. 


Jonathan L. Apple is an £ 

with McGIadrey, Hendrickson & Pullen, 

CPAs in Greensboro. 

Jean Margaret Blom has completed her 

first semester as a medical student at 
UNC-Chapel Hill. 

Michael Conger is management program 
trainee for Goodyear Tire &. Rubber 
Company, Port Jefferson, N.Y. 

Jim Conlon and Tracy Pop>e were mar- 
ried Aug. 31 at Wintergreen, Va. They 
will reside in McLean, Va. Jim is 
employed with AT&iT National Federal 
Marketing as a national account 

Beth Michelle Durham and William 
Timothy Teachey III were married Nov, 
30 in Elon College. 

Johnny High is a building contractor in 
Rocky Mount, N.C. His company is nam- 
ed Highland Company. 
Teresa Rice Hudson is an accounts 
receivable clerk for McLeod Oil Com- 
pany, Inc. in Mebane, N.C. 
Mary Elizabeth Kelly is office 
manager/CPR coordinator for American 
Heart Association in Greensboro, N.C. 
Steve Mottola is inner city developer for 
Quaker Hill Properties in Wilmington, 

John Schwab and Karen M. Isaacson 
'81 were married Aug. 24 in Elmira, N.Y. 
Heidi Steeber is employed by Eye 
Surgeons of Richmond, Inc., Richmond, 

Thea Lynne Stewart is employed by 
Northern Telecom, Inc., Research 
Triangle Park, as a programmer/systems 
analyst She is responsible for providing 
computer network software support solu- 
tions in-house and in the districts, regions 
and satellite locations, as well as im- 
plementing new software releases. 
Mark T. Terrell is a first-year law stu- 
dent at North Carolina Central Universi- 
ty School of Law. 

Daniel Thompson and wife. Angel, 320 
Shoreditch Dr., Columbia, S.C, an- 
nounce the birth of a son, Jacob Brewer, 
on Jan. H. 

In Memoriam 


Mabel Wright Home, 1010 
Edgewood Ave.. Burlingcon. N.C, died 
Nov. 22. 


John U. Kennedy, 409 Brookwood 

Dr., Asheboro, N.C.. died June 1984. 


Donald G. Auman, Route 3, Box 

390, Hillsborough, N.C, died recently. 


Mae Phillips Thornton, 879 Rodney 
Dr., Nashville, Tenn.. died Feb. 13. 


Hurley Elmo Whitesell Jr., 515 S 

Williamson Ave., Elon College, died 
Dec. 5. He was a native of Alamance 
County, a World War II veteran and a 
retired employee of the Postal Service. 
He was employed in insurance. 


Leon J. Sartin, 1201 Forest Hill Dr.. 

Greensboro, N.C, died Oct. 6. 


Fincher Ray Taylor, 3010 Aniherst 

Avenue, Burlington, N.C. died Aug. 



James R. Marshman, 107 Tamaqua 

Street, Audenned. Pa., died July 22. 


Mr. Lelai\d S. McDonald, husband 
of Pearl S. McDonald, died Nov. 26. 
Mrs. McDonald was professor of 
French from 1948-1961. 

The Magazine of Elon 

March, 1986 

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S ti. 


Been promoted 
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Vol. 48, No. 2 

May 1986 

Edwin Yoder 



Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist 
and North Carolina native Edwin 
M. Yoder Jr. addressed the graduates 
of Elon College at the 96th annual 
commencement exercises held at 
Alumni Memorial Gymnasium at 
10:30 a.m. on Sunday. May 18. 
Among the 400 graduates were the 
first students to receive the master 
of business administration degree 
from Elon. 

Yoder. a Greensboro native who 
grew up in Mebane, NC, is cur- 
rently a syndicated columnist with 
The Washington Post Writers 
Group and a biweekly columnist 
for U.S. News and World Report. In 
1979 he received a Pulitzer Prize for 
Editorial Writing. 

For many years Yoder was an 
editor and writer for the Greensboro 
Daily News. He has also contribu- 
ted to various national journals and 
magazines and is the author of the 
book The Night of the Old South 

Yoder received BA degrees from 
the University of North Carolina at 
Chapel Hill and Oxford University 
where he was a Rhodes Scholar, 
the first recipient of this scholar- 
ship in Alamance County history. 
He has a master's degree and in 
1983 was awarded an honorary 
doctor of humane letters from 
Grinnell College. 

Elon also awarded Yoder an 
honorary doctor of humane letters 
degree at the commencement 

Receiving the honorary degree 
along with Yoder were Kyong Soon 
Han, professor of music at Sang- 
myong Women's University in 
Seoul, South Korea; Lawrence W. 

EAwin M, Yoder Jr. 

PAnson, retired Chief Justice of the 
Virginia Supreme Court and presi- 
dent of the Beazley Foundation; 
and Edward R. Zane, a Greensboro 
attorney and CPA who serves as 
the executive director of the Mar- 
tha and Spencer Love Foundation. 

Ms. Han received undergraduate 
and graduate music degrees from 
Ehwa Women's University and 
Sookmyong Women's University in 
Seoul. Her choral recitals have in- 
cluded performances in Korea as 
well as the United States. In 1981 
she sang with the Harvard-MIT 
Women's Choral Society and served 
as the director of the New England 
Korean Choral Society in Boston, 
Massachusetts. She is the author of 
numerous publications on music 

Lawrence W. I'Anson served as 
Chief Justice of the Virginia 
Supreme Court from 1974 until his 
retirement in 1981. He is a graduate 
of the College of William and Mary 
and the University of Virginia. He 
is a member of the Alpha Chapter 
of Phi Beta Kappa and was admit- 
ted to the Virginia bar in 1931. He 
has been awarded doctoral degrees 

Back Rouj: Dr. Fred Young, Dt }. Earl Dameley, Lawrence W. I'Anson, 
William D. Snider, Edwin Yoder Jr., Emily Preyer and Thad Eure. 
Front Row; Kyong Soon Han, Dr Ralph T. Mirse and Edward R. Zane 

from William and Mary and the 
Dickinson School of Law. He is 
currently president of the Beazley 
Foundation, which has been a sus- 
taining force for Frederick College, 
Frederick Military Academy and 
the Eastern Virginia Medical 
School. The Foundation has con- 
tributed substantially to several col- 
leges in Virginia and North 
Carolina, including Elon. 

Edward R. Zane served as an 
auditor and tax counsel for Burl- 
ington Industries for many years 
before being named chairman of the 
Executive and Financial Commit- 
tees of the Board of Directors, a 
position he held until 1968, He cur- 
rently serves on the Board of Direc- 
tors of Wachovia Bank and Trust 
Company and as a trustee for the 
L, Richardson Memorial Hospital 
in Greensboro, the Boy's Home of 
North Carolina, and the A&lT 
University Foundation in addition 
to the Martha and Spencer Love 
Foundation. The Love Foundation 
was the recent grantor of a $1 mil- 

lion gift to Elon College. In honor 
of the gift, the business school has 
been named The Martha and 
Spencer Love School of Business. 

Commencement weekend activ- 
ities began on Saturday afternoon 
with the college worship service at 
4 p.m. in the Elon College Com- 
munity Church. The Reverend 
Reuben A. Sheares II, executive 
director of the Office for Church 
Life and Leadership for the United 
Church oi Christ, was the guest 

At 5 p.m., graduating seniors, 
their families and friepds were the 
guests of the Alumni Association 
and the faculty at a reception on 
Scott Plaza. Saturday evening at 
7:30 p.m., seniors had their own 
forum when the best writers, 
speakers and musicians of the 
Class of '86 took the stage for 
the first annual Senior Showcase. 
Following graduation on Sunday, 
there was a reception for the 
graduates and their families on 
Scott Plaza. 

Elon Names 
New V'P 

Dr. Warren L. Board, provost of 
Kalamazoo College in Kalamazoo, 
Michigan, has been named vice 
president for academic and student 
affairs at the college. 

Board succeeds M. Christopher 
White, who is leaving Elon to 
become president of Gardner-Webb 
College in Boiling Springs, N.C. 
Board's appointment is effective 
July I, 1986. 

"Dr. Board was our first choice 
for this extremely important posi- 
tion," said Dr. Fred Young, presi- 
dent of Elon College, in making 
the announcement. "We are for- 
tunate to attract a person of his 
qualifications, background and 
ability who has experience at an in- 
stitution as prestigious as Kalama- 
zoo College." 

Board has been provost at 
Kalamazoo since 1978 and was 
assistant provost prior to that time. 
As chief academic officer, the pro- 
vost has responsibility for the entire 
educational program of the college, 
the faculty, and all instructional 
support services and personnel. 

Under Board's leadership, finan- 
cial resources for faculty develop- 
ment at Kalamazoo were increased 
fivefold, and a number of academic 
programs were initiated or refined, 
including the school's Liberal 
Studies program. He also supervised 
the design and development of 
Kalamazoo's educational computer 
resources and coordinated the col- 
lege's unique career development 
program, which makes foreign study 

and mterships available to all 

Board received his B.A. degree 
from the University of Idaho, M.A. 
from the University of Denver, and 
Ph.D. in Higher Education Admini- 
stration from Syracuse University. 
Prior to coming to Kalamazoo, he 
was executive assistant to the presi- 
dent of Elmira College in Elmira. 
New York. He is a member of the 
board of directors of the Great 
Lakes Colleges Association and a 
member of the board of regents of 
Eastern Michigan University, the 
first educator from the private sec- 
tor ever appointed to the board of 
a Michigan public university. 

At Elon Board will be responsible 
for all academic and student life 
programs, as well as admissions, 
registration and the library. The 
vice president for academic and stu- 
dent affairs holds the second high- 
est administrative office and acts 
for the president in his absence. 

Board and his wife, Mary Jo, are 
natives of Boise, Idaho. Mrs. Board 
is a trust officer with First America 
Bank Corporation. They are the 
parents of three children. 

The Magazine of Elon 

May. 1986 


Yes, Allison... 
Elon Has a 
Place For You 

Eion President Fred Young recently received 
the following letter. With Allison's and 
her parents' f>emiission, it ts reprinted for 
all to ertjoy. 

508 W Hayes St. 
Ahoskie, N.C. 

Elon College Office 

Burlington, N.C. 

Dear Dr. Fred Young, 

Hi.' My name is Allison 
Hargrave. The band at your school 
came to my school called Ridge- 
croft. M7 mom Marilyn C. 
Hargrave went to your school and 
my dad Willie E. Hargrave did to. 
I want to know about your college. 
I would like to have a nice girl 
that could write to me and tell me. 
I am 10 years old. Would you 
please send me a letter back and 
tell me if it can be worked out. 
M> parents say you have a 
beautiful college. If you decide to 
please send me her name and ad- 
dress if she lives with somebody 
else. When you send a newspaper 
to OUT house my parents let me 
look at it. M> teacher says I flm a 
good student in dividing. I would 
like to know if you would send me 
a picture of Elon College. I might 
go to college at Elon. 

Thank you'. 

Yours Truly, 
Allison Hargrave 

I'm a fan of yours. 

Dear Allison, 

Thank you for your nice let- 
ter. It certainly brightened my 
day. I believe your teacher must 
say that you are a good student 
in writing too. 

I have asked a student who 
goes to Elon to write to you, 
but 1 would like to tell you some 
things about Elon as well. 

One of the nicest things about 
Elon is that it is a good size- 
not too big but not too small 
either. It is big enough that you 
can study many different sub- 
jects here and take part in all 
sorts of sports or clubs or other 
activities that you like or want 
to know more about. But Elon 
is not so big that you have to 
be afraid of getting lost, or not 
making friends or not knowing 
your teachers. At Elon your 
teacher might be your friend as 

Another nice thing about 
Elon is that students come here 
from many different places. Your 
friends here might be from 
another state like Virginia or 
Maryland or even Massachu- 
setts—or from another country. 
You might also get to visit 
another country to live and 
study for a while. Many Elon 
students do. 

1 am glad that you think you 
might like to go to Elon. You 
sound like the kind of student 
we like to have— someone who 
asks a lot of questions. We are 
working hard to be sure that 
Elon will be the kind of school 
you will want to attend when 
you are ready for college. People 
like your mom and dad are 
helping us do that. 

Study hard, Allison, and keep 
asking questions. Someday you 
will be giving the answers. 

Approve M.Ed., 
Tuition Increase 

The Elon College Board of Trustees 
approved the 1986-87 budget, au- 
thorized the establishment of a 
second graduate degree at Elon, 
and heard reports on the construc- 
tion and financing of the new fine 
arts center during its annual spring 
meeting, Wednesday, March 5, 1986. 

The $14 million budget approved 
by the board for the 1986-87 aca- 
demic year includes raising tuition 
to $4200. 

"We are simply having to budget 
for the quality that is inherent in 
our programs," said President Fred 
Young in commenting on the new 
tuition level. "Even with this in- 
crease Elon will remain one of the 
least expensive private institutions 
in the state." 

Revenue resulting from the in- 
crease will be used to pay for new 
programs and personnel, to increase 
salaries, and to purchase additional 
educational equipment and resour- 
ces, according to Young. "Part of 
the money will also be used to in- 
crease the financial aid available to 
those for whom the tuition will be 
a hardship," he stated. 

After hearing a presentation from 
the Educational Affairs Committee, 
the board unanimously approved 
the establishment of a master of 
education degree at Elon. 

The board also reviewed the 
status of the fine arts center con- 
struction and heard a report on the 
special campaign to raise the funds 
needed to complete financing for 

the center. As of mid-February, 
one-third of the $1.5 million needed 
had been pledged. A report from 
the Development Committee 
indicated that development income 
over the past year was up 16 per- 
cent to about $3 million. 

In other business, the board 
granted tenure to Dr. James A. 

Moncure, professor of history, and 
approved the following promotions; 

To full professor— Dr. David M. 
Crowe Jr., Dr. Russell B. Gill, Dr. 
William G. Rich and Dr. Frederic 
T Watts. 

To associate professor— Dr. Nancy 
E. Harris, Dr. Robie W. McClellan, 
Dr. Gerardo Rodriguez, and Dr. 
Bruce N. Waller. 

To assistant professor- Betty 
Greene and Susan L. Piepke. 
One new trustee was introduced 

at the meeting. Robert E. LaRose ■ jI 
Clifton. Virginia. Mr. LaRose, a 
1966 graduate of Elon, is president 
and chief executive officer of Ad- 
vanced Technology, Inc., a high 
technology consulting firm which 
he founded in 1976. The board also 
elected Paul C. Purdy, a fourth 
generation Elon student and 
member of the Class of 1986, as 
new youth trustee. 

M.Ed. To Be 
Offered in '86 

Elon's new master of education 
degree received overwhelming ap- 
proval from the Southern Associa- 
tion oi Colleges and Universities 
following a committee's visit in ear- 
ly May. Courses for the degree will 
be offered for the first time in the 
fall of 1986. 

The M.Ed, will be offered in the 
areas of elementary education, mid- 
dle grades education and physical 
education, according to Dr. Wes 
Brogan, chairman of the depart- 
ment of education and psychology. 
In each area, a minimum of 30 
semester hours will be required 
from a core of required courses and 
a group of electives. The program 
will be offered through evening 
courses during the regular semester 
and in the summer. 

Professor Ken Harper of the 
education and psychology depart- 
ment has been named director of 
graduate admissions. His respon- 
sibilities will include admissions to 
the M.Ed, and M.B.A. programs. 
Basic admissions requirements for 
the M.Ed, include graduation from 
a four-year accredited college and 
teacher certification. Upon comple- 
tion of the M.Ed, course, students 
will receive a graduation certifica- 
tion from the N.C. Department of 
Public Instruction. 





Photo of Meredith Lee '86 by G. Fishel 


Jeff McKenzie '77 and Jack Utz '77 

Their business suits them to a "T" 8 

Elias J. Shahwan '74 

Alum making aviation fiisfory 9 

Commencement '86 

A pictorial account of fhd 96rfi annual 
CO mm en cement excTci^es 10 

Estate Planning 

Part //: Making Your WtU 12 

Editor: Cay-le Fishe! '73 
Art Director: Susan C. Klopman 
Staff Writer: Carol Nix '85 
Photographer: Laura ], Benncif 
Typesetter: Nan Perkins 
Tim McDowell 76 

Director of Ccmmuniry Rclationi 
William G. Long 
Director of Alutnni &l Pattni 
S[«ph>:n Ballard 

Sports Information Director 
Dr. Jcrtv Toliev 
Director of Corporate & Annual 
Bob Moser '86 
Intern in Devciopmtnc 

Shirley Crawford 

Elon College Alumni Associa- 
tion 1984-86 
Executive Officers 

President, Zac T. Walker III W-, First Vice 
President, Noel L. Allen '69. Second Vice 
President, Ronald P Burlcr 75; Immediate 
Past President, Sally O'Neill '70; Executive 
Secrecarv, Susie Sanford 79 

Alumni Chapter Leaders 

Alamance Coumv, NC Thomas L. Bass Jr. 
71; Greater Atlanta. Ga., B. Allen Bush Jr, 
'68; Greater Charlotte, NC. Stanley B. 
Butler 78; Forsyth County. NC, Jack P. 
Lociccro '81; Guilford County, NC, Ashburn 
L. K.rbv '57; Greater Richmond. Va., I Ja 
M, Sheilds -67; Sanford/Lee County, NC, 
Donald E. Dollar '70; Suffolk. Va.. Betty Jean 
Criggcr '76; Triangle Area, NC, Timothy M. 
Moore '78; Virginia Beach. Va„ Henry F Pin- 
man 72; Greater Washington. DC, Roberr 
H. Pafe 75. 

Me mbers-at. Large 

Bryant M. Colson '80, Irene H. Covington 
'41, Sigmund S. Davidson '62, James S. Den- 
ton '75, Lester E, R;smirc '24 , Daniel B. Har- 
rell Jr, '48, Vkior H, Hoffman '61, L. Donald 
Johnson '65. Michael A. Leggett -77. Helen J. 
Lind.sey '52. Phillip R, Mann '54. John 2. 
McBrayet '38. Nina M, WcConncll "70. 
Calvin A. Michaels '54, John P. Paisley Jr. '70, 
Nancy R. Penick "SO, Lynn M. Stewart '81, C. 
Grayson WHiit '79, Ann M, Wilkins '5.1, W, 
Woodtow Wilson '38, William C Zini III '7° 

The Magaiine of Elon (USPS 174-580) is 
published quarterly with an extra issue during 
the fourth quarter. Second class postage paid 
at Elon College, NC 27244. Postmaster 
Send address changes to Elon College Office 
of Development, Campus Box 2116, Elon 
College. NC 27244-2010. 

The Magazine of Elon 

May. 1986 


Powell Gift to 
Establish Master 
Artist Series 

Dr. James B. Powell, a member of the 
Board of Trustees and president of 
Roche Biomedical Laboratories in 
Burlington, has established a fund to 
bring famous artists to the campus 
each year for the next several years. 
The series, named in honor of his 
wife, will be known as the Anne 
Ellington Powell Master Artist Series. 

The series will feature performing 
artists of national andworlH renown. 
A variety of activities, including a 
public performance, meeting with 
classes and informal discussions, 
will be included in the yearly series. 

President Fred Young said the 
series will greatly complement the 
new fine arts center now under 
construction and scheduled to open 
m the fall of 1987. 

"I believe that this series will be a 
source of great pride to Dr. and 
Mrs. Powell, their family members, 
and all of us at Elon College," Dr. 
Young said. 

"Commencing in 1987-88, Elon 
College will have one of the finest 
artists in the world on campus each 
year for a public presentation and 
to work with students. This gift 
will enhance the education of 
thousands of young people." 

A native of Elon College. Dr. 
Powell has served on the Elon Col- 
lege Board of Trustees since 1979. 
He received his undergraduate 
degree from Virginia Military In- 

Anne Ellington Powell 

stitute and the M.D. degree from 
Duke University Medical School. 
Dr. Powell founded Biomedical 
Laboratories, Inc., which was ac- 
quired by Hoffman-La Roche, Inc. 
in 1982. 

Mrs. Powell is the daughter of Dr. 
and Mrs, Robert Norwood Ellington 
of Burlington. She is a graduate of 
the University of North Carolina at 
Chapel Hill with a B.S. degree in 
business administration. She was 
employed by Proctor and Gamble 
as a sales representative prior to her 

Dr. Powell served as chairman of 
the Elon College PRIDE II Cam- 
paign which raised over $8 million 
for the new fine arts center, en- 
dowments, campus improvements 
and operating funds. The Anne Ell- 
ington Powell Master Artist Series 
is a part of his commitment to the 

Shirley Chisholm Addresses 
Women's Issues in Politics 

"We need the collective talents of 
all mankind for the amelioration of 
the human condition," said Shirley 
Chisholm, sounding not only the 
keynote of her address, but also the 
theme of her life as she spoke to a 
filled auditorium on the Elon cam- 
pus March 19. 

Chisholm's itinerary included din- 
ner with students from the Black 
Cultural Society, the Liberal Arts 
Forum and the Student Union 
Board, the three groups sponsoring 
her visit. She spoke to a range of 
national problems during a press 
conference and later focused 
specifically on women in politics. 
the tide of her evening address. 

Calling women the "backbone" 
of American politics, Chisholm 
lauded their long-term service to 
the nation's political parties. "They 
fixed the refreshments, gathered the 
petitions and helped raise the money 
to put men in office," she said, 
dignifying those often unnoticed. 
behind-the-scenes jobs. But women 
are hampered politically, according 
to Chisholm, because they are not 
viewed as serious political candidates 
and thus have trouble raising 
money. "Women are considered 
risky business by our political par- 
ties because when they run, the 
money doesn't come in," she said. 
In sum, women must be consi- 
dered a vital part of our national 
political scene if we are to offer a 
legacy to our children, Chisholm 

reiterated. Healing the wounds of 
poverty and unemployment, con- 
structively working for a future 
for healthy people on a healthy 
planet will take the efforts of all 
men and women. 

Chisholm, 61, served seven terms 
in Congress, representing the 12th 
Congressional District of New York. 
In 1972, she seriously campaigned 
for the Demoncratic Party nomina- 
tion for President, the first Black 
woman to seek that office. She did 
not seek re-election to Congress in 
1982, announcing instead her inten- 
tion to write, teach, lecture and 
travel "to create a new national state 
of mind that demands peace, pro- 
sperity, and equality for all Ameri- 
cans." She now holds the Purington 
Chair at Mount Holyoke College. 

Service Award 

The Iris Holt McEwen Community 
Service Award has been established 
at the college by three of her 
grandchildren. Mrs. Katherine 
McCrary Johnson of Durham, 
NC-, John Alexander McCrary III 
of Baltimore, Md., and James 
McEwen McCrary of St. Petersburg, 

Beginning in the spring of 1987, 
the McEwen award will be 
presented annually to a student 
"whose selfless service to the college 
and the wider community most 
nearly exemplifies the compassionate 
public spirit and numerous 
humanitarian activities" of Mrs. 
McEwen. The recipient of the 
award will be presented with a 
commemorative medallion as well as 
a cash award to be applied equally 
to the student's tuition and fees 
and a community service organiza- 
tion of his or her choosing. 

"Iris Holt McEwen had an ex- 
traordinary impact on those around 

her and on Elon College, and this 
award is a fitting tribute to her 
memory," said Dr. Fred Young, 
president of the college, in an- 
nouncing the creation of the award. 
"We are grateful to her grand- 
children for continuing her deep 
commitment to Elon and becoming 
the third generation in the McEwen 
family to support the college." 

Iris Holt McEwen was a mem- 
ber of the Elon Board of Trustees 
from 1948 until her death in 1984. 
She and her husband, James H. 
McEwen, also a former trustee of 
the college, were among the col- 
lege's most loyal benefactors. The 
James H. McEwen Memorial Din- 
ing Hall and the Iris Holt McEwen 
Library are both named in recogni- 
tion of the family's generous dona- 
tions. In 1970 Mrs. McEwen was 
awarded an honorary doctoral 

Mrs. McEwen had a long career 
of community service. A trustee 
and former president of the Elon 
Home for Children, she also served 
for many years as chairman of the 
Board of Public Welfare of Ala- 
mance County and was vice presi- 
dent of the local Council of Social 

Agencies. Mrs. McEwen was a 
member of the First Christian 
United Church of Christ and 
founder of the Iris McEwen Sunday 
School Class. She also served on 
church boards and committees at 
the conference and convention level. 
The three donors of the award 

are the children of John and Iris 
McEwen McCrary of Burlington. 
Mrs. McCrary is the daughter of 
Iris Holt and James H. McEwen. 
The donors* uncle, James H. 
McEwen Jr. of New York City, is 
also a trustee of the college. 

Alex McCrary. Katherine McCrary Johnson and James McCrary stand by por- 
trait of iheir grandmoiher his Uok McEiven. 

The Magaiine of Elon 

May, 1986 


Elon Grad 
Named State 
Teacher of Year 

Donna H. Oliver 72, a biology 
teacher at Cummings High School 
in Burlington, has been named 
North Carolina Teacher of the Year 
for 1986-87. 

Oliver has taught in the Burl- 
ington school system for 13 years. 
She received her undergraduate 
degree at Elon and earned a 
master's degree in education from 
the University of North Carolina at 

Oliver was selected for this honor 
over two other finalists from a field 
of regional candidates. The award 
was announced at the April meet- 
ing of the N.C. Board of Education. 
As state teacher of the year, she 
will spend the next school year 
studying, traveling and promoting 
education in North Carolina. She 
will represent the state in the na- 
tional teacher of the year competi- 
tion as well. 

The chairman of the science 
department at Cummings. Oliver 
has previously been honored for 
excellence in teaching. She is a reci- 
pient of the National Science 

Wumber one m the classroom world she loves. 

Teachers Association's Excellence 
in Science Teaching Award and was 
a regional winner of the Governor's 
Business Award in Math and 

She has been active with students 
outside the classroom at Cummings. 
serving as adviser to the student 
government association and science 
coach for the High IQ team. She 
also teaches piano to underprivi- 
ledged children and advises the 
Cummings Student Academy of 

Science. Her principal, J.A. 
Freeman, credits her with "a unique 
blend of qualities: intelligence, 
creativity, rare patience and good 
humor." She has had to use all of 
these assets to become North 
Carolina's teacher of the year. 
Oliver is not the first Elon 
graduate to win this prestigious 
honor. Linda Lee '65. who was also 
with the Burlington City Schools, 
was named North Carolina Teacher 
of the Year for the 1980-81 year. 

Thespians present The Fantasticks 

"Try to remember. . .when life was 
slow and oh, so mellow. . ." Life was 
anything but slow and mellow for 
three nights in April when Elon's 
fine arts department presented The 

With lots of talent and energy, 
Roger Stanley and Donna Euliss, 
pictured above, took the stage as 
the impressionable young lovers. 

Lisa Westerlund, Mark Harris, Trey 
Gwaltney and Lynda Wright, joined 
by Ray Walden, Kathryn Thorn- 
burg, Chris Small and Lucas Van 
Alen, did a fine job bringing this 
delightful musical to life. 

Todd Olson, a graduate student 
at UNCG, directed the play. 
Musical direction was by Elon stu- 
dent Kevin Long. 

Rich Named 
Associate Dean 

Dr. William G. Rich has been 
named associate dean of academic 
affairs. He began his duties in 
March when the appointment was 

Rich will work directly with Dr. 
Gerald Francis, dean of academic 
affairs. The two will share the 
responsibilites assigned to the area 
of academic affairs. 

Describing his new duties. Rich 
commented that primarily the 
associate dean's position is a "peo- 
ple job." "1 hope to maximize the 
strengths of a large number of peo- 
ple and direct those energies to 
meet students' needs," he said. 

Rich joined the Elon College 
faculty in 1977 as assistant professor 
of religion. In 1982 he was named 
an associate professor and in 1986, 
professor. He has served several 
terms as chairman of the Depart- 
ment of Religion and as chairman 
of various faculty standing commit- 
tees. He will retain his current 
responsibilities as director of general 
studies and director of the Study- 
Abroad Program; however, he will 
no longer be doing any classroom 

Rich received a B.A. degree from 
Wake Forest University, a B.D. 
degree from Southeastern Baptist 
Theological Seminary and a Ph.D. 
in religion from Emory University. 

Exceeds Goal 

The seventh annual Phonathon, 
held February 10-March 6, exceeded 
its goal of $150,000. A total of 
$173,031 was pledged to the Annual 
Fund. Matching gift donations will 
add another $18,000 to that figure. 

Dr. jerry Tolley, director of the 
Phonathon, and Frances T Stanley, 
coordinator of alumni giving, 
reported that the college is very 
pleased with the results. Alumni, 
friends and parents of current and 
former students were among the 
15,000 people telephoned. "There 
were more pledges than ever this 
year," Tolley noted. "Most im- 
pressive was the number of new 
donors and the increased amounts 
from previous donors." 

Many fraternities, sororities and 
other campus service organizations 
offered their support by providing 
the 120 student callers. 

Pledges to the Annual Fund help 
to keep tuition low by providing for 
college operating expenses. Elon's 
generous alumni support has enabl- 
ed the college to achieve the num- 
ber one ranking in alumni partici- 
pation among all co-ed colleges and 
universities in North Carolina. Elon 
alumni are also ranked number 16 
in the Southeast, a ranking which 
the college is challenging this year. 
"The goal is to be in the top ten in 
the Southeast," Tolley said, "And it 
looks like we will be. if the Phona- 
thon pledges come in as promised." 

Faculty Approves 
New Major 

The Elon faculty recently approved 
a new four-year medical technology 
major. The new major is being of- 
fered in response to many student 
requests, according to Dr. Chris 
White, vice president of academic 
and student affairs. Elon has of- 
fered a two-year medical laboratory 
technology program for some time. 

In the new four-year program, 
which will begin in the fall of 1986, 
students will complete the first 
three years of work on the Elon 
campus. The fourth year will be 
spent at Moses Cone Hospital in 
Greensboro under a cooperative 
agreement between Elon College 
and the hospital. The degree, 
however, will be granted by Elon, 

Elon also offers a B.S. degree in 
cytotechnology. The cytotechnology 
program has the same structure as 
the new medical technology pro- 
gram. Three years are spent on the 
Elon campus concentrating on the 
biological sciences and basic chem- 
istry. The fourth year is a 12-month 
clinical internship provided through 
a cooperative agreement between 
Elon and Roche Biomedical Labs, Inc. 

The Magazine of Elon 

May, 1986 

S ports 

Bob Burton 

New Basketball 
Coach Named 

Bob Burton, former assistant coach 
and head recruiter for the Universi- 
ty of Tennessee, has been named 
Elon's new men's head basketball 

Burton replaces Bill Morningstar 
who guided the Christians to a 
99-103 record in seven years as head 
coach. Morningstar resigned to take 
the job as head of athletic fund 
raising as well as remaining as 
Elon's golf coach. 

In announcing Burton's appoint- 
ment, Dr. Alan White, college 
athletic director, noted that Burton 
was the college's unanimous choice 
out of over 200 applicants. White 
said of Burton: "He brings with 
him a vast knowledge of the game. 
He works hard in recruiting the 
best available talent and we feel he 
will be a valuable asset to our pro- 

Burton has been at UT under 
head coach Don DeVoe for the past 
eight years. He also worked with 
DeVoe as his assistant at the 
University of Wyoming for two 
years before going to Tennessee. In 

Bob Burton 

between, he worked for a year as 
an assistant to Carl Tacy at Wake 
Forest University. 

Burton's tenure with the 
Volunteers of UT included two 
Southeastern Conference cham- 
pionships, five NCAA tour- 
naments, two NIT tournaments 
and six seasons of 20 or more wins. 

Burton received his bachelor of 
arts degree from Emory and Henry 
College and his master's degree 
from Virginia Polytechnic Institute. 

Burton and his wife, Susan, have 
one son, Ryan, age seven. 

Elon to Hold 
Tennis Camp 
For Youth 

Elon will hold its first annual 
youth tennis camp this summer 
under the direction of new tennis 
coach, Tom Parham. Boys and girls 
ages 9-17 will be grouped according 
to ability for individual drills, dou- 
bles strategy, video tape instruction 
and more. There will be two camp 
'sessions. June 15-20 and June 22-27. 

Before coming to Elon, Parham 
coached at Atlantic Christian Col- 
lege for 20 years. His career in- 
cludes nearly 300 team victories, 
two national team championships 
in the NAIA and 28 conference 
and district championships. Parham 
is the only active NAIA tennis 
coach with three national Coach- 
of-the-Year awards. He also has 15 
years of tennis camp experience. 

Enrollment for the camp will 
be limited. For more information, 
contact Parham at [919| 584-2252 
or the Elon College athletic 

Elon Lacrosse — 

Nine Years of Fun and Winning 

CoacK George Taylor discusses strategy with two dub members. 

By Bob Moser '86 

"You have to be a little crazy, in 
a good way, to do it," Dr. George 
Taylor says of lacrosse. Taylor 
should know. He has served as 
advisor to Elon's Lacrosse Club 
since 1980. 

The history of Elon lacrosse has 
been almost as hectic, crazy, and 
fast-paced as the sport itself, with a 
large measure of hard work and 
dedication mixed in. 

Most Elon students had probably 
never heard of the sport when a 
group of freshmen from Charlot- 
tesville entered the college in 
1974 and decided that they wanted 
to continue competing in their 
favorite high school sport. In 1976, 
Tim Moore '78 and Bernard "Bun- 
ny" Carr '78 decided to take action; 
they requested, and were granted, 
$500 by the Student Senate to form 
a lacrosse club. 

$500, however, was not the sum 
of money needed to equip a new 
team and pay for travel costs. So 
Moore, Carr and a few others went 
to work, using the hall phone in 
Smith Dormitory to schedule games 
and inventing ways of obtaining 
the expensive equipment required 
for the club. The college donated 
some lacrosse equipment it had ac- 
quired from a bankrupt school in 
Virginia; parents, friends and 
lacrosse coaches at other colleges 
pitched in. The first game nets for 
the team had to be "borrowed" on 
a dark night from the Duke Univer- 
sity field, Moore recalls. But, mir- 
aculously, the club was ready to 
compete in the spring of 1977 and 
won three games. 

Though still without college 
financial support, the team is on 
much more solid ground today. 
Home games are well-attended, and 
interest in the sport has brought 
the number of players up to around 
35 each year. The college has con- 
sidered making lacrosse an officially 
funded sport, but for now the club 
"stays afloat" with $25-per-player 
dues, along with student govern- 
ment and parental support. The 
club supplemented an excellent 7-4 
season last year with a strong 
showing again this spring, led by 
senior standouts such as Ken 
Markowsky, Mike Storck, Harry 
Watson and Pete Carlson. Taylor 
and his players believe that lacrosse 
at Elon could be a success on the 
intercollegiate level. 

"The sport has grown tremen- 
i dously in the state," Taylor says— 
and the numbers back him up. 
There are currently five high school 
teams, 12 college club teams, and 
five intercollegiate teams in North 
Carolina. The University of North 

Carolina team is one of the nation's 
best. Peter Farrell, a senior on 
Elon's club, believes that Elon is 
ready for intercollegiate lacrosse. 
"Lacrosse has already built up an 
impressive following here," he says, 
"and it can only grow. Elon attracts 
a lot of students from areas in the 
North where lacrosse is popular— 
and with a team we would attract- 
even more." 

The Elon Reptiles, as the team 
named itself, have had their ups 
and downs since the club was form- 
ed. The club probably had its best 
year in 1978. when a team that 
featured high school All-Americans 
Paul and "Skins" Jamme went 10-3 
with one very big victory. The 
club's founding members tondly 
remember when they upset Georgia 
Tech at Grant Field in Atlanta 
before a large crowd in the stands 
and a local television audience. 

Though victories like that have 
been scarce, Moore says that he 
and Carr are extremely proud of 
what they started. "We are very 
satisfied that something so impor- 
tant to us is still important to the 
players." Taylor, the advisor/coach, 
credits alumni like Scott Mont- 
gomery, Steve Burke, Ricky 
Crissman, Jay Knight, Chris 
McCaig, Don Fisher, Rob Haley 
and Steve Coor with keeping the 
team going through the years. He 
also believes that the team has 
become more competitive and 
dedicated to winning: "These guys 
are more serious— they really want 
to win," he says. 

Still, the sport at Elon was built 
on fun. The tradition of post-game 
"around the tub" socials with op- 
ponents continues, and probably 
will, whether Elon lacrosse remains 
a winning club or becomes a win- 
ning team. And the players will 
likely remain, as Taylor calls them, 
"wild, but dedicated." 

The Magazine of Elon 

May, 1986 


Long Named Director of Alumni 
and Parent Relations 

William G. Long, director of founda- 
tions and grants and former dean 
of student affairs at Elon, has been 
named director of alumni and 
parent relations. 

Long holds B.A. and M.A. 
degrees from West Virginia Univer- 
sity and earned an M.Div. degree 
in religion and higher education at 
Yale University- He served as dean 
of men at the University of North 
Carolina and dean of student af- 
fairs at Kalamazoo College before 
joining the Elon staff as dean of 
student affairs in 1974. Long, who is 
also an associate professor of 
political science, became director of 
foundations and grants in 1983. 

Dr. Jo Watts Williams, vice presi- 
dent for development, stated that 
Long is well qualified for the posi- 
tion. "He has been with the college 
tor 12 years and has been highly 
'nnovative and successful in all of 
his duties," she said. "We could not 
have a better person to direct such 
an important part of our college 

"I am extremely enthusiastic 
about this new work," said Long, 
who estimates that he has worked 
with thousands of students and 
"taught hundreds" at Elon, and who 
worked with the parents council at 

William G. Long 

Kalamazoo College. His goal as 
director, he said, will be to incor- 
porate alumni and parents more ful- 
ly into the college community, "We 
want alumni and parents to know 
that their views and insights are 
highly valued and that they are im- 
portant in the formation of Elon 
College's future," he stated. 

Long replaces Susie Bullard San- 
ford '79, who recently accepted a 
position in the accounting office at 

A New Approach to Career Day 
Brings Alumni to Campus 

Eight alumni returned to Elon in 
March to share their experiences as 
career professionals in what proved 
to be a successful new approach to 
the traditional career day program. 

Instead of having a career day 
fair, with students dropping by to 
talk to alumni stationed in a cen- 
tral location, the alumni visited 
specific classes and spoke informally 
about their careers. Some of the 
topics they addressed were how 
they chose their career areas, how 
they got their first job, and what a 
typical work day is like. They also 
talked about the rewards and 
frustrations of their work and the 
academic preparation necessary for 
their particular career. 

Bryant Colson, a 1980 graduate 
majoring in political science, is cur- 
rently a branch operations manager 
for Wachovia Bank. He visited 
economics, business administration, 
political science and English classes. 

Physical education majors Young 
Mitchell '79, a sergeant with the 
N.C. Department of Corrections. 
Andria McDowell Smith '70, a 
teacher-coach at East Davidson 
High School, and Dean Coleman 

'69, director of the Alamance 
County Recreation Department, 
teamed up to visit the physical 
education department. 

Speaking to the human services 
department were Drew Van Horn 
'82, state program director for the 
Fellowship of Christian Athletes; 
Sandra Reid '85, juvenile court 
counselor; Greg Seel, a corporal 
with the crime prevention unit of 
the Burlington Police Department; 
and Suzanne Fischel, a reservation 
sales agent with Piedmont Airlines. 

Branching out... 

A moment of reflection near the 
entrance of Whitley Auditorium 
sparked the idea for a gift to Elon 
from Student Government Presi- 
dent Shane Jones '86. 

Jones chose to remember his col- 
legiate roots by presenting the col- 
lege with an oak tree— giving new 
life to the spot where the former 
senior oak once stood. 

Sfuine Jones' '86 gift {troves he was 

barking up the right tree. 

BUI WiiUarTTS '50 and Jeanne Harrdl '45 enjL-;-. tn. beat o] r/it Cir.anoi 


Alumni Gather 
in Charlotte 

On Friday night, April 11, about 
50 Elon alumni and friends enjoyed 
the sounds of the Emanons at the 
annual Greater Charlotte Area 
Alumni Chapter dance. The gather- 
ing was held at Charlotte's Myers 
Park Country Club and featured 
the final performance of the 
Emanons under Dr. jack White, 
who retires this spring after 23 
years of directing the group. Stan 
Butler 78, president of the Greater 

Charlotte Chapter, and his wife, 
Martha '77, organized the event, 
along with Nancy and Bill '40 
Stewart, Elizabeth and Dale '68 
Morrison, Woody Wilson '38, 
Jeanne '45 and Dan '48 Harrell, 
Sandy '80 and Clay Lemons and 
Lib and Bob '44 Johnston. W.E. 
"Buster" Butler '44 and his wife, 
Mary '49, were special out-of-town 
guests of the Charlotte Chapter. 
College staff members in atten- 
dance were Dr. Jo Watts Williams 
'55, vice president for development, 
with her husband, Bill '50, and 
Susie Bullard Sanford '79, director 
of alumni and parent programs. 

The Magazine of Elon 

May, 1986 


Greek Alumni 
New Tradition 

March 14-16 was a sunny weekend 
for the more than 200 alumni who 
joined their brothers and sisters on 
campus for the first annual Greek 

Alumni Weekend. Sponsored by 
the Elon College Greek Alumni 
Council, the weekend featured 
various activities for the alumni of 
each group. Alumni joined active 
fraternity and sorority members for 
basketball and softball games, mix- 
ers, cookouts and brunches during 
the three-day event. 

Saturday evening about 100 
Greek alumni from all organizations 
gathered for a picnic dinner at the 

Elon Lodge. The dinner was plann- 
ed and organized by Lisa Guyton 
Melton '81, chairman of Greek 
Alumni Weekend, and Tim Moore 
'78, chairman of the Greek Alumni 
Council. "The dinner for all Greek 
alumni— and the entire weekend- 
were a great success," said Moore. "I 
believe that it will develop into a 
highlight of the year for all Greeks 
at Elon." 

A number of college staff 
members were present at the picnic: 
Dr. Jo Watts Williams '55, vice 
president for development; Dr, Jerry 
Tolley, director of corporate and an- 
nual resources; Susie Bullard San- 
ford '79, director of alumni and 
parent programs; Scott Stevenson 
'80. admissions counselor; and Bob 
Moser '86, administrative assistant 
for development. 

Wedding Bells at Elon. . . 

Karen Face '86 received a ha^heior's degree on Sunday and an MRS on Mon- 
day as she and Mike Curtis 'S^ were married on campus in a special ceremony 
performed by Chaplain Richard McBride (center). 


By Susan Klopman 

What shall I study? What courses 
do I take? I like psychology, but 
what kind of job can I get? How 
do I know what career best suits 
me? The questions seem endless, 
and too often the answers aren't 
really answers; they seem more like 

Elon College students are now 
using computers to find answers to 
the difficult, sometimes overwhelm- 
ing, questions about choosing a 
career. The System of Interactive 
Guidance and Information, better 
known as SIGI, is a computer-based 
program designed to help students 
identify their values and interests 
and match them with career choices 
and opportunities. Elon is one of a 
handful of North Carolina colleges 
and universities who have purchas- 
ed the highly acclaimed software. 

Developed by Martin Kat: of 
Educational Testing Service, the 
program leads the student through 
questions like: What do I want? 
What am I good at? What occupa- 
tions might I like? Can I do what's 
required? The student selects 
various responses and the computer 
begins to put together a picture of 
the student and his suitability for 
certain occupations. He may 
discover career opportunities that 
he had never even considered. He 
can also begin to develop a clear 
plan of study that fits with his in- 
terests and values. 

SIGI also contains information 
about 300 occupations. The data is 
based on national statistics and is 
updated annually. Betsey Savage, 
director of career planning, noted 
that in addition to containing the 
most up-to-date career information, 

"SIGI makes the information perti- 
nent to the individual." She sees 
the program as a "translator." "It 
makes the connection between col- 
lege study and careers," she said. 

"Career planning is ideally a four- 
year program," Savage explained. "It 
should begin in the freshman year 
as a student seeks to define his 
values and interests and to identify 
his options. This leads to more in- 
tentional course selection and helps 
with the choice of a major. Finally 
SIGI identifies what and where the 
market is when the student is ready 
to enter" 

Senior John Moorefield worked 
with SIGI to explore his interest in 
banking. "SIGI gave me a lot of in- 
formation about a banking career, 
including the various positions, 
salary ranges and locations where 
the banking industry is growing 
most rapidly," he said. Later in one 
of his interviews with a bank, 
Moorefield presented the SIGI com- 
puter printout which indicated his 
educational background as well as 
his personal interests. 

"I immediately got a second-level 
interview," he said. "I guess the 
banker was impressed with the 
'homework' I'd done." So for 
Moorefield, SIGI not only enabled 
him to explore the world of bank- 
ing from a practical standpoint, but 
it also helped him clarify and artic- 
ulate his suitability for such a career. 

Freshman Cassie McFarland has 
used SIGI as one part of Elon's 
career education program. "The 
whole program has helped me 
define some areas of interest. I have 
a better understanding of courses I 
need to pursue those interests." 

Betsey Sai'age, director of career planning, guides Maria Martin throwgh the 
S/Gi computer program. 

The Magazine of Elon 

May, 1986 


by Susan Klopman 

lack Utz and Jeff McKenzie became 
good friends during their Elon Col- 
lege days. Both played football and 
both belonged to Kappa Psi Nu 
(now Kappa Alpha). 1977 marked 
the year of their graduation. Utz 
majored in business; McKeniie in 
physical education. 

Another common thread they 
discovered during those college days 
was their interest in business, par- 
ticularly the screen printing 
business. It all began during Greek 
Week in the spring of '77. 

v& , :■ !■'. 




Jeff McKenzU' and Jack Utz 

Classmate Les Hall 77 wanted 
some T-shirts printed for the occa- 
sion. McKenzie had done some 
screen printing during high school, 
so he got the job. With homemade 
equipment set up in the spare 
bedroom at Utz's home, the two 
men turned out the first screen- 
printed apparel that was eventually 
to become the trademark of Mr. J's 
Silkscreen Printing, Inc. of 

"We really began with almost a 
'hobbyish' attitude," McKenrie 
remembered. "By 1*^78 we had filled 
Jack's spare bedroom with equip- 
ment. The paint smell was awful, 
so we decided we needed to find a 
better place to work." 

"We had no money. We started 
with zero investment," Ut: added. 
"We took our homemade 
equipment— frames and presses— 
and rented the little building across 
the street," he said, pointing to a 
brown building on East Webb 
Avenue in Burlington that is not 
nearly as large as their present 

"The next task was to 'find 
business,' " McKenzie laughed. "We 
were able to get some T-shirts on 
credit through the mother of one 
of our college friends. As we sold 
the shirts, we were able to pay our 
bills. That's the way it went for the 
first two or three years." 

During the third year, the two 
began to make a little money for 
themselves. Each year since then. 
sales have surpassed the previous 
year. Business is definitely growing. 

Now Mr. J's Silkscreen Printing, 
Inc. has warehouse and printing 
facilities under one roof. Inventory 
ranges from 2,000 to 4,000 dozen 
product items, which they now buy 
directly from the manufacturer. T- 
shirts are only part of the business. 
They can print almost anything. In 
fact, some of their recent work has 
including etching computer circuit 
boards. "We have just computerized 
our screen inventory," Utz said. "I 
think we have about 7,000 screens." 

The business employs ten people, 
including two designers. "We aren't 
really an art design business," Ut: 
said, "but if a customer comes in 
without a design, we can produce 
that for him too. The main thing 
we are interested in is turning out a 
top quality product that pleases the 

Significant among Mr. J's 
customers are Elon College and 
many of the friends the two men 
made while they were in school. 
"We have never had to do much 
paid' advertising," McKenzie noted, 
"We get a lot of business just by 
word of mouth. Our products are 
the best ads." 

Each year Mr. J's supplies the 
Elon football team with practice 
shirts and towels. The wrestling, 
tennis and basketball teams also use 
Items printed at Mr. J's. Among the 
many alumni customers are Keith 
Hall '72, owner of TK. Tripps 
restaurant chain, and country 
singer Joe West '74. West's logo, the 
Blue Cowboy, appears as a stun- 
ning print on the back of a jacket. 
Suppliers have included Royal Tex- 
tile Mills, co-owned by Chip At- 
water '77. 

Utz and McKenzie serve as 
owners, managers and sales force 
for their business. "We have begun 
to train people to take over some of 
the specific responsibilities." McKen- 
zie said. Despite the fact the two 
men have been the backbone of 
the organization, they credit their 
employees with the real success of 
the business. "Our employees really 
care about the work we do. They 
are here to see that our standards 
are met," Utz added. 

Obviously meeting standards and 
producing top quality screen prints 
have been part of the secret to 
building this successful business. 
Another part seems to be the 
genuine friendship and compatibili- 
ty that exist between McKenzie and 
Utz. It is a friendship that extends 
to off hours too. Both have families 
that they list as their number one 
interest. Utz's wife is the former Pat 
Detomo '76. They have two 
children: Bradley, 4, and Emily, 3. 
McKenzie and his wife. Julie, also 
have two children: Chad, 4, and 
Jennabeth, 1. When not with their 
families or at work, Utz and 
McKenzie are often out hunting or 
playing racquetball — in screen 
printed T-shirts, of course. 

The Magazine of Elon 

May, 1986 


Elias J. Shahwan '74 

On the Leading / I Edge of Aviation History 

By Susan Klopman 

a'Airwolf fans know 
they are looking at 
the future of avia 
tion as they_ 
watch the sleek 
black jet-powered 
helicopter dart 
across the television 
screen on Saturday night. In only a 
few seconds, this amazing craft 
slowly rises from the depths of its 
cavernous hangar then rips through 
the sky with jet engines whinini 

To the technical eye, Airwolf is a 
combination of advanced com- 
posites, vertical lift and forward 
thrust. So is Bell Helicopter's amaz- 
ing new aircraft with tilt-rotor 
engines. If none of that makes 
sense, just ask Elon alumnus Elias 
J. (Lee) Shahwan '74, senior 
engineer for advanced composites 
at Bell Helicopter Textron, Fort 
Worth, Texas. Somehow he makes 
it all sound simple, or at least 

Shahwan is a senior engineer at 
work on the leading edge of avia- 
tion history. He is in charge of ad- 
vanced composites materials and 
process selection for the tilt-rotor 
airplane. He also reviews and ap- 
proves the drawings, material and 
process specifications for the V-22 
Osprey, the military version of the 
tilt-rotor aircraft. 

What are these advanced com- 
posites? And what is a tilt-rotor air- 
craft? Advanced composites are 
basically lightweight, nonmetallic 
material systems. They are composed 
of a high strength fiber embedded 
in plastic or some other common 
matrix. While that definition prob- 
ably conjures up visions of highly 
sophisticated aerospace components, 
most of us have actually handled ad- 
vanced composites when we pick up 
a new tennis racket, golf club or fish- 
ing rod. Advanced composites are 
replacing aluminum and steel in 
many product designs. Lightweight 
and strong, advanced composites are 
replacing some of the traditional ma- 
terials used in airplane construction. 

In flight, the tilt-rotor aircraft 
looks like any other small plane. Its 
style of landing sets it apart. As the 
plane approaches the airport, the 
propellers rotate upward, allowing 
the plane to land like a helicopter. 
"The concept of changing a heli- 
copter to a helicopter-airplane is 
about 20 years old," Shahwan said. 
Development has been prolonged 
because of the complexity of the tilt- 
rotor itself and the fact that it uses 
structures never used before, accord- 
ing to Shahwan. 

What brought Shahwan and the 
tilt-rotor together? Actually the 
roots of the association lead all the 
way back to Elon. Shahwan majored 
in chemistry, an essential for know- 
ledge of composites construction. 
Specific study at N.C. State Univer- 
sity led to the M.S. degree in 
materials engineering, with a minor 
in mechanical engineering. With 
this background, in 1978 he was 
recruited by Boeing Commercial 
Airplane Company. Recruitment 
did not stop there. In 1983 while 
working on a Boeing project with 
Bell Helicopter, he was offered a 
position with Bell. Acceptance 
meant moving his wife. Donna 
Knott '76, and three children, 

Jamie, 5, Gabriel, iVi, and Paul, 1, 
from the mountains of Washington 
state to the flatlands of Texas. 

Shahwan is excited about his work. 
"It is a great feeling to work on a 
project from the conceptual idea 
to the actual hardware that will be 
flying," he said. "In the future, heli- 
copters and small airplanes will 
convert to this tilt-rotor because of 
its versatility." 

Shahwan is making history. Ex- 
actly what shape the history will 
take is left to the future. Airports 
will be the place to look. Spot-land- 
ing pads may eventually replace 
miles of concrete runways. The 
demands on airports could be 
greatly reduced, according to 
Shahwan and the other experts. 

Imagine boarding a quiet, comfor- 
table, 36-seat tilt-rotor aircraft to 

commute between New York's Ken- 
nedy International and LaOuardia 
airports. The New York Port 
Authority is so interested in the 
possibility that it is spending 
$230,000 to study how the aircraft 
can be used to reduce airport con- 
gestion. Congress is investing too. It 
has earmarked $584 million in the 
Pentagon's budget for continued 
development of the tilt-rotor 

Although Shahwan's investment 
in this wonder plane will probably 
never be counted in dollars, no 
doubt it will offer him a wealth of 
satisfaction to know he played a 
major role in aviation history. 

The Magazine of Elon 

May. 1986 



^^^m warmth, enthusiasm 

and affection 

are the 

order of the day 

■■I'll raki; 1W-. ^.M^ 

S.JVS Dr. RuswII Gi 

10 The Magazine of Elon May, 1986 

"Anybody got a fcobbie-pin.'" Donna Benwn giwj twin juter 
and jrllotv grad, Kim, a hand adiusiing her cap. 

"Can ue ^o nou', Dad^" Heiron Harpet jr. '86 
ami Hmon Harper UI 0/ Rocky Mount. N.C. 
cool ofl by Foni'ilU fountain. 

Frank hley '86 and hi Gr,;a( Pauline Nicholsc 

ifiare more than family tie$—they boih hate lileiime iubxriptiom 
:he Magazine a/ Elon. 

Dr. Larry RuirnT) pojej uith liij |( 

"W/itre iJo I jign?" Tbrry FrtigCTaJiJ 

und Bobby Drakeford compieu their 

ieniOT surtryi under (ht oaki. 

Coimnencement 1986 

The Magazine of Elon May, 1986 II 

Estate Planning: 

An Investment in Tomor roAV 


Part 11 

The story goes that Howard 
Hughes left a financial empire 
valued at more than $2 billion 
when he died. But he apparently 
did not leave a will. A large 
number of wills, purportedly made 
by Hughes, have been brought for- 
ward, but none has been allowed as 
valid. According to most reports, 
two-thirds or more of adult 
Americans, like Hughes, die 
without wills (intestate). 

The one unanimous recom- 
mendation you will get from your 
attorney, accountant, bank trust of- 
ficer, and other estate planners is 
that you should prepare a valid 
will. Making a will is not only the 
exercising of a basic American right 
but also the only way you can be 
sure that your property will be 
distributed according to your wishes 
after your death. If you die intestate 
(without a will), a probate court 
will parcel out your property 
according to the intestacy laws of 
your state, without regard to any 
preferences you may have had. 

A will enables you to accomplish 
a number of other important objec- 
tives, in addition to having your 
estate distributed as you wish- With 
a valid will you can; 

1. Make settlement of your estate as 
trouble-free and smooth as possi- 
ble, ensuring against family con- 
flicts or litigation. 

2. Avoid unnecessary taxes, legal 
fees, and administrative costs. 

3. Transfer much or all of your 
estate to your beneficiaries 
without going through the pro- 
bate procedure. 

4. Name a qualified executor and, if 
it seems wise, an alternate ex- 
ecutor in case the executor can- 
not or will not serve. 

5. Name a guardian if you have 
minor children, in case your 
spouse does not survive you. 

6. Guard against lack of manage- 
ment experience or competence 
in investing on the part of your 
spouse, children, or other 
beneficiaries by setting up life in- 
come plans or other special ar- 
rangements, with competent 
management assured. 

7. Establish one or more trusts for 
the benefit of your spouse, 
children, or other beneficiaries 
and name a competent trustee 
for each trust that is established. 

8. Make gifts of appreciation to 

9. Secure "the benefits which flow 
from wealth" and extend your in- 
fluence beyond your own lifetime 
through bequests to causes and 
institutions which you have lov- 
ed and believed in. 

The particular objectives which 
an individual wants to achieve by 
writing a will are likely to vary ac- 
cording to his or her wishes, family 

circumstances, the thoroughness 
with which plans for the will have 
been made, the size and complexity 
of the estate, the number and kinds 
of bequests, whether trusts have 
been created, and the advice receiv- 
ed from the attorney and other ad- 
visers. For instance, a testator (one 
who has made a legally valid will) 
who has a mentally handicapped 
son or daughter has had a focal 
concern in writing a will that so- 
meone with normal children, or no 
children at all, would not have 
had. Or a testator whose spouse 
has been a fully active partner in 
the family business has probably 
had a different outlook than 
another whose .spouse has had no 
experience, or possibly not even 
personal interest, in managing 
assets or making investments. 

One possible objective in writing 
a wilt — one which was not listed 
before and is too seldom 
discussed — is disinheritance. You 
may not disinherit your spouse 
completely, but you are generally 
not required to leave your property 
CO anyone else, even children. 
Among children, you may have 
reasons other than your own likes 
or dislikes for preferring one over 
another, such as the one with 
greatest need over another who has 
acquired substantial wealth of his 
own; or one who has been lovingly 
attentive to parents over one who 
has paid little or no attention to 

If disinheritance is one of your 
objectives, be sure to have your at- 
torney pay particular attention to 
how this is written into the will. In 
the case of children, it is probably 
wise to mention their names and 
tactfully state the reason for the 
disinheritance- From a legal stand- 
point, this will show that you have 
not left them out by mistake or 
through oversight. It may also pro- 
tect against later claims of undue 
influence, lack of capacity to make 
a will, or fraud. The point here is 
not one of justification of what you 
have decided but of validating your 
will. Also, be sure that all of your 
property is disposed of by your will. 
Your attorney can take care of this 
with a residuary clause. 

Should your spouse have a will? 
Most definitely. Your spouse should 
have a will for many if not most of 
the same reasons you need a will. If 
you are a man and your wife is the 
same age as you, the odds are 
about three to two that she will 
outlive you. Your estate planning 
should take these odds into ac- 
count. If she does outlive you, she 
will have her own estate, plus what 
she inherits from you, to take care 
of and pass on in accordance with 
her wishes. But what if she does 
not outlive you? What about the 
possibility of simultaneous death? 

What tax implications need to be 
kept in mind? 

Your attorney's answers to these 
questions will likely substantiate the 
need for each spouse to have an in- 
dividual will. Joint, mutual, and 
reciprocal wilts are generally 
undesirable, and likely to cause un- 
necessary problems. 

More women than men die in- 
testate- This suggests that many 
women have either felt that wills 
were unnecesary, or decided that 
they did not own enough to justify 
making wilts, or thought that only 
those women who were widows 
should make wills. Women now 
own and control much of the 
wealth in this country. What hap- 
pens if a woman puts off making a 
will until she becomes incompetent? 
What happens if a man and wife 
are in a common disaster and she 
survives him briefly but then dies? 
Ask your attorney these questions. 


Your will should be made now. 
You need a wilt now to take care of 
present and foreseeable needs. If 
you put it off, it may never get 
done. In particular, older persons 
who do not have wills should make 
them while they have the physical, 
mental, and emotional energy and 
alertness to think clearly, know 
their own minds, and attend to the 
details of planning and executing 
their wills. They run a greater risk 
of waiting too long, of becoming 
incompetent, or of being unduly in- 
fluenced by others. 


Do you need an attorney to 
prepare your will? The answer to 
that is yes. Even for a simple will, 
an attorney can make sure the will 
is in good legal form and is com- 
plete. For such a will, the fee wilt 
be modest. You can find out what 
the fee will be ahead of time. 

If your estate is extensive and the 
objectives for your will are complex, 
you and your attorney may need 
advice from a tax accountant, a 
trust officer, or other advisers in 
order to prevent tax erosion of your 
estate, guard against legal problems 
which could arise during the pro- 
bate and settlement procedures, and 
provide for proper management of 
estate assets during the settlement 
process and of any trusts which 
have been established by the will. 

When you create a trust, you 
turn property over to a qualified 
trustee to be held and managed for 
the benefit of one or more other 
persons or institutions. Why would 
you want to establish a testamen- 
tary trust (a trust established by 
your will)? 
I. A trust may save taxes for your 

estate, for your spouse's estate, or 

for the estates of other 
beneficiaries of your will. 

2. A trust can protect against the 
immaturity, inexperience, or in- 
competence of your heirs or 
named beneficiaries by turning 
over the management of your 
property to a qualified trustee. 

3- A trust can protect your spouse 
or other beneficiaries by assuring 
them of an income for life, in- 
cluding invasion of principal if 
necessary, wjiile still passing on 
zhe remaining principal to your 
favorite charitable institution. 

4. A trust is an astonishingly flexi- 
ble and legal way to pass on ad- 
vantages of your estate to loved 
ones while protecting the assets 
and providing for their final 

An attorney who is experienced 
in the use of trusts can advise you 
whether you should make use of a 
trust and, if so, what kind of trust 
you should create. And even 
though we have been dealing here 
with trusts created by will, the in- 
formation given is generally ap- 
plicable to inter vivos trusts (living 
trusts or trusts created by you dur- 
ing your lifetime). 

You can reduce the cost of mak- 
ing your will by being prepared 
when you go to see your attorney. 
Think about your objectives. Write 
them out on paper, then revise and 
rewrite them. When you go to your 
attorney be prepared to explain 
what you want to do. The better 
prepared you are, the less of the at- 
torney's time wilt be required and 
the lower your cost will be. 

Your lawyer will need to know all 
the pertinent facts concerning your 
property and personal information 
about you, your family, and your 
intended beneficiaries. He or she 
will need to know about your plans 
for charitable bequests, including 
charitable remainder interests in 
any trusts you may establish. 

The most effective way for you to 
supply the information your lawyer 
will need is to prepare a memoran- 
dum of your personal affairs. Once 
prepared, this memorandum can be 
duplicated, and copies of it can be 
supplied not only to your attorney 
but to your spouse, the executor 
you have named in your will, and 
any other trusted person who 
might be of help in an emergency. 
In addition to helping your at- 
torney understand what is involved 
in the drafting of your wilt and in- 
forming your executor, spouse, or 
others who will have responsibilities 
for administering your estate, 

The Magazine of Elon May, 1986 

Estate Planning continued 

thorough preparation of this sort will 
show that you know and under- 
stand the nature and extent of your 
property, which is one of the in- 
dications that you have the physical 
and mental capacity to execute a 
valid will. 

lb be sure that you are preparing 
all of the information needed for 
these purposes, write to Planned 
Giving Office, Campus Box 2116, 
Elon College. N,C, 27244 and ask 
for "A Record of the Personal Af- 
fairs of (your name}." We will send 
you a free booklet which has been 
specially designed to bring together 
the kind of information needed in 
preparing your will and in ad- 
ministering your estate. This infor- 
mation will conserve your at- 
torney's time, reduce the cost of 
preparing your will, and help to in- 
sure that your will is tailor-made 
for your purposes. 


No matter how careful you and 
your attorney have been in prepar- 
ing your will, you will need to be 
alert CO changes in your situation 
which call for a reassessment of 
your will. A good rule might be, 
even when no major changes have 
occurred, to review your will every 
three years to be sure it is still up- 
to-date. In addition to the three- 
year review, you should rethink 
your will when major changes take 
place. Among the changes calling 
for review are these; 

1. You have changed your mind 
about one or more provisions 
in your will. 

2. You have married, separated, 
divorced, or remarried since 
your will was made. 

3. Children or grandchildren have 
been born or adopted. 

4. Children or grandchildren have 
changed their marital status. 

5. You have changed your life in- 
surance program, disposed of 
property, or acquired new pro- 
perty through purchase or 

6. A beneficiary of your will has 
died or had a change in status 
which causes you to want to 
review the bequest. 

7. You have suffered serious finan- 
cial losses, 

8. The executor, alternate ex- 
ecutor, or guardian has died or 
is no longer able or willing to 

9. You have moved to another 
state or acquired real property 
in another state. 

10. The tax laws have changed in a 
way to make a review of your 
will advisable. 

11. Your family relatioriships, 
friendships, or charitable in- 
terests have changed. 

You can make a simple change in 
your will by the addition of a 
codicil (amendment). However, 
when you want to make major 
changes, it is better to revise and 
rewrite the will. As in the case of 
the initial will, you should have 
your attorney write the final draft 
of a codicil or of a completely revis- 
ed will. The assurance that your 
will is in the best legal form, 
carefully designed to hold up dur- 
ing probate and the settlement pro- 
cess, is well worth what your at- 
torney will charge you. 


'" Bequests (gifts by will) have 
become a significant part of the 
charitable income Elon College 
receives. A will gift to Elon may 
save taxes for your estate. Also, giv- 
ing to Elon by will allows you to 
keep control of assets as long as 
you live and, by establishing a 
trust, as long as your spouse or any 
other income beneficiary lives. This 
enables you to protect your own 
financial security and look after 
loved ones, while ultimately making 
a substantial gift to Elon College. 

Your bequest to Elon can be an 
outright gift of money, securities, 
real estate, or persona! property. It 
can be stated as a specific sum, a 
percent of the net estate, all or part 
of the residue, specified property, or 
any combination of these. Or Elon 
College can be made the 
beneficiary of a testamentary trust. 

Before you have your will written, 
write or call the Elon College 
planned giving officer and arrange 
to discuss how your will gift can 
best be made. If you want to be 
sure that your bequest is used for a 
particular purpose, discuss with the 
planned giving officer how this can 
be done without causing institu- 
tional problems in the future. Then 
your lawyer can draft your will in 
accordance with your plans and in 
a form suited to the laws of your 


You can reduce estate taxes and 
probate costs by making gifts to 
Elon College during your lifetime. 
Lifetime gifts are not included in 
your estate for probate or estate tax 
purposes. You can avoid capital 
gains tax on gifts of appreciated 
property, and all gifts to Elon 
qualify for income tax charitable 
deductions at the time the gifts are 

Elon College life income plans 
provide opportunities for you to 
support the college while qualifying 
for tax benefits and supplementing 

your retirement income or pro- 
viding life income for your spouse 
or other designated beneficiary. 
One of these life income plans 
might well fit into your overall tax 
and estate planning. 

Another remarkable charitable 
gift technique allows you to give a 
home (including a "second" or 
vacation home, condominium, or 
apartment) or a farm to Elon Col- 
lege, take a substantial charitable 
rax deduction now. and still retain 
lifetime rights to the control and 
use of the property. This method of 
giving has some advantages over 
giving the same property by will. 
The property is ultimately transfer- 
red to the college without being 
subject to probate costs or estate 
taxes. You get an income tax 
deduction now and can experience 
the satisfaction of making the gift 
during your lifetime. 


This information has been 
prepared and distributed as a ser- 
vice to alumni, alumnae, and other 
friends of Elon College. We hope it 
has served a useful purpose in rais- 
ing the level of awareness concern- 
ing the need for estate planning, in 
focusing on the fundamental areas 
where planning is most needed, 
and in emphasizing the basic essen- 
tial of making a valid will. We also 
hope that you will want to keep 
this booklet as a handy source of 
information and a ready reference. 
Each of you will have your own 
questions and concerns after 
reading this booklet. Please call on 
us for additional information. We 
are available to work with you, 
your attorney, and other advisers. 

Write or call us at: 
Elon College 
Planned Giving Office 
Campus Box 2116 
Elon College, N.C. 27244 


By Dr. Brank Proffitt 

there^s a 
willy there^s 
a way: 
your basic 

The Magazine of Elon 

May, 1986 


Happv birthday to Kate M. Henson 

who was 88 years young on March 6 and 
to her husband, Tom, who was 86 on 
March 12. 


Isabella Cannon and the Honorable 
Thad Eure, chairman of the Elon College 
Board of Trustees, were featured recently 
in a Raleigh News and Observer article 
about grown-up security blankets. The 
Linus-and-his-blanket image speaks clearly 
to all adults who feel lost without a 
special object, habtt or routine. 

Mrs. Cannon is not a blanket carrier; 
she IS a collector of tennis shoes— all 
kinds and sizes. The former mayor of 
Raleigh noted, "I'm always known as the 
little old lady in tennis shoes." She's not 
always tied into tennis shoes, but she 
does wear them for walking, jogging or 
working in the yard— just enough to keep 
the image alive. Actually she is just keep- 
ing up with the younger generation. Liv- 
ing near an elementary school and N.C. 
State University provides her with lots of 
data on current shoe trends. "I see hun- 
dreds of students go by everyday,'" she 
said. ""Ofhat are they wearing? They're 
wearing tennis shoes." 

Eure, NC's secretary of state for the 
past 50 years, has several trademarks— a 
vide red bow tie, a straw boater hat for 
the summer months, and for all seasons, 
a signature in green ink. "Before felt-tip 
pens came into vogue, I had used five 
gallons of green ink— that would be about 
enough to turn North Carolina green," 
Eure said. That's probably not an exag- 
geration since he has signed papers and 
documents for 13 N.C. governors over the 


Howard W. "Doc" Fite has had 

baseball in his blood for years. At Elon 
he played for one year under Coach 
"Peahead" Walker, but at home in Lex- 
ington, N.C, he lived baseball day and 
night with his father, "Pops" Fite, who 
helped bring professional baseball to their 
hometown in 1937. 

Fite had always planned to turn the 
family baseball memorabilia into a scrap- 
book, but there was just too much. The 
scrapbook became a book entitled Four Jn- 
dian Summers, and in it, Fite has captured 
Lexington baseball history from 1937-1940. 

Before adding authorship to his list of 
credentials, Fite has been an active com- 
munity leader in Lexington. He is a 
former president and board member of 
the YMCA, a former member of the 
school board, and rhe recipient of (he 
1965 Lexington Distinguished Citizen 

Fite retired in 1983. He and his wife, 
Betty, enjoy traveling and gardening when 
he's not watching guess what! 


Emmanuel "Manny" Hedgebeth is a 

retired clergyman from the United 
Church of Christ in Dover, Del. 

Theo Strum, chair- 
man of the depart- 
ment of education 
and psychology at 
Campbell University, 
has been named dean 
of the school of 
education. Dr. Strum 
was appointed to the position because of 
previous experience and dedication to the 
department. Prior to going to Campbell 
m 1976, Strum served as academic dean 

"Country" Gorman Is One 
of the Best 

On a Sunday in February, there was 
a reception in Atlanta in tribute to 
Oscar Banks "Country" Gorman '22. 
American Humanics, Inc. presented 
Gorman with the Trustee for Life 
Award. Country is one of only four 
leaders to receive this distinguished 

American Humanics, Inc. serves 
the Boy Scouts and ten affiliated 
agencies with programs to prepare 
young people for professional careers 
in youth service. Gorman helped 
found the organization in 1948 and 
has previously received the Founders 
Award for his 40 years of work. 

"It's hard for me to believe that it 
has been my good fortune to have 
the people of Atlanta and this area 
give me a place in their hearts," 
Gorman wrote recently to his long- 
time friend "Foots" Fesmire '24. 

As "Country" wrote to "Foots": 
"Most people fight nicknames. You 
and I had the good sense to utilize 
ours. - .Life has been good to you 
and me. Most of mine I would glad- 
ly live over- Life has been for you as 
for me, 'an enjoyable journey' " 

Born in 1899 in Carbarrus Coun- 
ty, North Carolina, Gorman's 
journey has been distinguished by 
service in many areas. Civic clubs 
and many national organizations 
have honoted him. Among the 
awards have been Man of the Year 
awards from both Civltan and 
Rotary clubs and the Fifty Year Ser- 
vice Award from the Atlanta Rotary 
Club. He has also been elected an 
Honorary Board Member for Life at 
St. Mark's United Methodist Church. 

In a wonderful moment in his 
letter, Gorman wrote: "My wife 
says there is a saying among actors— 

^^^^f ■' 


'you better get off the stage before 
you get the hook!' She informs me 
that I am supposed to be retired 
since 1964." 

Retirement has not lulled Gorman 
into less activity; in fact, it has add- 
ed some new dimensions to his life. 
As Gorman wrote, retirement now 
also means he has three jobs for 
which he is "totally unqualified!" 
The first is cook: "As an old Boy 
Scout, I am trying to learn Indoor 
cooking." Second is housekeeper 
and "I am rated at the bottom," he 
confessed. Third is nurse and "I am 
100 percent inept" he added. 

In closing, Gorman conveyed to 
Fesmire the hope that the two of 
them "can visit dear old Elon to- 
gether. They have made a lot of 
progress since we left," he said. A 
lot has changed at Elon since 1922, 
but a tradition of outstanding com- 
munity service by alumni like 
"Country" Gorman is one thing 
that has remained constant. 

of Elon College. She has also been a high 
school teacher, public school ad- 
ministrator and visiting professor at the 
University of North Carolina at Chapel 
Hill. A native of Roxboro, Strum earned 
an M.Ed, at the University of North 
Carolina at Greensboro and a Ph.D. from 
the University of North Carolina at 
Chapel Hill, 


John H. Sunburn is senior pastor of 
Pilgrim Congregational United Church of 
Christ in Billings, Montana. 


Dr. Wayne T. Moore recently returned 
to Burlington to perform an organ recital 
at First Presbyterian Church. Moore has 
been a professor at Auburn University for 
the past twenty years and is a frequent 
recitalist in that area. In March he gave a 
recital at the Cathedral of St. Philip in 
Atlanta. He also serves as organist at First 
United Methodist Church in West Point, 

Estelle Lynch Perry is a receptionist for 
Carolina Biological Supply Company in 
Burlington, N.C. 

Jack Storey is a residential sales associate 
with AUenton's Research Triangle, a real 
estate agency in Durham, N.C. 


C. Baxter Twiddy, a teacher at Heritage 
High School, Lynchburg, Va., has been 
named one of 14 recipients of the 1985 
Leavey Awards for Excellence in Private 
Enterprise Education for his innovative 
course, 'Alcohol and Drugs: Can We Af- 
ford It?" Mr. Twiddy will be honored and 
presented with a $7,500 award during a 
special ceremony ac the Beverly Hilton in 
Los Angeles in June. 


Don L, Allen, dean of the University of 
Texas Dental Branch, was re-elected chair- 
man of the Council of Dental Education 
of the American Dental Association. 
Allen is also chaiiman of the Commission 
on Dental Accreditation, which works 
with dental schools and accredits them. 

Bob Nance is a self-employed profes- 
sional engineer in Burlington, N.C. 


Clarence E. Harrell just completed a 
two-year job for Tenneco Corporation at 
the Idaho National Engineering 
Laboratory (INEL) in Idaho Falls, Idaho, 
and is now manager for Nuclear Auditing 
at Newport News Shipbuilding, 
Vernon O. Joyner is a music coordinator 
for Winchester City Schools, Winchester, 


Carolyn Hester Libby is a secretary in 
the library at Courdand High School, 

Spotsylvania, Va. 


Maryruth Harrell is an elementary 

principal for the Winchester City Schools, 
Barbara Tapscott, assistant superinten- 
dent for instruction for Burlington City 
Schools, has been elected vice chairman 
of the North Carolina State Board of Ed- 
ucation, The state board is made up of 
thirteen members. Eleven members are 
appointed to eight-year terms by the Gov- 
ernor, Dr. Tapscott was appointed to the 
board in 1981. 


Howard Little Jr. is a medical center 
representative for Burroughs Wellcome in 
Clemmons, N.C. 


Joan Pegram Reece is a computer 
specialist for the Environmental Protection 
Agency and is living in Pittsboro, N.C. 
Berwyn L. Lawrence is a regional con- 
troller for Union Carbide in Kingwood, Tx. 


Helen LeGette, director of staff develop- 
ment and special assignments, has been 
named 1985 Administrator of the Year by 
the Burlington chapter of the North 
Carolina Association of Educational Of- 
fice Personnel. Dr. LeGette was given the 
new title of special assistant for admini- 
stration/staff development at the February 
Board of Education meeting. 
Bill Libby teaches health, physical 
education and driver's education at 
Courtland High School in Spotsylvania, 
Virginia, He is the head coach of the 
boys track team, 


Johnna "Jackie" Jackson is a teacher 
with the Pitt County Schools. Wilson, N.C, 
Sloan Ford has joined Cone Mills as 
director of internal audits. Ford was 
previously with Cone from 1968 to 1977, 
when he left to go to Blue Bell. 


William "Bill" Whiltenton has an- 
nounced the merger of his private law 
practice into the firm of Avery, 
Crosswhite &l Whitienton. There are four 
lawyers in the firm. Bill continues to serve 
as attorney for the Statesville City 
Schools and has recently been appointed 
city attorney of Statesville. 


Jerome "Chuck" Jackson Jr. is an agent 
for Combined Insurance in Wilson, N.C. 
Leanna Sellers Reece is an Avon 

representative and homemaker in 
Kingwood, Texas. 

Marti Brandon Sioussai is employed by 
Twiford's Funeral Homes, Inc. in the Tide- 
water area of Virginia and northeastern 
North Carolina. Marti's husband, Charlie, 
is the new business manager for Twiford's 
Virginia Chapels, and Marti is presently 
office manager for the Ghent Chapel in 

The Magazine of Elon May, 1986 


Fred Moon was recently named 1985-86 
Virginia Cablecaster of the Year. As a 
media specialist, he has produced and 
directed over 450 programs while program 
manager for Channel 2 at Hopewell- 
Prince George Cablevision. He is also a 
disc joclcey for WHAP in Hopewell, 
Though Moon has left the cablevision 
operation, he is still doing independent 
productions from his home in Matoaca. 
Many of his high-quality productions are 
designed for children. He has produced a 
number of programs for Sammons Com- 
munications in Petersburg. 


Fred Cummings Jr. is an employmeni 
interviewer with the N.C. Employment 
Security Commission in Winston-Salem, 

After several years in Maroua, Cameroon, 
Ken HoUingsworth, his wife. Judy, and 
their three children, Nathan, Anne and 
Carrie, are rapidly adapting to American 
culture once again. Their furlough in 
Randleman, N.C„ will end in June, 
however, and back to Cameroon they go 
for another four years. Ken is a mis- 
sionary with Wycliffe Bible Translators, 

Though their time in the States has in- 
troduced them to the wonders of He- 
Man, Go-Bots, Cabbage Patch dolls and 
McDonalds, it has been primarily filled 
with activities related to their return to 
Cameroon. Ken took a French course and 
a Bible course, received a long-awaited 
computer (which he will operate on solar 
power in Cameroon), and has been seek- 
ing funds ($8,000) for a new truck they 
ordered to be bought in Cameroon. 

Local speaking engagements and trips to 
Kentucky, New Jersey and Washington, 
D.C., interspersed with buying and pack- 
ing supplies for the next four years, will 
be crowded in before their departure. 

Despite the staggering pace, the HoU- 
ingsworrhs took time to send their good 
cheer and thanks to all thcit friends at 

Gary Robert Jones is a service sales 
representative for Honeywell, Inc. in 
Charlotte, NC. 


Tonv Ingle is a sales representative for 

Signode Corp. in Chicago, 111. 
Edward D. McGinnis is pastor of River- 
side Baptist Church in Elizabeth City, 

Paul Martin Schulz is a claims super- 
visor for State Farm Insurance in San An- 
tonio, Texas- 

Sam Story Jr. is head football and track 
coach at Williams High School in Burl- 
ington, N,C. His 1985 football team cap- 
tured the State 3-A title. 

Tax season presents problems for virtual- 
ly everyone, but some stay busier than 
others. One whose work is seemingly 
never done is Gerelene Walker, who 
has her own accounting firm in Tarboro, 
NC. She was recently featured in a Tar- 
boro Daily Southerner article on certified 
public accountants' most hectic time of 
the year. 

Walker started her practice after study- 
ing accounting at Elon and receiving her 
master's degree from East Carolina 
University, Although she had originally 
intended to major in home economics at 
Elon, the switch proved to be a wise one. 
Success for Walker has been quick, 
though sometimes difficult — especially 
during the grueling months of tax season. 
"You have to put everything into it. This 
lime of year, you have to be able to lake 
pressure and be committed. It's not 9 to 5 

Smithwick Develops a Taste 
for Retirement 

When Robert B. (Bob) Smithwick 
'52 retired from his position as a 
vice president of Texaco USA two 
years ago, he and wife Faye '52 
vowed that they would nevef move 
again. After all, his various duties 
with Texaco over the years had 
caused them to move 19 times in 
30 years, living in houses for as lit- 
tle as five days. Bob and Faye pro- 
bably thought when they settled in 
his native Hampton Roads, Va., 
that he would also remain retired. 

But though Norfolk is entirely to 
Bob Smithvvick's liking, retirement 
was not. So, at age 58, he has 
taken on a new challenge, accepting 
the position of director of develop- 
ment for the city of Norfolk. He 
was selected over 65 applicants for 
the job, which he looks at with 
characteristic enthusiasm. "Norfolk 
has a great deal to offer," he says, 
and he intends to attract business 
to the seaside city by using its con- 
siderable resources. 

Smithwick began his move up the 
corporate ladder at Texaco after his 
graduation from Elon in 1952 and 
later graduate studies in business at 
the University of Virginia. He join- 
ed Texaco in 1953 after working as 
a teacher and athletic coach in 
Guilford Count>'. Moving from 
salesman to general sales manager 
of the marketing department to 
vice president in charge of person- 
nel, labor and public relations was 
a long road for him, one that took 
him to hundreds of foreign coun- 

tries and numerous cities. When he 
settled back into Notfolk upon 
retirement in 1983, he became an 
executive financial consultant, serv- 
ed on the board of Stewart Sand- 
wiches, Inc. and dabbled in 
building projects. He was also a 
guest lecturer at Old Dominion 
University. Smithwick serves on the 
Presidential Board of Advisers at 
Elon as well as the advisory board 
for Virginia Wesleyan College. 

Bob Smithwick's business exper- 
tise and love for the city should 
make the Norfolk development post 
a perfect match for his talents. Cer- 
tainly he will make his mark in 
Norfolk, as he did at Texaco— even 
if he does eventually decide to set- 
tle into a life of leisure for good. 

Al Warlick III is executive producer of 
news for WGHP-TV in High Point, N.C. 


Gary Dean is a terminal manager for 
ARA/Smiths Transfer in Charlotte, N.C. 
Bill Owen Jr. is a demist in South 
Boston, Va. 

John Paisley and wife, Joyce, 1104 E. 
Willowbrook Dr., Burlington, N.C, an- 
nounce the birch of a daughter, Elizabeth. 
on January 27. 


Robert L. Bridwell is vice president of 
marketing for Planters National Bank in 
Rocky Mount. NC. 

Emily Hall Chamberlain and husband. 
Kurt, Bitburg Air Base, Germany, an- 
nounce the birth of a son, Jeffrey Hall, on 
August 28. Major Chamberlain will 
return to the U.S. in July 1986 aftet a 
three-year tour in Europe. 
Fenton S. Cunningham has joined First 
Citizens Bank in Asheville as a commer- 
cial lending officer. He will have manage- 
ment responsibilities m credit 

Patty S. Hcrbin, director of institutional 
advancement at the Technical College of 
Alamance, has been elected to the 1986 
board of directors of the National Council 
for Resource Development, 

Susan Lynn Reider is a counselor for 
Brownsville Independent School District. 
Brownsville, Texas. 


Richard Beck and Patti Kammerer were 

married in March, |985. Richard is begin- 
ning his Hth year with L. M. Berry & 
Company Advertising. He and Patti are 
owners/investors of HiFi Buys. Inc. of 
Tennessee and will be opening a second 
location in Aptil. They extend a cost-plus 
discount to all Kappa Sigma alumni fot 
any audio/video or cellular telephone 

Linda Cooper Boggs is a bookkeeper 
fot North Central Farm Credit Service in 
Graham. N.C. 

Kathy Harper has returned from San 
Diego. Calif,, where she spoke to the In- 
ternational Phoenix User Group on using 
computer -based training for educational 
purposes in a corporate environment. 
Jim Poole is president of Telephone 
Answering Service of Greensboro. N.C. 
Ray Soulc is bank manager for Sovran 
Bank in Suffolk, Va. His wife. Susan 
Williams '73, is a homemaker and 
mother of three. 

Harry "Skipper" Sianley is managing 
director of donor resources for Richmond 
Metropolitan Blood Service. 


Rich Holt is manager of business 
development for ITT Commercial Finance 

in Cherry Hill, N.J. 

Dudley Mattingly teaches and works 
with race horses fot Scott County Board, 
Georgetown, Ky. 


Kathleen Northrup Baine was recently 
promoted to technical writing gtoup super- 
visor at Digital Equipment Corp.. the 
world's second largest computer manufac- 
turer. Kathleen and husband. Bill '74. 
announce the birth of a daughter, 
Meredith, on November !5. They also 
have a daughter. Samantha. age thrce^and 
one-half years. Bill is a painting contractor 
and a football and basketball coach at 
Lincoln-Sudbury High School. Boston, 

Eastman Bryant Ford Jr. is teaching at 
West Montgomery High School in Mt. 
Gilead, N.C. 

Ruffin Brantley Grady and Wanda L. 
Self were married Jan. II in Greensboro, 

James A. "Alex" Hutchins has been 
appointed director of extension for Pied- 
mont Technical College, Roxboro, N.C, 
Hutchins will coordinate all practical skills 
and occupational courses while supervis- 
ing all general-interest courses offered 
through the extension division of the 

William T. McFarland is employed as a 
special agent with the US. Treasury De- 
partment. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco 
.ind Firearms, assigned to the Jacksonville, 
Fia.. area. 


Rich Bonham is a sales representative 
with A-P-A Transport Corp. in Salem, Va. 
Ronald P. Butler, attorney at law, has 
recently opened a general practice at the 
Legal Center. 115 S. Hamilton Street, 
High Point, N.C. 

Rob Cassell has formed American Mort- 
gage Service Companies. This corporation 
will be opening American Mortgage 
Assistance Center on a national level. 
Rob is president of American Mortgage 
Assistance in Greensboro and owns 
Cassell Investment Programs in Charlotte. 
He resides in Matthews with his wife, In- 
grid. and six-year-old son, Robbie, 
David "Eli" Eley and Sharon Gail Cox 
were married May 18. 1985. He is 
employed bv Sarvis, Inc. of Jacksonville, 
Fla., as a district sales manager for the 
Mid-Atlantic region. 
Pat Grady and his wife. Judith, 5126 
Hunters Trail, Wilmington, NC. an- 
nounce the birth of a son, Ryan Patrick, 
on February 11. 

Glen Wesley Gray is store manager of 
Noland Company, Jacksonville. N.C. 
James Michael Hayes and his wife, 
Cathy, 1206 Mt Pleasant Dr.. Suffolk, 
Va., announce the birth of a son, Michael 
Casey, on January 6. Jim is manager of 
Sovran Credit Corp. in Suffolk. 
Elizabeth Sue Hunt is a Spanish 
teacher in the Alamance Countv School 
system, Gtaham. N.C. 
Eric Layer is district supervisor for Crib 
n' Candle in Richmond, Va. 
Robert Oakes Jr. is a loan officer and 
assistant treasurer for Central Carolina 
Bank, Burlington. N.C. 

David G. Park has 

been appointed vice 
president of Southern 
National Bank of 
North Carolina. Prior 
to joining Southern 
National, he was cor- 
porate purchasing 
manager for Whitaker 
General Medical in Richmond, Va. 

The Magazine of Elon May. W86 1"^ 

Betiv Combs Pitt is a paralegal for 
Sherman and Sa-rling in New York City. 
Betsy Weaton Porter is a self-employed 
music ccacher in Burke, Va, 
Janet L. Stewart and Jack Thunell 
were married May -1, ]'^SS. They now live 
M 7-526 Spring Tree Drive, Springfield, Va. 
Carol Short Zimmerman is a bookkeep- 
er for Wysong &. Miles Company, 
Greensboro, N.C. 


Debra Lane Brown is a banking officer 
with Branch Bank and Trust in Sanford, 

Keviti Cea is a creative director for 
Tatum. Ibomey and Whicker in High 
Point, N.C. 

Fred Caudle Jr. is a realtor for Remax 
of Buckhead in Atlanta, Ga. 
Joe and Pat McCauIey Harrison, 70*^ 
Stockley Bridge Dr., Chesapeake, Va., an- 
nounce the birth of a son, Franklin Lee, 
on April 3- 

Rob Johnson is an assistant regional 
manager for Royal Business Machines of 
Londonderry, N.H. 

Brenda Joan Massengill is an elemen- 
rarv counselor for Poiosi School, Potosi, 

Martha Rose Holding McKinnon and 
husband, Thotnas '78, reside in Jupiter, 
Fla., where (hey designed and built their 
mortgage-free 3,000 sq. ft. home, includ- 
ing a pool and spa, overlooking a fish 
pond on 1 1/2 acres. Construction of 
"heir home took 1 1/2 years. Martha is 
pijnning to retire from teaching English 
at Jupiter High to remain home with 
their three-year-old son. Jason Oliver, and 
lo begin designing their vacation log 
home in N.C- 

Vickie Roll Sitko and her husband. 
Joe, 103 Atherton Court. Greer, S.C., an- 
nounce the birth of a daughter. Anna 
Leigh, on February H. They also have a 
daughter, Natalie Brooke, born July 23, 
l'i'80 and a son, Kevin Robert, born 
February 19. 1982. Vickie is pursuing an 
associate degree in nursing at Greenville 
Technical College. 


Alyson Foster Caldwell is serving as 
vice president of The Junior Charity 
League of Concord, Inc. She and her hus- 
band, Paul, have a three-year-old daughter, 
Sara Beth, and have just built a new home 
at 1821 Thompson Drive, Concord, N.C. 
Paul M. Eanes Jr. and Martha Jane 
Robinson were married March 8 in 

Bill Fowler is PGA golf professional and 
club manager for Roxboro Country Club 
in Roxboro, N.C, 

Mr. and Mrs. Mack B. Grady. 3405 
Bonaparte Way, Durham, N.C, announce 
rhe birth of a daughter, Megan Eica, on 
March 7. They also have a son, Mack 
Brantlev Jr., age three. 
John Milton Hinkle 11 is a pilot in the 
Marines stationed in Marietta, Ga, 
Andrew "Andy" Kirkman has been 
named vice ptesident and city manager of 
Security Bank and Trust Company's 
Spencer office. 

Paul John Leonesio is a technical man- 
ager for Baxter-Travenol in Round Lake, 111, 

Gordon M. and Nancy Alice 
Oldham, Rt. 1, Box 240. Reidsville. NC, 
announce the birth of a son, Justin Neal, 
on March 28. 

Randolph M. Oxendine, and his wife. 
Darlynn, Rt. 6. Box 439. Henderson, 
N,C., announce the birth of a daughter, 
Ashley Morgan, on March 2. They also 
have a daughter, Randi Michell, age three. 

Terri Workman Proffitl is an ad- 
ministrative assistant for Ann Woods, 
Ltd, in Charlottesville, Va, 

Tapscott '60 
Goes to Head 
of the Class 

In her 25 years as an educator, Bar- 
bara McCauley Tapscott has done 
everything from teach verb conjuga- 
tions to develop statewide curricu- 
lum guidelines- 

She began her career in 1960 as a 
brand new Elon graduate teaching 
English, French and biology in Ala- 
mance County's Pleasant Grove 
High School. Today she is assistant 
superintendent of instruction for the 
Burlington City Schools and the 
newly elected vice chairman of the 
North Carolina State Board of 

Tapscott was first appointed to the 
13-member state board in I98I. The 
board is responsible for setting edu- 
cational policy for the state's public 

As vice chairman Tapscott replaces 
Mebane M. Pritchett, executive di- 
rector of the John Motley Morehead 
Foundation, who was elected chair- 
man. Pritchett fills the position held 
by CD. Spangler Jr., new president 
of the University of North Carolina 

The new responsibility will mean 
regular trips to Raleigh for Tapscott 
to attend the board's monthly two- 
day meetings. The largest current 
project for the group is their Basic 
Education Plan, an eight-year plan 
designed to reduce class size, stan- 
dardize the level of instruction and 
generally enhance quality in the 
state's public schools. The Career 
Ladder program, Quality Assurance 
in Teacher Education, and school 
system merger issue are other 

Tapscott received her A.B. degree 
in English from Elon in 1960. She 
has also received master's and doc- 

toral degrees from the University of 
North Carolina at Chapel Hill. 

Tapscott has moved steadily up the 
ranks in the Burlington City Schools 
since joining the system as a teacher 
in 1962, having served as a principal, 
director of elementary education 
and director of secondary education. 
In 1985 she was named assistant 
superintendent for instruction. 

In recent years Tapscott has assist- 
ed in planning and implementing a 
number of major projects for the 
Burlington City Schools which have 
received wide attention and adop- 
tion. The Accountability in Primary 
Reading Program, which she helped 
CO write and direct, went on to be- 
come a statewide reading program. 
Another program, the Right to 
Write, is also widely acclaimed. She 
is also a past chairperson of the 
North Carolina Competency Test 

Tapscott and her husband, Wil- 
liam, are the parents of two sons: 
Kent, a pharmacist in Graham, N.C; 
and Kyle, a sophomore at N.C. 
State University. 

Charles Smith is a special agent with 

the F,B,I. in New Orleans, La, 

Jamie W. Tinsley IV manages the family 

horse farm. Merry Dale Farm, in Orange, 



Barbara Hartman is attending the medi- 
cal technologist ptogram at Bowman Gray 
School of Medicine. Winston-Salem. N,C. 
Bill Britton, instructor at Castle Air 
Force Base in California, has been pro- 
moted to captain and is enrolled in the 
master's program in international relations 
at U, C. Stanislauss, 

Beverly Vestal Cea is a teacher in the 
Greensboro City School system, 
Bryan F. Dalton and wife. Carolyn. 305 
South Melville St„ Apt, J., Graham, N.C, 
announce the birth of a daughter, Erin 
Sue, on Nov. 30, 1985. Bryan is site 
manager at Alamance Battleground State 
Historic Site in Burlington, NC, 
Alamance Battleground was the scene of 
a pre-Revolutionary War battle involving 
the N.C militia and backcountry farmers 
called Regulators on May 16, 1771- 

Gary Fitchett has been appointed a cor- 
porate area supervisor by Domino's Pizza 
Inc., in Philadelphia, where he recently 
supervised the opening of a new store on 
Levick Si, 

Ruffin B. Grady is vice president of 
Business Furniture Services, Inc. in 
Raleigh, N.C. 

Charles Griffith is assistant attorney for 
Norfolk Commonwealth, Norfolk, Va. 
James Anthony Matanzo is a teacher 
and coach in [he Alamance County 
School system, Graham, N.C, 
Thomas O. McKinnon and wife. Mar- 
tha Rose Holding '76, reside in Jupiter, 
Fla., where they designed and built their 
mortgage-free 3,000 sq. ft. home, including 
a pool and spa, overlooking a fish pond 
on 1 1/2 acres. Construction of their 
home took 1 i/2 years. He is employed by 
Palm Beach Gardens High School as a 
physical education teacher and head 
baseball coach. 

Robin Hall Overton and her husband, 
David, 132 S, Willie Avenue. Wheeling, 
111., announce the birth of a son, David 
James, on November 15, 

John Pelosky is operations officer for 
the 4rh CST Brigade stationed at Fort 
Jackson. S,C. He and his wife. Karen 
'80. recently purchased a new home in 
Elgin, S,C. They have a two-year-old 
daughter, Kristen. 

Gary Spitler, who is in his eighth year 
as Sports Information Director at Pem- 
broke State University, has been named 
by his peers as the "NAIA District 26 
Sports Information Director of the Year." 
In addition to his SID duties, he serves as 
executive director of the Braves Club, the 
athletic booster club at PSU, He is also 
xhe Service Bureau Director for the South 
Atlantic Conference, Service Bureau Di- 
rector of the Carolinas Conference, and 
District Information Director for the NAIA 
District 26, handling all the publicity for 
NAIA schools in North Carolina, 
David Stovall is general manager of Lake 
Okeechobee Golf and Tennis Resort in 
South Florida. He lives in Winter Haven 
with his wife, Tracey. and daughter. Erica. 

John R. Atkinson, 

USNR, has recently 
been promoted to 
Commanding Officer 
of the Naval Reserve 
Center in Kingsport, 
Tenn. Atkinson will 
oversee the training 
and administration of over 200 drilling 
reservists from throughout the Upper East 
Tennessee and Southwest Virgini.i regions. 
Atkinson's new position was made official 
during the very impressive Change of 
Command ceremony held in Kingsport 
on February 8 

The promotion also means a move for 
Atkinson and his wife. Dianne 
McAllister '81, and their son. Brent, 1, 
They have been living in Jacksonville. 
Fla., where Atkinson served as Fire Con- 
trol Officer aboard the guided missile 
frigate USS Samuel Eliot Morrison. 

Atkinson began his naval career in 1980 
after completing Officer Candidate School 
in Newport, Rhode Island- His career has 
been distinguished by several honors, in- 
cluding the Navy Achievement Medal for 
meritorious service as a member of the 
United Nations Multi-National Peace 
Keeping Force in Beirut, Lebanon, in 1983. 
Philip Benton and Sarah Deen were 
married May 17, 1985, at St. Pauls 
Church in Richmond. Va. 
Kim Cockerham has been promoted to 
assistant vice president of Wachovia Bank 
and Trust Company in Greenville, N.C, 
Kenneth E. Cox has graduated from the 
Army material control and accounting 
specialist course at Fort Lee, Va, 
Teresa Simpson Crawford recently did 
a presentation at NCSU's Education Day 
on the importance of autobiographical 
writing for adolescence. Theresa and her 
husband, John, announce the birth of a 
son, Kyle Walton, on November 22, 1985. 
Teresa Ann Frazier is a laboratory 
technologist for Roche Biomedical 
Laboratories, Burlington, N,C, 
Lorna Mary Goudey is a telephone 
surveyor for Research Triangle Institute, 
Research Triangle Park, NC, 
Ernie Hines, sergeant major in the 
Marine Corps, has recently been transfer- 
red to the U.S. Marine Corps recruiting 
station in Raleigh, He will be in charge of 
Marine recruiting for rhe state of North 

Michael Eric Martin is employed in 
the customer service department of 
General Electric Credit Corp. in 
Charlotte, N.C. 

William R Newman is assistant vice 
president of Wachovia Bank and Trust in 
Reidsville. NO. 

The Magazine of Elon 

May, 1986 

Vince Puhl is employed by Allied Sign,il 
Corporation in Baton Rouge, La. 
Cathy Watkins Riddle and her hus- 
band. Jimmy "81, P O. Box 1057. 
Ramseur, NC, announce the birth of a 
daughter. Amy Catherine, on January 9. 
Bob Rodriquci and his wife, Kim '80, 
llbb Wilkins Street. Burlington. N.C,, an- 
nounce the birth of a son, Jared Thomas, 
on August 31, 1985. Bob. a C.P.A. with 
Roche Biomedical Laboratories in Burl- 
ington, has been promoted to manager of 
systems control 

C Grayson Whitt 

li,(- been named city 
L»L. uiive for First 
t. in:i.'ns Bank in 
Eden. He has full 
man^igement respon- 
sibilities for the Eden 


Mike Bordonc and his wife, Wanda, 
5809 Horton Place, Fayetteville, NC. an- 
nounce the birch of a son, Richard Bryce. 
on November 27. 1985. 
David Byrd is a detective on the burglary 
squad for the Greensboro Police 

Keith Alan Mason is a consultant with 
Dunhill in Charlotte, N.C. 
Bobby Pearce is manager of technical 
services for Northern Telecom in Research 
Triangle Park, N.C 

Karen Peloskv i= pursuing a career in 
real estate. She and her husband. John 
'78. recently purchased a new home in 
Elgin, SC. Their daughter. Knscen, was 
two years old this past October and is at- 
tending preschool two days a week. 
Ava Marie Power is senior merchandise 
manager for J. C Penney in Greensboro, 

Jerry Puorro is territorial marketing 
manager for Delmarva Sash &. Door 
Company in Pt. Pleasant, N.J. 
Kim Hicks Rodriguez and husband. 
Bob 79, 2265 Wilkins Street, Burlington, 
NC. announce the birth of a son, Jared 
Thomas, on August 31, 1985. 
Patricia Jo Cherry Whitney and her 
husband, Frank, 508 Ranger, Beeville. 
Texas, announce the birth of a daughter, 
Laura Jayne, on March 1. 


William E. Bulen was awarded the Cer- 
tificate of Achievement for outstanding 
leadership by the Secretary of the Army 
during a Pentagon ceremony on February 
27. Bulen was recognized for facing over- 
whelming odds as the leader of a combat 
engineer task force supporting the division 
at the national training center at Fort Ir- 
win, Calif. During the Pentagon ceremony 
It was stated that Bulen set an example 
"by using professional competence, 
stamina, the element of competition, and 
a positive attitude to overcome some 
adverse circumstances." 
Mike Chavis is a trooper with the NC 
Highway Patrol in Elizabeth City. N.C. 
Nancy Dennen and Anthony Travia 
were matried Nov. 2, 1985. and are now 
living in Winslow Township. N.J. Nancy is 
a senior rtjsearch and testing analyst for 
Cigna Corp. in Voorhees. N.J. 
Ken Green recently found a small reward 
for his hectic life; he was featured in an 
article in the Burlington Daily Times-News. 
Green, a former Elon wrestler, teaches 
biology and coaches at Graham High 
School. He was featured in the newspaper 
as an example of the growing trend of 
teachers moonlighting to enhance their 
salaries. Green works during the year not 
only as a teacher and coach, but also as a 
part-time lumberjack, cashier, dog breeder 
and pool attendant. "Economically it's 
tough to stay in teaching and lead a 

Aces State 
CPA Exam 

By Sue Brooks 

Elizabeth Schumacher kept her 

nose in a book for 11 weeks. 

"I did nothing but study," the 
Greensboro. woman said about the 
time she spent cramming for the 
state CPA exam. 

It was time well spent. 
Schumacher of 1817 Dunleith Way 
has just found out she made the 
top score on the test given in 
November 1985. 

"You are not only in an elite 
group of 4.6 percent who passed ail 
four parts, but you also made the 
highest grade of all North Carolina 
candidates who attempted the ex- 
amination," the N.C. State Board of 
CPA Examiners told her in a con- 
gratulatory letter. The North 
Carolina CPA Foundation, Inc., 
then gave Schumacher its 
Katherine Guthrie Gold Medal 
Award, which she received March 
22 in Charlotte. 

Schumacher, 33, a supervisor in 
financial planning for AT&T's Pur- 
chasing and Transportation 
Organization, said the Lambers 
CPA review course, an 11-week 
commercial course she took at the 
University of North Carolina at 
Greensboro, helped her 

The relatively short, intensive 
review helps people pull together all 
they've learned throughout their 
college years, she said. However to 
make the course count, "you've got 
to be witling to give up a lot of 
personal time," Schumacher said. 

The test itself is a two-and-a-half 
day ordeai. "By the time Friday 
comes around, you're just ready to 
have a drink and go home," 
Schumacher said. 

She scored an average of 94.2 on 
the four parts of the exam. The 
series of tests is given twice a year 

by the state board. All states give 
the same test. 

Schumacher graduated from Eton 
College in 1974 with a double ma- 
jor in accounting and business 

"Back when I had to make a 
decision about what I was going to 
do, I read an article in the 
newspaper saying that there were a 
lot of jobs in accounting," 
Schumacher said. "That's really 
what made me decide to go into 

She has worked for ATiSlT at the 
Guilford Center on Mount Hope 
Church Road seven years, and 
plans to continue there for the 
foreseeable future, she said. Before 
working at AT&lT she was with 
Robertson Neal &. Co., a 
Greensboro CPA firm. 

The stare CPA exam is offered 
twice a year, and about 1,350 peo- 
ple take it each time, said Nancy 
Moore, coordinator of examinations 
for the state board. Of the 1,346 
people who took the exam in 
November, 268 passed, Moore said. 
However, only 61 of those 268 pass- 
ed all four parts of the test on their 
first try. The other 207 people pass- 
ed one or more parts they had 
previously failed. 

"So Mrs. Schumacher was in a 
very elite group," Moore said. 

Rcprinitd with permission of Gttmshoro Da\\-j 

normal lifestyle," says Green, who loves 
teaching but finds he must stay "on the 
move" earning supplemental salaries. 
Dody Hilliard and James C Nichols III 
were married May 10 and are now living 
in Pinehurst. N.C. 

Charles Houchins III is assistant cashier 
at First Virginia Bank-Southside in 
Amelia, Va. 

Linda C. Kent is the regional admini- 
strator for the North Carolina Branch of 
Zurich American Life. She lives in Greens- 
boro and has recently purchased a new 

Pamela Guy Mason is a rate analyst for 
Eastern Airlines in Charlotte, N.C 
David Mantiply is a salesm.'.n for U.A.D. 
Laboratories Inc., in Greensboro, N.C. 
Lori Lamb Mamone is a court reporter 
and transcriber for Pinellas County. Fla. 
James "Jimmy" Riddle and his wife, 
Cathy 79, P O. Box 1057, Ramseur, 

N.C., announce the birth of a daughter. 
Amy Catherine, on January 9. 
Cindy Simmons is employed by State 
Farm Insurance Company in Palm Bay, Fla. 
Lynn Hotchkin Sheard is manager of 
the real estate office at Columbia Univer- 
sity, Edison. N.J. 

Nancy Dennen Travia is a research 
analyst for Cigna Corp., Voorhees, N.J. 


Lisa Woodle Bennett is a computer 
operator for Statesville Iredell Radiology 
in Statesville, N.C. 

Lori Williams Bork is married to Ran- 
dy Bork, an Exxon Tugboat Pilot, and 
they live in Shaftsbury, Vermont. They 
have a one-year-old son. 
Carol Davidson Boyd is an ophthalmic 
technician for Stuart Institute for Eye 
Surgery in Stuart, Fla, 

Barbara Carter is a research technician 
for R. J. Reynolds Industries in Winston- 
Salem. NC 

Allison Cooke is a teacher in the Bar- 
tow County Schools in Taylorsville, Ga, 
Peggy Fry has been employed for the 
past two years by AT&.T Communications 
as an engineering supervisor. 
Melody Honeycutt is a radiation 
therapy technologist at Cape Fear Valley 
Hospital in Fayetteville, N.C. 
Richard A. Hundley has been pro- 
moted to personnel superintendent of the 
Santa Fe Springs plant with United States 
Gypsum Company located in Los 
Angeles, Calif. 

Ann Campbell Hunter and William 
Daniel Demarest were married on March 
8 in Clemmons. N.C 
John "Jay" Knight has accepted the 
position of director of catering and ban- 
quets for the Desoto Hilton Hotel in 
Savannah, Ga. He moved to Savannah 
from Hilton Head, S.C, where he was 
general manager of Costal Restaurant 
Corporation. Jay and his wife, Cyndi, an- 
nounce the birth of a son, John H. Ill, 
on June 20, 1985. 

Joyce "J.P" Luster is working in produc- 
tion for Velcon Filters and as a cashier 
for Food Lion in Reidsville. N.C, 
Donella Jarrett McKeiuie is a medical 
laboratory technician at High Point 
Regional Hospital in High Point, N.C. 
Beth Little Newton and her husband. 
Dennis, 2Hi Herron Road. Burlington, 
N.C, announce the birth of a son, Justin 
Cole, on December 4, 1985. Beth is cur- 
rently enrolled in the masters of counsel- 
ling program at Liberty University. Lyn- 
chburg, Va. 

Edwin D. Reams Jr. has been promoted 
by Carolina Power &. Light Co. to ac- 
counting manager in the company's 
Asheboro office. 

Al Simpson is a biologist for N.C. 
Wildlife Commission in Shiloh, N.C. 
Wayne Lewis Smith is a teacher at 
South Stokes High School in Walnut 
Cove, N.C. 

Elizabeth Olsen Soderlund is a full- 
time mother and assistant to her husband 
in Showplace Custom Detailing in San 
Juan Capistrano, Calif. 
Anna C. Storey is employed as a sales 
representative by Skylight Inn, 
Greensboro, N.C. 

Eric C. Strimple is a firefighter/ EMT 
for the City of Greensboro, N.C. 
Mike Teachey is a mortgage loan officer 
for Citizens Savings &l in Raleigh, 

Robert "Fish" Trout is teaching prin- 
ting and photography and coaching track 
at T C. Williams High School in Alexan- 
dria, Va. 


Billie Jean Richards Allmond is a 

staff accountant for American Pioneer 
Savings Bank in Orlando, Fla. 
Brad Bennett is in textile management 
with Burlington Industries, Statesville, N.C. 
Todd Bryant is location manager for 
ARA Services. Inc. in Greensboro, N.C 
James Cheek and his wife. Sheryl, 105 
Lee Court, Easley. S.C, announce the 
birth of a daughter, Ashley Caroline, on 
April 18, James and Sheryl moved into 
their new home just in time for the new 
arrival. James is director of environmental 
services with Service Master at Easley 
Baptist Hospital. 

Christopher Charles Fish is a first 
lieutenant with the 7th US. Army artillery 
detachment in Schwalmstadt-Treysa, West 

David Alan Gandy is a first lieutenant in 
the USMC stationed at Camp Lejeune, N.C. 
Dee Norris Harrison teaches third 
gr^de in the Pitt County Schools, Green- 
ville, N.C 

The Magazine of Elon 

May. 1986 


Elizabeth Saunders and John Horan were 
married August 17, 1985, in Great Falls, Va, 
Kenneth Bovd Joyce is a senior lifeguard 
and lifeguard trainee instructor with Lack's 
Beach Service, [nc. at Myrtle Beach, S.C. 
C!av Lester is employed by Rose's Stores. 
Inc. m Raleigh. N.C. 

Dale Thomas Massey is a plane control- 
ler for Collins 61, Aikman in Graham, N.C. 
Jeff Michel is living in Jacksonville, Fla., 
and IS employed as a sales representative 
for Hoffmaster Company, Inc. for the north 
Florida and southern Georgia territory. 
Mark "Ennis" Moore is a first-year stu- 
dent at Southern College of Optometry 
in Memphis, Tenn. 

Jade Lynn Nicholas is a customer ac- 
count assistant for Wang Laboratories, 
Inc. in Bethe).da, Md. 
Beth B. Pinson has been promoted into 
management with Living Well Fitness 
Centers in Salem. Va. 
Pam Prichard is a library assistant in the 
Halifax County School system, Halifax, Va. 
Mitze Taylor-Thomas and her husband, 
Lee, 1601 Stanhope Drive, Fayetteville. N.C, 
announce the birth of a daughter, Melissa 
Leigh, on January 27. Mitie teaches se- 
cond grade at Seventy-First Elementary. 
Stan Tootoo and wife. Sherry, 2301 
Camellia Drive, Wilmington, N.C, an- 
nounce the birth of a daughter, Megan 
Brittany, on February 18. Stan is working 
for Atlantic Distributors as a sales 

Mary Elizabeth Watson and Arthur 
!v1ilton Silver were married on January 18. 
! 1ary is employed by Arthur Silver In- 
ve-tments in New Bern, N.C. 


Kelly Crissman is manager of distribution 
for This End Up Furniture in Bell, Calif. 
Tim Clayton is a graduate student at 
UNC-Chapel Hill. 

Sandra Cook is a financial analyst for 
Northern Telecom, Inc. in Research 
Triangle Park- 
Hiram Thomas Dillon is a field assis- 
tant for The Travelers Insurance Co. in 
Orlando, Fla. 

John Franklin Fitchett HI is a fran- 
chise consultant for Dominos Pizza, Inc., 
in Atlanta, Ga. 

Kathy Ann Geraghty is an administra- 
tive assistant for the National Rifle 
Association in Washington, QC. 
Bill Hall Jr. is division laboratory super- 
visor for Perdue. Inc. in Accomac, Va. 
William James Hennigan Jr. and Cyn- 
thia Diane Foster were married on March 
8 in Burlington, N.C. 
Susan Claire Hughes is a recreation 
therapist assistant at Portsmouth Psychiatric 
Center and a pharmaceutical assistant for 
Florence Drug Store in Norfolk, Va. She 
IS also studying to become a physical 
therapist assistant. 

Jill Lorraine Isaac and Martin H. Baker 
were married Jan, I! in Claremont, N.C. 
Cheri Jordan and Esker E. "Trip" 
Amos '85 were married February 1. 
Chen IS employed hy the Birmingham 
Convention Bureau, 

Mark Kemp and wife, Hope '86, 1923 
White Hollow Dr., Greenville, N.C, an- 
nounce the birth of a daughter, Rebekah 
Joy, on February 16. 

Lori Ann Libby teaches health and phys- 
ical education at Culpeper High School 
m Culpeper. Va. She is also assistant 
coach in field hockey and track. 
Beverly Boal McLean is a travel consul- 
tant for Dominion Travel Service in 
Newport News, Va. 

Jane Tucker Price and her husband, 
Douglas Randall. Rt. 6, Box 185-B, 
Hcndersonvilie, N.C, announce the birth 
of a son. Will, on July 29, 1985. They 
iilso have another son, Douglas Randall 
II. born June 18, 1984. 
Julia Rosalyn Strange is employed as 
.in account representative for Kelly Ser- 
vices in Richmond. Va. 
Don Taylor is a medical laboratory tech- 
nologist for John Umstead Hospital in 
Burner. N.C. 

Beth Durham Teachey is employed by 
Roche Biomedical in Burlington, N.C 


Laurie Hafner 

The Reverend 
Laurinda (Laurie) 
Hafner 76 is pastor 
of the Lakewood 
United Church of 
Christ in Lake- 
wood, Ohio. 
After receiving the BA degree in 
political science at Elon, she attended 
Christian Theological Seminary in In- 
dianapolis and was awarded the master 
of divinity degree in 1979. In June of 
this year she will receive a doctorate in 
divinity from McCormick's Theological 
Seminary in Chicaga 

For the past seven years Hafner has 
been in her present position at 
Lakewood, which she loves. Two years 
ago she married Rick Walters, an at- 
torney. Between commuting to Chicago 
to school and working full time, she 
enjoys running, tennis, photography 
and politics— still an avid interest. 
Visiting Eton friends Paige Garriques 
'77 and Leslie Carter '76 is an annual 

Hafner and her husband live at 3387 
W. 5lst St., Cleveland, Ohio 44111- 

Donald B. Johnson 

f -^ ^ 

When Don 
Johnson graduated 
from Elon in 1957, 
he was president of 
the senior class. 
Now he runs an 
entire school as 
principal of Weldon 
Elementary in Weldon, N.C. 

His career, including becoming a stu- 
dent again to earn an M.Ed, degree 
from East Carolina University in 1966, 
has involved classroom teaching and 
coaching almost every sport imagin- 
able. In 1967 he coached the East-West 
All-Star football game with fellow 

Elon grad Whitney Bradham '57. Mov- 
ing into administrative duties in 1976 
brought an end to coaching days, but 
never to the memories. Johnson cur- 
rently enjoys hunting and fishing. 

Johnson and his wife, Isadora, whom 
he married in 1961, have three child- 
ren. Chris is a sophomore at East 
Carolina, Al is a senior at North 
County High School East, and Donna 
is in the 3th grade in Weldon. 

The Johnson's mailing address is: 
Post Office Box 265. Jackson, N.C 

Ernestine Bridges Bishop 

Ernestine Bishop 
'54 majored in 
English and french 
at Elon and also 
served as the senior 
class secretary. In 
1959 she received a 
master's degree in 
education from Appalachian. Since 
then she has been in the classroom 
teaching English, either at the high 
school or college level. She is currently 
a part-time teacher at Centra! Pied- 
mont Community College, an affilia- 
tion that began about 18 years ago. 

Bishop returned to Elon for her 25th 
reunion in 1979 and enjoyed 

seeing her former roommate and wed- 
ding attendant, Mary Lee Farlow '54. 

Reading is her favorite pastime, with 
some needlework and crossword puzzles 
worked in between. She is also active 
in the women's group at Grace United 
Methodist Church in Charlotte, 

Ernestine and her husband, Hayes, 
who works for Cetanese, have one 
daughter, Shelia, a sophomore at the 
University of North Carolina 

The Bishops liVe at 822 Silverleaf 
Road, Charlotte, N.C. 28210. 



Lost touch with a former classmate? Maybe we can help. Give us a trail and 

we'll try and find your favorite missing person. When we do, we'll publish an 
update on their activities and whereabouts. Clip and complete this form and 
mail it to: 

MOE Buddy System 

Box 2116 

Elon College, NC 27244-2010 
Yes! I would like to know whatever happened co: 

Class of: 

My name is and address: 

Note: This service will not be used to assist alumni in the collection of 
debts, rekindling of romances or locating of classmates who wish to remain 


Esker E. "Trip" Amos and Cheri Jor- 
dan '84 were married February 1. Trip is 
employed by Liberty Hardware Manufac- 
turing in Birmingham, Ala. 
Ann Anderson is working in the Social 
Sctunty office m Reidsvilie, NC. 
David George Atkins has been accepted 
to US. Naval Aviation Officer Candidate 
School at Pensacola. Fla. Upon comple- 
tion in August, he will receive a commis- 
sion and begin flight traming which lasts 
from one to two years depending on the 
aircraft type. His total initial obligation is 
7 l/Z years. 

D^ve Bell is a staff accountant for Epic 
Mortgage in Sterling, Va. 
Melinda Brown, first-year basketball 
coach at Archdale-Trinity Middle School, 
High Point, had an undefeated season of 

Michael Brown, first-year basketball 
coach at Ferndale Middle School. High 
Point, had an undefeated season of 10-0. 
Robert L. Chapman was presented the 
Air Assault Badge upon graduation from 
the U. S. Army's air assault school at Fort 
Campbell. Ky, 

Barry Church is a staff accountant with 
Kayser-Roth Hosiery, Inc. in Greensboro, 

Denise Dilzler is a commercial lines 
specialist for Allied Group Insurance in 
Santa Rosa, Calif. 

Debbie Drummond is a junior accoun- 
tant for Clydes of Georgetown. 
Washington, D.C. 

Gregory James FarJna is a junior ac- 
countant for Lee, Sexton and Marshon in 
Levittown, Penn. 

Tammy Franklin is working with an ac- 
counting firm in Greensboro and recently 
received her real estate salesman license. 
Beth Gallo is a budget analyst at Ameri- 
can Systems Corp. in Annandaie, Va. 
Amy Washburn Griffith and her hus- 
band, Scott, H-5 University Gardens, 
Chapel Hill, N.C., announce the birth of 
a son, Scott Taylor, on September 2i. 
HariT N. Hicock Jr. was recently com- 
missioned an Army second lieutenant 
upon graduation from the Officer Can- 
didate School. Fort Benning, Ga. 
Mary Kelly is office manager and CPR 
coordinator for the American Heart 
Association in Greensboro, NC. 
Edgar E. Malker will be transferring 
h-om UNCC to North Carolina Central 
University m Durham this August. He in- 
tends to major in biology/medical tech- 
nology. He is currently employed by 
Charlotte Memorial Hospital and Medical 
Center at the neighborhood health center. 
He will resign this summer to continue 
his studies in hopes of obtaining a master's 
and a doctoral degree in biology. He has 
received an AAS degree in medical 
assisting from Gaston College. Edgar writes 
that he is confident that he has found his 
dream and is setting out to obtain it! 
Garry Nathaniel Pierce is a second 
lieutenant in the US Army stationed at 
Fort Benning, Ga. 

John H. Pinson is director of safety ser- 
vices for The Roanoke Valley Chapter of 
The American Red Cross in Roanoke, Va. 
Molly C. Sim is a programmer/analyst 
for Coyne Kalajian. Inc., a computer con- 
sulting firm in Arlington, Va. 
Heidi Steeber is a surgical coordinator for 
the Virginia Eye Institute in Richmond, Va. 
Thea Lynne Stewart is a programmer 
and systems analyst for Northern Telecom, 
Inc. in the Research Triangle Park, NC. 
Betty Anderson-Strickland is employed 
by Lenox Baker Children's Hospital in 
Durham as volunteer coordinator. 
Dan Thompson, U. S. Army, is station- 
ed at Ft. Jackson, S.C. 
Jennifer Eileen Thompson is a 
physical therapy student at The Universi- 
ty of New York at Stonybrook. 
Charles Stephen Welch 11 is employed 
in 3 management trainee program at 
Stuart Industries Plant # 7, Asheboro. 

The Magazine of Elon 

May. 1986 



Loukia Louka has accepted a position 
with The Wmhingiojiian, a monthly 
regional magaime. She will be serving as 
an editorial intern. 

Hope Newman Kemp and husband, 
Mark '84, 1923 White Hollow Drive. 
Greenville, S,C., announce the birch ofa 
daughter, Rcbekah Jov, on February 16. 
Jae Hagan Neumann i% a restaurant ac- 
counting bookkeeper for Hardee's Food 
Systems, Inc. in Rocky Mount, N.C. 
Barbara Quinn Wheeler and husband, 
Kenneth, 217 Shifting Log Drive, Hamp- 
ton, Va., announce the birth of a son, 
Brian Roberts, on February 28. 



Clara J. McCauley, 2007 Lake Avenue, 
Knoxville. Tenn., died January 31, Miss 
McCauley, who joined the Knoxville 
school system in 1929 as a music teacher, 
was 90 years old. The thirteenth child in 
a family of 16, she began her teaching 
career in the rural schools of North 
Carolina in 1914. She was the eighth child 
in her family to attend Elon College. 


Bertha Paschall Shipp, Route 1, Mor- 
risville, NC. died March 12. A resident 
of the Durham Rest Home 6j. Retirement 
Center, she was a former teacher in the 
Durham County schools. 


In the Match issue of The Magazine of Elon 
it was incorrectly reported that L.J. "Hap" 
Perry was superintendent of the Rock- 
ingham County schools. He served as the 
superintendent of the Reidsville school 
system. In 1948 he was named executive 
director of the N.C. High School Athletic 


Robert Wyckoff Andrew, 406 Sherrill 
St., Greensboro, N.C, died October 13, 
1985. He was employed by Phipps Hard- 
ware until his retirement. He was an avid 
sportsman and a member of Buffalo 
Presbyterian Church. 


Mary Ethe! Strader, 909 Spring Garden 
Street. Greensboro. N.C., died March 12. 
Miss Strader was a native of Forsyth 
County, a retired assistant cashier for 
North Carolina National Bank, and 
member of the Congregational United 
Church of Christ. She was Greensboro's 
first female bank officer. 


Lois McFarland Caddell. 2810 E. 
Bessemer Ave., Greensboro, N.C, died 
February 12 at her home. 
Grover Earl Holt, Rt. 8, Box 16, Burl- 
ington, N.C, died February 3. He was a 
native of Alamance County, served in the 
Army during World War U and was a 
retired bus driver. 


Mary Edna Phillips Winfield, R O. 

Box 36, Pantego, N.C., died January 22. 
She was a retired teacher, social worker 
and insurance saleswoman. She was active 
in a local sewing circle, art classes and 

senior citizen's group. 


Charles Robert Hamrick, P. O. Box 

1401, Atlantic Beach, N.C, died Jan. 31. 
Mary Pearl Preston Paris, 925 New 
Garden Road, Friends Home, Greensboro, 
N.C., died April 12. She was a native of 
Forsyth County and a member of the 
Congregational United Church of Christ. 


James D. Rumley Jr., 4012 Driftwood 
Drive, East, Holiday, Fla., died January 27. 
He was a minister with the United Church 
of Christ and former pastor of Holiday 
United Church of Christ. 


Edwin Thomas Nash, 1501 Darden St., 
High Point, N.C. died April 11. Nash was 
president of Archdale Manufacturing 
Company, Inc. 


Edward J. DiPaolo, Swarthmore. Penn.. 
died January 18. A former Ridley School 
District Maintenance Engineer, he was a 
charter member and past president of the 
Ridley Adult School and the Delaware 
Valley Association of School Plant Direc- 
tors; a charter member of the Pennsylvania 

Association of School Business Officials; 
a member of the National Association of 
School Business Officials; and past presi- 
dent of the Delaware Valley Turfgrass 


Graham H. Carlton, 220 Painter Lakes 
Road, Gibsonville, N.C., died March 5, 

Paul Philip Cheek, 612-A Sunset Ave., 
Asheboro, N.C, died March 12. He was 
a personnel manager for Klopman Mills. 
He was a teacher and coach before going 
to work with Klopman. 


Virginia Gay Moore, 904 Tremount Rd., 
Salem. Va., died May 17, 1985. in Seattle, 


Manley Wade Wellman, one of the 

state's most prolific authors and a former 
faculty member at Elon during the 60s, 
died April 5. He was 83. 

Wellman was the author of more than 
50 books and 500 shott stories. He was 
best known for two books — Dead and 
Gone: CUuiic Crimes of North Carolina, a 
collection of 10 classic North Carolina 
crimes published in 1955, and Kingdom of 
Madison, a colorful history of Madison 
County published in 1973. 

John H. Brashear, a retired Appalachian 
State University professor of economics, 
died April 7. Prof Brashear was chairman 
of the department and professor of 
business administration at Elon in 1956. 


Emeriti Gordon 
and Powell Die 

In early May Elon College lost two 
distinguished trustees emeriti. 
Clyde W. Gordon of Burlington, 
N.C., died suddenly at his home on 
May 4. Rex G. Powell of Fuquay- 
Varina, N.C., died on May 3 after a 
grave illness of several weeks. 

"Eion College is saddened by the 
loss of two very fine members of 
our college family," noted President 
Fred Young. "Both of these men 
gave a great deal of time to this col- 
lege. Always thinking far ahead, 
they were completely committed to 
our work here." 

Gordon was a graduate of Elon 
and served on the Board of 
Trustees from 1943 until 1972, ail- 
ing the position of secretary for 
many of those years. His active 
leadership on the board also includ- 
ed membership on the executive 
and finance committees. In 1974 he 
was named "Outstanding Alumnus 
of Elon College" and was awarded 
an honorary doctor of commercial 
science degree in 1978, 

Gordon's outstanding service to 
the college was representative of 
his involvement in business and 
community activities. After many 
years in the textile business, he 
served as chairman of the board of 
Pine Chemical, Inc. and vice presi- 
dent, secretary and treasurer of 
Comer-Gordon, Inc. 

He served on many regional and 
local boards and was honored 
several times as "Man of the Year" 
by civic and professional organiza- 
tions. Gordon was also a very ac- 
tive member of the First Christian 
United Church of Christ. 

Gordon is survived by his son, 
Clyde W. Gordon jr., and daughter, 
Patricia Jennings, both of Burl- 
ington. Gordon and his family 
recently gave the college a gift to 
help construct the fine arts center. 
In recognition of the gift, the lake 
on Elon's north campus has been 

named Lake Mary Nell in honor of 
Gordon's granddaughter Mary Nell 

Dr. Rex G. Powell was an active 
member of the Board of Trustees 
for 28 years before becoming a 
trustee emeritus in March 1985. He 
too served on the executive and 
finance committee for many years. 
Elon awarded Powell an honorary 
D.CS. degree in 1979. 

Powell's successful business career 
was varied. He owned several 
automobile dealerships, a building 
supply company, and later was in- 
volved in the banking and in- 
surance industry. 

His civic activities extended to 
the state as well as the local level. 
Serving on regional planning com- 
missions, as mayor of Fuquay- 
Varina, and being honored as 
"Citizen of the Year" by his local 
Chamber of Commerce were only a 
few of his many distinctions. 

Powell was an active member of 
the Wake Chapel Christian Church 
of the United Church of Christ. In 
1984 Powell established the Wake 
Chapel Christian Church Scholar- 
ship Fund at Elon. 

Powell is survived by his widow, 
the former Ina Mae Byrd, and two 
daughters, Melinda P. Suttenfield 
and Elizabeth P. Conrad. 

Mary Graham 
Mackintosh '24 
Passes Away 

Mary Graham Lawrence Mackin- 
tosh of Elon College died suddenly 
at her home on May I. She was 
the daughter of Annie Graham and 
Walter Phaiti Lawrence, 1893 and 
1894 graduates and faculty members 
of Elon College. Her husband was 
the Reverend Thomas Harold 

Mackintosh's family is well 
known to Elon historians. Her 
mother was a graduate of Graham 
and Elon colleges and an instructor 
at Elon. For several years before her 
death in 1969, she was the oldest 

living alumna of the college. 

Dr. Lawrence was a professor of 
English from 1898 until 1926. His 
service to Elon encompassed many 
areas, including dean of the college. 
In 1921 he was elected to the lower 
house of the N.C, General 
Assembly — the first and only time ., 
a faculty member of the college has 
been elected to the legislative body. 

Growing up as a faculty child 
provided Mackintosh with many 
memories. It was her family that 
was first notified by a student fran- 
tically banging on their front door 
on January 18, 1923, yelling: "Dr. 
Lawrence, the college is on fire!" 
The Main (Administration) 
Building was aflame. 

As a college student here, her 
career was distinguished by earning 
the title of Valedictorian of the 
Class of 1924. She then attended 
the New England Conservatory of 
Music in preparation for her many 
years as a piano teacher. 

Mackintosh always played an ac- 
tive role in the life of the college 
and recently shared her memories 
in an oral history recorded by the 
McEwen Library. She was serving 
on the college's Centennial Plann- 
ing Committee at the time of her 

She is survived by one brother, 
W. Phaiti Lawrence Jr. of Hamilton, , 

The Way We 
Were ] 

With the Elon Centennial 
celebration only two years away, 
the Office of Publications is looking 
for photographs to use in publica- 
tions and displays. If you have in- 
teresting original photographs or 
snapshots from Elon's history—early 
or recent— that you are willing to 
lend or donate to the college ar- 
chives, please contact Nan Perkins, 
Director of Publications and Public 
Information, Campus Box 2116, 
Elon College, N.C. 27244, 
Telephone 919/584-2231. 

The Magazine of Elon 

May, 1986 


all th 


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1 Q, a; 


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) i 

^ C/) 







Vol. 48, No. 3 

August 1986 

Russell Gill Receives 1986-87 
Daniels- Danieley Award 

Each spring a special committee of 
students, senior faculty members 
and educators from outside the col- 
lege gather to evaluate nominations 
for the Daniels-Danieiey Award for 
Excellence in Teaching. Established 
in 1972 by former president James 
Earl Danieley and his wife, Verona 
Daniels Danieley, in honor of their 
parents, the annual award 
recognizes an outstanding teacher 
each year with a certificate of 
recognition and a monetary award. 

Each year the award raises the 
question of what it means to be an 
excellent teacher. Students and col- 
leagues of Dr. Russell Gill, professor 
of English, have answered that 
question this year by pointing to 
him. As the recipient of the 
1986-87 Daniels-Danieiey Award for 
Excellence in Teaching, Gill is 
described by a colleague in this 

"For the depth of his knowledge, 
his sympathy and quiet dignity 
with all students, his creativity in 
the classroom, and his devotion to 
extending the range of all our 
teaching, Russell Gill is more than 
worthy of our lasting recognition." 

With characteristic modesty, 
Russell Gill disclaims any special 
knowledge of what makes a teacher 
excellent. In doing so, however, he 
unwittingly reveals his very own 

"A teacher offers himself as a per- 
sonality; as a stimulus," he explains. 
"He offers an attitude and seeks to 
motivate, I believe a teacher doesn't 
teach; he provides the environment 
for students to learn on their own." 

According to one of his students, 
Gill's classroom always offers a pro- 
ductive blend of instruction and 
discussion. "He never shies away 
from difficult questions," she com- 
mented, "and he doesn't make us 
feel uncomfortable with our ques- 
tions, no matter what they are. I 
always feel like he values my 
thoughts, even if he doesn't agree." 

Gill came to Elon in 1976. He 
earned a bachelor's degree at The 

Centennial Committee at Work 

Elon's Centennial will be celebrated 
during the 1988-89 academic year, 
and plans are already well under 
way. A special committee has been 
formed with representative member- 
ship from the town of Elon College 
and the United Church of Christ 
as well as college trustees, administra- 
tion, faculty, students and alumni. 

Founders Day in March 1989 will 
mark the height of the celebration. 
Proposals for other Centennial ac- 
tivities include special worship ser- 
vices in the fall and spring, perfor- 
mances in fine arts, and events 

designed for joint town and college 

In an effort to plan a commemor- 
ative publication, the college is ask- 
ing for interesting original photo- 
graphs or snapshots from Elon's 
history— early or recent. If you have 
any photographs you are willing to 
lend or donate to the college ar- 
chives, please contact Nan Perkins, 
Director of Publications and Public 
Information, Campus Box 2116, 
Elon College, N.C, 27244; 
telephone 919-584-2231. 

Fulbright Scholar Angyal 
Returns from Hungary 

College of William and Mary. He 
received a master's degree and a 
doctoral degree in English from 
Harvard University. He is currently 
Chairman of the Department of 
Literature, Languages and 

In order to maintain his own 
high standards of scholarship, Gill 
spends a lot of time reading, re- 
searching and writing. In his words, 
"To be a professor means that you 
profess a discipline in many ways — 
teaching is just one of them." 
Broadening his own knowledge and 
acquiring new skills have always 
been priorities for him. 

Gil! employs innovative ap- 
proaches to classroom and cur- 
riculum, exemplified by his recent 
courses in Poe and non-traditional 
literary forms. He is a believer in 
collaborative learning— not only as 
it applies to students working 
together, but also to inter- 
disciplinary cooperation as the 
Writing-Across-the-Curricuium ap- 
proach illustrates. Gill also is an ad- 
vocate of new educational 
technology, like Elon's closed-circuit 
TV system and computer labs. 

"The challenge in teaching," Gill 
notes, "is to make students active 
rather than passive. One of my 
goals is to get students to pace 
themselves, set their own learning 
goals and pursue them." 

By Susan Klopman 

Dr. Andrew Angyal, associate pro- 
fessor of English, was awarded a 
Fulbright Senior Lectureship in 
American literature for a six-month 
term at Louis Kossuth University in 
Debrecen, Hungary. His term began in 
January and ended just recently. 
Angyal, who came to Elon in i976, is 
the first professor in Elon's history to 
be awarded a Fulbright Senior 
Lectureship. Editor's note 

Consumers of fried foods, devotees 
of chic fashion, lovers of books and 
flowers, and a people quietly pro- 
American — meet the Hungarians. 
Not what you expected? Even 
though Dr. Andrew J. Angyal had 
prepared extensively for his months 
as a Fulbright lecturer at Louis 
Kossuth University in Debrecen, 
Hungary, he met the unexpected 
too— finding himself in a Soviet- 
dominated country when the U.S. 
bombed Libya or within possible 
range of nuclear fallout after the 
Chernobyl disaster. 

"Like most Europeans, the Hungar- 
ian people were originally disap- 
proving, then generally very quiet 
about the American bombing of 
Libya," Angyal said. He described 
the days following the bombing as 
a week of almost palpable tension 
as Hungarians feared their country 
would serve as the passageway to 
Europe for retaliating terrorists. 

As for the Chernobyl explosion, 
"the Hungarians knew no more 
than the rest of the world," he said. 
"The lack of information really 
highlights the inadequacies of the 
Soviet system." It was the prevailing 
winds, not government's protection 
plan, that saved Hungary from 

greater exposure to the fallout. 

Officially, Hungarians know only 
what the government-controlled 
media are allowed to present. Angyal 
found the BBC and Voice of Amer- 
ica radio broadcasts to be his vital 
links to the free world. Interesting- 
ly, Anygal did believe that the of- 
ficial press conveyed fair, impartial 
news of the Challenger disaster. 
"There was universal sympathy for 
the loss," he noted, and nationality 
ceased to be a distinction during a 
public memorial service sponsored 
by the U.S. Embassy and allowed 
by the Hungarian government. 

No doubt these memories will 
stand as biographic bench marks in 
Angyal's life; yet it is probably the 
abundance of typical days that he 
will reference most often. Teaching 
three American literature courses at 
Debrecen, lecturing at other univer- 
sities, sightseeing and visiting rela- 
tives, opening the Martin Luther 
King exhibit — these were events fill- 
ing the majority of his days. 

His classes at Debrecen were 
generally small — 10 to 15 students 
each, 90 percent of whom were 
women. The university itself has 
approximately 2,500 undergraduates. 
Admission is selective, determined 
by rigorous state examinations so 
that only the top ten percent of the 
population can attend the free 
university. More examinations 
monitor the student's progress dur- 
ing the four years. There is a fifth 
or postgraduate year during which 
a student writes a master's thesis. 
Then a degree is conferred. 

"The students are bright, well- 
prepared and highly motivated," 

Continued on p. 10 

NEWS FROM THE LEFT BANK. . .Rising out of the earth, taking 
shape, becoming real— construction on the fine arts center moves along 
despite the unbearable summer heat. Though a few weeks behind sched- 
ule, the building is still expected to be completed in the spring of '87. 

The Magazine of Elon August, 1986 

Arts &L Minds 


M'18 "Real Men and Real 
Women Symposium" 

All programs will he in 
Whitley Auditorium 

Man vs. Woman Game 
Show, 7:30 p.m. 
The game show will be 
used CO expose the system 
of inequities present in the 
American culture. 
Richard A- Under- 
wood, "Psyche and 
Wholeness." 4 p.m. 
Dr. Underwood, professor o( 
religious studies ai UNC- 
Charlocre. will explain the con- 
cribucions of Carl Jung co our 
understanding of men and 

World of Light 
7:30 p.m. 

A film about the poet May Sar- 
con will illustrate one woman's 
way of being in the world. A se- 
cond film will offer a portrait of 
men's liberation. 

Women's Reality 

4 p.m. 

The film One Fine Day, a 
historical montage cele- 
brating American women, will 
be shown. Following the movie, 
a faculty panel will discuss the 
distinctiveness of the "white" 
male system and the emerging 
"female system." 

Ed Harrell, "Being Real 

in Relationships." 7:30 p.m. 
Dr. Harrell, professor of 
counselor education at Ap- 
palachian State University, will 
explore with other panelists the 
dynamics of healthy 

Sandra Morgan 

"Gender Roles," 4 p.m. 
Dr. Morgan is a cultural an- 
thtopologist and director of 
Women's Studies at the Univer- 
sity of Massachusetts. She will 
explore societal expectations 
placed on men and women. 

Jerry Teplilz, "Managing 

Your Stress" 

Whitley Auditorium. 8 p.m. 

Dr. Teplitz, author of Mdncging 
Your Stress, Hou' to Relay and En- 
joy, will discuss stress manage- 
ment. His discussion will explam 
how certain foods (sugar in par- 
ticular) affect your body. 


Mara Jean Marvin 


Guest Recital 

Whitley Auditorium, 8 p.m. 

Ms. Marvin is a member of the 

Ohio State University music faculty. 

Russell Gill, "Shakespeare 

on Stage" 

Powell 213, 3:00 p.m. and 

7:30 p.m. 

To prepare the Elon audience for 

the production of Loi'e's Labour's 

Los[ by the North Carolina 

Shakespeare Festival, Dr. Russell 

Gill, professor of English at Elon, 

will discuss interpretations of the 

play and preview the Shakespeare 

Festival company's staging of it. 

North Carolina 
Shakespeare Festival 

Love's Labour's Lost 
Whidev Auditorium, 8 p.m. 

Admission $8.00 or College 


(It is recommended that tickets be 

purchased in advanced from 

Alamance 103 between 8 a.m.-5 

p.m., Monday-Friday) 

28 Emations Parents 
Weekend Concert 

Mike Lewis, director 
Whitley Auditorium, 3 p.m. 
i James B. Patterson, 
Ph.D., M.D., "Fat as a 
Biological Concept" 
Room 205. Duke Science 
Building, 7 p.m. 
Dr. Patterson is a dermatologist 
who has an interest in the topic of 
fat metabolism. 

Winston-Salem Symphony 

Peter Perret, conductor; 
Arlene Goter, pianist 
Whitley Auditorium, 8 p.m. 

Elon's Dr. Goter will be the 
featured soloist for this all- 
Beethoven program, including the 
Fifth Piano Concerto and the Fifth 


Isabel Aldunate, "The New 
Song Movement in Chile" 
Whitley Auditorium 
7:30 p.m. 

Trained as a lawyer. Ms. 
Aldunate now devotes her 
energies as a folksinger to the 
resistance movement against the 
rule of General Pinochet. 
Clyde Edgerton, author 
Mooney Theater, 7:30 p.m. 
North Carolina novelist Clyde 
Edgerton and his wife will give a 
dramatic and musical presentation 
based on his comic novel Ranir/, a 
story dealing with the cultural and 

Dr. Henry A. Bent 

"Science and Abstract Art" 
Whidey Auditorium 
7:30 p.m. 

Dr. Bent is an author and professor 
of chemistry at North Carolina 
State University and the recipient 
of several national teaching awards. 

14 Missouri Repertory 

Theatre, Fallen Angels 
Whitley Auditorium, 8 p.m. 
Noel Coward's play about two 
wacky London housewives who are 
thrown into a tizzy over an impen- 
ding visit from their former lover. 
Admission: $8.00 or College Iden- 
tification (It is recommended that 
tickets be purchased in advance 
from Alamance 103 between 8 
a.m.-5 p.m., Monday-Friday.) 

15 Rick Harrison 

"Developmental Cytology of 
Freshwater Sponges." Room 
205. Duke Science Building, 
7 p.m. 
14 James Gillespie, clarinet 
Guest Recital 

Whitley Auditorium, 8 p.m. 
Dr. Gillespie is professor of clarinet 
at North Texas State University 
and editor of The Clarinet 
magazine. He will be accompanied 
by Steve Harless. professor of piano 
at North Texas State. 

20 Elon College Community 

David Bragg, conductor; 
Scott Walker, associate con- 

Whitley Auditorium. 8 p.m. 
The concett will be devoted to the 
music of Mozart, featuring Sym- 
phony No. 25 in G minor, music 
from The Marriafe of Figaro and the 
film Amadeus. 
28 Sally Rogers 

Appalachian Folk 

Music Concert 

Whitley Auditorium 

7:30 p.m. 

Rogers, a frequent guest on Prairie 

Home Companion, demonstrates a 

wide range of musical excellence 

whethet singing a capella or with 

guitar, banjo or mountain dulcimer. 

She has produced two albums; the 

second one was voted "Best Folk 

Album of 1982" by the National 

Association of Independent Record 


Admission: $5.00 or College 


29 Nanette Roberts, "Faith 
Development Among College 

Fall Religious Forum 
Whitley Auditorium. 4 p.m. 
Dr. Roberts is secretary of public 
issues in education of the United 
Church of Christ. The theme for 
the forum will be "Faith Journeys 
Toward the Twenty-first Century." 

30 Nanette Roberts, "Educating 

Christians for the Twenty- 
first Century" 
Fall Worship Service 
Elon College Community 
Church, 7:30 p.m. 

Editor: Nan Perkins 
Art Director: Gayle Fishel "78 
Staff Writer: Susan C Klopman 
Photographer: Carol Nix -85 
TypeBCttcr: Uura J. Bennett 

Keith Harris 

Director of Development 
William C. Long 
Director of Alumni &l Parent 
Tim McDowell '76 

Director of Community Relations 
Frances T Stanley 

Coordinator of Alumni Giving 
Bill Grubbs 
Sports Information Director 
Shirley Crawford 

Elon College Alumni Associa- 
tion 1984-86 
Executive Officers 


President. Zac T Walker III '60; First Vice 
President, Noel L. Allen '69; Second Vice 
President, Ronald P. Butter '75; Immediate 
Past President, Sally O'Neill '70; Executive 
Secretary, Susie Sanfotd '79 

Alumni Chapter Leaden 

Alamance County, N.C. Thomas L. Bass Jr. 
'71; Greater Atlanta, Ca., B. Allen Bush ]t. 
'6fl: Greater Charlotte, N.C. Stanley E. 
Butler '78; Fotsyth County, N.C. Jack R 
Locicero '81; Guilford County, N.C, Ashbutn 
L Kirby '57; Greater Richmond, Va., Linda 
M. Shields '67; Sanford/Lee County. N.C. 
Donald E. Dollar '70; Suffolk, Va„ Betty Jean 
Crigger '76; Triangle Area, NX^, Timothy M. 
Moore '78; Virginia Beach, Va., Henry F Pitt- 
man '72; Greater Washington, DC. Robert 
H. Pafc '75. 


Bryant M. Colson '80, Irene H. Covington 
'41. Sigmund S. Davidson '62, James S. Den- 
ton '73, Lester E. Fcsmire '24 , Daniel B. Har- 
rell Jr. '48, Victor H. Hoffman '61, L. Donald 
Johnson '65, Michael A, Leggett '77, Helen J. 
Lindsev '52. Phillip R. Mann '54. John Z. 
McBiByer '38, Nina M. McConnell '70, 
Calvin A. Michaels '54, John P Paisley Jr. '70, 
Nancy R- Penick '80, Lynn M. Stewart '81, C. 
Gtayson Whitt '79, Ann M, Wilkins '53. W. 
Woodrow Wilson '38, William C. Zint III '79 

TTie Magazine of Elon (USPS 174-560) is 
published quarterly with an extra issue during 
the fourth quarter. Second class postage paid 
at Elon College, N.C 27244. Postmaster: 
Send address changes to Ebn College Office 
of Development. Campus Box 2116. Elon 
College, NC. 27244-2010. 

Special Events 

September 26 - 28 

October 18 

November 7 - 8 

The Magazine of Elon August, 1986 

Second Grad 
Takes State 
CPA Honors 

Elmer Edmonds 72 achieved the 
highest score of anyone taking the 
CPA exam in November 1985 in 
the state of Georgia. With that 
distinction he joins Greensboro's 
Elizabeth Schumacher '74, who 
made the highest score in North 
Carolina during the same 
November exam. (For details of 
Schumacher's achievement, see the 
May issue of The Magazine of Elon.) 
For his accomplishment, Edmunds 
received the Gold Key Award from 
the Georgia Society of CPA's and 
the Watts Sells Award for scoring 
among the top 125 in the nation. 

Elmer Edmonds was a unique 
success story at Elon even before 
earning this distinction. He had 
been out of high school for nearly 
20 years when he entered Elon in 
1966. He was only a part-time stu- 
dent because he was employed full 
time with Burlington Industries. 
However, in 1972 he was graduated 

Alberta B. 
Harrell '18 
Dies in May 

Mrs. Alberta Boone Harrell '18 of 
Durham, N.C., died on May 18. 
She was the widow of Dr. Stanley 
C. Harrell, pastor of Durham Con- 
gregational Church for 33 years 
and a member of the Elon Board 
of Trustees. 

Mrs. Harrell's family has been an 
important part of Elon's history 
since the turn of the century. Her 
father was Dr. Waldo H. Boone, a 
graduate in the Class of 1894 and a 
member of the Board of Trustees 
from 1915 until 1953, serving as 
chairman from 1935 until 1953. Her 
brother was Dr. Waldo H. Boone, a 

summa cum laude with a perfect 
4.0 average in accounting. Edmonds 
just earned his MBA at Mercer 
University this year while being 
employed full time with the Dyka 
Company in Macon, Georgia. He 
and his wife, Valerie, have two 
children: a son, Russ, of Robbins, 
Georgia, and a daughter, Karen 
Carlson of Raleigh. They also have 
another "first" besides the out- 
standing CPA score — their first 
grandson, Christopher, born to 
Russ and his wife on June 5. 

Senior Class Gift Establishes 
Endowment Fund 

A definite image is evoked when 
"senior class gift" is mentioned: it is 
the image of a small plaque affixed 
to a tree or bench on campus, 
signifying the generous spirit of a 
graduating class of the past. At 
Elon, senior class gifts have largely 
fit into that mold, the most 
noteworthy being the long-standing 
Senior Oak. 

The Class of 1986 wanted to 
break out of that traditional mold 
and give Elon something different. 
To do that they came up with the 
idea of the 1986 Senior Class Pride 
Campaign. At two meetings early 
in the spring, the class decided to 
print and sell "Class of 1986" T- 
shirts. Proceeds would go to the 
Annual Fund. 

Thanks to the generosity of an 
anonymous trustee and a matching 
gift from the Student Government 
Association, the class was also able 
to establish an endowment fund. 
With an initial total of $2900, the 
fund should grow to nearly $40,000 

n 25 years- and to almost $500,000 
n 50 years. The money has been 
nvested by the college, with in- 
terest accruing to the fund. At a 
future time, the class will recom- 
mend a particular use. 

According to Senior Class Presi- 
dent Ray Covington, the project 
was successful in more ways than 
one. "We had great participation 
and will be able to make a very im- 
pressive gift to Elon," he said. 
"More than that though, the pro- 
ject brought the class together and 
gave us a sense of closeness we 
never had before." A total of more 
than 150 seniors, as well as 25 
faculty and staff members, con- 
tributed to the campaign. 

The Senior Class Pride Campaign 
was coordinated by Bob Moser '86, 
administrative assistant for 

Durham physician who also served 
on the Board ft-om 1958 until 1977- 
In 1978 he was named an honorary 
trustee for life, ex officio. Mrs. Har- 
rell's nephew C. Stanley Boone '66, 
son of Waldo W. Boone Jr., was the 
director of admissions at Elon from 

Mrs. Harrell was a member and 
former regent of the General Davis 
Chapter of the Daughters of the 
American Revolution. Her dedica- 
tion to community organizations 
was evident in her work as chair- 
man of the Heart Fund. 

Several years ago Mrs. Harrell 
gave her Durham home to the col- 
lege while retaining life estate rights 
to the property. 

She is survived by a daughter, 
Ms. Mary Ann Harrell of Bethesda, 

Staley R 
Gordon *34 

Staley P. Gordon of Burlington died 
May 20 after several months of fail- 
ing health. A 1934 graduate of 
Elon, Gordon was retired vice presi- 
dent and secretary of Tower 
Hosiery Mills and former president 
of Shadowbrook Hosiery Mill. He 
served for some time as the chair- 
man of the Board of Directors for 
Community Federal Savings and 
Loan Association, was a former 
director of the National Hosiery 
Association, and a past president of 
the American Business Club. He 
was also a former director of 
Alamance Country Club and an 

elder of the First Presbyterian 
Church of Burlington. He was in- 
strumental in establishing and fund- 
ing a scholarship in memory of 
his late daughter, Nancy Gordon 
Sheffield. His family has requested 
that memorials be sent to this 
scholarship fund. Gordon is surviv- 
ed by his wife, Hallie Wayne Hor- 
naday Gordon and by his daughter, 
Mrs. R.C. Lewis Jr. Gordon was the 
brother of Clyde W. Gordon, a 
long-time trustee of the college who 
died on May 4, 1986. 

Would you like to 

contribute $100,000 

to further the mission of 

Elon College in 

educating young people? 

Then you ought to consider the Elon College Life for Endowment pro- 
gram which is designed to make a $100,000 gift feasible for you. It is now 
based on universal life insurance coverage with a surprisingly few premium 
years required to reach paid-up status. 


Premium Years Required' 

Annual Non 
Age Premium Smoker 

35 $1212 6 




Premium Years Required' 
Annual Non 
Premium Smoker Smoker 

$1013 6 8 






















*Based on 8.5% interest assumption. 

You contribute annual premium amounts to Elon, and the college pays 
the premiums. You take a charitable deduction on tax returns for these 
annual contributions. 
For further information, write or call: 

Dr. Brank Proffitt 

Director of Deferred Giving and Estate Planning 

Campus Box 2116 

Elon College, North Carolina 27244 {^19) 584-2462 

The Magazine of Elon August, 1986 

Friends of the 
College To 
Tour Britain 

The Office of Alumni and Parent 
Relations announces a tour of Bri- 
tain as part of Elon's traditional 
Winter Term in England— January 
5-29, 1987. At a cost of $1,625 per 
person, alumni, parents, and other 
friends of the college may take part 
in the Winter Term program, par- 
ticipating in those events and ex- 
periences of most interest or, if they 
wish, setting out on their own. 

The basic tour includes round- 
trip air transportation via KLM 
from Kennedy Airport in New 
York; hotel accommodations (two 
per room); continental breakfasts in 
London; a variety of one-day trips 
to Dover, Bath, Canterbury, Strat- 
ford on Avon, Stonehenge, and 

Windsor Castle; a play, concert, 
and ballet; a week of "free travel"; 
and two days in Amsterdam. Trips 
to other places of special interest 
can be arranged at an additional 

Tour members may participate in 
the scheduled tour events as well as 
individual class activities, thus 
benefiting from the expertise of 
Elon faculty and English guides. 
Others may wish to spend most of 
the 25-day period traveling in- 
dependently. A member of the 
Winter Term staff will offer advice 
in working out the best program 
for individual tour members. 

Only 80 spaces are available for 
the London Winter Term; therefore, 
reservations must be made quickly. 
For further information, contact 
Bill Long, Director, Office of Alum- 
ni and Parent Relations, Box 2107, 
Elon College, Elon College, N.C., 
27244 or call (919) 584-2380. 

Commencement *86 Video 
Cassettes Available 

Video tape cassettes of the 1986 
Commencement ceremonies, in- 
cluding pictures of every graduate 
receiving his or her diploma, are 
available through the Office of 
Alumni Relations — price: $20. 
Please send a check or money order 

covering the cost to: 

The Office of Alumni Relations 
Box 2107, Elon College 
Elon College, N.C. 27244 
Orders must be received by 
September 30, 1986. Cassettes will 
be mailed by October 30- 

New Chapter 

Four alumni chapters have new 
presidents. Along with providing 
leadership for their particular 
chapters, they will become members 
of the Alumni Executive Commit- 
tee which has general oversight of 
the alumni program. 

E.H. (Rick) Teller 75 has 
assumed the helm of the Greater 
Washington Chapter, succeeding 
Robert (Bob) Harris Pafe 75. Rick 
is associated with the Pinkerton 
Security Company as program 
manager in Washington. He earned 
a BA in political science while at 
Elon and was a member of the 
Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity. With 
his wife, Cheryl, he resides at 9723 
Bragg Lane, Manassas, VA 22110. 

Nancy Redd Penick '80 is the 
new president of the Greater 
Richmond Chapter. Her immediater 
predecessor was Linda May Shields 
'67. Nancy is a member o( the 
staff of Investors Savings and 
Loan in Bon Air, Va. 
Phi Mu Sorority and active as a 
peer counselor in the residence 
halls. Her BA degree was in human 
service. She and her husband, 
Joseph (Joe) Bernard Penick, live at 
307 Pamela Lane, Richmond. VA 

Sandra (Sandy) Jones Lemons '81 

will head the Greater Charlotte 
Chapter for the coming year, suc- 
ceeding Stanley (Stan) Edward 
Butler 78. Sandy is employed at 
the Lincoln County Hospital in 
Lincolnton. N.C. During her years 
at Elon she was a member of the 
Zeta Tau Alpha Sorority. Her BA 
degree is in human services. She 
and her husband, Richard, live in 
Lincolnton — address: Route 2. Box 
TO-17, Lincolnton, NC 28092. 

Michael (Mike) Joe Willett '82 
is the newest chapter president, 
assuming leadership of the Greater 
Sanford Chapter. He succeeds 
Donald (Don) Eugene Dollar 70. 
Mike is associated with the Federal 
Land Bank Association of Sanford. 
At Elon, where he earned a BA 
degree in business administration 
and accounting, he was chairman 
of the Business Student's Com- 
munications Committee. Mike lives 
at 521 West Chisholm Street, San- 
ford, NC 27330. 

As these alumni assume the 
presidency of their respective 
chapters, the college and the Ex- 
ecutive Committee of the Alumni 
Association wish to express pro- 
found appreciation for the loyal, 
energetic, and tireless leadership 
provided by the immediate past 
presidents, each of whom has 
pledged to continue supporting 
chapter activities. 

Up-Coming Alumni Chapter Gatherings 

The Alumni Office is pleased to 
announce the following chapter 
meeting dates: 
Alamance County— Sat., Nov. 15 
Virginia Beach— Friday, Jan. 16 

Greater Richmond— Sat.. Jan. 17 
Crystal Coast (Morehead City 
New Bern. Jacksonsville, and 
surrounding areas) — Sat., Jan. 24 
Charlotte— Friday, Jan. 30 

Guilford County- Sat., Feb. 21 
The Emanons of Elon will appear 
at each of these functions, pro- 
viding entertainment and dance 
music, We urge you to put these 

dates on your calendars now. 
Watch your mailbox for specific in- 
formation about time and place. 
The Magazine will publish informa- 
tion about the dates of remaining 
chapter meetings as it becomes 
available. "Please stay tuned!" 


For President 

Snyder, a 1945 
gradusce of Elon, 
has held the p>osi- 
tion of executive 
director of the Elon 
Home for Children 
since 1960. A native 
of Elkton, Virginia, 
he earned distinc- 
tion as a student, as president of the 
Student Christian AMociation and as a 
member of Who's Who. He earned the 
bachelor of divinity degree at Duke Uni- 
versity and served as pastor to various 
churches in North Carolina and Virgin- 
ia prior to his work at the Elon Home. 

Snyder was awarded the honorary doc- 
tor of divinity degree by Elon in 1964 
and was honored as the college's Dis- 
tinguished Alumnus in 1981. He is mar- 
ried to the former Nell Mann. They 
have three children, Wesley, Mrs, Elia 
Ann Moser, and Rita, anti five grand- 
children. Snyder's extensive community 
involvement has included a twelve-year 
term on the Alamance County Board of 
Education, where he served as chairman 
for two years. He currently is a deacon 
at the Elon College Community Church 

and a member of the Alamance County 
Chamber of Commerce Board of Direc- 
tor. Snyder is also an ex-officio member 
of the Board of Southern Conference of 
the United Church. 

For 1st Vice President 

Hoffman came to 
Elon from Phila- 
delohia in 1957, 
and by circuitous 
route ended up back 
in North Carolina 
years later as a prac- 
ticing optometrist in 
Thomasville. While 
at Elon, Vic served as vice president of 
the student body and president of Kap- 
pa Psi Nu. After graduation in 1961, he 
served in the U.S. Army in Germany 
until 1964. Hoffrnan received the doctor 
of optometry degree in 1972 from the 
Pennsylvania College of Optometry, 
where he was also student council presi- 
dent. He currently serves as president of 
the Thomasville United Way and presi- 
dent of the Triad District Optometric 
Society. Other activities include 
membership in the Thomasville Rotary 
Ciub and service as a trustee of the 
North Carolina State Optometric 

Society. Hoffman, who has served on 

the Alumni Executive Committee for 

the past two years. 

For 2nd Vice President 


Whitt's years at 
Elon were active 
ones. Before 
graduating in 1979, 
he served as vice 
president of Sigma 
Pi Fraternity, sports 
editor of The Pen- 
dulum, sports copy 

writer for the Phi Psi Cli, and as a 
member of the Intramural Council. 

A native of Danville, Virginia, Whitt 
was employed with Household Finance 
Corporation in Greensboro before join- 
ing First Citizens Bank. He was recently 
named a vice president of Rrst Citizens 
Bank and is residing in Eden. He is a 
member of the Eden Jaycees and has re- 
mained very active with Elon through 
the years. He served as a member of the 
Greek Alumni Council and is currently 
chapter director of Sigma Pi. Whict has 
been a member of the Alumni Executive 
Committe since 1984. Whitt and his 
wife, the former Connie Rogers, have 
one son, Bradley Grayson. 



O Walstein W. Snyder 


Ist Vice President 

n Victor H. Hoffma. 

2nd Vice President 

D C. Grayson Whitt 


_ (write in) 

Mark your ballot, clip and matt to: 



ELON COLLEGE, NC 27244-2010 fluilou mw! be tec 

wed by Sepumber 20. 1 

The Magazine of Elon August, 1986 

Edith McCauley Womack 55 

By Betty Greene 

Nothing can match the excitement of something new. ~EMW 

On the morn- 
ing the 1985 
Nobel laureates 
were announced, 
Edith McCauley 
Womack was one 
of the first to 
arrive at the Molecular Genetics 
Department of the University of 
Texas Health Science Center in 

"I got to work as usual around 
6:30 a.m. to avoid the terrible 
North Dallas rush hour," recalls 
Womack, a research associate in the 

"As I walked down the hall, I 
heard phones ringing in the doc- 
tors' offices. I could only wonder 
what was happening, since their 
doors were locked. Then some of 
my co-workers arrived and told me 
that the news had just come over 
the radio." 

The news was as big as news can 
get in medical research. Womack's 
research team leaders, Dr. Joseph 
Goldstein and Dr. Michael Brown, 
had been selected to receive the 
Nobel Prize in Medicine. 

"Soon the department was buzz- 
ing with congratulations — phone 
calls came in from Good Morning 
America, Evening News, and all over 
the world," Womack continues. 
"The doctors were in Boston for a 
conference, but they flew home im- 
mediately. They are publicity shy 
and prefer to be on the job, so 
they refused interviews. But we 
celebrated and were interviewed by 
reporters for days. John (my hus- 
band) rushed home that first day to 
get everything on tape. A Danish 
film crew and a British film crew 
taped a documentary of all of us at 

Brown and Goldstein were award- 
ed the Nobel for their research into 
the metabolism of cholesterol. 
Studying patients with a rare, often 
fata! inherited disorder, FH (familial 
hypercholesterolemia). Brown, 
Goldstein, and their research team 
located the gene defect responsible 
for FH. Their discoveries, since 

1972, unraveled and explained the 
mechanism by which cells remove 
cholesterol "packages" from the 
bloodstream and process the 
"package" contents inside the cell. 
Cholesterol, packaged in a low den- 
sity lipoprotein molecule (LDL), cir- 
culates through the bloodstream 
and is removed by liver cells. Since 
FH patients have faulty mechanisms 
for removing LDL molecules, the 
patients carry dangerous excesses of 
cholesterol in their bloodstreams. 

Acclaim has come to Drs. Brown 
and Goldstein from medical and 
scientific colleagues all over the 
world, not only because their work 
opens doors to effective treatments 
for FH patients, but also because 
the research promises prevention 
and treatment breakthroughs for 
the 30 to 50 million Americans 
who suffer firom diet-related harden- 
ing of the arteries. 

Womack played a key support 
role in the Nobel-honored research. 
As research associate, her duties in- 
clude supervising the tissue culture 
laboratory where she and her co- 
workers cultured and maintained 
the special cells from FH patients as 
well as the animal cells used by 
Brown and Goldstein in their 
cholesterol research. Womack con- 
ducted preliminary screening ex- 
periments and provided critical data 
and assistance for the research 

"Most of the research work re- 
quired tissue culture in some part 
so I had a hand in most projects. 
Dr. Goldstein works closely with 
me and considers this lab the core 
of his research," Womack says. 

Along with a team of fifty or 
more faculty members, post- 
doctorate interns, and technical 
personnel, Womack now continues 
the cholesterol-related research and 
participates in new projects. 

She and her co-workers handle 
skin biopsies from FH patients from 
all over the world. They "plant" 
fragile cell cultures in petri dishes 
or roller bottles under protective 
biohazard hoods. Sterile conditions 
are vital. Contamination by yeasts, 

molds, and bacteria must be 

Womack performs screening ex- 
periments to determine when a pa- 
tient has the defective FH gene. 
She then locates the abnormal link 
in the genetic chain, transfers 
genetic material from one cell 
culture to another, and clones cells. 
Her tasks require uniformity and 
precision. The project may, in the 
future, contribute to gene 
transplants and to cures for FH and 
other inherited diseases. 

Little did Womack dream, when 
she left Elon in the fifties, that her 
life and her work would take her 
close to anything as significant and 
prestigious as the Nobel Prize. 

She reflects about Dr. Paul Red- 
dish (now retired) who made each 
of his Elon biology students feel 
like a very special person. She 
remembers being the only student 
to show up on time one day for 
Dr. Earl Danieley's class. "He was a 
stickler for starting on time and 
proceeded to lecture me alone while 
the others trickled in. To this day, I 
remember his topic — Cesium — and 
how frightened I was that he would 
ask me questions." 

Dr. Danieley, now the Thomas E. 
Powell, Jr. Professor of Chemistry at 
Elon, recalls Edith McCauley— a 
student double-majoring in 
chemistry and biology — as "a fine, 
quiet person." 

Womack says her "quiet" life after 
leaving Elon changed to a life of 
adventure when she moved with 
her family from South Carolina to 
Taipei. Her husband, John, (also an 
Elon grad) supervised the building 
of a DuPont plant and trained the 
Chinese employees, Womack taught 
science in the Taipei American 
School — the school attended by her 
son and daughter. While based in 
Taipei. Womack traveled around the 
world four times with her family, 
visiting 30 countries in Europe and 
Asia. She values the experience 
with people of other cultures, 
especially now that her colleagues 
at the university include people 
from Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, 

Spain, Germany, and Austria. 

In 1980 Womack and her family 
moved to Piano, a northern suburb 
of Dallas. 

"We love the Dallas area," she 
says. "It's dynamic, progressive, and 
full of opportunities. We have an 
abundance of sunshine, warm 
weather, and heavy traffic!" 

Three months after arriving in 
Dallas. Womack went to work for 
Drs. Goldstein and Brown at the 
University of Texas Health Science 
Center. Her previous work as a 
registered medical technologist and 
a science teacher helped her get the 
laboratory position. Changing to 
research work was an important 

Womack believes opportunities in 
science today are abundant. "If I 
had gone into research earlier, I 
would definitely have pursued a 
Ph.D. Science is a wide open field 
for women today. Funds are 
available for graduate degrees and 
so are jobs. You just have to seek 
them out. Molecular genetics and 
biotechnology are the hot areas 

"Anyone who goes into science 
must be prepared to work hard," 
she continues. "Our post-doctorates 
work 6-7 days a week, 10 or more 
hours a day. I work many holidays 
and Sundays and put in many 
50-hour weeks." 

But when Womack talks about a 
six-year-old patient, "Stormy," 
treated successfully with heart-liver 
transplants and drugs as a result of 
her team's research, it is clear that 
her workdays are worth starting 
early and ending late. 

"This is one job I truly look for- 
ward to each day," she says with 
deep feeling. "Nothing can match 
the excitement of uncovering 
something new." 

"I may not be great, nor have I 
done anything great," she adds, 
"but I know I am part of 
something great." 

The Magazine of Elon August, 1986 


Elon's Soundest 
Ambassador Carries 
A New Tune 

Refmnted with permission of The Daily Times-News. 

By Doug Norwood '84 

Dr. Jack White wouldn't last two 
minutes on "What's My Line." 
With a little triangle of white beard 
on his chin and sentences punc- 
tuated by "man" and "dig it," he 
could only be a jazz man. 

In the past 23 years, White, a 
trumpet player with a voice like a 
bass drum, has developed and 
directed Elon College's marching 
band, the Showband of the 
Caroiinas, the Concert Band and 
the Emanons Jazz Ensemble. 

When he came to Elon in 1962, 
White found a marching band with 
eight members who had practically 
no equipment or instruments. They 
didn't have a band room to practice 
in. He worked long and hard to 
build the marching band and then 
the Emanons, who have been the 
school's ambassadors up and down 
the Eastern Seaboard and in 
Now, White says he's tired. 
His health is not what it used to 
be and as he's gotten older, White 
says, "I've learned how to do the 
horn without killing myself." So, at 
age 59, he's going to strike out on 
his own as a one-man show billed 
"Dr. J.. Easy Listening Jazz." 

White, who has played regularly 
in clubs here and in Florida, says 
he knows the change will not be 
easy. "I'm not frightened by retire- 
ment, I'm terrified," he says. 

And he will leave behind some 
gratifying years of teaching. "Of 
those original eight band members, 
three are still playing professionally; 
that's a long time," White says with 
a proud smite, then rattles off their 
names and where they're playmg. 
He had successfully built award- 
winning bands at high schools in 
Cary and Wytheville, Va., before 
coming to Elon. He came here 
ready to do whatever was necessary 
to keep his winning streak alive. 

He joined Elon's staff in the sum- 
mer of '62 and increased the eight 
band members to 48 by the time 
football season started. After the 
season, he organized the Emanons, 
the pride and joy of his Elon years. 
"That was a great band," he says 
of the original Emanons, "hell, 
those kids could blow." 

The ungainly name is actually 
"No Name" spelled backwards; it 
was the title of a song by Dizzy 

Twenty-three years later. White 
says, "It's a strange thing, how time 
moves on, but, man, these kids 
never change." 

"It was a really big deal back 
then. The kids were more into bon- 

fires and the 'rah-rah' type thing— 
you know, dances with crepe 
paper," he says. "But I think today's 
kids are just as great." 

He believes his students today 
can be better musicians because 
their educational opportunities are 

White says his formula for success 
has few ingredients. 

He thinks his students like his 
"hard-but-fair" approach to 
teaching. "They really do pull for 
me," he says. "The kids do real 

"I'm a great believer in yelling," 
he says. "I talk loud and push 

White says, "I can dig rock if it's 
done right." Rock 'n roll can only 
be done right, he says, when the 
musician is firmly grounded in the 
basics of jazz. 

"Remember, Picasso painted 
regular stuff before he started 
cubism," he says. 

When the Emanons perform for 
young audiences in high schools, 
they play a mix of old and new 
music. White says. 

"We'll do your cop 40 and then 
sneak in some jazz," he says, "We'll 
do 'Emergency' by Kool &l the 
Gang and then slip in 'Blue Inva- 
sion,' and the kids really dig it. We 
get a standing ovation every time." 
But when push comes to shove. 
White says his true love is still jazz. 
He'd like to play "elevator music" as 
he calls it, for a lounge full of 
customers 35 and over— the kind of 
place you could take a chick for 
dinner or a drink" and still be able 
to talk over the music. 

When White does his one-man 
show, he uses an elaborate system 
of tapes for accompaniment while 
he sings and plays songs like "Star 
Dust" and "Body and Soul" on the 
trumpet or flugelhorn. 

After he gives up teaching in 
June, he will move to Beaufort with 
his wife, Jo Ann. 

Just as he had done for 23 years 
with Elon's bands, White hopes to 
travel far and wide to further the 
cause of jazz. 

The Magazine of Elon August, 1986 

Fightin' Christian Forecast 

Elon College head football coach 
Macky Carden will return a veteran 
offensive line when the 1986 cam- 
paign begins, and with the most 
talented athletes ever asembled, the 
Fightin' Christians look to return 
to the national playoffs. 

"This year's team will have more 
athletic ablility than any other in 
my ten years of coaching here," 
Carden said. "We have given up 
some size in the defensive line and 
other areas, but we feel we'll be 
quicker and have more natural 
ability. Our offensive line will also 
have a chance to be the best ever. 
All five projected starters were at 
least part-time starters or played 
more than half of each game." 

Elon does indeed have one of the 
South Atlantic Conference's best 
returning offensive lines. The ex- 
pected starters average 6*1", 250 lbs. 
across. They will be led by All- 
Amencan candidate Alphonso 
Morrison. Morrison, 6'0" 250 lb. 
senior from Hamlet, N.C., was 
selected first team All-District and 
honorable mention All-America in 
1985. Morrison will be left guard. 
Also on the left at tackle is Rocky 
River, Ohio native Tony DiPietro. 
DiPietro, 6'0" 270 lb. sophomore, 
was selected honorable mention 
All-District at right guard last year 
before switching positions. 

Also on the front line will be 
Wilson's Dave Emery, 6'1" 250 lb. 
sophomore, at right guard and 
massive Ricky Sigmon at right 
tackle. Sigmon, one of the premier 
offensive linemen in the league, tips 
the scales at 315 while standing 

6'4". He comes from Catawba, N.C. 
At center is sophomore Kevin 
Campbell, 6'0" 235 lb., from 
Southern Pines, N.C 

In the perimeter positions, 
Carden will look to Richie Lines, 
5'10" senior from Burlington, and 
Jay Simmons, 6'2" junior from 
Highland, Ind. 

Chuck Ward will be at tight end. 
Ward, a native of Roanoke Rapids, 
N.C, is a junior, standing 6'5" and 
weighing 235 lb. He averaged 12.4 
vpc last year with one touchdown. 

In the backfield, only one starter 
returns, and that in the form of 
Orange, Maryland native Mike 
O'Lari. His running mate will be 
Laurinburg, N.C. sophomore 
Dwayne Clark, 5'9" 200 lb. 

At quarterback will be senior 
Craig Taylor. 5'11" 180 lb. from 
Boone. Taylor has not played much 
due to injuries in his career. Carden 
does feel he will be a very capable 

On defense, Carden will look to 
a pair of All-America candidates in 
outside linebacker Tony Settles and 
inside linebacker Russell Evans. Set- 
tles, 6'3" 215 lb. senior from Laurin- 
burg, was accorded All-District and 
All-SAC-8 a year ago as well as 
honorable mention All-America. 
Evans, 6'3" 205 lb. senior from 
Cheraw, S.C, was honorable men- 
tion Alt-District. 

Joining Settles on the outside will 
be Ronnie Purcell, 6'0" 205 lb. 
sophomore from Carthage, NC. On 
the inside will be senior Tim 
Farmer, 6'0" 215 lb. from 
Midlothian, Va. 

On the defensive Ime will be 
junior Craig Castor, 6'2" 260 lb. 
from Lexington, Maryland; senior 
noseguard Steve Pickett, 5'H" 240 
lb. from Ottumwa. Iowa; and 
sophomore John Bradsher, 6'4" 235 
lb. from Hillsborough, N.C. 

In the secondary will be 
sophomore cornerback Willie 
Williams, 5'9" 185 lb. from Clinton, 
and sophomore Jeff Slade. 6'0" 190 
lb. from Conway, S.C. At the 
safeties will be junior Tim Ferrell, 
5'10" 200 lb. from Danville, Va.. 
and Tim Bines, 5'9" 170 lb. junior 
from Bennettsville, SC. 

Carden said the defense may be 
apt to give up more yards this 
season but will be able to hold on 
in key situations. "1 think our 
overall athletic talent should enable 
us to improve on recovering more 
fumbles and making a few more in- 
terceptions. The guys should be 
able to have more people to the 
ball quicker. This is an area we 
must improve on and I feel sure we 

The kicking game has been 
somewhat suspect lately but Carden 
says 1986 will be better. Sophomore 
Paul Mullen will return to do the 
placekicking chores and posssibly 
kick-off. Unless a freshman steps 
forward, Mullen would also see du- 
ty as a punter. Mullen is 5'10", 160 
lb. from Myrtle Beach, S.C. 

"We're hoping the defense will be 
able to make the big play. As for 
the conference race, we feel we 
have as good a chance as anyone 
and better than some others. We 
really won't know until we line up 
and get things started." 


The 1986 Elon Baseball Nine: 
The Classiest Act in Town 

By Lee Patterson 

TKe following anicle is reprinted 
with permission of the Burlington 
(N.C.) Times-News. If appeared in 
mid-May while the Elon baseball 
team was away at the NAIA Region 
7 tournament in Bluefield, W. Va. 
Although Elon was eliminated from 
the touniament, they were certainly 
clear winners in the eyes of columnist 
L^e Patterson and others. 

The game of baseball, for the 
most part, is not one of those 
sports we label a gentleman's game. 

We don't sit in the stands clap- 
ping our hands in a polite way or 
become silent when a batter ap- 
proaches the plate. 

Instead, as baseball fans, as 
baseball players, we hoot and 
holler, complain aloud to the um- 
pires and sling semi-unkind words 
to the opposition. 

And that's the way the game 
should be. 

But, at the same time, there 
should be a limit to it all. 

When teams and their fans 
decide to use filthy language, make 
obscene gestures toward the op- 
ponents and attempt to promote 
fighting on the playing field, 
baseball no longer is a sport. 

During the latter part of this 
week, four teams met for the NAIA 
Region 7 baseball tournament in 
Bluefield, W. Va. All four clubs cer- 
tainly rated high on athletic skill, 
but in the manners department 
three failed miserably. 

One of the participating teams, 
however, showed class and maturity 
upon winning and upon losing. 

Never did unkind words or 
gestures spill from the team's 
dugout. Never were there any at- 
tempts to intimidate umpires. 


Not on and not off the field. 

Such mature and classy actions 

don't come overnight either. 

The ballclub displayed this type 
behavior throughout the season as 
it won 35 games and lost but 14. 

Part of the credit certainly should 
go to the coach. He is the one 
recruiting players from families 
made of good people and he con- 
tinues to teach the positives of 
good sportsmanship. 

Maybe that is why, in only two 
years, the coach owns a winning 
mark of nearly 80 percent. And 
maybe that is why he has led his 
team to more victories than any 
other before him. 

It certainly must help. 

But more importantly, winning in 
a classy way builds a positive image 
for a program. 

And an image which can even 
drift deep into the Blue Ridge 

Continued on p. IQ 

1986 Football 

13 Ferrum College A-7:00 

20 Guilford College H-7:00 

27 Carson-Newman College H— 2;00 
' Jctober 

4 Lenoir-Rhyne College A-7:00 

18 Presbyterian College H-2:00 
25 Catawba College A~l:30 


I Gardner-Webb College A-2;00 

8 Newberry College H-2:00 

15 Liberty University A— 1:30 

22 Mars Hill College A-h30 

Men's Soccer 

4. UNC-Chapel Hill A-7:00 

6 Campbell University A— 7:00 

7 Mars Hill College A-2:00 
13 Averett College A-2;00 
17 Pfeiffer College H-3:30 

19 Atlantic Christian College H-3:30 

23 Mt. Olive College H-3-.30 
27 High Point College A-2:00 


1 Pembroke State University A— 3:30 
4 Lenoir-RKyne College A— 10:30 am 
7 Guilford College H-3l30 

11 Methodist College A-2;00 

15 East Carolina University H-3:30 
23 Wingate College H-3:30 

25 Catawba College A-11:00 am 

30 Belmont Abbey College A-3:00 

Women's Soccer 

13 UNC-Chapel Hill A-7:00 

20 Meth. Inv. Randolph-Macon 


21 Meth. Inv. Winners &. Losers 

28 NC Wesleyan College A-2:00 

2 Warren Wilson College H-3:30 

4 Mercer. Atlanta H-4:00 

5 Sweet Briar College H-3:00 
11 Methodist College A-4:00 
13 Hollins College H-3:30 
18 UNC-Asheville H-2:00 
2^ Guilford College H-"*i"in 

Catch the 
Action. . . 

This fall, Eion's football games 
will be aired live over two 
radio stations. Bob Anderson 
will be doing the play-by-play 
analysis and Wes Durham will 
add color commentary for the 
college radio station WSOE, 
89.3 FM. 

For fans in surrounding 
areas, Reidsville, N.C.'s 
100,000-watt station WWMO, 
102 FM, will broadcast all 
games beginning with Eion's 
second game on Saturday, 
September 20. 

The Magazine of Elon August, 1986 

mt^'^l^^ (C^Mfe 


By Nan Perkins and Susan Klopman 

As Elon nears the opening of its 
98th academic year, the college is 
once again experiencing its best 
recruiting year in memory. Applica- 
tions are up 25 percent over last 
year, and the largest and best 
prepared freshman class in Elon 
history is expected to enroll during 
Labor Day weekend. The SAT 
average for the new students is 40 
points higher than last year. 

The flux of well-qualified ap- 
plicants has generated some prob- 
lems. Campus housing— which can 
accommodate approximately 
1700— has been full since early May, 
with only a few exceptions. In early 
June lack of available classroom 
space forced Admissions to stop ac- 
cepting transfers and to raise again 
the academic standards for admit- 
ting freshmen commuters. 

"We are having to turn away 
students we would really like to ac- 
cept," says Dean of Admissions and 
Financial Planning Joanne Soliday. 
"We just don't have the room," 

Recently a special academic pro- 
gram was created to accommodate 
some of the many transfer students 
who traditionally apply to Elon 
during the summer months. A 
block of afternoon courses was add- 
ed and well qualified commuting 
transfer students are being accepted 
with the provision that they take 
all their courses after 3:00 p.m. 
This alternative has been dubbed 
the "four-day program." reflecting 
the fact that afternoon and evening 
classes are taught only Monday 
through Thursday. The program 
allows the college to teach courses 
during the afternoon hours when 
classrooms are traditionally not in 

The Elon recruiting success is 
especially remarkable in light of the 
fact that the college continues 
steadily to upgrade admissions stan- 

dards. In a speech to the faculty 
two years ago, which was reported 
in the media, President Fred Young 
announced a policy of gradually 
raising the requirements for admis- 
sions as Elon headed for its 
Centennial year. 

"It is our goal that by the 
Centennial year Elon will be at the 
top among private colleges in this 
region with missions similar to 
ours," said Young at the time. Since 
then applications have increased 40 
percent and the SAT average for 
entering students has risen over 60 

College officials expect a total 
enrollment of approximately 3100 
for the 1986-87 academic year, up 
from 2929 last year. Ten new full- 
time faculty positions have been 
created. Enrollment at Elon has in- 
creased every year for the last nine. 
The college has added housing for 
over 600 students in recent years. 

The Reason for Success 

One question, of course, is why. 
When so many private colleges are 
faced with declining enrollments 
and even possible extinction, how 
is Elon able to recruit an overflow 
of well-qualified students? 

According to Soliday, the answer 
is a strong program across the 
board. "A good recruiting program 
is a good institutional program," 
says Soliday. "Faculty are an 
especially important key. and Elon 
is noted for having a strong and 
caring teaching staff." In a recent 
survey 97 percent of the graduating 
seniors said, on an open-ended 
question, that the relationship that 
they formed with faculty was one 
of the things they liked best about 

In the same survey 95 percent of 

the seniors expressed overall satis- 

faction with their years at Elon. 
"And satisfied students are our best 
recruiters," Soliday points out. "An 
excellent' facility and good adminis- 
trative leadership are other factors 
in Elon's ability to attract good 
students. We have clearly defined 
institutional goals identifying the 
students that Elon seeks to serve," 
she says. "We know who we are 
and we know where we're going. 

"And when they see this campus 
and meet students and faculty, 
they're sold," she continues. " 'This 
is just what I thought a college 
ought to be like,' is a comment we 
often hear." 

At the same time a great deal of 
credit must be given to the Elon 
admissions staff. The college's de- 
partment of admissions and finan- 
cial aid is generally recognized as 
one of the most effective and pro- 
gressive among similar institutions 
— true pioneers in the field of col- 
lege marketing and recruitment. 

The current success of the Elon 
admissions program has its roots in 
the direction of Mrs. Marydell 
Bright, who headed the department 
for more than 10 years before retir- 
ing in 1984. It has gained steam 
under the current dean, Joanne 
Soliday, who heads a staff of highly 
trained professionals and spearheads 
a four-state recruiting effort that 
goes on 12 months a year, six 
to seven days a week, and up to 16 
hours a day. In today's highly com- 
petitive market, recruiting cannot 
be a haphazard pursuit. Excellent 
planning, computerization of 
records, focus on the individual, 
and meticulous attention to detail 
are the cornerstones of the 

From Inquiry to Enrollment 

The recruiting process officially 
begins approximately 18 months 

before a student would enroll. From 
the Search program of the Scholas- 
tic Aptitude Testing Service, the 
Ofiice of Admissions purchases 
thousands of names of prospective 
students who fall within the col- 
lege's SAT range and geographical 
areas. Through this and other 
sources, admissions accumulates the 
names of approximately 28,000 
potential applicants. Publications 
introducing Elon are mailed to 
these people and others whose 
names have been submitted by 
alumni and friends. In recent years, 
Elon has added a staff which pro- 
duces its own admissions publica- 
tions and responses from these 
mailings have since then risen 
significantly. From the initial Search 
mailing Elon now receives a 
remarkable 17 percent response. 

The real secret to the Elon admis- 
sions program, however, is not bas- 
ed on mail-order information. "Our 
philosophy is to meet the in- 
dividual, to talk to every person 
who shows an interest in Elon," 
Soliday explains. This ambitious, 
and obviously successfijl approach 
involves thousands of man-hours 
and miles as Soliday and six full- 
time traveling admissions counselors 
(who are all Elon graduates) visit 
high schools in all four states, par- 
ticipate in College Day programs 
and host "Hospitality Nights" in 
major cities throughout the area. 

Campus visitation is one of the 
best recruiting tools. "There is no 
substitute for a visit to Elon," Soli- 
day notes. "Prospective applicants 
meet the faculty, talk to students 
and see our beautiful campus. They 
discover for themselves what 
outstanding people and excellent 
facilties Elon offers." 

It is no small task to host a large 
number of prospective students and 

For New Freshman Dejerf- Seeing Campus Meant Love 

Denese Marie Dejerf '90 

By Susan Klopman 

(The following li the first in a series of ankles 
follouiing Denese Marie Dejerf through her 
/reshnum year at Elon.) 

"I'd really like to be a photojour- 
nalist for hJacional Geographic 
Magazine," explained articulate, 
poised Denese Marie Dejerf, Elon 
College Class of 1990. Even 
through a telephone interview, her 
confidence is contagious; somehow 
you just know she'll achieve her 
Why is Elon College the choice 

for this Arlington, Virginia, resi- 
dent? "I learned about Elon from 
my guidance counselor (at 
Wakefield High School). I liked 
what I heard, so 1 came for the 
visitation day last fall." 

Denese went on to describe her 
initial reponse to Elon as "falling in 
love." However, not one to leave a 
thought trapped by a cliche, she 
elaborated: "The atmosphere is per- 
sonal and friendly, and the campus 
is the perfect size. It's really 
beautifiil." Denese added that she's 
ready for a change from the look 
and feel of the greater Washington, 

DC. area. 

She plans to major in mass com- 
munication as the first step in her 
pursuit of a career as a photojour- 
nalist. Elon's communications 
department impressed her. Elon is 
becoming well-known for its state- 
of-the-art equipment and the fact 
that students get lots of hands-on 
experience. She also talked to Dr. 
Russell Gill, chairman of the 
Department of Literature, 
Languages and Communications, 
and to Ray Johnson, assistant pro- 
fessor of communications. 

Discovering that Elon could really 

8 The Magazine of Elon August, 1986 

Workshop Teaches Teens How 
To Survive In College 

their parents. However, with Ad- 
missions' characteristic attention to 
detail, each participant is hosted 
personally— from having the car 
door opened upon arrival to being 
introduced to faculty and staff. For 
example, inst^d of holding a large 
assembly, visitors are split into 
small groups of about 17 people 
with a student admissions 
counselor for each group. With 
such a small group, each individual 
has the opportunity not only to 
ask questions, but also to get a per- 
sonal answer. 

Questions about the cost of a 
college education are met on a per- 
sonal basis too. Even the name— 
the Office of Financial Planning— 
indicates that Elon's approach to 
financing the cost of a college 
education is different. Each appli- 
cant is offered the opportunity for 
an individual financial planning in- 
terview. Because of the many 
scholarships and financial aid pro- 
grams at Elon, counselors can tailor 
financial planning to meet the stu- 
dent's particular circumstances. 

By spring of a student's senior 
year, the field of 28,000 names has 
become 3,000 potential applicants. 
Elon's admissions counselors revisit 
each high school in all four states 
and make one more personal con- 
tact as decisions about a college 
choice are being made. By 
summer— early June this year— 1,000 
of those applicants will have been 
notified that they are members of 
the incoming freshman class. The 
admissions process is over for the 
new students- But for the college it 
has already begun again. 

By Nan Perkins 

It is a typical high school group. 
The students— all seniors— are laid 
back in their chairs, feet propped 
everywhere. Although they have 
just heard a glowing introduction of 
the speaker, a young woman there 
to talk about adjusting to college 
life, they are obviously reserving 

"Pretend with me that it is 
August 15 and you're ready to leave 
for college," she begins, her hands 
betraying her enthusiasm. "The 
shopping is done, the car is packed 
and you've said goodbye to your 

"Now complete this sentence: 
'But I'm still very worried about 

Interest flickers. A few backs 
straightened. Hands begin to go up. 
Another fast-paced presentation of 
Joanne Soliday's workshop, "How 
to Survive or Not Survive in Col- 
lege," is launched. 

The fears expressed by the 
students are always the same — 
getting along with a roommate, 
dealing with professors, leaving 
one's friends, hating the food, 
flunking out. TTie students' atten- 
tion is captured and held even past 
the 50 minutes usually allotted for 
the presentation. 

Soliday, Elon's dean of admissions 
and financial planning, developed 
the "How to Survive" workshop in 
1983 as a service for college-bound 
seniors. Since then, she has 
delivered it over 500 times to more 
than 9,000 students. 

The workshop focuses on the 
academic and social adjustments 
students will be faced with in col- 
lege. Academically, Soliday tries to 
prepare them for differences in col- 
lege class hours, grading practices, 
and the shift in the burden of 
leatning from teacher to student. 

"You're now in class 30 hours a 
week," she explains. "In college, 
you'll be in class only about 15 
hours a week. But to make C's, 
most of you will need to study 
about one hour outside of class for 

every hour you're in class, lb make 
A's and B's— two hours of study for 
every one in class. 

"Make a simple chart to schedule 
your study time in college, even if 
you have to hide in the closet or 
bathroom to do it," Soliday advises, 
showing on a board how a chart 
can be made with X's for class time 
and O's for study. But be flexible, 
she adds. 

"When your roommate comes 
and says *Come on, we're all going 
down to Pizza Hut,' go ahead and 
break the schedule. But reschedule 
that study time for later in the 
week. Don't let it pile up." 

"You're SMART enough to han- 
dle the college workload," she em- 
phasizes. "But you also have to be 
STRONG enough'— a point she 
returns to again and again. 

Socially, Soliday's presentation 
focuses on the danger of unrealistic 
expectations often fostered by 
parents and other adults and the 
problem of dealing with addirional 
freedom college affords. 

"How many times have you 
heard, 'You're going to make many 
new friends?' " she asks. Heads nod 
in recognition. 

"But it's taken you 17 years to 
make the two or three or maybe 
one really good friend you have 
now. You're not going to make new 
close friends in two weeks," she 
warns. "Expect some loneliness at 

Dealing with drugs, alcohol and 
the almost unlimited social freedom 
of college life is another topic. 
"What are you going to do when 
youf roommate brings his girlfriend 
in to spend the night?" she asks 

Again, she advises, you've got to 
be strong. "Someone is setting your 
limits for you now, but in college 
you've got to set your own." You've 
got to know what you value, what 
you like and don't like. And you've 
got to communicate your feelings to 
those around you, 

"If you don't know who you 
are when you go to college," she 
states, "you could be someone else 

Joanne C. Soliday 

in a matter of weeks." 

Peppered with humorous accounts 
of Soliday's experiences as the 
mother of a college-age daughter, as 
a former associate dean of students 
at Elon and as a dean of admis- 
sions, the animated presentation 
has an authenticity that is im- 
mediately recognized by high school 
seniors. Students are totally enaged 
throughout the 50-minute presenta- 
tion, and many stay to ask ques- 
tions afterward. 

Because of the great demand for 
the workshop, Soliday has recently 
begun to train other college admis- 
sions counselors and high school 
guidance counselors to present the 
information on their own. She has 
delivered the workshop at 
numerous counselors conventions, 
at the 1985 Regional College Board 
Assembly in Atlanta and at the 
National Convention of College 
Admissions Counselors in 1985 in 
Cincinnati. This summer, she is 
helping to train 50 college admis- 
sions counselors from throughout 
the Carolinas to become certified 
workshop presentors, as part of a 
special project of the Carolinas 
Association of College Registrars 
and Admissions Counselors. 

A videotape of the presentation is 
also available and is being used ex- 
tensively. Soliday has also recently 
developed a similar workshop 
designed for the parents of college- 
bound seniors. It, too, is growing in 

First Sight 

meet her career needs was impor- 
tant, but perhaps what made the 
day really special is the friendship 
that began between Denese and her 
student tour guide Lisa Milanak. 
Lisa invited Denese back again to 
spend several weekends during the 
fall. She came, and it didn't take 
long for Elon to start feeling like 
Denese's college too. 

Denese also applied to Virginia 
Tech and James Madison College. 
Her solid academic background, in- 
cluding various academic awards, 
made her a very acceptable appli- 
cant at those institutions. There 

is also some family history with 

"I've talked about going to 
Virginia Tech since I was in the 5th 
grade," she said. "One of our 
relatives is a researcher there, so I 
really feel like Tech is part of the 
family." The remark that followed is 
the tell-tale one; "When I saw Elon 
though, I didn't care about other 

While Denese is very excited 
about coming to Elon, she is 
realistic about the adjustments that 
college life requires. "I guess living 
with a stranger will be the most 
dramatic change for me," she said, 
adding: "But I think it will be very 
interesting and I'll learn a lot about 

myself in the process. 

"I'm pretty independent. My 
parents have always been very sup- 
portive," Denese noted and pro- 
bably explained the reason for her 
impressive self-confidence without 
even realizing it. 

"My dad coaches football too," 
Denese explained as the entree into 
her interest in photography. "We 
gave him a camera, but I ended up 
taking it!" she laughed. "I started 
taking photos of the football games. 
I really enjoyed being on the field 
with Dad." The two of them ended 
up sharing the camera and classes 
in photography at a nearby com- 
munity college. 

In addition to experience in 

sports photography, Denese's high 
school career included a host of dif- 
ferent activities. From yearbook 
editor to a staff position on the 
school literary magazine, coincident- 
ly named The Pendulum, she cer- 
tainly has had a taste of journalism. 
On the lighter side, Denese was a 
cheerleader and would like to be 
one at Elon. "I just love drumming 
up people's energy, creating excite- 
ment and team spirit," she said. 
That's certainly not hard to believe 
from energetic and affable Denese 
Marie Dejerf. 

The Magazine of Elon August, 1986 


Angyal — 

continued from p. 1 

Angyal said. The majority are tri- 
lingual, studying Hungarian and 
Russian by requirement; English by 
choice. Angyal's students had master- 
ed English well enough to read 
Faulkner. Students generally double 
major. To do this they take between 
35 and 36, l-l'/2 hour courses per 
semester: 12 courses in their first 
major, 12 in their second major, and 
12 in courses grounded in Marxist 

"The curriculum is very demand- 
ing and the students are on 
chronic overload," Angyal noted. 
Faculty, on the other hand, have a 
far more leisurely, almost relaxed 
schedule. By contrast, Angyal said 
he gained a new appreciation of how 
hard Americans work. The differ- 
ence seems to have more to do with 
environment than with anything 
inherent in the national character. 

"The Hungarians are a people liv- 
ing under foreign domination. There 
is a tendency to live for today be- 
cause tomorrow is not so certain," 
Angyal noted. Indeed the Hungar- 
ians cannot escape the reminders of 
their Soviet intruders. According to 
Angyal, their military presence is 
constant and obvious. Hungary is 
very important to the Soviets as 
the most affluent of the Eastern 
bloc nations. Its location is strategic 
to Soviet military and economic 
well-being also. 

Despite living under the Soviet 
yoke, the Hungarian people are 
warm and hospitable, Angyal 
discovered. "I was readily incor- 
porated into the community," he 
adds, so much so in fact, that he 
calls his Hungarian visit "the 
richest four months of my life." 

"I wish that every faculty member 
could have this opportunity," 
Angyal adds. He is, of course, refer- 
ring to the rewarding experience of 
being a Fulbright Scholar. One 
can't help thinking, however, he is 
also alluding to a visit to Hungary. 

Classiest Act — 

continued from p. 7 

"I sure am sorry that team is out 
of the tournament," lamented a 
Bluefield native watching the 
Region 7 play. "Those boys were 
here last year and they not only 
play good hard ball, but they do it 
the nice way. It's a darn shame the 
good guys can't always win." 

"I want to go over there with 
that team," requested one of the 
high school girls, volunteering as a 
batgirl. "I remember them from last 
year and they are nice. The other 
team is a bunch of animals." 

Elon coach Rick Jones, his 
players and Elon Athletic Director 
Dr. Alan J. White can be proud of 





Elon College 

North Carolina's proposed constitutional amendment 
#1 will allow Elon to sell tax-exempt Ponds to finance 
constnjction of new facilities, improvements to 
facilities and purchase of equipment The savings in 
interest paid on bonds by Elon in the future will be 

Independent Colleges & 

Future students at Elon and 57 other Independent 
colleges and universities in North Carolina will benefit 
from this constitutional amendment. Tax-exempt 
bonds will allow these schools to hold down costs to 
students, while making needed improvements to 
their facilities. 

The Future of North Carolina 

North Carolina's independent colleges and 
universities play a l<ey role in the state's economy 
and the quality of life we enjoy. Passage of the 
constitutional amendment will help ensure that these 
important institutions of higher education will 
continue to Pe a vital part of North Carolina's future. 




Authorized by NC FnencJs of Htgher Education 

the thoughts. 

They can be proud the Elon 
baseball team is an assembly of 
Fighting Christians. 

A majority of this character came 
forth in Elon's final game of the 
Region 7 tournament. After losing 
one, then winning another to stay 
alive, Elon met the Univetoity of 
South Carolina-Aiken, the second 
ranked team in the nation. 

The opponent played up to its 
ranking, too. Built an U-l lead by 
the seventh inning with incredible 
hitting skill. But also during the 
run production, the Hilltoppers 
displayed actions of horrendous 

proportions — vocal and visible. 

The Elon players — from their 
dugout— sat, shook their heads and 
went about their business. 

And the patience, the maturity 
in not responding to the opposi- 
tion's vulgarity nearly paid off. 

To start the seventh inning, Jones 
pulled his players aside and told 
them a little something about pride 
and dignity. 

Lead-off man John Barrick would 
start the crusade with a two ring 
home run. The mighty blast would 
start an 8-run rally— including two 
other homers — in the final three in- 
nings of the game. 

The crusade would end, however, 
with three men aboard, two outs 
and Andy Barrick representing the 
winning run at the plate. 

The left fielder would send a long 
fly ball to his spot in the field for 
the final out of the contest, the 
final out of Elon's season. 

But, no heads drooped to look 
upon the ground in the realization 
that it was all over. Instead, the 
Elon players congratulated each 
other with high-fives, hugs and 
words of encouragement. 

After all they were the classiest 
act in town. 

10 The Magazine of Elon August, 1986 


J. F. Minnis cclebraced his 91st birchday 
on June 10. A member of the United 
Methodist Church, he served as a mis- 
sionarv to India for 33 years. He holds a 
M.Div. degree from Wesley Tlieological 
Seminary and an M.A. degree from Drew 
University. In addition, he studied for a 
year at Cornell University. His rich career 
is described in Who's Who in MetKodism. 

Several years ago, Rev. Minnis presented 
the Class of 1919 pennant to Elon. Later, 
he gave the college the Philologian Socie- 
ty pennant. 

He has been a widower for approximate- 
ly five years and lives alone on the farm 
where he was reared. A neighbor works 
(he fields for him. 


Cecil Wickline Jr. is the retired owner 
of Mintwick Poultry Farm in Waynesboro. 


Jo-Nell McCullough writes: "While at 
Elon I met Paul in 1944 when he visited 
there from Davidson College— checking 
out the Elon gals! We celebrated our 40th 
wedding anniversary on July 7th! We have 
five children plus 15 grandchildren. This 
happiness began as we strolled that 
campus— by O'Kelly-back in 1944-45! So. 
I have fond memories of Elon— all the 
students, teachers, ballgames, and hikes of 
that era are remembered with love! I'd 
love to hear from any classmate!" (Her ad- 
dress; 367 S. Section St., Fairhope, AL 


R. E. "Bob" Lee was recently recogniied 
by the Carthage Rotary Club as a 
Distinguished Citizen. He was one of 
three people honored for achievements in 
their respective vocations and for outstan- 
ding community service. In particular. 
Bob was cited for his outstanding service 
in the public school system as teacher, 
coach, and— from 1959 until his retire- 
ment in 1985— his contributions as 
superintendent of the Moore County 


Tom Homer runs Tom Horner Books, 
his store in Phoenix, Ariz. 
John Sunburn is senior pastor of Pilgrim 
Congregational United Church of Christ 
in Billings, Mont. 


W. J. "Jack" Morgan was recognized by 

the Carthage Rotary Club in May as a 
Distinguished Citizen, joining Bob Lee 
'45, as one of three honored for voca- 
tional community service achievements. 
Particular mention was made of Jack's 
contribution to the field of banking— he is 
currently senior vice president with 
Branch Banking and Trust in Pinehurst, 
N.C In addition, he is an elder in the 
Vass Presbyterian Church, a 36-year 
member of the Vass Lions Club, and a 
Mason. His activity extends to the Moore 
Memorial Hospital, the Red Cnass, the 
Boy Scouts, and the Chamber of 


Ed Mutford is now 65 and retired from 
business, but not from Softball. Playing 
with teams in Harpers Crossroads, San- 
ford. Southern Pines, and Pittsboro each 
week, he is enjoying his 50th consecutive 
season of softball— a national record. By 
the end of this season he will have played 
nearly 5,000 games and may have reached 
9,000 hits, combining both fast-pitch and 
slo-pitch Softball. Although he is playing 
slo-pitch this summer, he hopes to 
reorganize his famous travelling Connec- 
ticut Softball team for a fast-pitch visit to 

Happened Tol 

Margaret Graham Sharpe Lawing '57 

^^SKQI^L Margaret Lawing 
JHHPH^H majored in 
^HF^ ^^r English, French 
^r -^x. «t and drama at 

Elon. She became 
a French teacher 
for eight years 
after graduation. Then she returned 
to school and in 1968 received a 
master's degree in audiology and 
speech pathology from UNCG. 
Since that time she has been 
teaching in the speech department 
at Central Piedmont Community 
College in Charlotte. 

For the past two summers, 
Lawing has combined her love for 
travel and reading by studying 
French again at the French In- 
stitute at UNCG and the Univer- 
sity of Provence in France. 

Lawing and her husband, Johnny, 
have a permanent residence at Rt. 
2, Bear Creek, NC 27207. During 
the school term Lawing can be 
reached at her Charlotte address: 
325-4 Queens Rd., Charlotte, NC 

Penny Parker '75 

Penny Parker ma- 
jored in business 
and accounting 
at Elon and took 
graduate courses 
later on at Old 
Dominion in 
Richmond. Parker says that the 
main thing she has done since 
graduation is work, work, work!!! 

For years she was a senior ac- 
countant with the City of Norfolk. 
Now she is a district manager for 

Automated Data Processing, a firm 
which markets automated payroll 
systems. Parker enjoys traveling and 
meeting people in this job, and she 
says no two days are ever alike. 

Parker is active with the Dale 
Carnegie classes in leadership and 
public speaking. Her goal is to 
become an instructor. She is also 
an avid runner. 

Her address is: 1452 Bridle Creek 
Blvd., Virginia Beach, VA 23464- 

Robert E. Lee Brandenburg '79 

Bob Brandenburg 
was a hard man 
to find, but 
believe it or not, 
our search 
brought us right 
back to Elon 
where he was assisting with soccer 
camp the first week in July! 

After receiving a B.S. degree in 
physical education, Brandenburg re- 
mained in the Alamance County 
area for about a year teaching in 
the county school system. Then he 
moved to Raleigh to work at the 
Spa Health Club for two years. In 
the fall of '82 he went back into 

teaching and coaching soccer in 
the Fayetteville area. After several 
school changes, he will be head 
soccer- coach, JV basketball coach 
and physical education teacher at 
Pine Forest Senior High School in 
Fayetteville beginning this fall. 

Brandenburg sees quite a few 
Elon grads in the Fayetteville area: 
Mike Bordone '80, Barn/ '79 and 
Angie Lintz '80 Duff, Mark '78 
and Nancy '78 Heil, and David 
Lewis '80. 

Brandenburg's address is: 9I7-A 
Southview Cr., Fayetteville, NC 

Lost touch with a former classmate? Maybe we can help. Give us a trail and 
we'll try and find your favorite missing p>erson. >X^en we do, we'll publish an 
update on their activities and whereabouts. Clip and complete this form and 
mail it to: 

MOE Buddy System 
Box 2116 

Elon College. NC 27244-2010 
Yes! I would like to know whatever happened to: 

Class of: 

My name and address: 

Note: This service will not be used to assist alumni in the collection of 
debts, rekindling of romances or locating of classmates who wish to remain 



Peop le 

New Zealand in February 1987. He is one 
of the oldest players in the slo-pitch game 
and the oldest in fast-pitch. 
Herbert Spivey, better known as 
"Chink" on the Elon campus during the 
years '4r-43, '46^8 and '49, writes that he 
is a native Bertie County "Tar Heel," but 
grew up across the street from Lawrence 
W. "Red" I'Anson in Portsmouth, Va. 
(I'Anson received an honorary DHL 
degree at commencement in May.) He is a 
lifelong friend of Thad Eure, N.C. 
Secretary of State. Many of Mr, Spivey 's 
poems have appeared in the BurltevifJe- 
Creife ioumai, and he has been awarded 
the Rutitan National Plaque for outstand- 
ing work as a reporter, scrapbook 
historian and photographer for the 
Ruritan Club in Burkeville, Va. He has 
had poems published recenty in Book 1 of 
the 1986 Neu' Yorfc Poetry Sociery An[KoIog> 
and Spting 1986 Amcnoin fberry An- 
tHotogj. Vol. VI, No.l A number of his 
anecdotes are to appear in the Swte 
Magazine of Raleigh, N.C, in the not too 
distant- future and a number of works 
have been in the hopper for future 
editing. Hetbert and Gay Dee Spivey 
would welcome a visit from their Elon 
friends at their home in Crewe, Virginia. 
Jack Storey is a residential real estate 
associate with Allenton Realty &. In- 
surance Company in Research Triangle 


Samuel G. Dodson Jr. and Georgia 
Austin Reid were married April 12 in Lex- 
ington, N.C. Dr, Dodson is associate 
director of American Childrens Home. 
Evelyn McNeill, professor of anatomy 
at East Carolina Medical School, was 
selected by the Class of 1986 to receive 
the "Basic Science Course Award." 


Larry E. Barnes was selected by the 
Awards and Citations Committee of the 
Veterans of Foreign Wars of the U.S. to 
become a member of the All-State Team 
of Quartermasters. The award was 
presented at the State Convention in 


Harold Ellen, head baseball coach for 
18 seasons and an assistant coach for one 
season at Pembroke State University, has 
resigned. He will continue to serve as an 
assistant professor in the Department of 
Health and Physical Education. 
Wayne F. Taylor of Miami Palmetto 
Senior High School was selected by the 
Florida Interscholastic Athletic Ad- 
ministration Association as Athletic 
Director of the Year in the state of 
Florida. This is the highest award given 
by the FIAAA and honors outstanding 
individuals, recognizing their profession 
and the contributions they are making to 
interscholastic athletics. The award 
represents excellence in achievement in 
athletic administtation. Wayne is the fifth 
athletic director in the state of Florida to 
be so honored. On four different occa- 
sions his high school has been selected by 
the Mijami Heraid as having the most 
outstanding sports program. Tlie schcKil 
received the Greater Miami Athletic Con- 
ference Sportsmanship Award on three 


Don Terrell is vice president and city 
executive officer for C&S National Bank, 
Camden, S.C. 


Judy Terrell is teaching in the Kersha\ 
County Schoob, Camden, SC. 

The Magazine of Elon August, 1986 


Bob Brigman is administrator for Cabar- 
rus Onhopedic in Concord, N.C. 
Jerry Wayne Moore is senior pastor at 
St. Johns United Church of Christ in Rich- 
mond, Va. 


Barney Burgess is reference librarian at 
AT&aT Technologies in Winston-Salem, NC 
Sandy Bergman Inman is teaching health 
education at Osceola High School in Semi- 
nole, Fla. Recently, she was elected record- 
ing secretary of the Pinellas County Profes- 
sional Health Education Association. 
Lawrence Peter Kleeberg and Anita 
Ann Johnson were married March 8 in 
Winston-Salem, N.C. 

Ray Wilson has been named director of 
athletics of Spartanburg, S.C., District 7 
schools, District 7 includes Spartanburg 
High School, second largest in the state, 
and three junior high schools. 


John Fletcher is a foreman in the distri- 
bution center of the Neu/5 and Record in 
Raleigh. NC 

Gayte Greene Moore is a teacher in Gor 
don Elementarv School in Midlothian, Va 
Michael Lewis Wilbum has been named 
minister of church membership development 
at Peace United Church of Christ in 


William H.Miele and Alice Tyndall Brad- 
nhaw were married May 24 in Wilson. N.C. 
Dannie Simpson is teaching and coach- 
ing football at Currituck High School, Cur- 
rituck, NC. 27929. In 1985 his team was 
undefeated and won the conference title for 
the second year in a row. The team has 
made the state playoffs the last three years. 
Frank Webster is southern sales manager 
for National Spinning Company, Inc. in 
Greensboro, NC 


Judith Lee Fogleman and Roger Wesley 
Lewis Jr. were married May 17 in 
Greensboro. NC 

Joe Foley has joined a government relations 
firm, Evergreen Associates, in Washington. 
D.C. Evergreen lobbies for several high tech 
companies, small businesses, one labor 
union, a foreign policy research firm, and 
some environmental companies doing 
hazardous materials clean-up work. 
Lawrence Sage is part-time general man- 
ager of Pearl Theatre, a resident acting 
company. Also, he will be the first assistant 
director for New York City's Summer Street 
Theatre program. In April he directed a one- 
act play, part of an evening of three one 
acts, for the Stonewall Repertory Company. 
In addition, he developed an improvisa- 
tional theatrical piece that was performed 
under the Stonewall Repertory Company in 

Richard Youmans received a master's de- 
gree in business administration in June from 
Faifleigh Dickson University, Rutherford. 
N.J. Richard is vice president/regional coor- 
dinator for Carteret Savings Bank, Mor- 
risiown, N.J, 


Thomas L. Bass Jr., former division man- 
ager for Jefferson Standard in Burlington, 
N.C, has been named director of field train- 
ing for the company's home office in 
Greensboro, N.C. He has been with the 
company since I98Z and was the Greens- 
boro agency's Division Manager of the Year 
from 1982 through 1984. 
Fenton Cunningham has been named a 
vice president for First Citizens Bank in 
Asheville, where he is a commercial loan 
David Spicer was appointed president of 
Ion Books, Inc.. an independent publishing 
company of fiction, poetry and children's 

Sandy Sanderson '39 

The Fruits of the Earth 

"What happens when a few Seniors 
find they have more garden produce 
than they can use? Tliey find other 
Seniors who have no garden and 

"^X^lat happens when they are 
given a field with FIVE TONS of 
cauliflower? They do the same thing, 
except that it takes a bit of organiz- 

The Reverend E. J. Sanderson '39 
of Ben Lomond, California, is the 
author of that quiz and the genius 
who did the "bit of organizing" that 
brought the California Grey Bear's 
Brown Bag Program into being about 
eight years ago. 

Prompted by the discovery of the 
tons of food that go to waste and 
the number of senior citizens who 
have time, energy and fixed incomes, 
Sanderson, his wife, Dorothy, and 
some friends started the California 
Grey Bears. The group has now be- 
come an incorporated, nonprofit 
organization with 4,000 senior-citizen 
members picking and distributing 
about 110 tons or 3800 grocery bags 
of food per week. On any one day, 
the Grey Bears may hit the fields to 
pick a ton of lettuce which has been 
donated because it is cosmetically 
deficient (for a head of lettuce that 
means too large, too small or a bit 
out of shape, and therefore cannot 
be sold on the market). 

The sources of food are as sur- 
prising as the quantities. Sanderson 
writes: "^X'e also pick up dated food 
at local supermarkets the day before 

expiration. It still has a shelf-life of 
five or six days, and we can get it 
into the hands of Seniors the next 
day. Often commercial freezers will 
bring us several hundred cases of 
frozen food so they can make room 
for the new crop. A large warehouse 
supplies us with 5,000 loaves of 
bread each week." His amazing story 
goes on and on, but his letter closes 
with: "Thank you, Elon. Your help 
and inspiration played a large role 
in our success and happiness." 

While Sanderson was at Elon, he 
served the Monticello Christian 
Church and one in Haw River "get- 
ting practical experience while bene- 
fitting from such professors as D. J. 
Bowden (philospohy), Merton French 
(religion). Dr. Newman (Greek) and 
Dr. Hook (science)." Sanderson still 
sees D. j. Bowden occasionally since 
they are West Coast neighbors. 

After Elon, Sanderson did gradu- 
ate work in theology at Oberlin. 
He had a 13-year pastorate in Fargo, 
North Dakota; a 12-year parish in 
Maui, Hawaii; and a six-year term 
as a missionary to Samoa under the 
National Council of Churches. At 
some point before retirement 12 
years ago, he served briefly in parish- 
es in England and New Zealand. 
Sanderson and his wife are the pro- 
ud parents of a son, George (who 
was born at Duke while Sanderson 
was at Elon), and one daughter, 
Carol. They are grandparents to 
five children and great grandparents 
to two, in addition to being the 
founders of a family of 4,000. 

literature. Also, he is editor of Raccoon, a 
poetry journal which will be celebrating its 
tenth anniversary in 1987. His first fuU- 
length collection of poems, The Man Who 
Wore Beautiful Hats, will be available from 
St. Luke's Press in the spring of 1987, As 
editor of Raccoon, he has published 21 
issues of the magaiine, six pamphlets, and 
three books by authors around the country. 


Donna Hill Krusa and Charles E. Hin- 
nant were married May 24 in Durham, N.C. 
Alex Vardavas was named "Humanitarian 
of the Year" by the V.FW, Ballard-Pruitt 
Post 647, Danville, Va. 
Mark MillSi regional engineering manager 
at Marshalls, had an article published in 
I the March issue of Modem MaceriaU Hand- 
ling, It describes how the retailer sorts and 
tracks items daily at Marshalls' new distri- 
bution centet in Bridgewater, Va. 
James Gregg Sigmon and Sandra Helene 
Root were married recently in Greenville, 

Lxiraine D. Wilkinson has joined the Or- 
tho Pharmaceutical Corp, as a sales representa- 
tive m the Richmond Division, 


Nan Martin Anderson and her husband, 
Steve, 10521 Claybar Trail, Richmond, VA 
23Z36, announce the birth of a son, Mich- 
ael Steven, on April 19, They also have a 
daughter, Kelly, who is four years old. Nan 
works for the Baptist Foreign Mission 
Board in Richmond, Va., and was recently 
promoted to the position of lead applica- 
tions specialist for the Special Projects Work 
Group of the Word Processing Section. 


' Jim Collins is assistant football coach at 

I Duke University, Durham, N.C 

I Franklin Holbrook McNutt and Sandra 

j Jean Kopp were married May 17 in 
Durham, N.C 

Fred Midkiff is financial management ad- 
visor for the John Deere Company in Con- 

I yers, Ga. 

, Turner Revels Jr. is general manager of 

] f^vels Tractor Company, Inc. in Fuquay- 

' Varina, N.C. 


I David Chapman and his wife,Joyce, 21732 

j Lanar, Mission Viejo, Calif. 92692. announce 
[ the birth of their son, Ian EScrnard, in Dec- 
ember, 1985. David is employed as national 
I sales manager for MIC Technology Corp, of 
i Dallas, Texas. 

, Wayne Church of the Alamance County 
' Employment Training Office lectured in a 
I personnel administrative class this past 
, spring. The Employment Training Office is 
, a federally- funded ptogram, 
Geri Collins is teaching second grade at 
Immaculata School in Durham, N.C, 
'■ Keith Haywood Hunt and Cynthia Lynne 
Stegallwere married April 26in Raleigh, N.C. 
Brenda McGee has been named a winner 
of the Perot Excellence in Teaching Award 
which recognizes outstanding Texas teachers, 
■ She also has received the Conservation 
, Teacher of the Year award in Collin County 
and Region V, Now she will enter the Texas 
Conservation Teacher oftheYear competition, 
I Drew Parr and his wife, Joan, 201 Nichols 
' Drive, Greenville, NC 27834, announce the 
birth of a daughter, LindseyAnn, on March 
13. They also have a son, John Drew Parr 
111, who is three years old. 
Donna Walsh Ponce, who taught nine 
years in the Hanover County School system, 
lb now a real estate agent for her mother's 
company, Jerry Walsh Realty, 
Sue Ellen Rich and Roger Peter Kovaleski 
were married March 29 in Graham, N.C. 
, Kathryn Easley Smith and her husband, 
' Warren, 8516 Luton Road, Richmond. VA 
' 23235, announce the birth of a son, Daniel 
I Easley, on April 30. They also have a 
J daughter, Laura Kathryn, age three 


The Magazine of Elon August, 1986 


Woody Allman Jr. is quality concrol in- 
spector for Guille Steel Products Com- 
panv, Inc. in Virginia Beach, Va. 
Bessie Lucille Efland and Barry F. Cas- 
tle were married May 31 in Durham, N.C, 
Henry Warren Fischer and Mary Wall 
Lcdbetter wrer married May 17 in , 
Raleigh, N.C. 

Jane Kell teaches sixth grade at Booker 
Middle School in Sarasota, Ra. 
John A. O'Briant II has been promoted 
to manager of pension and thrift plans in 
the benefits departmeni of AH. Robins 

Joan Schultzberger Parr and her hus- 
band. Drew '75, 201 Nichols Drive, 
Greenville, NC 27834, announce the 
birth of a daughter, Lindsey Ann, on 
March 13. They also have a son, John 
Drew Parr III, who is three years old. 
Jane Hodges Quinley and her husband, 
Kevin, 58 Monarch Drive, Sterling, VA 
22170, announce the birth of a son, 
Kevin McRee, on January 11. Jane was 
formerly personnel manager for the 
American Trucking Association, a Wash- 
ington, DC. trade and lobbying group. 
Dwighl Richard Sherlock and Susan 
Renee Vinson were married April 1^ in 
Rock Hill. S.C. 

Denise Shelton is a trader's assistant for 
NCNB in Charlone, N,C. 
Raymond Suiratt, paster of Hopewell 
United Methodist Church in Trinity, was 
speaker at the baccalaureate service for 
the graduates of Denton Senior High 

Talmadge Franklin Vaughn III and 
Wanda Kelly Hurley were married May 31 
in Eden, N.C. 


June Brooks of Laurinburg has joined 
the national staff of the Children's 
Transplant Association. June, director of 
the Josh Brooks Living Memorial 
Transplant Association, will serve as the 
new director of communications and 
public relations. She will work out of the 
national office in Laurinburg. 
Nick Dercola is sports information 
director and assistant football coach at 
Newberry College. He is married to the 
former Joni D George and they have a 
six-month-old son, Jake. 
Herbert Wilson McKinstry Jr., known 
to his friends as both "Bill" and "Whale," 
has reported a story with a very happy 

McKinstry returned to Elon for 
Homecoming last October and ran into 
former classmate Laren M. Long '77. 
The two recalled their college days, in- 
cluding their association with Sigma Phi 
Epsilon (McKinstry is a brother and Long 
was a little sister), and what they had 
been doing since they last saw each other 
ten years ago. 

Another ten years was not to pass 
before the two would meet again, 
however! Tlianks to direct phone and air 
service between Wilmington, Del., and 
Charlotte. N.C, McKinstry and Long 
stayed in touch during the months follow- 
ing Homecoming. In fact, they decided 
that their renewed acquaintance should 
last a lifetime. McKinstry says. "Cupid 
must have been shooting arrows at us 
over Burlington Memorial Stadium at the 
football game." In June the two were mar- 
ried in Kennett Square, Pa. Elon was well 
represented at the wedding, including 
friends and fraternity-brothers- turned- 
ushers Doug Durante '77 and Craig 
Kiriland '77- 

McKinstry said: "I have always main- 
tained that some of my best friends were 
made at Elon and this just proves the 

McKinstry, president and owner of Val- 
Pak of Northern Delaware (the oldest and 
largest cooperative direct mail promotion 

Ken Hicks: 

The Joke's on Elon 

When Ken Hicks attended Elon in 
the mid-60s, the college probably 
never considered that it was offering 
him an education and material for a 
comedy routine that has earned him 
the title "The Funniest Person in 

This spring, Showtime, the nation- 
al pay-television service, searched the 
50 states to find "The Funniest Per- 
son in America." Hicks won in Vir- 
ginia and was one of three finalists 
for the national title. The contest 
was held in April on Showtime and 
voting was done by viewer call-in. Al- 
though Hicks didn't win first place, 
no one holding his sides during aper- 
formance would ever think of that. 

The mention of sides would pro- 
bably lead Hicks into some kind of 
crack about size, leaving the audience 
wondering just which word is which. 
There's no possibility, however, of 
missing Ken Hicks, as William Ruehl- 
mann, columnist for The Virginian' 
Pilot, describes: "In a three-piece suit, 
Hicks gives the appearance of a pin- 
striped galleon under full sail. Beard- 
ed and bespectacled, he conveys the 
girth and grin of Friar Tuck ap- 
proaching lunch." 

As Hicks responds: "Some guys 
keep Playboy calendars. Want to 
know my personal favorite pin-up 
girls? Sara Lee, Betty Crocker and 
Julia Child." 

Though his wit is kind, nothing 
is safe from the humor of Hicks, 
not even Elon. "Elon is the Hebrew 
word for oak. It's also gentile for 
$3,000 a semester," he quips. While 
Hicks pulls his figures out of the 
air, his comedy is generally ground- 
ed in real life. 

"I'm a comedian who would like 
to be a humorist. A comic says 
things funny; a comedian says fun- 
ny things. A humorist, like Will 
Rogers, makes you laugh and think." 

"The think part is the difference," 
Hicks explains to Ruehlmann. 

Developing the "think" side of 
Hicks is something his mother 
quickly recalls. "Oh, yes, 1 remember 
his Elon days . . ." she laughed in a 
phone conversation, giving the 
distinct impression that there's a lot 
of history behind that laugh. Yet 
her laughter is an indication of the 
good humor and high spirits that 
run in Ken Hicks' whole family: 
Cecil and "Buck," Ken's mother 
and father; his brother, Leonard 
Ralph Hicks; and his wife, Diana, 
and 15-year-old daughter, Jennifer. 

What is funny to comedian Hicks? 

"Life is funny. It's the only game 
I know in which the object is to 
find out the rules before the end." 

Perhaps that "think" side of Ken 
Hicks gleaned more than his 
mother imagines. 


company in the US. and Canada), and 
Long live at 2900 Crossfork Dr., Apt, 
2-C. Wilmington, DE 19808. Their 
telephone number is 302/994-784?. 

Emilv Schmit is assistant treasurer for 
CentrBl Carolina Bank in Cary, N.C. 
Charles Barry Smith is employed as a 
special agent with the Federal Bureau of 
Investigation in Chicago, 111. 

Jane Jeffress Wrcnn and husband. 
Robert, RO. Box 561, Siler City. NC 27344, 
announce the birth of a son, Adam 
Bruton, on April 6. 


Hilda Brown of the Alamance County 
Employment Training Office lectured in a 
personnel administration class last spring. 
The Employment Trainmg Office is a 
federally funded program. 
Ray Thompson Dodson and Delores 
Elaine Woollen were married May 24 in 
Reidsville, N,C 

Eva Donahue GoldBmith and her hus- 
band, Gray, 2419 Longview Avenue, Roa- 
noke, VA 24014, announce the birth of 
their son, Richard "Tyler," on March 31. 
They also have a daughter, Lauren Gray, 
age two. 

William H. Highsmith is a pilot fcr 
Piedmont Airlines. 

Christopher George Jemigan and 
Lydia Ann Massey '79 were married 
April 26 in Burlington, N.C Chris is a 
sales and customer service representative 
for Carolina Container, High Point, N.C. 
Joseph Liberto is employed as a boiler 
and machinery underwriter at the Kemper 
Group in Richmond, Va. 
Alan Darrell Light and Angela Darlene 
Wilson were married May II in Eden, N.C. 
Gary Parrish is a surveyor with the N.C. 
Department of Transportation in Graham, 

r^TTj ^ John R. Atkinson 
^ ^*ifc^ ^or. has been awardet 

Navy Commendation 
Medal for meritorious 
service aboard the 
guided missile Frigate 
USS Samuel Eliot 

Morison. The Navy 

Medal is seventh on the 
medal precedence list and is awarded for 
singular meritorious heroic performance. 
Titn Beck is owner/ manager of Bodyshop 
Health Club in Fuquay-Vanna, N.C. 
Robert Lyon Covington is partner/man- 
ager of the Golden Corral restaurant in 
Staunton, Va. His wife, Kelly Parks Cov- 
ington '61, is manager of Fashion Cents. 
They have two children, Patricia and 

Kevin Lee Gilliam and Kathy Ann Can- 
ner were married April 26 in Saxapahaw, 

Elizabeth Rattennan Holmes and her 
husband, George, Route 4, Box 223-A, 
Mebane, NC 27302, announce the birth 
of a daughter, Jessica Anne, on May 12. 
Lydia Ann Massey and Christopher 
George Jemigan '78 were married April 
26 in Burlington, N.C. Lydia is a teacher 
for the Alamance County School system. 
Maria Williams Perry teaches elemen- 
tary school in Hillsborough, N.C. 
Daniel S. Thompson and LuCinda Bie- 
secker were married March 15 in Lex- 
ington. N.C. 

Jeri Statlcr Bamhardt is teaching first 
grade in the Winston-Salem/FDrsyth Coun- 
ty School system. She recently graduated 
from UNC-Greensboro with an M.Ed. 
Mike Brown is currently employed as a 
draftsman in the engineering departmeni 
of Varco-Pruden Buildings in Kerncrsville. 
Laurie Alcon Brown is employed as a 
profit sharing analyst with Booke 6*. 
Company, Inc., a consulting and actuary 
firm in Winston-Salem. 
James Coble was promoted to department 
chief for the accounting and pricing 
department at AT&T Technologies. Inc. 
Steven L. Ellington has been appointed 
sales manager for the Southeastern United 
States for the Custom Fabrics Division of 
Glen Raven Mills. 

Leslie and Carolyn Ellis, 5516 Munford 
Road, Raleigh, NC 27612, announce the 
birth of a son, Leslie Overton, on April 18. 

The Magazine of Elon August, 1986 13 


Tory Everett received an MBA degree 
from the University of North Carolina at 
Wilmington in Mav- She is an assistant 
vice president with First Citizens Bank 
working as a branch manager in Wil- 
mington, NC 

Bill Hilton is a sales representative for 
Shuford Mills. Inc., Hickory, NC 
Barbara Huffman is the new owner of 
The Inkwell, Inc., a stationery, bridal ac- 
cessory and gift shop located on Church 
St. in Burlington, N.C. 
Don Lawrence has joined Linn-Corriher 
Corp. in Undis, N.C. 
Phyllis MarionMiddleton and husband, 
Steve. 4207 Olympia Drive, Greensboro. 
N.C. 27406, announce the birth of a 
daughter. Rebekah Carol, on April 10, 
Phyllis will continue teaching kindergarten 
in the Guilford County School system. 
Nancy Redd Penick has become presi- 
dent of the greater Richmond Alumni 
Chapter- She may be reached at 307 
Pamela Lane, Richmond, Va. 23233; 
telephone 804/747-1405. 
Donna Paschall Robinson is cur- 
riculurti coordinator and teacher at First 
United Methodist Pre-school in Stuart. 

Lindy O. Rogers has been promoted to 
the position of assistant vice president in 
the Winston-Salem office of Booke &. 
Company. Linda is an actuarial assistant 
in the employee benefits division. 
E. H. "Rick" Teller is the new presi- 
dent of the Greater Washington, D.C. 
Alumni Chapter. He may be contacted at 
9723 Br<igg Lane, Manassas. VA 22110; 
telephone 703/361-7618. 
Betry Burton Thayer was recency pro- 
moted to manager in the management 
consulting services depanment of Price 
Waterhouse, Washington, D.C. For the past 
three years she has been providing manu- 
facturing and cost management services 
to the aerospace and defense industries. 
Teresa Diane Zachary and Samuel 
Bayless Zimmerman were married recently 
in Graham, N.C. 


Jeff Batts is sales manager for New Con- 
cept Marketing in Lake Park. Fla. He 
recently purchased a home at Sandlewood 
Lakes in the village of the Palm Beaches. 
Harry Randall Brandon and Terri 
Elizabeth Wilkerson were married April 
19 in Roxboro, N.C. 

Marie Louise Barrett and William James 
Jones were married recently in Roanoke, 
Va. Marie is employed by Business Com- 
munications System in Roanoke. 
Dora Ann HilUard and James Covington 
Nichols 111 were married recently in 
Durham. N.C. 

Nancy Lottman Cohen and husband, 
Sanford, 3421 Dickens Dnve, Virginia 
Beach. VA 23452. announce the birth of 
a son, Jonathan Andrew, on April 17. 
Bonnie Gravitte is policy service cor- 
respondent for Peoples Security Insurance 
in Durhaiii. NjC. 

Paul Hirschmann is a senior programer 
for Shared Data Systems, Inc. in Charlotte. 
He was recently married and would like 
for classmates to look him up when they 
are in the Charlotte area. 
Vennecia "Nish" Bynum Jackson, a 
recent graduate at the School of Medicine 
at East Catolina University, will do her 
residency in pediatrics at Medical College 
of Virginia in Richmond. 
Becky Kimbrell is sports editor for 
Hilton Head Newi, Hilton Head, S.C. She 
received an award for one of her sports 
stories published in TJw Loris Sentinel. 1984 
which won second place in the state for 
best sports story. 

Sandra "Sandy" Jones Lemons has as- 
sumed the presidency of the Greater Char- 
lotte Alumni Chapter. Her address is 
Route 2, Box TD-I7. Lincolnton, NC 
28092; telephone 704/735-3675. 

The Reverend Jerry 
Schumm *69: 

Hitting the 
Pavement for 
a Good Cause 

On June 4, two Louisiana vans 
loaded with 14 energetic teenagers 
and three brave chaper ones arrived 
to take a look at Elon College. 
T^ey saw the admission? office slide 
show, checked the cafeteria fare 
{which got a high rating), raved 
over the bookstore, cooled off in 
the swimming pool, and played 
with Chaplain Richard McBride's 
two dogs and seven cats. 

The young people were from the 
First United Church of Baton 
Rouge, one of the newest, most 
tapidly growing churches in the 
United Church of Christ 
denomination. Chief tour guide 
and designer of the trip (properly 
titled "Religious and Historical 
Seminar '86") was the Reverend 
Jerry Schumm '69, founder and 
minister of the new congregation. 

The United Church of Christ is 
a brand new denomination to the 
Baton Rouge area. Thanks to 
Schumm's months of "cold calling" 
(a hot job of door-knocking that 
took 15 pounds off Schumm in just 
three months)— the congregation 
has attracted 202 members, acquired 
land for a building so they can move 
out of an elementary school, and 

Jack Patrick Locicero and Angela Gail 

Ellis were married May 24 in Winston- 
Salem, NC 

Barry May is teaching tennis at Artland 
Sponhoccl, Ankum, West Germany. 
Timothy Chuck Mills, a recent graduate 
of East Carolina Medical School, will work 
in family medicine at East Carolina 

Steve Sevbert has been promoted to man- 
ager of accounting and budget for MW 
Manufacturers, Inc. of Rocky Mount, Va. 
Dawn Sterken is project administrator for 
American Telegraph &l Communications 
Corp. in Woodside. N.Y. 
Elizabeth L. Snyder is a reservation agent 
for Piedmont Airlines in Nashville, Tenn. 
Kelly Parks Covington and her hus- 
band, Robert Lyon '79, live with their 
two children, Patricia and Bryan, in Staun- 
ton. Virginia, where Kelly is manager of 
Fashion Cents and Robert is partner/man- 
ager of the Golden Corral restaurant. 


Daniel McCoUum Alexander Jr. and 

Joni Michelle Hester were married May 24 
in Graham, N.C. 

Laura Ancherico is a paralegal for Prefer- 
red Research in Fayetteville. N.C. 
Woody Baker is zone manager for Por- 
traits International in Mobile. A!a. 
Pamela JoCatoe and John Preston Moyers 
were married April 27 in Cane Mountain, 

Margie Frye Creech and her husband. 
Dale, 1202 Sayre Drive, Princeton, N.J. 

Sponsored the educational-travel-fun 
seminar that stopped by Elon. 

"I wanted our young people to 
see some of the work of the UCC— 
especially the institutions our 
church founded and supports," 
Schumm said. The trip included all 
the sites in Washington, D.C, travel 
through the Shenandoah National 
Park, play time at Busch Gardens 
and tours at five UCC colleges. 

"Without a doubt Elon stood out 
far and above any of the other col- 
leges," proud alumnus Schumm 
wrote in a letter of thanks to Presi- 
dent Fred Young- "As a result of our 
recent visit to Elon, I feel confident 
that several of our youth will come 
to visit Elon for four years." Perhaps 
one of those will be Jamie, the 
Schumms' 16-year-old daughter. After 
all, that would make it a family 
tradition. Schumm's wife is alumna 
Dr. Jeanne Shay Schumm '69. 

08540. announce the birth of a daughter, 
Ashley Lauren, on May 7. 
Rick Handchen is a physical education 
teacher in Brick Town. N.J. 
Cherie A. Hawkins is patient relations 
representative/ admissions for surgical PDC 
of Duke Hospital in Durham, N.C 
Katherine Bums Herring and Stephen 
Edward Christopher were married May 17 
in Clinton, S.C. 

Rodney Phillip Holland and Stuart 
Everett Ellis were married April 26 in 
Mobile. Ala. Rodney is a sales manager 
for Midstream Fuel Service Inc. 
Noble Wayne Loy Jr. and Carla Lynne 
Mitchell were married March 28 in Burl- 
ington, N.C. 

Tommy Taylor is territory manager for 
Cargill, Inc. in Rocky Mount, N.C. 
Keith Warren Wells and Terri Lynn 
Howery were married April 20 in Green- 
ville, S.C. Keith is product manager for 
Zimmer/ Bristol Meyers in Charlotte, N.C. 
Donna Whitfield, a social studies 
teacher and assistant basketball coach at 
Plymouth High School. Plymouth, N.C, 
helped guide her team to the Northeastern 
2A Athletic Conference championship. At 
the winter spons banquet, team members 
presented a trophy to her. 
Michael "Mike" Joe Willetl is the 
new president of the Greater Sanford 
Alumni Chapter. He lives at 521 West 
Chisholm Street, Sanford, N.C. 27330; 
telephone 919/775-5365. 


Deborah Gwyn Barber and Verlyn 

Douglas Sancrfield were married April 20 
in Altamahaw, 

Philip William Benton and Sarah 
Amelia Deen were married May 17 in 
Richmond, Va. 

Lisa Ann Brown and Edwin Albert 
Briggs Jr. were married May 17 in Burl- 
ington, N.C, Lisa is a minister at First 
United Methodist Church in Wilson, N.C. 
Laura Wilson Byers is floral manager 
for Harris Teeter in Raleigh. NC. 
Kyle Campbell Beebe is employed as 
director of social services for McCready 
Hospital Foundation, Chrisfield, MD. She 
attends the University of Maryland at Balti- 
more working part time on a master of 
social work degree. She and Rodney 
Beebe were married June 14. Flodney is a 
purchasing agent for Showell Poultry in 
Salisbury, Md. 

Stuart Everett Ellis and Rodney 
Phillip Holland '82 were married April 
26 in Mobile. Ala. Stuart is employed as 
a travel agent at Springdale Travel. 
Brian Johnson is merchandising manager 
for Witten Supply Company, Inc. in 
Gastonia, N.C. 

Craig Johnson has earned his master's 
degree in business administration from 
East Carolina University. After some 
overseas travel, he anticipates employment 
with a New Jersey firm. 
Jay Lindley and Susan Pratt were mar- 
ried April 26 in Burlington, N.C. Jay is 
president of Bauman &l Rogers, Inc. in 
Burlington. N.C. Susan is a marketing 
proposal specialist for Northern Telecom, 

Jeff S. Michel and Laura Lee Osius were 
married April 19 in Springfield. Va. 
Bille Jean Richards and Steven Duane 
Allmond were married February 15 in 
Danville, Va. 

Robert Whittington Suggs Jr. and 
Michelle Lynn Mitchell were married 
April 26 in Durham. N.C. Roben is 
associated with Star Automobile Com- 
pany and Michelle works with Northern 
Telecom at the Research Triangle Park. 
Blair Thompson is photographer/ sales- 
1 man for Max Ward Delmar Studios in 
! Cheaspeake, Va. 

i Kenny Tickle teaches seventh grade 
heakh/physical education at Southeast 
Junior High School in Greensboro, N.C. 
Kyle Tyner is marketing manager for 
Dove Computer Corporation in Wilm- 
ington, N.C. 

Laura Gladys Wilson and David Ran- 
dall Byers were married April 5 in 
Pinehurst, N.C. 


Kathy "KC" Collier Brittingham is a 

secretary with E.I. DuPont de Nemours St. 
Co. Inc., in Wilmington, Del. Kathy and 
Joseph Brittingham were married April 25 
in Wilmington. 

Roger Brown recently participated in 
Team Spirit '86. Exercise Team Spirit is 
the largest joint military exercise conducted 
in the free world. It involved approximate- 
ly 28 ships. 218 Navy and Marine Corps 
aircraft, and 28.000 Navy and Marine per- 
sonnel. During the month long exercise, 
approximately 200,000 personnel from all 
services of the U.S. and Republic of Korea 
participated. Brown is currently stationed 
at Marine Corps Base on Okinawa, Japan. 
Joan Buchanan is a buyer trainee for 
Roses Stores, Inc. in Henderson, NC. 
Michael Lester Carman and Mary Helen 
Alford were married May 24 in Raleigh. 

Kelly Stone Crissman and Elizabeth 
Starr McPherson were married recently in 
Graham. N.C. 

Ellen E. Geesey was married to Bruce N. 
Dean on May 31. Ellen is employed with 
Chevy Chase Savings Bank, ES.B., in 
Chevy Chase, Maryland, as a closing/set- 
tlement manager. 

The Magazine of Elon August. 1986 

Mavis Jane Dixon and Stephen Con- 
nally Long were married March 22 in 
LeasburE. N.C. 

Edson Dos Santos is working as a 
systems coordinator for Pepsi Cola in 
Crystal Ann James has been named an 
Outstanding Young Woman in America. 
She was selected for the honor based on 
outstanding ability, accomplishments and 
community service by a board of military 
dignitaries and women leaders. Crystal at- 
(cnds the Medical College of Virginia and 
IS working toward a degree in radiology. 
Michael R. King has been promoted to 
assistant secretary and treasurer by the 
Board of Directors of First Southern Sav- 
ings and Loan Association in Asheboro, 

Deana Marie McCain and Arthur 
Douglas Holmes were married in May at 
Hyco Lake, NC. 

Steven Martz is a cytotechnologist for 
Roche-Biomedica! in Richmond. Va, 
Shena E. Penn and David Clark were 
married May 31. 

Donna Phillips graduated from Wake 
Forest University with a master of arts 
degree in mathematics. 
Steve Roberson and wife. Virginia *85, 
3206 Bardwell Rd., Greensboro. N.C. 
27410. announce the birth of a daughter, 
Melissa Layne, on March 30. 
Nancy J. Robinson is a second grade 
teacher at East Ward Elementary School 
in Downingtown, Penn. 
Jody Robbins Smart is an education 
coordinator for an insurance trade associa- 
tion. Her husband, Rob '84, works for 
Blue Cross and Blue Shield as an OCL 
Specialist. They have bought a home in 
Richmond, Va. 

Cheryl Stiller is a teacher in the 
Winston-Salem/Forsyth County School 

Julia Strange is an account representative 
for Kelly Service in Richmond. Va. 
Allen Albright Tate and Katherine 
Lynn Rutland were married May 17 in 
Charlotte, N.C. 

Megan Walsh is a flight attendant for 
American Airlines based in Chicago. 
"Friends, keep in touch, I'm bound to fly 
to your city someday!!" she writes 
Huel H. "Trey" Walton III and Don- 
na Lynn Graves '85 were married 
February 15 in Kinston, N.C. Tr^y is a 
claims representative for State Farm In- 
surance in Kinston. 


Pam Blanton is manager of the DA. 

Kelly's store in South Square Mall, 
Durham. N.C 

John Boyles is employed by Roche 
Biomedical Laboratories as a laboratory 

Bradley Boyd Comer and Deborah 
Lynne Adams were married April 26 in 
Greensboro, N.C. 

Bobby R. Dawson is a sales represen- 
tative for DeRoyal Industries, Inc. of 
Knoxville, Tenn.. serving Central N.C. 
E. Reid Dickens has completed his sec- 
ond semester at Southeastern Baptist 
Theological Seminary in Wake Forest, 

Cheryl Lynn Ebert and Mitchell Wayne 
Young were married April 12 in Winston- 
Salem. N.C 

Robert E. Fikac and Frances Charlene 
Waters were married May 24 in Kittrell 

Tammy Forrest Franklin and Ab- 
dulhamid Ghuloom Qambar were married 
April 26 in Durham, N.C. 
Susan Gliniecki and James Carroll were 
married Oct. 5 in Salem, Va. Susan has a 
position as a mental health counselor at 
the Roanoke Valley Psychiatric Center. 
Donna Lynn Graves and Huel H. 
"Trey" Walton III '84 were married 

Carol Stearns 70 

A Decorator on the Move 

Carol Wilson Stearns '70 was one 
of the last graduates from the home 
economics program at Elon, In 1984 
she capitalized on that background 
and brought to the Florida Panhan- 
dle the first franchise of Decorating 
Den, a mobile decorating service 
providing everything from drapes to 
carpeting. With an inventory hous- 
ed in a company-customized van, 
she drove her sales into the six- 
figure category during her initial 
year as a franchisee. Rolling up 
those figures further distinguished 
Stearns with membership in the 
company's exclusive Century 

In two short years, she has ac- 
quired two more franchises and has 
set a long-range goal of ten. She has 
also taken on a very special part- 
ner—her husband, Al. 

All the elements in her life- 
marriage, family and career— seem 
to be combining quite satisfactorily. 
There are no special secrets that 
make the wife-husband team 

successful. "We just work well 
together," she said. The Stearns also 
share a common commitment to 
the Air Force Reserves. Their two 
sons, Joshua, 11, and Garth, 8, 
were born in England during their 
tours of duty. "My business has 
flexibility built in," Stearns explain- 
ed, pointing out that the combinar- 
tion of full-time parenting and 
working are compatible. "I can 
schedule appointments with soccer 
games in mind," she laughed. 

As for the career, "my home eco- 
nomics background has come in 
handy," Stearns said. Textbook and 
practical experience in textiles and 
sewing, for example, now enable 
her to combine style and fabric to 
come out with just the right look. 

Stearns says that Decorating Den 
is being called "the McDonald's of 
the decorating business." If in fact 
the business grows at a McDonald's 
pace, Stearns might count her suc- 
cess in numbers of customers 

February 15 in Kinston. N.C. Donna is a 
lab analyst II chemist for the Quality 
Assurance Division of Burroughs-Wellcome 
Pharmaceutical Co. in Greenville, N.C. 
They live in Kinston. 
Ann Jones and Mark Johnson were mar- 
ried June i in Rcidsville, NC. They will 
be living in Collinsville, 111. 
John C. Kays has a position in the 
advertising department of Byrd Food 
Stores in Burlington, N.C. 
Lisa Dawn Lowe and Ronald Elmond 
Simmons were married April 5 in Burl- 
ington, N.C. 

Melissa Jane Mann and Steve Lloyd 
Spaugh were married May 3 in 
Greensboro, N.C. Melissa is employed as a 
sales/service coordinator for Kayser-Roth 
Hosiery, Inc. 

Virginia Evans Roberson and her hus- 
band. Steve, 3206 Bardwell Road, 
Greensboro, NC, annouce the birth of a 
daughter, Melissa Layne, on March 30. 
Van Worth Shaw and Tracy Jan 
Moore were married April 5 in Roxboro. 
N.C. Van is area supervisor for Burns In- 
ternational Security Services in 
Kernersville, N.C. Tracy is secretary/recep- 
tionist for AIMSAM Institute of Manage- 
ment in Winston-Salem, N.C. 

Micheal J. Nutt is a sales representative 
for Kingsdown Bedding &i Furniture Mfg. 
Beth Kibbv Thompson is ad- 
ministrative aide/test administrator for 
Xerox Corp. in Stamford, Conn. 
Dan Thompson has been awarded the 
Army Achievement Medal while serving 
as physical activities specialist. The medal 
reads: "His willing attitude and technical 
proficiency made him instrumental in the 
establishment of a sound sports program 
and in fostering a wholesome philosophy 
of adult sports through the 2nd Brigade; 
his outstanding performance of duty 
reflects distinguished credit upon himself, 
his unit and the U.S. Army," 


Donald W. Bickley is a manager trainee 
for ITT Financial Services in Charlot- 
tesville, Va. 

Joseph Linwood Bradshaw has ac- 
cepted a position as admissions counselor 
at Elon College. He will be working with 
prospective students in North Carolina. 
Michael Bernard Covington and An- 
drea Evette Burnette were married April 5 
in Burlington, N.C 

Raymond Paul Covington has accepted 
a position as admissions counselor at 
Elon College. He will concentrate on 
working with prospective students in the 
six counties immediately surrounding the 

Gregory Phillip Crowson and Lottie 
Deneen Harward were married April 12 in 
Sanford, N.C. 

Kevin L. Dillon is an electronic sales 
representative at Valley View Mall, 
Roanoke, Va. 

Donald Marken Doster has accepted a 
position as admissions counselor at Elon 
College. He will work with prospective 
students in Virginia and assist in the 
Financial Planning Office. 
Doug Jertnvn has joined the operations 
division of Blethen Temporaries of Burl-" 
ington as personnel supervisor. 
Meredith Lee is director of community 
schools relations for the Alamance Coun- 
ty school system in Burlington, N.C. 
Mary Leslie Long and Richard Wayne 
Phillips were married May 24 in Burl- 
ington, N,C. 

Carolyn Lowry is a registered radiologic 
technologist at Rex Hospital in Raleigh, 
N.C. Her job consists of portable, en- 
doscopic and operative radiography. 
Marcie Lynn Roberts and Michael 
Richard Snyder were married recently in 
Burlington, N.C. 

Kathie Shober is a secretary for Durrer 
Appraisal and Consulting Services and a 
choral director for Green Hill Church of 
the Brethren in Roanoke, Va. 
Frances Charlene Waters and Robert 
Edward Fikac were married May 24 in 
Kittrell, N.C. 

Tracev Ann Frank and Chris Alan 
McCall were married April 5 in High 
Point, N.C. 

Janelle Darlene Wyrick and Randy 
Maurice Haynes were married March 29 
in Burlington, N.C. 



Alberta Boone Harrell. 116 North 
Buchanan Blvd., Durham, N.C., May 18. 
A member of the General Davis Chapter 
of the Daughters of the American Revolu- 
tion, she was a former regent. In addition, 
she setved as chairman of the Durham 
Heart Fund and was a member of the 
Blossom Club. 


Archie H. Hook, a minister of the 
United Church of Christ for 58 years. 
May 8 at Horizon House retirement 
center in Seattle, Wash. In 1946 he was 
named chief executive of the Washington 
North Idaho Conference of the United 
Church of Christ, a position he held for 
20 years. 


A. B. Johnson of Dunn, April 27. Mr. 

Johnson served as principal of Dunn High 
School from 1933-39, one year as prin- 
cipal of Trenton School, and four years as 
principal in Jacksonville. He returned to 
Dunn as principal of the City Schools 
and served in that capacity until his 
retirement in 1972 after 44 years of ser- 
vice. He then joined the staff of Heritage 
Bible College as registrar and professor of 
English and served in these positions un- 
til his death. 


Staley P. Gordon, 2405 Dogwood Lane. 
Burlington, N.C, May 20. He was a 
retired vice president and secretary of 
Tower Hosiery Mills and former president 
of Shadowbrook Hosiery Mill. 

The Magazine of Elon August, 1986 15 

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II? T /S\^CT 

Vol. 48, No. 4 

Magazintr 1 

October 1986 

News in Brief 

Fall Enrollment Peaks 

Enrollment for the 1986^7 
academic year is the largest in 
Eton's 98-year history, setting a 
record for the 10th consecutive fall 
semester. A total of 3,097—2,967 
undergraduate and 51 graduate 
students — are enrolled. Last year's 
total enrollment was 2,929. Thirty- 
two states, the District of Colum- 
bia, and 13 foreign countries are 
represented in that total. 

First MEd 
Candidates Enroll 

Kenneth L. Harper, director of 
graduate admissions, reports that 
there are 51 students enrolled in 
Elon's new master of education 
degree program which b^an for the 
first time this fall. College officiab 
are pleased with this enrollment 
figure for Elon's second graduate 
degree program. 

The Martha and Spencer Love 
School of Business has enrolled 79 
full' and part-time studerits in the 
master of business administration 
(MBA) program. The first MBA 
degr ees ever awarded by Elon were 
conferred last spring. 

New Development Staff 

Kjcith E Harris has been named the 
new director of development. Harris 
served as the senior development 
officeT for the Duke Comprehensive 
Cancer Center for two years and 
most recently as a coiuultant to the 
American College of Radiology in 
Reston, Virginia. 

Dr. Jeri A. Fitzgerald has been 
named director of foundations and 
government relations. Fitzgerald 
served as the director of research, 
planning and evaluation for the 
Guilford County School System 
before taking the Elon position. 
She has worked as a consultant for 
the Division of Research and 
Development for the N.C Depart- 
ment for Public Instruction. 

Students Look at 
Gender Issues 

A "Real Men and Real Women" 
symposium was held at Elon Sept. 
14-18. The symposium brought a 
variety of speakers to Elon to ex- 
amine important aspects of male- 
female relationships. The sym- 
posium included a game show and 
several films to aid students as they 
listened to discussions on such 
issues as what it is to be a whole 
person, men and women in the 
workplace, and being real in rela- 
tionships. The symposium was 
sponsored by the Chaplain's Office 
and the General Studies Program. 




Gordon Pannill Hurley Jr. and 
James Franklin Hurley IV, sons of 
Gordon and Carolyn Hurley of 
Salisbury, N.C, have presented the 
college $50,000 in memory of their 
grandfather, Zebulon Vance Cates, 
and their uncle, Philip Vance 
Cates, a member of Elon's class of 
1971. In making the presentation, 
James Hurley said: "Our grand- 
father, Vance Cates, instilled in his 
children a desire for a college 
education. Our uncle, Phil Cates, 
brought that desire here to Elon 
College. He had a deep love for 
this school." 

The endowment fund earnings 
will provide a competitive scholar- 
ship, covering major college ex- 
penses, to students for as long as 
the college exists. Students selected 
by a college committee to receive 
the scholarship will be eligible to 
renew the awards each year until 
they graduate. 

Elon College President Fred 
Young said the new program will 
allow Elon to compete with the 
most prestigious colleges and 
universities by attracting the most 
qualified high school students. 

"The Zebulon Vance and Philip 
Vance Cates Scholarship is based 
on academic ability," Dr. Young 
noted. "While the college has 
several programs to assist disadvan- 

President Fred Young conveys the college's appreciation to scholarship donors 
James and Gordon Hurley 

taged students, this is the first ma- 
jor scholarship endowment which 
will provide essentially a free educa- 
tion based entirely on academic 
ability and leadership charac- 

The Hurley family has been ac- 
tive in the Salisbury, N.C, com- 
munity, where the family owns the 
Salisbury Post newspaper. Mrs. 
Hurley was the daughter of 
Zebulon Vance Cates and the sister 
of Philip Vance Cates. 

Zebulon Vance Cates, grand- 
father of the young donors, was 
employed by Melville Dairy for 
many years prior to his death ap- 
proximately eight years ago. His 
widow, Eva Cates, is a UNC 

graduate and taught in the Elon 
public schools for several years. She 
currently resides at Hawfields 
Presbyterian Home. 

Philip Vance Cates graduated 
from ^Valte^ Williams High School 
in Burlington and transferred to 
Elon from Gardner-Webb College 
in 1968. He was a member of Pi 
Gamma Mu history fraternity and 
received the A.B. degree in 1971, 
having made the Dean's List 
several times. He suffered a heart 
attack and died while packing to 
leave a Chicago hospital, where he 
was being treated for pneumonia. 
At the time of his death he was 
the senior buyer for the entire 
Wickes Lumber Company chain. 

Freshman Denese Dejerf: Discovering a 

Good Fit By Susan Klopman 

The following is the second in our 
series of articles following Denese 
Marie Dejerf through her first year at 
Elon College. 

The scene was repeated this fall at 
college campuses all over the coun- 
try: cars, trucks, vans — virtually 
anything with wheels — packed to 
the hilt, delivering the Class of 1990 
to colleges everywhere. 

It took both parents and two 
vehicles to transport freshman 
Denese Dejerf from her home in 
Arlington, Virginia, to Elon Col- 
lege. What took quite a while to 
pack took even longer to unpack 
and haul. 

"I took one look at my room and 
thought 'no way," " Dejerf says. "I 
knew we'd never get all my stuff in." 

That typical first impression, 
however, was followed by a typical 
outcome — the dorm room is now 
attractively decorated in soft pinks 
with a place for everything and 
everything in its place. "It's hard to 
believe we did it," she laughs. 

This "we" includes not her 
parents, but her roommate, Maria 
Donio, from Indian Mills, N.J. "1 
didn't know what it would be like 
to live with a stranger, but we get 
along great," Dejerf says with 
genuine enthusiasm. "We are so 
much alike. We listen to the same 
music; we dress alike, except Maria 
wears jams; we like the same kind 
of firiends — we even find the same 
faults in them!" 

By the end of the first day the 
roommates had managed to find 
time to compare notes on 
everything from boys to when they 
like to study. "It was really a hectic 
time, though," Dejerf says. "1 was 
pooped after trying to move in, 
meet people and attend all those 
meetings in one day." 

Indeed August 31 was the begin- 
ning of a very busy orientation 
period — meeting faculty advisors, 
finalizing schedules, reviewing the 
handbook and so on. Included in 
the schedule was a series of 

workshops on the Myers-Briggs 
Type Indicator (METI). a highly 
regarded method of identifying cer- 
tain temperament or personality 
types. For the first time, alt 
freshmen were required to complete 
the MBTl in an attempt to provide 
the student with increased self- 
awareness and a better understand- 
ing of how people interact. 

"We met in small groups," Dejerf 
says. "The instructor explained 
what the different types are and 
then we guessed what our own 
type is. We had to guess our room- 
mate's too. After we were given our 
own results, we formed new groups 
with people of our same type and 
talked about how we would react to 
certain situations. 

"It (the MBTl) certainly pegged 
me correctly," she says, adding that 
Maria had the same experience. 
While Dejerf acknowledged that 
the MBTl's assessment concurred 
with her own self- understanding. 
Continued on p. 2 

The Magazine of Elon October, 1986 


November 4 Vote Critical 
To Elon College's Future 

"What can 1 do for Elon Col- 

"You can vote for Constitutional 
Amendment # 1 on the November 
4 North Carolina general election 
ballot," says President Fred Young. 

"This really is the single most im- 
portant thing that alumni and 
friends of Eton living in North 
Carolina can do this fall to help us 
prepare for the future," the college 
president said. 

"Passage of this amendment will 
allow us to make needed improve- 
ments and build new facilities at 
much lower cost, which will help 
us keep our tuition and fees as low 
as possible." 

Constitutional Amendment # t 
will permit Elon and the state's 
other 37 independent colleges and 
universities to fund capital im- 
provements through tax-exempt 
financing. The key words are "tax- 
exempt." Bond buyers are willing to 
earn lower interest rates if they do 
not have to pay taxes on the in- 
terest. As a result, the colleges will 
be able to fund construction pro- 
jects at lower interest rates — and at 
a lower total cost— than are current- 
ly available to them. 

"Elon College can save a con- 
siderable amount of money— several 
million doallars — over the next 
several years if this amendment is 
approved," adds Young. "Without it, 
we will be unable to move forward 
with many of our most critical 

For instance. Young said, the col- 
lege could finance construction of 
the new $7.5 million fine arts 
center and repay the debt as 
pledges to the campaign are ful- 
filled. The college could also 
finance projects, such as the new 
telephone or cable television 
systems as short-term cash flow 
needs arise. Remodeling projects 
could also be financed through 
bond sales. 

"1 want to make it clear that 
these tax-exempt bonds will be 
repaid fully by the colleges and 
universities who use them," Young 
said. "We're not asking for a free 
ride. All we want is the authority 
to pay for the facilities we need in 
the least expensive way possible. At 
no point will the state or its tax- 
payers be asked to pay for these 

"In fact, we can say categorically 
that Constitutional Amendment 
§ 1 will not cost the taxpayer a 
cent, ever. Even the administrative 
cost of operating the program will 
be paid by the institution bene* 
fiting from the financing." 

Tlie president pointed out that 
public colleges and universities. 

nonprofit hospitals and other 
organizations have been able to 
finance projects through the sale of 
tax-free bonds for years. 

Passage of the amendment is be- 
ing promoted by North Carolina 
Friends of Higher Education, a 
nonprofit organization chaired by 
Jacob C. K4artinson Jr. of High 
Point College. State leaders serving 
as honorary chairpersons include: 
Governor Jim Martin, Lt. Governor 
Bob Jordan, House Speaker Liston 
Ramsey, State Treasurer Harlan 
Boyles, U.S. Senate candidates Terry 
Sanford and Sen. Jim Broyhill, 
Charlotte Mayor Harvey Gantt and 
state women's leader Margaret 
Harper. BB&T President and CEO 
L. Vincent Lowe of Wilson is 

"Constitutional Amendment # 1 
is clearly important to the future of 
this state, not just its independent 
colleges and universities," says 
NCFHE Chairman Martinson. "We 
feel that once the voters under- 
stand how it will aid our independ- 
ent schools and higher education 
in general, and that it won't cost 
them anything, it will be over- 
whelmingly approved." 

"The outcome of the election will 
largely depend on a strong alumni 
turnout at the polls," Dr. Young 
adds. "Elon College again needs 
your support. We need your vote 
FOR Constitutional Amendment 
§ 1 on November 4. And if you 
aren't a resident of North Carolina, 
you can help by telling family and 
ft-iends about Amendment i 1 and 
its importance to Elon College. 

New Faculty 
Join Elon 

Elon College has added 24 new 
faculty members in 14 different 
departments for the 1986-87 
academic year. The new faculty and 
their highest degree are as follows: 

Jerome R. Adanu— assistant professor of 
English; Ph.D. University of North 
Carolina. Lynne G. Baunach— instructor 
in chemistrvi MS,, Fairleigh Dickinson 
University. Ann S- Butler— instructor in 
English', M.Ed., Univcrsitv of North 
Carolina ar Greensboro. Chalmers S. 
Brumbaugh— associate professor of 
political science; Ph.D., University of 

Paul M. From*on— assistant professor of 
psychology; Ph.D., George Peabody College 
for Teachers at Vanderbilt University, 
Michael T. Gafflgan- instruaor in 
English; M.A-, Western Carolina University. 
Daniel J. Gibncy— assistant professor of 
accounting and business adnriinistration; 
M.B.A., West Virginia University; CPA, 
Ronald W. Greene— instructor in English; 
M.A,, Western Carolina University. 

John C. Hero Id -assistant professor of 
communicatioTU &. English; Ph.D, SUNY 

at Bufblo. Vlckl M. HIghtower-assistant 

professor of computer information science; 
M.S.. University of Evansville. William L. 
High tower- professor of computer infor- 
mation science; Ph.D., graduate studies, 
Michigan State University, William C. 
Keith, Jr.- instructor in music; MM,, 
University of North Carolii^a at 

Nina Patricia Kinney— instructor in 
English and communications; M.A.. 
University of Georgia. Duane G. 
McCleam— assistant professor of 
psychology; Ph.D., University of Colorado. 
Nancy S. Midgcnc— assistant professor of 
history; Ph.D., University of Georgia, John 
F, Mitchell— associate professor of business 
administration; M,B,A.. Dartmouth 

Mary Louise O'Connell- instructor m 
English; M.A,, Northeastern Universtiy. 
Jeffrey C. Pugh— assistant professor of 
religion; PhD, Drew University. George 
A. RasmuBscn — associate professor of com- 
munications; Ed.M., Boston State College, 
Jane W Romer— assistant professor of 
foreign languages; Ph.D., University of 
North Carolina at Chapel Hill 

W. David Slflsom— assistant professor of 
biology; Ph.D. Vanderbilt University, W. 
Scott Thomson— assistant professor of 
education; Ph.D. Florida State University 
Harold Nicholas Way- instructor in 
English; M.A,, North Carolina State 
University. J. Christian Wilson— assistant 
professor of religion; Ph.D. Duke 

UCj err continued 

she remains somewhat suspicious. 
"It's a little too pat," she notes. "I 
think it 'defines' you too much and 
doesn't leave enough room for 

After the first couple of weeks, it 
was clear that there are two things 
Dejerf does not want to change: 
her roommate and her professors. 
Dejerf has high marks for Elon's 

"I have great classes," she says. "I 
really love Ms. Euliss's English class. 
One of the first assignments we 
had was to write down the high 
points and the low points in our 
life, and then she surprised us by 
telling us to write a paper about 
them. I thought that was a very in- 
teresting assignment — not easy, but 

Because Dejerf wants to pursue a 
career in photojournalism, her ad- 
visor is Dr. Bob Nowell, assistant 
professor of communications and 
advisor to the student newspaper. 
The PeruiuiHm. "I'm doing some 
sports photography for the paper," 
she says, pleased that she is already 
getting experience in her chosen 

How have the realities of college 
life measured up to her expecta- 
tions? "It really is almost exactly 
what I expected," she says. "Maybe 
the classes are a little harder, and 
getting to know people isn't as in- 
stantaneous as I expected, but I 
love it here," she says, although she 
did not hesitate to add: "I miss my 
boyfriend." And what about miss- 
ing her parents? "Not really," she 
says. "We talk on the phone altnost 

In Memoriatn 


George Carraway Rogers, 365 Webber 
Road, Spartanburg, Sn 29303 - July 2. A 
r\ative of Graham, N,C and a graduate of 
the Medical University of Maryland, he 
was a retired gyrwcologlst who had practic- 
ed in Spartanburg since 1948. He was a 
World War U Navy Veteran, retired Naval 
Rjescrvist, and a member of Westminister 
Presbyterian Church. 


Hat Leach Reynolds, 604 Ellynn Drive, 
Gary. N.C 27511 - July 21. Reynolds was a 
television editor with the North Carolina 
Agricultural Extension Service. 


We have learned of chc recent death of 
Samuel Forest Jenkins }r. He attended 
Elon in 1948-49. At the time of his death 
he was a plant pathologist for North 
Carolina State University. 


Henry H- Fu(]ua Jr., 28U Lamroc [load, 
Greensboro, N.C. - August 16. He was a 
native of Alamance County, a i^rean War 
veteran, and an employee of ATStT 


Ann Hughes Matthews. 115 N.W. 84tK 
Way, Coral Springs, Ra. • August 15. A 
native of Alamance County, she was the 
daughter of Kenneth K. and Lucy CaddcU 
Hu^es of Elon College. She was a former 
secretary for the Columbia, SC, Chamber 
of Commerce. 


Nadine Longcat Lucas, 3130 Quilting 
Road, Matthews, NCX - August 19, A 
native oflroy, she was a homemaker and 
the daughter of Frances Longest, a retired 
member of the Eton Colle^ bueincM 
department. Before her illness, she attended 
Winthrop College where she was studying 
for a master's degree in guidance. 


Joseph Carroll Jetsup^ 5903 Mount Eagle 
Drive, / 906. Alexandria. Va. 22303 - July 
23. Jeeaup was a stafY director and chief 
congressional aide for Virginia 7th District 
Republican Congreuman D. Frtnch 
Slaughter Jr., a position he had held since 
November 1985. 


Edllon Nan IN^iru 
Art Director: Gayle Flihel '76 
Staff Writer: Suut^ C. iCtoptrun 
Photognphen Carol Nix '83 
lypctettcr Laura J. Berweit 
Keiih Harris 

Director of Development 
William G. Long 
DireCTor of Alumni & Parent 
Tim McDowell '76 

Director of Comrrunity Relarians 
FrancM T. Stanley 

Coordinator of Alumni Giving 
Bill Gtubbs 
Spent Information Director 
Shirley Crawford 
Mary Eliiaberh McCauley '51 

The Marine of Elon (USPS 174-580) it 
published quarterly with an extra iuue during 
the fourth quarter. Second class postage paid 
at Elon College. NC 27244. PMCmaster 
Send address changes to Elon College Office 
of Development, Campus Boot 2116. Eton 
College, NC Z7Z44-Z010. 

The Magazine of Elon October, 1986 


Rosa Lee Brannock Sutherland and 

her husband, Alfred, celebrated their 63rd 
wedding anniversary on July 5. They are 
now living in Share-A-Home and like it 
very much. She would like to hear from 
some of her classmates. Write her at; 1930 
Union Street, Clearwater, Fla. 33515, or 
call 813/733-6645. 


Mary Holland Kellv and her husband 
have moved co a pleasant and enjoyable 
home, Carolina Meadows Rerirement 
Center, near Chapel Hill. Their health is 
excellent, but they decided to make the 
move knowing that they will be taken 
care of for the remainder of their lives. 
Theit address is: Carolina Meadows 
Building-Apt. 103, Chapel Hill, N.C. 


Congratulations to Lula Browne 
Hclvenston, a long-time member of 
Elon's Board of Trustees, who was 
honored by the Women's Executive Coun- 
cil of Downtown Orlando, Inc. as reci- 
pient of their Community Service Award 
for 1985. She has worked as a board 
member and president of the Orange 
County Mental Health Association and 
the Florida Mental Health Board. 
Hclvenston also has chaired the Evalua- 
tion Committee of Human Services Plan- 
ning Council of Orange County and 
worked with the Orlando Day Nursery 
and the Boys Clubs of Central Florida. 


Steven Castura is a retired teacher living 
in South Lake Tahoe, Calif. 


William "Bill" Duncan was recently 
awarded a Life Membership in the NO. 
Lions Association for the Blind, Inc. 
Recognition came as a result of the 
scholarship for the blind which he and 
his wife, Kitty, have established at Elon 


H. Rcid Montgomerv. part-time instruc- 
tor In religion at Elon College, has receiv- 
ed the doctor of ministry degree from 
Columbia Seminary. He was a commis- 
sioner to the General Assembly of the 
Presbyterian Church In Minneapolis In 
June and also conducted a workshop with 
his wife, Martha, at East Tennessee State 
University this summer. 
Wayne Phillipa, a 29-year veteran of the 
Chatham County schools system, was 
elected to the Chatham County School 
Board. Phillips Is athletic commissioner of 
the Central Tar Heel Conference, assistant 
moderator of the Sandy Creek Baptist 
Association, president of the Randolph 
Telephone Membership Coop, chairman 
of the Bennett Fire Department Boatd of 
Directors, and a member of the Bennett 
Baptist Church, where he holds numerous 


Roger B. Wilson has again been asked 
to serve as historian/archivist for the 
Rhode Island Chapter of American Guild 
of Organists. In June he attended a 40th 
reunion at Proctor Academy, Andover, 
N.H., at which time he was given a gift 
for being the Decade Chairman of the 


Ann Rawleft Cayll married Charles 
Godley on April 25 and is now living in 
Longwood, Ra. 

Bob Phelpt Is pastor of the First United 
Methodist Church in Missoula, Mont. 

Happened To? 

Leslie J. Carter '76 

Leslie Carter has 
successfully taken 
her B. A. degree in 
English into the 
world of sates 
and customer 
relations for 
Engineered Systems of Greensboro, 
NC Owned fay Telecom, the firm 
markets security systems for In- 
dustrial and commercial businesses. 
Carter joined the company in 1978. 
She is a member of the prestigious 
President's Club as a result of her 
top sales award in 1985. She has 

continued to win the quarterly 
sales award consecutively since 
August 1985. 

Carter enjoys photography and 
darkroom work. Jogging is another 
interest, but she lists "life" as her 

A main event each year is the 
Carter-Laurie Hafner '76 reunion. 
Hafher is a UCC minister in 
Cleveland, Ohio, and despite the 
distance, these college buddies have 
remained as close as ever. 

Carter is at home at 1115 A West 
Bessemer Avenue, Greensboro, NC 

Elizabeth Berry Pinson '83 

Beth Pinson 
studied human 
relations for 
several years 
before leaving to 
marry Elon grad 
John H. Pinson 
'85. At the time of her marriage, 
Pinson began working for Living 
Well Fitness Centers. Her career 
has moved at a very fast pace. She 
is now in upper level management, 
and during the last 3 Vi years she 

has been transferred several times 
to open new centers. 

Pinson enjoys skiing— whatever 
the season, on water or on snow. 
She is also a Sunday school teacher 
at Salem Presbyterian Church in 
Salem, Virginia, where she and 
John moved recently. 

The Pinsons' address is; 5401 
Warwood Drive, Salem, VA 24153. 

John HudBon Pinson *85 

A nice part of finding Beth Pinaon 
was being able tocatch up with 
John Pinson. He is the director of 
safety services with the Red Cross 
in Roanoke, Virginia, and he is a 
certified first aid and CPR instruc- 
tor as welt. During his fi-ee time, he 
teaches tennis for the city of 
Salem, Va. 

Pinson is as interested in fitness 
as his wife. He adds weighclifting as 

part of his routine. He enjoys foot- 
ball and follows Eton's team close- 
ly. There's some coaching in his 
blood, too — he works with adult 
Softball and football teams. He en- 
joys his wife's enthusiasm for ski- 
ing, especially water skiing with 
their boat on Smith Mountain 

What in 
the world is 

Whatever Happened To? 

Lost touch with a former classmate? Maybe we can help. Give us a trail and 
we'll try and find your favorite missing person. When we do, we'll publish an 
update on their activities and whereabouts. Clip and complete this form and 
mail it to: 

MOE Buddy System 

Box 2116 

Elon College, NC 27244-2010 
■fe! 1 would like to know whatever happened to: _ 

My name and address: 

Note: This service will not be used to assist alumni in the collection of 
debts, rekindling of romances or locating of classmates who wish to remain 


Zanc Moore is president of Thornwell 
Home &. School for Children in Clinton. 


Walt Seamon is senior design engineer 
for General Electric Cotnpany in Malvern 


Jerry Miller, a leading pen-and-ink artist 
in North Carolina, held an exhibition of 
paintings ac the Central Carolina 
Technical College in July. Miller has been 
commissioned by banks, colleges, a sav- 
ings and loan company, historical 
societies, county boards, art guilds, civic 
clubs and bicentennial committees to 
draw various historical buildings in his 
finely chiseled style. 


Earl Bolick, 10253 Birkshire Road, 
Bloomington, Minnesota, received one of 
four Teaching Excellence Awards from 
Metropolitan State University for the 
1985-86 academic year at the institution's 
June 24 commencement ceremonies. A 
part-time member of the faculty since 
1982, Earl is employed full time at AT&iT 
Consumer Products. The award indicates, 
in the words of one of Earl's students,- 
that he is "extremely effective in uniting 
the class and creating a great environment 
in which to learn." 


Floyd C. Parker, former manager and 
vice president with Paine NX'ebber Mortgage 
Finance, Inc., has been named vice presi- 
dent of First Federal of the Carolinas, 
F.A., in charge of mortgage loan servicing. 
He will operate from the firm's corporate 
headquarters in High Point. 


Lyiin Blackwood Sr. is retired from the 

U.S. Postal Service in High Point, NC 
Art Ivcy, regional underwriting manager 
for Allstate Insurance, lives in Charlotte, 


Helen Sockwell Bell teaches at 
Meadowlawn Middle School in St. 
Petersburg, Fla. Her husband, Rob '61, is 
an executive for Small Moves, Inc. in St. 

Suzanne Myere Saunders is an in- 
surance clerk with Family Medicine 
Association in Suffolk, Va. 
Bob Rogen is department chief at 
AT&lT in Winston-Salem, N.C. 


Jim Jones is teaching in the Cumberland 
County school system in f^yecteville, N.C. 


Herb Sincr Jr. is vice president of 
Peoples Bank &. Trust Company in 
Morehead City, N.C. 

Ken Harper, director of graduate admis- 
sions for Elon College, was elected to the 
Board of Directors of the Southern Con- 
ference of the United Church of Christ at 
the summer meeting of the Southern 
Conference held at Elon College. Ken is 
an active member of the Elon College 
Community Church. 


Larry Bulla is warehouse manager for 
Eveready Battery Company, Inc. in Atlan- 
ta, Ga. 


Kay TVoxler Booc is a teacher in the 
Alamance County school sytem. 
Pun Floyd is an itutructor for 
developmental engineering at Hatifajc 
Community College, Weldon, NC 

The Magarine of Finn October, 1986 


V^iilton Jennene ] c 

has been appointed 
group vice president 
and manager of the 
Emplovee Benefits 
Division of the Trust 
Department at The 
First National Bank of 
Atlanta. First National 
15 the lead bank of First Atlanta Corpora- 
tion which has 119 offices in 36 Georgia 
communities. It is a subsidiary of First 
Wachovia Corporation, a bank holding 
company with assets of $17.5 billion. Walt, 
his wife, Pat. and daughter, Christa, are 
relocating in Marietta, Ga., from 
Greensboro, NC 

Linda C. Johnson is a student at An- 
drews Theological Seminary, Berrien 
Springs, Mich. 

Ray Wilson is director of athletics at 
Spartanburg District 7 School in Spartan- 
burg, sc. 


Bev Anderson Clement is a staff analyst 

for Virginia fbwer in Richmond, Va. 

Ben Abbon Hardle and ICaren Rickards 

Bardcn were married July A m Salisbury, 


David. Nichols is a claim manager for 

State Farm Insurance m Columbia, Ma 


Ellen Marie Hammenlev is an office 
manager for Pulmonary Consultants of 
Tidewater, Norfolk, Va. 
Michael Spiltane and Manha DeMaggio 
were married on April 19 in Massapuqua, 
N.Y. Classmates of Mike's, Paul Amund' 
ftcn '69 and Steve and Martha Caddell 
*69, attended the wedding ceremony. 
Linda Wesley is a logisncs coordinator for 
Massey Coal Export Corporation in Rich- 
mond, Va. 


Merrin Buchanan U CPA comptroller for 
Liberty Ministeries in Pensacola, Ha. 
Arthur Davis is a new member of the 
Halifax Memorial Hospital Board of 
Directors. He served in the Vietrxam War 
and following his dischar^ entered the 
construction business and now operates his 
own company. Independent Contractors, 
which specializes in home construction and 

C, W. Gee is teacher and varsity basketball 
coach at Park View Senior High School in 
South Hill, Va. 


Susan CavinesB is head of the history 
department for Eastern Randolph Higii 
School, Asheboro, NjC. 
William G. Estes was recently appointed 
superintendent of production for Park 500 
Division of Philip Morris in Chester. Va. 
Bill and his wife, Claudia, have two 
children, Lauren and Jillian. 
Joe Foley is a lobbyist for EveTgreen 
Associates in Washington. DC 
Frank M. Jolly III has been named a 
trust officer for First Citizens Bank in 
Raleigh. He earned a law degree from Sam- 
ford University in Birmingham, Ala., and is 
a member of the Raleigh Kiwanis Club and 
the Hargravc Military Academy President's 
Council and alumni association. 
Donald Lee Perkins and Kcllie Elizabeth 
Pfaff were married July 26 in Winston- 
Salem. NC 

John Riley is county administrator for 
County of Frederick, Winchester. Va, 
Pat Jones Riley is a homemaker in Win- 
chester. Va, 

Danny E. Watson and his wife, Lynn, 2 
Double Oak Court. Taylors, SC 29687, an- 
nounce the birth of a daughter. Ashley 
Lynn. Danny is a sales manager for Mega 
Chemical, Inc. in Greenville. 

H.B. Marley '20 

the Good Life 

A 92nid birthday — what a note- 
worthy occasion! It seems like a 
perfect time to do nothing more 
than sic back, rest on your laurels 
and just remember when. . . 

Not so for H.B. Marley Sr, who 
celebrated his 92nd birthday on 
May 18, 1986. Instead of living in 
the private world of memories, he 
decided to round up fellow class- 
mates and correspond with them. 
Consequently, he wrote the alumni 
ofifice requesting all the names of 
the active members of the Class of 
1920 (There are 11, by the way). In- 
cluded in his letter was a brief 
biography, and while he's looking 
ahead to another productive year, 
we decided to look back and cap- 
ture a glimpse of his past. 

Recalling his Elon days, pre-World 
War I, Marley remembered a special 
Japanese friend, Tbshi Sita "The 
Japanese were persecuting Christ- 
ians then," he said. "She didn't 
have the money to go home and 
she was afraid. But she was worried 
about her family, so we took up a 
collection to pay her way." 

World War I brought changes to 
Marley's life too. Service in the 
Navy replaced studying at Elon. 
Marley served as a pharmacist mate 
third. His first assignment was 
recruitment training in Newport, 
Rhode Island Memories of that 
time center around one special date 
with a very famous lady— Gloria 
Vanderbilt. "She was not the pret- 
tiest girl I ever dated," he said, "but 
she sure was the richest." 

The next assignment took him to 
the Naval Hospital at Pelham Bay 
Park, N.Y., where Marley was in the 
first group to test the original flu 

Later tours took him aboard the 
USS Siboney and to other Naval 
hospitals in Hampton Roads, 

Virginia, and Brooklyn, N.Y. He 
ended his Naval career at the hos- 
pital at Charleston, S.C., where he 
was discharged in the general de- 
mobilization following World War I. 

With the war days over, Marley 
went to work for R. j. Reynolds 
Tobacco Company. He was a 
district manager both in Washing- 
ton, D.C., and Cumberland, Mary- 
land. TTie Maryland memories in- 
clude another special date with a 
pretty young woman, Irma Lee 
Mars, who was a student at the 
Church Home Nursing School af- 
filiated with John Hopkins Univer- 
sity. She became Mrs. H. B. Marley. 

After over 22 years with Reynolds, 
Marley went to work for the 
Springfield Tire Company. His 
20-plus years there included being 
district manager for eight states and 
the District of Columbia. 

With more than 42 years of his 
life invested in American industry, 
Marley formerly retired, but he did 
not stop working. He devoted the 
next 12 years to Goodwill 

Now heading for birthday 
number 93, Marley says, "I'm very 
fortunate that I've never been sick 
a day in my life. I've had a very 
nice life, toa" Perhaps that says it 

Marley is at hrnne at 5611 Kapp 
Road, Hidden ValUy, Pfafftovm. NC 

Mike Brower is a commercial lender for 
Branch Banking St Trust Company in San- 
ford, NC. 

Robert Cobb has joined American 
General Life and Accident Insurance 
Company as an agent of the firm in 
Reidsville. Before joining American 
General. Cobb was employed by Chase 
Bag Company. 

Nancy EdwanU has joined Osborne 
Company, Iric. general contractors of 
Eden, as accountant. 


Mark S. Jones, Major, USA, has been 

reassigned to South Korea and is currently 

the Icigistics officer. 

Doug Napier is an anorney in the firm of 

Napier 6t Napier in Front Royali Va. 

Jamet R. "Ruia" Payne has joined the 

James River Corp. as Southeast Regional 

Sales Manager, Consumer Products Group, 

headquartered in Atlanta. Ga. 

Gregg Sigmon, M.D. has a family practice 

in Greenville, NC. 

A. Ray Soule, manager at Suffolk's West 

End Sovran Bank branch, has been named 

assistant vice president. He will remain at 

the West End branch. 


Buddv Himes is assistant chairman of the 

Department of Music at Louisiana College, 
Pineville, La. 

Judy Carpenter Nunncnkamp, ad- 
ministrative vice president for Captive-Aire 
Systems, Inc., lives in Raleigh, NC. 
Jcncil Vance Parker teaches English at 
Northhampton High School-West in 
Gumberry, NjC 

Mukeah Shretta is president of Jackson- 
ville C^ry Cleaning, Inc. Jacksonville, Fla. 
Marv Sexton Smith and her husband, 
James Larry. Route 2, Box 380, Edenton, 
NC 27932, announce the binh of theit 
third son, Daniel James, on April 30. 


Robert Bray is working toward his Ph.D 
in animal science at the University of 

~^ 1 Bill Griggs writes: 

^A^B^^^ "Just a note to let you 
^f ^^ know that my new 

■ ^ fSfm address is 1727 Web- 
B "^ a. ■ stcr Avenue, Los 

/J^ fc I Angeles, Calif. 90026; 
^"■^ telephone 213/663-9101 

I am still on the run 
starring in four prt>duc 
tion shows and my own cabarets for 
Princess Cruises, the real "Love Boat" 
people. I've just returned from 4'/i months 
in Mexico, with a new itinerary that in- 
cludes Vancouver, Alaska, and Sydney, 
Australia. My first album will be out in 
late iail, selling for $10. Chop me a line if 
you would like a copy. Come on along 
and take a Princess Cruice with me! My 
best. Bill." 

Prank McNun III was named assistant 
dean for outdoor programs at Duke Uni- 
versitY on July 1 after having served as 
assistant to the dean for residential life. 
He has conducted numerous outdoor pro- 
grams for Duke undetgraduates. In 
addition on May 17, Frank married 
Sandra Jean Kopp of Durham in Hun- 
tington, WVa. "Sandy" currently serves as 
assistant director of almni affairs at Duke. 
Tlieir address is: 205 Flowers Building, 
Duke University, Durham. NC. 27706 
Steven G. Put was chosen to model 
the uniform of the award-winning NC 
Highway Patrol, which has been chosen 
as one of the best-dressed police depart- 
ments in the nation by the National 
Association of Uniform Manufacturers 
and Distributors. About 100 departments 
entered the competition in four categories; 
the NC Highway Patrol won an out- 
standing achievement award in the state 
police category. 

Scottle Schwartz is a sales representative 
for Yellow Freight-System, Inc. in Land- 
over, Md. 


Billy Petree is assistant supenntencnt 
for the Division of Parks Recreation at 
Twin Lakes State Park, Green Bay, Va. 
His wife, Nancy '75, is a housewife. 
Brian X Tarlton is president of Sumner 
Automotive in Burlington, NC 


John C and Beverly Alexander, 108 

Drexel Road. Ladson, SC 29456, 
announce the binh of a daughter, Emily 
Catherine, on June 1. They also have a 
daughter, Megan. John is an assistant 
principal at Sangaree Elementary School 
and Beverly teaches 7th grade math at 
College Park Middle School. They each 
received the master's degree in elementary 
administration from the Citadel in 1981. 
Lucy Efland Castle is patient prtxressor 
supervisor at Duke Medical Center in 
Durham, NC 

Sandra Holland Elmore and her hus- 
band, Bill, 6150 Knight Drive, Evansville, 
Ind, 47715, antwunce the birth of a son, 
Kevin Bradford, on March 21. They also 
have a daughter, Kristcn, age two 
Jane Keil is a teacher in Booker Middle 
School, Sarasota, Fla. 

The Magazine of Elon October, 1986 

Lanna Peavy was awarded the prestigious 
Washington Emmy Award from the Na- 
tional Academy of Television Arts and 
Sciences recently for her promoiional spot 
"Brrast Cancer: A PortrBit of Hope." Peavy 
is senior promotion producer for the CBS 
afRliate station in Washington, DC 
Terrv Ryan was recently promoted from 
sales manager of Genuine ftirts Company 
in RDanokc, Virginia, to sales manager of 
the Albany, N.Y., operation. 
Warren Miller, minister in Valdese, NC, 
had his name entered in the special edition 
of Southern Bapnst Leaders for 1985-86, a 
recognition awarded annually by the official 
register of Outstanding Americans. The 
award is given to individuals who con- 
sistently make contributions to Southern 
Baptist work through their local church. 
Bobby Sandcll is selling real estate for 
Lighthouse Realty on Hilton Head Island, 


Phillip M. Bridgman has successfully 
completed the requirements to become a 
diplomat of the American Board of 
f^thologv in combined arutomic and 
clinical pathology. He is the associate direc- 
tor of the pathology laboratories of the 
hospitals in Ibtsdam and Mauena, N.Y. 
Andy Kirkman is vice president of bank- 
ing for Secunty Bank and Trust in 
Salisbury, NC 

Bill McKlnatrv Jr is president of Val-Pak 
of Nonhern [>elawBre in Wilmington, EJel. 
Bill's wife, Laren '77, is a kindergarten 
teacher in Wilmington. 
Elaine Palmore teaches in the Winston- 
Salem/Forsyth County school system. 
Terry Ryan is sales matuger for Genuine 
Parts Company in Albany, N.Y. 
Randy Charles Sardn and Gave 
Elizabeth Gatlln '79 were married 
August 9 in Burlington, NC 
Deborah Wagoner is a medical 
technologist with pulmor^ary medicine at 
North Carolina Memorial Hospital in 
Chapel Hill, NC 


June* H. Andrews, employed in 
Greensboro by Federal Systems ATSlT 
Technologies in the engineering- navigation 
systems design and development depart- 
ment, recently spent two weeks in 
Baltimore on board the C.S. (Cable Ship) 
Long Lines installing a remote readout 
display system. This new system will aid 
the telephone cable laying veasel (owned by 
AT&D in burying fiber optic cable beneath 
the ocean floor. 

Bunny Carr is an associate attorney for 
Spain, Giltion, Tate, Grooms, &. Blan in 
Birmingham, Ala. 

Rick Crittenden is an investment broker 
for Legg Mason, McLean, Va. 
Kevin Bryant Holland and Karen Renee 
E>eHart were married June 7 in Roanoke, 

Elsbeth S. Johnson earned a master of 
science in business education degree from 
the University of North Carolina at 
Greensboro in August. She is a business 
education teacher at Northwood High 
School, Pittsboni, NC, where «he also 
serves as department chairperson. Elsbeth 
also was inducted into Delta Pi Epsilon, a 
natiorul honorary professional graduate 
society for men and women in business 
education. She and her husband, Obed, 
have two children, Megan, four, and Ben- 
jamin, bom July 17. 
Wlnifert Even Lawson and Aubrey 
Leo Graves were married June 14 in 
Reidsville. NC 

Anna Maria Mclntyrc and Ralph E. 
Huey were married May 31 in Burlington, 

Tim Moore, president of the Triangle 
Alumni Chapter, was an official represent- 
ative to the National Convocation of the 

Jon F. White U '72 

Big Times for 
High Tech 

Thinking big is part of the heritage 
of Jon White 72. His dad-E>r. Jack 
Q White, retired professor of music 
and well-known jazzman — has never 
thought any other way. TTie exam- 
pie has proved worthwhile. 

White is the founder and presi- 
dent of Microflex, a small Winston- 
Salem, N.C.-based micro electronics 
and software development company. 
His firm specializes in software for 
the transportation and convenience 
store/service station industries. 
White started Microflex with a staff 
of four in late 1983. Believing that 
no client is too small for expert, 
personal attention, this small group 
(now with a staff of 35) has at- 
ttacted the attention of a big 
company— Rockwell International. 

For several years Microflex has 
been preparing the software package 
for Auotmotive Electronics, 
Rockwell's international automotive 
operation. Now Microflex will pro- 
vide a broad variety of custom soft- 
ware programs for the customers of 
RockweH's Iripmaster trip recording 
system. Iripmaster is a special on- 
board vehicle recorder system 
which monitors such things as a 
truck's stop times, idle times, ex- 
cessive speeding and fuel consump- 
tion. Its overall purpose is to 
enhance a fleet operator's ability to 
manage his road equipment and 
drivers efficiently. 

Now not only will little Microflex 
have a big name, but "it will give 
us a chance b3 show the world that 
there are exciting things going on 
in North Carolina's high-tech in- 
dustries," White said. 

Another part of White's heritage 
is the horn. He received a music 

scholarship at Eton, and he played 
the trumpet for the Emanons. But 
when it came time to select a ma- 
jor, he chose math and physics — 
obviously a good choice because he 
attained membership in Alpha Chi 
Honorary Society. After graduation, 
White attended VPI in Blacksburg, 
Va., and received a master's degree 
in mathematical physics, specializing 
in the relarivity theory. Next 
stop — the Navy, doing research on 
subs for the Naval Ship Research 
and Development Center. That was 
the job that made the connection 
between computer technology and 
vehicle performance. 

So while the horn has been 
relegated to hobby status. White 
does pracrice something else he at- 
tributes to his father— yelling! "Yell- 
ing is a real stress reliever for me, 
especially in this business," White 
said. "I also get my drive and high 
energy from my father." High 
energy for high tech — definitely a 
productive connecrion for Jon 

White and his wife, the former Cheryl 
Turner of Alamance County, live in 
Winston-Salem, N.C. They have three 
children: Ashley, age 9; Josh, 2; and 
Michael, 1. 

Sigma Pi Fraternity. Over 200 under- 
graduate chapters and 40 graduate clubs 
were present. The Elon graduate club was 
selected the top alumni chapter in the 
United States. 

David Payne is a Bupervisory associate for 
Federal Home Loan Bank in Cincinnati, 

Garv Spltler and wife. Barbara, 117 
Charles Street, Lumbenon, NC 28358. 
announce the birth of a daughter, Anne 
Elizabeth, on June 18. They have a son, 
Greg age three. 

Donna Sowdcr dcSlmone and her hus- 
band, Mick. 150 Clubhouse Drive. Apt.15. 
Roanoke, Va. 24019, announce the birth of 
a son, Henry ftrrick, on February 27. They 
also have a son, Matthew James, age five. 
Mick is employed by Appalachian Power 
and Donna teaches second grade in 
Botetourt County. 

BUI Waller is a supervisor for Roadway 
Express in Oxford, NC 
Sara Murphy WIeuner and her husband, 
Dougla* Alan '79, 1419 Cossacks Place, 
Glendora, Calif. 91740, announce the birth 
of a daughter, Sara Kathryn, on May 21. 


Gayle Elizabeth Gatlln and Randy 
Charle* Sartin '77 were married August 9 
In Burlington, NC 

Betay Idol is head nurse for the American 
Red Crtns in Wiiuton-Salem, NC 
Danny Sncad Is assistant superintendent 
of Bassctt Furniture Industries in Col- 
linsville, Va. [>anny's wife, Sarah Arnold 
'79, teaches kindergarten in the Henry 
County school system. 

Phil Benton Is a program planner for the 
Department of Social Services in Rich- 
mond, Va. 

Tony Brewer is corporate manager of cost 
accounting for Bristol Compressor, Inc. In 
Bristol, Va. 

William G. Brown and Sharon Gwyn 
Dark were married June 16 in Burlington, 

John Holloway is vice president of 
Holloway Funeral Home in Salisbury, Md. 
Lou Lowder is bereavement coordinator 
for Hospice in Greensboro NC 
Douglaa Alan WIeuner and his wife, 
San Murphy '78. 1419 Cossacks Place, 
Glendora, Calif. 91740, announce the birth 
of a daughter, Sara Kathryn, on May 21. 


Rusty Citty was named one of the Top 
Ten Outstanding Local Jaycee Presidents 
at the North Carolina State Convention 
in May, His home chapter of Reidsville 
was selected as one of the outstanding 
chapters in the state. 

Susan Beth Hamlett and Kenneth Alan 
Scalf were married August 2 in Raleigh. 
Mike Hughes is regional sales mapagcr 
for Chatham Rx>ds, Inc. in Siler City. 

Howard Ray Joyce and Lisa LuAnne 
Southern were married May 31 in Gib- 
sonvlUe, NC 

Peggy Gray Junker is a domestic 
engineer and a part-time music teacher in 
Plain City, Ohio. 

Scott Matthews is a branch manager for 
Filtration Technology, and his wife, 
Kimberlv '80. is a housewife. 
Debbie Ann Pate and Michael 
Thomas Menlus were married August 
23 in Raleigh- 
Barry Ratliff and his wife, Tiana, 2144 
Mt. Holly Road. Rock Hill, SC 29730, 
are the proud parents of quadruplets! 
Born at Charlotte Memorial Hospital on 
May 13 are Sara Bethany, Daniel Seth. 
Magan Tiana, and Joshua Barry. 
PameU Elizabeth Price and Wallace 
Lee Pegram were married April 19 in 
Williamston, NC 

Harriet Martin is receptionist for Lee 
Chiropractic in Sanford, NC 
Donna LcAnne May and Bradley 
Thomas Stipp were married May 31 in 
Charlone, NC 

Harrlen Marguerite Miller and James 
Alan Martin were married June 22 in 
Sanford, N.C. 

Larry Smith is correctional officer for 
Maryland House of Corrections in Jessup. 

Cathy Thompson teaches science at 
Northeast Junior High in McLeansville. 

King White has been promoted to 
dealer representative for Cellular One. a 
leading cellular mobile telephone system 
serving the Raliegh-DurhamChapel Hill 
area of North Carolina, effective July 1. 
His responsibilities include managing the 
Authorized Dealer Program (a network of 
area businessess which are the primary 
source of Cellular One customers), pro- 
viding product and sales training to 
dealers' sales representatives, and 
recruiting new dealers. King's office 
number is 919/481-1181. 
Larry Sondhaus received a Ph.D. in 
history from the University of Virginia. 
He will be teaching German History and 
European Diplomatic History at the 
University of Virginia during the 1986-87 
academic year. 

Ann Louise Sweeney and Robert Craig 
Weedon were married June 7 in Rich- 
mond. Va. 

)an Johnson Sykes is assistant director 
of Kids Unlimited Daycare Center in 
Nashville, Tenn. 

Robin Wlttenauer is a flight attendant 
for Delta Airlines and is based in Atlanta, 


Dlanne McAllister Atkinson is a 
technical assistant with Cellar One 
Telephone In Kingsport, Tenn. 
Janet Combs Cameron and her hus- 
band, Kenneth. 4029 Carson Drive, San- 
fond, NC announce the birth of a 
daughter, Whitney Blairc. on May 9. They 
have been living in Sanford the last cou- 
ple of years and she teaches sixth grade at 
Broadway School. 

Michael Lee Cox and Jori Diane Cor- 
dell were married July 26 in Roanoke, Va. 
Alonxo Craig, senior store manager for 
Spencer Gifts, is now living In Norcross, 

The Magazine of Elon October, 1986 

Tucker Edmonds is a branch manager 
for Central Ftdcliry Bank in Williamsburg, 

Dennis W. Lloyd and Liia Dawn 
Kimrey were married June 21 at Chape) 
Htll. Dennis is director of custodial ser- 
vices for Service Master at Salem Acad- 
emy &. College in Winston-Salcm. NC. 
Vickie McKenzie and her husband. 
Kirby. 5 Covenrrv Place. Greensbona, 
U.C. 27405. announce the birrh of a son, 
Alexander Michael, on December 9. 
Robert Hopkins Moore and Christie 
Ann Miller were married June Z8 m 
Reidsville, NC. 

Howard Payncand his wife, Pam, P O. 
Box 2231, h^y^erson, NC. 27536. an- 
nounce the birth of a son. Bryan Lee on 
April 6. Howard is manager of Avco 
Financial Service in Virginia Beach. 
Denese V. Patten has moved lo Atlanta 
and IS employed by the Capitol City 
Country Club while ennalled as a full- 
time student in the School of Interior 
Design at the Arts Institute of Atlanta. 
Her address is: 4586 Roswell Road, Apt. 
F-1, Atlanta, Ga. 30342. 
Linda L. Richmond and Timothy 
Mark Stevens were married March 30. 
Linda teaches accounting and business 
courses at Technical College of Alamance 
and Timothy is employed by Mitsubishi 
Semiconductor in Durham, 
)can Elizabeth Robertson and David 
Wayne Goodnough were married July 26 
at Madison. N.C 

Cindy Simmons is an insurance claims 
secretary for State Farm Insurance in 
Melbourne, Ra. 

Mr, and Mrs. Shea Teague. 131 25th 
Avenue. N.W.. Hickory, NC. 28601. an- 
nounce the birth of a daughter. Elizabeth 
Marie, on May 31. 

Rick Terrell is department manager of 
Consumer Products Division for Glen 
Raven Mills, Altamahaw. NC. 
Susan Burkhart Ward reaches fourth 
grade at Barnwell District 45 School in 
Barnwell. SC 

Jimmy Zint is general manager of 
Pulaski Nautilus Center. Pulaski, Va. He 
oversees operations of rhe Nautilus 
Center, six Advencureland Video Stores, 
three Ice Cream Churn shops, a one-hour 
photo iab and a full-time day care facility. 
Jimmy and his wife, Beth, son, Jimmy Jr., 
age two. and new daughter. Vitginia 
Uuren. live at 712 Carriage Hill Road. 
Pulaski, Va. 24301. 


Danny Alexander is an assistant 
laboratory manager for CompuChcm 
Laboratories, Inc. in Research Triangle 
Park. NC. 

Ricky L. Bally and his wife, Janet, 
Route 7, Box 90. Burlington, NC. 27215, 
announce the binh of a daughter. Beverly 
Lynncrte. on July 16. Ricky is a staff ac- 
countant for Thomas. Stout, Stuart, Core 
& Stuart - CPAs in Burlington. 
George Carlisle is manager of Piggly 
Wiggly store in Zebulon, NC. 
Richard Lawrence Carver and Rebec- 
ca Ann Wall were married June 8 in Dan- 
ville, Va. 

Dan Daly III is an administrative 
manager for Burlington Industries in 
Society Hill, SC 

Kellcy Loughlln France and Scr hus- 
band, Mike '93. 5 Dalecrest Court. 
Timonium. Md. 21093. announce the 
binh of a daughter. Lauren Michell, on 
August 5. Kclley is a customer service 
representative for Blue Cross/Blue Shield 
of Maryland. 

Cherie Anne Hawkliu is patient rela- 
tions representative for Duke Hospital in 
Durham, NC 

Cindy Howard 15 a contact specialist for 
the Department of the Army at Ft. 
Bel voir. Va. 

For Barry '80 andTianna Ratliff 

A Bundle of Joy—Times Four 

It's a girl. . -It's a boy. . .It's another 
girl. , .and another boy! That's ex- 
actly the way it went on May 13, 
1986, as Barry *80 and Tiana Ratliff 
became the proud parents of 
quadruplets. The new Ratliffs, in 
order of appearance, are: Sara 
Bethany, weighing in at 3 lbs., 9 
ozs.; Daniel Seth, 3 lbs., 8 ozs.; 
Magan Tiana, 3 lbs., 11 025.; and 
Joshua Barry, 2 lbs., 15 ozs. 

"We never realized what it would 
be like," Tiana laughed. "We were 
just so grateful that we were going 
10 have a family that we really 
didn't worry about what it would 
mean to have four babies at one 

Obviously it means you need four 
of everything and you do every- 
thing four times, and there's no 
such thing as too much help! "The 
community has been wonderful," 
Tiana said. They live in Rock Hili, 
SC, not for from from Charlotte, 
NC Stores in both areas have 
given the Ratliffs cribs, high 
chairs—Everything," Tiana added. 
"We didn't have to buy a thing." 

A year's supply of baby food and 
formula were provided by the 
manufacturers. Thank heavens the 
diaper company provided coupons 
instead of a yearVworth of boxed 
diapers! Even at that, space has 
become a critical need. 

"We're looking for a new house," 
she added. "We live in a two-bed- 
room, one bath house, and we just 
don't 6t." 

Richard Hundley is personnel superinten- 
dent for United States Gypsum Company 
in Santa Fe Springs, Calif. 
Sam Loy graduated with a maatcT'i degree 
from Duke Divinity School in May. He is 
serving as awociate minister at St. James 
United Methodist Church in Greenville. 

Steven Frank McDonough and Martha 
Janet Clement '83 were rtMrrled June 21. 
Steven is ules manager for McDonough 
Toyota and Martha is a respiratory therapist 

Another major change involved 
Ratliffs work. He and his father 
were in the independent telephone 
business in Rock Hill, S.C His 
position involved travel, and that 
just wasn't possible with four 
babies. After all, four babies need 
at least four hands. Ratliff now 
works for the Fort Mill, SC, 
telephone company and is home 
each night. 

Nobody knows better than Tiana 
that necessity is the mother of in- 
vention. She has devised alt kinds 
of helping aids— the propped-bottle 
feeding method beir\g the most 
useful. How else can you feed four 
at once? Or take bath tme— an in- 
genious assembly line of water, 
wiggling babies, towels and tiny 

Grandparents fill in a lot of the 
gaps. Luckily they live nearby and 
help with everything from babysit- 
ting to washing the daily load of 

For the Ratliffs. though, there is 
no question that the joys far 
outweight the frustrations. Each 
day brings something new. "Now 
they have started laughing and 
K'^rsHng," Tiana says, "and that's 
wonderful. It's just such a joy to 
have children'i-especially times four. 

7b OUT knowledge, these are the first 
Little Christian quadruplets. If we're 
mistaken, we'd appreciate being 

—Editor '5 note 

for American Medical Care in Staunton, 

Clndl Otbomc is a representative of 
Milliken 6t Michaels in Boone. NC 
Laurie Ann MIchaud is section 
manager for software distribution for 
NCR Corporation in West Columbia. SC 
David Payne, a branch operatioru 
manager for Carolina Commercial Courier 
Express, lives in Gibsonvillc. NC 
Jenny Snook Price has been employed 
by Cumberland County school system for 

five years as an elementary music teacher. 
Mark Richards is a metallurgist for 
Reynolds Metals Company in Richmond, 

Lee Richardson is a sales representative 
for Womack Electric Supply Company in 
Danville, Va. 

Adrlan Robertson and his wife, Kathy, 
1345 Meade Drive. Suffolk. Va. 23434, an- 
nounce the birth of a son. Travis Lee, on 
August 13, 1985. 

Tim Shaw is sales representative for Lever 
Brothers in Charlorte. N,C, 
Anne Storey is sales representative for 
Skylight Inn in Greensboro, NC 
Gene Walker is a Beneficial manager in 
Greenville, Miss. 

Chris Worat and his wife, Karen Floyd 
'83. PO. Box 144. Newberry. SC 29108. 
announce the birth of a son, Cole Chris- 
topher, on May 29. 


Richard Bamhardt is a lab manager and 
development chemist for Lindley Chemical, 
Inc. in Gibsonville, NC. 
Lisa Ann Bartolomeo is a territory 
manager for Ortho Pharmaceuticals in 
Richmond, Va. 

Rob Boles, employed by NCNB in 
Greensboro as a consumer credit represent- 
ative, lives m High Point, NC, 
Bonnie Mangum Buchanan teaches at 
Liberty Christian School in Pensacola, Fla. 
James Cheek is healthcare manager for 
ServiceMaster Inc. in Easley, SC 
Martha Clement and Steven Frank 
McDonough '82 were married June 21. 
Martha is a respiratory therapist for 
American Medical Care, and Sreve is a 
sales manager for McDonough Toyota in 
Staunton, Va. 

Kenneth Alan Comer and Margaret 
Suzanne Stogner were married June 21 in 
Raleigh. N.C. Ken 15 a sales representative 
for Russ Pharmaceuticals, Inc. in Doraville, 

Alan Dalton is supervisor of customer ser- 
vice for Piedmont Airlines at Myrtle Beach 
Jetport. S.C. 

Kim Daniel has returned from her two- 
year missionary assignment in Portugal and 
is now an insurance adjuster for Crawford 
and Company in Raleigh. NC, 
Mike Daniel is an insurance adjuster for 
Crawford 6*. Company in Raleigh, NC 
Patricia Lyrm Flythe and Todd 
McAllister Rhodes were married May 24 in 
Graham. NC 

Mike France and his wife. Kelly 
Loughlin '82, 5 Dalecrest Court. 
Timonium. Md. 21093, announce the birth 
of a daughter, Lauren Michell. on August 
5. Mike is food and beverage manager for 
the Marriott Corporation at their 
Baltimore, Maryland, Conference Center 
Janet DeWln Glass and Mark Andrew 
Kiefer were married August 9 in Durham, 

Dale MasBcy has been named plant ac- 
countant at Collins Si Ailcman's Yarn Divi- 
sion plant in Graham, N.C 
C. J. May is an account executive for 
Enterprise Paint Company in Memphis, 

Scott Montgomery manages Fern Cliff 
Auro Parts in Louisa, Va, 
Pam Moore is a real estate salesperson foi 
Merrill Lynch Realty in Greensboro, NC 
Keith Nelson and his wife, Debbie. 2637 
Sand Hills Drive, Chester, Va, 23831, an- 
nounce the birth of a daughter, Lohryn 
Eliiabeth, on June 20, Keith is fulfilling re- 
quirements towards a degree in nursing. 
Emily Katherine Perry and Richard 
Reynolds Bond were married July 12 in 
Dunn, NC 

Aaron "Ron" Price and his wife, Kelli, 
were assigned to Shallow Ford Congrega- 
rional Christian UCC, Elon College, on 
July 13. 

The Magazine of Elon October, 1986 


Jeff Rice is an assistant supervisor for 

Souchern Railway in Gainesville. Ga. 

Mike Ronubers is district manager of 

Omni Video in Lansdale, Penn. 

Gregory Dean ScotI and LeeAnn Owen 

were married June 7 in Burlington, NC 

Greg is an underwriter for Great American 

in Raleigh. 

Ann Shelton graduated frc>m UNC- 

Oreensboro with a master's degree in 

business administration and is employed by 

GTE as a senior accountant in Durham, 


Harvey Smith is a trooper with the 

Vii^nia State Police in Richmond. 

Mike Sykes serves as mitxister to the 

Walnut Grove United Methodist Church, 

Hurdle Mills, NC. 

William Hani&on Tlppett and Dawn 

Denise Faulkner were married July 26 in 

Henderson, Bill has joined Henderson Drug 

Na 2 as a pharmacist. 

Craig A. Tbcker has completed a master's 

degree in chemistry at NC State 


Marv Waddell Wauon and Lawrence B. 

Wales III were married November 9. 1985. 

They are living in Virginia Beach and 

Mary is teaching 10th and Ilth grade at 

Kcmpsville High School. 

Karen Floyd Woret and her husband, 

Chrif '82. R O Box 144, Newberry, SC. 

29108, announce the birth of a son, Cole 

Christopher, on May 29. 


Doug Avent is a real estate appraiser for 

Avent &1. Associates in Wiruton-Salem, 


Kathy Brittlnghain is a secretary for Du- 

Pont in Wilmington, Del, 

Laurie Anne Carter and John Scon 

Moncurc were married June 14. John is a 

sales representative for Nabisco, and Laurie 

will teach first grade in Virginia Beach Ciry 

Public Schools in September, 

Richard Carver is a maintenance worker 

for the Pittsylvania County School system 

in Virginia. 

Shena Clark is assistant office manager 

for Dr. J. J, Kclliher in Springfield. Va. 

Bobbv Davis is a sales representative for 

Henry-Lee Company in Charlotte, NC 

Ellen Gcesev Dean is senlement/closing 

coordinator for Chevy Chase Savings Bank 

in Chevy Chase, Md- 

Danlel Hopper is an elementary physical 

educanon and assistant football coach at 

Person High School in Roxboro, NC. 

Dawne Lee is rehabilitation therapist for 

High Point Mental Health Center in High 

Pbint, NC 

Diane Elizabeth McSheehy and William 

Kenneth Cooper were majried July 26 in 

Winston-Salem. NC 

Darrell Ifed Moore and Tina Marie Swar- 

ingen were married July 26. 

Leslie Phlllipt is a Blue Cross/Blue 

Shield representative in Durham, NC 

David W. Powell and Sandra L, Harris 

were married June 21 in Clarksville, Va. 

Tim Spach is dealer and credit manager 

for Wachovia Bank in Wilson. NC 

Doniu Maureen Tfavlor and Dennis Ray 

Doss Jr. were married recently in Graham, 

Melvin Wllkins, 1st Lieutenant USA, has 

been assigned as aide-de-camp for Brigadier 

General Thomas H. Bickford in 

Zweibrucken, West Germany. 

Barbara Wombte is a flight attendant for 

American Airlines flying out of Dallas/Fort 

Worth, Texas. 


Tammy Lorraine Apple and David Max- 
well Brown were married May 24 in Burl- 
ington, NC. 

Melanie Aitlev is teaching assistant and 
graduate student at NC. State University 
chemistry department. 
Melinda Lee Brown and David R. 
Crafioa were married June 21 in Elon Col- 
lege, NC. 

Bob Chapman is a second lieutenant in 
the U.S. Army stationed at Ft. Bragg, NC, 
Thomas Preaton Brlnn Clavton and 
Tonya Reyna Morris were married August 2 
in Roxboro, N,C 

Dave Crafton is a sales coordinator for 
Truemore, Incorporated in Richmond, Va. 
His wife Melinda 'B5, will be teaching 
this fall. 

Jo Craven has been assigned to feature 
writing in Living Section for The Daily 
TimeJ-N«w, Burlington, NC 
Eric Cuthbert is territory manager for 
Carnation Food Service in Columbia, Md. 
Bobby Davis is sales representative for 
Henry-Lee Dress Company in Charlotte, 

Bob Flkac is an assistant golf professional 
at Bethesda Country Club in Bethesda, Md. 
Lisa Fomev is teaching at Winter Park 
Primary School in Wilmit\gton, NC. 
Mary Phillips Fritts is a medical techni- 
cian for Alamance County Hospital in 
Burlington, NC. 

Cindy Merryl Hir«h and Mark Mont- 
gomery Clayton were married July 12 in 
Burlington, NC. 

Vicky Jlggetts is a freelance writer for the 
Curohn^ Timej Newipapcr in Durham. NC. 
Nelson Johnson is cytotechnologist for 
Tampa Pathology Laboratory in Tampa, Ra. 
Ann Jones and Mark Johnson were mar- 
ried June 1 in Reidsville, NC, Ann is office 
manager for Southeastern Environmental, 
Inc. in Lmcolnton, NC 
Mary Elizabeth Kelly is office manager 
for the American Hean Association in 
Greensboro, NC 

Ann Keziah recently graduated from 
Southwestern Technical College in Sylva 
under a program sponsored by the National 
Park Service. Ann is now a park ranger 
and lives at Kill Devil Hills. NC 
Timothy Walton Lane and Sarah Ronna 
Godwin were married recently in Alexan- 
dria, Va. 

Jay Lee is a sales representative for Home 
Oil Company, Inc. in Mebane, NC 
Melissa Dare Lewis and Michael Roy 
Alcon were married July 19 in Burlington, 

Scott Martin, who tecently graduated in 
photography from Randolph Tech, was 
assigned to the photo depanment of The 
Daily Times- News. 

N. Kevin Mllteer and Lorie Ann Sapone 
were married July 13 in Wanchese, NC, 
Cynthia L. Olscn and Gregory A. Ditts 
were married August 9 in Jamestown, N.Y. 
Tlicy will reside in Pineville, NC Cindy is 
an assistant sales specialist fro AT&T in 
Charlotte, NC Sharyn Olsen Soderlund 
'82 was maid of honor and Chris Olsen 
'86 was best man. 

Jay Paul recently completed his master's 
degree in public administration and is at- 
tending graduate school at Virginia Tech. 
He is working with the District Office of 
Congressman Thomas J, Bliley Jr. in 

Stephen Petersen is working as a field 
chemist for GSX Corp. in Reidsville, NC 
George Randolph Phillips. Jr. and 
Denise R^nae Kimc were married June 14 
in Graham, NC. 

Laura Smith is an iiwtructor for Voca- 
tional Trades of Alamance, Burlington, N.C. 
Heidi Steeber is a surgical coordinator for 
Virginia Eye Institute in Richmond, Va. 
Greg Swedlch is a stockbroker for First 
Jersey Securines in Raleigh, NC, 
Kathryn Wynn Weems and Michael Lee 
West were married June 7 in Southern 
Pines, NC. 

Karen Welzant is an admissions represen- 
tative for Commonwealth College in 
Virginia Beach, 

Merry Mac Willis is a postal carrier for 
the US. Postal Service in Reidsville, NC. 
N. Ferrcll Phipps spent a leisurely ten 
days touring the British backcountry spen- 
ding money and chasing afrer Rico '68. 


Keith Allen is an account execurive for 
Carteret Savings Bank in Cherry Hill, N.J, 
Jim Ambrose is a 2nd lieutenant in the 
U.S. Army at Fort Rucher, Ala. 
Andy Appel is software engineer for GTE 
in Ml, View, Calif. 

Sharon Berry is credit department and 
collectioru representative for Gregory Poole 
Equipment Company in Raleigh, NC 
Donnie Bickley is managerial trainee for 
ITT Financial Services, Charlottesville, Va, 
Michael Brodwicz is an accountant for 
McGladrey, Hendrickson &. PuUen in 
Greensboro, NC 

Julie Burchettc is an eligibility specialist 
for Alamance County Depjartment of Social 
Services, Burbngton, NC 
David W- Calhoun entered an entry level 
management job with Food Lion in 

Mary K. Carr is a registered representative 
for First Investors Corp. in Raleigh. NC 
Michael Howard Chaney and Cheryl 
Ann Kelly were married June 21 in Rox- 
boro, NC. 

Aaron Chatkin is an accountant for 
United States Gypsum Industries, Danville, 

Julie Catherine Clayton and Kenneth 
Paul Underwood were married June 21 in 
Reidsville, NC 

Fred Compton is a salesman for Comp- 
ton Furniture store, Burlington, NC. 
Bill Deatrick is self-employed. W, J, 
Deatrick Company, in Burlington, NC, 
Kevin Dillon is employed by Holdren's 
Electronic Sales in Roanoke, Va. 
Lisa Distaslo is mental health associate 
for Fair Oakes Hospital in Delray Beach, 

Sonya Renee Dunn and Charles William 
Husband Jr. were married June 28 in 
Ashebortj, NC Sonya is employed by 
Cherry, Bekaert &i. Holland in Asheboro 
Isaac Fanior is a dispatcher and data en- 
try operator for Burlington Industries, Inc. 
in Burlington, NC. 
Fran Waten Flkac is a child care 
counselor for Heritage Academy in Alexan- 
dria, Va. 

Robin Adams Fitzgerald is a personnel 
assistant for First Home Federal in 
Greer«boro, NC 

Vlcki Freeman is a student at the Na- 
tional Center for Paralegal Training in 
Winston-Salem, NC. 

Martha Fuguay is a designer for Moore- 
field's Florist, Inc. in Burlington, NC. 
Maureen Gagnon is employed by Salva- 
tion Army Boys Club in Burlington as a 
cultural enrichment director. 
Mildred Godfrey is a receptionist and 
paralegal trainee for Alexander Dawson, at- 
torney and counselor, in Graham, NC. 
Cynthia Gall Green and Christopher 
Kendrick Just were married August 9 in 
Greensboro, NC, 

David Haddad is operator of Disc-N-Dat 
records and tapes store in Elon College. His 
store offers albums at a price below the in- 
dustry's standard. He is able to do this 
because of a low overhead— very few 
employees and a lot of carpentry work 
which David has personally done, 
George Hager is an accountant for 
Whisman 6<. Associates, CPA firm, in 
Wilmington, Del. 

Roger Hlnshaw is an assistant manager 
for Home Savings and Loan in Siler City, 

Pamela Lynn Hlnsley and Allen Curtis 
Lewis Jr. were married August 16 in 
Mebane, NC 

Brenda Hodges is assistant analytical 
chemist for Research Triarmlc Institute in 
Research Triangle Park, NC 
John Holland is an Army officer at Ft. 
Hauchuca, Atii. 

Lisa Ann Huffman is a 2nd lieutenant in 
the Army, based at Ft. Polk, La. 

Dwayne Oakley Jeffries and Rhonda 
Charlene Baynes were married August 2 in 
Burlington. NC. 

Karen Jo Johnson is a veterinary assis- 
tant ac Hillandatc Animal Hospital in 
Silver Spring, Md. 

Manh Johnson is collector of Visa Ac- 
counts for North Carolina National Bank, 
Greensboro, NC 

Jane Kldwcll is a reporter/ photographer 
for the Alamance-Orange Enterprise in 
Mebane, N.C. 

Karen Pace King is a staff accountant for 
Federal Data Corp. in Bethesda, Md. 
BHan Klven is customer service and in- 
side sales representative for Paramount Tex- 
riles in High Point, NC. 
Jane Johnson LaTour is a first grade 
teacher at Alamance Christian School in 
Graham, NC. 

Maria Lloyd is a real estate appraiser for 
L. K. Farrall, Ltd., Waldorf, Md. 
Carolyn Lowry is a radiologic 
technologist for Rex Hospital in Raleigh. 

Don McCauIey is a radiologic 
technologist for Durham County General 
Hospital in Durham, N.C 
John McFadyen is a management trainee 
for First Citiiens Bank in Raleigh, N.C 
Janei McMlllen is a secretary for Bush 
Gardens, Williamsburg, Va. 
Caroline Matthews is a receptionist for a 
medical group in Statesville, N.C. 
Glnny Zitek Mazur is employed by 
AT&1.T Technologies at the Guilfotd Center 
in Greensboro, NC. 
Christie Ann Miller and Robert 
Hopkins Moore were married July 26 in 
Reidsville, NC 

Marcell Miller is assistant manager for 
Outdoor Sales Cotp. in Brooklyn, N.Y. 
James Murphy is an estimator for Owen 
of Geor^a in Atlanta. 
Scon Carlyle Oliver and Rebecca Wim- 
mer were married recently in Rock Hill. 
S,C, Scott will anend Southern College of 
Optometry at Memphis this fall. 
William Parker is a management 
trainee for Winn-Dixie m Durham, NC 
Mike Penrod is a sales representative for 
Harford Systems in Aberdeen. Md. 
Tammy Pugh is an area coordinator at 
High Point College, High Point. NC 
Paul Purdy is a sales representative for 
Lipton and Lawry's, Inc in Hickory, NC 
Gary Rechin is director of quality 
assurance for GKN Automotive Com- 
ponents, Inc. in Mebane, NC. 
Paul Rhodes is employed by R.R. Don- 
nelly Printing Company in Harrisonburg, 

Sylvia Scott is employed by Burlington 
Industries in Burlington, NC 
Kathryn Sears is an account executive 
for Morphus and Friends in Winston- 
Salem, NC 

Wanda Shelton is owner/manager of 
Merle Norman Cosmetics in Holly Hill 
Mall, Burlington, NC 
John Short is employed in the finishing 
division of Georgia Pacific Corp. in Jar- 
ran, Va. 

Briam Slemering is a manager trainee 
for Domino's Piiia in Burlington, N.C 
Missy Sizemore is a nuclear medicine 
technologist for Iredell Memorial Hospital 
in Statesville, NC, 

Kari Gretchen Splaner and Kenneth 
Michael Wilkinson were married August 9 
in Mebane, NC. 

Sherrie St.Clair is a flight attendant for 
American Airlines, 

Vlns Thomhill is a realtor for Century 
21 Old Richmond Realty in Richmond, Va. 
Pat White is a social worker for 
Mecklenburg IDepartment of Social Ser- 
vices, Boydton, Va. 
Mark Wlllett is credit manager for 
Northwest Financial in Statesville, NC 
David Wintringham is manager trainee 
for Rose's Stores, Inc in Burlington, NC. 

The Magazine of Elon October, 1986 7 


9 ^ 

H > Z 



=;■ 5-3 

n.'> T3 

if, 3 3 
3 S o 

w ■ g 

5- w o 

" » 3 

ci* S- 3' ^ 
■ f' ^ S -^ 

-g- -St," 
; g 2"3 








3 & 

£ a. 



AXear of Building and Becoming 

The President's Report 

Elon is 

building on its 

past in order 

tohecome an 

an institution of 

the future 

In reporting to you on the 1985-86 
year at Elon College, the words 
"Building and Becoming" come to 
mind. This phrase was the title of a 
booklet produced at Elon during 
the past year, and it aptly describes 
the tenor of activity on the 

In 1985-86, as in previous years, 
Elon sought to remain responsive 
to the needs of its students yet true 
to its traditions. New projects, 
plans, programs, and proposals 
flourished against the background 
of a daily fulfillment of the college's 
time-honored mission. 

In short, Elon was building on its 
past in order to become an institu- 
tion of the future — and the result 
was a very successful year. 

There is no better evidence of 
this success than the giving records 
for the past year. Over 45% of all 
Elon alumni made a gift to the col- 
lege last year, a statistic that places 
Elon at the top of all coeducational 
colleges in North Carolina— ahead 
of such institutions as Duke and 
Wake Forest— and among the top of 
all colleges and universities in the 
Southeast. This is a record of 
which all can be proud. 

Total private giving last year 
reached $2.3 million, the second 
year in a row above $2 million. 
The Annual Fund raised over 
$420,000 in support of general 
operating expenses. TTiis year's goal 
is to reach the $500,000 mark— an 
ambitious effort, but a realistic one 
in light of the level of commitment 
of Elon alumni, parents, and 
friends, and a necessary one if the 
college is to continue to increase 
the quality of its service. 

Academic Pfogram Advances 

The creation of The Martha and 
Spencer Love School of Business at 
Elon was a high point of the 
1985-86 academic year. TTie naming 
of the school was made possible by 
a $1 million gift from The Martha 
and Spencer Love Foundation. 

Income from the endowment will 
fund professorships, opportunities 
for faculty development and enrich- 
ment, visiting lectureships and ad- 
ditional library holdings. In short, 
it will enable a new level of quality 
and prestige for the business pro- 
grams at Elon, both undergraduate 
and graduate. 

Sixty students were enrolled in 
the MBA program last year and the 
first five MBA degrees were award- 
ed during the 1986 Commencement 

Also during 1985-86 the college 
received approval to offer a second 
graduate program, leading to the 
master of education degree (M.Ed.). 
The M.Ed, grows out of a tradition 
of excellent teacher preparation pro- 
grams at Elon. Two of the past five 
North Carolina Teachers of the 
Year have been Elon graduates, Lin- 
da Benson Lee *65 and Donna Hill 
Oliver 72. 

Dr. John G. Sullivan Jr., one of 
Elon's most distinguished teacher- 
scholars, was named Maude Sharpe 
Powell Professor at Elon during the 
past year; Dr. J. Earl Danieley holds 
the Thomas E. Powell Jr. Professor- 
ship. Endowed professorships, 
which enabled the college to attract 
and retain superior faculty, arc in- 
valuable if Elon is to continue pro- 
viding higher levels of service. 

The first group of Elon students 
spent the fall semester studying in 
England last year, with great suc- 
cess. The group lived in London, 
studied under the British and 
American professors and used the 
University of London library 
facilities. TTie semester-abroad pro- 
gram is a fine addition to the many 
opportunities for cultural and in- 
tellectual enrichment offered to 
Elon students. 

Another distinction for Elon dur- 
ing the past year was Dr. Andrew J. 
Angyal's selection for a Fulbright 
Senior Lectureship. Dr. Angyal's ap- 
pointment was the first in Elon 
history. He spent the spring semes- 
ter teaching and lecturing at the 
University of Debrecen in Hungary. 

Tlie ability— and the desire— to 
understand issues and weigh 
various viewpoints is one of the 
most valuable ends of an education. 
The Elon cultural and intellectual 
programs are geared toward that 
goal, and each year's offerings are 
increasingly impressive. 

Politics and social issues were 
themes for last year's events. The 
students had an opportunity to 
hear and to meet three of our 
country's foremost statesmen — 
former President Gerald R. Ford, 
Senator William Proxmire, and 
former Representative Shirley 
Chisholm. All were invited by 
student groups. Two symposia dur- 

ing the year focused on conditions 
in South Africa and Central 
America. Each featured speakers 
representing a variety of viewpoints. 

Fine Arts Center Takes Shape 

Elon's long-awaited fine arts 
center, now under construction 
beside Lake Mary Nell, is almost as 
large in size and scope as our 
dreams of the use of that facility. 
Construction of the $7.5 million, 
75,000 square-foot building began 
in September 1985. and it should 
be ready for occupancy for the 
1987-88 year. The center contains 
an auditorium, recital hall, rehearsal 
hall, and theatre, as well as 
classroom and office space. 

Admissions — Continuing 

Elon recorded its eighth straight 
enrollment increase in 1985-86, 
despite the fact that requirements 
for admission were raised for the 
second year in a row. A total of 
2929 students registered for classes 
in the fall of 1985. up from 2794 
the previous year. 

Last year's student body contain- 
ed a higher number of out-of-state 
students than ever before. Slightly 
over one-half of the full-time- 
equivalent students were from out- 
side North Carolina. This situation 
is part of a growing trend among 
many private North Carolina col- 
leges that emphasizes the need for 
narrowing the gap in the cost of 

continued on page 2 

President's Report cont. 

tuition at the slate's public and 
private institutions. 

Tightening the admissions stand- 
ards during a time when the high 
school population is decreasing has 
been an ambitious undertaking, but 
interest in Elon continues to grow. 
The number of applications receiv- 
ed last year was 25 percent greater 
than the year before, and the 
average SAT score for entering 
freshmen continued to climb. 

Our success in meeting and over- 
reaching the admissions goals each 
year is a tribute to the overall 
quality of the college program. Our 
success in maintaining and improv- 
ing upon that quality is a tribute to 
the loyalty and generosity of Elon 
alumni, parents, and friends. 

It is our pleasure to list all Elon 
donors in the annual Honor Roll 
issue of The Magazine of Elon. We 
sincerely appreciate every gift and 
every expression of interest 
represented by the names on these 
pages. Each one is vital if Elon is 
to continue the process of building 
and becoming. 

Elon Alumni Among the 
Top in the Southeast 


^— ^ 

A record 46.2 percent of all Elon 
alumni gave to the Annual Fund 
during the 1985-86 fiscal year, 
sending the year-end total to 
$422,000-$72,000 above the 
$350,000 Annual Fund goal. 

Such outstanding participation 
enabled Elon alumni not only to 
hold firm to their ranking as 
number one in alumni participation 
among all coed colleges and univer- 
sities in North Carolina, but also 
to move into the top ranking in the 

"Once again Elon alumni have 
responded to the challenge of being 
one of the best— this time on a 
regional basis — and we're very proud 
of their support," Said Frances 
Stanley, coordinator of alumni 

TTie Golden Alumni held strong 
with 50.5 percent participation. 
This elite group includes all those 
alumni who are members of the 
Class of '35 or earlier. With 70 per- 
cent participation, the class of 1927 
edged out the Class of '37, the win- 
ner of last year's top honors. 

This year three classes — 1957, 
1964, 1974 — were chosen for special 
attention in a pilot project aimed 
at challenging the giving record of 
the Classes of '37. Each class in- 
creased its participation this year, 
thanks to the cooperation of class 
presidents Donald B. Johnson '57, 
Dr. Wayne Pruitt '64 and Nathanial 
W Harrison Jr. '74. 

In a class-by-class participation 
comparison, 26 classes gave above 
the 50 percent level with the Class 
of '67 being the most recent to pass 
that mark. Six classes— 24, '25, '27, 
'29, '34, and '37 — had an impressive 
60 percent or better participation 
figure. Other standouts among the 
classes are the Class of '76 with the 
most significant percentage increase 
of donors, rising from 28 to 42 per- 
cent participation, and the Class of 
'77 which set a four-year record of 
increasing participation from 4 to 
47 percent. 

Dollars and alumni participation 
were not the only totals that reflect 
increases for the year. So does the 
number of new donors. Out of the 

5,035 donors making gifts to the 
college, 1,169 of those were new, 
setting a record increase in new 
donors for the fourth year in a row. 
In addition to that, 35 percent of 
the donors increased the amount of 
their gifts over last year's donation, 

Parents and friends of Elon made 
a strong showing this year toa Fif- 
ty percent of the parents of full- 
time, traditional students made 
gifts, representing a 100 percent in- 
crease in participation over last 
year. The giving record for friends 
also showed increases. There were 
357 new donors and the amount 
given increased by 58 percent. 

Corporate donors added one 
more significant increase to the An- 
nual Fund report. Support from 
that sector increased by 57 percent 
over last year. 

In reviewing the annual giving 
year, Zachary (Zac) T. Walker III 
'60, 1985-86 Annual Fund chair- 
man, stated: "Tliis has been an ex- 
cellent giving year for Elon College. 
Alumni have continued to exceed 
theif past records and have put 
Eton out front once again in the 
state and now in the Southeast. I'm 
very proud of Elon's alumni, 
parents and friends for their con- 
tinued support of the college." 

Kappa Sigma Wins Secona 
Annual Greek Contest; 
Phi Mu Is Top Sorority 

Kappa Sigma Fraternity has earned 
the Greater Greek Annual Alumni 
Participation Award with a record 
55.3 percent of their former 
brothers making a donation to the 
Elon College Annual Fund. The 
award, which is given annually to 
the fraternity or sorority with the 
highest percentage alumni making 
gifts to the Annual Fund, will be 
presented to the fraternity by Presi- 
dent J. Fred Young at a special 
ceremony this fall. Kappa Sigma's 
1986 totals reflect a five percent in- 
crease over 1985 figures and a 
remarkable 28 percent increase over 

Among fraternities. Kappa 
Alpha/Kappa Psi Nu was close on 
the heels of Kappa Sigma with a 

55.2 percent giving record. That 
represents over a 15 percent in- 
crease in the last two years. 

Although not eligible for the 
award, the old Iota Tau Kappa 
Fraternity once again turned in the 
best performance overall with 59.4 
percent of their alumni members 
making contributions. 

Phi Mu Sorority had a strong 
showing with 53.8 percent par- 
ticipation, making them number 
one among the sororities. Sigma 
Sigma Sigma sisters came in second 
with 50 percent participation. Not 
far behind were Alpha Sigma 
Alpha at 49 percent and at 46.9 
percent, Zeta Tau Alpha, last year's 
winner of the Greater Greek 



Unrestricted (Annual Fund) 


Restricted— Athletics 

$ 422,529 

(Athletic Scholarship Fund) 



Restricted— Athletics 





Restricted— Athletics 





$ 4,169,951 

The Greeks have had an active 
year with over 50 percent of the' 
total 1,913 enrolled alumni 
members participating in the An- 
nual Fund efforts, according to 

Frances Stanley, coordinator of 
alumni giving. "Tlieir support is 
terrific," she noted. "The Greeks 
continue to make a significant im- 
pact on the Annual Fund totals." 

Sources of Private Support 

)V Paraiu INonAliironl) 167,162 — 
.-v. Incltpc^JcniCollcii Fund o(NC 1110,138 

io%t™i«.»iis,sm — — - 

10-^ Friend, }i;8.]i'>0 

11^ Alun.lilSi)»,*!4 

LJ-. B*Mual.»)0!,e''t 

Page 2 I985-S6 Honor Roll of Donors 


Special recognition is given to Elon College donors who 
make significant gifts for the Annual Fund, academic 
scholarships and awards, academic program support, en- 
dowment, and capital projects. Membership in the 
ORDER OF THE OAK is awarded to alumni and friends 
who have contributed $100,000 to El*n through the ELON 
■ COUNCIL honors donors who gave $5,000 or more. 
Membership in the PRESIDENT'S CLUB is extended to 
those individuals who contribute $1000-$4999- A contribu- 
tion of $500-$999 entitles donors to membership in the 
OAK CLUB. The A. L. HOOK CLUB membership consists 
of those who have contributed $100- $499. The amount of 
an individual's gift for all eligible purposes during the fiscal 
year ending May 31, 1986 determines the qualifications for 
giving club memberships. 


$5000 PLUS 

A. |. Flelcher Foundalion 
Alcoa Foundation 
Algernon S. Sullivan Foundation 
American Telephone & Telegraph 

ARA Food Services 
Bakatsias Family 
Boone Fund 

Bryan Family Foundation 
Burlington Industries Foundalion 
Mr R I- Calton 

Canada Dry ot Greensboro, inc. 
Cannon Foundation, Inc. 
Mrs. George Carrington 
Chandler Concrete Company. Inc. 
Dr & Mre. Wallace L. Chandler 
Mr. & Mrs. Marvin H. Comer 
Mrs. Alyse Smith Cooper 
Duke ftjwer Company 
Mr. & Mrs. William H, Duncan 
Ealon Corporation 
Exxon Education Foundation 
Estate of Archie & Mary Fleming 
Mr- & Mrs. Rudy Moore 

FrueauH Foundation, Inc. 
Mrs, Naomi Allen Garber 
Estate ot George W Harden 
Mr. & Mr5- William A. Hawks 
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas P. Heritage 
Hoke Maroon Foundation 
Dr. Clarence A. Holland 
Mrs. Gladyse ). Holland 
The Hon. & Mrs. Richard |. 

Mf & Mrs George Thomas 


., !r. 

Independent College Fund of 

Mr & Mrs. Archie G Israel 
Mr. & Mrs. Maurice N. lennings 
Ms, Patricia G. lennings 
Estate of Lessie Mae S. (ohnson 
Hon. & Mrs. John M Jordan 
Macfield Texturing Company Inc 
Mr David Stephenson Massey 
Mr, John Z. McBrayer 
Mr. & Mrs. lohn A, McCrary. |r 
Estate of Ins Holt McEwen 
Mr. James H McEwen, jr 
Mr. Furman C Moseley. Ir, 
NCNB Corporation Charities 
Mr. and Mrs. Webb E. Newsome 
Mrs, Alice Cheatham CyConnell 
Mr, David E. Pardue. Jr, 
Mr & Mrs. Sybrant H. Pell 
Piedmont Natural Gas Company 
Miss Caroline Powell 
Dr. & Mrs James B. Powell 
Mr and Mrs. John S Powell 
Mr and Mrs. Joseph E Powell 
Dr and Mrs Samuel C Powell 
Or and Mrs T E Powell, Jr 
Dr & Mrs, Thomas E. Powell. Ill 
Mr and Mrs. William C. Powell 
Hon & Mrs. L Richardson Preyer 
Mr & Mrs, Hurley D Rogers 
Mr & Mrs. Clyde W. Rudd, Sr. 
The Hon. Ralph H Scott 
Mrs, Zondal Myers Sechresi 
Sigmund Sternberger Foundation 
Southern Bell 
Southern Conference ot the 

United Church of Chnst 
T.E. Powell, Jr, Biology Foundalion 
The Kresge Foundalion 
The Martha & Spencer Love 

Thomas. Stout, Stuart, Core & 

United Church Board ot Home- 
land Ministfy, New York. NY 
United Stales Government 
University of North Carolina 
Mr & Mr^. C. Max Ward 
Estate of Henry Eugene White 



Aetna Life & Casualty Foundation, 

Alamance-Caswell Medical 

Mr & Mrs. Larry A Alley 
American Tobacco Company 
Mr & Mrs. George C. Amick 
Mrs. Susan Abernethy Andrews 
Dr & Mrs. lames H. Baird 
Mr. & Mrs. Waller Haldane Bass, 

Mrs Leoia Taylor Beisinger 
Bethlehem Christian Church, 

Suffolk, Va. 
Blue Bell Foundation 
Boiling Officers' Wives' Club 
Mr & Mrs, Charles J, Bossong 
Mr Burton Stewart Brevda 
Mr, Curtis Woody Btmvn, |r 
Mr, C H. aryant, |r 
Burlingion B R W, Club, Inc. 
Burlington Bag & Baggage, Inc, 
Burlington Handbags, Inc. 
Burlington Motors. Inc 
Burroughs Wellcome Fund 
Byrd's Food Stores, Inc. 
Calvary United Church ot Christ, 

Thomasville, NC. 
Dr. John L. Cameron 
Dr Ramsey E. Cammack 
Canada Dry Bottling Company of 

Raleigh-Durham. Inc. 
Carolina Steel Corporation 
Carter Foundation, Inc 
Mr. & Mrs. Frank S. Castor 
Mrs. Vance Gates 
Mr & Mrs Roy R Charles 
Chick-Fil-A. Inc 
Mrs. Florence Olga Childress 
Coca-Cola Bottling Company ot 

Burlington, N.C. 
Dr George W Colclough 
Community Federal Savings & 

Loan Association 
Conoco, Inc. 
Mrs Alan W, Crosby 
Mr. Dwight Lynwood Dillon, Sr, 
DiKon, Odom & Company 
Mrs W Clifton Elder 
Elizabeth-Meade Hosiery Mill 
Elon College Community Church. 

Elon College, N.C. 
Hon & Mrs. Thad Eure 
Fairystone Fabrics, Inc 
Mr Isaac L. Fesmire 
Mr Lester E. Fesmire 
Mrs Clyde L, Fields, Sr, 
First Congregational Church, 

Asheville, N.C. 
First Federal Savings & Loan 

First Reformed United Church of 

Chfisi, Burlington. N.C. 
First Union Corporation Donor 

Advised Fund 
Dr & Mrs Walter Lawrence Floyd 
CFT Waller O. Fonville 
Mr, Preston L. Fowler. Ill 
Franklin Congregational Christian 

Church, Franklin, Va. 
Mr 8. Mrs. John L Frye 
Hon. Mills E. Godwin. Jr. 
Dr Clyde W Cordon. Sr 
Hon & Mrs. Eugene A. Gordon 
Greensboro News & Record 
Mr. & Mrs. SherritI G. Hall 
Hoffmann-La Roche, Inc. 
Mr. Ben T. Holden, II 
Holland Christian Church. 

Suffolk, Va. 
Holt Manufaaurlng Company, 


Mr. & Mrs, a Tate Horton 

Mr. & Mrs. Gordon Pannilt Hurley 

IBM Corporation 

J & J Corrugated Box Corporation 

J P Stevens & Comparry. Inc. 

Ms. Frances P Jennings 
Mr Maurice N Jennings. |r 
Jephson Education Trust 
Dr. Leslie Donald lohnson 
Mrs. Katherine Iris McCrary 

Johnston Oil Company, Inc 
Mr. & Mrs. W. Eugene Johnston, 

Miss M, Camille Kivette 
Kiwanis Education Fund, Inc. 
Miss Donna Carol Kleckner 
Mr, & Mrs, Ernest A Koury. Sr 
Mr & Mr^. James R Kozuch 
Lakes Region Scholarship 

Mr & Mrs John N Land! 
Lawrence Industries 
Leavy Investment Management 
Liberty Vance United Church ot 

Christ, Henderson, N.C. 
Mr. & Mrs, Jack R. Lindley 
Lynnhaven Colony United Church 

of Chnst. Virginia Beach. Va 
Mrs. Winona Morris Madren 
Hon William H Maness 
Martin Marietta Philanthropic 

Mr. William H. Massey 
Mrs. Florence B Matkins 
Mr. & Mrs, C- V May. Jr. 
Mr. & Mrs. James W, Maynard 
Mr James McEwen McCrary 
Mr. John A. McCrary. Ill 
Mt. & Mrs. C. Almon Mclver 
Mebane F^ckaging Corporation 
Mr. & Mrs. Glenn R. Miller 
Or. & Mrs. H. Reid Montgomery 
Mr & Mrs, D Baker Morrison 
Mr Clementh E Moser 
Mr & Mrs. Sidney T Moser, |r 
Myers-Ti-Caro Foundation, Inc. 
N.C. Lions Association for the 

Nabisco Brands, Inc. 
Mr John Cowan Nichols 
Northwestern Bank 
Mr & Mrs. D Earl Pardue, Sr 
Mr, & Mrs. Lindsey Jackson Perry. 

Philip Morris, Inc. 
Piedmont Aviation. Inc. 
Planters Educational Foundation 
Mr & Mrs. Paul C Plybon. Sr 

Presser Foundation 

Mr. Richard Ernest Pugh 

Purchasing Management 

Association of Carolina-Virginia 
R. H. Barringer Distributing 

Company, Inc 
R I Reynolds Industries, Inc 
Mr & Mrs Raphael A. Raab 
Dr & Mrs. lapheth E. Rawls. |r 
Mr. & Mrs. Howand R. 

Richardson, |r 
Mr & Mrs, lames David Rickard 
Dr. & Mrs. Martin Ritt 
Mr. & Mrs, Jerry R. Robertson 
Rotary International 
Mr. Robert Edward Sandell, III 
Or & Mrs. Allen B. Sanders 
Mr & Mrs, Francis Saul 
Mr & Mrs Oodson R, Schenck 
Sears-Roebuck Foundation 
Shallow Ford United Church of 

Christ, Elon College, N.C, 
Or. & Mrs, Martin L. Shouberger 
Mr & Mrs J Harold Smith 
Mrs. Faye Branch Smithwick 
Mr Roben B Smithwick 
Snyder Memorial Methodist 

Church, Jacksonville. Fla. 
Mr & Mrs John W, Sparks 
Dr. & Mrs. Royall H. Spence, Jr. 
Mr. Royall H, Spence, Sr. 
St. Mark's Reformed Church, 

Burlington, N.C. 
Mr. & Mrs. Virgil L. Stadler 
Mr. & Mrs. Carroll A. Stearns 
Suffolk Christian Church. Suffolk, 

The Wheat Foundation 
The Xenon Company 
Mr & Mrs, A C Thompson 
United Church ot Chrisl, New 

York, NY 
Universal Leaf Tobacco Company 
W. E, Love & Associates, Inc. 
W Leroy & Elizabeth Traylor 

Wachovia Bank & Trusi Company 
Mr & Mrs. Zachary Taylor 

Walker. Ill 
Dr and Mrs Frederic T, Watts 
Western Alamance High School 
Mrs. Rita Rothgeb White 
Mr & Mrs. John Hugh Whitlatch, 

Mr & Mrs George R Whilley 
Mrs Frances Chandler Wilkins 
Windsor Congregational Christian 

Church. Windsor. Va. 
Mr. Robert J, Wishart 
Mr C Carl Woods, Jr. 
Mr Edwin Clifton Wright, III 
Mr & Mrs. Fred W Yarbrough 
Of & Mrs. James Fred Young 
Youths' Friends Association 



A.aWA., Vuginla Chapter 
Alamance Clinic For Women 
Mr Adel All H Alhassoon 
Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority 
American Brands, Inc. 
Anderson-Wells Marble & Tile 
Mr. & Mrs. Larry D. Andrews 
Mr & Mrs. lames A. Barnwell, Jr. 
Bas&ett Salesman Memorial 

Education Foundation 
Mr & Mrs. C. Conway Sayliff. Ir 
Bennett Corporation 
Bennett-Hockett Supply 

Company, Inc. 
Beta Sigma Phi Executive 

Coordinating Committee 
Mr. & Mrs. Donald K, Blalock 
Mr & Mrs Willis C. Boland 
Hon. J, Fred & Dr Setty Lynch 

Ms. Charlesana Briggs 
Brown Woolen Mills. Inc. 
Mr & Mr5. Chester Walton 

Burgess. Ill 
Burlington Woman's Club, Inc 
Mr & Mrs. Dexter M. Campbell 
Gary C Boshamer Foundation, 

Mr & Mrs. William R, Chambers 
Mr & Mrs, Thomas E Chandler 
Dr Carole F Chase 
Christian Temple, Norfolk. Va. 
Church ot Wide Fellosv^hip, 

Southern Pines, N.C, 
Citizens Scholarship Foundation 

of America 
Clark Scholarship Trust 
Mr. George M. Cole 

Mr Dace W Jones 

Dr John Paul Jones 

Mr Edwand H Kellogg. |r 

tCent-Lucas Foundalion, Inc. 

Mr. Richard Clark Keziah 

Rev Donald L. Kirkbride 

Mr & Mrs Fred R, Lawrence 

Mr Jerry E Lea 

Mr & Mrs. Edmond H Liles, Jr. 

Mr & Mrs. Ben R Lilien 

Mr. & Mrs. W, E. Love, Jr. 

Mr Frank Randolph Lyon. Ill 

Manchester Scholarship 
Foundation, Inc 

Dr & Mrs John Michael Marr 

Mrs Margaret Slaltoni Martin 

Mr Wayne W Martin 

Mr & Mrs. Emery Keith Matlock 

Mr & Mrs. 1 Mark McAdams 

Or. Robie Wayne McClellan 
Dr & Mrs, lesse H Meredith 
Ms Carolyn D. Mewborn 
Mr & Mrs. Calvin A, Michaels 
Dr Eleanor W Moffett 
Monarch Hosiery Mills, Inc. 
Or. & Mrs. lames A. Moncure 
Mr. 8. Mrs. Donald Lucas * 

Mr I's 

N.C. 4-H Development Fund, Inc. 
Neuville Industries, Inc 
Mr. & Mrs. Harvey R, Newlin 
North Carolina Coaches 

Ocean Lakes Family Campground 
Or & Mrs. G Melvin Palmer 
Paul's Chapel United Church of 

Christ. Lexington, N.C. 
Dr. & Mrs. Louis Pikula. |r. 
Mr & Mr^ Woodrow W, Piland 
Mr Richard K. Pugh 
Rardolph-Roxbury Lion Club 
Dr. 8. Mrs, William G. Rich 
Or. & Mrs. William D. Rippy 
Mr. & Mrs, William H Ritter 
Mr. & Mrs. J. Hinton Rountree 
Roxbury School Council 
Ruritan National Foundalion 
Shiloh United Church of Christ, 

Faith, N.C 
Mr. & Mrs. Richard H. Shirley, Jr. 
Mf 8. Mrs. Clive H Shoftner 

Mr Ere 

< £dse 

Simpson Reed Fund 

Dr. Martha Sinbling Smith 

Elon ranks number one in 7'^orth Carolirm arui 
among the top in the Southeast among coed colleges 
ami universities for the percentage of alumni who 
make contributions to the Annual Fund. 

Cooper Wood Products 

Foundation, Inc. 
Damascus Congregational 

Christian Church, Chapel Hill, 

Dr Robert W. Delp 
Mr, 8. Mrs. Donald Keith Dennis 
Mr & Mrs. William R. Deven 
Dick Shirley Chevrolet, Inc 
Mr. Gilmer Worth Oodson 
Duke (\>wef Company 
East Davidson High School 
Mr. Delos M. Elder, Sr. 
Mr. 8r Mrs. Ashby L. Eubank 
Fairlane. Inc 

Firestone Tire & Rubber Company 
First Christian United Church of 

Christ, Burlington, NC 
Frank Roswell Fuller Scholarship 

Dr. Sr Mrs. William Fulgham 
Dr. & Mrs. Eugene Funderburk 
Mr, & Mrs. A. Roger Cibbs 
Graham Savings & Loan 

Mr Eddie Allen Gray 
Greensboro Civitan Club 
Mr, 8. Mrs. W. R. Cuffey 
Mr, & Mrs, Donald Keith Hall 
Mr Edwin Russell Hanford 
Hank's Chapel Church, Pittsboro, 

Mr. & Mrs, Roy H Harris 
Dr. & Mrs. Albert J. Hart, Jr 
Mrs. Mary Briggs Haskell 
Mr. & Mrs, Ed M, Hicklin, Sr, 
Mr & Mrs lohn Hardy High, Sr 
Dr. R Leroy Howell 
Miss EIna Doris Huey 
Mrs, Josie Loy Huey 
Mr elate F Huffman 
Huffman Oil Company Inc. 
Mr. & Mrs, Jon R, Hughes 
Mr, & Mrs. S. Carlysle Isley 
1. C. Penney Company 
Mr 8. Mrs Horace M, Johnson, 

Mr Thomas Phillip Johnson, Jr. 
Or & Mrs. lames William 


Mr, Richard C Sneed, Jr 
Dr & Mrs Walstein W. Snyder 
Soabar Company 
Somers-Pardue Agency. Inc. 
Sophia K, Reeves Foundalion 

Southern Conference United 

Church of Christ, Durham, N.C. 
Mr. & Mrs, John Speas 
St. Mark's United Methodist 

Church, Easton, Md. 
Si James/8elhel,Boger. Mt. 

Pleasant, NC 
St Peters Uniied Methodist 

Church, Ocean City. N,J 
Stephen Button Memorial 
Dr. & Mrs. W. Millard Stevens 
Mr. William M. Stewart 
Mr. Charles L Sweeney 
Mr. 8. Mrs Lowell Lawrence 

Dr. & Mrs lery R. Tolley 
Mr 8. Mrs. James T Toney 
Mr. & Mrs C D Towers, Jr. 
Trinity United Church ot Christ, 

Conover, NC. 
Ors. George W & Carole W 

Union Carbide Corporation 
Union Rrdge United Church of 

Christ, Burlington, N.C. 
Mrs. Sarah Womack Upson 
Dr. 8. Mrs, Julio E Valbuena 
Mr & Mrs. John H. Vernon, Jr. 
RADM 8. Mrs Edward K Walker, 

Dr Joel W Walker 
Mr, 8. Mrs George Mike Ward 
Washington High School 
Mr, & Mrs, David W. Westcott 
Mr. 8. Mrs Joseph C Whitaker 
Mr. & Mrs. James W, While 
Dr. & Mrs, M. Christopher While 
Mr, & Mrs. William L, Williams, 

Winn-Dixie Raleigh, Inc. 
Women of the Church. Orange 
Presbj^ery, Greensboro. NC. 
Women's FellcF^^hip. Elon College, 


1985-86 Honor Roll of Dom 




Abbott Laboraiories Fund 
Mr. & Mrs. William H Abbott 
Dr & Mn. Paul M. Abernethy 
Add-CalType, Inc 
AH5 Scholarship Association 
Mf. & Mrs. Mark R. Albertson 
Mr. & Mrs. Fred Albright 
Mr, & Mrs. Harold Edward 

Mr, & Mr^. |, Wesley Alexander 
Mr. Reid Ross Alexander 
Mr. & Mrs. Bruce C. Allen 
Mr. Harvey Mebane Allen 
Mr & Mrs. (ames V Allen. )t. 
Mr. lames Vance Allen, 111 
Mrs Kathleen C Allen 
Mr Phileman M Allen 
Mr. & Mrs. Reginald Reade Allen 
Mr & Mrs. Lemuel Carl Allen, |r, 
Mr & Mrs, Richard H, Almquist 
Alpha Phi Alpha Fraiernity, Inc, 
Mr, & Mrs, Paul Harry Amundsen 
Mr. & Mrs. Dwey Verne Andrew 
Mr S. Mrs Clayton C Andrews, 

Mr, lesse E, Andrews. |r 
Annedeen Hosiery Mills, Inc, 
Apollo Chemical Corporation 
Appalachian Power Company 
Apple, Bell, Johnson & Company. 

Mrs Mildred O Argyle 
Mrs. jeanette Amick Armour 
Dr. & Mrs. Malvin N. Artley 
Ashebofo High School, Asheboro, 

Ashland Oil Foundation, Inc, 
Mf. & Mrs. j. Douglas Avent 
Mrs, Alva Sanders Ayers 
Baby Needs, Inc, 
Mrs, Lorraine Fiske Bailey 
Mr, & Mrs. Raymond Earl Bailey 
Or, William Dee Bailey 
Mr, Stephen lay Ballard 
Dr & Mrs, Robert E, Balsley 
Bank ot Virginia Trust Connpany 
Mr. William H, Barbee 
Mr, Billy Ray Barker 

Mr, William Earl Bond, |r 

Mr & Mrs. Henry M Booke, Sr 

Mrs. Tr«va Wagoner Bookoul 

Rev, Daniel C Boone 

Mr & Mrs- lerel T Boone 

Miss Sarah Isabelle Boone 

Mrs, Lois McAdams Bosi 

Mr, Robert L Bouchard 

Dr. 4 Mrs, D, |. Bowden 

Mr |am« C Bowen 

Rev. Thurman F Bowers 

Mr & Mrs Robert Wayne Bowery 

Mr, lames Russell Bowman, |r 

Mr Wayne E, Bowman 

Mr. 4 Mrs. Mark R Boyer 

Mr 4 Mrs. lohn W, Boyle, jr 

Mr Barrv Aubrey Bradberry 

Mr, F Randolph Bradham, |r. 

Dr, 4 Mrs C W. Brady 

Dr 4 Mrs. David A. Bragg 

Branch Banking & Trust Company 

Mr. D, York Brannock. Sr 

Mr. C K Brans(ore) 

Mr. Vernon Braxton 

Brenner Foundation, Inc 

Brick United Church ot Christ. 

Cibsonville, NC 
Mr Eddie C Bridges 
Mf, 4 Mrs, Paul F Briggs 
Mr 4 Mrs, Lamar L, Briner 
Mr 4 Mrs. jack Broadbridge 
Of 4 Mrs. Wesley C Brogan 
Mr Dennis Darrell Brooks 
Mr Herbefl Alexander Brooks 
Mr 4 Mrs, Arthur F Brown 
Mr 4 Mrs Edwin S Brown 
Mr Everett Clay Brown 
Mr. 4 Mrs, Gerald L. Brown 
Mrs, Hilda Healwole Brown 
Mr 4 Mrs Howard Crier Brown 
Dr lanie P, 4 Mr Mickey Brown 
Mr, 4 Mrs Ow«n C Brown 
Mr & Mrs, Waller M, Brown, jr. 
Mr, 4 Mrs. lennings M, Bryan. If, 
Mr ludson Dwight Bryant 
Mr Edwand Royal Buckner 
Mf. R. Keith Bulla 
Bulla-Wafren Tire Company, Inc. 
Mr 4 Mrs. James M. Bullard 
Mrs, Margaret Rawls Bullard 
Dr & Mrs. George Pleasant 

Mr. William Carey Bunch, jr 
Mrs. Rachel Jackson Bunie 
Miss Mary Ridley Burgwyn 

former President Gerald Ford, Senator William 
Proxmire, and former Representative Shirley 
Chisholm were among the guest lecturers on the 
Blon campus during 1985-86. 

Mr, Donald Ray Bafker 

Mf. 4 Mrs. C, E. Barnes 

Mr, Larry E, Barnes 

Df & Mrs. Alan K Barfick 

Mr 4 Mrs B.lly joe Bartlett 

Dr 4 Mrs, Harold B, Bates 

Mr. 4 Mrs, Barry Clinton Baucom 

Mrs. Theresa Ireland Baxter 

Mr, 4 Mrs. Bobby Bealhard 

Mr, Raymond Lynn Beck 

Beck's United Church ol Christ, 

Lexington, NC, 
Dr. & Mrs, Barry Bernard Beedle 
Mr 4 Mrs Fred Edward Beeson 
Dr, 4 Mrs, Alfred L, Bell, Jr 
Bell Atlantic 

Mr. 4 Mrs, Hampton Rob Bell 
Mr. jimmy Holl Bell 
Mr. 4 Mrs. Richard S, Bell 
Bellsoulh Corporation 
Mr, Jarvis M Bennett 
Mr. Bruce Davis Befry 
Mr. Thomas Wesley Berry 
Mr. 4 Mrs, W. Jennings Berry. Jr. 
Bethany United Church of Chfist, 

Claremont, Newton, N.C. 
Bethany United Church of Chfist, 

Winston-Salem, N.C. 
Bethel United Church of Christ, 

Burlington, N.C, 
Bethlehem Christian Church, 

Altamahaw. N.C 
Bethlehem United Church o( 
Christ, Winston-Salem. N C, 
Beverly Hills United Church of 

Christ, Burlington. N,C 
Mrs, Nancy L, Bischoff 
Mr, Dick Binnef 
Black Cadillac Olds, Inc, 
X)r 4 Mrs, Robert G, Blake 
Mf. John William Blanchard 
Dr 4 Mfs Robert Lamar Bland 
Mr. 4 Mrs. David Holden Btevins 
Mrs, Mary Lou Chandler Boal 
Mr, 4 Mrs Harold | flobo 
Mr- & Mrs, Nick B Boddie 
MySgt 4 Mrs. Stephen A Bodnar 
Mrs. Sally Higgins Boland 
Mr. 4 Mrs Hubert F Bolick 
Mf, Robert E. Bolick 

Burlington Association of 

Education Office F^ersonnel 
Burlington Chemical Company. 

Mr, T Warren Burns 
Burroughs Coffwration 
Mr, 4 Mrs. Frederick A. 

Burroughs, III 
Mr. lohn Edward Burtsche 
Mr 4 Mrs. Leonard C, Butler, Sr 
Mr Charles Timothy Butler 
Mrs. Mary Leslie lames Butler 
Mr S Page Bun 
C 4 L Radiator Company 
C. B Ellis Music Company, Inc, 
C, B Fleet Company, Inc 
Mr Pat Catasso 
Mr lerry Delane Cameron 
Mr. 4 Mrs. Charles W, Campbell 
Mrs, Evelyn 5. Campbell 
Mr Louis Mitchell Campbell 
Mrs Nettie Harris Cannon 
Mrs Tracy Lee Cannon 
Mr Alfred I. Capuano 
Mr 4 Mrs, Lonnie Mack Carden 
Mf 4 Mrs. Donald John Carlson 
Carolina Nissan, Inc. 
Carolina Power 4 Light Company 
Mr Berry Floyd Carothers 
Mr. j, Albert Carpenter 
Mrs, Alsie Barham Carr 
Mrs Anne Batts Carter 
Mr Clarence Eugene Carter 
Miss Leslie lean Carter 
Mr, Phil Norman Carter 
Dr 4 Mrs Robert W Carter 
Mr 4 Mrs lohn Stuart Casey 
Mr 4 Mrs Stewart T. Cass 
Mr, 4 Mrs. I. Kenneth Cassel 
Mr Steven Castura 
Caswell County Board of 

Mr A Roney Cales 
Mr Roscoe C. Causey 
Celanese Corporation 
Centel Carolina Pioneer Club 
Mr C Ruffin Chandler, |r 
Mr Robert D. Chandler 
Dr 4 Mrs, Don C. Chaplin 
Chatham-Lee Credit Union 

Dr 4 Mrs, George W. Cheek, |f, 

Dr 4 Mrs Paul H Cheek 

Cherokee High School 

Mr O, Eldred Cherry 

Mr Marty E Chewning 

Mr, Ira S, Chrismon 

Mrs, Virginia Black Christian 

Mr, Albert C Christoffersen 

Citizens' Scholarship Foundation 

Mr j, Boyd Clapp 

Mr I Randal Clapp 

Mr 4 Mrs John D Clayborne 

Miss lulia Uiis Clem 

Miss Helen N, Clinedinst 

Mrs Adrianne Clingan 

Miss Louise Tufia Coble 

Ms. Deborah Anne Cochran 

Mr. & Mrs. George S Coffman 

Mrs, Terrell W, Cofield 

Mr. Peter M. Coghill 

Mr, 4 Mrs. Anthony Colaiuta 

Mrs Sue Watts Colclough 

Mr Stephen Reeves Cole. Sr, 

Mr Billy Glenn Coley 

Mrs. Marilyn E, Collins 

Mr Siverin P Comninaki 

Mr 4 Mrs. Thomas Grady 

Mr. Luther R Conger. |r. 
Congregational United Church of 

Christ, Greensboro, N.C, 
Copland Fabrics, Inc 
Mr, & Mrs. R E CorbeH, jr, 
Mr R. Fletcher Corbin 
CDR David A Corey 
Corinth United Church of Christ, 

Hickory, N.C, 
Mr lames Leon Correll, |r 
Mrs, lanie E Council 
County Motor Company 
Dr 4 Mrs, M, Cade Covington 
Mr 4 Mrs, Thomas M Cozart, Sr 
CPC Inlernational, Inc. 
Mr Scott A, Crabtree 
Crattique, Inc, 
Mr, 4 Mrs Peter | Craig 
Mrs. Sarah Maness Cramer 
Mr, Thomas lames Crandall 
Mr. R. Reed Crawford 
Dr 4 Mrs. Robert O, Crawford, 

Dr. James C, Crew 
Dr. 4 Mrs. Clinton S Crissman 
Mr Louis De Caienove 

Mr. lack L Crockett 
Mr 4 Mrs. Dick M Crum 
Mr. 4 Mrs. Moses Crutchfield 
Cumberland County Schools 
Mr. Paul A, Cummings, |r. 
Mrs lennie Lee Bradford Daley 
Mr. Edwin L. Daniel 
Mr. 4 Mrs, James Wesley Daniel 
Dr Robert L£€ Daniel 
Dr. & Mrs, j. Earl Dameley 
Mrs. Rena Iseley Danieley 
Mr. 4 Mrs. Edwin 1 Davidson 
Dr, lames Addison Davis 
Mrs Laverne Brady Davis 
Mr. Thomas Rufus Davis. |r. 
Mr 4 Mrs, Alexander A, Dawson 
Dr. 4 Mrs. George C Oebnam 
Mr 4 Mrs, W R Deitz 
Deloitte Hasklns 4 Sells 

Delia Kappa Gamma 
Delta Kappa Gamma Society 
Dendron Christian Church, 

Dendfon, Va 
Mr 4 Mrs. James Steele Denlon 
Mr, Alan Douglas Derosa 
Mr. 4 Mrs. Henry A. Desimone 
Mrs. Donna Sue DeWoody 
Mr. 4 Mrs. William N, Dickinson, 

Mr, |. C, Dillingham 
Mr. 4 Mrs. D, Kenneth Dimock 
Mrs. Edward j Dipaolo 
Mr. 4 Mrs Joseph C. Disher, jr 
Mr, I. Richard Dodson 
Mr 4 Mrs. Urry M Dofflemyer 
Mr. 4 Mrs, Richard H. Dolliver 
Mf. Henry Nathaniel Dorris 
Mr 4 Mrs. Carl King Dowdey, |r 
COL 4 Mrs. lack G, Drannel 
Dresser Foundation. Inc. 
Dresser Harbison Foundation, 

Mrs. Linda Perry Driver 
Mr. Mac Driver 

Mr. 4 Mrs, D Wltcher Dudley. Ill 
Mr 4 Mrs Herbert L. Duff 
Mr, 4 Mrs. Norman L, Dula 
Duncan Exxon Service Center 
Mr. 4 Mrs- Gene Arnold Duncan 
Mrs. Penny Rosser Duncan 
Mt- James Edwarel Dunn 
Dura-Tred Hosiery Mills 
Mr Drexel Gray Durham 
Mr. 4 Mrs, Willard S. Earle 
Ed Alexander Fabrics, Inc. 
Mr 4 Mrs Richard W. Edens 
Mf. Elmer Howard Edmonds, jf. 
Mr. 4 Mrs, Waller M. Edmonds 
Mf, Alton Ferrol Edmondson. |r. 

Df 4 Mrs. |. Ron Edwards 

Mr lames Allen Edwards 

Mr. 4 Mrs lohn Lee Edwards. |r 

Mr. N Macon Edwards. Ill 

Mrs Pamela Johnson Edwards 

Mr Ronald E Eger 

Dr lames Perry Elder, |r 

Mrs. Florence Moore Ellenberg 

Dr & Mrs. A, 1. Ellington, |r. 

Dr. 4 Mrs George j, Ellis, |r 

Mr & Mrs. William L. Ellis, jr. 

Mr 4 Mrs, CrahafTi H Erlacher 

Mr William Cannaway Estes 

Mr George W Etherrdge 

Mr 4 Mrs Jesse W Ethridge 

Mrs. Helen H. Euliss 

Mr, W lames Euliss, jf. 

Or. Arland W. EyI. jr. 

Mr. j. Michael Fargis 

Mr. Anthony J. Festa, |r 

Mr. Thomas Wesley Fidler 

Mrs Elizabeth McCollum Fields 

Mr. 4 Mrs, Hugh M. Fields 

First Baptist Church, Winston- 

Salem. NC, 
First Congregational Christian 

Church. Irvington, N | 
First Evangelical & Reformed 

Church, Asheboro, NC, 
First jersey National Bank 
First United Church of Christ, 

Winston-Salem. N.C, 
First Virginia Banks, Inc, 
MfS. Catherine N, Fischer 
Mr, 4 Mrs, Wesley Lloyd Flake 
Flanders Fillers, Inc 
Ms, Betty Greene Flinchum 
Florida Conference of the United 
Church of Christ. 
Winter Park, Fla. 
Mr 1 Lynwood Floyd. Jr. 
Flynl Fabrics 4 Finishing, Inc, 
Mr James H. Flynt 
Mrs Ruth Reitzel Fogleman 
Mrs Louise S, Foley 
Mr Grover Leroy Fones 
Mr 4 Mrs. Deroy R. Fonville, Ir 
Ford Motor Company Fund 
Mr W Harold Ford 
Mr. Sam B. Foushee, Jr 
Mr 4 Mrs, Arthur F Fowler, III 
Mr, & Mrs, Clyde M, Fowler 
Mrs, Margaret Hall Fowler 
Mr Oscar B, Fowler, Jr, 
Mr 4 Mrs, Waite Tyrone Fowler 
Mr Arthur Leon Fox, |r 
Dr Gerald L, Francis 
Mr 4 Mrs, Wilmer L, Frazier 
Mr I f Freeman. |r 
Mrs, Elizabeth Bouldin Freeze 
Rev |oe A, French 
Mr 4 Mrs. Thomas Butler French 
Mrs. Helen Allred Frink 
Mr. 4 Mrs. Clayton Fulcher, |r, 
Dr & Mrs. Edmund Fuller 
Dr, 4 Mrs Rawley H Fuller. Ill 
Mr & Mrs William C. Calbraith 
Mr 4 Mrs. Roger Gant. jr. 
Mrs Birdie Rcwiand Garren 
Garrison, McKenzie. 4 Moore, 

Dr. 4 Mrs. Paul L. Caskill 
Mr. Bobby |oe Gaydon 
Dr 4 Mrs. Philip |, Gearing 
CFT Charles D. Gee 
Mr 4 Mrs. Wallace W. Gee 
General Electric Foundation 
Dr 4 Mrs. Dwighl L Gentry 
Mrs lame Murphy Gentry 
Mr 4 Mrs Harry S George 
Mr C, Leon Cibbs 
Mrs. Mary Ruth Gibson 
Mrs- Teresa Stanfield Gibson 
Mr, 4 Mrs- Charles C, Gilliam 
Mr 4 Mrs, Emery Keith Gilliam 
Mrs. lanice Fulgham Gilliam 
Mr Theron I Gilliam 
Mr, 4 Mrs, lay Gilliland 
Dr, Kerry lay Gilliland 
GKN Automotive Components. 

Mr 4 Mrs, Thomas R. Glass 
Mr 4 Mrs. George L. Godfrey 
Mr 4 Mrs Thomas Byron Cold, III 
Dr Willani C Goley 
Miss ludith Anne Cooden 
Mr 4 Mrs- Lawrence C Gordon 
Mr 4 Mrs, Slaley P Cordon 
Mr 4 Mrs. W, Reece Cordon, jr- 
Mr. 4 Mrs. William S. Gorman 
Grace Reformed United Church 

of Christ, Newton, N.C- 
Craham High School 
Mr, I, B, Grainger, )f. 
Dr Seena A. Cranowsky 
Df, 4 MfS- Howard L. Cravelt 
Mrs Mary Helen Wilkins Gravitt 
Mr Allen T Cray 
Mr, Glen Wesley Gray 
Green 4 McClure Furniture 

Company, Inc, 
Mr Edward T- Green 
Mf Ronald Bryan Cnnslead 
Rev William A, Crissom 
CPT Frank Thompson Grove. |f- 

CTE Service Corporation 

Mr 4 Mrs Vincent |. Cuerrin 

Guilford County Slack Educators 

Miss Clarice Gunn 

Miss Ruth Helen Gunn 

Mr. loseph Maltoy Gwynn 

Mr lames Martin Habel, III 

Mr. Michael Howard Haire 

Mr, 4 Mrs. Clarence Haifston 

Mrs. Barbara Boone Hall 

Dr. Lacy Gilbert Hall 

Mr. Robert W. Halsted 

Mrs. Mary Shaw Ham 

Mr. 4 MfS, lames L, Hamrick 

Dr William loseph Hancock 

Mr G Keith Handy 

Mr. lack Bernaret Hanel. Sr 

Hanford Brick Company, Inc. 

Dr 4 Mrs George R Hanna 

Happy Home United Church of 

Christ, Ruffin, N.C 
Hardware Distributors, Inc. 
Mr. Clifford B. Hardy, jr, 
Mr 4 Mrs Kenneth L Harper 
Mrs, Barbara Hudson Harrell 
Dr 4 Mrs. Daniel Bryant Harrell, 

Dr. E Franklin Harris 
Mr. Elliot L. Harris 
Mrs, lune Strader Harris 
MfS- Myra Boone Harris 
Dr. Nancy E. Harris 
Mr 4 Mrs Ralph G, Harris 
Mrs. Rebecca Harris 
Mr 4 Mrs. Thomas G. Harris. Sr. 
Mr. Bascom Kyle Harrison, Ir. 
Mr. William Rex Harrison, jr. 
Mr, Nathanial W, Harrison. |r. 
Mr Carlos Bowers Hart 
Mr, 4 Mrs, Ronald L, Hart 
Mr 4 Mrs Edgar L Hartgrove 
Mr. 4 Mrs. A Ransone Hartz 
Miss Lottie Leigh Harvard 
Mrs Sue Barren Harward 
Mrs. Priscilla L, Hawonh 
Dr, Richard C Haworth 
Mr 4 Mrs. lames W Hayes 
Haywood Simpson Insurance 

Agency, Inc, 
Hebron United Church of Christ, 

Winston-Salem, N,C, 
Mr, Thomas leHrey Hedrick 
Mr. Robert Bernand Hege, Jr. 
Mr I. Holt Henderson 
Dr 4 Mrs. Thomas 5 Henricks 
Dr, 4 Mrs William N R Herbert 
Or Howard R Higgs 
Hillsville Woman's Club 
Mr. Carl M, Hines 
Mr. 4 Mrs, Samuel E. Hines. |r. 
Mr. Donnie Hinnant 
Mr. 4 Mrs, Henry H Hinte. |r, 
Dr 4 Mrs Hans E. Hirsch 
CPT Hampton Edward Hite 
Dr, Victor H, Hoffman 
Mr, 4 Mrs. Hubert N. Hoffman, III 
Mr. Charles C, Holland 
Mr 4 Mrs. Donald L. Holland 
Mr 4 Mrs, Kevin Bryant Holland 
Mrs. lerri Holloway 
Holmes 4 West Funeral Home 
Mr. 4 Mrs. Malcolm L. Holmes, 

Mrs. Oonnell S. Holt 
Mr. D, Lewis Holt 
Mrs- Rachel Youngblood Holt 
Mr 4 Mrs Ralph M, Holt, |r. 
Mr 4 Mrs W Clary Holt 
Mf William De R, Holt, jr. 
Mr Cephas G Hook 
Rev. David A Horn 
Df 4 Mrs. Herbert W, House, |f. 
Dr Matthew lames Howell 
Mr. Paul Hoyle 

Mr. 4 Mrs. Thomas R. Hubbard 
Mr, Henry Taylof Huff 
Mr, Kenneth H, Huffines 
Mr, 4 Mrs. Chester A, Hughes 
Mr Edward A Hughes, If 
Mr. George Williams Hughes 
Mr. 4 Mrs. Kenneth K. Hughes 
Hunt Electric Supply Company 
Hon, Sam Hunt 
Mrs. Christina Hardy Hunter 
Miss Mariorie Rose Hunter 
Hunterdale Womens Fellowship, 

Franklin. Va. 
Dr. 4 Mrs, Alfred W, Hurst 
Mr. Anthony Carter Hurt 
Mr 4 Mrs. Robert W. Hutchins 
Mr, 4 Mrs, Linwood |. Imlay 
Mr Franklin Ray Ingle 
Mrs, Howard Isaacs 
Mr Edwani F, Iseley 
Mr. Arthur McKinnon Ivey 
Mr. Fred C lackson 
Mr Sidney F lackson 
lefferson-PiloI Corporation 
Mrs. Beth Brinckerhoff Johnson 
Mr & Mrs, David Woody Johnson 
Mr. Edward Bo' lee Johnson 
Mrs, Harold W, Johnson. Sr. 
Mr. Henry E. lohnson 
Mr. lames E, Johnson 
Mr. 4 Mrs. Phillip l- Johnson 

Page 4 

1985-86 Honor Roll of Don. 

Mr. & Mn. Walter S Johnson 

lohnson's Wax Fund, Inc. 

MJss Lisa Carolyn Johnston 

Mr Bobby Lfe Jones 

Mn Carolyn Abernathy Jones 

Mr. Charles Rick Jones 

Of & Mrs Darden W, Jone* 

Mf Elijah N. Jones 

Mr Hamilton Hanman Jones 

Mr. J, Elmo Jones 

Mr James F, Jones 

Mr. John T Jones 

Mr & Mrs Thomas O Jones 

Mr Plummef Alston Jones, Jr 

Miss Joan Marie Joram 

Kappa Sigma Endowment Fund 

Mr & Mr^. Henry M, Kayes 

Mr & Mr^. James Keelty 

judge & Mn. Richard B Kellam 

Mr & Mn. Dale F Keller 

Mr Dave Lee Kennedy 

Mr Joe W Kent 

Mr. William O. Kerman 

Dr Chafles E Kcrnodle, Jr. 

Dr, Dwighi T. Kernodle 

Dr & Mr; C. Wallace Kernodle 

Mr Ralph W Kems 

Mr. Neilt Lawrence Key 

Mr Larry W Kidd 

Mr. George Joseph Kilroy 

Mr & Mn. O. C, Kimbrell, Jr. 

Mr John Wallace Kincaid, Jr 

Mr C. Ervin King 

Mrs f^mela Myer^ Kiser 

Mr Robert Bruce Kinenger 

Mr Lawrence Mer Kleeberg 

Mr. & Mn. Ronald A Klepcyk 

Mr & Mn F^eter H. Klopman 

Mr. John Lance Koenig 

Mr & Mrs Alexander Kohan 

Mr; Patricia Chrismon Kopko 

Mr. Robert | Kopko 

Mr & Mrs Robert O Kornegay 

Mr & Mrs. Marshall P. Koury 

Mr Maurice J. Koury 

Mr. & Mr;. Michael Kozakesvich 

Dr. & Mrs. Donald KurU 

Mr & Mr;. R Otis Lackey 

Mr. & Mrs. jerald Lamaskin 

Mr Kenneth H Lambert. Jr, 

Mr & Mrs John W Undrum, lit 

Mr & Mr; Charles T Langpaul 

Mr; Agnes E.ason Langsion 

Mr. lames Marvin Langston, III 

Mr. & Mr;. James Marvin Langston, 

Mr. 4 Mr;. Walter C. Latham 
Mr Allan W, Laxton 
Mr & Mr; Arthur B Lea 
Mr Charle; A. Leach 
Leach Education Fund 
Mr 4 Mrs Charles E Leahy 
Leath, McCarthy & Maynard. Inc. 
Mr. Joe Glenn Lee 
Mrs. Josephine Harper Lee 
Mrs. Linda Benson Lee 
Rev. & Mr;. Fletcher C Lester 
Mr. & Mr;. Robert E Lester 
Lever Brother; Company 
Levin Brothers, Inc 
Rev, Dr. Edward W. W. Lewis 
Liberty Embroidery. Inc. 
Mr Ernest Anderson Lightbourne 
Dr & Mr;, lames Horn 

Lightbourne, III 
Mr;. Men Ford Lightbourne 
Mr;. Helen Jackson Lindsay 
Mr;. Ann Rounlree Lineweaver 
Mr, 4 Mt; Cordon F Linke 
Dr. & Mrs, Walter S. Linville 
Mrs, Pamela Anne May Lissenden 
Miss A. Carolyn Little 
Mf Thomas Lee Lively 
Mr 4 Mrs AtJen Alexander Lloyd 
Mr. 4 Mrs. Wilbur Rudy Lloyd 
Mr and Mrs. William C. Long 
Mr & Mr;. W. Roland Longest 

Long's Chapel Congregational 
Christian Church. Burlington. 

Mr 4 Mr;. Wilkes E. Lowe, Jr. 

Mr. John Milton Lowry 

Mr Willianr) W, lof 

Mr William Francis Luby. Jr. 

Mr;. Nancy Hoylman Lushbaugh 

Mr, & Mr;. John Zebulon Lynch 

Mr 4 Mrs Robert 8 Lytle 

Mr. Angus MacDonald 

Dr. Helen H Mack^y 

Mr;, Duncan A. Mackenzie 

Mr. 4 Mrs Earl M. Mackintosh, Jr. 

Mr. 4 Mrs. Robert R. Macmillan 

Mailing Faciory 

Ms. Janice S. Manassa 

Mr. 4 Mrs. Bill R. Maness 

Df 4 Mrs Paul F, Maness 

Mr Charles CHara Mann 

Dr 4 Mr;. Philip Rogers Mann 

Mr. 4 Mr;. William Jeffrey Maniz 

Mr 4 Mrs Anthony J Markosky 

MaHey Company 

Mr. 4 Mrs Noble C Mar;hatl, Jr 

Mr 4 Mr;. Oswald H Marshburn 

Mr, H. Virgil Martin, Jr. 

Ms. Vickie S. Martin 

Massachusetts Mutual Life 

Insurance Company 
Mr J Earl Massey 
Mr 4 Mrs Graham L Mathis 
Dr. 4 Mrs. Roland D, Matthews 
Mr, 4 Mr;. Thomas E. Matthews 
Mr. 4 Mr;. T Brent Mauro 
Mr Paul Hillard May 
May Stores Foundation, Inc 
Mrs. Reid A. Maynard 
Mrs. Virginia Dianne Mazur 
Rep 4 Mr; Robert L. McAlister 
Mr John Dean McBrayer 
Rev Richard W McBride 
Mrs, Mary Atkinson McCardell 
Mr & Mr;. Larry Bauman 

McCautey, Jr. 
Mr 4 Mr;, Larry Bauman 

McCauley. Sr 
Mr & Mrs, Donald P McCorkle 
Mr 4 Mrs, Bruce Frazier McCotter 
McCrary-Acme Foundation, Inc 
Mr. 4 Mr;. John E. McCullough, 

Sen 4 Mr;. Timothy Hill 

Mr. 4 Mr;, R. Tyrone McDuffie 
M( 4 Mrs. Thomas D. McCowen 
Mr. Neill W. Mclnnts 
Mr Joe H, Mclntyre 
Dr, O Ray McKenzie 
McKesson Foundation, Inc 
Mr Bobby Eugene McKinnon 
Mr;. Delia Marie Vicker; 

Mr. 4 Mrs. D. Marsh McLelland 
Mr 4 Mrs, C C McNeely, Jr 
Mr 4 Mrs, John McSheehy 
Mr Alexander M. Mebane 
Mebane Home Telephone 

Company, Inc. 
Mebane Hosierv, Inc 
COL 4 Mrs. Winfred H. Meibohm 
Mr Arnold E. Melvin 
Merck Company Foundation 
Mr. John F. Mefnn 
Mr. 4 Mrs. William F Mershon 
Dr John D, Messick 
Metropolitan Life Foundation 
Mr;. Eleanor D Mewborn 
Mr 4 Mr;. Charles H. Michaux 
Mr. William F Mignioulo 
Mrs, Alice Cole Miller 
Miss Margaret Z. Miller 
Mrs. Sandra Gillespie Mills 
Rev J. F Minnis 
Mr Joseph Carl Minnis 
Miss Roanoke Valley Pageant 
Mr. & Mrs, John F Mitchell 
Mr, Larry Edwards Mixon 
Mr Arthur L Mizell 
Mobil Foundation. Inc. 
Estate of W L Monroe, Sr 
Dr C Legrande Moody, Jr 
Mr. Gary Howard Moon 
Mr; Marie Knight Moon 
Mr. Samuel Calhoun Moon 
BC & Mr; H. F Mooney, Jr 
Dr. C Fletcher Moore 
Mr & Mrs David Rogers Moore 
Rev Dwighi W Moore 
Dr 4 Mrs, Wayne T. Moore 
Mr. J. David Morgan 
Ms Patricia S Morgan 
Mr & Mr;. Ronald F. Morgan 
Mr 4 Mr;. Voigt Friu Morgan 
Mr Robert W. Morphis 
Mr, lames Willie Morris, ill 
Mr. 4 Mrs. Joseph Clifton Morns 
Dr; Mary & George Thomas 

Mr. GarY Wayne Morton 

Mr. John Everette Morton 

Of, Calen C. Moser 

Mr James D. Moser. Jr. 

COL 4 Mrs, Robert L. Moser, Jr. 

Dr. 4 Mrs, Daniel N, Moury, 

Piedmont Independent College 

A»ociation of N.C. 
Mt. Carmel Christian Church, 

Walter;. Va. 
Ml. Zion United Church of Christ, 

China Grove, N.C. 
Mt, Hope United Church of Christ. 

Whitsen, N,C 
Mr 4 Mrs. Clement F Munno 
Dr. 4 Mrs. James C, Murray 
Dr Charles Franklin Myers. Jr 
Mr 4 Mr;, Bill Lee Nail 
Mr Paul Fetzer Nance 
National Cash Register Foundalion 
National Gypsum Company 
Dr. David Keith Naylor 
(iev. W. Junius Neese 
Mr. 4 Mr;. Don Nelson 
Mrs. Sue Moore Neuman 
New England Mutual Life 

Insurance Company 
Mr Leon S, Newman 
Mrs. Louise G Newton 
Miss Marilyn Ruth Newton 
Mr & Mr;. Thomas D. Nicholas. Jr 
Mr. Charles Halt Nichols 
Mr. Martin C, Noon 
Mrs. Virginia Fowler Noon 
Norfolk Southern Foundalion 

Northern Telecom, Inc. 

Nu Alpha Chapter. Washington 

Mrs. Maryann Sv^rtout O'Brien 

Mr. 4 Mr; Michael Duke O'Brien 

Mr & Mr;. Robert W O'Brien 

MAJ 4 Mr;. Warren Ronald 


Mr, William J. O'Connor 

Mr Clyde Johnson O'Ferrell. Jr, 

Miss Satly Ann ONeill 

Dr. E, Eugene Oliver 

Dr. William Dewey Owen, )r, 

Mr. 4 Mr;. Ralph H Oxford 

Dr, 4 Mrs, James H Pace 

Mr 4 Mrs William J Palkovics 

Mrs. Lillian Harrell Pamplin 

Mr;. Gregg Winn Pappendich 

Mr. 4 Mr;. Thomas Parham, Jr. 

Dr James L. Parker 

Mr. James Weston Parker 

Mr Joseph M. Parker 

Mr;. Mary Sue Rawls F^rker 

Mr. 4 Mr;, Raymond B Parker 

Mrs. Ethel Truin Parks 

Or Betsy Allen Parsley 

Mr 4 Mrs. R F Paschal, Jr 

Mr & Mrs John K Patterron 

Mr;. Margaret Anne Morgan 

Paul B, Williams, Inc. of N.C 
Mr. Robert Warren Pearce 
Pearson Music Company 
Mr 4 Mr;. Stafford Randolph 

Mr 4 Mrs Terry S Pemberton 
Pembroke Manor United Church 

of Christ, Virginia Beach, Va. 
Mr 4 Mrs Edward T Perkins 
Mr 4 Mr; Dan E F^rry 
Mr William K. Perry 
Mr. Alan O'Neil Peier; 
Mr 4 Mr;. Otto W Peyer 
Dr. Philip S. Phelon 
Mr. Roger W. Phelps 
PHH Croup Foundation, Inc. 
Dr Marvin W, Phillip; 
Mr. M Clenn Pickarel 
Mr. C. Emmen Piland 
Pilgrim Reformed United Church 

of Christ, Lexington. N.C. 
Mf. 4 Mrs. James L. Pitts 
Mr George C. Piatt 
Mr; Barbara Taylor Plumbtee 
Mr, 4 Mrs. lohn C. Plumides 
Mr. Eugene Sherrell Pointer 
Mr. t. t POintef 
Mr;. George A Poole 
Ms, Martha Alice Pope 
Mr, John M. Porter 

CFT EdwanJ H Potter 

Miss Caroline E Powell 

Mr 4 Mr; Gary Powell. Jr. 

Mr. B. Clyde Preslar 

Dr. Lacy M, Presnell, |r. 

Mr, Ucy M. Presnell, til 

Mr Weldon R, Price 

Drs, S E, G. 4 Mary Ellen Priestley 

Prince Hall Grand Chapter OE5 

Mr. James G Pritchett 

Procter 4 Gamble 

Or 4 Mr; Brank Proffift 

Mr, Peier D, Pruden. Jr. 

Prudential Insurance Comptany of 

Mr 4 Mrs. Joseph C Pulliam 

Mr. A. L. Purrington, |r 

Mr, T, ScoH Quakenbush 

Mr. 4 Mrs. lames D. Quigley 

Mr 4 Mrs. Lawrence R. Rachuba 

Dr George Shuford Ramseur 

Mr. 4 Mrs. Kader R. Ramsey, Jr. 

Dr. Hugh F. Rankin 

Dr. R D Rao 

Mr. Bill Frank Ray 

Mr. John Phillip Ray 

Mr. John Robert Re«ce 

Mf 4 Mr; James P, Reed 

Dr. 4 Mr;. Fred P Register 

Rego Company 

Or Rosalind R. Reichard 

Dr William J. Reid 

Reliance Electric Company 

Mr;. Julia W. Reynolds 

Mr 4 Mrs Wesley B Reynolds 

Mr, William Madison Rice 

Mr. 4 Mr;. Clay A. Rich 

Mrs. Joan Stuart Richardson 

Mrs. Carol AdolfM)n Rittle 

Mrs. Charles M, Rives, Jr. 

Mr. Joseph Ed Robbins, Jr. 

Mr Stephen Bruce Roberts 

Robertson 4 Son 

Mr. 4 Mrs Charles J. Rocknak, Ji 

Mrs Judith Stanfield Rodgers 

Mr 4 Mrs, Marshall C Roe, Jr 

Dr. Isabel W. Roger; 

Mr- Hugh Odell Rollins, Jr. 

Dr. Roy E Rollins 

Mrs. Ruth M. Rollins 

Mr. Danny Crawford Rose 

Mr. & Mrs, Louis F Roshelli 

Mr, Clarence William Ross 

Miss Margaret Lane Rowland 

Royal Textile Mill 

Mr. 4 Mrs. O. Douglas Royals 

Mrs. Emma A. Russell 

Mr. 4 Mrs. Gerald R. Russell 
Of, 4 Mrs. Rollin O. Russell 
Mr, 4 Mr;. Samuel F. Rutland 
Mr. 4 Mrs. lames H. Ryals 
Mr. Eric James Sabin 
Mr, John Murray Sadler 
Miss Sherrill Doak Safley 
Dr Fred G Sahimann 
Mr Theodore Young Salisbury 
Mrs, Gertrude Michael Salmons 
Mr. 4 Mrs. M. Judson Samuels 

Mr 4 Mr;, John B. Talbert, |r 

Mr. M, Garland Tallon, Jr 

Mr. 4 Mr;. Blucher £. Taylor 

Or 4 Mr; George A, Taylor 

Mr. & Mrs, W. S. Taylor 

Mr. Shea Lynn league 

Mr. William B. Terrell 

Mr 4 Mrs. William B. Terrell, Jr 

Mrs. Betty Burton Thayer 

Mr, Nicholas J, Theos 

Rev, J. Rex Thomas 

The Elon Study Abroad program now includes a 
full-semester in London, a winter term in England, 
and several study-tours. 

Mr Dedrick Forrest Samuels, Jr. 

Mr 4 Mrs. H. Terrence Samway 

Sandoz, Inc 

Mr 4 Mrs Bennen B, Sapp 

Mr 4 Mrs, Charles H, 'Chip" 

Mr;. Betsey P Savage 

Mr Joseph Arn Savage, Jr. 

Mr 4 Mrs. John L Schoderbek 

SCM Corporation 

Dr. 4 Mrs, Samuel E, Scott 

Mr. 4 Mrs. Walter W Scott 

Mr 4 Mr;. Max P Sear; 

Dr Earl E Sechriest 

Mr 4 Mr;. Emory R. Seller;, |r, 

Mr. 4 Mrs. William E. Sellers 

Or 4 Mrs, James H. Semans 

Mr Neil L Senter 

Mr & Mrs A Steven Shaffer 

Dr Lawrence A Sharpe 

Miss Lillian Sharpe 

Mr Edward F Shaw 

Mr Jack E Shaw 

Mr. James Dale Shepherd 

Mr;. Linda May Shields 

Mr 4 Mr;. Stephen W. Shifflel 

Mr John Richard Shiney 

Mr Richand L Shoe 

Mr 4 Mrs. Melvin L. Shreves. Jr. 

Mr. & Mr;, Henry V. Shriver 

Mr Graeme Hunter Shull 

Sigma Pi Fraternity 

Mr;. Elaine Pace Simmons 

Mrs Nancy Caddell Simonson 

Or. Richard Bwver; Simpson 

Ms. Sylvia E, Sims 

Mr. 4 Mrs. Robert W Skinner 

Mr; Laverne Porterfield Skipper 

Mr. Jordan A. Sloan 

Mr. Oavid Bowman Small 

Miss Alma Amelia Smith 

Mr;, Deborah Apple Smith 

Mr 4 Mrs Gayle G Smith 

Mrs. Helen Barney Smith 

Mr. Leo M. Smith 

Miss R. Ruth Smith 

Mr. 4 Mrs. Russell Reams Smith, Jf 

Ms. Sandra L, Smith 

Mr. Silas 8. Smith 

Mr. 4 Mrs. William C. Smith 

Ms. Kay Snellgrove 

Mr Robert Floyd Snyder 

Mr 4 Mr;. Keith Soliday 

Sophia United Church o( Christ, 
Sophia, N,C. 

Dr; Judith 4 Frank W Spaeth 

Speedwell Presbyterian Church, 

Reidsville, N.C, 
Mr. 4 Mrs. Charles David Speight 

Rev. Dwight M. Spence 

Sperry Corporation Foundation 

Mr & Mrs. |ohn L. Sprague 

Mrs. Jennie Barrett Spratley 

Si John's United Church of Christ, 

Kannapolis, N.C 
St Luke's United Church of Christ. 

Salisbury, N.C. 
Si Paul's United Church of Christ, 

Newton, N.C- 
Stadler's Country Hams, Inc. 
Mr. 4 Mrs. A. Don Stalling; 
Ms. Frances Tuttle Stanley 
Mr 4 Mr;. Robert |, Stauffenberg 
Mr & Mr;. Charles T, Steele 
Mr 4 Mr; Alexander R Stephen 
Mr James Scott Stevenson 
Mr, 4 Mr;. Enoch Ben Steverson, |r 
Dr. & Mr;. Albert Siewart, Jr 
Mr, Oavid C Stewart 
Mrs. Robbin Duffer Stiles 
Dr. Ourward T Stiles 
Mrs. Lucile C. Stone 
Mr 4 Mr;. Jimmy C. Stout 
Mr Jay Oliver Strickland 
Mr 4 Mrs, Charles E Strothers, Jr 
Mr Philip D, Stuart 
Student Loan Marketing 

Dr. John C. Sullivan 
Mr;. Linda Votta Sullivan 
Mr. 4 Mrs. Craven H, Sumerell 
Mrs. Sam G, Sumner 
Sun Life Assurance Company of 

Rev, 4 Mrs. Thomas D. Sutton 
Mr. Kenneth H. Swanson 

Mr. Raymond L. Thomas 

Mrs. Shelby Cunier Thomas 

Mr. 4 Mrs. Earl M. Thompson 

Mrs. Mabel Michael Thompson 

Mr, Numa Reid Thompson 

Mrs Barbara H Thornton 

Miss Carolyn L Tillotson 

Times-News Publishing Company 

Mr;. Martha H. Tingen 

Mr Robert Clifton Tippett 

Mr;, Elizabeth Cobb Tollison 

Mr. 4 Mrs lohn 2 Touloupas 

Mr 4 Mr;, William H Town 

Transamerica Corporation 

Or. 4 Mrs. Theodore T. Trapp 

Mr 4 Mrs R, J Treece 

Mr. Bethel Judson Trent, Jr. 

Mr. 4 Mrs. William J. Trogdon 

Mr. Samuel Parker Troy 

Mrs. Adelia Jones Truitt 

Mr. Herman N Truitt 

Chaplain 4 Mrs. John C, Truitt, Jr. 

Mrs L D. Tucker. Sr. 

Mr. 4 Mrs. George Tucker 

Or. 4 Mr;. William Redd Turner 

U.S. Fidelity 4 Guaranty Company 

Unichem. Inc, 

Union Pacific Corporation 

Union United Church of Christ, 

Virgilina, Va, 
Union United Church of Christ, 

Nortolk, Va. 
Untied Technologies Corporation 
United Virginia Bankshares 

Mr & Mrs, C. Kenneth UH 
Mr & Mrs. Robert Edward UU 
Mr. & Mrs, William L. Van Alen 
Dr, 4 Mrs. Albert Ray Van Cleave 
Dr Whitney Grove Vanderwerff 
Mr 4 Mrs Charles A Vanlear, III 
Mrs, Catherine B Vaughan 

Mr. 4 Mrs. Earl W. Vickers, Jr, 
Mr. 4 Mrs. Isham Hailey Vickery, 

Volunleer Hosiery, Inc. 
Mr. Robert Ronald Wagner 
Wake Chapel Missionary 
Fellowship, Fuquay-Varina, N.C 
Wakefield Christian Church, 

Wakefield, Va. 
Mr Claude L. Walker 
Dr. W. W. Walker 
Mr 4 Mrs, D. J. Walker. Jr. 
Or. & Mrs. Bruce Norris Waller 
Mrs lane Lavin Walser 
Mr Jimmy E. Ward 
Mr. 4 Mrs. W. Dace Ward 
Dr. 4 Mr;, Frank Reid Warder 
Warner-Lambert Company 
Mr. Michael Anthony Warren 
Mrs. Marguerite Harris Waters 
Mr Danny Eugene Watson 
Mr. Frederick L. Watson, Jr 
Or. 4 Mrs James Watson, Jr, 
Mr, 4 Mrs. C, Edwin Watts 
Dr. & Mr;. Daniel T. Watls 
Dr. 4 Mr;. Frederic T. Watts. Jr. 
Mr, Robert C Watts 
Mr. 4 Mrs, David C. Weavil 
Or. Linda T. Weavil 
Mr. Donald L, Weed 
Mr. C. Ed Welch, Jr. 
Mr, 4 Mr;. Herbert N. Wellons 
Wesley Long Hospital Auxiliary 
Mrs. Vera Mae F^rker Wessells 
Mr & Mrs. James Lee Whilaker 
Dr. 4 Mr;. Alan J White 
Mr J King White 
Mr. William T. While 
Mr. 4 Mrs. John C, Whitesell 
Mr. C. Graywn WhitI 
Mr. Duane Townsend Whitt 
Dr, 4 Mrs, Dolphus Whitten, Jr, 
Dr. Dan B. Wicker 
Mr. 4 Mrs. James B Widenhouse 
Mr. William Newion Wilder 
Mr. 4 Mr;. Charles Jeter Wilklns 
Mr. Lulher W. Wilkins 
Mr. Harold Edward Williams 
Mr, 4 Mrs. John F Williams, Jr. 
Dr, 4 Mrs. Paul F, Williams 
Dr. 4 Mrs. Robert B. Williams 
Mr, Ronald Williams 
Mr. Thomas Hendrix Williams 

198S-S6 Honor Roll of Donon Page 5 

Mr Dan Cordon WiNiamwin 

Mr. Elmef L. Williamson 
Mr, & Mre Bill I Wilwn 
Mr & Mf^. Kenneth B. Winfield 
Mr CtorBe Wingfield, Sr. 
Mn. May Bland Winstead 
Mr, & Mrs. William Clement 
Winstead. Jr. 

Mr. Patrick H, Winslon, )r. 
Woman's Club o( Denville 
Mr. Glenn F. Womble 
Women's Fellowship first Church 
Congregational, Painesville. Oh. 
Mr, Thomas R. Woodard 
Mr. & Mr^, Lewis S, Woodson, |r 
Mf. & Mrs. George W Wooten 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert t. Woolen 
Mr. & Mrs, A. Cordon Wootton 
Mr. (. Paul Wrenn 
Mr. Cecil L. Wfighl 
Mf, & Mrs. Robert Wright 
Mr. & Mrs, Melvin O. Wyrick 
Mr. Cecil M. Yarbrough 
Mrs. Carol A. Yelzer 
Mr. Michael Thomas Yontz 
Mr. Slephen Michael YosI 
Mrs, Kenneth W. Young 
Mr. Lester G. Younts, |r. 
Mr. & Mrs Hilton L Yow 
Mr. & Mrs. Edward R. Zane, Sf 
Mrs. Jacquelyn Sampson Zani 
Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc 
Rev loseph Zez2o 
Zion United Church o( Christ, 

Mr. V(C A Zodda 





$1000 - $4999 

Mr. C. H, Bryant, )r. 

Dick Shirley Chevrolet, inc 

Mr. & Mrs. Dwight Lynwood 

Dillon, Sr 
Mf. Isaac L Fesmire 
Mr, Lester E, Fesmire 
Mr. & Mrs. |ohn L, Frye 
Mr Maurice J, Koury 
Mr, & Mrs, Efoest A. Koury. Sr, 
Mrs, Florence B, Matkins 
Mr, & Mrs, D, Baker Morrison 
Mr & Mrs. Webb E. Newsome 
Mr John Cowan Nichols 
Mfs, Dale Pafham Perry 
Mr, Lindsey lackson Perry, Jr, 
Df- & Mrs lames B, Powell 
R, H, Barringer Distributing 

Company. Inc. 
Mr & Mrs Jerry Richardson 
Mr. & Mrs, James David Rickard 
Or & Mrs, Martin Riti 
Mr & Mrs Jerry R Robertson 
Mr, & Mrs, Clyde W. Rudd. Sr 
Mr, & Mrs, Carroll A, Stearns 
Mr & Mn. Zachary Taylor 

Walker. Ill 
Mr. C, Max Ward 
Mrs. Cynthia Ward 
Mn. Janice Matkins Whitlaich 
Mr. John Hugh Whitlatch, Jr, 


$500 - $999 

ARA Food Services 
Mr & Mrs, James A, Barnwell. |r, 
Mr. & Mrs. Donald K, Blalock 
Mr & Mn. Willis G. Boland 
Mr & Mrs. C V, Bfiggs 

Mr, & Mn, Donald Keith Dennis 
Mr. & Mn. Rudy Moore Fonville 

CFT Walter O, Fonville 
Mr & Mrs W. R. Guffey 
Mr Donald Keith Hall 

Mrs. Peggy Lunsford Hall 

Mr Edwin Russell Hanlord 

Mrs, Mary Sriggs Haskell 

Mr. & Mrs William A. Hawks 

Mr Ed M. Hicklin, Sr, 

Mrs, Helen Truin Hicklin 

Miss Elna Doris Huey 

Mrs Josie Loy Huey 

Mr. & Mrs Jon R. Hughes 

Mr, & Mrs Archie G, Israel 

Mr, & Mrs. Horace M, Johnson. 

Mr Thomas Phillip Johnson. Jr. 
Johnston Oil Company. Inc, 
Mr. & Mrs Richard Clark Keziah 
Mr. & Mrs. Ben R. Lilien 
Df. & Mrs. John Michael Marr 
Mf. & Mn. Cary R. Matlock 
Mr, lohn Z. McBrayer 
Mrs, Barbara Ippolito Morrison 
Mr. Donald Lucas Morrison 
Mr Clementh E. Moser 
Mr & Mrs, Sidney T, Moser, Jf, 
Mr. J's 

Quarry Hills Country Club 
Mr. & Mrs. j, Harold Smith 
Mr. Richard C. Sneed, Jr 
Standard Commercial Tobacco 

Mr William M. Stewart 
Tom Sawyer-Huck Finn Tennis 

Mf & Mrs John H Vernon, Jr, 
Village Real Estate 
Dr. Joel W, Walker 
Mr. & Mrs. George Mike Ward 
Mr. & Mrs. David W. Westcott 
Mr, C- Carl Woods, Jr. 


$250 - $499 

Mr. & Mrs, Larry A. Alley 
Apple, Bell, Johnson & Company, 

Baby Needs, Inc, 
Or, & Mrs. Robert E Balsley 
Mf. & Mrs, Barry Clinton Baucom 
Black Cadillac Olds, Inc 
Branch Banking & Trust Company 
Ms Charlesana Briggs 
Or & Mrs, Robert W Carter 
Mr & Mrs Thomas E Chandler 
Copland Fabrics, Inc. 
Mr, lames Leon Correll, Jr, 
County Motor Company 
Mr jack L, Crockett 
Mr. & Mrs, Moses Crutchfield 
Mr. James Wesley Daniel 
Mrs, Resa Robinson Daniel 
Ouncan Exxon Service Center 
Mr, & Mrs, William H. Duncan 
Mr. & Mrs, Clyde M. Fowler 
Garrison, McKenzie, & Moore, 

Df Clyde W. Gordon, Sr 
Hon & Mrs, Eugene A Gordon 
Haywood Simpson Insurance 

Agency. Inc. 
Mr. & Mrs, S, Carlysle Isley 
Mr, & Mrs, Maurice N, Jennings 
Johnson's Wax Fund. Inc, 
Mr. & Mrs, Edmond H. Liles, Jr. 
Mr. & Mrs. Noble G, Marshall, Jr, 
Mr. j Mark McAdams 
Mrs Kate Stradef McAdams 
Dr Robie Wayne McClellan 
Mr, & Mrs, C. Almon Mclver 
Mr, Arnold E. Melvin 
Mr, Charles H, Michaux 
Mrs, f^ggy Miller Michaux 
Mrs. Phyllis Hopkins Morningstar 
Mr, T William Morningstar, Jr, 
Mr, William K, Perry 
Dr, & Mrs, Louis Pikula. Ir. 
Mrs. Janice Isley Pulliam 
Mr, loseph C, Pulliam 
Robertson & Son 
Or, & Mrs, Allen S. Sanders 
Mrs. Nellie Mann Snyder 
Df, Walltein W. Snyder 
Special T Sales, Inc. 
Mr & Mrs. limmy C. Stout 
Mr, & Mrs. A C. Thompson 
Transamerica Corporation 
Mr, limmy E. Ward 
Mr, & Mrs, David C. Weavil 
Mr. & Mrs. loseph C, Whiuker 
Dr. & MfS, Alan ]. White 


$100 - $249 

Alamance Clinic For Women 
Mrs, Betsy Smith Albright 
Mr, Fred Albright 

Mr, & Mrs Harold Edward 

Mr, & Mrs. |, Wesley Alexander 
Mr. James Vance Allen, III 
MfS. Kathleen C Allen 
Mrs, Lorraine McPherson Allen 
Mr, Reginald Reade Allen 
American Telephone & Telegraph 

Mrs, Betty Chilton Andrews 
Mr, Clayton C. Andrews, Jr 
Annedeen Hosiery Mills, Inc 
Dr, & Mrs James H, Baird 
Mr. Stephen |ay Ballard 
Mr. & Mrs Charles £ Baxter 
Dr, & Mrs Barry Bernard Beedte 
Mr. Hampton Rob Bell 
Mrs, Helen Sockwell Bell 
Mr. & Mrs, Richard S, Bell 
Df, & Mrs Robert G Blake 
Mr. & Mrs. Harold ). Bobo 
Mr- & Mrs. Hubert F Bolick 
Mr. & Mrs, Jerel T Boone 
Mr. & Mrs, Robert Wayne Bowery 
Mr, Barry Aubrey Bradberry 
Mrs, Mary Stackhouse Btiggs 
Mr. Paul F Briggs 
Mf, & Mrs. Arthur F Brown 
Mr, & Mrs, Edwin S, Brcnvn 
Mr. Everett Clay Brown 
Or, lanie P & Mr. Mickey Brown 
Mr- & Mrs. Walter M. Brown, |r 
Bulla-Warrcn Tire Company. Inc, 
Miss Mary Ridley Burgwyn 
Burlington Bag & Baggage, Inc. 
Mr, & Mrs. Leonard C. Butler 
Byfds Food Stores. Inc 
Mr. Pat Cafasso 
Dr John L. Cameron 
Mr, & Mrs, Dexter M. Campbell 
Mrs, Karen Reider Carden 
Mr. Lonnie Mack Carden 
Carolina Nissan, Inc. 
Mr, |, Albert Carpenler 
Mr, Phil Norman Carter 
Mr, A. Roney Gates 
Or, & Mrs Don C Chaplin 
Mr- Marty E. Chewning 
Mr, J, Randal Clapp 
Mrs, Marilyn E, Collins 
Mrs. Faye Danieley Conally 
Mr- Thomas Grady Conally 
Mr, Luther R. Conger, Jf 
Mr, & Mrs, William C. Council 
Mr, & Mrs, Peter J, Craig 
Of & Mrs. Robert O- Crawfond, 

Or, James C, Crew 
Or, Robert Lee Daniel 
Dr, James Earl Danieley 
Mrs, Verona Daniels Danieley 
Mr. Edwin |, Davidson 
Mrs, Jennie Keck Davidson 
Dr. James Addison Oavis 
Mr, Thomas Rufus Davis, Jr, 
Mr, & Mrs. Alexander A. Davi'son 
Mr, Henry A Desimone 
Mrs. June McCracken Desimone 
Mrs. Donna Sue DeWoody 
Mr, & Mrs. Joseph C Oisher, Jr 
Mrs, Jane Luce Dofflemyer 
Mr Larry M Dofflemyer 
Mr, Carl King Dowdey, Jr. 
Mrs Kaye Dunaway Oowdey 
Mr, Mac Driver 

Mr. Alton Ferrol Edmondson, Jr 
Mr, James Allen Edwards 
Dr. & Mrs. A J. Ellington. Jr. 
Mrs. Judy Cakes Flake 
Mr. Wesley Lloyd Flake 
Mr Gfover Leroy Fones 
Mr Arthur F Fowler. Ill 
Mrs Jane Transou Fowler 
Mrs. Jane Thompson Fowler 
Mr, Waite Tyrone Fowler 
Or. Gerald L. Francis 
Dr. & Mrs. William Fulgham 
Dr, & Mrs, Rawley H, Fuller, III 
Mr. & Mrs, Roger Cant, Jr. 
Dr. & Mrs, Paul L. Caskill 
Mr. & Mrs, Wallace W. Gee 
Mrs. Doris Clapp Gilliam 
Mr, Emery Keith Gilliam 
Mr. Theron I, Gilliam 
Graham Savings & Loan 

Mr, I, B, Grainger, Jr. 
Mrs, Barbara Boone Hall 
Dr, Lacy Gilbert Hall 
Mr, James L. Hamrick 
Mrs, Janet Johnson Hamrick 
Mr, Kenneth L. Harper 
Mrs. Lou Foster Harper 
Mrs, Ann Horner Harris 
Dr, E, Franklin Harris 
Mrs. Myra Boone Harris 
Mr. Ralph G. Harris 
Mr, & Mrs, Thomas G. Harris, Sr, 
Mr Bascom Kyle Harrison, Jr, 
Mr William Rex Harrison, |r 
Mrs. Priscilla L. Haworth 
Dr, & Mrs, Howard R, Higgs 
Holt Manufacturing Company 

Mr, & Mrs, D, Lewis Holt 
Mr. & Mrs. Ralph M, Holt. Jr 
Mf, Kenneth H. Huffines 

Mr, & Mrs Edward A Hughes, |r. 

Mr & Mrs Kenneth K, Hughes 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert W Hulchms 

Mr. Edwand F Iseley 

Mr, Arthur McKinnon Ivey 

Mr, & MfS, Warren R, leffreys 

Mr. & Mrs, David Woody Johnson 

Mr. James E. Johnson 

Mr. & Mrs. Philip L Johnson 

Mrs, Carolyn Abernathy Jones 

Mr & Mrs Charles Rick Jones 

Dr & Mrs. Oarden W, Jones 

Mr Elijah N- Jones 

Mr, James F lones 

Mr, John T. Jones 

Mr. & MfS. Dale F, Keller 

Dr. Charles E, Kernodle, jr. 

Df & Mrs. C- Wallace Kernodle 

Mr Neill Lawrence Key 

Mr. C, Ervin King 

Mr, Robert Bruce Kittenger 

Mr, & Mrs, Ronald A, Klepcyk 

Mf, John Lance Koenig 

Mrs. f^tricia Chrismon Kopko 

Mr, Robert J, Kopko 

Mr. Marshall P. Koury 

Mr lames Marvin Langston. Ill 

Mr. & Mrs, Walter C, Latham 

Mr, Arthur B, Lea 

Mrs Mary Neese Lea 

Mr, Joe Glenn Lee 

Mrs. Linda Benson Lee 

Mr & Mrs, Jack R, Lindley 

Miss A, Carolyn Little 

Mr, & Mrs. Wilbur Rudy Lloyd 

Mrs, Leffie Jones Losve 

Mr Wilkes E, Losve, Jr. 

Mr, John Milton Lowry 

Mr & Mrs, Earl M. Mackintosh, 

Hon. William H. Maness 

Mrs, Mary Sue Colclough Mann 

Or, Philip Rogers Mann 

Mrs, Joan Gladden Marshburn 

Mr Oswald H. Marshburn 

Ms. Vickie S. Martin 

Mr & Mrs Graham L, Mathis 

Mrs Jane Peterson Matthews 

Mr, Thomas E, Matthews 

Mr, & Mrs, C, V May Jr. 

Rep. & Mrs. Robert L, McAlister 

Mr. & Mrs. John Dean McBfayer 

Rev, Richard W, McBride 

Mr, & Mrs, Larry Bauman ' 

McCauley, Jr 
Mr. & Mrs, Larry Bauman 

McCauley, Sr. 
Mr. & Mrs, Donald P. McCorkle 
Mr, & Mrs, Bruce Frazier 

Mr & Mrs, Thomas D McCowen 
Mr joe H Mclntyre 
Or O. Ray McKenzie 
Mebane Hosiery, Inc. 
Melville Plastics, Inc. 
Mr, John F Merritt 
Mr. Joseph Carl Minnis 
Mr. & Mrs, John F. Mitchell 
Or, 4 Mrs James A, Moncure 
Mr Gary Howard Moon 
Mr. & Mrs, David Rogers Moore 
Mr & Mrs Ronald F Morgan 
Mrs. Rose Marie Tilley Morgan 
Mr. Voigl Fritz Morgan 
Mrs, Denise Miller Morns 
Mrs, Helen Craven Morris 
Mr. James Willie Morris, III 
Mr Joseph Clifton Morris 
Mr, & Mrs, Bobby L. Newton 
Mr, Charles Hall Nichols 
Mr, Clyde lohnson CyFerrell, )r 
Mrs. Lillian Harrell Pamplin 
Mr & Mrs, David E. Pandue, Jr 
Mr, & Mrs, Thomas Parham, Jr. 
Mr, & Mrs, Raymond B, Parker 
Mr. & Mrs. John K, Patterson 
Mr, & Mrs. Ed Perkins 
Mr, Alan C^Neil Peters 
Mr, M Glenn Pickard 
Mr, & Mrs, Woodrow W. Piland 
Dr, & Mrs. Thomas E, Powell. Ill 
Sen. Weldon R, Price 
Mr, T Scott Quakenbush 
Dr. R. D, Rao 

Or, & Mrs, Japheth E, Rawls, Jr 
Mr. John Robert Reece 
Dr. Rosalind R. ReichanJ 
Mrs. Betty Franks Reynolds 
Mr, Wesley B, Reynolds 
Mr, & Mrs. Clay A. Rich 
Mrs, Leia Faye Rich 
Dr. William G. Rich 
Mrs Charles M Rives, Jr, 
Mrs, Jane Upchurch Roshelli 
Mr, Louis f- Roshelli 
Mr Clarence William Ross 
Miss Margaret Lane Rowland 
Mr, 8. Mrs. M. judson Samuels 
Mr, & Mrs, Bennen B, Sapp 
Mr Edward f, Shaw 
Mr, & Mrs, John Richard Shirley 
Mr Richard L- Shoe 
Mr & Mrs, Melvin L, Shreves, Jr, 
Mr, & Mrs, Robert W. Skinner 
Mrs. Jane O'Connor Smith 
Mr, Russell Reams Smith, )r. 
Mr, & Mrs. Keith Soliday 

Drs, ludiih & Frank W Spaeth 

Mr & Mrs John Speas 

Mrs Luvene Holmes Spence 

Dr Royall H Spence, Jr, 

Stadler's Country Hams, Inc. 

Ms Frances Tuttle Stanley 

Mrs. Betty Roberts Slauffenberg 

Mr Robert j Stauffenberg 

Mrs Barbara Johnson Steele 

Mr Charles T Steele 

Mr James Scott Stevenson 

Or & Mrs. Albert Stewart, Jr 

Mrs, Lucile C, Stone 

Mr. jay Oliver Strickland 

Mr & Mrs, Philip O. Stuart 

Mrs Sam G, Sumner 

Mr M, Garland Talton. Jr 

Dr & Mrs, George A, Taylor 

Mr Shea Lynn Teague 

Mr & Mrs William B. Terrell. Jr. 

Mr & MfS William B, Terrell 

Mr, & Mrs Nicholas J. Theos 

Mr Raymond L, Thomas 

Mr Numa Reid Thompson 

Mr & Mrs Lonnie Tingen 

Mr, & Mrs John Z, Touloupas 

Dr Carole W Troxler 

Dr George W Troxler 

Mrs Adelia lones Truitt 

Mrs, Dolores Hagan Truitl 

Mr Herman N. Truitt 

Chaplain John G, Truitt, Jr 

Mr & MfS George Tucker 

Unichem. Inc, 

MfS, Dorothy Hawks Utz 

Mr, Robert Edward Ulz 

Mr. Charles A. Vanlear, IN 

Mrs. Sallie Ward Vanlear 

Volunteer Hosiery, Inc 

Mrs. Jane Lavin Walser 

Mr & Mrs W Dace Ward 

Mrs. Marguerite Harris Waters 

Mr, Danny Eugene Watson 

Or & Mrs, Frederic T Watts. Jf. 

Or & Mrs. M. Christopher White 

Mr John C Whitesell 

Mrs. Madge MoffiH Whitesell 

Mr & Mrs C, Grayson Whitt 

Mr. & Mrs, James 8. Widenhouse 

Mr and Mrs, Michael Lewis 

Or jo Watts Williams 
Mr, William L, Williams, Jr. 
Mr. Dart Cordon Williamson 
Mr. George Wingfield, Sr 
Mrs, Janet Martin Winstead 
Mrs, May Bland Winstead 
Mr. William Clement Winstead, 

Mr Stephen Michael Yost 
Dr & Mrs, James Fred Young 
Mr & Mrs. Hilton L, Yow 


$50 - $99 

Mr David James Addy 

Mr, & Mrs Daniel P. Apple 

Mrs. Beverly Frye Arner 

Mr, Howard Franklin Arner 

Mr. Delmer O, Atkinson 

Mrs Mona Scon Atkinson 

Mr, & Mrs. Robert L, Bangley 

Mr & Mrs, M, C Barbee, Jr. 

Mr Larry E Barnes 

Mr Douglas Frank Beamer 

Belk-Beck Company 

Mr Jimmy Holt Bell 

Mr Cuyler Best 

Dr & Mrs, Mike C. Blankenship 

Mr, Ted Bleecker 

Mr & Mrs. Elbert H. Bradberry 

Mr. & Mrs, Gilmer C, flrande 

Mr Donald E, Braxton 

Brevda Container Corporation 

Mr, Dennis Darrell Brooks 

Mr Herbert Alexander Brooks 

Brown Wooter> Mills. Inc, 

Buchanan Chevrolet. Inc 

Mrs. Deborah Timberlake Bullins 

Burlington Printing Company. Inr 

Mr & Mrs, Lawrence E Caldwell 

Dr, Ramsey E Cammack 

Mr Joseph C. Canada 

Mr, Alfred I, Capuano 

Mr William Alexander 

Carrington, Jr, 
Central Carolina Bank 
Chisholm Service, Inc. 
Mr H, Fletcher Clark 
Mr, & Mrs, Coy Clayton 
Mr & Mrs, Charles S, Click 
Mr Paul Edgar Cobb, Jr, 
Mr Jimmy F. Combs 
Mr. & Mrs Wayne E. Cottrell 
Mr Brodie C. Covington 
Mr, & Mrs. R, L Cox, it- 
Mr. & Mrs. Maurice M, Craft, |r. 
Cutting BoanJ 
Mr William Warren Day 
Mr Robert Halsiead Deford, III 
Mr. Ronald Edward Oenhart 
Mrs. Karen Jensen Dickinson 
Mr. William N. Dickinson, Jr. 

Page 6 

1985-«6 Honor Roll of Donors 

Mr. & Mn. Milei L. Eckard 
Mr & Mrs. Ted L. Edwards 
Mr Wesley R Eltngburg 
FairyWone Fabf'cs, Inc 
Fir^t Federal Savings & Loan 

Firsi Union National Bank 
Mrs. Donna C. Fitchen 
Mr. & MfS, W. A. Fogleman 
Mr. William David Frank 
Mr. William C. Frederick, |(. 
Ms. Patricia |. Frele 
Mr & Mrs. Clyde H Cambrell 
Ml Joseph Francs Carbarino, Jr 
Mn, Kellev OFerrell Carbarino 
Mrs Hazel Dill Gardner 
Mr lack Candner 
Mr Salvaiore M Cero 
Mr^ Sharon Black Cero 
Mr. & Mrs George E. Cilbcnson 
Mr. Brin L. Green 
Mrs. Marianne McEvoy Guile 
Mr. Richard C, Guile 
Miss Clarice Cunn 
Mr, Robert |. Culhrie 
Mr^. Martha Lowe Hall 
Mr, Sherrill G. Hall 
Mr. & Mf^. Roy H. Harris 
Mr. & Mr^. D Swan Haworlh 
Mrs. Michele Skeens Hazel 
Hemric, Hemnc & Elder. PA 
Mrs. EIrzabeih Armfield Hobson 
Mr. Waller L Hobson. )r 
Mr, James Larry Holder 
Mr lames Saryiuel Holmes 
Mr David Samuel Hornaday 
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas R Hubbard 
HuHman Oil Company, Inc 
Dr. & Mrs. AKred W. Hurst 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert B. Isner 
Jerry L Combs Insurance 
Mr, Edward Lee lohnson. II 
Mr. lohn Fred Johnson, Jr. 
Mr. & Mrs Tapley O Johnson 
Mrs, Linda Butler Johnston 
Mr, Terry Clyde Johnston 
Mrs, Roily Stevens Jones 
Mr Robert Simpson |ones 
Mr William T Jones 
Mr. William C Jones, Jr. 
Mr. & Mrs. William F. Joye 
Mr, Gary Wayne Karnker 
Dr. and Mrs. John Robert 

Mr. & Mrs. John Kclcham 
Mr & Mrs, Larry A Kitlner 
Mrs. Mary Hill Kozakewich 
Mr Michael Kozakewich 
Mr William Edward Ucosie 
Mr & Mrs Eugene S. Lankford 
Mr Manin Vance LaHa 
Lee and Company 
Mr Richand H Lee 
Lighthouse Tavern. Inc 
Lindley Chemical, Inc. 
Mr. & Mrs. William Macknight 
Mr. William M. MahaHey 
Mr. Ronald Lee Mann 
Mr J. S. May 

Mr. Maxton Curtis McDowell 
Sen. & Mrs. Timothy Hill 

Mr Harold G McRae 
Mebane Oaks Professional Office 
Dr John D Messick 
Mr Jeffrey Scott Michel 
Mr Fred Ramsey Midkiff, Jr. 
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas D. Miller, III 
Mr. James Michael Mills 
Mr. Michael H. Moffo 
Dr. C. L^grande Moody, Jr. 
Dr, Saunders W, Moore 
Mr, Robert W, Morphis 
Morris Plan Industrial Bank 
Mr & Mrs Daniel B. Morrison, Jr, 
Mr & Mrs. Buell Edward Moser. 

Dr Galen C, Moser 
Mr & Mrs A C Motsmger 
Mrs Eloise Troxler Murray 
Mr James M. Murray 
Mr. Herb Nave 
LTC Sara K, Neese 
Newlin Hardware Company. Inc, 
Mr & Mrs, Dan A Overbey, III 
Mr Randall Keith Overby 
Mr & Mrs, D, Earl Pardue, Sr. 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert R Patton 
Mr & Mrs, A. R, Perez 
Mr, & Mrs, Otto W. ftye' 
Mrs. Mary Allen Pittard 
Mr R Christopher Pittard. Jr. 
Mr & Mrs. Paul C Plybon. Sr 
Mr & Mrs, Boyd C. POe 
Mr & Mrs, Thomas F Romer, Jr 
Mr Jeffrey Wayne Price 
Mrs. Karon Declark Price 
Professional Klean 
Mrs, June Faulconer Reid 
Mr. Nelson K Reid 
Mr D Scon Reynolds 
Mr. & Mrs. John K. Roberts 
Mrs, Kimberly Hicks Rodriquez 
Mr Robert Raymond Rodriguez 
Dr. Donald M, Ross 
Mrs, Clara Sharpe Rountree 

Mr, J, Hinton Rounlree 

Dr. & Mrs Daniel P Ryskiewicb 

Mr James A Scott 

Mr & Mrs. Walter W Scott 

Mr. Larry Wayne Sharpe 

Dr. & Mrs Martin L. Shotzberger 

■. & Mrs Thomas H, Skeen 
Dr & Mrs Steven O Slott 
Miss Alma Amelia Smith 
Somers-Pardlie Agency, Inc, 
Mt Robert Watson Stevens 
Mrs, Robbm Duffer Stiles 
Mr. N. Paige Siout 
Mr. & Mrs. Clifford A Sirimple 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert T Stnang 
Mr. Phillip Hurley Sumner 
Mrs Jeanie P Sutton 
Mrs. Karen Stone Tatti 
Mr. Robert James Tatti 
The Tire Center 
Mr C, J. Thomas 
Mr. Charles R, Tollev 
Dr, & Mrs lerry R, Tolley 
Wachovia Bank & Trust Company 
RADM & Mrs Edwand K. Walker, 

Mr. & Mrs. D J. Walker, Jr. 
Mrs. Katherine Wilson Walls 
Mr 8. Mrs. Arnold Holt Ward 
Mrs. lane C. Wellfond 
Mr. Ronald Hugh West 
Mr Kyle Duane Wills 
Mrs Linda Lloyd Wills 
Mrs Dorothy Sutton Wilson 
Mr. Frank Downing Wiseman 
Mr & Mrs, A Cordon Woonon 
Mr. C. Wayne York 
Mr RichanJ Charles Youmans 
Zack's Restaurant 
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph A, Zang, Jr, 


$25 - $49 

Mrs. Nannie Dunn Abell 
Alamance Fence Company 
Alley. Williams, Carmen & King 
Mr. John W. Archer 
Mrs Jeanette Amick Armour 
Mr & Mrs. Joseph V Arnold 
Mr. Rodney Aulbert 
B.A. Sellars Department Store 
Mr & Mrs. William H. Barbee 
Barbour Drugs 
Mrs Nancy Bain Bateman 
Dr & Mrs Harold B Bates 
Mrs Barbara Bohannon Bayliff 
Mr C Conway Bayliff, Jr. 
Mr & Mrs T R Bazemore. |r 
Sennett-Hocken Supply 

Company. Inc. 
Mrs Emmaline Rawls Bentley 
Mrs, Elaine H. Bingenheimer 
Dr. & Mrs, John P Blake 
Mr. William Ambrose Bowes, Jr. 
Mr C- V, Briggs 
Mr. Archie Bngman 
Mr. Herman Brock 
Mr Maurice C Brosky 
M/Sgt, Charles L Browning 
Mr, & Mrs, Stephen F Buff 
Burl Medical Equipment & 

Burlington Motors, Inc. 
Burlington Tire Service 
Mrs. Elizabeth Moore Burns 
Mr. & Mrs, Ma>i Butler 
Mrs Ginger Robertson Campbell 
Mr. W. Lester Campbell 
Mr, George David Cannon 
Mrs Susan Brown Cannon 
Mr, Anthony Carcaterra 
Carolina Gittware 
Carolina Paper Box Company 
Mrs Elinor Argenbright Causey 
Mr. Paul E. Causey 
Dr, Steven D Cecil 
Mr & Mrs Chan Chandler 
Dr George P Chandler 
Miss Minnie Chandler 
Mr. & Mrs. Arthur W Chenault 
Mrs. Maxine Abercrombie Claar 
Mr, John Braxton Clark 
Mr, Frederick T. Claylor 
Miss Julia Lois Clem 
Mr, Daniel J, Clifton 
Mr, Michael Eric Conger 
Mrs, Ann Hoff Conover 
Mr. Allred Burnelle Cook 
Couturier's Added Touch, Inc. 
Mr. & Mrs James E. Cross 
Mrs, Harriet Hammond Dalcin 
Mr, John Dino Dalcin, |r 
Mr. Bryan Franklin Dalton 
Mrs. Susan Overbey Davidson 
Mt, William Martin Davidson 
Mr. Joseph S, Delgais 
Mr, & Mrs. Thomas B, Deloache. 

Mr, & Mrs, Lee W. Derrer 
Mr Herman E, Dickerson 
Mr, & Mrs, James C, Dickerson 
Mr. D. Kenneth DImock 

Mrs, Susan Love Dimock 

Mr Thomas Glenn Dodd 

Mrs Sara Foster Dodson 

Mr. & Mrs. John Donahue 

Mr Douglas Anthony Durante 

Mr & Mrs. George R, Ebmger 

Electro Insiallaiion, Inc 

Dr & Mrs. John E. Eliason 

Dr. & Mrs. Robert N. Ellington 

Mr David Evans 

Mr Dennis Osborne Everett 

Mr Harold Mervin Faust, Jr, 

Mr & Mrs W Richard Feroe 

Mrs, Jane M, Ferrell 

Mr. Edward Thomas Fitzgerald 

Floral Decor, Inc. 

Mr, & Mrs, Howard S Fogleman 

Mr, Charles Lenwood Foster, Jr, 

Mrs, Jane Robinson Foster 

Mr, Arthur f f^ywler, |r. 

Mr Preston L fowler. III 

Mrs. Sally Moses Fox 

Mr. Charles Randolph Fralin 

Frank's Furniture Outlet 

Mr, & Mrs, F D, Frissell, III 

Mr. James P Frirts 

Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Lee Futrell 

Mrs. Allene Stallings Cane 

Mr Lacey t Gane 

Mr. Clarence Willie Gee, Jr, 

Dr. & Mrs Dwight L. Gentry 

Mr & Mrs J Alfred Gentry 

Mr & Mrs Frank E. Gilliam, Jr. 

Mr. J. Wesley Gilliam 

Mr. & Mrs, Robert W. Glenn 

Mr. & Mrs, John Wood Coins, Sr. 

Dr & Mrs, Alex F Coley 

Mr. Eugene L Goodes 

Mr, Oscar B, Gorman 

Mr, |, Harold Craves 

Green & McClure Furniture 

Company. Inc 
Mr. & Mrs William A. Green 
Mr & Mrs Wayne Gross 
Crover W Moore Construction 
Mr Norman Wright Hailhcock 
Mr. & Mrs. Melvin Haley 
Mr lames H Hardy 
Mr & Mrs. Larry Harper, Jr. 
Mrs, Grace Wright Harrington 
Mr Zeb S. Harrington 
Mr. & Mrs David L. Harris 
Mr, Joseph Allen Harrison 
Mrs Patricia McCauley Harrison 
Hatteras Apparel 
Mr Thomas Jeffrey Hedrick 
Mr H Clay Hemric, Jr 
Ms. Rebecca Terrell Herring 
Mr Harold Webster Hill 
Mrs Michelle Feroe Hill 
Mr Mike Hirsch 
Mr Fred V Hooper 
Mr Daniel Albert Hoopes 
Mrs Linda Cartledge Horney 
Mrs. Geraldine Mangum Horton 
Mr a. Mrs. John C. Houser 

Dr Virgil Howell 

Mr. Charles Westley Hughes, }r. 

Mr, C William Hunter 

Mrs Lester R Hun 

Mr. Floyd Lee Ingold, Jr. 

Mrs. Linda Murray Ingold 

Mr. & Mrs. Ron James 

leffrev* Paint & Hardware 

Jennings M Bryan Agency, Inc 

Mrs Carolyn Deluca Johnson 

Mr George Randall Johnson 

Mr Henry E. Johnson 

Mr. Robert L Johnson 

Mr Samuel Arnold Johnson 

Ms. Barbara Jean Jones 

Mr & Mrs Charles F Jones 

Mr & Mrs Harold R. Jones, Jr, 

Mr & Mrs W L. Jones 

Ms Betsy K Kelsey 

Kepley Auto Parts 

Mr & Mrs Francis S, Key 

Mr. Al King 

King Electric Company, Inc. 

Mr, & Mrs. Kent Kirchin 

Mr Rodger Karl Knapp 

Mr & Mrs William R, Kornegay 

Mr. & Mrs. John A. Langerman 

Mr Richard Henry lee, Jr. 

Mr Jesse W. Long 

Mr & Mrs, Don A. Macintyre 

Mr. Charles Randall Maldon 

Dr. Victor E. Mantiply 

Mr. Claude A, Manzi 

Mrs, Jackie Royals Manzi 

Mr. George Edgar Martin, Jr. 

Mrs Jo Ann McPherson Maurakls 

Mr Timothy Albert Maurakis 

May Pharmacy 

Mrs Annie Wright Maynard 

Mr & Mrs N. Charles Maynard 

Mr, George L, McBane 

Mr & Mrs. Frank L. McCabe 

Mr. James G. McClure, Jr, 

Mr. Joe Mcintosh 

Mr lohn A McKeon 

Mr Herbert Wilson McKinstry, Jr 

Mr Robert F McLean 

Dr & Mrs. Robert Bruce 

Mr. & Mrs lames S Melvin 

Mr Andrew Kent Midgette 

Mr Ralph C Mizelle, Jr 

Mr, & Mrs, Don Moats 

Mr & Mrs, lohn C, Montague 

Dr Walter H Moore 

Ms, Kathryn Streeter Morgan 

Dr, C, Hunter Moricle 

Mr. & Mrs. William D, Moser 

Mrs, Virgina S. Mullis 

Mr. David Robert Mundy 

Mr & Mrs. James P Murphy 

Dr. & Mrs, Alonzo H, Myers 

Miss Jacquelyn Marie Myers 

Dr Steven Keith Nail 

Mrs Dorothy Keck Nardelli 

Mr Roger H, Nardelli 

Mr Thomas R, Neese. Jr. 

Dr. Joseph F Newhall, Jr. 

North Carolina National Bank 

Miss Sally Ann O'Neill 

Mrs. Carol W, Oakley 

Mr David W. Oakley 

Mrs. June Evans Owens 

Mr. Philip Carl Pagliarulo 

Mrs. Judith Samuels Palkovics 

Mr. William J. Palkovics 

Mr, Stephen Ross Patterson 

Mr. & Mrs. Donald L. Paulson, Jr 

Mr Stephen Edgar Petersen 

Miss Ruth Ann Phillips 

Dr George L Pittman 

Mrs. Patricia B Pittman 

Mr. Gary T Pollock 

Mrs. Susan Robertson Poole 

Mr, York Dudley Poole, III 

Mr. Daniel Cullom Porter 

Ms, Janet Marie Porter 

Mr. & Mrs. Leslie G. Prairie 

Mr, James G, Pritchett 

Pro-Forms & Systems. Inc 

Dr & Mrs Brank Proffitt 

Mr, Richard Ernest Pugh 

Quality Printers 

Re/Insurance, Inc 

Mr & Mrs. Thomas E. Register 

Mr Carroll Irvin Reid, Jr. 

Mr James Harvey Renn. Jr 

Mr Claude M. Reynolds, Sr. 

Dr & Mrs. H. M, Richardson 

Mrs. Janice Little Richardson 

Mr lames Francis Roberts 

Mr. William Lewis Robertson 

Mr William FtriA/ler flobey, Jr, 

Mr Peter Ross Wentworth 

Roughlon. Jr, 
Sam W. Moore & Associates 
Mrs. Susie Bullard Sanford 
Mrs. Anne Mane Stephens 

Mr Thomas Campbell Schaefer 
Mr & Mrs, George T Schaeffer 
Dr & Mrs, Charles K, Scott 

Mr & Mrs Loman H. Scott 

Mr Frank Gregory Seel 

LCDR Louise W Sharp 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard K Sharpe 

Mr. R. Judd Sherman 

Dr. Richard Bowers Simpson 

Mr. J. Lowry Sinclair, III 

Mrs. Celeste Brady Smith 

Mr. Harold Lee Smith 

Mr. & Mrs. Howard Conway 

Mr J. Hoke Smith 
Mr. Ricky L, Smith 
Rev Dwight M. Spence 
Mr Bobby Squires 
Mr & Mrs. Virgil L. Stadler 
Stan's Market 
Mr George T, Stanley 
Mr Daniel Shober Stokes 
Mr & Mrs. Ronald H. Stokes 
Mr. Charlie H Sirigo 
Mrs. Wilda Humphrey Strigo 
Sunshine Club 
T S Designs, Inc, 
Mr. & Mrs, N. Karroll Teachey 
The Positive Image, Hd. 
Mr. & Mrs, C, Avery Thomas, Jr. 
Thomas, Stout, Stuart, Core & 

Mr. Danny Sylvester Thompson 
Mr Forest Walker Thompson 
Today's Office, Inc 
Mr. lames T Toney 
Mr. 4 Mrs. Arthur James Toompas 
Mr. Ernest Laulu Tooloo 
Mrs Karen Benne Tooloo 
Mr & Mrs. Lawrence John 

Mr Emilu John Troppoli 
Mr & Mrs. R Scott Troxler 
Or Grady C. Tuck 
Mr. John Wilson Unswooh 
Mr Alex S Vardavas. Jr, 
Mrs Elise Coley Vernon 
Mr & Mrs. John H. Vernon, ill 
Mr. Ralph Wadlinger 
Rev. & Mrs James M. Waggoner 
Mr. John Barbee Walton 
Mr, George Morris Wells 
Mr. & Mrs. Grady Joseph 

Wheeler. Jr. 
Mrs Kathryn Cobb While 
Mr Richard Alan White, Jr. 
Mr. George Turner Winston, Jr, 
Mr J. Lewis Winston 
Mr. & Mrs Ronald J Wilherby 
Mr. & Mrs. Albert E. Wolfe 
Mr. David Shiel Wood 
Mr lames Marvin Young 
Mrs. Pamela Jean McAdoo Young 
Ms. S. Kay Yow 
Mr & Mrs, W. J, Zatloukal, Jr 
Mr, & Mrs. Val E, Zumbro 

in November 1985 the highest statewide grades on 
the CPA exams in North Carolina and Georgia 
were scored by Eton graduates — Elizabeth 
Schumacher '74 and Elmer Edmonds '72. 

1985-86 Honor Roll of Donors Page 7 


This report covers the period June 1, 1985 through May 
31, 1986. The following list contains the names of all 
donors to the college during this period. 

Any errors or omissions in the report are accidental. 
Readers are asked to bring errors and omissions to the 
attention of the college by writing the Office of [>evelo(>- 
ment, Elon College-Box 2116, Elon College, N.C. 
27244-2010 or by calling (919) 584-2382. 


Mrs. Barbara Day Bass 

Dr- Wallace L. Chandler 

Hon. Thad Eure 

Dr. Waiter Lawrence Floyd 

Mrs. Nancy Newman Fulgham 

Mr. Roger Cant. If 

Hon. Mills E Godwin, |r. 

Or, Clyde W. Cordon. Sr. 

Mr. Sherrill C, Hall 

Mr. William A. Hawks 

Hon. Richard |. Holland 

Mr. George Thomas Holmes |r 

Dr, R, Leroy Howell 

Mt. Maurice N. lennings 

Dr. John Robert Keinodle 

Mr. Ernest A. Koury. Sr. 

Mr Robert Edgar LaRose 

Mr. lames W Maynard 

Mi. lames H. McEwen, Jr. 

Ms Diane Elizabeth McSheehy 

Dr. C. Melvin Palmef 

Mr. David E. Pardue, |r 

Mf Woodrow W. Piland 

Dr. larries B. Powell 

Dr. Thomas E. Powell, III 

Mrs. Emily Harris Preyer 

Dr. Japhelh E. Rawls. Jr. 

Dr. William D. Rippy 

Mr. J. Hinton Rountree 

Df. Rollin O. Russell 

Hon. Ralph H. Scott 

Or. Samuel E. Scott 

Mr. |. Harold Smith 

Dr Royall H. Spence, |r. 

Dr. W. Miliard Stevens 

Mr. A. G. Thompson 

Mr, C. Max Ward 

Mrs. Frances Chandler Wilkins 



Class of 1910 
100% Participation 

Mr. C. F. Best 

Class of 1913 
50% Participation 

Mrs. Annie Bagwell Johnson 

Class of 1914 
50% Participation 

Mrs. Emma Holland lones 

Class of 1917 
20% Participation 

Mr Ira R. Cunn 

Class of 1918 
50% Participation 

Mrs Blanche Thomas Barefoot 

Miss Lillian Kendrick 

Rev Fletcher C. Lester 

Mr, 1 Earl Massey 

Mrs. Gertrude Michael Salmons 

Mr. Larry A, Alley 

Mf. Walter H, Bass, 111 

Mr. Allen V. Beck 

Mr, C, R. Byrd, |r, 

Mr. Slewaft T. Cass 

Mf Thomas E Chandler 

Mr. Marvin H. Comer 

Mrs Alyse Smith Cooper 

Dr M. Cade Covington 

Mi. William H, Duncan 

Mrs. Frances Turner Fonville 

Mr Allen £, Cani, )r 

Miss Mariorie Rose Hunter 

Mr. |, Elmo lones 

Mr. John N Landi 

Mr Fred R, Lawrence 

Mr lack R. Lindley 

Mrs, Ann Rountree Lineweaver 

Hon. William H. Maness | D, 

Dr. Philip Rogers Mann 

Di Robert B. Man 

Mr John Z McBrayer 

Mr. C. Almon Mclver 

Ms. Carolyn D. Mewborn 

Mrs. Anne Sapp Morrison 

Mr Webb E. Newsome 

Dr Samuel C Powell 

Mr. Robert B. Smithwick 

Mr Virgil L. Stadler 

Mr C Avery Thomas, |i 

Mr Zachary Taylor Walker, 111 

Dr Edwin G Wilson 

Class of 1919 
36% Participation 

Mr. L. R. COK 

Mrs, Ethel Burkhead Craven 

Mrs, Annie Raper Martin 

Rev. I F Minnis 

Mr Thofist F Murphy 

Class of 1920 
56% Participation 

Mrs, Kate Marley Henson 

Mr Henry 6. Mailey. Sr 

Mrs. Mary Atkinson McCardell 

Di, Earl E. Sechriest 

Mrs, Vivian Cecil Underwood 

Class of 1921 
23% Participation 

507o Participation 

Mrs. Janice Fulgham Gilliam 
Mrs. Rosa Brannock Sutherland 
Mrs. Vera Mae Parker Wessells 

Class of 1922 
47% Participation 

Mr, Roscoe C, Causey 
Mr. Oscar 8 Gorman 
Mr, Martin F Hayes 
Miss Maude Kendrick 
Df John O. Messick 
Mrs. Lula Cannon Raper 
Mr, Claude L. Walker 

Class of 1923 

46% Participation 

Miss Lizzie Grey Chandler 
Mrs. Nonnie Bailey Floyd 
Mrs Minnie Edge Hook 
Mrs, Mary Holland Kelley 
Mrs. Bertie Crutchfield Moore 
Mr. Herbert Scholz. |r 

Class of 1924 
67% Participation 

Mis, Mary Hall Stryker Betts 
Dr, Isabella Walton Cannon 
Mrs. Sarah Carter Ernsi 
Mr, Lester £ Fesmire 
Rev Archie H Hook- 
Mrs. Nannie Aldndge Hooper 
Mrs. Freda Dimmick Krimmger 
Mrs. Mary Lawrence Mackintosh* 
Mr. I. Mark McAdams 
Mrs. Delia Gotten Scon 
Mrs, Orusilla Dofflemyei Voorhees 
Mr. lohn C Whitesell 
Mrs. Madge Moffitt Whitesell 

Class of 1925 
67% Participation 

Mr D, York Brannock, Sr 

Mrs. Nettie Harris Cannon 
Rev. Ferry L Gibbs 
Mrs. Frances McElroy Helms 
Mrs. Rose Howell Holder 
Mrs. Sallie Mae Oliver Ligon 
Mrs. Kate Sirader McAdams 
Mrs. Hallie Stantield Miller 
Mrs Lillian Harrell Pamplin 
Mrs Marjone Burton Pickett 
Miss Margaret Lane Rowland 
Mrs. Zondal Myers SechiesI 
Mr. William B Terrell 
Mrs, Dorothy Lowe Whitman 

Class of 1926 
57% Participation 

Mrs. Lyde Bingham Auman 

Dr Clyde W. Gordon. Si.' 

Miss Lillie B. Home 

Mrs. Adelia lones Truitt 

Mrs Rita Rothgeb White 

Dr Dan B. Wicker 

Mr. Milton G. Wicker 

Mrs Ruth Crawford Wilkinson 

Class of 1927 
70% Participation 

Mrs. Nannie Dunn Abell 

Mi Dwight L Beougher 

Mrs. Bruce Caies Berryhill 

Mr. Biuce Bowlin 

Mr, Vaughn Bowlin 

Dr, Willard S, Cardwell 

Mrs. Hazel Auman Crews 

Mrs, Agnes |udd Curnn 

Mrs. Wiley Stout Currin 

Mrs Elizabeth McCollum Fields 

Mr. Rudy Moore Fonville 

Mr Brirt L, Green 

Mr A. B Johnson' 

Dr Daiden W, lones 

Rev O C. Loy 

Mt. Glenn R. Miller 

Rev, Dwight M Spence 

Mrs, Ruth Home Stephenson 

Mr Spencer D Woodie 

Class of 1928 
54% Participation 

Mrs. Lucy Dick Beaty 

Dr. Richie E. Brittle 

Miss Julia Lois Clem 

Mrs. Frances Turner Fonville 

Mr Arthur F, Fowler. )r. 

Rev, Joe A. French 

Mrs, Ethel Huffines Cerringer 

Mr, Arthur N, Greene 

Mis, Carrie Kernodle Hackney 

Mrs, Esther Brookshire Hammond 

Mrs. Ruth Kimball Milling 

Miss Caroline E, Powell 

Mr. F, A. Rawles 

Mrs. Ruby Braxton Simpson 
Mrs, Geneva Way Sloan 
Mrs Georgia Amick Thompson 
Mrs. Mabel Michael Thompson 
Mrs. Myrtle Holt Turner 
Mr. John Robert Walker 
Mrs. Minnie lohnston Wilson 
Mrs. Graham Rowland Wisseman 

Class of 1929 
68% Participation 

Mrs. Lillian Walker Boswell 

Mrs Madge Green Brinson 

Mrs. Mary Stewart Cass 

Mr. L Russell Gather 

Mr. Romie C. Davis 

Mrs. Lena Russell Flenniken 

Mis. Birdie Rowland Carren 

Miss Ettie K. Harvey 

Mrs. Lucy Boone Hook 

Mrs. Lucille Cecil lohnson 

Mr Dace W lones 

Mrs Margaret Parks Keen 

Mrs. Clara Underwood Kelly 

Mrs. Margaret Thomas King 

Mr W Phalli Lawrence 

Ml. Allan W Laxton 

Mrs. Hattie McKioney Ledbener 

Mrs. Marian Nalle Martin 

Mr. Marion A. Nethery 

Mr. G Everett Ring 

Dr David W. Shepherd 

Mr Elwood M. Smith 

Mis Lucille Mulholland Smith 

Mr C 1. Thomas 

Mrs Lillian ShoHner Trogdon 

Rev Gardner D Underbill 

Mrs Jewel Truitt Van Cleave 

Mr. John W. Vanhook 

Mrs Gladys Simpson Vickers 

Mr. Royall P Watson 

Mr Glenn F Womble 

Mrs. Ruby HuHines Wyrick 

Class of 1930 
40% Participation 

Mr. C. V. Briggs 

Mr Delos M Elder, Si. 

Miss Clarice Gunn 

Mrs. losie Loy Huey 

Mr Edwaid F Iseley 

Mr. Sidney F. Jackson 

Dr Brock Daiden Jones, Jr 

Mrs. Ruth Alexander Lawrence 

Mrs. Winona Morris Madren 

Mr. Paul Reed Magee 

Mrs. Alma Kimball Mayfield 

Mr. Melvin O. Wyrick 

Mr. Guy Aytch "H" York 

Class of 1931 
36% Participation 

Miss Clarice R. Albright 

Mr W. T Beaty 

Mrs Lois McAdams Bost 

Mis Sue Watts Colclough 

Mr. Alfred A. Dofflemyer 

Mrs Sadie Gunter Ennis 

Mrs. Ruth Henderson Grant 

Ml Zeb S Harrington 

Mrs Myde Newsome Hill 

Mrs. Martha Nethery Johnson 

Mi. John Milton Lowry 

Mr Bernice H McCain 

Mrs. Madeline Nicholson Parsons 

Mrs. Elizabeth Folk Poole 

Mrs. Ollie Burgess Rich 

Mrs Clara Sharpe Rountree 

Mrs Vyzelle Denson See 

Mrs. Mary lones Stephenson 

Mrs. Eugenia Green Wilson 

Class of 1932 

43% Participation 

Mrs. Lois McFarland Caddell' 

Mr. James William Corbett 

Mrs. Rena Iseley Danietey 

Mr. Harrison Goodman 

Mrs. Eunice Boney Hamrick 

Mfs. Grace Wnghl Harrington 

Mr Elijah N. Jones 

Mr, G. O. Mann 

Mr, Robert W Morphis 

Mr Roy A. Richardson 

Mrs. Virginia Lineberger Rogers 

Dr Roy E. Rollins 

Mrs. Evelyn Richardson Sasnett 

Mr. H. Harris Sasnett 

Mr, Harrison Orbine Smith 

Mrs. Larue Brann Smith 
Miss R. Ruth Smith 
Mrs Flossie Holt Stokes 
Mr. Herman N. Truitt 
Mrs, Mary Rudd Turner 
Dr. William Redd Turner 
Mrs. Dorothy Hunter Walker 
Mrs. Virginia Morton Walker 
Mrs. Mary Lineberger White 

Class of 1933 
57% Participation 

Mrs, Margaret Hinshaw Abernathy 

Mr Rufus H Abernathy 

Mr, Haivey Mebane Allen 

Mi William Thomas Arthur 

Mis, Sally Higgins Boland 

Mr. Willis G. Boland 

Mrs, Annie Ruth Chandler Clapp 

Mi, R. Fletcher Coibitt 

Mis, Mildred Can Cok 

Mr, W Harold Foid 

Mis. Elizabeth Barney Ciay 

Mis, Lucy Caddell Hughes 

Mis, Barbara Chase Key 

Rev Carl R Key 

Mr. Charles A. Leach 

Mis. Letfie Jones Lowe 

Mi. Wilkes E. Lowe. Jr. 

Mi. Cailyle T. McCloud 

Mrs. Mary Sue Rawls Parkei 

Mis. Edith Corbett Powell 

Mi, J Hinlon Rounltee 

Miss Velma R, Sherron 

Mrs. Louise Thompson Smith 

Mr. Don P Steed 

Mr. John C. Whitley 

Class of 1934 
64% Participation 

Mi. Russell W Biannock 

Mrs. Elizabeth Stephens Britt 

Mis. Alsie Barham Carr 

Mr Tyrell R. Cauditl 

Mr. L. Conway Channing 

Miss Helen N. Omedinst 

Mrs. Vera Cerringer Davis 

Mrs, Maijorie lones Dilworth 

Miss Margaret E. Edwards 

Mrs Marietta Moore Everett 

Mr Fred W. File 

Mr. Howard W File 

Mrs Oscie Matlock Glass 

Mr. Staley P Gordon' 

Mr. Victor B. Holland, Jr, 

Mrs. Iris Albright Holt 

Mr. Kenneth K. Hughes 

Rev F. En^in Hyde 

Dr. Robert M Kimball 

Mr. Walter C Latham 

Mrs. Patricia Holden Leeie 

Di C. Fletcher Moore 

Mrs. Christine Yarbiough Robinson 

Mrs Maigaret Boland Shields 

Miss Alma Amelia Smilh 

Mrs Annie Clay Slaike 

Rev. Paul Richard Taylor 

Mrs Maysie Joyce Thomas 

Mrs Marguerite Harris Waters 

Mrs. Bertha Bell Weston 

Rev E Len Weslon 

Mis, Frances Chandler Wilkins 

Class of 1935 
50% Participation 

Mr Otho Lee Bennett 

Mrs. Mary Siackhouse Briggs 

Mrs Virginia Black Christian 

Mis. Mary Ward Cowell 

Mrs. Margaret Kelbaugh Ferguson 

Mr. Marvin Linwood Gunn 

Mr Roy L. Harris 

Mrs. Minnie Dofflemyer Hensley 

Mr Ben T Holden, II 

Mrs. Charlotte Mathews Hopewell 

Dr lohn Robert Kernodle 

Mrs. Grace Muiiay Newton 

Mrs. Louise Layton Pridgen 

Dr lapheth E Rawls, Jr. 

Mrs Leslie Nicholson Ross 

Mis. Nell Hainngton Shaw 

Mi CUve H. Shoffner 

Miss Delia Sorrell 

Mr Hal Huntley Wans 

Mr Alton Reid Williams 

Mr W Mike York, Sr. 

Class of 1936 
56% Participation 

Mr. Ernest E. Askew 

Page S 198S-M Honor Roll of Donors 

MiH Louise TurJ3 Coble 
Dr Oliver C. Cook 
Mrs. OIlie Demons Dahl 
Mrs. Esther Hoppenstedl 

Mr, Howard S. Gordon 
Rev. A. Lanson Granger. |r. 
Mr. Charles W. Holmes 
Mr Waiius W, Howell 
Mr. Chester A. Hughes 
Mrs. Esther Cole Kernodle 
Mr C. Almon Mclver 
Mrs Lou Vina Morns 
Rev. I- Everette Neese 
Mrs. Jessie Cobb Newsome 
Mrs, Ethel Truitt Parks 
Or Martin Ritt 
Mr. Neil L. Senter 
Rev Terrell M ShoHner 
Mrs. Helen Barney Smith 
Dr, W. Millard Stevens 
Mrs. Elmina Rhodes Stokes 
Mr. George C Taylor 
Mr. Emilu John Troppoii 

Class of 1937 
67% Participation 

Mr. George C. Amick 
Mr. Wayne E Bowman 

Mr. Paul F. BriRgs 

Mrs. Hilda Heatwole Brown 

Dr. Johr> L Cameron 

Mf. I. Floyd Coble 

Mrs. Eloise (ones Cowand 

Mr. James Allen Edwards 

Rev. William A. Cnssom 

Mr. I, Hoti Henderson 

Mr. William C. lones 

Ml. Eugene S Lankfocd 

Mrs. Margaret Jeffreys Lealh 

Dr. Melvin M, Lilley 

Mrs, Pauline Oliver Lloyd 

Mr. William W Loy 

Mrs. Marie Parker McKenzie 

LTC, Sara K Neese 

Rev. W. Junius Neese 

Mr Leon S. Newman 

Mf. Wilburn E Newsome 

Miss Hallie Horton Oldham 

Mrs. Sue Galloway Owen 

Mr. Woodfow W. Piland 

Mrs, Louise Brendler Reed 

Miss Ins M. Rounlree 

Mr, Clyde W. Rudd, St. 

Mrs. Blanche Wagoner ShoHner 

Mrs. Nancy Caddell Simonson 

Mrs. Laverne Ponerfield Skipper 

Mr. M, Garland Talton, |r. 

Mrs. Marguerite Blackmon Vore 

Mrs. Kathenne Wilson Walls 

Mrs. Jane Lavin Walser 

Dr. Daniel T Watts 

Mrs. Marcella Ackenhausen Wiley 

Mrs. Iris Shepherd Wmgo 

Mrs. Manha Sutton York 

Class of 1938 
50% Participation 

Mr. James M Abbitt 

Mf. George S. Barnwell 

Mrs. Emmaline Rawls Benlley 

Mrs. Virginia Kerns Boyd 

Mr. Vernon Braxton 

Mr George L Cameron, )r 

Dr, Raymond C Cannon 

Mr. Truitt A. Cox 

Mf Alhe C. Edwards 

Mrs. Elizabeth Cray Ewell 

Mr. Lawrence C. Cordon 

Mrs. Mary Eaves Green 

Mr. Arthur Allan Greenwald 

Mr. William Bernice Hester 

Mrs. Edyihe Ernst Holmes 

Mrs. Ceraldine Mangum Horlo 

Mrs. Virginia Conyes Jarrelt 

Mrs Annie M. Jones 

Dr. Charles E, Kernodle. Jr 

Dr. lohn Talbert King 

Mr, William | Leath 

Mr. Ben R. Lilien 

Mr. Allen Alexander Lloyd 

Hon. William H, Maness 

Mr John Z. McBrayer 

Mr. William B. Mclver 

Dr. C. Legrande Moody. |r 

Rev J. Victor Mufchison 

Mr. John Rogers Newton 

Mr Joseph Harle Padgett 

Mrs, Doris Graham Pender 

Mr. 1. j. Pointer 

Mf, Carl Turner Pritchett 

Mr Peter D. Pruden, Jr. 

Mrs. Lucy McCargo Rankin 

Mrs. Betty Gehm Rice 

Mr. I. Hoke Smith 

Miss Margaret Reid Smith 

Rev. Daniel Barrett Summers 

Mf, Clarence R. Vuncannon 

Rev, J. Marshall Walker 

In the past five years Elon has added five new 
majors and two graduate degree programs— the 
M.B.A. and the M.Ed. 

Mr James L. Wilburn 
Mr. Thomas Hendrix Willia 
Mr. Eugene E. Wrenn 
Miss Frances L. Wright 

Class of 1939 
49% Participation 

Rev, Thurman F. Bowers 
Mr tames C. Day. Sr, 

Mr William Lynn Dofsert 

Mrs. Mattie Pickett Edwards 

Mr Isaac L Fesmire 

Mr I Travis Flowers, ('■ 

CPT Waller O Fonville 

Mr Clyde Holt Foushee 

Mrs. Betty Ayscue Carrard 

Mr. lames WoodfOw Gillespie. Sr. 

Mrs. Ruth Clarke Harrell 

Mrs Pauline Apple Hayes 

Mr Andrew W Haynes 

Mfs luanita Waugh Hebefi 

Rev Emmanuel Stuart Hedgebeth 

Mrs Emma Rascoe Heron 

Mr George Thomas Holmes, Jr. 

Mr Lester P Howard 

Mrs. Mable Vanderford Hunt 

Mr. Archie G Israel 

Mrs Mary Bivins lenkins 

Mr H Beverley Johnson 

Mrs. Polly Stevens (ones 

Mr William T Jones* 

Mrs Lucy Wright Kearns 

Mrs. Edna Boyce Lilley 

Mr. Neill W. Mclnnis 

Mrs Helen Scales Moss 

Mr, lames Weslon Parkef 

Mrs Mary Rollins Parks 

Mr. Sybrani H. Pell 

Dr. William ), Reid 

Mrs, Robah Stimson Rock 

Rev Emerson J Sanderson 

Mr Amos Shelton 

Mrs. Mary Stimson Sheppard 

Mf, Jordan A. Sloan 

Mr. Howard Conway Smith 

Mr. Craion G Stephens, |r 

Mr W, S. Taylor 

Mrs, Rebecca Mallock Thigpen 

Mr Landon D. Walker 

Mr |. Allen Watson 

Mrs. Grace Clapp Wilson 

Class of 1940 
56% Participation 

Mrs. Rulh Anderson Anthony 

Mr, Allen E. Askew, Sr 

Mf lohn A. Baynes. If 

Mr, H Nelson Blue 

Mr Henry D Capillary 

Mr William S. Chandler 

Mrs. Edilh Bryant Chvatal 

Mf Clifton W Coble 

Mr lay Cline Coble 

Mr. J, Bevefly Congleton, Jf 

Mrs, Violet Hoffman Daniel 

Mrs. Helen Rhodes Dellinger 

Miss Edna Muriel Fitch 

Mrs Ruth Reilzel Fogleman 

Mr Deroy R. Fonville, |f. 

Mr Sam B Foushee, |r. 

Mf lames P Fntts 

Mr David Goldiarb 

Mrs Frances Bean Gfubb 

Mr Louis Edward Hubbard 

Mr, Kenneth H, Huffines 

Mrs Maud jondan Hutfmes 

Mr, Leroy S Hughes 

Mr Thomas R, Jones 

Mr Ernest A. Koury, Sr, 

Mr. Arthur B, Lea 

Mr Pete S Lea 

Mr Coy E Mabe 

Mr William S McPherson 

Miss Margaret Z Miller 

Mr, Martin G Noon 

Mrs, Mary Kelly Owen 

Mf. SlaHord Randolph Peebles 

Miss Louise Pender 

Mrs, Mary Ellis Pender 

Df. Charles H. Rawts 

Dr Lawrence A Sharpe 

Mrs Sara Forline Stever«)n 

Mr William M, Stewart 

Mfs Dorsey Stimson Trivette 

Dr. Duane N, Vore 

Mrs, Anita Smith Waye 

Mr lames W, White 

Mrs, Elsie Day Windel 

Mr Myron H, Wright 

Class of 1941 
52% Participation 

Mn- Virginia Fitch Bright 

Mr, Howard Grier Brown 

Mrs. Melba Warren Gates 

Miss Mary B. Claytor 

Mrs, Irene Hook Covington 

Mr, Moses Crulchf.eld 

Mr. John Lee EdwanJs, |r, 

Mr. Clayton Fulcher, |r, 

Mrs. Margaret Nash Furness 

Mrs, Hazel Dill Gardner 

Or Dwight L, Gentry 

Mrs Frances Lee Gillespie 

Hon. Eugene A. Cordon 

Mr. loseph W. Hall 

Mr Edwin Russell Hanford 

Mrs, Nancy O'Boyle Hayden 

Mr. Hubert Z, Heatwole 

Mrs. Gladys Wright Holmes 

Mr, Cephas G. Hook 

Mf T Grayson Inman 

Mr, Allen A Iseley 

Mn Viney Rigney lones 

Dr, G. Wallace Kernodle 

Miss M, Camille Kivette 

Mrs. Estelle Freeland Langen 

Mr. Claude H, Lawrence' 

Mrs Frances Cochrane Longest 

Mf W Roland Longest, |r. 

Mrs Etva Barney Lovette 

Mrs. Virginia Walker McCowen 

Mrs, Evanell Moore Miller 

Mr lohn WhiHy Miichell 

Mrs. Mane Mangum Moon 

Mrs. Christine Eaves Oakley 

Dr, James L. Patker 

Mr, lesse E. Pinard, Ir, 

CPT. Edward H. Porter 

Miss Mary £. Pntchette 

Mf. Samuel M. Rankin, |f. 

Dr. Kenneth D, Register 

Mr. Thomas H, Rudd 

Mr Edward Brodie Smith 

Mr. Fred Sigmon Smith, Sr. 

Mr Ross L. Smith 

Mrs. Dorothy Bdwards Spaulding 

Mr. David C Stewart 

Mr. Earl C. Taylor 

Mrs. Martha Stokes Taylor 

Mr. A. G. Thompson 

Mrs. Elizabeth Cobb Tollison 

Mr lack B, Wilkinson 

Class of 1942 
53% Participation 

Mr R D. Apple, |r 

Mr, John W. Afcher 

Mr. J. Douglas Avent 

Mr. lohn Bruce Bell 

Mrs, Polly Thompson Biittner 

Rev Daniel C. Boone 

Miss Sarah Isabelle Boone 

Mrs, ludith Rich Bryant 

Mrs, Elmer Williams Buchanan 

Mrs Pattie Faulk Carter 

Mr, I Boyd Clapp 

Mrs Edna Fulcher Cobb 

Mr Worth D, Coble. Jt, 

CDR Oavid A Corey 

Mr, Maurice M, Craft, Ir, 

Mrs Nancy Allen Davis 

Mr. |. C Dillingham 

Mr Charles Donato 

Mr Crover Leroy Fones 

Mr, lack William Franks 

Mr lack Gardner 

Mr Fred K Gilliam 

Mrs Tennala Abner Cross 

Mrs. Edna Cox Hall 

Mrs, Margaret Felton Han/ey 

Mf. Thomas P Heritage 

Mr. lames W. Herritage 

Mrs, Marion Rascoe Higgins 

Mr. William N. Hilliard 

Mn. Elizabeth Armfield Hobson 

Mr Walter L, Hobson, jr 
Miss Marjorie Rose Hunter 
Mrs. Lila Stephens Inman 
Mrs. Mabel Barrett lones 
Mrs. Hazel Dobbs Beasley 

Mrs. Velma Triplette Krukin 
Mrs. Inez Triplett Linney 
Mrs, Nancy Hoylman Lushbaugh 
Miss Ruth F, Martin 
Mrs C. L, May 

Mrs Bernice Hartman McLeod 
Mrs Margaret Carroll Mell 
Mr John Everette Morton 
Mrs, Virginia Fowler Noon 
Mr. William ), O'Connor 

Mrs Evelyn Lilly Olschner 
Mr Douglas R Pamplin 
Mr^. Virginia Neal Peebles 
Miss Claire L. Phillips 
Dr Marvin W. Phillips 
Mr. James G. Pritchett 
Mrs. Sara Corbm Roberts 
Miss Frances C. Seymour 
Mr. Edward F. Shaw 
Mrs Sarah Muse Simpson 
Dr, Royall H. Spence, |r, 
Mr Enoch Ben Sleverson. |r 
Mrs. Emma Brannock Stuart 
Mrs. Ann Eshelman Sutton 
Mrs Frances Frazier Taylor 
Mrs, Angie Henry Utt 

Mr C Kenneth Utt 

Mrs Maxine Hatfield Vanhyning 

Mr Charles M Walten, |r, 

Mrs Margaret Hopkins Wesi 

Mrs, Alice Tew White 

Mrs. Virginia Crawford Whiteman 

Mr Luther W Wilkins 

Mr lames A Williamson 

Mrs Gladys Mangum Wrenn 

Mr, Max S Zyvith 

Mrs. Pansy Miller Zyvith 

Class of 1943 
50% Participation 

Mrs, Rena Black Appel 

Mr Charles Leslie Askew, Sr 

Mr Bernard M Askin 

Mrs Elizabeth Manchester Baker 

Mrs. lean Cooper Barefoot 

Mrs, Agnes Walker Boggus 

Ms. Mary A. Boyer 

Mrs, Eloise Siephenson Brown 

Mn,. Dorothy Galloway Chamblee 

Mr, Siverin P Comninaki 

Mrs, Virginia May Corbett 

Mr R Raymor>d D'Antonio 

Mr. lames F. Darden 

Mr Earnesl M Davis 

Mrs, Margarette Oakley Day 

Mr. Kent I. Dennan 

Mrs. Bernice Whitesell Duhl 

Mf. S, A. Festa 

Mrs. Helen Smilh Fisher 

Mr Julian Howell Forlines 

Mr. John L. Frye 

Mrs, Nell Reid Frye 

Mrs, Katie Brown Glenn 

Rev Johnson Lynwood Griffin 

Rev. Martin L. Grissom 

Mr Francis G, Harris 

Mrs. Helen Truitt Hicklin 

Dr. lames William Johnston 

Mrs, Mary Neese lea 

Mrs, Ceraldine Blue Martin 

Mrs, Ceraldine Dickey Michaels 

Mrs Elizabeth Martin Moore 

Mrs, Lovenia Swink Pafrish 

Mr Worth Edward Perry 

Mrs Jeanne Rader Phillips 

Mrs, lane Keane Polonsky 

Mrs. Helen Clodfeller Rankin 

Dr William D Rippy 

Mr. Thomas H. Russell 

Mr Emory R Sellers, |r 

Mf. Max Dayton Smith 

Mrs. Luvene Holmes Spence 

Mr Bryant Tripp 

Mfs, Marguerite Alexander Tulley 

Mr C Edwin Watts 

Mrs. lane Byrd Weisbecker 

Mr loseph C, Whiiaker 

Mr William T White 

Mrs. Helen Messick Willens 

Mrs, Anne Newman Willson 

Mrs lolea Holt Yount 

Mrs Mildred Winiree Papuga 
Mrs. Sarah Rice Poindexter 
Mrs Edna Nichols Poole 
Mrs. Senora Jones Powell 
Mrs. Barbara Brooks Rives 
Mrs, Magenta R. Rountree 
Mr Elliott T Schmidt 
Mrs. Ruth Koontz Schmidt 
Mrs Robbie Marine Screen 
Mrs, Minnie Belle Fry Sellers 
Mrs. Peg Lightbourne Smith 
Mrs. Lucille Blalock Snipes 
Dr. Marvin E Walker 
Dr Sara Lou Warren 
Mr E, Vaughan Wood 
Mr Claude L, Woody, |r, 
Mrs, Charlotte Husted Wyatt 

Class of 1945 
43% Participation 

Class of 1944 
51% Participation 

Rev. Mark W. Andes 

Mr, Vernon O. Atkins 

Mrs, Ollie Fallin Benson 

MfS, Annie Tate Bowman 

Dr Betty Lynch Bowman 

Mrs Winifred Ellington Brande 

Mrs. Sally Avery Bray 

Mrs, Lib Scott Causey 

Mrs. Virginia Jeffreys Darden 

Mf^ Helen Yarborough Festa 

Mrs, Hazel McAuley Freeman 

Mrs. Helen Allred Frink 

Mrs. Rachael Crowell Gobble 

Mr Ed M. Hicklin, Sr. 

Mr Henry C. Hisey, Jr 

Mrs. Hazel Truitt Iseley 

Mn Hazel Taylor Ives 

Miss Vallie Johnson 

Mr Robed E. lohnston 

Mrs, Elizabeth Hill Jones 

Mrs. Opal Powell Keen 

Mr, Charles O'Hara Mann 

Mrs, Nancy Underwood Marlow 

Dr lesse H Meredith 

MfS Lil Dyer Meredith 

Mrs. Edna Truitt Noiles 

Mrs Iris Boland Abernathy. 

Miss Annie Mae Atwater 

Mr Person Alex Batten, |r 

Mr Allen K Berry 

Df Clarence F Biddix 

Mrs Rachel Coble Bowman 

Mr Clarence Boyles. Jr 

Rev. I Howard Cates 

Mrs. Margie Simpson Clark 

Mrs. Pegge Moffis Davis 

Mrs Kathleen Chappell Elam 

Mrs Mary McCanis Evans 

Rev Earl T farrell 

Mr. Zenas Elbert Fearing 

Mrs. Elsie Boone Fike 

Mrs. Maude Dowd Frye 

Mrs. Mary Byrd Gearing 

Mrs. Rebecca Watson Griffin 

Mrs Ruth Dyer Griffith 

COL Lacy E, Hagood 

Mrs. Elizabeth B. Hamnck 

Mrs. Jeanne Hook Harrell 

MfS Frances Hayes Hook 

Mr. lohn W, Hook 

Mr, C Clyde lohnslon, Jr 

Mr Charles N. lones, Jr, 

Dr, Dwight T Kernodle 

Mrs. Agnes Eason Langsion 

Mrs. Jacqueline Perry Maliock 

Mrs. luanita Cowens McMullan 

Mrs. luanita F^rdue Pickard 

Mrs. Margaret Simpson Pope 

Mr, Charles T Robbins, |i. 

Dr, Walstein W Snyder 

Dr. Theo Strum 

Mrs. Kathenne Waikins Tripp 

Mrs, Edith Hall Waller 

Mrs Edna Rumley Walls 

Mrs Edna Reilzel Waugh 

Mrs, Julia Matthews Williams 

Mr Vic A. Zodda 

Class of 1946 
41% Participation 

Mn. Margaret Rawls Bullard 

Mrs Hazel Ellis Clark 

Mn Elizabeth Holland Claytor 

Mr lohn William Claytor Sr. 

Mrs. Etene Shoffner Coble 

Mrs. Norma lemigan Crulchlield 

Mrs, Elizabeth flraddy Cuttle 

Mr Edwin L Daniel 

Dr lames Earl Danieley 

Mr, Alton T. Durham 

Mrs. Mary Ruth Beckom Durham 

Mr, J. Lynwood Floyd, Jr, 

Mrs Carrie Mize Genaway 

Mf C Leon Gibbs 

Mr Allen T. Gray 

Mrs. Bettie Rader Grubbs 

Mrs lessie Thurecht Hook 

Mn Eloise Fishel Johnson 

Mrs Dorothy Follz Kelley 

Rev. Carl R. Martin 

Mrs Hilda Malone McNeely 

Mrs. Ruby Hayes Niles 

Mrs. Virginia Scott Pickard 

Mr H. Reid 

Mrs. Helen Blalock Rippy 

Mr Vernon L Ross 

Mrs. Louise Ferree Sayland 

Mrs. Alma Rose Sprinkle Sink 

Mrs, Pattie Cochrane Stuart 

Mr Willis R. Troxler 

Mrs. Mildred Yancey Westerholm 

Mrs, Craydon Butler Wheeler 

Mr. Samuel Thomas Woodson, |r 

Class of 1947 
54% Participation 

Mrs Betsy Smith Albright 
Mr Fred Albright 
Mrs, Louise Clayton Allen 
Mrs, Catherine Cooper Andes 
Mrs. Hazel Cole Bate 

1985-86 Honor Roll of Donors Page 9 

Mrs Ora Smith Bovwrs 

Or. George PleaMr>t Bullock 

Mrs. Mary Coxe Bullock 

Mr T Warren Burni 

Mr. lohn Stuart Casev 

Mrs Lois Dean Casey 

Mr. Sleven Castura 

Mrs Dorothy Williams Darden 

Mr. George L Davis 

Mr, loseph B. Dunn 

Mrs Ruby Braxton Evans 

Mrs Pollyanna Whisnanl Farmer 

Mrs Mary Elizabeth Simpson 

Mr. Anthony |. Festa, |r. 
Mrs Janie Murphy Gentry 
Rev W, Walter Hall 
Mr Harvey Oliver Hook 
Mr L*nnings M Howard 
Mr, Henry Taylor HuH 
Rev, Allen L. Hurdle 
Mrs Mar^rette Webster Hurdle 
Mrs, |o Nell Dixon Isley 
Mrs, Marjory Reidt Johnson 
Mrs, Helen Cobb Knowles 
Mrs Virginia Boyd Lee 
Mr C Vincent Long. Jr. 
Mrs Elizabeth Apple Loy 
Mr Willand G Marlette 
Mrs. Doris King Massey 
Mr William lack Morgan 
Mrs. Sarah Wrenn Mundy 
Mr Lewis A. Nance 
Mrs, Patricia Hook Neal 
Mr Ivan L. Oliis 
Mrs Violet Blackmon Reele 
Miss Gladys L. Rakestraw 
Dr Fred P Register 
Mrs. Virginia Ezell fteid 
Mr George E Reismger, |r 
Mrs Benie Lloyd Rosemond 
Mrs. Elizabeth Riddick Smith 
Mrs, Nellie Mann Snyder 
Mrs. EInor McPherson Williams 
Mrs. Hilda Neese Williams 

Class of 1948 

49% Partirinafjon 

Mr Lemuel Carl Allen, Jr 

Mrs. Marguerite Hudson Anderson 

Mrs Earleen Longest Baltzegar 

Mrs Elizabeth Benton Bateman 

Mrs, Lorraine Waugh Brady 

Mrs Kathleen Young Bragg 

Mrs. Paige Eaves Brown-Karant 

Mrs. Vivian Walker Caudle 

Mrs. Elinor Argenbnght Causey 

Mr Marion B, Chase, (r 

Mr Claude V. Comer 

Mr William C Copeland 

Mrs. Sarah Maness Cramer 

Mr William H, Duncan 

Miss Ruth H, Dunn 

Mr Ralph P. Edwards 

Mrs Frances St, Clair Elkins 

Mr, Robert L. Ellis 

Or Philip J, Gearing 

Mrs, lane Lewis Gibson 

Mrs. Doris Clapp Gilliam 

Mr Emery Keith Gilliam 

Miss Ethalinda Griffin 

Mrs. Blanche Coghill Harper 

Dr. Daniel Bryant Harrell, Jr. 

Mrs Gladys Owings Hughes 

Mrs. )ane Whitlock Langston 

Mr. lames Marwin Langston. Jr. 

Mr W E Love, |r 

Mr. L. Wesley Manin 

Mr Voigl Friiz Morgan 

Mrs, Helen ScoO Pearwn 

Mr Lindsey Jackson (^rry, Jr. 

Mr, Paul C. Plybon, Sr, 

Mrs, Marjorie P F^aythress 

Dr. George Shuford Ramseur 

Mrs, Maxine Cole Richardson 

Mr Paul H. Ridge 

Mr James FrarKis Roberts 

Mr Leo M. Smilh 

Mr. Wayne H Smith 

Mrs. Grace Ward Vickery 

Mr Jack S. Walker 

Mrs. lean Fogleman Walker 

Mrs. Ella Mae Morgan Weniz 

Mr. Robert W. Wooldridge 

Class of 1949 
47% Participation 

Mr, Robert Bruce Ausborn* 

Mrs. Erna Carter Bailess 

Mr, Don E. Barham 

Mrs. Pauline Cheek Best 

Mr. H. Sylvester Blalock 

Mr. Cordon Mathew Bov^rs 

Mr. Gilmer C. Brande 

Mr. Curtis Woody Brown, Jr. 

Mr. Thomas L. Burton 

Mrs Jeanne Meredith Busse 

Mr. A. Roney Gates 

Mrs. Alice Brevs«r Caudle 

Dr. Wallace L Chandler 

Mrs. Jean West Colvin 

Dr. M. Cade Covington 

Mr Vance E Co« 

Mrs Verona Daniels Danieley 

Mrs Susie Coley Davis 

Mis. Mildred Johnson Eriacher 

Mrs. Norma Edwards Federbush 

Rev William J. Ferneyhough 

Mrs. Barbara Haynes Francis 

Mrs. Allene Stallings Cane 

Mr. Marshall L. Garrison 

Mr Ed T Gentry 

Dr, Nicos G. Ceorgiades 

Mr Harold L, Gibson 

Mr. William H. Godfrey 

Dr. William Joseph Hancock 

Mr R. Oalion Harper 

Mr. Robert Edgar Harris, |r 

Mr. Charles Stanley Hollander 

Mr. Howard A. Hudson 

Mr. Donald Clyde Iseley 

Mr Fred C. Jackson* 

Mr. William H. Kernodle 

Mr Verdery A, King 

Mr Michael Kozakewich 

Mrs Dorothy Bnnkley Lassiter 

Mr, James A. Lassiter 

Mr Jerry E, Lea 

Mr, John D Lea 

Mr. C, Orville Light 

Mr. William Duncan Little 

Mr David Eugene McNeely 

Mr Jack A Moody 

Dr Wayne T, Moore 

Mr Robert W. Morton, Jr, 

Mrs, Helen Hudgins Nance 

Mr Edwin T Nash* 

Mr, Ma« Edmond Neese 

Mr Wallace H. Owen 

Rev. Charles W. Randolph 

Dr. Hugh F. Rankin 

Mrs Elizabeth Jernigan Register 

Mrs June Faukoner Reid 

Mr. James L. Riley. Jr. 

Mr loseph F Rosemond 

Mrs Elaine Pace Simmons 

Mr Herbert C. Spivey, Jr, 

Mrs, Dorothy Harris Sligall 

Mr William Charles Tedder 

Mrs. Edna FalMell Twiddy 

Mr Fred J Vaughan 

Mr. Isham Hailey Vickery. Jr 

Mr C Max VV^nJ 

Mr lames C. Washburn, Jr 

Dr. Joseph H, Westmoreland" 

Mr James B. Widenhouse 

Mr. James K. Wilkinson 

Mr John F, Williams. Jr 

Mrs Dorothy Sutton Wilson 

Class of 1950 
45% Participation 

Mr. Lucious C. Adcock 

Mr. William H. Anderson 

Mrs. Betty Chilton Andrews 

Mr Warren S Beate 

Mr. Carnett Mitchell Beamer 

Mr. W. Jenninp Berry, |r. 

Mr Roger C. Black* 

Mr John William Blanchard 

Mr Robert |, Bowers 

Mr. M G. Burke, |r 

Mr Paul E Causey 

Mr Frederick T Claylor 

Mr Alton Ward Cockrell 

Mr, Clyde E, Corbett 

Mrs, Helen looes Daniel 

Dr, Robert Lfe Daniel 

Mrs. Dons F^eedin Daniels 

Mr. Everett E Daniels 

Mr. David A. Darden 

Mr Rocco F Oonalo 

Mr James A, Orummond 

Mr Jim T Elkins 

Mr, Graham H, Eriacher 

Mrs, Lucy Ausley Everette 

Rev. Calvin C Faircloih 

Mrs. Jane Transou Fowler 

Mr, William M. freeman 

Mr. Garland W Fulton 

Mr Garland W Gentry. Sr 

Mrs, Barbara Bailey Glasgow 

Mrs Evelyne Moore Graham 

Mr, Ray Wilson Gunn 

Mr, lack Bernard Hanel. Sr. 

Mr. William G. Harrison, |r. 

Mr. Carlos Bowers Hart 

Mrs. Ann Truitl Herbert 

Dr. Matthew James Howell 

Mr. Jack R. Hunley 

Mrs. Nell Brittain Irick 

Mr. Samuel Wendell Isley 

Dr. Warren H lohnson 

Mr loe W Kent 

Mr. Marshall P Koury 

Mrs. Mary Hill Kozakewich 

Rev. lohn R. Lackey 

Mr, Claude A. Manzi 

Mrs Jackie Royals Manzi 

Mr, Larry Bauman McCauley, Sr 

Mrs. Gaynelle Sutton McCollum 

Mr. Luther 0. McCollum. |r. 

Mr. Arnold E. Melvin 

Mr Charles Donald Melvin 

Mr lohn a Meredith 

Mr T F^ul Messick 

Mr. Arthur L. Mizell 

Dr H Reid Montgomery 

Mrs. Marie Knight Moon 

Mr James M. Murray 

Mrs. Minnie Riddick Nash 

Mr Charles Hall Nichols 

Mr RichanJ H Painter 

Mr lames H. Parker, Jr 

Mrs. Nina Wilson Patterson 

Mr Allen D Pearson, Jr 

Mt James David Peeler 

Mrs. Dale Parham Perry 

Mr. William K. Perry 

Mr Leon F Pope 

Dr loe Robinson 

Mr William Greene Rudd, |r. 

Mrs. Nellie Davis Saunders 

Rev. William T Scott, Jr. 

Mr Charles Linwood Sheridan 

Mr John Raul Snyder, Jr. 

Mr John W. Sparks 

Mr Roger Hynds Staley 

Mr George t. Stanley 

Rev Thomas D. Sutton 

Mr John R Taylor 

Mr. Numa Reid Thompson 

Mr. Howard Holt Thornton 

Mrs. Patricia Sleinmelz Thornton 

Mr C Baxter Twiddy 

Mrs Martha Veasey Vance 

Mrs Joan Bolwell Veres 

Mr H. Brantley Wall 

Rev. Carl E. \A^llace 

Mrs. Maxine Robbins Wells 

Mr Henry H. Wentz, Sr. 

Mrs. Shirley Joyner Wentz 

Rev. W. Allen Wenlz. Jr 

Mrs. Betty Rudisille Whitsett 

Mr John M. Whitsett 

Mt. William L. Williams, Jr. 

COL Harold Gene Williamson 

Mr Fred W Yarbrough 

Mr Steven B. York, Jr. 

Mr. Maurice C. Young 

Class of 1951 

A8% Participation 

Rev. C. Fred Allred 

Mr. John R, Anderson 

Mr, Clayton C Andrews. Jr 

Mr. Glenn Dwight Apple 

Mr. Staley A. Avent 

Mr, L. Joe Bateman 

Mrs, Carolyn Long Beane 

Mr, Roy Henderson Berry, |r, 

Mr Charles W Bishop 

Mr, lames G Bosven 

Hon |. Fred Bowman 

Mr Walter Y Boyd 

Mr Edward L Brady 

Mr lames Clyde Brady 

Mr Archie Brigman 

Mrs Helen Spivey Brown 

Mrs Phyllis Tucker Brown 

Mr Jack R Byrd 

Mr. Marcus Cameron 

Dr Henry lames Carr, )r. 

Mr Gnjver C. Castelloe. |r. 

Mr. Ira S, Chrismon 

Mrs. Maxine Abercrombie Claar 

Mrs. Laverne Russell Compton 

Mr Harold Z. Daniel 

Mr William E, Davis 

Mr Thomas B Deloache. |r 

Mrs, Sara Foster Dodson 

Or. Samuel Gordon Dodson, |r. 

Mr lohn Ira Efird. Jr 

Mr Ashby L, &jbank 

Mr L*n Thomas Fesmire 

Miss Melva Gray Foster 

Mr Arthur F Fowler III 

Mr William Ray Gabriel 

Mr, Lacey E Gar>e 

Mrs, Dorothy Lambeth Garnett 

Mrs. Edna Dixon Garrison 

Mr. Theron I Gilliam 

Mr. Walter D Graham 

Mr Ronald Bryan Cnnstead 

Mr John C. Hager. Sr. 

Mr. Fred Hawkins 

Mr lames W. Hayes 

Mr. Hunt R. Hedrick, Sr. 

Mr Otis Howard Hodnett, |r. 

Mr, William A. Hopkins 

Dr R. Leroy How«ll 

Miss Etna Doris Huey 

Mrs, lane Hook lohnson 

Mr James F lones 

Mr. William R. Kivett 

Mrs Evelyn Harvey Lloyd 

Mr, Billy G, Love 

Mrs Shirley Baker Lovin 

Rev lames C. Loy 

Mr. William R, Madren 

Mr Oswald H, Marshburn 

Mr, Gary R. Matlock 

Mr William E, Maynard 

Mrs. Mary LIndley McCauley 

Dr O, Ray McKenzie 

r R M, Mesic. |r 

rs. Zeda Grogan MIddlebrooks 

r Billy O. Mittelsladt 

rs. Rebecca Stout Morgan 

r. Clementh E. Moser 

rs. Eloise Troxler Murray 

r. Bill lee Nail 

r Robert Carter Oldham 

r. C. R. Overman 

rs. Mabel Long Owen 

■. George Graham fttterson 

r. Robert Carroll Feeler 

■ Lacy M. Presnell, jr. 

r, Stanley A, Robinson 

rs, lane Upchurch Roshelli 

■, Fred C Sahlmann 

V William A. Seawell 

r George C. Shackelford. Jr, 

r Fred T, Shoffner 

r, William E, Swain 

rs Doris Hinton Tew 

r lunie Percy Thompson 

r |. Earl Todd 

William P Tolley 
r. John D. Vance, (r. 
rs. Virginia Pla Vansickler 
V. f^ul V, Varga 
r. Frank | Waters 
r Ed A. Watkins 
r. C. Carl Woods. |r. 
■. Robert Allen Yates 

Class of 1952 
40% Participation 

Mr. Oliver T. Bailess 

Mr. Billy Ray Baiger 

Mr lohn Manning Broughton, |r 

Dr loseph Eugene Bryson 

Mrs. Sylvia McAdams Burwell 

Mrs. Beverly Simpson Caldwell 

Mrs. Charlotte R. Caviness 

Mrs. Anne Ferrell Cheek 

Mr O. Eldred Cherry 

Mr lames Avery Cole 

Mrs, Ann M, Cook 

Mr A, William Dallas, )r, 

Mr Henry A, Desimone 

Mr Charles D, Dickerson 

Mr, Robert R, Dimarco ^ 

Mrs, Anna Miller Disher 

Mrs, loan Summers Drummond 

Mr George W Etheridge 

Dr Harry Lee Farmer 

Mr, Herman Allen Flynt 

Mr. Ralph L. Foushee 

Mr Heinz W Fruh 

Mrs, Carolyn Braxton Gabriel 

Mr, A, Roger Cibbs 

Mr Charles M, Gibson 

Mr lack Franklin Gibson, Sr, 

COL, Edward Carney Hackney 

Mr, C. William Hunter 

Mr, D. Frank Ingram. )r 

Mr C. Mac lacluon 

Mr. Thomas D. Johnston 

Mr. Charles S. loyner 

Mrs. Mary York Lawrence 

Mrs. losephirw Harper Lee 

Mr. Richard Henry Lee, |r. 

Mrs, Helen Jackson Lindsay 

Mrs. Evelyn Booth Love 

Mr. W. Larry Lyon 

Mr. Curtis John Martin 

Dr. Alfred Warren Matthews 

Mrs. Jane Peterson Matthews 

Mr. Thomas E. Matth^vs 

Mrs. Frances Faucette Maynard 

Mrs Bettie Moser McDonald 

Mr, Claude Turner McKinney 

Mr Harold G, McRae 

Mrs, Caroline Guthrie McSorley 

Mrs. Lorena Boyd Mittelsladt 

Mr. Dave A. Mondy 

Mr. Charles Bernard Myers 

Mr. John F Piatt 

Mrs, Elizabeth Hoffman Pleasant 

Mr James M, Prevatte 

Mr, John Robert Reece 

Rev G, Julius Rice 

Mr, Gurley W. Ritter 

Mr, T Paul Rosser 

Mr Arva Vane Short 

Mrs, Faye Branch Smithwick 

Mr. Robert B, Smithwick 

Miss Sara C, Spoon 

Mr. Lester G Squires 

Mr. S Eugene Stewart 

Mr. Walter E, Temple, Jr 

Rev. Oliver N Thomas 

Mr. Samuel J. Walker 

Mr Frank Lee Ward 

Mrs. Bera Edwards Williams 

Mrs. Geneva Cooper Williford 

Dr. John Will Willifonj 

Mr Roger B Wilson 

Mrs. Betty Long Yarbrough 

Class of 1953 
41% Participation 

Mrs. Janice Goodman Apple 

Mr Frederick M Biangardi 

Mr David Blanford. |r 

Mrs. Mary Huffine Boyd 

Mrs June Stone Byrd 

Mrs. Betty Comer Caviness 

Mr. Clifford Dean Cherry 

Mr James L. Clyburn 

Dr Beverly Matt Currin, |r. 

Mrs June McCracken Desimone 

Mr, Paul B. Dixon 

Mrs. Martha Berry Eubank 

Miss Elsie M. Rich 

Mr. William H. Freeman 

Mr Salvatore M. Gero 

Mr Maxwell B. Coslen 

Dr Robert Joseph Harned 

Mr Ralph G. Harris 

Mr Jack E. James 

Mr Edward Tate Jones 

Mr John Terry Kelly. Jr. 

Mr Dave Lee Kennedy 

Mr Alan Neal Knofia 

Mrs Glendon F^rrish Lackey 

Mrs Jean Tew Blackstone Lewis 

Mr Robert E Lewis, Jr 

Mrs. F^tsy Deaton Maness 

Mrs. loan Gladden Marshburn 

Mr George L. McBane 

Mrs Jane Boone McGavran 

Mrs Laura Kemodle McPherson 

Mr James Don Merriman 

Mr Michael H. Moffo 

Mr Ned l£e Morrison 

Mr Robert C Myatt 

Mr W Bernard Owen 

Mr Page Franklin Painter 

Mr t Scott Quakenbush 

Mr Carroll Irvm Reid, Jr. 

Mr Louis F. Roshelli 

Mrs lean Parker Rusak 

Mr Paul Willis Shepherd 

Miss Arlene Hayes Simcox 

Mr Jesse B. Taylor 

Mr Richard C. Thompson 

Mrs, Dolores Hagan Truitt 

Chaplain John G, Truitt, Jr. 

Rev Max B, Vestal 

Mr Arnold Holt Ward 

Mrs, Ann Matkins Wilkins 

Mr Charles Jeter Wilkins 

Class of 1954 

Mr. William E, Andrews, Sr. 

Mrs. Ernestine Bridges Bishop 

Mrs. Judith Ingram Bohrer 

Mr. D York Brannock, |r. 

Mr Nat M Bunvell 

Mr. Bernard Brown Butler, |r 

Mr Nelvin Eugene Cooper 

Mrs. Rachel Matthews Cooper 

Mrs. Elizabeth Ward Dale 

Mrs. laverne Brady Davis 

Mr. Dwight Lynwood Dillon, Sr, 

Mrs Patsy Gentry Drake 

Miss Mary Lee Farlow 

Mr Hoyt B. Fowler 

Mr Charles G Gilliam 

Mr Hiram S. Greene, Jr, 

Mrs. Barbara Boone Hall 

Mrs. Jean Brown Hall 

Mrs. Janet Johnson Hamrick 

Mrs, Ann Horner Harris 

Mr Joe Eugene Harvey 

Mr, Robert Ray Hayes 

Mrs, Sarah Miles Hoffman 

Mr, lack N, Holt 

Mrs. BetTy McLeod Jordan 

Mr |, Lowell Kernodle 

Mrs. flamona Martin Kemodle 

Mr. Leon Harris Long. Sr. 

Or Philip Rogers Mann 

Mrs. Virginia lernigan Matth^vs 

Mr Hugh 8- McFarling 

Mr Calvin A. Michaels 

Mrs. Alice Cole Miller 

Mrs. Peggy lohnson Mondy 

Mr. William lennings Moore, Jr. 

Mr Lawrence |. Nightlinger 

Or. Walter Samuel CXBerry 

Mr. loseph M. Parker 

Mrs. Margaret Mebane F^rker 

Mr. Amick H. Patterson. )t. 

Mr. Ervin Pennington 

Mr Roger W. Phelps 

Mrs. Amelia fk>wers Phillips 

Mr. Richard Ernest Pugh 

Mrs Frances Filch Richardson 

Dr. Edward D. Robertson 

Mf. Calvin K, Siler 

A $1 million gift from the Martha and Spencer 
Love Foundation in 1985 endowed the Martha and 
Spencer Love School of Business at EUm. 

Page 10 1985-«6 Honor Roll of Donoti 

Or, Lewit Bill Simmons 
Mr. Dawid Bowman Small 
Mr W.lliam j Sloftel. |r 
Mr. James M Terrell, |r 
Mr. H Cooper Walker 
Mrs. Peggv Blakely Wells 
Mr, John Melvin Womack 

Class of 1955 
45% Participation 

LTC. Reuben Samuel Askew, |r. 

Mr. Donald Ray Barker 

Mr, Bill Adfon Blackwell 

Mr. Russell £. Bories 

Mr. Gilbert C. Brittle, (r. 

Mr. William Levi Bufke III 

Mr. James M. Chandler, Jr. 

Mr. Richard Opie Coley 

Mr. John S Collie. Jr. 

Mr. Luther R. Conger. Jr. 

Mr. Charles C Crews, |r. 

Mr. Joseph C. Disher. Jr. 

Mr. Larry M. Dofflemyer 

Mr William Douglas Edwards 

Mr. Paul R. Ferguson 

Mr James H. Flynt 

Mr. T. Wade Garrett 

Rev. Carl G. Cibbs 

Mre. Josephine Simms Gwallney 

Mr. Sherrill C. Hall 

Mr. James L. Hamnck 

Mr James H Hardy 

Mr. Thomas E. Haymore 

Mr. date F. Huffman 

Mrs Dorothy Turner Johnston 

Miss Sarah C. Johnston 

Mr, Harry E. Jones 

Mr. John T. Jones 

Mr Hoyt C. Kennedy 

Mrs Rulh Gilliand Kent 

Dr. Jerry E. Lowder 

Mrs, Kay Massey Lyon 

Mr Ira Wayne Mann 

Mrs, Mary Sue Colclough Mann 

Mrs, Patsy Tale McFadden 

Mrs Arlene Stafford Mclntyre 

Mr. Ronald D Mclntyre 

Dr Robert Bruce McQueen 

CPT. Charles Mercer 

Mrs, Peggy Miller Michaun 

Mrs Hazel Sherman Montague 

Mrs. Helen Craven Morris 

Mrs. Peggy Allen Mullms 

Mrs, Sue Moore Neuman 

Mrs, Reiha Morris Norman 

Mrs. Jeanette Wilson Oldham 

Dr. Philip S Phelon 

Rev, Roben Irving Phelps 

Mrs, Joan Elder Regal 

Mr. William Lewis Robertson 

Dr. William Don Roscoe 

Mrs. Delaine Turner Routh 

Mr. James A. Scon 

Mr loseph R. Smith 

Mrs. Ruth Williams Smith 

Mr. William Sutton. Jr. 

Miss Freda I, Tate 

Mr. Wayne F Vestal 

Rev, James M. Waggoner 

Dr. Jo Wans Williams 

Mr. J. Lewis Winston 

Mrs, Edith McCauley Womack 

Mr. Edward S. Woodward, Jr, 

Class of 1956 

45% Participation 

Mr George Irvin Aldndge 

Dr. Donald Lee Allen 

Mr. John Warren Allen 

Mr. Curney O Barnes 

Mrs. Nancy Bain Bateman 

Mr. Jimmy Holl Bell 

Mrs. Alpha Snipes Blake 

Mrs. Billie Johnson Bolden 

Mr. Clyde Dewey Boswell 

Mr Carlysle T Brandon 

Mr. Everett Clay Brown 

Mr Albert Duncan Cale. Jr. 

Mr. James E. Calhoun 

Mrs. Ftggy Dorsen Carter 

Mr Phil Norman Carter 

Dr, George P Chandler 

Mr Hugh Elmore Citty 

Mrs. Grace Perkins Clayton 

Mr. Stephen Reeves Cole. Sr, 

Mrs. Jo Ann Wright Crews 

Mr- William Henry Dixon. Jr. 

Mf, Robert Ernest Dunlap 

Mr. Ronald Lea Earp 

Mrs, Ann Stoddard Edwards 

Mrs. Edna Earle Gibson Ellington 

Mrs. Elaine Sykes Elswick 

Mrs. Sally Moses fox 

Mr. William C. Frederick, Jr. 

Mrs, Ann Pucket Gilliam 

Mr. William R. Ginn, Sr. 

Mrs. Betsy Johnson Cunter 

Mrs. Jacqueline Smith Hackney 

Mrs. Martha Uiwe Hall 
Mrs Polly Payne Hart 
Mrs Bess Carson Hawkins 
Mr Charles Graham Heath 
Mrs. Meryle Mauldin Henry 
Mr B. Riley Hensley 
Mrs. Virginia Green Hester 
Mt Theodore Warren Isley 
Mrs. Carolyn Abernalhy Jones 
Mrs. Barbara Garden Kane 
Mr^ Mary Smith Kearney 
Mr. William O. Kerman 

"Mr Richard Clark Keziah 
Mr Jimmy Dixon Kincaid 
Mrs Shirley Call Knofia 
Mr Kenneth H. Lambert, Jr 
Mr William Kerr Lasley 
Mr. jack R. Lindley 
Mrs. Harnell Talley Lewder 
Mrs. Margaret Stafford Martin 
Mr lames C. McPherson 
Mrs Nancy McBnde Mebane 
Mr Charles H. Michaux 
Mr L Bascom Moore 
Rev. Zane M. Moore 
Mr George T. Nail 
Mrs Marie Weldon Overton 

Mr Robert Odell Payne 

Mr Glenn P Pierce 

Hon Weldon R Price 

Mrs Frances Recoulley 

Mr. Donald C. Smith 

Mr Carroll A. Stearns 

Mr Otis I Stult2 

Mr William f Tate, Jr. 

Mr. Nicholas |. Theos 

Mrs. Mane Williamson Tomlinson 

Mrs Ann Clark Trogdon 

Mrs. Ann Kearns Walker 

Mr Harold Glenn Walker 

Mrs. Dorothy Mauldin Ward 

Mr. Hershey Ray Whitley 

Mr Thomas R. Woodard 

Mr Garron M. Woolen, Jr. 

Class of 1957 
38% Participation 

Mrs, Shirley Turner Alexander 

Mr Delmer D Atkinson 

Mr Larry E Barnes 

Mr Beniamin W. Barr 

Mr Navarre Thomas Barron, Jr. 

Mr. Morris Bryan Beecroft. Jr. 

Mr Robert Arthur Bergman, |r. 

Mrs Ruth Douglas Bernhardt 

Mr lerry Allen Blalock 

Mr C Whitney Bradham 

Dr. Gerald W. Bray 

Mr Eddie C. Bridges 

Rev |. Avery Brown 

Mrs Oiane Long Bullis 

Mrs, Sylvia Smith Burgess 

Mr Pat Cafasso 

Mrs Ginger Robertson Campbell 

Mr Clayton J. Cashwell 

Mrs. Margaret Patillo Cass 

Mr E. L. Chaney, |r, 

Mrs Frances Carter Coleman 

LTC Hugh N. Cox 

Mr Jack L, Crocken 

Mr Talmadge Eugene Curry 

Mr Edwin |. Davidson 

Mrs lennie Keck Davidson 

Mr Waldo L. Dickens 

Mrs. Jane Luce Dofflemyer 

Mr Henry Nathaniel Dorrts 

Mr. Roy James Ducken 

Mr Gene Arnold Duncan 

Ms Peggie Simpson Foster 
Mr. Claudy A, Fowler 
Mr. U, Dean Hall 

Dr. Richard H. Hatch 

Mr. Bill Ray Hockaday 

Dr. Vifgil Howell 

Mr. Paul Hcryle 

Mrs, Mary Jean Cannady Ingold 

Mr Maurice N. Jennings 

Mr Donald Billy Johnson 

Mr. Bill F loyce 

Mr C. Ben Kendall 

Mrs, Berty Rhodes King 

Mr Thomas C, King, Jr. 

Mr Ashburn L Kirby 

Mr Jack Longfellow 

Mrs Paula Stewart Loy 

Mr H Virgil Martin, jr 

Mr Wayne W. Martin 

Mr Donald O. McDaniel 

Mrs. Sandra Gillespie Mills 

Mr. Richard K, Pugh 

Mr. lack William Reavis 

Mr. Norman William Riddle, Jr, 

Mr Joseph Franklin Ryals 

Mr. Bynum Ray Scon 

Mrs. Margaret Boland Sharpe 

Mrs. Wilma Morgan Sharpe 

Dr. Richard Bowers Simpson 

Mr Larry O'Brien Smith 

Mrs. Kathleen McDonald Snead' 

Mr. jimmy L, Sparks 

Mr, William T Stanfield 

Mr. N. Paige Stout 

Mrs. Lorine Joyner SuHon 

Mrs, Peggy Smith Thiel 

Mr Michael Whedale Tunnicliffe 

Mrs Girleta McPherson Vestal 

Mr, Vincent Vitale, Jr. 

Mrs. Betsy Watson Wall 

Mr Cordon C Ward 

Mr. Thomas Foy Warren 

Mr. Raul D. Watts 

Mrs Janet Forrester Welsh 

Class of 1958 
43% Participation 

Mr. Arlie J. Allen 

Mr Don C Allred 

Mr John Apessos 

Mrs. Joyce Beck Askew 

Mrs, Helen Meredith Barnhardl 

Mr. Dalton | Beaman 

Mr. Jarvis M. Bennen 

Rev. Robert Allen Bew 

Mr Roben L. Blanchard, Jr. 

Mr. Hubert F. Bolick 

Mr. Roben E. Bolick 

Miss Rebekah Sue Bowden 

Mr. Roben Allen Bullis 

Mrs. Rosaline Toney Bush 

Mr, Louis Mitchell Campbell 

Dr. Clingman Carter Capps 

Mrs, Gladys Sweatt Carr 

Mr. Stewan T. Cass 

Mrs. Rachel Johnson Cox 

Mr. Ladson C. Cubbage, Jr, 

Mr C, Marshall Curtis 

Mr. Anthony J, DeMatteo, Jr. 

Mr Max Thomas Dixon 

Mr Richard Lee Faggan 

Mr. J. Michael Fargis 

Mr. Norman L. Fields 

Mr. Charles Lenwood Foster, Jr. 

Mrs. Jane Robinson Foster 

Mr Curtis S, Fretwell 

Mr. Sam McGhee Fretwell 

Mr. Roy G. Giliiam 

Mrs, Jacqueline Love Ginn 

Mrs, Betsy Huffines Cordon 

Mrs, Cay Branton Grimes 

Mrs. Nellie Veach Hailey 

Mr Johnalhan L, Hall 

Dr Lacy Gilbert Hall 

Mr. C. Eugene Harrell 

Mr Fred S Hodge 

Mr Charles Robert Holt 

Mr. Jesse Carson Ingle 

Mrs. Dorothy Humble jessup 

Mrs. Ann Wilson Jones 

Mr Wilhs H. Jones 

Mr. O Vernon Joyner. Jr, 

Mr John J, Kennedy, Jr 

Mr. Thomas E, Kinney, Jr, 

Mrs, Patricia Chrismon Kopko 

Mr, Robert |. Kopko 

Dr. James Baxter Lemmons 

Mr. Thomas B Lewis 

Mr. Allen J, Martin. Jr 

Mrs. Judith Clark Mauney 

Mrs. Annie Wright Maynard 

Mr. N Charles Maynard 

Mrs. Gail McCutcheon Michael 

Mrs. Onita Frye Mitchell 

Rev, Dwight W Moore 

Mrs Lorene Pim Moore 

Mrs. Alice Crow Mortis 

Mrs. Dorothy Keck Nardelli 

Miss Sylvia lune O'Connell 

Mr. John loe Oakes 

Mr Alfred irvin Page 

Dr Franklin D. f^nishall 

Mrs. Sara Payne Peek 

Mr Nelson K. Reid 

Mrs, Betty Franks Reynolds 

Mr Joseph Ed Robbins, Jr 

Mr I. William Saunders, Ir 

Mr Jack E. Shaw 

Mr W. Harvey Shelley 

Mr Robert J. Slauffenberg 

Mr Bob Eugene Talley 

Mr Vernon C. Taylor 

Mr William L. Turner 

Mrs Nancy Goforth Westbrook 

Mr Archie Odell Wilborn 

Mr. Louis 6. Wilkins 

Mr. Victor Leigh Wills 

Mr George Turner Winston, jr 

Mr Jack L. Wrenn 

Mr. Charles A. Wyrick 

Class of 1959 

36% Participation 

Rev. Douglas S. Albert. 
Mrs. Evelyn Williams Allred 
Mr. Jesse E Andrews. Jr 
Mrs. Doris Grissom Askin 
Mr. M. Alton Barnes 
Mr Carlton T Bedsole 
Mr. Vincent R. Bujan 
Mr Berry Floyd Carolhers 
Mrs. Vivian Franks Cashwell 
Mr Robert D Chandler 
Rev George D Chapman 
Mrs. Shirley Swank Chapman 
Mr. Freddie Monroe Christley 

r. John H. Coble 

r. Billy Glenn Coley 

r Herman H Crabtree. Jr. 

'. Nicholas De Sibio 

rs Marquita Robertson Duncan 

■ Walter M. Edmonds 

r Harold Mervin Faust, Jr. 
' Bobby Joe Caydon 
' Dale Landon Coad, Sr 
'. Wesley Lawrence Gregg 

■ Richard C. Cuite 

■s. Mae Pirtman Hawkins 
'i. Leonora Luce Hibler 
'. R. Thomas Hobbs 
V. David A. Horn 
' Wallace Lee Jernigan 
s Joyce Yancey Johnson 

■ lames S Kistler 

■ John R Kopko 

■s Rebecca Matthews Kopko 

■ William Howard Lineberry 
's Ikey Tarlelon Linle 

■. Phillip H. Loman 

■ lames Donald McCauley 
■s Betty Boswell McDaniel 
-. John Michael McKinney 

. lohnny William Meadows 
". Robert Lee Mooneyham 

Aubrey F. Morgan 
■- loseph Clifton Morns 

V Joyce B. Myers 

■ Roger H. Nardelli 
William Carlyle Oliver 

■ John K. Patterson 

■ Daniel Cullom Porter 
Robert C. Rakes 

■ Wesley B. Reynolds 
■. Gene P. Rhodes 

. Raeford D Roberts 
■. Marion P. Robertson 
s. Martha Langley Shelby 

■ lames Dale Shepherd 

■ Ronald Eugene Simonds 
,. Sylvia E. Sims 

. Boyd W. Somers 

s Tommie Boland Sparks 

s Louan Lambeth Stanfield 

■ Robert E. Taylor 

V 1 Rex Thomas 
William Henry Thompson 
Bethel judson Trent, jr 
Garry E. Umstead 

Larry L. Llmstead 

W. A Wall. Sr. 

Aubrey C. Watson 
. Ted Henry Webster 

C, Ed Welch, Jr. 

Patrick H. Winston, jr. 
. Julius C. Yates 

Class of I960 
50% Participatior 

Miss Emma Frances Allen 

Mr. Thomas F. Ayres 

Dr, Curtis Vernon Bare 

Mr, Bobby Leroy Bennen 

Mr. Lynn C Blackwood, Sr. 

Mr Donald K. Blalock 

Mf. Robert Arnold Boswell 

Mr. John David Brady 

Mr William T. Brooks 

Mr. Maurice C. Brosky 

Mr. Paul P. Bnjtch 

Mr. Alfred I. Capuano 

Mr. Anthony Carcaterra 

Mr. Richard C. Cecil, Jr 

Dr, Numa W, Cobb, jr 

Mrs. Margie Lewis Coble 

Mr. Charles N Cole 

Mr. Richard Washington Cole, Jr. 

Mr. Joseph S Del Cais 

Mr. James Alexander Diperna 

Mr. William C. Dobson. Jr. 

Mr Claude Franklin Dover, Jr 

Mr Ronald W Durham 

Dr. James Perry Elder, jr. 

Mrs. Katherine Hughes Elder 

Mr Jim H Fentress 

Rev Ernest H. Ferrell 

Mr Howard Benjamin Gibson 

Mr Lloyd Ray Gilliam 

Miss Marion Nixon Glasgow 

Mr. Bobby Ray Goodman 

Mrs. Marianne McEvoy Guile 

Mr Marion D. Hargrove 

Mr. Charles T, Hawkins 

Mr. jimmy Eugene Hawkins 

Mr.. James Richard Holland 

Mr Edward A. Hughes, jr. 

Rev James Emerson Humphrey 

Mr Arthur McKinnon Ivey 

Mrs. Nova Rhodes Jones 

Mrs Mary Ruth Joyner 

Mr. Lane M. Kidd 

Mr Robert Lee King 

Mr. David C. Lawrence 

Mr. Bob Gene Lawson 

Mrs. Jo Ann Mansfield Madren 

Mt. James S. Maness, |r 

Mr. Bob Kenneth Mangum 

Mrs Ruth Ann Bateman Martin 

Mr. H, Eldridge Matkins 

Mr. Stephen L. Mauldin. Jr. 

Mr Carl Leon May 

Mr. Horace Edward McClure 

Mr Robert F McLean 

Mrs. Harolyn Hanford Mernlt 

Mr. Darrell Kirk Moser 

Mr James Rudolph Mullins 

Mrs. jerolene Kidd Nail 

Mr Marion Lee Oakes 

Mr. Donald Evans Paul 

Mrs. Janice Isley Pulliam 

Mr Joseph C. Pulliam 

Mr. W. Wynn Riley 

Dr Joe Kenneth Rogers 

Mrs, Btllie Barrett Rose 

Mr Robert W. Skinner 

Mr Richard C. Sneed. jr 

Mr Bobby O. Stanfield 

Mrs. Betty Roberts Stauffenberg 

Mr Raymond L. Thomas 

Ms. jean Loy Toms 

Mr M. Irven Troxler 

Mrs Rebecca Hatch Tucker 

Mr jerry W Turpin 

Mr Donald H. Underwood 

Dr Joel W. Walker 

Mr. Zachary Taylor Walker III 

Mr James R Whmenlon ' 

Rev. Edward C Wilson 

Mrs. Nancy Hudson Wilson 

Mrs Frances Kittrell Woodlief 

Mr. Robert C Worthington 

Mrs loan Lewis Wrenn 

Mr. Cordon M. Yancey 

Class of 1961 
52% Participation 

Mrs Lois Foot Albert 

Mrs. Mona Scott Atkinson 

Mrs. Deanna Braxton Avent 

Mrs, Barbara Day Bass 

Mr. Hampton Rob Bell 

Mrs Helen Sockwell Bell 

Mrs Glenda Isley Blalock 

Mr. Edwin Reddemann Boelle 

Ms Charlesana Briggs 

Mr. Herbert Alexander Brooks 

Mr Robert Aaron Burgess 

Mrs. Nancy Dortch Call 

Mr Dexter M Campbell 

Mr Ralph T Carmines 

Dr Bobby McManus Collins 

Mrs. Faye Dameley Conally 

Mr Gilmer Worth Dodson 

Mr Clyde Nelson Eanes 

Mrs. Judy Moore Edmonds 

Mrs Annie Cochran Edwards 

Mrs. Carol Adams Foster 

Mr. Mark Freeman Foster, jr 

Mr Waite Tyrone Fowler 

CPT. Charles D Gee 

Mr William Lee Graves 

Mr. Hugh Mitchell Gravitt II 

Mrs. Mary Helen Wilkins Gravitt 

Mr Edward T Green 

Mr. Charles McKinley Hall, jr. 

Mrs Lula Roberts Hammond 

Mr. Bobby Ray Harrington 

Mrs. Barbara Thomas Harris 

Mrs. Mary Briggs Haskell 

COL William B Hassell 

Mr Charles W Hawks, Jr. 

Dr Victor H. Hoffman 

Rev. Lynwood L. Hubbard 

Mrs. Faye Gordon Humphrey 

Mr Bobby S Johnston 

Mr. Rodger Karl Knapp 

Mr. John Lance Koenig 

Mrs Sara Summers Lane 

Mrs. Linda Combs Link 

Dr Alan Ray Lyerly 

Mr Anthony |. Markosky 

Mr Jack A. Martin 

Ms Chloe Dean McPherson 

Mr. Robert L. Mercer 

Dr Helen Evans Misenheimer 

Mr James D Moser. jr. 

Mrs N. Lacala Oakes 

Mrs Judith Samuels Palkovics 

Mr William J Palkovics 

Dr William Whitfield Parham 

Mr James Franklin Payne 

Mrs Esther Walker Pilzer 

Mr George C Plan 

Mr Michaux Raine III 

Mr. Melville L. Ratliff 

Mr Bob E Rice 

Mr C David Runnels, Jr. 

Mr. Douglas W. Scott 

Mr. John C. Simpson 

Mrs. Dons Haizlip Smith 

Mr. Richard Lewis Smith 

Mrs. Barbara Johnson Steele 

Mr. Charles T, Steele 

Mrs. Kathleen Miles Stevens 

Mr Jay Oliver Strickland 

Mrs. Jane Keck Sludslill 

Mrs. Catherine Pennington Thompson 

Df. Grady C. Tuck 

Mrs. Ann Joyce Vickers 

Mr. Earl W. Vickers. Jr, 

Mr. jimmy E. Ward 

Miss Linda R. Waynlck 

Mr. William Henry West, Jr. 

Miss Julia E. Woodson 

1985-86 Honor Roll of Donors 

: n 

' Mrs. Sandra Jam« Wooten 

Mf. Cecil L. Wright 
Mr Earl V. Wnghl 

Class of 1962 
41% Participation 

Mr. Reld Rom Alexander 

Mrs- Sallie Pridgen Anderton 

Mr. Cecil Ray Apple 

Mrs Loffame Fiske Bailey 

Mf Waller Haldane Bass Ml 

Mrs. Frances Trax Bennett 

Mrs. Carolyn Apple Childress 

Mr. Albert C. Chrisioffersen 

Mr Carroll S Credle. |r 

Mrs. Harriet Hammond Dalcin 

Mr. Carl L. Davenpon 

Mrs. Linda Perry Driver 

Mrs. Cayle Patterson Efird 

Mr William S. Paries 

Mr William Albert Graham, Jr. 

Mr. lames Edward Haii 

Dr C. Rex Hardy 

Mr, CliWofd B, Hardy, Jr. 

Mr, James Reynolds Hill 

Mr Webster John Hill 

Mr lames Samuel Holmes 

Rev William Ike Hughes 

Mr R. B. Jennings, |r, 

Mr. Bobby Lee Jones 

Mr lames Glenn lones 

Mr. J. Thomas Kelly 

Mr. G. Ervin King 

Mr Robert Bruce Kittenger 

Mr. John Allen Knight 

Mr William Edward Lacoste 

Mr. Donald L. Lauver 

Mr Daniel Powell Mangrum 

Mrs. Arline Dinapoli Markosky 

Mrs. Kaihy C Mason 

Mr Bobby Eugene McKinnon 

Mrs. Delia Marie Vicker; McKinnort 

Mrs. Cary Keogh Mercado 

Mr Frank Ritchie More. Jr. 

Mrs. Kay Kennedy More 

Mrs Phyllis Hopkins Mornlngstar 

Mrs. Carolyn French Moser 

Mr. John A. Munick, Jr. 

Mr Leroy R. Myers 

Ms lane Owen 

Mr. Lindsey Philip Page 

Ms lanice Cooke Patterson 

Mrs. Nancy Ellington Pattervan 

Mr. Robert Otis Payne 

Mr. Jerry Paul f^ke 

COL. Frank Kerr Purdy, |r- 

Mr. Bill Frank Ray 

Mr. Charles B. Rayburn, )r, 

Mrs Pamley DoHIemyer Rhodes 

Mrs. Mary Kennedy Ridge 

Mr Ronald E. Rupp 

Dr Thomas H Sears, Jr 

Mr George Dwight Sharpe 

Mr Richard L Shoe 

Mr. Wayne Nelson StaHord 

Mrs, Wilda Humphrey Sirigo 

Mr. John Herbert Swift 

Mrs. Shelby Gunler Thomas 

Mrs. Doris Danieley Troxler 

Mrs, (udy Wright Truitt 

Mr David Gardiner Tyler Ml 

Mrs. Dorothy Hawks UI2 

Mr Robert Edward Ulz 

Mr, Fletcher Dennis Walters 

Mrs. Leatrice Overby Wilson 

Rev. Clyde Mack Wray, Jr. 

Mr. L Dean Yates 

Class of 1963 
49% Participation 

Mr. Dewey Verne Andrew 

Mrs. Margaret Johnston Andrews 

Mr Howard Franklin Arner 

Mr. Michael Douglas Avent, Sr, 

Mr Harrell W, Baker 

Mr. William N, Bane Jr. 

Mrs. Betsy Garden Barham 

Mr. Robert L Barham 

Mr, Willis F Btlderback 

Mr^. Mary Lou Chandler Boal 

Mn. Barbara Jensen Broadbenl 

Mr Edward Royal Buckner 

Dr. James Allen Buie 

Mrs. Mary Shaw Carpenter 

Mr. Roger Starr CarTwright 

Mrs. Martha Marlo%ve Cavanagh 

Mr Thomas James Crandall 

Mrs. £- Mclver Cronin 

Mr, James C Crutchfield 

Mrs, June Evans Crutchfield 

Mr. John Dino Dalcin, Jr, 

Mr. Jerry Lee Drake 

Mr. David W, Edmondson 

Mrs Denyse Theodore Eisenhardt 

Mrs. Jane Harper Fardella 

Mr, Edward Thomas Fitzgerald 

Mr, Charles Elben Frye 

Mrs, Sharon Black Gero 

Mr. William Richard Gilliam 

Mr Clyde W Gordon, Jr 
Mrs. Loretta Benson Hall 
Dr, Amy Litten Harman 
Mrs. Phyllis ft^wcrs Hinshaw 
Mr, Henry £, Johnson 
Mrs. Janet Pugh Johnson 
Mr, Samuel Arnold Johnson 
Mr, William C. Jones. |r, 
Mrs, Kathryn Thomas Kidd 
Mr. Roger Harloe King 
Mr. John Roben Leach 
Dr Helen Rogers Legette 
Mr Michael Edmund Little 
Mr. Robert Thomas Lovell 
Mrs. Carolyn Carr Lusk 
Mr Charles Randall Maidon 
Mr, Paul Hillard May 
Mr John A, McKeon 
Mrs, Helen Baker Miller 
Mr^, Linda Correll Moser 
Mr Otto William Mueller 
Mrs. Dian Clary Munick 
Mr, Jerry Franklin Nance 
Dr H Barry Opell 
Mr, Edwin M. Patterson 
Mf, Dudley Walton Purdy, Jr. 
Mr. George John Raiser III 
Mr. Robert Edward Rogers 
Rev. Robert Bruce Saunders 
Mr. James A, Shirley 
Dr. Leonard H Simmons 
Mr. Robert Lane Stuan 
Mr. Kenneth H. Swanson 
Mr. Edward Dooley Walker 
Mf, Clyde Victor Way. Jr. 
Miss Aileen Webster 
Mr, J Alvis Webster 
Mr, Edward Franklin White, |r. 
Mrs, Rachel Adkins Younger 

Class of 1964 
42% Participation 

Mr. Ctlflon Gentry AvereUe 

Mrs, Alpha Caner Etarger 
Mr Joseph John Berdosh, Jr 
Mrs Nancy Hobart Gates 
Mr. John Joseph Cavanagh, Jr. 
Mr. Johnny Mack Clayton 
Mr. Donald Keith Dennis 
Mr John David Downs 
Mrs Sally Gershengoren 

Mr. Thomas Skian Ford 
Mrs. Elizabeth Bouldin Freeze 
Mr. Billy Slater Creeson 
Mr. K. Walter Grom 
Dr. Seymour Gerald Hall 
Mrs. Sara Foley Hans 
Mrs Rachel Youngblood Holt 
Mr David Ansel Hosmer 
Mr. William Robert Humble 
Mrs Barbara Matthews Jackson 
Mrs Johnna Davis Jackson 

Class of 1965 
42% Participation 

Mrs. Carole Copelartd Andrew 

Mr. Howard L. Ar)drew 

Mrs. Frances Poe Beasley 

Mrs. Betty Troxler Blanchard 

Mrs. Sue Rudd Boehe 

Ms. 9 rend a Dover Bolt 

Mrs. Lucia-Lee McCann Booth 

Mr, F^rcy Carl Etovender 

Mr. Thomas E. Breese 

Dr. Kenneth Robert Broda 

Mr. R.Keith Sulla 

Mr. Clarence Eugene Carter 

Dr Diana Hunter Clary 

Miss Marfiaret Kay Cole 

Or. Joseph Anthony Cote 

Mr. Cordon H. Cox 

Mr, James Edwand Dunn 

Mrs, Marcia L?n>oldl Eberly 

Mr^ Pamela Johnson Edwards 

Mrs, Florence Moore Ellenberg 

Mr W James Euliss, Jr 

Mr, Leroy Glenn Ford 

Mrs Rachel Dodson Goodman 

Mr. Richand Jurgen Gunkel 

Mr Norman Wright Haithcock 

Mr. James William Hamill 

Mr. Kenneth L. Harper 

Dr. E. Franklin Harris 

Mr. James Nimrod Harris. Jr. 

Mr. George M. Herbert 

Mr. Carlton Kent Highsmtth 

Mrs. Mary Click Highsmith 

Mr. Donald Wayne Hinton 

Mr. Grover Cleveland Hutfines 

Or. Leslie Donald Johnson 

Mr. Norman W. Joyner 

Mrs. tarte Farmer Kapela 

Mrs. Evelyr^ Bell Kent 

Mr. William Randolph Keziah 

Mrs. Bonnie Longest Kirk 

Dr. David Alfred Krueger-Andes 

Mrs. Betty Moses Lane 

Mrs. Llr>da Benson Lee 

Mrs. Judy Jones Loy 

Mr. Alan Vincent Macdonald 

Mr. William M. Mahaffey 

Mr. Bill R, Maness 

Mr, Edward Douglas Mason 

Mrs, Susan Frye McCrary 

Miss Sally Faye McDuKie 

Mrs, AlexarvJra Nagy Monger 

Mr, Carroll Wayne Monger 

Mrs, Ann Jennings Monlney 

Mr. James E. Murray. Jr, 

Mr. Paul Fetzer Nance 

Mr. John Cowan Nichols 

Mr. David W. Oakley 

Mr. Bruce D. Olson 

Mr. Donald A. Padgett 

Dr. Betsy Allen Parsley 

Mr. Clark Benny Patterson 

Dr. Andrew }. Angyal, associate professor of 
English, received the first Fulbright Senior Lec- 
tureship awarded to an Elan professor. 

Mrs. Jane Chisholm Jenkins 

Dr John Paul Jones 

Mfs Carolyn Brown Kearns 

Mrs Gail Hettel LaRose 

Mrs F^nny Fuqua Latham 

Mr. John Zebulon Lynch 

Mrs, Polly Roach McCall 

Mrs, Carolyn Wright McDuffie 

Mr, Hinson Lebby Mikell, Jr, 

Mr, Roland L Miller 

Miss Flonnie Ann Moize 

Mrs, l^ggy Dodson Moore 

Mr T, William Morningstar. Jr. 

Mrs. Jane Pattishall Nance 

Mr. Charles Royster Noblin 

Mr. Hugh B O-Hara. Jr. 

Mrs Edna Yorke Paschal 

Mr Wilben Edgar Paschal 

Mr Thomas Piccininni 

Dr Kenneth Wayne Pruin 

Mrs Jeanne Lankford Purdy 

LTC. Manly A. Ray, Jr, 

Mrs Wanda Bennen Ray 

Mrs Bonnie Leroy Rayburn 

Mr Earl C, Roberts 

Mr Harold Lance Rogers 

Mr, Charles Glenn Rosemond, 11 

Mr Philip Moyer Secrist, |r. 

Miss Lillian Sharpe 

Mrs Diane Loy Somers 

Mrs Lydia Freeze Spitler 

Mr, Gary Eugene Steele 

Dr Durward Turrentine Stokes 

Mr. Gene Raymond Stokes 

Mr Charlie H. Strigo 

Mr Francis Stanley Stump 

Dr Richard Lewis Thompson 

Mrs Rachel Brown Todd 

Mr William Carlton Wilburn 

Mr George W. Wooten 

Mr Gene Whrte Wrenn 

Mrs. Dixie Cladson Yates 

Mr, Paul M, Yeniis 

Mr. Russell A. Phipps 

Mrs. Brenda Perry Price 

Mrs, RiU Lindtey Rogers 

Mrs. Dorothy Hilliard Rohrer 

Mr. Andrew Fred Rohrs 

Mr. Jerry Clark Rowe 

Mrs. Kalherine Ellington Russell 

Mrs Gay Yule SaurKJers 

Mr. Benjamin David Schneider, Jr 

Mr. Ashby L. Shitflett, Jr, 

Mrs, Judy Keck Shoffner 

Mr Melvin L. Shreves, Jr 

Mrs, Barbara Price Siena 

Mr, J. Lowry Sinclair. Ill 

Dr. Frederick James Stephenson, Jr 

Mr. Roger H Suddith, Jr 

Mr. Jerry Beck Thompson 

Ms. Carole Boyle Thomson 

Dr James Watson, |r, 

Mr. William Ransom Whiiienion. 

Mr. William Newton Wilder 
Mr. Scott Michael Zimmerman 

Class of 1966 
50% Participation 

Mrs, Betty Houston Ammerman 

Mr. Thomas Garland Anderson 

Mrs. Sandra Carleton Andrew 

Mrs. Beverly Frye Arner 

Mrs. Elaine Thomas Auman 

Mr. Charles W. Avila 

Mrs. Stephanie Augustine Baggett 

Or. William Dee Bailey 

Mr. Rodney Oowell Barfield 

Mrs. Kaihryn Troxler Booe 

Mrs. Judith Peele Breese 

Mr. Isaac Hartford Broadaway 

Mrs. Martha Simpson Broda 

Mr Dennis Darrell Brooks 

Miss Brenda Kaaren Brown 

Mr. Judson Dwight Bryant 

Mr John Edward Burlsche 

Mr John Bradley Cahoon III 

Mr Jerry Delar>e Cameron 

Dr. Gerald Lee Gates 

Mrs, Pamela McUuchlin Clark 

Mr. Der>nis Corr Clinton 

Mr, Paul Edgar Cobb. Jr, 

Mr. Alex L. Cook 

Mrs. Mary Shaw Covington 

Mr, Scott A Crabtree 

Miss Harriet leanne Davis 

Mr. Ronald Edward Oenhart 

Mrs. Gwen Hancock Deshong 

Mr John Nicholas Devito, Jr 

Mr. David Kenneth Oewar 

Mr Wayne Luther Duggins 

Mr N Macon Edwards. Ill 

Miss Kate Fowler Foster 

Mrs. Margaret Hall Fowler 

Mr. Arthur Leon Fox, |r. 

Mrs. Becky Crutchfield Franks 

Mr. Numa Randle Franks, Jr. 

Mrs. Carole Popowski Carbowski 

Mr, James Cooper Gilliam 

Mr, John K. Gozjack 

Mrs Rebecca Webster Graves 

Mr, Cecil Ward Cwaltney, Jr 

Mr, C Ray Hall 

Mrs, Diane Hege Hall 

Mr Thomas Stanley Harrell 

Mr, C Dale Harriman 

Mr, William Rex Harrison. Jr 

Ms Nell Marie Harviel 

Mrs, Sandra Maikins Hensley 

Mr, Foyle Hightower, Jr. 

Mr Ronald Charlton Hodkinson 

Mrs, Patricia Garden Hollan 

Mr, Milburn Jerome Jackson. Jr. 

Mr, Edward Bo' Lee Johnson 

Mr Thomas Phillip Johnson. Jr 

Mr. G, Tim Kempson 

Mrs. Martha Tedder King 

Mr. Philip Sheldon Ladd 

Mr. Robert Edgar URose 

Mr. James HoK lasley 

Mr. Berwyn Lance Lawrence 

Mrs. Leanna Sellers Lawrence 

Mr. David Palmer Layton. Sr 

Mr. David R Lent 

Mr Edward G Mast 

Mrs. Helen Claxton McCotter 

Mr. R Tyrone McDuffie 

Mrs. Maria Barnhart Mears 

Mrs. Linda Paschall Miller 

Mr. Renick Victor Miller 

Mr. Ralph C Mizelle. Jr. 

Mr. Richard Arlen Murray 

Mrs. Ann Pennington Olson 

Mr, Philip Carl Pagliarulo 

Mr. Robert George Pease 

Miss Jane Marie Pointer 

Mr. David Bnjce Potter 

Rev, W Don Richardson 

Mr, Arnold F Robertson 

Mr, Ronald E. Robertson 

Mrs. Laura Rice Robinson 

Mr. Melville Tyrone Rowell 

Mrs. Mary Coolidge Ruth 

Mr William James Ruth 

Mr. Charles H, Chip' Saunders 

Mr John Howard Sellers 

Mr, Owen Nelson Shields 

Mr. Stephen Michael Sink 

Mr, Alton Skinner, III 

Mrs, Elizabeth Payne Smith 

Mrs, Mary Andrews St. Clair 

Mrs. Linda Browning Steele 

Mrs. Sharon Smith Stephenson 

Miss Carolyn L. Tillolson 

Mrs, Judith Hillers Vaughan 

Mr, George L. Walters, Jr 

Mrs. Nancy Turner Watson 

Mr George Samuel Weber. Jr. 

Mr Edward Howell West 

Mr. Harold Edward Williams, |r 

Mr. William Armistead Williams. Jr. 

Mrs. Karen Fisk Wissmann 

Mrs. Jessie Kernodle Wood 

Mr. J. Kenneth Woodruff 

Class of 1967 
50% Participation 

Dr. Michael Jay Aaronson 
Mrs Gail Campbell Allcock 
Mr, Reginald Reade Allen 
Mr. H. Douglas Apple. Jr. 
Mr Charles Leslie Askew. Jr. 
Mrs Anne Stegall Atwater 
Mrs Judy Smith Atwater 
Mr Albert C. Baer, Jr 
Dr Charles Robert Bagnell 
Mrs. Sue James Bagnell 
Rev. Richard Frost Becker 
Mrs, Patricia Dorst Bowden 
Mrs. Linda McPherson Bowland 
Mrs. Emmaltne Newman Bowles 
Mr. Deuel Monroe Busick. Jr. 
Mr Fred Degrotte Busick 
Mr. Lonnie Mack Garden 
Mr. David Andrew Chapman 
Mr. Peter M. Coghill 

Or George W Colclough 

Mr Thomas Grady Conally 

Mrs. Molly Wilkins Cooper 

Mr. Brodie C Covington 

Mr. L Kent Grim 

Mr. James Benton Dailey 

Mrs. lane Benton Dailey 

Rev William Franklin Dalke. Ill 

Mr. David Ray Dean 

Miss Joyce Kay Drake 

Mr Drexel Gray Durham 

Mr. Douglas Joseph Dwyer 

Ms. Hilda Cornelia Eason 

Mr Joseph Morton Edwards, Jr. 

Mrs Virginia Meacham Fogleman 

Mr Oscar B Fowler, Jr. 

Mrs Carolyn Robertson Franks 

Mr Richard Lee Franks 

Mr, lerry Wayne Garrison 

Mr Linwood Alvin Garrison 

Mr. Thomas C. Gifford 

Mrs. Willa Campbell Gold 

Mr. John Michael Greeson 

Mrs Martha Matthews Crimson 

Dr. Oliver Grant Halle 

Mrs. Myra Boone Harris 

Mr Charles Donald Hontycutt 

Mrs Aileen Parker Hopkins 

Mrs. Martha Huffines Howard 

Mr Garth Wallace Hutson 

Ms, Sandra Bergman Inman 

Mr Kenneth O, lones 

Mrs. Mary Ann Barnes Kimball 

Mrs Dolly Walker King 

Mr lames Donald King 

Mr Lawrence Peter Kleeberg 

Mr Gregory Lawson Knott 

Mr Gregg Carleton Lee 

Ms Margaret Anne Leister 

Mr John Stewart Little 

Mr. Jonathan Lucas 

Mrs, Nadine Longest Lucas* 

Mrs Elaine Phelps Marinucci 

Mr C, V May. Jr, 

Mr Bruce Frazier McCotter 

Mr Andrew Patterson McPherson 

Mrs Sara Miller Mitchell 

Mr Larry Edwards Mixon 

Mr. John Vernon Moon 

Mr J, David Morgan 

Mrs, lanie Carr Morris 

Mr, Clyde Johnson OFerrell. Jr, 

Mr. William James Onufrak 

Mrs. Lila Walker Patterson 

Mrs Linda Hardie Perdue 

Dr Samuel Murray Rankin. Ill 

Mr. John Phillip Ray 

Mrs Carol AdoHson Rittle 

Mr William Herman Rodgers 

Mrs Oanese Pierce Rudd 

Mr, Homer L, Ruff 

Mr John Robert Saddler 

Mrs. Lana Bonae Euliss Scholl 

Mr Bill Scott 

Mrs, Linda May Shields 

Mr Graeme Hunter Shull 

Mrs. Ronda Cecil Smith 

Mr Roy Daniel Sonovick 

Mr Thomas Elvin St Clair 

Dr William Fremont Stiles 

Mr James Matthew Sunenfield. Jr. 

Mrs, Cathy Sumner Tarlton 

Mr Cunis L Tetley, Jr 

Mrs Ins Whitesell Trent 

Mr Samuel Parker Troy 

Mr Donald L Weed 

Mrs Jane Holler Williamson 

Dr Roger Enoch Wood 

Class of 1968 
48% Participation 

Mr. Wright Lafate Anderson 
Mrs, Delna Lineberry Antaki 
Mr James Leroy Baker. Jr, 
Mrs Judy Gaines Batchelder 
Mrs, Yvonne Crandiean Bond 
Mrs, Jo Linens Brantley 
Mrs, Sharon Cable Brignon 
Mr William Kenneth Brinkhous 
Mrs. Carol Lupinacci Brown 
Mr, Donald Montsaul Brown 
Mr, Melvin Hudson Burke, Jr, 
Mrs, Gail Wachter Gamp 
Mr, Roy Calvin Campbell 
Mr. Thomas Graham Campion 
Mrs. Jane Aaron Carmichael 
Mr A. Howard Caudle 
Mr. Howard Gordon Caviness 
Mrs, Beverly Anderson Clement 
Mrs Joyce Sockwell Glemmer 
Mr. Edward Lee Cockman 
Mr Bob Ray Gollie 
Ms, Naomi Moore Cook 
Mr Gregory Lawrence Craig 
Mrs, Betsy Patterson Crisp 
Mr Dwight John Davis 
Mrs, Lyda Hollingsworth Davis 
Mr Carl King Dowdey, Jr, 
Mrs. Susan Clark Drew 
Mr. Moncure Duncan 
Mr Edgar Lee Dunn, Jr. 
Ms. Linda Eileen Durham 
Mrs. Sharon Branch Dwyer 
Mr. Preslon L. Fowler III 

Page 12 1985-86 Honor Roll of Donors 

Mr William David Frank 

Mn Donna Sotlon Frazier 

Mf5 (ane FrosI- Anderson 

Mf Eddie Wayne Ceffinger 

Mrs Flora Hovis Gibson 

Mn Carol Reynolds Glennon 

Mr, Thomas Byron Cold, III 

Mr Walter Lyerly Cose 

Mrs Patricia McCausland Crzetic 

Mr Robert W Halsted 

Mr C. Keith Handy 

Mr Robert Bernard Hege, Jr 

Dr William N P. Herben 

Mr Dempsey Burdon Herring 

Mr, tecfv Michael Hicks 

Mr T lerry Hogge 

Mrs Ellen McPherson Huffines 

Mr Anthony Carter Hurt 

Mr. lerry Davis lackson 

Mr, David Jeffrey Johnson 

Mr Gary Robert (ones 

Mrs Linda Car lordan 

Mr. Gary Wayne Karriker 

Mrs Joan McKeown Kimel 

Mrs. Charlotte Harper Uylon 

Mrs Diana Lewis Lee 

Mr loe Glenn Lee 

Mrs. Linda Miller Love 

Mrs Margie Wood Love 

Mr. H. Lee Lovette 

Mr. William Edward Lyons 

Mr Larry Glenn Mabe 

Mr lames G Marshall 

Mr lames C. McClure, |r 

Prot Marcia McCredie 

Mrs. leannene Boland McChee 

Mr, Coke C. McLamb 

Mrs. Holt Brown McLean 

Mr Carey Gregory Mens 

Mrs, Elizabeth Dearborn Miller 

Mr loseph Richard Moon, Jr 

Mrs Barbara Ippolilo Morrison 

Mr. Donald Luus Morrison 

Mrs Cecilia Cobo Neal 

Mr K David N>choIs, Jr. 

Mr Alen W Oliver, IV 

Mr C, Edward Osborne 

Mrs Patricia Demeler Overmyer 

Mr Thomas Howie Payne 

Mr, Peter James Pelanis 

Mr James Frederick Pike 

Mrs Margaret Bell Poe 

Mrs Martha Johnson Ragan 

Mrs Jane Mclver Robertson 

Mrs. Lyn Sturkey Seymour 

Mr R Wayne Seymour 

Mr. Larry Kent Small 

Mr D Wayne Smart 

Mrs, Melinda Ayscue Smith 

Mr, Charles David Speight 

Mr, Clarence M. Spencer 

Mr, Frank Ivan Steele 

Rev Dolan Alexander Talbert 

Mr lames Edward Teer 

Mr Lawrence R Toburen. Jr 

Mrs. Lorine Fitch Totten 

Mrs, Mary Perkins Troxler 

Mr Ronald Earl Tugwell, Jr 

Mr Charles A, Vanlear III 

Mrs Eleanor Zezzo Voighl 

Mrs Barbara A Walter 

Mrs Kay McCauley Ward 

Mr, Thomas Ray Ward 

Mr, John Hugh Whitlatch. Jr. 

Mr Michael Lewis Wilburn 

Mr Donald Earl Williams 

Mr Donald Crey Wood 

Mr Michael Calloway Wood, Sr 

Mr. Lester C, Younts, Jr, 

Class of 1969 
42% Participation 

Mr, Paul Harry Amundsen 

Mr Gale Darrell Anderson 

Mrs Jeanette Amick Armour 

Mr. William Rawls Austin 

Mr, John Charles Autry 

Mrs Dorothy Hams Bailey 

Mr Sheldon John Baichelder 

Mr, William Albert Billings 

Mrs, Treva Wagoner Bookoul 

Mr. William Ambrose Bowes, Jr, 

Mr. Thomas Elliotte Bryant 

Mr Chester Walton Burgess, 111 

Mr, Thomas Watkins Burke, Sr. 

Mrs Mary Leslie lames Butler 

MAJ, Joseph Anthony Bynus, Jr, 

Mrs, Martha Kellam Caddell 

Rev. Stephen Washington Caddell 

Mrs. Rebecca Cobbel Cagle 

Mr W Lester Campbell 

Mrs Karen Reider Carden 

Mr. Donald Stranon Carroll, Jr. 

Ms Kaihryn Copeland 

Mrs Marilyn Farley Cowles 

Mr James Wesley Daniel 

Mrs Junie Sparks Davis 

Mrs Rebecca Whitaker Davis 

Mr, Thomas Rufus Davis. Jr 

Mrs. Kaye Dunaway Dowdey 

Mr David Lee Dunn 

Mr. Larry Edward Durham 

Mrs Marie Campbell Edwards 

Mr J Wesley Cilham 

Mr. Donald Zell Goldberg 

Mr Isaac Bates Grainger 111 

Mr James Martin Habel III 
Mr Michael Wayne Hailey 
Mrs Mary Shaw Ham 
Mr Currie Clay Handy 
Mrs Penny Gilliam Hardie 
Mr Wallace Edward Hardwick, Jr 
Mrs Barbara Hudson Harrell 
Mr Dale Allen Harrison 
Mr H. William Hartley 
Mr Charles C Holland 
Mr. Frederick Martin Hoy 
Mrs. Julia Treece Hudson 
Mr. George Williams Hughes 
Mr. Franklin Ray Ingle 
Mr. Rodney Bennett ingle 
Mrs. Jane Taylor Jarvis 
Mrs, Hollace Raad JeHery 
Mr Alfred Grove Johnson 
Mr. Edward Lee Johnson. II 
LT Martha Sue Johnson 
Mr Gary Lewis Jordan 
Mrs Susan Heatwole Karp 
Mrs. Lydia Farrell Karstaedt 
Mr. Robert Ronald Klingel 
Mr Dennis George Kopik 
Mrs. Bonnie Perrell Landreth 
Dr Dace Allison Lewis, |r. 
Dr. lames Horn Lightbourne III 
Miss A, Carolyn Little 
Mrs, Lynda Lewis Little 
Mrs Vivian Greene Marshall 
Mr George Edgar Martin. Jr. 
Mr Peter Newman Martin 
Mrs Rebecca Brewer Matthews 
.Mr, Edwin Ross McCrath, Jr, 
Mr, Thomas Irvin McLean 
Mr, Jerry Edward Midkiff 
Or William Henry Miele 
Mr. C Douglas Mills, Jr, 
Mr. W.llard Lee Mills, Jr, 
Mr Robert John Monacetii 
Mr. Samuel Calhoun Moon 
CDR Richarel Earl ONeal 
Mr, John Edward Papa 
Mrs Kay Thomas Papa 
Mr Wayland Thomas Pond 
Mr, Carl Everette Poole. Jr. 
Mrs. Janice Moore Ray 
Mr Harold Dwight Rayfield 
Mr Wayne Keith Ricks 
Mr. Hugh Odell Rollins. |r. 
Mrs Judith Stevens Roper 
Mr Ben Isom Saunders 
Mr. Eddie Wayne Scott 
Mr Kenneth P Scott, Jr 
Mrs, F^nelope Ann Muse Shackelford 
Mr. Larry Wayne Sharpe 
Mr, Barton Carr Shaw 
Mr. Kenneth Lane Shaw 
Mrs Barbara Keppler Smith 
Mrs Laura Morgan Smith 
Mr Stephen Emerson Smith 
Mr Alvm Waher Smuzynski, |r 
Mrs, Linda Smith Sonovick 
Mrs. Elizabeth Sanders Speight 
Mr Charles CliHord Springs 
Mr H Ben Steverson 
Mr Samuel W L. Story, Jr. 
Mr Robert Franklin Sutherland 
Mr Archie Dee Taylor 
Ms. Dale Bowland Thompson 
Miss Phyllis Ann Tilley 
Mrs. Sue Iseley Tipton 
Mr William Bailey Vogel 
Mrs. Cerrelene McDowell Walker 
Mr. Barry William Ward 
Mr Russell Carter Watlington 
Mr Donald lay Waugh 
Dr Jerry Edward Webb 
Mr. Coley Keith Webster 
Mr. John T Welch. |r 
Mr, George Morris Wells 
Mr OIlie James West, Jr. 
Mrs Kathryn Cobb White 
Mrs Janice Matkins Whitlatch 
Mr Dan Gordon Williamson 
Mrs Carolyn KauHman Winslow 
Mrs. Terry Lute Wright 
Mrs Pamela Jean McAdoo Young 

Class of 1970 
46% Participation 

Mrs, Judy Brooks Allred 

Mrs. Panie Burns Amundsen 

Mrs Barbara Bohannon Bayliff 

Mr. C. Conway Bayliff, Jr, 

Mr, Stephen Ralph Bird 

Mr, Roy Ingram Boyd, Jr, 

Mr, Richard Savage Brittingham 

Mrs, Susan Ellis Brown 

Miss Frances Elizabeth Browne 

Mrs. Ret>ecca Bucher Burgess 

Mr. Charles Timothy Butler 

Mrs. Susan Brown Cannon 

Mr. J Randolph Carpenter 

Mr. William Alexander Carrington, Jr 

Mr. William Francis Clark, Jr. 

Mr. Kenneth Kipling Cook 

Rev. John Raymond Corbiere 

Mrs Resa Robinson Daniel 

Mr, Arthur Morriss Davis, 111 

Mr. Gary Steven Dean 

Mr. Richard Arthur Delowrey 

Mr, W. David Diamond 

Mr. William N, Dickinson. Jr. 

Mrs, Linda Dukovich Dixon 

Mr Bruce Lynn Eadie 

Mrs. Nancy Lcndeman Eadie 

Mr Wallace Edwin Edwards 

Mr, James Howard Ellington 

Mr David Hatch Farrior, Jr, 

Mrs. Sue Hurdle Faucette 

Mr. lohn Menig Fisher. Jr, 

Mr Peter Fleming, Jr. 

Mrs. Caylene Boswell Fogleman 

Mrs. Victoria Riley Frierson 

Mr. Stephen H, Garner 

Mr, Clarence Willie Gee, Jr. 

Mrs Donna Lashley Cerringer 

Mrs Jean Perry Giriman 

Mrs Carol Nielsen Cogola 

Mr. Joseph G Goldberg 

Mrs Carolyn Freeman Goodwin 

Mrs Dana Perkins Graves 

Mrs, Oianne Cucker Greene 

Mrs, Janice Graham Hall 

Mr. Francis Joseph Hammond, Jr. 

Rev. Glenn Hancock 

Mr. Gary Paul Hemphill 

Mrs. Amy Thomas Hendrickson 

Mr Sidney Fitch Hensley 

Mrs Anne Smith Herlocker 

Rev. E, Dwayne Hinshaw 

Mr John Richard Huber 

Mrs, Linda Kandounas Humphries 

Mr Anthony Charles Hunt 

Dr Lou Dianne Hurley 

Mr David Bristol lackson 

Mr Stephen Arnold lames 

Mr, John Steven Jeffries 

Mr Darryl Charles lennus 

Mr. Robert Lee Johnson 

Mr, Robert Q' Jones, Jr. 

Mr. Neill Lawrence Key 

Mrs. Mary Ann McCrary Kirk 

Mrs. Deborah Shoffner LeClear 

Mrs, Janet Hooper Lee 

Miss Linda Anne Lester 

Mrs. Ann Woodahl Long 

Mr. Stephen Clark Long 

Mr. Kim JefforeJ Luffberry 

Mr. Beverly Leigh Lutz 

Mr. Michael J, Magruder 

Mr, Noble C, Marshall. |r, 

Mr, Charles David Mercer 

Mr, Charles Trimble Miller 

Mr Clark Moore Newlin 

Mrs, Wanda Wood Newlin 

Mr Stephen Charles Nicolay 

Mr5, Maryann Swanout O'Brien 

Maj, Warren Ronald O'Brien 

Miss Sally Ann O'Neill 

Mr, Jerry Key Oldham 

Mrs, Nita Compher Onufrak 
Dr, William Dewey Owen. |r, 

Mrs. June Evans Owens 
Mrs. Gail Fonville Parker 
Mrs Diane Clendennen Payne 
Mr. Jerry Lee Payne 
Mrs. Bernice Page Phillips 
Mrs. loy Michael Pickard 
Mrs. Kathryn Stout Pike- 
Mrs. Mary Allen Pittard 
Mr R Christopher Pittard. Jr, 
Ms. Martha Alice Pope 
Mr, James Eugene Ramsey 
Mrs Prudence Fels Ramsey 
Mr. William E. Rankin 
Mrs Geraldine Walker Rayfield 
Mr Deen Trader Reed 
Mrs, Theresa Bresnahan Reveley 
Mr, W. SanlonJ Reveley 
Mrs. Ursula Anulis Rhoads 
Mr, Franklin Whitaker Ricks 
Mr Stephen Bruce Roberts 
Mrs, Adrienne Moen Rogers 
Mr, Ronald Neal Rone 
Mr. Lawrence Edward Sage 
Mr, R Gregory Sanders 
Mrs Ruth Woody Sanders 
Mrs Cleo Perdue Short 
Mr, Thomas Edward Short, |r, 
Mrs. Karen White Small 
Mr R Wayne Smith 
Ms. Bonnie Lane Smuzynski 
Mr. Randall S, Spencer 
Mrs Carol Wilson Stearns 
Mrs. Saundra Ford Steverson 
Mr. William Thomas Stokes, IV 
Mrs. Glenda Stonbraker Stovail 
Mr. Raymond John Sulecki 
Mrs. Linda Flynn Sykes 
Mr. Donald Lee Tarkenton 
Mrs. Margaret Johnson Tarkenton 
Mr, D Keith Teague 
Mr. George Tudor Thornhill. Ill 
Mrs. Norma Lee Smith Tompkins 
Mrs. Sallie Ward Vanlear 
Mrs. Elise Coley Vernon 
Rev Eddie Arnold Walker 
Mrs. Deborah Peoples Wheat 
Mrs. Belva Shaw White 
Mr. Wade Williamson, Jr. 
Mr. Michael Oixon Wilson 
Mrs Janet Martin Winslead 
Mr, William Clement Winstead, Jr. 
Mr. Jerry Thomas Woodlief 
Mr. Charles Alexander Woody 
Mr, Richard Charles Youmans 
Mr James Marvin Young 
Mr. Alvin John Zink, III 
Mr. James Gregory Zumwall 

Class of 1971 
41% Participation 

Mrs. Susan Aberneihy Andrews 

Mr. Raymond Earl Bailey 

Mr Thomas Randall Balderson 

Mr. Peter Anthony Baselici 

Dr Shelby Dill Bennett 

Mr Todd Conover Bridgford 

Mr, Robert Laurence Bridwell 

Mrs. Lori Showfety Brix 

Mr James Lyall Brown, Jr. 

Mr William Carey Bunch, Jr, 

Mrs lanice Deal Burgess 

Mr George David Cannon 

Mr C Dean Carelock 

Dr John Marshall Carter 

Mrs. Cynthia Carruth Coker 

Mr lohn Claude Cole 

Mr, Donald Lee Curry 

Mrs, Lynne M. Schwartz Davis 

Mr. Rex Alan Davis 

Mrs Jane Hobbs Dean 

Mrs, Susannah Lansing Oenardi 

Mrs. Karen Jensen Dickinson 

Mrs Linda O'Briani Dodson 

Mr, D. Wade Doggett 

Mrs. Joann Lockwood Doyle 

Mrs. Linda Rogers Durham 

Mr. William Gannaway Estes 

Mrs. Brenda Forbis Fliniom 

Mr Charles Robert Flintom 

Mrs. Lynne Cunningham Freve 

Mrs. Dianne Simpson Gerlach 

Miss Anna Louise Cerow 

Mr, Robert Morris Godfrey 

Mr David Lewis Goodman 

Mrs. lanice Horner Hailey 

Mrs. Trecia Ketcham Hamlin 

Miss Mary Anne Hampton 

Mr. leffrey Louis Hansis 

Mrs Marilyn Crawford Hargrave 

Mr Willie Eugene Hargrave 

Mr, Steven Brooks Harper 

Mr Thomas Jeffrey Hedrick 

Mr. James Alvah Hendrickson 

Mrs Carolyn Cameron Herndon 

Mrs, Jo Ann Misslbeck Higgs 

Mr Stephen West Holden, III 

Mrs Rita Harrelson Holt 

Mrs, Linda Cartledge Horney 

Mrs, Linda Peele Hunley 

Mr, Stephen Lee Hutcherson 

Mrs, Linda Murray Ingold 

Mr. Tony Avant Ingold 

Mr Kenneth Lindsey Jarvis, |r. 

Mr. Paul Larry Johnson 

Mr. Willard Lee Johnson. Jr. 

Miss Anne Byrd Jones 

Mrs. Catherine lohnson Jones 

Mrs. Jackie Watson Jones 

Mrs. Glenda Condon Kale 

Mr Robert Lee Kent, Jr 

Mrs. Sandra Brewer Lampros 

Mrs. Karen Paulos Lane 

Mr. Robert Raymond Lane 

Mrs. Marilyn Turner Lang 

Mr William Thomas Lawrence 

Mr. lerry Wayne Lawson 

Mrs. Jan Davis Lewis 

Mr Waller Percy Lineberry, Jr. 

Mr Harmon Lee Loy. Jr 

Mr Frank Randolph Lyon, III 

Mr Charles R, Macintyre, Jr 

Mrs Ruby Nar>ce Maness 

Mrs, Kay Bottoms Marshall 

Mr Lloyd Douglas McDaniel 

Mrs Maureen Hagel McDaniel 

Mrs, Dorothy Farrell Meixel 

Mr. J Rodney Miller 

Mrs. Eslela Bernstein Millicovsky 

Mr Gary Wayne Morton 

Mr Latimer Briggs Neal. Ill 

Mr Kenneth R. Nunn 

Mr. Michael E. Overton 

Mr Ernest Carl Padden 

Mr, lack Leon Perry 

Mr Robert E L, Peterson, Jr. 

Miss Ruth Ann Phillips 

Mrs Deborah Bunting Pingley 

Mr. Robert Franklin Pingley 

Mrs. Linda Riggs Price 

Mr. Larry Charles Raines 

Mr. C, Keith Rawls 

Mr. Linwood Lee Register, |r 

Miss Susan Lynn Reider 

Mr. Jerry Richardson 

Mr, John Raymond Riley, |r, 

Mrs, Patricia Jones Riley 

Mr. William Fowler Robey, Jr. 

Mr. Danny Crawford Rose 

Mrs, Robbyn Lyons Sealy 

Dr, Billy Fenton Seate 

Mr. Curtis Gilbert Shaw. Jr, 

Mrs, Annie Kidd Siler 

Mr Donald Ray Simpson 

Mr, Harold Lee Smith 

Mr Phillip Allen Smith 

Mr, Richard Blaine Smith 

Mr. Walter Harrelson Smith, Jr. 

Mr. Robert Floyd Snyder 

Mr Robert Watson Stevens 

Mr Charles £nc Strickland, III 

Mrs. Alta Dehart Sutherland 

Mr C, Robert Tharton. Jr 

Mr, J. Paul Thomas 

Mr. Randall £ Thompson 

Dr Gary Wayne Thrift 

Mr. David ludson Towe 

Mrs. Donna Kerkow Towe 

Mr Larry Warner Utz 

Mr. G. Bryan Wall 

Mr. William Wallace. Jr. 

Mr, John Barbee Walton 

Mr Michael Anthony Warren 

Mr, Danny Eugene Watson 

Mr R. Wayne Weston 

Mr Richard Alan While. Jr, 

Mr W Todd White 

Mr, William R, D, Williams 

Mr. Gary T. Winternheimer 

Mr. H. Glenn Winters 

Class of 1972 
41% Participation 

Mr. Charlie J. Abney 

Mr. Jasper Newton Albright 

Mr, James Drew Alexander 

Mr, Robert Hamilton Ashwell 

Mrs, Alva Sanders Ayers 

Mrs, Stephanie Phifer Balderson 

Mr, Charles Lee Ball. Ml 

Mr, loseph Don Barrett • 

Mrs. Sarah Draper Baselici 

Mrs. Elizabeth Skipsey Basmght 

Mr. Richard Allen Beck 

Mr, Charles Frederick Bell 

Mr. William Earl Bond, |r. 

Mr, Michael Vernon Booth 

Mr Robert Wayne Bowery 

Mr, Phillip Norris Brewer 

Mr David Perry Bullard 

Miss Dawn Kaye Bunting 

Mr, Rhelt Eugene Catoe 

Mr Robert Morton Chambers 

Mr John Braxton Clark 

Mr lames L£on Correll, Jr 

Mrs Date Price Crim 

Mr. Louis De Cazenove 

Mr. Charles Harrison Davis 
Mrs, Gail Werner Oavis 
Mr, R, Kent Oavis 
Mr. Louis Donald Demon 
Mr, Alan Douglas Derosa 
Rev. John Charles Dollar 
Mr C David Dunker 
Mr James Reginald Dunn 
Mr. William Ronald Eason 
Mr Elmer Howard Edmonds. Jr. 
Mrs, Margaret Graves Edwards 
Mr, Rudolph M, Elicic 
Mrs. Susan Pell Ellington 
Mr. Douglas Allen Evans 
Mr. Dennis Osborne Everett 
Mr. Thomas Alfred Freeland 
Mr, Joseph Allen Freve 
Mr, Terry Blaine Caddy 
Mr. John Hayes Ceanes 
Mrs, Diane Overby Gentry 
Mrs Sharon Helsabeck Gentry 
Mr H Allen Gibbs 
Dr, Kerry lay Gilliland 
Mr John Thomas Goodgame 
Mrs Quintina Harrington 

Mrs, Julia Smith Gordon 
Mrs, Beth Nalley Crubb 
Mr. Michael Howard Haire 
Mr. Donald Keith Hall 
Ms, Anna Katherine Harper 
Mr. Daniel Lee Hedgpeth 
Mr Edmund Ferns Hickey. Ill 
Mrs, Donna Hill Hinnant 
Mrs. Deborah Russell Hogge 
Mrs, Cheryl Thompson Holt 
Mr, Robert Allen Huffines 
Mr Clyde Harding Hutchins, Jr, 
Mr, Floyd Lee Ingold, Jr. 
Mrs. Laune Danbom Inman 
Mrs, Beth Bnnckerhoff Johnson 
Mrs Cayle Rogers Kent 
Mr Norman Richard Lacerte 
Mr, James Marvin Ungston, III 
Mr, Ralph Husum Lassen. Jr. 
Mrs. Joan Deboe Laws 
Mrs. Joan M. Lee 
Mr. Wayne Elliott Lenhart 
Mr. Thomas Lee Lively 
Mr, Stephen Harold Locke 
Mr. Walker Eve Love, III 
Mn. Valleen Moore Maness 
Mr. David Lee Marshall 
Mrs. Sarah Haynes Marshall 
Mrs, Joanne Oliver Mathis 
Mr, Rick Calvin Matkins 
Mrs. Cean Isaacs McBane 
Mr, John Dean McBrayer 
Mr, Maxton Curtis McDowell 
Mr. Michael Lee Merritt 
Mr, John N, Michelotti 
Mrs, Cynthia Lutz Miller 
Mr, Gale F Miller 
Mrs, Sandra Stauffer Mills 
Mr Gary Howard Moon 
Mr, David Rogers Moore 
Mr, Stephen Frank Neofotis. II 
Mr Buster Brown Nicks 
Mrs Kris Kozakewich Novelli 
Mrs, Debra Aydelette Pace 

I985-«6 Honor Roll of Donors Page 13 

Mr. Howard Tale Patton, |r 
Mr Henry Fells Pittman 
Mr Eugene Sherrell Pointer 
Mr |am« Andrew Poole 

Mrs. Katherine Patrick Poole 

Mr York Dudley Poole, III 

Mf William Robert Reed 

Mr. Thomas Mayes Remberl, III 

Mr Charles Edwin Richardson. Jr. 

Mrs. Pamela Layton Richardson 

Mr Stephen Conrad Ridings 

Mr. Donald McConnell Ross, jr. 

Mr. Hyman Sater 

Mr. Michael Waller Schick 

Mrs. Mary Faye Latham Scott 

Mr^ Leslie Young Sell 

Mrs Robin Fit2hugh Shaw 

Mrs. Yvonne Tharp Shertzer 

Mrs. Claryce Higgins Sinclair 

Mrs. Celeste Brady Smith 

Mrs. Lucinda Holloway Smith 

Mr. William Clifton Smith, |r 

Mr. loseph Spigel 

Mr. Carl Wallace Spragins 

Mrs, Hartleigh Nelson Stoneman 

Mrs Lynda Dickenman Stout 

Mr. lohn David Sullivan 

Mr. (ohn Howard Swam 

Mrs. iudilh Blackwell Swanson 

Mrs Susan Bayer Szczypinski 

Mrs. Bobbie Thompson Teague 

Mrs. Ann Euliss Teer 

Mr, David Edmund Tew 

Mrs. Chris Jewell Thompson 

Mr. Richard Curtis Turner 

Mrs. Kathryn Lawson Utz 

Mr Alex S. Vardavas, Jr. 

Mr Keith Monroe Wagner 

Mf. Christopher Allen Walsh 

Mr Bruce K. Washburn 

Mr Thomas Earl Watlmgton, jr 

Mr, lames Lee Whitaker 

Mr Ion Frederick White, II 

Mrs. Virginia Shipman Wilburn 

Mr Alan Wilkinson 

Mr. Stephen Michael Yost 

Mr^. (anice Landolina Zink 

Class of 1973 
42% Participation 

Mrs. Pamela Berry Aldridge 
Mr S. Parks Alexander. HI 

Miss Deborah Lynn Andrews 

Mrs Clenda Barbour Bailey 

Mr. Barry Linville Baker 

Mr. Joseph Worth Barbee, !r. 

Mr- lames Edward Beckett 

Mrs Brenda Sykes Beeson 

Mr. Fred Edward Beeson 

Mrs. Nancy Lee Berube 

Dr. David Charles Best 

Mr. Sidney Atan Biesecker 

Mr. Tommy Allen Blake 

Mr Craig Michael Bonebrake 

Mr. Gary Andrew Brown 

Mr. Thomas Perry Bullard, II 

Mr, David Dor>ald Burke 

Mr, Freddie Wayne Burnett 

Mr, Thomas Francis Carroll, 111 

Mrs, Bennie Baieman Caloe 

Mr William Randolph Caviness 

Mrs. Gail Starnes Clark 

Mr Edward Eugene Coleman, |r, 

Mr. Thomas CliHon Coleman, III 

Mr, lames Calvin Compher, |r, 

Mr, Charles Edward Connelly |r. 

Mr, Roy Wesley Cook 

Miss Susan Emma Corbitt 

Mr. L, Edward Covington, |r. 

Mr. lohn Lee Crosby 

Mr. I. Perry Crouch 

Mr, William Harry Crouse 

M( Car«)n Ira Dabbs 

Mrs. L Suzanne Helsley Del Pozzo 

Mr. lames Steele Denton 

Ms. Catherine Ellen Dewees 

Mr. Edward Marvin Dillabough 

Mr, Robert Russell Dixon, Jr 

Mr, Thomas Young Dotson 

Mr Steven Howard Doocette 

Mr. Benjamin Douglas Edwards. |r, 

Mr. Kenneth F Ellington. Ill 

Mr. Dale Grenn Esber 

Mrs, Patricia Russell Evans 

Mr, Greg Thomas Fowler 

Mr. Timothy Martin Fowler 

Mrs Bobbie Ivey Franklin 

Mrs. Lyon Miller Fraune 

Mrs. Wynell M Gaylord 

Mr. William Talmage Gentry 

Mrs. Carol Miller Gill 

Miss Ellen Weems Colbranson 

Mr. W. Reece Gordon. |r. 

Mrs. Shirley Burdell Hammock 

Mr. G, Bryant Harrell 

Mr Bascom Kyle Harrison, |r. 

Mrs Mary Ann Moore Hensley 

Mrs, Laura Tegge Higgs 

Mr. Robert J Higgs 

Mr Franklin |ohn Hightower 

Mrs, Martha Shearon Hirschi 

Mrs Janice McElveen Holmes 

Mr. Richard Horton Holt 

Mr. Daniel Albert Hoopes 

Mrs. Sheila Walker Hovis 
Mrs, Pamela Evans Idol 
Mr. Donald McCauley James 
Mr. Fred Woodley larman, Jr, 
Mrs. Carolyn Deluca lohnson 
Mr^, Linda Butler lohnston 
Mr. Hamilton Hartman lones 
Mrs, Teresa Ranney lones 
Mr Wayne Cornell Kanoy 
Mr. George loseph Kilroy 
Mr, Archie Samuel King 
Mrs. Margaret Ford Krisa 
Mr. Dominic Frank Lagana, |r, 
Mrs, Patrice Braxton Lamar 
Mr, Robert Kno« Lamar 
Mr. Larry Steven LanWord 
Mr. |im Wayne Lasaier 
Miss Carol Ann Leone 
Mr, William jetfrey Manlz 
Mr, S. Dudley Mattmgly 
Mr. Edwin Glenn Mayhew 
Mr. Larry Bauman McCauley. |r. 
Mr, lohn Edwin McCloud, |r. 
Mrs, Virginia Church McCreedy 
Mr. W Steven McCreedy 
Mr. Gary Wayne Meise 
Mrs. Kay Holeman Melvin 
Mr, loseph Cray Mize, (r. 
Mr, Roy Lester Montague 
Rev, Donald Lynn Moody 
Miss Marianne Moore 
Mr Robert Pittman Moore 
Ms. Kathryn Sireeler Morgan 
Mr. lames Willie Morris, III 
Mr, C Warren Mountcastle, |r, 
Mr, Frank Bradford Myers, |r, 
Mr. G. Kevin Noll 
Mrs. |udy Ayeis Nunnenkamp 
Mrs, Beverly Nute Ogle 
Mr. William Henry Ogle, |r, 
Mr, Howard Calvin Pace, |r. 
Mr. Robert Glenn Padgett, |r, 
Mr Wilbed Larry Page 
Mr. lohn Westwood Parr 
Mr. Stephen Ross Patterson 
Ms. leanne Frances Perkins 
Mr. Marc Richard Phelon 
Mrs. Mary Cranfill Phillips 
Mrs Susan Robertson Poole 
Mrs, Ann Kukel Porterfield 
Mrs. Carol Rumley Porterfield 
Mr, lackson Broshears Prentice 
Mrs. Gloria Royal Reaves 
Mrs. lane Kiger Ridge 
Mr William Franklin Rogers, II 
Mr Stephen Miles Ross 
Mr lulius Tatt Sanders, |r. 
Ms Miriam Ann Scott 
Mrs Linda McCrary Sebastian 
Mrs. Annette Mayo Shaw 
Mr, Barry W. Simmons 
Mrs lame McCulley Simmons 
Mr. Dallas Cwvn Smith 
Mr, loel Alexander Smith 
Mrs Mary Ann White Spencer 
Mr. E. Gray Slanfield. |f, 
Mr, Calvin Preston Stephens, |t 
Mrs Brenda L Stuckey 
Mrs. Elaine Mott Sullivan 
Mr, lames Robert Surry 
Mrs Christine Maley Swaim 
Mr. W. Harold Swangin, |r, 
Mr, Paul Sherwood Tew, |t, 
iMr Barton Thigpen. !r 
IRev. Donald Richard Thompson 
IMr Lawrence lohn Trautwein 
'Mrs. lo Ann Savage Ward 
'Mr. Mark Alan Watson 
'Mrs. Donna Watson Weeks 
/Mr lames Harrison White 
/Mrs Deborah Fisk Williams 
IMr, Terry Allen Williams 
Mr, Grady William Willis 
Mr. Edwtn Clittort Wright, 111 

Class of 1974 
38% Participaton 

Mr^, Paula Hill Atwater 
Mr Robert Kent Atwater 
Mr George David Balchunas 
Mr. £, Dallas Belvin 
Mrs, Patricia Brennan Bidwell 
Mr Charles Lewis Biesecker 
Mrs- Anne Aldndge Dechert 

Ms. Creichen Nesvcome Boyd 
Mrs- Virginia Norfleet Branton 
Mrs. Deborah Timberlake SulUns 
Mr. C Ruffin Chandler, |r. 
Mr lames Yancey Chandler, III 
Ms, Ann Cheek 
Mr- Steve Alonza Collins 
Mr Michael Russell Cook 
Mrs. Mary Reveley Crigger 
Mr David Everette Davis 
Mr^, Rebecca Kirkman Delaney 
Mrs. Gail Bevan Demon 
Mf Carlton Edward Doss 
Mrs. Patricia Edney Doucette 
Mr. Daniel Nathan Douglas 
Mr. lohn Odis Edwards 
Mra. Nancy McLean Edwards 
Mrs. Claudia Shoffner Ellis 

Mrs. Nancy Darden Esber 

Mr. Gary Wayne Evans 

Mr, John Irving Farthing 

Mr Douglas Cletus Fischer 

Mr, lohn Craig Fite 

Mr, Eastman Bryant Fond. |r. 

Mrs. Faith Pease Fredericks 

Miss Mary Frances Garman 

Mrs, Barbara Welch Gentry 

Ms. Marina O Georgiades 

Mr- L Craig Gill 

Mr Randy Taylor Class 

Miss ludith Anne Cooden 

Mr, Dale McKeever Goodman 

Mrs. Annette Ling Cordon 

Mr. Edgar Taylor Gnffin. Ill 

Mrs. Laura Peed Hall 

Mr. Myer^ Thomas Hambright, |r, 

Mrs. Paula Harrington Harrison 

Mr, Nathanial W. Harrison, |r. 

Mrs. Mary Lea Hadley Hartzog 

Mrs. Barbara Cunther Hendrickson 

Mrs. loycelyn D, Mitchell Hicks 

Mrs. lennie Farmer Hilton 

Mr, Steven Ward Hogan 

Mf. lames Larry Holder 

Mr. Charles Westley Hughes, |r 

Mrs. Kipisey Meredith Ireland 

Mrs. lanell Hagen lohnson 

Mr, Terry Clyde lohnston 

Mrs, Carroll Kraycirik Jolly 

Mr, Robert Simpson lones 

Mr, Thomas Michael loyce 

Mr Walter Franklin Kale 

Mrs. Laurie Wilson Kelly 

Mr Samuel Work Kennedy 

Mr- Trent Moseley Kernodle 

Mr, Larry Wendee Kidd 

Mrs Catherine Wilson Koontz 

Mrs. Vicki Scott Lang 

Mr, Robert loseph Lebleu, |r. 

Mr, Ernest Anderson Lightbourne 

Mrs. Amy Vaughn Loy 

Mr Ronald Lee Mann 

Miss Gwen Bennett Marco 

Mr. lames Carroll Matherly, |r 

Mr. Daniel Wright McAlister 

Mr, William Thomas McFarland, Jr. 

Mr. Franklin Holbrook McNutt, III 

Mr. Gary Wayne Meredith 

Mr. Fred Ramsey Midkiff, |r, 

Mr, David Leo Miller 

Mr. loseph Carl Minnis 

Mr Gary Ray Moran 

Mrs, Teresa Lynch Moran 

Mr. Richard Thomas Mullett 

Mr. Luther Wilbert Nash. II 

Or. David Keith Naylor 

Miss Marilyn Ruth Newton 

Mr. lulius Wayne Packard 

Mr. David Nicholas Patella 

Mr Melvin Lee F^arce 

Mrs. lanice Poore Petrea 

Mr. James Woods Pollard. |f 

Mrs Roberta Harrington Poole 

Mr Larry Caleb Richardson 

Mr William Howard Rogers, Jr, 

Mr Oedrick Forrest Samuels. |r. 

Mr. Charles Anthony Schoderbek 

Mrs, Judith Deming Schultz 

Mr William lames Schultz 

Ms. Elizabeth D, Schumacher 

Mr, Ralph M. Sears 

Mr, Elias labra Shahwan 

Mrs, Felicia Finley Sharpe 

Mr Conrad Atdean Shaw, |r, 

Mr. Arthur Maurice Simpson, |r, 

Mr. Mark Clifford Smith 

Mrs, Melanie Kisselt Smith 

Rev. lames Fred Staunton 

Ms Lora (ane Stone 

Mrs, Karen Madan Strieker 

Mr. Kenneth Warren Strickler 

Mrs. Pamela Setzer Surratt 

Mr. Richand Drew Taylor 

Mr William Charles Tomlinson 

Mr loseph Franklin Trent 

Mr. Harold Eugene Tucker 

Mrs. Irene Wilcox Underwood 

Mr- Gary Robert Vadersen 

Mr. Robert Carter Wallace 

Mn. Elizabeth Brann Weakland 

Mr Kenneth Franklin Weaver 

Mr, Terrell Wayne Webb 

Mr Winder leroy Wilson 

Mr, Frank Downing Wiseman 

Mr Robert Lee Wolfe, tr. 

Rev. Elizabeth Thompson Wood 

Ms. Deborah Ann Yow 

Class of 1975 
38% Participation 

Mr, William Henry Atkins 
Mr. Melvyn lames Austin, |r. 
Mrs. Anne Essie Barnes 
Mr, Barry Clinton Baucom 
Mrs, Louise Damon Baucom 
Mr, Raymond Lynn Beck 
Mr, David Holden Blevins 
Mr. Barry Aubrey Bradberry 
Mr. Burton Stewart Brevda 
Mrs, Lynn Breeze Brown 
Dr. George Minson Bullard. |r. 

Mrs ludith Wkker Butler 

Mr Ronald Perry Butler 

Mr Edward Norris Caldwell 

Mr David Ashton Carter 

Mr Robert Ernest Cassell, |r. 

Mr Albert Wayne Church 

Miss Deborah Louise Clayton 

Mrs, Deborah Moore Clayton 

Ms. Deborah Anne Cochran 

Mrs. Nancy Clarke Collins 

Mrs. Betty Sue Knox Cowan 

Mrs. Sheila Creene Cowherd 

Mrs. Susan Kirkland Crater 

Mr, Dwight Wayne Crews 

Mr. Michael Craft Crooks 

Mr Gary Cray Darnell 

Mr Robert Edward Dyer 

Mr David Wroten Eley 

Mr. Raleigh Duke Ellis. Ill 

Mrs. Susan Riddle Evans 

Mrs Arlene Mighlon Farthing 

Mr. Jerry Lynn Ferguson 

Mr, Thomas Wesley Fidler 

Mrs, Nancy Denton Fowler 

Mr. Thomas Curthburth Garrett, |r- 

Mrs, Jeanne Hynes Gleeson 

Mr Robert Nesvton Grandy |r, 

Mr, Eddie Allen Cray 

Mr Clen Wesley Cray 

Mr, Lloyd Warren Grooms, |r- 

Mr Richard David Gusler 

Mr. Richard Douglas Harrison 

Mr. Frank E, Harlis 111 

Mr lames Allen Hepner, |r. 

Mrs. Carol Smith Huffines 

Mr, L. Douglas Huffines 

Mr Richard Edward Hughes 

Ms. Elizabeth Sue Hunt 

Mr. Cary Lionel Hunter 

Mr, Robert Steele Hutcheson 

Mrs, Patsy Moore lenkins 

Mrs. Denise Patton Johnson 

Miss Vickie Carol lones 

Mr Nicholas James Karavatakis 

Mrs Mary Kilroy Kenzik 

Mr. L. Michael Kidd 

Mrs, Rebecca Redman Kidd 

Mrs. Kathy Smith Koman 

Mrs. Terri Kaley Kraft 

Mr, Terry Wayne Lee 

Mr- Gerald Wylie Leonard 

Mrs Pamela Anne May Lissenden 

Mr, Wallace Warren Long 

Mrs, Sheran Leigh Lovell 

Mrs, Linda Dickerson Lowery 

Mr. Frank Fuller Lyon, II 

Mrs Alice Holt Mantz 

Mr Dennis Edward Martin 

Mr. Raymond Allsop Mason. |r, 

Mr Larry Dean Matthews 

Mr, Douglas Beverly Maize, |r 

Mr, Timothy Albert Maurakis 

Mrs. Elizabeth E. McCauley-lewell 

Mr. loseph Bryson McDonald 

Mrs. Suzanne Pryslup McCahey 

Mrs. Brenda Holt McCee 

Mrs. Sharon Panerson McClohn 

Mrs. Ava Bowen Moore 

Mrs. Patti |o May Morrison 

Mrs. Debra Vaughn Morrow 

Miss Barbara Carole Murray 

Ms. Laurie Anne Newman 

Mr. David Hall Newton 

Mr. lohn Conrad OBriant 

Ms, Penny Lee Parker 

Mr I Drew Parr, Jr. 

Mr. George Wilson Patterson 

Mr, Samuel Man/in Patterson 

Mrs, Harriet B Payne 

Mr. Leiand Sherrill Peacock 

Mr, Steven Paul Pegram 

Mrs. Patricia Howell Pelt 

Mrs. Sharon Slmehaugh Pendue 

Mr. loseph Lavender Perkins, III 

Mrs Deborah C Petty 

Mr. Gerald Franklin Pickler, Ir. 

Mrs Betty Combs Pitt 

Mrs- Martha Eudy Pittman 

Mrs, Rebecca Coley Poteal 

Miss Sherrill Doak Safley 

Mr, Lee Alan Sauvain 

Mr. loseph Arn Savage. |r. 

Mrs, Elena Patricia Scott -Schwartz 

Mr- lohn Benjamin Sealy 111 

Miss Sandra Lynn Sikes 

Mr, lames Kilby Simmons. |r 

Mr Ricky Dean Sims 

Mrs- Kathryn Eastey Smith 

Mr, Thomas Howard Stafford, |r. 

Mr Daniel Shober Stokes 

Mrs. Linda Votta Sullivan 

Mr. Robert Keith Swift 

Mr, Brian Timothy Tarllon 

Mr. lames Prentice Taylor, |r 

Mr lohn Wilson Unsworth 

Mr Garry William Vanderburg 

Miss Hassie Malinda Walker 

Mrs. Sara Bartley Wallace 

Mrs, Catherine Crews Wheeler 

Mr, Robert Samuel Whitlow, HI 

Dr William Daniel Whitsen 

Mrs. Shelby Teague Wilson 

Mr, C. Alston Womble 

Mrs Gail Amos Woolard 

Mr Charles Howard Wyatt 

Miss Carol Short Zi 

Class of 1976 
42% Participation 

Mr. lack Harvey Adams, II 

Mr, David lames Addy 

Mr. Reed |oshua Alexander 

Mr, lerry Wayne Alford 

Mr, Ricky Leo Allgood 

Mr, Lawrence Bruce Amann 

Mr Marston Dale Anderson 

Mrs- Kathren Sheffer Arnetle 

Miss Beverly Summer Arthurs 

Mr, Ray Bernard Ashe 

Mr. Dale Allen Balderson 

Mr^, Katherine Daniel Baxter 

Mrs. Theresa Ireland Baxter 

Mr. James Norman Berry, |r 

Mr. Emory Eugene Bolton, |r. 

Mr, Forrest F. Bondurant 

Mr. Mark Rogers Boone 

Mr. Danny Ryan Bowland 

Mr. Walter Tfetes Boyd. Jr. 

Mr. David Michael Braxton 

Mrs. Debra Lane Brown 

Mr. Dennis Blane Bullis 

Mrs, Robin Boyles Capps 

Mrs. Carol Hartman Carroll 

Miss Nancy Kathleen Carson 

Miss Leslie lean Carter 

Mr William Cordon Carver. |r. 

Mr Randy Sterling Case 

Mr F Fisher Caudle. |r, 

Mr. Kevin Cea 

Mrs. Cynthia Ward Clodfelter 

Mrs. Karen Royster Copley 

Mr, Richard Mark Coradi 

Mr, Timothy Clarksion Cox 

Mr, Charles M. Crater 

Mrs. Sharon Wilson Crav^ord 

Mrs. Betty lean Riddick Crigger 

Mr, Ernest Melville Dailey, |r. 

Mrs lenny Rogers Davis 

Mr, H Neal Day 

Miss Malinda lane Day 

Mr, lames Ray Deal 

Mr, David Philip Downs 

Ms. Angela Dons Drakulakos 

Mr £ Pierce Evans 

CPT Zenas Elbert Fearing, |r. 

Mr. Scott Vaughn Fulcher 

Mrs. Diedri Yount Garrett 

Miss Wanda Adkins George 

Mrs Teresa Slanfield Gibson 

Mr. Donald Alan Gizinski 

Mrs Holly M, Gordon 

Mr. Michael Kevin Griffin 

Mr, loseph Malloy Cwynn 

Mrs. Cheryl Moon Hargrove 

Mrs. Deborah Messick Harrison 

Mr. loseph Allen Harrison 

Mrs, Patricia McCauley Harrison 

Mr. W. Dean Harrison 

Mr David E, HarUOg 

Mr, Thomas Richard Hayes 

Rev. Stephen Zachary Hearne 

Mrs, Janet Hovis Henry 

Mr. leffrey Dean Hill 

Mrs loy Walker Hollar 

Mr Charlie Young Holleman 

Mr Robert Thomas Hurst, |r. 

Mrs. Dorothy Greene Inge 

Mr, Steven Van Inge 

Mr. William Daryl Ingold 

Mrs. Linda Sherrill Jackson 

Mrs, Elsie Thornhill James 

Mr lohn Robert lohnson, Jr. 

Mrs Sharon Caulden Johnson 

Mr David Snead King 

Mrs Mary Louise Pearce King 

Miss Donna Carol Kleckner 

Mr. William Russell Lamar, 111 

Mr. Mark lohnston Languirand 

Mrs. Rose Camper Lasater 

Miss loanna Brandon Lea 

Mr |. Lee Leary 

Mrs. Donna Brann Lee 

Mr, Robin Philip Lupinacci 

Mr, lames Wallace Lyon, III 

Ms, Bonnie |. Marshall 

Miss Brenda loan Massengill 

MfS- Gayle McGilvary Matthews 

Mrs, |o Ann McPherson Maurakis 

Mrs. Donna Webster McDermoit 

Mr. Thomas Cavin McDermott 

Sen- Timothy Hill McDowell 

Mrs, Barbara Held McColdrick 

Mrs. Kathy Lin McLeod-Ed wards 

Mr. Clay Thomas McPherson 

Mr. Warren William Miller 

Mr |, Milton Moore, |f. 

Mrs, Karen Foster Moore 

Mrs. Denise Miller Morris 

Mr. Kenneth Wayne Nelson 

Mr. William Asa Ne%vcomb, HI 

Mr, lohn Archibald CBrianl, II 

Ms. Deborah Forrest O'Connor 

Mr Fred Oltarzewski 

Mr, Randall Keith Overby 

Mrs loan Shullzaberger Parr 

Mr. Fred Walter f^arce 

Mrs. Betsy Wheaton Porter 

Mrs, Sandra Lynn Porterfield 

Mr- 8. Clyde Preslar 

Mrs. Ellen |oram Priichett 

Page 14 1985-86 Honor Roll of Donors 

Mrs. larw Hodges Quinley 

Mr. Brad Steven fteyno\di 

Mrs, Ann Shoffrwr Rhem 

Mr. CIrfton Ray Robinson 

Mr. CUrerKe William Ross 

Mr. DonaM Cur Rudy 

Mr. Robert Cdwani Sandetl, III 

Mr. Thomas Campbell Schaefer 

Mrs. Mary HanraKan Schmidt 

Mr. Garth Christian Schumacher 

Mr. R» Mrlchell Scott 

Mrs. Donna Krxrti Shahwan 

Ms. Denise Jar»e Shelton 

Mr Scott William Shibley 

Mr. I. Dwighl Shoe 

Ms. Linda McKinney Sluder 

Mrs. Cynthia F^rker Smith 

Mr Danrry Bradford Spence 

Mf, Glenn Morton Spencer, |r. 

Mrs Becky Garrison Stearns 

Mr Ronald Allen Stewart 

Mrs. Cynthia Slirtson Story 

Mrs. )ar>et Massey Stuart 

Mr. Phillip HuHey Sumner 

Mrs. Karen Stone Tam 

Mr Robert lames Talti 

MAJ lames Roscoe Taylor 

Mrs. Cretchen Roberts Thompson 

Mr. Richard K. Fignor 

Mrs. Kathrvn BnTwn Tiller 

Mr Thomas A. Vaughan 

Dr. R. Ted Watson 

Mrs Betsy Sherman Weathers 

Mrs Beth Bnnvn Wedge 

Mr. Ronald Hugh West 

Mr David Charles Williams 

Mr. William Battle Winsiead 

Mr. Warren Gilbert Womble 

Mr David Shiel Wood 

Mr. Michael Thomas Yoniz 

Mr. Dana Glenn Younts 

Mrs. Barbara Wrighl Yuskevich 

Mr. Slek^n Frank Yuskevich 

Mr. lohn E. Zabel 

Mr. William lohn Zach 

Mrs. fttti Mercer Zadrozny 

Class of 1977 
47% Participation 

Miss EInoia D. Agee 

Ms. Hope Eleen Amick 
Mr. William David Atwater 
Mr. Bradfond Galvester Ballou 
Mr. ferry Varvce Barbee 
Mrs. Susan McLeod Behr 
Mrs. >eter Gregg Benbov^ 
Miss Karen loan Blose 
Mrs. Sandra Cogle Bondurant 
Mr. tames William Boswell. |r 
Mrs. Deborah Morrow Bowes 
Ms. Kalhy L. Bowman 
Or. Phillip Moses Bridgman 
Mr Cari Wesley Brock 
Mr. |. Gregory Bunn 
Mr. William Albert Butler. |r. 
Mr. Terry Edward Cagle 
Mrs. Alyson Foster Caldwell 
Mrs. Patsy Foster Capone 
Mrs. Deborah L Carlson 
Mr. Donald lohn Carlson 
Mrs. Diane Cummings Carrington 
Mrs. Beverfy VesUl Cea 
Mr. R, Terry Charhon 
Mrs. lane Healy Coradi 
Mr. David Miller Cnn^der 
Mrs. Cynthia U>ng Daniel 
Mr. Thomas M. Davis, |r 
Mr. Mark Thomas Deans 
Mrs. Lu-Anrve Winfrey Deaion 
Mr. Nicholas Thomas Oercola 
Mr, Henry Augustus Desimone, III 
Mr. David Meredith Dickerson 
Mr. Norman Bradford Downey 
Mrs. Patricia larranl Duke 
Mr. Douglas Anthony Durante 
Mr Paul Mease Ear>es. |r. 
Mrs. Beverly ^lams Ellison 
Mrs. Jan Byrum Emory 
Mrs. leanrte Dutcher Fink 
Mrs. Jan Hertderson Finley 
Mrs. Jo Ann Donald Foard 
Mrs. Catherine Rhodes Fontana 
Mrs. Laura Crews Forrest 
Miss Urtda Marie Francis 
Mrs. L. f^ge Garriques 
Mrv Leslie Tucker Gayk 
Mr Theodore Alan Gayk 
Mr. Thomas Allen Gear 
Mrs. Anne Fowter Gilliam 
Dr Albert Borden Cminder 
Mr Wilson Eugene Coff. |r 
Mr Mack Brantley Crady 
Mr Ruffm Brantley Grady 
Mrs. Sharian Duff Grandy 
Mrs. f^ge RrKh Griffm 
Mr. Gary Prentice Guplon 
Mr, I. Ifslie Hall 
Mrs. F^ggy Lunsford Hall 
Mrs. Wanda Watson Hall 
Mr. DeverouK Mallory Hancock 
Mrs. Donna Harrelson Hancock 
Mr. Cilmore Dean Harris 
Mr. R. Oiego Hasty 

Mr. Don Randolph Haynes 
Mrs Dana Miller Hester 
CFT lohn Milton Hinkle II 
Mr. Linwood Clay Holloway 
Mr George Robert House, III 
Mr Charles Murph Hudson. |r 
Mrs Charlotte Rosser Hundley 
Mr. Charles Moffin Jackson. |r 
Mrs Frances Lainey Whitener 

Mr Charles Timothy James 
Mr. Benjamin Howard Johnson 
Mrs Oenise Turner Johnson 
Mr William Grady Joines 
Mr Ben Clay Jones 
Mrs. lanice Adcock Joyner 
Mr lohn Michael Lamberth 
Miss Becky Mana Lane 
Mrs Susan Booth Lebleu 
Mr. Michael Alan Leggett 
Mrs, Perry Uju Patterson Leggett 
Mr, Robert Edward Long 
Mr David Habern Macmillan 
Mr Richard Keilh Marchman 
Mi. Barry Scott McClune 
Mr C Willard McCombs, |r 
Ms. Donna Lynn McCreedy 
Mr. Ivey Anderson McDaniel, Ir. 
Mr Alvin lames McGlohn, Jr 
Mr. Frederick Jackson McKee, |r. 
Mr Herbert Witson McKinstry, Jr 
Mr Thomas Peter Meletis 
Mrs. Patricia Lanning Morgan 
Mr Gary David MurxJy 
Mr Lawrence Craddock Musgrove, 

Mr. Mark Clyde Myers 
Mrs. Alice Neal Oldham 
Mr Cordon McMann Oldham 
Mr, Ronnie Howard Osborne 
Mr Martin N. Page 
Mrs Bonnie Vounis Palmer 
Mrs. Dawn Luciano Pickler 
Mrs Ava Sparks Plott 
Mrs, Barbara Taylor Plumblee 
Mr F RockiA^II f^jisson, |r 
Mrs Megan McLaurin Poole 
Ms, Debra Kay Porter 
Mr. Jeffrey Allen Porterfield 
Mrs, Terri Workman Proffin 
Mr Randolph Clinton Raine 
Ms Caryn Sue Reiman 
Ms. Pat Jayne Roark 
Mr lohn Terrence Ryan 
Mr Theodore Young Salisbury 
Mrs Susan Rakewich Saunders 
Mr Dean Leo Schumm 
Mf. I. Dale Sherrill 
Mr C Barry Smith 
Mr Douglas Clay Smith 
Mr Thomas Brown Snodgrass, III 
Mr Van Linwood Sparrow 
Rev Leonard Engram Stadler. Jr 
Mr John H. Stanczak 
Mr Steven Lee Starr 
Mr Banle Coleman Steele 
Mrs. Robbin Duffer Stiles 
Mrs. Pamela Deitz Thomas 
Mrs. Amy Williams Tucker 
Mr. f^rry Steven Warren 
Mr Leonard Frederick Wedge, |r 
Mr. Gary Preston Whitaker 
Mr Gordon Burgess Wills, |r, 
Mrs Jane leffress Wrenn 
Mr. William Edward Young. |r 
Mrs. Jacquelyn Sampson ZanI 

Class of 1978 
40% Participation 

Mr Stephen Wayne Arnette 

Mr Daniel Ray Arnold 

Mr John Clifton Baxter 

Mr. Bruce Davis Berry 

Mr. Thomas Wesley Eterry 

Mrs, ludy Irving Biggs 

Mr. Maurice Walker Bosvk^ll 

Mr. Warren Francis Sovich 

Mr Donald Len Bowden 

Mr. Richard Garland Bradshaw 

Mr Larry Dale Brown 

Mr Charles Gibson Buie, III 

Mr Donald Ray Buie 

Mr Wendell Sanders Bunker 

Miss Mary Ridley Burgwyn 

Mrs. Elizabeth Moore Burns 

Mr Daniel Morris Campbell 

Mr Paul Richard Capone 

Mr Keilh William Carroll 

Mi Carolyn Edwards Carter 

Mr. William John Clark. |r, 

Ms Anne Lynn Coble 

Mr David E. Cook, Ir. 

Mrs Christie Jewen Cox 

Ms. Nancy Lee Cummings 

Mr. Bryan Franklin Dalton 

Ms, Donna Marie Dehart 

Mr. Michael Anthony Oeluise 

Mrs, Donna Sowder Desimone 

Mr, William Hal Dominick 

Ms. Susan Burke Edwards 

Mrs Annette Wall Eullss 

Ms. Cayle Ann Fishel 

Mr. Carry Franklirt Fitchett 

Miss Karen Ann Fox 

Mr David Eugene Fuller. |r. 

Mr lohn Lee Gardner. |r. 

Mr. Robert Mtchae! Gasparello 

Mr Michael Eric Gilliam 

CfT lay Francis Crandin 

Mr G Paul Gwaltney 

Mrs. Constance Templeton 

Miss Phyllis Ann Hammer 
Mr Charles lames Harrell 
Mrs. Martha Ann Mitchell Harrell 
Mr. Robert Craig Harrell 
Mrs Teresa Mann Harris 
Or W Kelly Harris 
Mrs Michele Skeens Hazel 
Mr. Dana Wayne Hill 
Mr, Kevin Bryant Holland 
Mr Charles Vaughan Hopkins 
Mr Cecil Irvin Hudgins 
Mr Michael Cory Hudson 
Mr Thomas Gilbert Hutaff 
Mr Christopher George lernigan 
Mrs Bari Sewell lohnson 
Mrs, Elsbelh Senkiw lohnson 
Mr W. Stephen |ones 
Mrs Lorene Neese lordan 
Mr John Stephen lukoski 
Mr Kesselly lahneh Kasiah 
Mrs Susan Merry Kelley 
Mr lohn Wallace Kincaid, |r 
Mrs. Amelia Eve Nelson King 
Mrs. Bonnie f^ce Mahone 
Ms. Beverly Louise Maness 
Mrs, Caria Whitfield Mangum 
Mrs. Mary Womble Manley 
Mr Christopher Paul Martin 
Mr. lames Anthony Matanzo 
Mrs Kathy Hester Mauk-lefferson 
Mrs, Belinda Spence Maylon 
Mrs. Brenda Lasley McChee 
Ms. Kaihleen Laurette McGovern 
Mr Carl Lloyd Mclntyre. |r 
Rev. Wesley Keith McLaughlin 
Mr Thomas Warren McLemore, |r 
Mr Nicholas Ftter Meleiis 
Mr. Samuel Harvey Miller. II 
Mr Frank H Minner, III 
Mr Dennis Reed Monteith 
Mrs Linda Bartlen Moore 
Mr. Timothy Maxwell Moore 
Miss Mary Helen Morrow 
Miss Jacquelyn Mane Myers 
Mrs. Linda Nelms Nash 
Mrs. Cheryl Bounds Oliver 
Mr David Waller Overton 
Mr Gary Rartdal Parnsh 
Mrs Fredda Fuqua Payne 
Mrs. Roberta Little Payne 
CFT John Markham Relosky 
Ms. Cathy Lynrw Phelps 
Mr I, Joel Pbe 
Mrs Anne McKee Purcell 
Mrs. Pamela Harris Rasmussen 
Ms Cynthia Elizabeth Rayner 
Mr Curtis Anderson Rich 
Mr, lames Keith Richardson 
Miss Debra Lee Rickman 
Mr. Phillip )A^ndell Russell 
Mrs. Teresa Kanlpe Ryan 
Mrs Anne Marie Stephens 

Mr. Russell f^rker Schropp 
Mr. Charles King Scott. |r 
Mrs. Jane Watkins Scott 
Ms. Elizabeth Lynn Sheann 
Mrs Debra Vassilopoulos 

Mrs. Mary Guest Simon 
Mr Benjamin Bingham Smedberg 
Mrs. Jane OConnor Smith 
Mr. Russell Reams Smith, |r 
Mr lames Hubbard Snow 
Mrs, Elizabeth Whitfield Stansbury 
Ms. Susan Diane Stoneman 
Mrs. Luanne Teague Summers 
LT William Thomas Summers, II 
Mr Brian Joseph Swart 
Mr. Zebedee Talley, Jr. 
Mrs Susan Finney Tate 
Mr. Cary Buxton Taylor. Ill 
Mr, Forest Walker Thompson 
Mr, Michael Edwin Thompson 
Mr Robert Edward Tucker 
Mr. William Addison Wells, III 
Mr C Chappell Whitt, III 
Mrs. Arleen Pa»e Widerman 
Mrs Sara Murphy Wiessner 
Mrs. Sharon Clark Wilson 
Mrs. Audrey Page Woody 

A new $7.5 million, 75,000'SquaTe foot fine arts 
center is under construction on the Elon campus and 
schMuled for completion in 1987. 

Class of 1979 
41% Participation 

Mrs. Kathleen |acobs Allen 
Mrs. Lorraine McPherson Allen 
Mr. Mitchell Jeffreys Allen, Jr. 
Mrs, Christine Jones Anderson 
Mrs. Sarah Snead Arnold 
LT lohn Russell Atkinson 
Mr. David Allen Bankston 
Mr Samuel Vinson Barefoot 
Mr James Curtis Basnight 
Mr, f^rry Morrison Beale 

Mrs. Mary Mattox Becknell 

Mr Steven Gates Berry 

Mr Lee William Berryman 

Ms. Edith Jane Booth 

Mr. Charlie Coyt Bowman 

Mr Robert E, Lee Brandenburg 

Mr Gary Lee Brant, |r. 

Miss Barbara Stephanie Brown 

Ms. Kerrii Machelle Brown 

Mrs loellen Suler Burford 

Ms. Carolyn Lorena Burton 

Mr George Thomas Carter 

Mr. Don Willard Chandler 

Mrs Kathleen Butler Clark 

Mrs. Susan Winfree Clark 

Mr. George W. Clayton 

Mr. Kim William Cockerham 

Mr |, Gralen Cranford 

Mrs. Teresa Simpson Crawford 

Mrs Elizabeth Horner Crosby 

Mr, loe Carl Curtis, III 

Mr, Matthew Desimone 

Mr. Thomas Glenn Dodd 

Mrs Betty Saunders Downey 

Mr Barry Cordon Duff 

Ms Banu Gul Ouruman 

Mrs, Donna Roach Edwards 

Mr Marcus Cicero Edwards, |r 

Mrs Betsy Grandy Elling 

Ms Rhonda Gail Enoch 

Mrs. lulia Shumate Ewing 

Mr Randy Melvin Faulkner 

Mr, Gary Montgomery Finch 

Mr. Robin Joel Fleming 

Mrs. Kathy Ann Foster-Bowling 

Miss Teresa Ann Frazier 

Mrs. Suellyn Reynolds Gaines 

Miss Caye Elizabeth Gailm 

Mrs. Julie llene George 

Mr. Bryan Keilh Gilliam 

Mr. Bobby Leon Goodman 

Mrs. Christine VanSciver Correll 

Ms. Lorna Mary Coudey 

Mrs. Sharyne Swilzer Graham 

Mrs. Terry Walton Gray 

Mr. Jay Randall Greeson 

Mr Andrew T Griggs 

Mrs. Bryan Holt Guplon 

Mr. Gregory Robert Hamilton 

Ms. Donna lean Hanes 

Mrs Deborah Atkins Harvey 

Mrs. Lou Ann Wilson Hebble 

Mrs. Brenda Brantley Herndon 

Mrs. Charlene Matthews Hinshaw 

Mr. David Scott Hinshaw 

Mr. lohn Milton Holloway 

Mrs, Elizabeth Ratterman Holmes 

Mrs. Catherine Cable Hook 

Mrs. Christy C Hrozencik 

Mrs. Betsy Fowler Idol 

Mrs. Lydia Massey (ernigan 

Mr. Terry Lee lessee 

Mr, Lynn Colon Johnson 

Ms, Robin Annette Johnson 

Mrs, Becky Criffm Jones 

Mr Gilbert Anderson Jones 

Mrs, Lynne Smith King 

Mr. Curtis Rar>dolph Koger. Jr, 

Mr. Dennis Perry Lawson 

Mrs, Meri Ford Lightbourne 

Mrs, Emma Lou Wallace Lowder 

Mrs. Carol Jean Madison 

Mrs. Connie Jones Markey 

Mr Steven Randall Mauck 

Miss Terry Lynn McAlister 

Mrs. Janice Frye Mclntyre 

Mrs Jane Devine McLemore 

Mr. William Edward McPherson, Jr 

Mr, Art Matthews Medlin 

Mrs, Denise Tompkins Mehring 

Ms. S Annette MelcaK 

Mrs. Beverly Burroughs Monteith 

Mr. Willard James Moody. Jr 

Mr. Claiborne Carr Moore. Jr. 

Mrs Rose Mane Tilley Morgan 

Mr. David Robert Mundy 

Mr, Joiin O. Munn 

Of Steven Keilh Nail 

Mrs. Martha Ramseur Neely 

Mr, Thomas Emery Nelson 

Ms, Lynn Marie Nesset 

Mr William Presley Newman 

Mrs, Susan Crutchfield Oakley 

Mrs, Wanda McDowell Odom 

Mr. Barry L. Oliver 

Mrs, Sabrina Mitchell Oliver 

Mrs. Cheryl Turner F^rrish 

Mr. August Lueders Payne 

Mr. Kenneth Allen Payne 

Mr. Mark Thomas f^yne 

Mrs. Lynn Kirby F^arce 

Mr Timothy Douglas F^ler 

Mrs. Brenda Sutherlln F^erkins 

Mrs. Karon DeClark Price 

Mrs. F'eggy Chappell Pulley 

Mr. William Paul Pulley. Ill 

Ms. Susan Leslie Quails 

Mr. Randy Rem! Reid 

Mrs, Caryn Van Pelt Richards 

Mrs, Catherine Watkins Riddle 

Mr, Edward Alan Roberson 

Ms. Renee Marie Rodriguez 
Mr. Robert Raymond Rodriguez 
Mrs Susie Bullard Sanford 
Mrs. Amy Cauedo Schwartz 
Mrs. Connie Thaggard Scott 
Mrs Penny Smith Scott 
Mr James Herber* Shanks 
Mrs. Andria McDowell Smith 
Miss Carolyn Faye Smith 
Mrs. Deborah Apple Smith 
Mrs. Carol Ann Chudina Spence 
Mrs. Debra Young Stephens 
Mrs Norma Escalanle Stratchko 
Mrs. Lynn Walker Slreett 
Mrs. Eileen Mary Ryan Tatum 
Mr. Danny Sylvester Thompson 
Mrs. Susan Pittard Underhill 
Mrs. Amy Haney Vaughn 
Mr. George Wallace Vinson. Jr. 
Mrs Brenda Joyce Powers Walker 
Mr. C. Grayson Whitt 
Rev Douglas Alan Wiessner . 
Mf Frank David Williams 
Mr Nolan Eugene Williams 
CPT Neil Carver Wilson, |r, 
Mrs. Mary Wall Winstead 
Miss Kathryn Ann Wobus 
Mr, lames Kendrick Woollord 

Class of 1980 
^.0% Participation 

Mr. Robert Floyd Adcock 
Mr Thomas Odell Allred 

Ms Mary Patricia Althouse 

Mrs, Lisa Askew Baines 

Mrs, Robin Winston Bamberger 

Mrs. leri Statler Barnhardi 

Mr Timothy Michael Bartolomeo 

Mr. Charles Brian Bennett 

Mrs. Jill Sykes Best 

Mr R. Perry Black 

Mr. Samuel Wesley Black 

Mr. Kennard Joel Blake 

Mr. Linwood Thomas Blalock 

Mrs. lane Sampson Blanton 

Mr. Richard Michael Bordone 

Mrs. Donna Sue Causey Bowen 

Ms Valerie Lou Breeden 

Mr. David lohn Brown 

Mrs. Laurie Alcon Brown 

Mr, Michael Joe Brown 

CPT William Eddie Bulen. Jr. 

Ms. Lee Ann Burton 

Mr loseph Francis Carroll, III 

Mr, Anthony Fletcher Calhey 

Mrs Ann Hughes Cea 

Mr lames Cea 

Mr Kenneth Ray Chavis 

Mr Russell Lee Citly 

Mr David Leon Clark 

Ms, Lynette Hope Cogle 

Ms. Vickie Lane Cole 

Ms, Catherine Berry Covington 

Mrs. Sandra Wilson Dernco 

Ms, Catherine Barker Dickens 

Mr. lohn Frazer Ferguson 

Mr, Robert Lee Finch. Jr 

Mrs. Judy Oakes Flake 

Mr. Wesley Lloyd Flake 

Ms, Laurie Barren Frazier 

Mr, Thomas Leif Gabriel 

Mr, Kenneth Alford Could, Jr. 

Mr, David McDonald Graham 

Mrs. Vicki Roupe Cray 

Ms. Marsha Leigh Greene 

Ms. Olga Marie Griswold 

Mrs. Diana Taylor Cwyn 

Mrs. [Debra Bennett Haggerty 

Mrs. Lisa Garriques Hamrick 

Mr. William Van Hamrick 

Mrs. Melinda Hicks Harris 

Ms, Ellen Annette Hayden 

Mr. Bob McLeod Henritze 

Ms. Karyn Cecel-a Hmcke 

Mrs. Debra Jenks Hoffman 

Mrs. Henni Rains Huddleston 

Mr. William Russell Hughes, |r. 

Mrs. Marcia Alderman Humphrey 

Mrs. Sandra Robertson Isley 

Mr, Raymond Allen Jackson, Jr. 

Mr. Clifford David lanssen 

Ms Betty Faye Jernigan 

Mrs. Betsy Richards lessee 

Mr. Mark Steven Jetton 

Mrs, Karen Miller Johnson 

Mr. Mitchell Avery Johnson 

Mr, Christopher M. T. Jones 

Mr. Marcus Kent [ones 

Mrs. Martha Isaacs Jones 

Mr. Ricky Lee Joyce 

Mrs. Ann Duncan Kenny 

Ms, Barbara Lee Kepley 

CPT Michael Shane Kilgariff 

Mrs. Shari Gould Kilgariff 

Mr David Blakeslee Landskroener 

Mr. |oel Reid Lawrence 

Ms. Nancy Elizabeth Leonard 

1985-86 Honor Roll of Donors Page 15 

Mf. Charles David Lewis. It. 

Mr Tony Bryani Lewis 

Mr. Koben William locke'by 

Mre. Janice Henderson LockeU 

Mrs, Kathi Hovwnon Ludwig 

Mrs. Cynihia Cnssom Macdonald 

Mr. William Mahone, V 

Mrs. Caiina Mandis-Wisi 

Ms. Robin Shirley Marley 

Mn. Debra L Mason 

Mrs. Kimberly Spencer Matthews 

Mr. Neal Edward Manhe%vs 

Mr. Scolt Allen Matthews 

Mrs. Rhonda Pinion May 

Mr. Willard Dean Maynard 

Mrs. Dinah leftries McPhervjn 

Mr5. Susan Dejter Medlin 

Mrs, Robin Huntley Mekanik 

Ms, Karen Lynn Michaels 

Mrs Carol Irwin Miller 

Mr, Ricky Neal Moody 

Mr. Edward Washington Mooney, 

Mr Bruce Baker Morgan 

Ms, Tina Marie Morgenson 

Ms. Tern Leigh Morris 

Mr. Goodrich Morton, [r. 

Mr, Ricky Velton Murray 

Mrs Terri Esperti Nafi 

Mrs. Kayanne Brown Nelson 

Mrs, Sherri Byers Norwood 

Mrs Robin Hall Overton 

Mr Michael Yeatman Packett 

Ms Debra Kay Parr 

Mr. Michael Edward Parsons 

Mr, Bruce Thompson Patram 

Mr Matthew Dunn Payne 

Mrs, Tammy Winslead Payne 

Mrs. Cynihia Hamngton Peacock 

Mr. Robert Warren Pearce 

Mrs. Karen Tucker Pelosky 

Mrs. Nancy Redd Penick 

Mr- I- Lynn Phillips 

MfS. Laura Moss Phillips 

Mr. Richard Paul Phillips 

Ms. Ava Mane Power 

Mr Jeffrey Wayne Price 

Mr, Gerald Paul Puorro 

Mr Phillip Wayne Raines 

Mr Osburne Matthew Randolph, 

Mrs. Sherry Evans Reynolds 
Mrs. Pamela Andrews Rhoney 
Mr, (ohn Alwyn Richards, |r 
Mrs, Freida |o Matkins Rickman 
Mrs Martha Coodall Ritz 
Mrs. Nancy f^areon Robinson 
Mrs, Kimberly Hicks Rodriguez 
Mrs Lindy Olive Rogers 
Mr, Peter Ross Wentworth 

Roughion, Jr. 
Mr. Robert Galloway Ruffin, )r, 
Mrs Mary Ann Florance Saunders 
Mrs, Marjorie Thorn ScoH 
Mr. Kim Hege Seaford 
Dr. Lawrence Thomas Sondhaus 
Mrs, Shana Morell Stadler 
Mr. James Beniamm Stephenson, II 
Mf, Peter Stratos, |r. 
Mrs, Betty Burton Thayer 
Mr. Jeffrey Brown Thomas 
Mrs. Susan Breda Thomas 
Mrs. Elizabeth Kimsey Thompson 
Mr, Robert Clifton Tippett 
Mr, Stephen Matthew Traub 
Mrs, Lydia Reaves Trickey 
Mr, Larry Eugene Tucker 
Mr Jay Blaine Tutwiler 
Mr David Edward Vaughn 
Mr, lohn Franklin Watts 
Mrs, Victoria Davis Websier 
Mr William Howard Wheatley, )r 
Mr, I, King White 
Mrs. Patricia lo Cherry Whitney 
Mr. John Shannon Wilson 
Mrs, Meredith Trester Worley 
Mr, Russell David Worley 
Mrs, Teresa Zachary Zimmerman 

Class of 1981 
39% Participation 

Mrs. Linda Clunl Adams 

Mr. John Gray Amick 

Mrs Andrea I. Andersen-Andersen 

Mr. Nathan Monroe Artley 

Mrs. Dianne McAllister Atkinson 

Mr. John Robert Baggeti 

Mr Rodney Bryan Barbee 

Ms. Elizabeth Sue Bias 

Ms. Vicki Lyn Blankenship 

Mr. Carl Douglas Bryant 

Ms. Shelia Ann Bumgarner 

Mrs Kay Sexion Burks 

Ms. Ruth Elaine Burnett 

Mr. William Frederick Carr. Ill 

Mrs. Donna Crutchfield Carroll 

Mr. David Russell Carter 

Mr. E. Beale Carter, III 

Mrs Myra Page Cathey 

Mr. David Kemp Christiansen 

Mrs Brenda Vinson Citty 

Ms Carolyn Marie Clapp 

Mrs. Robin Murchison Cockerham 

Mrs Nancy Lottman Cohen 

Mr. William A. Coleman 

Mr Michael Lee Cox 

Mrs. Malea Knight Crigler 

Mrs, Heidi Brinet Danieley 

Mr, William Warren Day 

Mr Dwight Lynwood Dillon, |r 

Mr William Charles Doggett, |r 

Mrs Angela Lintz Duff 

Mr Tucker Kellam Edmonds 

Mr. Ronald Lee Evans 

Mr Stephen Vincent Fishel 

Mrs Lisa Roberts Foushee 

Mr Charles Randolph Fralin 

Mr Gerald Lee Furman 

Ms, Vickie Lynn Hilton Godfrey 

Ms Karen Ann Could 

Ms Bonnie Lee Gravine 

CPT Frank Thompson Grove, Jr, 

Ms Carol Elaine Hall 

Mrs, Margaret Guy Harwell 

Mr Paul Marc Hirschmann 

Mr Steven Brent Holbrook 

Mr Kelly Ray Horner 

Mr Charles Dennis Howard, II 

Mr Paul Osmon Howard, |r. 

Mr, Edward Ronald Huehn 

Ms. Terri Kay Huntley 

Mrs. E Vennecia Bynum Jackson 

Mrs, Cynthia Presson Johnson 

Mr Jeffrey Lynn Johnson 

Mrs Angela Cannady Jones 

Mr, David Lee lones 

Mr William Thomas Jones 

Ms, Linda Claire Kent 

Mrs, Billie-|o Moore Kerns 

Mr Timothy W Kerns 

Mr David Wayne King 

Mr. William Mark Kirkland 

Mr. Michael Anthony L'Ecuyer 

Mrs, Ann Phillips Landis 

Mrs, Sandra lones Lemons 

Mr. David Alan Lenig 

Ms. Elizabeth Lee Lloyd 

Mr. Jack Patrick Locicero 

Mrs Marsha Mundy Long 

Mrs Mildred Bowren Lynch 

Mr, David Victor Manliply 

Mr. David Scon Markey 

Mr, Steven John Martinelli 

Mrs, Mary Moore McCurdy 

Mrs, Vickie I McKenzie 

Ms. Laura Lynn McLamb 

Mrs. Lisa Guyton Melton 

Dr. Timothy Chuck Mills 

Mr. Bennie Aubrey Morris, |r, 

Ms, Linda C Murrell 

Mr. 5, Anderson Nelson 

Mr, Michael Wayne Nichols 

Mr, Thomas Edward Norwood 

Ms, Sherri Leigh Nunn 

Mrs F^nny Page O'Brien 

Mrs. Cynthia Horner Osborne 

Mr David Lee Osborne 

Ms, Marion Anne Parker 

Mr, Paul Graham Patterson 

Ms, Denese Vanessa Panon 

Mr Millard Irby Patton, |r 

Mr Howard Lee Payne 

Mr. David Michael Peaiross 

Mr Gary Neil f^nnington 

Mr lohn Wayne Phillips 

Mr. Greg Alan Piper 

Mr. Gary Stewart Ponton 

Mr Bradford Turner Price 

Mrs. Susan Moran Price 

Mr. Donald Leon Proffitt 

Ms. Jennifer Anne Ratchford 

Mrs Veronica Leath Revels 

Mr. loseph Bernard Rickman, II 

Mrs. lean Wright Ricks 

Mr lames Roger Riddle, Jr. 

Ms Amy Mane Robinson 

Mrs. Donna Paschall Robinson 

Mr Michael lames Robinson 

Mr. Michael Mac Ross 

Mrs, Katherine Gilliam Ruffin 

Mrs, Nancy E Wright Ruh 

Mr John Murray Sadler 

Mr. Barry Dale Satterfield 

Mr. John Schwab 

Mr Frank Gregory Seel 

Mr Stephen Ross Seiben 

Mrs, Lynn Hotchkin Sheard 

Mr. Galen Mark Shelton 

Mrs Ardilh Joyner Shoffner 

Ms, Cynthia Elizabeth Simmons 

Ms. Bonny Brent Smith 

Mrs, lanice Nelson Smith 

Mr. Michael David Smith 

Mr Robert John Stalker, III 

Mrs. Susan Wolff Steinbicker 

Mr. David Allen Stevens 

Mrs Lynn Moore Stewart 

Mr. f^ul Fintey Stewart 

Mr, Scott Filmore Stidham. !r 

Mr Shea Lynn Teague 

Mr. John Hooker Thomas, Jr 

Ms, Lydia Ellen Tickle 

Mr. Tony Gray Tilley 

Mrs Alice Allen Toler 

Mrs Susan Crompton Tozour 

Mrs Nancy Dennen Travia 

Mr Mark Thomas Trickey 

Mr Gregory Lee Trollinger 

Mr Randy Lane Wall 

Mrs Teresa Crowson Wallace 

Mr Parker Lafon Ward 

Mrs. Resa Lemons Webster 

Mrs, Elizabeth Kilroy Wheatley 

Mr. Kenneth Kirk Whitley. Jr. 

Mr, J. Scott Wilhoit 

Ms, Deborah Carol Williams 

Mr James Robert Williams 

Mr. Kyle Duane Wills 

Mr. Bobby Eugene Winders 

Mr Stephen Michael Wright 

Mr. James Alan Zint 

Class of 1982 
39% Participation 

Dr, Paul Robert Aiello 

Mrs. Athena Alston Alexander 

Mr, B, Tyndall Alligood, III 

Mrs. Rose Mane Haskins Anderson 

Mrs. Sharon Douglas Austin 

Mr. lonathan David Avrene 

Ms, Amy Alison Ayers 

Mr Jerome Dennis Bailey 

Mr Ricky Lynn Bailey 

Mr lohn Mark Baker 

Mr William Glenwood Baker 

Ms, Avie Caroline Banlovits 

Mrs, Dorothy Mattox Baxley 

Mr. Douglas Frank Beamer 

Ms, Marci Kathryn Behrend 

Mrs Lisa Moon Bernalowicz 

Mrs, loan G, L. Blancbard 

Mrs Vanessa Caid Bowen 

Ms, Sherri Dawn Branch 

Mr Charles Lawrence Brandenburg 

Ms. Patricia Lillian Bnnkley 

Ms, Patricia Ann Brodie 

Ms, Susan Lee Burleson 

Ms, Martha Ann Callas 

Ms, Toni Cay Callis 

Mr Charles Frank Campbell. |r, 

.Mrs, Catherine Lederle Carr 

iMrs. Gina Pitrone Carter 

Mrs. Allison Wagner Chambers 

Mr Craig Forrest Chnsmon 

Mrs. Lisa Barbee Church 

Mr. J. Randal Clapp 

Ms, Sharon Elizabeth Cox 

Mrs, Stephanie Hampton Credle 

Mrs Margaret Frye Creech 

Mr. Charles Dean Crenshaw, |r 

Mrs, Terrell Dorsey Dallon 

Ms. Efthemia Dascalakis 

Mr. Robert Eugene Davenport 

Mr. Dwight Donald Dawson 

Mr David Michael Dean 

Mr, D Kenneth Dimock 

Mrs. Susan Love Dimock 

Mr. Robert Wayne Dodd 

Mrs Lisa Adams Duncan 

Mrs, Ingrid Neill Ebert 

Mr. Keith Anthony Ebert 

Mr. Ronald Raymond Ehrhardt, Jr 

Mr. John Henry Falkner, III 

Mrs. Teresa Anne Farrish 

Mrs Janice Watlington Faulk 

Mr, Walter Edward Fisher. Jr. 

Mrs, Kelley Loughlin France 

Mr. Billy Thomas Freeman, II 

Ms, Margaret Mary Fry 

Mr. Joseph Francis Garbarino, jr 

Mr. Bradley Keith Carren 

Mrs Audrey Tunstall Godwin 

Mr Mitchell Allen Goldberg 

Mr. Thomas Charles Green, Jr. 

Mrs Martha Cagle Griswold 

Mr. William Joseph Griswold, Jr. 

Ms. Cayle Dawn Haas 

Mrs Kellie Davis Hales 

Mrs Martha Burge Haley 

Mr Robert Ellsworth Haley 

Mr. Vernon Charles Hallis 

Ms Joy Anna Hamilton 

Mrs Melinda Mebane Hatchell 

Ms, Cherie Anne Hawkins 

Mr, George Richard Dorsey 

Hedrick, Jr, 
Mr, Keith Paul Henshaw 
Mr, lohn Hitch 
CPT Hampton Edward Hite 
Mr, Rodney Phillip Holland 
Mr Jeffrey Taylor Hollandsworth 
Mrs, Deborah Guthrie Holt 
Ms Mary Elizabeth Honeycutt 
Mrs. Melody Lewis Honeycutt 
Mr David Samuel Hornaday 
Ms Cynthia Lynne Howard 
Mr Steven Anthony Humphrey 
Mrs Carmen Hill Hussey 
Mrs. Laurie Lewis Ingold 
Mr, Milnor Price Jones. Jr, 
Ms Joan Marie Joram 
Ms Audrey Lee Josey 
Mr Keith Holmes Joyner 
Mrs Cindy Miller King 
Mr, Frank Chaplain Kiser 
Mrs Sandra Beach Lawrence 
Ms. Nancy Rose Stainback Lee 
Mr. lames Thomas Love 
Rev, Samuel White Loy 
Ms. Kim Annette Madren 
Mrs. Saundra Hoffner Magee 
Mr Thomas L, Mapp 
Mr, Edward Lewis Marks, IV 
Ms, Elizabeth Lee Martin 

Ms, Tracy Ellen Mebane 

Mr Philip Sidney Melton 

Mr. William Timothy Miles 

Mrs, Claire Campbell Moody 

Mrs Tina Citty Moore 

Mr. Patrick Robert Neal 

Mr Frank Ryland Neely 

Rev Milford Tillman Oswald, Jr 

Mr, Roger Marshall Palmer 

Mr William Francis Paradise, Jr. 

Mr. Randall Edward Parsons 

Mr. Donald Wayne Pegg 

Mr. Richard Anthony Pender 

Ms. Robin Poole 

Mrs, Dana Few Pope 

Mrs, lenny Snook Price 

Mr Victor Halbert Pugh 

Mf, J, Kelly Pyle 

Mr Gary Simpson Ray 

Mr Charles Lee Richardson 

Mrs. Cheryl Ann Smith RiHel 

Mr- Kevin Michael Riley 

Mr Kevin John Robinson 

Mrs. Katherine Cole Rushin 

Ms. Anne M Saleeby 

Mr, Timothy Nelson Sartini 

Mrs Constance Nelson Sarvis 

Ms. Linda Jenkins Schaefer 

Mr Stephen Francis 

Sc hue ken brock 
Mrs, Virginia Davis Schwartz 
Mr Kendall Ernest Sellers 
Mr, Timothy Blake Shaw 
Mrs, Charlotte Wilson Sipe 
Mr, George Fabin Smith, Jr 
Mrs. Kay McLaunn Smith 
Mrs Sharyn Olsen Soderlund 
Mr. Richard Alan Steele 
Mr. lames Scott Stevenson 
Mrs. Patficia Ives Stevenson 
Ms. Anne Calvert Storey 
Mr. Ross Edward Strange, |r, 
Mr, Eric Clifford Strimple 
Ms. Julie Ann Sullivan 
Mr, Mark Alan Tanhauser 
Mr Michael Andrew Tate 
Mr, Michael Anson Teachey 
Mr Keith Best Thomas 
Mf. Reggie Franklin Tice 
Mr, Ernest Laulu Tootoo 
Mrs Karen Senne Tootoo 

Mr Harold Lewis Cole. Ill 

Mr Kenneth Alan Comer 

Ms. Tamara Jeannette Cook 

Mrs. Regina Whetzel Corcoran 

Ms Lisa Jo Crawford 

LT Ira Otto Credle 

Mrs. Tracy Murray Crowder 

Mr, Timothy James Daly 

Ms. Kimberly Elaine Daniel 

Mr Steven Curtis Danielson 

Mr Andrew Martin Davis 

Mr Robert Halstead Deford, III 

Ms Stephanie Dawn Denby 

Ms, Kimberly Lynn Dorsett 

Mr Dueward Rivers Edwards, Jr, 

Mr, Richard Junior Fain 

Mrs, Elizabeth Beverage Falkner 

Mr Charles Fuller Fambrough 

Mr, Harris Demar Faulk 

Ms, Lucille Anne Finnegan 

Mrs, Robin Hinton Fisher 

Mr Morgan Michael France, Jr, 

Mrs. Jeanna Collier Frye 

Ms, Martha Anne Frye 

Mrs, Deirdre Dartene Fuller 

Ms, Pamela Marie Gaddis 

LT David Alan Candy 

Mr. James Herbert Gardner, II 

Mr Garry Philip Gates 

Ms Janet Dewitt Glass 

Mr. Michael Warren Coins 

Mrs Jean Sembach Goodman 

Mr. James C. Harrill, Jr, 

Mr, John C. Hasty, Jr, 

Mr Harold Websier Hill 

Mrs Michelle Feroe Hill 

Mr, Donnie Hinnant 

MfS. Stuart Ellis Holland 

Mrs Robin Reaves Horner 

Mr, Scott Cullom Howell 

Ms Pamela lean Jacobs 

Mr Peter Mark James 

Mr Douglas Edward Janssen 

Mr. Brian Raymond Johnson 

Ms, Lisa Carolyn Johnston 

Ms Deborah Leigh lones 

Mr, Robert Calhoun [ordan. III 

Mr, Frank Scott Kellam 

Mr, Roy Doyle Kimmins. |r 

Mr. W, Marshall Kirby 

Mr, Norman Edward Kirtland, III 

Tu/o Eton graduates have been named i^.C. Teacher 
of the YeaT in the past five year5— Donna Hill 
Oliver '72 and Lijida Benson Lee '65. 

Ms Tracy Lee Trii 
Mf, Edward Otto Tuck, If 
Mr Dan Wilson Uzzle, 111 
Mrs, Kimberly Oakley Vaughan 
Mr, Clayton Alfred Vaught, Jr 
Mr. John M VesI 
Ms, Brenda Robin Waldrep 
Mrs Karen Malinda Wall 
Mrs Sybil Blackmon Walters 
Mr William Hunt Ward 
Mrs, Apryl Mornson Watkins 
Mr. Keith Warren Wells 
Mrs, Anna Webb Wheeless 
Ms, Donna Lynn Whitfield 
Mrs, Elizabeth Vance Whitley 
Ms Anne Kathryn Widman 
Mr Aubrey Michael Wilkerson 
Mrs Beverly Magness Wood 
Mr Christopher Dale Worst 
Mr Nick Stavros Zangoisis 

Class of 1983 
39% Participation 

s Sonya Power Alcon 

, Richard Eugene Alexander 

. lames Vance Allen. Ill 

s, Linda Thiel Allison 

s, Billie lean Richards Allmond 

■ John Stewart Augustine 
s Cindy Koger Baker 

■ Richard Alan Barnhardt 

■ I Michael Bennett 

■. Philip William Benton 

■ Anthony Daniel Berafdi 
s Bonnie Barnes Block 

i Lojuanna Lynn Blue 

■ Robert Wayne Boles 

' Jeffrey Mangum Bowland 

rs Marcia Wilcox Brandon 

r. loseph Clarence Braswel! 

v Lisa Brown Briggs 

r Billy Ray Brown 

r. Michael Billy Brown 

r Robert Wayne Bryant 

lames Edward Bula 
i Ann Rawls Bullard 
s, Michelle Elaine Bullock 
s. Patricia Ann Syrd 
s. Kyle Anita Campbell 
s. Lisa Anne Cannaday 
rs. Kimberly Aaron Cardwell 
s. Wanda Sue Carter 
r Wade Hampton Cheek, Jr. 
r. James R. Clendenen 
r. Gregory Eugene Cockerham 

Mr, Robert Lee Knight 

Mr. John Ovington Landis 

Mr, David Graves Leedy 

Mr. John Clayton Lester 

Mr Francis Wilson Lewis, Jr. 

Mr, lack Rogers Lindley. Jr. 

Ms. Pheobe Louise Lindley 

Mrs. Susan Pratt Lindley 

Ms Linda Pope Lloyd 

Mr Robert Francis Loher 

Mr, J Shelton Long 

Ms. Alyssa Mane Lovell 

Mr, Thomas Edward Lynch, Jr 

Mrs, Lisa Perriccio Malay 

Ms, Greta Jeanne Marrow 

Mr Terry Charles Martin 

Mr. Dale Thomas Massey 

Mf, David Stephenson Massey 

Mr Gary Francis Mathey 

Mr Brandon Douglas May 

Mr. Kevin Michael McCauley 

Mr. Eric Lawrence McDonnell 

Mr, John Godfrey Merkel. IV 

Mr Karl James Metzgar 

Mr, Jeffrey Scon Michel 

Mr Andrew Kent Midgette 

Mr Richard Hazen Miller 

Ms. Teresa Rudy Miller 

Ms, Beverly Frances Miniter 

Mr. F Ramie Mize 

Mr. Emmett Fulcher Montgomery 

Mr, Mark Edward Moore 

Mrs. Pamela Filippelli Morris 

Mrs, Susan Connor Moss 

Mr, Ralph Otto Mueller 

Mf, Charles Aaron Nance 

Mr. A Parker Neff. )r, 

Mr William Jefferson Nelson 

Ms Joyce Ann Newman 

Mr. Michael Duke O'Brien 

Ms Tammy Sue Offenbacker 

Mrs lanine Meding Osborne 

Mr Anthony Vincent Parkinson 

Mr William Jay Pennington 

Mr Alan O'Neil Peters 

Mrs. Stephanie Coates Pif>er 

Mr Kendall Lee Porterfield 

Mrs. Ellen Holland Price 

Mr Allen Donald Pritchard 

Mrs. Kathaline Daughlry Pnlchard 

Mr Mark loseph Reardon 

Mrs Patricia Lynne Flythe Rhodes 

Mr Stephen Charles Rickard 

Mrs. Judith Sianfield Rodgers 

Mr Michael Edward Romesburg 

Mr Michael Edwin Ross 

Mrs Deborah Barber Satterfield 

Mr Gregory Dean Scott 

Ms, Edith Allison Shell 

Page 16 1985-86 Honor Roil of Donors 

Mfs Mary Waison Silver 

Mr. David Reid Smilh 

Mn Mary While Snapp 

Ml lamei Kerth Stallingj 

Ms Donna Marie Slone 

Mr lack Dempsey Stone, Jr 

Mr Owen Ken Sludl 

Mf Robert Whinmgion Sugg, |r 

Mi. Elisabeth Leigh Suiter 

Ms. (anet Rebecca Suiter 

Mr. lames Raymond Sutton 

Mr. Roy Michael Sykes 

Mr Daniel Ooak Talley IV 

Mrs, Suzanne Folk Tanhauser 

Ms. Ann Ashley Taylor 

Mr J. Blair Thompson 

Mrs. Cynthia Northinglon Towery 

Ms. Laura Harmon Tuck 

Ms. E. Kyle Tyner 

Ms. Julie Ann Vogelsang 

Ms. Teresa Ann Warren 

Mr. Kenneth Berrian Wheeler 

Ms. Karen Louise Wheelock 

Mrs. Dale Saunders While 

Ms. Ann Taylor Wickham 

Mr. John Albert Wieland, |r. 

Mrs. Chelsea Tronler Wiles 

Mrs. Linda Lloyd Wills 

Mrs. Katnna Hilliard Windsor 

Mrs. Karen Floyd Worst 

Mr Forrest James Wrenn. Ill 

Mrs, Karen Williams Young 

Ms. Terrie lean Young 

Class of T984 
41% Participation 

Mr. Adel Ali H, Alhassoon 
Mrs. Tammy Bowers Andrew 
Mr. William Cole Andrew 
Mr. Michael Douglas Avent, Jr 
Ms. lanel Lynn Azzarelli 
Mrs. Tanya Brown Badgen 
Mr. John Thomas Bangley 
Mr Chrislopher Eugene Bauman 
Ms. |o Anne Bell 
Ms. Doris Vohn Beiser 
Mr Ronald Lee Booker 
Mr. Frederick Albert Bowers, Jr 
Miss Cheryl Ann Bowling 
Ms, Palricia Lynn Brammer 
Mr Mark David Brelsford 
Mr. Scott Odell Butt 
Mr James Carllon Bullard 
Ms Angela Dalise Burnerte 
Mr. Keilh Edwin Burns 
Mrs. Roberta Eller Byrd 
Mr Timothy Wayne Byrd 
Ms. Anne Elizabeth Campbell 
Mr. limmy Lee Carter 
Ms Tamra Leigh Cash 
Ms Cheryl Denise Cheek 
Mrs. Julie Jordan Chenaull 
Ms, Michele Mane Clavdon 
Mr. Timothy Ray Clayton 
Mr. Fred Wendell Cole 
Ms Lisa Caye Coleman 
Mr Kenneth L. Colvin 
Mrs Sandra Tnpp Cook 
Ms Renate Ann Costner 
Mr Barry Gene Cox 
Mr Orval Cliftord Cox, jr. 
Mr Patrick Keith Cozart 
Mr Kelly Stone Crissman 
Mr Bryan David Crook 
Mr I Christopher Dashielt 
Mr Robert Lewis Davis, Jr 
Mr Andrew Z, Day, Jr. 
Mrs Ellen Ceesey Dean 
Mr Mark Arthur Dennis 
Mr. Hiram Thomas Dillon 
Mr Norman Kenneth Dobbins, Jr 
Ms Rebecca Aileen Dollivet 
Mr James Frederick Donnelly 
Mr William Jefferson Evans 
Ms. Pamela Jean Evelyn 
Ms Martha Carter Fischer 
Ms Suzanne Carol Fishel 
'Mr John Franklin Filchetl, til 
Rev David Eugene Fleming 
Mr. Mitchell Scott Flinchum 
Ms Sharon Kay Foster 
Ms. Nancy Lee Fox 
Ms, Martha Cray Franklin 
Mrs. Patricia Eaker Frazier 
Mr, Daniel Lee Fuirell 
Ms. Valerie Kay Caddy 
Mrs. Julie Fulgham Calleher 
Mr. John Anihony Ceary 
Ms Lucy loan Cenova 
Mr. Mark Alexander Cilleskie 
Mr, Thaddeus Cheatham 

Goodrich. )r 
Mr. |. Bryan Criswold 
Ms. Lynn Burton Haizlip 
Mrs. Lori Wood Hall 
Mr Will-am Edward Hall, |r. 
Mr, Baxter Howard Hammer 
Mr Kevin Avery Hand 
Mrs, Linda Beisner Hand 
Ms, Karen, Faye Harris 
Mr lulian Randolph Harrison, til 
Mr Paul Joseph Haviland 
Mr, Anthony )oseph Hawa 

Mr, Stephen Lamer Hester 

Mr. Charles leffrey Hoffman 

Mr. Lanlz Ray Holland 

Mrs. Sylena Allen Hollar 

Ms. Susan Claire Hughes 

Ms. Tammy Lynnette Jackson 

Mr. Milchetl Frederick Jacobs 

Mrs, Linda Yeaman Jermyn 

Mrs, Catherine lones Johnson 

Ms Terry Benson Johnson 

Ms B Carter Jones 

Mr. Jerry Conner Jones 

Mrs Cindy Kerr Jordan 

Mr, Mark Windsor Kemp 

Mr Robert Dean Kemp 

Mr Michael Robert King 

Mr, Thomas Ervin Kinney, "■ 

Ms. Leah Langus Kivetl 

Mr, Floyd Latayene Knight, III 

Mr, Michael Lawrence Krai 

Mr. Mark Steven Landschoot 

Mr lohn Peter Lechman.k 

Mrs Oawne Forbis Lee 

Mr. Wade Brent Lemons 

Mrs Langley Hinchee Lester 

LT Cecil Thomas Lewis, III 

Mr Peler Robert Lineberger 

Mr Timothy Jay Lmeberry 

Mr Kenneth David Lipstein 

Ms. Amy Macdonald 

Ms. Evelyn Frances Martin 

Mr. Michael Eric Martin 

Mr. Steven John Martz 

Ms. Angela Mane May 

Mrs. Marcelta Zint McAdams 

Mr. Andrew Edward McCandless 

Mr. Kenneth Richard McCorkle 

Mrs. Donna Harrell Mclntyre 

Mr. Raymond Todd Mclntyre 

Mr Christopher Deo McKaig 

Mrs. Beverly Boal McLean 

Ms. Barbara Ann McMullen 

Ms. Diane Elizabeth McSheehy 

Ms Lori Lynn Mills 

Mrs. Linda Terrell Mitchell 

Ms Teal Darlene Moffett 

Mr. Barry Davis Moore 

Ms. Cindy Maranda Morns 

Mr. Robert George Morrison 

Ms. Lorie Ann Murray 

Mr. Mark Anihony Noell 

Mr. R. Douglas Norwood 

Ms Pamela Harris Overstreet 

Mr. George Robert Page 

Mrs Wythene Conyers Palmer 

Mrs. Oebra Watls Panon 

Mr James Albin Paul III 

Mr. William James Pennington 

Ms. Belinda Dean Peoples 

Ms. Jane Scott Pillow 

Mr Anthony J. Prizzi 

Mr Arthur Woolford Raine, Jr 

Mrs. Diane Holcomb Raine 

Mr David Ray Redden 

Mr D, Scott Reynolds 

Ms Nancy Jean Robinson 

Mr, Carry Earl Rogers 

Mrs. Jenny Fruechtemeyer Rogers 

Mr Emmett Raoul Rushin. Ill 

Mr Harry Stephen Schwartz, Jr. 

Mr John Russell Scott 

Mr. Thaddious Berkley Sitterson, III 

Mrs. lody Robbins Smart 

Mr Robert Tyson Smart 

Mr Harold Gwyn Smith 

Mrs Cheryl Ryan Stiller 

Mrs Donna Franklin Strickland 

Mr. Richard Floyd Strickland 

Mr Robert Thomas Sirong. Jr. 

Mr. John David Tale 

Ms Georgette Frances Theobald 

Mr Stanley Auina Tootoo 

Mr Anihony Raynafdo Turner 

Mrs, Patricia Evelyn Vest 

Mr Robert Ronald Wagner 

Ms, Tracey Elizabeth Walser 

Ms Megan Beth Walsh 

Mr Huel Hobson Walton. Ill 

Ms Regina Annette Ward 

Mrs. Donna Davis Westbrooks 

Mrs. Barbara Quinn Wheeler 

Mr R Nathan Wiles 

Ms. Cynthia Ann Wright 

Ms, Anne Sheridan Wyatt 

Mr Stephen Craig York 

Ms. Sheila Lynn Young 

Mrs, Margarel Jane Zint 

Class of 1985 
41% Participation 

Mrs. Nancy Marie Stadler Albright 

Ms, Cynthia Clorinda Alston 

Ms. Peggy Mae Alston 

Ms. Mary Anna Anderson 

Mr. W, Richard Anderson 

Mr Kenneth Craig Angel 

Ms, Melanie Sue Artley 

Ms. Patricia Ann Aycock 

Ms. Beverly Yvonne Badger 

Mr. Eric Van Badgen 

Ms. Kimberly Lynn Barren 

Mr Derek Une Bates 

Ms, Kristina Barbara Bauer 

Mr, Frederick Ernest Baxter 

Mr Monroe Patterson Sell 

Ms Emily Lewis Besuden 

Mrs Ruth Anne Barber Blackwell 

Ms Pamela June Blanton 

Mrs Jane May Boone 

Mr William Winhaft Bride. IV 

Mr. John Wesley Brockwell 

Ms, Caria Deana Brown 

Ms April Louise Buck 

Mr Paul Terry Bundy 

Mr Carlton Hall Byrd, III 

Mr James Paul Cahill 

Mrs Susan Cliniecki Carroll 

Ms, Susan Meredith Chakales 

Mr, William Ray Chenault 

Mr Thomas Preslon Brinn Clayton 

Mr Steven Lyie Cobb 

Mr, Claytor Graham Coleman. Ill 

Mr Bradley Boyd Comer 

Mr, Michael Eric Conger 

Mr. lames Ennis Conlon 

Mr, Robert Carlson Cornell 

Mrs Cathy Waldfup Cowan 

Mrs. Melanie Hippert Con 

Ms Sandra Mane Coyle 

Mr, Thomas Edward Crabbs 

Mr, David Robert Crafton 

Mrs. Melinda Brown Crafton 

Mrs Susan Overbey Davidson 

Mr, William Martin Davidson 

Ms Rose Mane Davis 

Mr Bobby Ray Dawson 

Mrs, Julie Federchuck Dawson 

Mr. Ronald Jan Degroot 

Ms. Jane Carolyn Dickenson 

Mr. Charles Frederick Oiehl 

Ms Denise Dilzler 

Ms Karen Renee Drake 

Ms. Lee Ann Dufief 

Mrs. Penny Rosser Duncan 

Mr. Bradley Joseph Duplicki 

Mr. William Edward Eckard 

Mr. James Emmette Epperson, III 

Mrs. Christina Quad Fairdoth 

Ms Joanna Winstead Fambrough 

Mr Gregory James Farina 

Mr Scon Aaron Faxon 

Mr, Robert Edward Fikac 

Mr. Sean Thomas FJanagan 

Mr M, Huntley Calleher 

Ms. Beth Hopkins Callo 

Mrs Kelley OTerrell Garbarino 

Ms Jennifer Evalyn Gardner 

Mr Peter Michael Giovine 

Ms Cynthia Weston Coode 

Mr Kevin Harrington Cray 

Ms. Heidi Frances Gross 

Mr David Larkin Harman 

Mr Michael Albert Harrelson 

Mr Stephen Craig Harris 

Mr, Israel Abel Hernandez 

Mrs, Susan Waff Hernandez 

Ms, Amy Margarel Hernck 

Mr, John Hardy High. Jr 

Mrs. Jamie Arey Hinshaw 

Mr, Deryl Burdon Holliday, Jr. 

Ms, Lucille Paion Holt 

Ms Marilyn Holt 

Ms. Lori Melissa Horton 

Mrs. Elizabeth Waterfield Hubbard 

Mrs. Teresa Rice Hudson 

Mr, Joel Warren Huffstetler 

Ms, Kelli Eileen Ihnken 

Ms. Agnes Hunter Janney 

Mr Edward Carlton Jarran, Jr, 

Ms. Sherry Ann Jarrell 

Mr David Norfleet lernigan 

Mr, William Manhew Jessup 

Mr Leon Little Jones 

Ms. V. Karen Jones 

Mr. Stephen Paul Kallop 

Ms. Robin Leigh Keller 

Ms. Nancy Ann Keziah 

Ms. Kay Marie Kirkland 

Ms, Beth Ann Kotoski 

Mr Ronald John Kruppa 

Ms. Rebecca Wellons Latane 

Ms. Cynthia Darlene Lawson 

Ms Lisa Ann Lealherman 

Mr James Preston Lee 

Ms. Louisa Stratford Legwin 

Mr Lane Edward Liwengood 

Ms, Karen Lynne Long 

Mr, Randall Floyd Long 

Mf Brady Michael Lowder 

Mr, Coy Edward Mabe 

Mr Roger Warren March 

Mrs Annette Picken Marks 

Mr, Andrew Murray McCann 

Ms. Nancy Jane Mela 

Mr, Melvm Jacob Mellon 

Mr. David Lee Miller 

Mr. Jeffrey Edward Minner 

Ms. Kimberly Marie Morehouse 

Ms Nancy Sue Moreton 

Mr David Harper Morris 

Mr. Francis Lide Morris 

Mr, Lynn Maurice Morton 

Mr Stephen Joseph Motlola 

Ms Dana Palncia Murray 

Ms. Knstina Lee Myers 

Mr, Michael Joseph Nun 

Mr Timothy Rema Oates 

Ms. Michelle Palumbo 

Mrs. Gregg Winn Pappendick 

Ms. Mary Elizabeth Parrott 

Mr, Stephen Edgar Petersen 

Mr. J. Kevin PIckard 

Ms. Janel Marie Porter 
Ms Nancy Carol Potts 
Mr. Wade Junior Powell 
Mrs. Rebecca Finley Presnell 
Ms. Elizabeth Cassandra Pndgen 
Ms. Carolyn Annette Pryor 
Ms Gabnella Theresa Purvance 
Mrs. Tammy Franklin Qambar 
Mr lames Floyd Reagan. Jr 
Mrs. Sharon Apple Reardon 
Ms. Penny Lynn Reeves 
Ms. Elizabeth Anne Reynolds 

Mr Stephen Adams Cowherd 

Mr, Robert Willis Coyner. Jr 

Mr, Stuart Lee Cozort, III 

Mr lohn Phillip Crawford 

Ms, Denise Marie Cummings 

Mr, Jeffrey Randolt Daniel 

Mr Jonathan Orr Davis 

Mr Clenwood A Day 

Ms. Deborah Marie Demaslers 

Mr Kevin Lee Dillon 

Mr. Chris G. Dockrill 

Mr. Donald Marken Doster 

Applications to Eton have increased by 40 percent 
over two years and SAT scores have risen 60 points. 

r. Louis Michael Riccio, Jr. 
rs- Penny Thomas Riccio 
> Deirdre Yveite Richardson 

r, Darryl Bruce Robinson 

r, Eric lames Sabin 

r Steven O'Neal Sabol 

rs, Debra Daoner Sapp 

r, lohn Homer Sapp 

rs Karen Isaacson Schwab 

rs Elizabeth Persinger Scoti 

rs Elizabeth Burroughs Sellers 

i Pamela Blake SeHew 

■s Lisa Nelson Shannon 

's. Tracy Moore Shaw 

r Van Worth Shaw, |r. 

' David Foster Shoe 

■s. Elizabeth Miller Sholar 

■ Jackie Ray Simmons, II 
■s. Lisa Lowe Simmons 

i. Elizabeth Graham Smith 
i. Laura Elizabeth Smith 
■s Sheila Bailey Smith 
■. Thomas Everett Smith 

■ Charles Edward Snowden 
i Sumer E Sorrell 

■, Scott Robert Spada 
;. Anne Elizabeth Spaniol 
i Laurie Ann Stevenson 
■. Earl Donald Strautz, Jr, 
■s. Betty Anderson-Strickland 
i. Maureen Bailey Sweeney 
■. Terrence Oliveri Teramo 

■ Daniel George Thompson 
;. Elizabeth Kibby Thompson 

■s. Elizabeth Durham Thornburj 

:. Judith Anne Coates Tunney 

i. Jennifer Kay Wade 

s Donna Graves Walton 

. Michael Carson Ward 

,, Sherri Lynn Ward 

■ Patricia Margaret Warren 
Robert F. Warren, III 
James Scott Watson 
Charles Stephen Welch, M 

, Karen Jean Welzant 

Jere Marion White 
. William Edwin Wilkinson, |r, 
, Robert W, Williams 
, Stephen Brown Winfield 

Scott David Wolter 
, Christopher Lewis Wrenn 

Gregory Alan Wright 
,. Mary Delia Yates 
. Oscar Joseph Zeller. II 

Class of 1986 

Ms, Ellen Gail Abelman 

Ms Deborah Lynne Adams 

Mr Andrew Ridgeway Appel 

Ms. Shirley Ann Arnold 

Mrs Kathleen Harms Bangley 

Mr Kevin Noel Barrow 

Ms. Donna Michelle Benton 

Ms. Kimberly Ann Benton 

Mr, Donald Wayne Bickley 

Ms, Jeannine Carol Bivins 

Ms, Susan Rachel Borrelli 

Mr, Joseph Linwood Bradshaw 

Ms. Laura Elizabeth Braswell 

Mr, Michael Stanley Brodowicz 

Mr, Geoffrey Hamet Browne 

Ms Victoria Louise Browning 

Ms Hunter Renae Bulls 

Ms lulia Moore Burchette 

Ms, Lori Denise Burgart 

Ms Lisa Dee Burton 

Ms. Frances Ann Caccamo 

Mr, Brent Howard Cade 

Mr Christopher Joseph Cahill 

Mr Peter Clark Carlson 

Mr. Michael Howard Chaney 

Mr. Aaron David Chatkin 

Ms Robin Lynne Clark 

Mr. Joseph Charles Coco 

Mr William Sydnor CoHman 

Ms, Beih Ann Cogan 

Mrs. Margarel O'Connor Cole 

Mr. Thomas Baird Cole 

Mr David Fred Compton 

Miss Kelendra Lee Cone 

Mr. Edward Lee Cook, Jr 

Mf. Todd Andrew Corben 

Ms. Tonya Tyrice Core • 

Mr. William Burleigh Courtney, |r, 

Mr. Raymond Paul Covington 

Mr. Thomas Lee Covington 

Mr. Jeffrey Allen Downs 

Mr. Robert Terry Drakeford 

Mr. John Anthony Driscoll 

Ms. Sonya Renee Dunn 

Ms. Alice Najanan Essen 

Ms. Allison Leigh Huni Ester 

Mrs. Nancy N, Evans 

Ms. Susan Lee Farrington 

Mr, Michael Franklin Ferguson 

Mrs Frances Waters Fikac 

Mr, Michael Alan Fitzgerald 

Ms, Robin Adams Fitzgerald 

Mr. Sidney Lester Flake, |r 

Ms, Sara Marcella Furr 

Mr, William Ayres Calbraith. Ill 

Mrs. Laura Wheless Gallimore 

Mr, George Washington Hager, Jr. 

Mr. Stanley Kirk Haley 

Mr, David Wayne Hall 

Mr. William Andrew Hall 

Mr, Craig Allen Hallman 

Ms. lulie Edwina Hanford 

Ms, Melissa Layne Hargrove 

Mr. Tad Wrenn Helmstetler 

Mr George Smitheman Heston, II 

Mr, Roger Neal Hinshaw 

Ms Brenda Sue Hodges 

Mf. Frank Eugene Isley 

Mr Douglas Mactarland lermyn 

Mr Thomas Christopher lessee 

Ms. Marsha Gail lohnson 

Ms. Mary Margaret Kain 

Mrs. Hope Newman Kemp 

Ms Jane Blanton Kidwell 

Mr. Brian Eugene KiveCt 

Mr, John E, Krahe 

Ms. Kathryn Adams Lackey 

Ms, Lori Jane Lanphear 

Ms, Maria Lloyd 

Mr Mark E Long 

Ms, Carolyn Ruth Lowry 

Mr. Jonathan Charles Ludolt 

Mr John Emmen Luimski 

Mr. John Worth Lynn, Jr. 

Mr, Robert William Manners. Jr 

Ms Betsy Cook Markley 

Mr Carroll Lee Marshall, III 

Mr. Christopher Robert Martin 

Mr lay Ransom Massengill 

Mrs Virginia Dianne Mazur 

Mr, Donald Jay McCauley 

Ms Jane A. McMillen 

Mr. Marcell Anihony Miller 

Mr. John Herbert Moorefield 

Mr. Robert Anihony Morabito 

Mr. John Robert Moser 

Mr, lames Francis Murphy, III 

Ms. Sally Annene Murphy 

Ms, Lynne Elizabeth Stewart 

Mr Scon Carlyle Oliver 
Mr, Thomas Whaley Phillips 
Ms, Rosemary Complon Porter 
Ms, Tammy Ann Pugh 
Mr Paul Christopher Purdy 
Ms. Karen Adrienna Raneray 
Mr. Robert Alexander Rhoades 
Mr. Larry Alan Rhodes 
Mr. Bruce Thomas Robson 
Mr, Mitchell Wayne Ryan 
Ms. Theresa Jane Sandell 
Mr Edward L. Sanerfield 
Ms. Kathryn Dru Sears 
Mr Nelson Rush Sherman 
Ms. Katherine Lynn Shober 
Mf lohn Chfislopber Short 
Ms Margarel Melissa Sizemore 
Mr. Jeffrey Lamar Smiih 
Ms, lynne Colene Smith 
Mr. John Frank Smilh, Jr. 
Ms, Anena L. Stadler 
Mr William Michael Stanley 
Mr Michael William Storck 
Ms. Kimberly Beth Strickland 
Ms. Macie Marie Suddaby 
Mr. Keith Edward Swim 
Mr, Dwayne Edward Tale 
Mr lay Darrell Thomas 
Ms, Jodi Kay Strama Thomas 
Mr. William Henry Thompson, |r, 
Mr Finley McFarland Thompson, |f. 
Ms Elizabeth Holden Vanderburg 
Ms, Chrisie George Vlahos 
Mr. Anihony Ernst Weiden 
Ms, Cheryl Rhyne Whitesell 
Mr Bennen Clarke Whillock. Ill 
Ms. Sylvia Annene Williamson 
Mr. James Kirby Willis, Jr. 
Ms. Suzanne Adams Wilson 

1985-86 Honor Roll of Donors Page 17 

Ms. Linda Lee Winslow 
Mr. David Charles Wintringham 
M( Cregofv Douglas Woodle 
Mr Donald A, Worsley. N 
Mf. Waller Cecil Worsley, Ml 
Mi Elizabeth Anne Younger 


Dr. Iimmie Agnew 

Mr. Mark R. Albenson 

Mrs Ar>drea H Alberison 

Mr, J Wesley Alexander 

Mrs. Lorraine McPherson Allen 

Mr. lay Allred 

Dr, Andrew )ohn Angyal 

Dr Thomas Arcaro 

Dr Malvin N. Arlley 

Mr. David L, Atkins 

Mr Stephen lay Ballard 

Mr William H, Barbee 

Mr larry E Barnes 

Dr. Laurence A. Basinco 

Mr C, Conway Baylitf, |r. 

Miss Eloise flaynes 

Dr Barry Bernard Beedle 

Mrs. Benie S Belvin 

Ms. Laura lean Bennett 

Mr, W lennings Berry, |r 

Mrs Lydia I Berry 

Dr Thomas M. Beverage 

Mrs Elaine H. Bingenheimer 

Of Roben C Blake 

Dr Robed Lamar Bland 

Mrs. Linda Adams Bland 

Ms. Marsha Ann Boone 

Mr Barry Aubrey Bradberry 

Mr Joseph Linwood Bradshaw 

Dr David A Btagg 

Estate Of Mary C Bntlain 

Mr, Herman Brock 

Dr Wesley C Brogan 

Dr lame P Brown 

M/Sgt Charles L, Browning 
Mrs. Ann Stewart Butler 

Or Michael L Calhoun 

Mrs Evelyn S. Campbell 

Mr. Lonnie Mack Carden 

Mrs Karen Reider Garden 

Mrs. Fleta H. Carmen 

Mr J. Albert Carpenter 

Mrs Anne M Cassebaum 

Dr D Brooks Cates 

Dr, Carole F, Chase 

Of Paol H Cheek 

Mrs Ruth L Cheek 

Mrs. Thelma H. Cheek 

Mrs, Terrell W. Cofield 

Mrs. Marilyn E. CoHms 

Dr George A Coltrane 

Mrs. Faye Danieley Gonally 

Mrs. (anie E. Council 

Mrs Betty Covington 

Mr Raymond Paul Covington 

Mrs Barbara F, Co« 

Mr lames C. Crew 

Dr David M Crowe, Jr 

Mr Edwin L. Daniel 

Dr lames Earl Danieley 

Dr Roben W Delp 

Mrs. Faye Y. Dennis 

Mrs Donna Sue DeWoody 

Mr Donald Marken Dosier 

Mr Mac Driver 

Mrs. Vivian Dula 

Mrs. Helen H. EuliSS 

Of. Arland W. EyI, |r, 

Mrs. lane M Ferrell 

Mr Hugh M. Fields 

Ms. Cayle Ann Fishel 

Mrs. Donna C. Fitchett 

Mrs. lane Thompson Fowler 

Dr. Gerald L. Francis 

Mrs, Ellen F. Gagnon 

Dr. Paul L. Caskill 

Mrs. Betty K, Cerow 

Dr Russell B. Gill 

Mrs Dons Clapp Gilliam 

Or Seena A Cranowsky 

Ms Betty Greene 

Mrs. Dorothy C, Hamby 

Mr Kenneth L Harper 

Mrs. Lou foster Harper 

Of E Franklin Harris 

Dr. Nancy E. Harris 

Mrs. Rebecca Harris 

Mrs. Kathryn Straney Hatley 

Mrs. Pfiscilla L Haworth 

Dr Richard C Haworth 
Dr Thomas S Henricks 

Mrs, ludy S Henricks 

Mr, lohn C. Herold 

Dr. Howard R Higgs 

Mr. Kevin Bryant Holland 

Mrs, lerri Holloway 

Mrs. Cheryl Thompson Holt 

Mrs. Rachel Youngblood Holt 

Dr. Herben W House, |f 

Mrs. Rebecca Olive House 

Mr. Harry L. Howren 

Mrs, Karen L Hughes 

Dr- Alfred W Hurst 

Mr. S. Carlysle Isley 

Mrs. Margaret B |obe 

Mr. lames E lohnson 

Mr Charles Rick Jones 

Mr Plummer Alston |ones, |r, 

CFT Walter C loyce, |r 

Mrs Connie L. Keller 

Mr. Ralph W. Kerns 

Mrs Pamela Myers Kiser 

Mr Ronald A. Klepcyk 

Mrs. Susan C. Klopman 

Mrs. Emma D. Lewis 

Mr Michael T. Lewis 

Dr. lohn D. Loflin 

Mr. William G. long 

Mrs. Frances Cochrane Longest 

Dr Ernest | Lunstord 

Dr. Kaihy |. Lyday-lee 

Or. Helen H Mackay 

Mrs Betty lames Maness 

Ms. Dons L, Maney 

Of. lohn Michael Marr 

Ms, Vickie S, Martin 

Mrs. lacqueline Perry Matlock 

Ms. Angela Marie May 

Rev. Richard W. McBride 

Mr. Larry Bauman McCauley, Sr 

Mrs. Mary Lmdley McCauley 

Dr Robie Wayne McClellan 

Sen. Timothy Hill McDowell 

Mrs. Kathleen M McNamee 

Mr. William F. Migmoulo 

Mr. lohn F Mitchell 

Dr, Eleanor W. MoHen 

Dr lames A. Moncure 

Dr Hugh Reid Montgomery 

Dr C. Fletcher Moore 

Ms Patricia S. Morgan 

Mr. Voigt Friti Morgan 

Mr. T William Morningsiar, |r 

Miss lacquelyn Marie Myers 

Mrs, Louise C Newton 

Mr. William Robert Nowell, III 

Ms Margaret C O Connell 

Mrs. Carol W. Oakley 

Of. E, Eugene Oliver 

Dr lames H Pace 

Mrs Carol S Pace 

Mr Thomas Parham, |r. 

Mrs. Nan P. Perkins 

Dr. lames D Pickens 

Mrs. Susan L. Piepke 

Mrs. Barbara Taylor Plumblee 

Mrs. Lillian Pollock 

Mrs. Sally Powell 

Or Mary Ellen Priestley 

Or S. E. C. Priestley 

Or Brank Proffitt 

Or. R Rao 

Mrs lame Reese 

Or, Rosalind R, Reichard 

Mr Steven C. Reinhartsen 

Mrs. Lela Faye Rich 

Of William C. Rich 

Mrs. lanice Little Richardson 

Mrs Kay M Riddle 

Or Gerardo Rodriguez 

Or Allen B Sanders 

Mrs Susie Bullard Sanford 

Mrs Betsey P. Savage 

Or Martin L Sholzberger 

Dr. Lawrence H. Simon 

Dr Martha Stribling Smith 

Mrs loanne C Soliday 

Mrs loyce E Speas 

Ms Frances Tuttle Stanley 

Mr lames Scott Stevenson 

Dr Durward Turrentine Stokes 

Mrs Lucile C Stone 

Or lohn G Sullivan 

Mrs leanie P. Sutton 

Or George A Taylor 

Mr. William 8 Terrell 

Mrs. Karen Thompson 

Mrs Barbara H. Thornton 

Dr. Thomas K. Tiemann 

Mrs. Martha H. Tingen 

Dr Jerry R, Totley 

Mr. James T. Toney 

Dr George W Troxler 

Dr, Carole W Troxler 

Dr Whitney Grove Vanderwerfl 

Mrs Ann Joyce Vickers 

Or Bruce Norris Waller 

Ms. Sherri Lynn Ward 

Or. Frederic T, Watts, |r. 

Or Linda T. Weavii 

Ms. Teresa Weavii 

Mrs. Jane C. Wellford 

Or Walter A. Westafer 

Or Alan J. White 

Dr. Jack 0. White 

Mrs Ellen B. Williams 

Dr. Jo Watts Williams 

Or Robert B. Williams 

Mr, Kyle Duane Wills 

Ms. Teresa Lynn Wilson 

Or William C. Wood, 11 

Dr Ann M. Woolen 

Dr lames Fred Young 

Mrs Pamela lean McAdoo Young 

Mrs Margaret M^ry Zang 

Dr, Rudolf T Zarzar 

Mr & Mrs- William H. Abbott 

Mr. & Mrs. William R. Abele, |r. 

Mr & Mrs. D- Watson Adcock 

Mr. & Mrs. Edward Adcock 

Mr. & Mrs. William A. Addams 

Mr. & Mrs. William B. C. Addison 

Mr. & Mrs. lames A. Albano, Jr. 

Mr & Mrs James Ray Albright 

Mr & Mrs. John M. Albright 

Mrs. Rita Aleman 

Mr & Mrs. Joseph Alessi 

Mr John R. Alexander 

LTC & Mrs. Robert Alexander 

Mrs. Arlene MouseUe Allen 

Mr & Mrs, Reginald Reade Allen 

Mr Phileman M. Allen 

Mr 4 Mrs Gene Alley 

Mr & Mrs. William H. Allred 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard H. Almquist 

Mr & Mrs. Robert L Amato 

Mr & Mrs lohn J, Ambler 

Mr & Mrs. lames F. Ambrose 

Mrs. Marie Ambrose 

Mr. & Mrs. A. Paul Amesse 

Mr & Mrs. James D Amos 

Mrs Kathleen Anders 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles E. Anderson 

Mr & Mrs. John L. Anderson 

Mr & Mrs Raymond A. Anderson 

Mr & Mrs William W. Anderson 

Mr & Mrs Clarence C. Andrews 

Mr & Mrs Harvey O Andrews 

Mr. & Mrs. James M. Andrews 

Mr & Mrs Charles A Appel 

Mr, & Mrs. Jerry Wayne Apple 

Mr 4 Mrs, Eugene A Arbaugh 

Mr 4 Mrs Stewart S. Arens, Sr 

Mrs. leanene Amick Armour 

Mr 4 Mrs Joseph V Arnold 

Mr, 4 Mrs. Delmer D, Atkinson 

Mr. 4 Mrs, Charles R. Ausherman 

Mr. Hampton L. Austin 

Mr 4 Mrs Michael Douglas Avent, 

Dr 4 Mrs. C R. Ayers 
Mrs. Judith B Ayers 
Mr & Mrs Rex Ayers 
Mr & Mrs Robert A, Ayersman 
Mr I. Peter Bachman 
Mr. & Mrs. W. Bruce Bailey 
Mrs Sallie Murry Baird 
Mr & Mrs Robert N, Baisley 
Mr. Anthony |. Balkus, Jr. 
Mr. & Mrs. Mack R. Ballance 
Mrs Betty M. Ballard 
Mr 4 Mrs- William H Barbee 
Mr 4 Mrs Robert L Barham 
Mr 4 Mrs. Ronald S Barker 
Mr 4 Mrs David Barnard 
Mr 4 Mrs G E Barnes 
Mrs Nancy Barnes 
Mr 4 Mrs Rick Barnes 
Mr 4 Mrs, Allen Barnett 
Mr & Mrs Donald G Barneycastle 
Mr 4 Mrs Gardner S Barren 
Dr. 4 Mrs, Alan K. Barnck 
Mr 4 Mrs Kyle L Barrow 
Mr, 4 Mrs. Edwin M. Barton 
Mr 4 Mrs, lohn K Batchellor. |r 
Mr William H. Batchelor 
Mr. 4 Mrs. |. David Baughn, Sr 
Mr 4 Mrs William C. Bauhof 
Rev 4 Mrs, Henry A Baumann 
COL 4 Mrs. Charles H. Bay 
Mr 4 Mrs |oe C Beam 
Mr 4 Mrs Bobby Beathard 
Mr, 4 Mrs Gilbert P Beckett, Sr 
Or 4 Mrs lames H. Belcher 
Mr 4 Mrs. Dannie Bell 
CDR & Mr^- R. Thomas Bell. Ill 
Mr- & Mrs lohn W. Belt. |r. 
Mr & Mrs, Richard Benlley 
Mr & Mrs Thomas E Benton. Jr 
Mr 4 Mrs, George Bernhard 
Mr 4 Mrs Vernon R Berry 
Mr. Cuyler Best 
Mr & Mrs. Harold R Bible 
Mr- & Mrs- Harold D. Bickley. Jr. 
Mr & Mrs, Kenneth Billings 
Mr Dick Bittner 
Mr & Mrs Luther E Bivins 
Mrs Mary M. Black 
Mr, & Mrs. Robert Blair, |r, 
Dr & Mrs. Robert G, Blake 
Mr 4 Mrs. Jack D Blankenship 
Mr. 4 Mrs. Aaron S. Blythe 
Mrs. Mary Lou Chandler Boal 
M/Sgt & Mrs. Stephen A. Bodnar 
Mr & Mn. Ralph C, Boggess 
Mrs Sheila Watts Bohannon 
Mrs ludith Ingram Bohrer 
Mr, 4 Mrs Roben F Boiling 
Mr 4 Mrs George C. Bollman, |r, 
Mr & Mrs Robert N. Bond 
Mr 4 Mrs. Henry M, Booke, Sr 
Mr. & Mrs. lames M. Boone 

Elon has added housing for over 500 students 
since 1980. 

Mr 4 Mrs Roben A. Borgstrom 

Mr & Mrs. Bernard P Boscia 

Mr & Mrs. Charles |. Bossong 

Mr Roben L. Bouchard 

Mr. John Edison Bowling 

Mr 4 Mrs Thomas B Bowman 

Mr. 4 Mrs. Roy |. Boykins 

Mr. 4 Mrs. lohn W. Boyle, Jr. 

Mr. 4 Mrs. Edward |. Bradley 

Mrs. Joan K. Bradshaw 

Mr loseph L. Bradshaw 

Or, 4 Mrs. C. W. Brady 

Mr. lohn David Brady 

Dr 4 Mrs, Paul Bravender 

Mr & Mrs William H. Brawley 

Mr 4 Mrs. Walter T. Bray 

Mr. 4 Mrs Roger J. Bremekamp 

Mr 4 Mrs Francis I Brennan 

Mr. 4 Mrs William J Breunig 

Mr 4 Mrs. William W. Bride, 111 

Mr 4 Mrs Max D. Briggs 

Mr. & Mrs. John Bright 

Mr 4 Mrs Harry E Bristow 

Mr Walter S. Brodowicz 

Mr 4 Mrs. Charles E. Brooks 

Mrs Eleanor M Brooks 

Mr 4 Mrs lohn F Brosnan 

Mr. & Mrs. Gerald L. Brown 

Mrs Ida L. Brown 

Mr. & Mrs, James E Brown 

Mr & Mrs Owen G Brown 

Mr 4 Mrs. Roben Brown 

Mr. 4 Mrs Thomas V Brown 

Mr 4 Mrs. Sewell Allen Brown, III 

Mr 4 Mrs lames Browne 

M/Sgt Charles L Browning 

Mr. 4 Mrs. Clyde E. Browning 

Mr. Kenneth A. Brumni 

Mr. & Mrs. James H. Bryan 

Mrs Ruth C, Bryan 

Mr Ian Buckley 

Mrs Elizabeth S Buhl 

Mr. 4 Mrs. W. Richard Boll 

Mr 4 Mrs. William D. Bumgarner 

Mr 4 Mrs. Clarence Burch 

Mr, 4 Mrs lack Burgan 

Mr 4 Mrs- William L, Burgess 

Mr. & Mrs. James R, Burke 

Mr 4 Mrs. Ted Burke 

Mr 4 Mrs. Joe Burke, |r 

Mrs Donna Burkhardt 

Mrs Annie Mae Burnett 

Mr^. Dons | Burns 

Mr 4 Mrs, Ead Burroughs 

Mr 4 Mrs, RichanJ T Burroughs 

Mr, 4 Mrs- Dee W. Burrows 

Mr. & Mrs. James William Bunon. 

Mr. & Mrs. Manin L. Bush 
Mr 4 Mrs Robert M Byrnes 
Mr. Calvin L. Cade 
Mr. John A. Cahill 
Mr 4 Mrs. Perry F Caldwell 
Mr Albert Duncan Cale, |r. 
Mr. R. 1. Gallon 
Mr David H Cameron 
Mr. 4 Mrs, Ross B Cameron 
Mr 4 Mrs Leonard C. Campagna 
Mr 4 Mrs Charles W Campbell 
Mrs. Nancy F. Campbell 
Mr, 4 Mrs Patrick W, Campbell 
Mr. 4 Mrs Leon J. Campo 
Mrs. Cheryl A Capitani 
Mr. 4 Mrs. Clingman C. Capps 
Mr- Charlie Carlton 
Mr. & Mrs Alben A. Carretta, |r 
Mrs. Anne Batts Caner 
Mr & Mf^ lesse E, Caner 
Mrs Mickey S. Carter 
Mr. 4 Mrs. Willis Carter. Jr. 
Mr. 4 Mrs. lames Edward Carver 
Mr 4 Mrs. Vernon R. Cason 
Mr. 4 Mrs. Stewan T Cass 
Or. 4 Mrs Bill Cates 
Mr 4 Mrs Charlie R Causey 
Mrs. Lynne H. Causey 
Mr. 4 Mrs. Ralph Cecchim 
Mr 4 Mrs. Carmine I Centanni 
Mr. 4 Mrs. Earl L. Chambers 
Mr & Mrs. William R Chambers 
Ms. Lillian Chang 
Ms. Pam Chappell 
Mr 4 Mrs- William C Chatkin 
Mrs Pauline R. Chausse' 
Mr 4 Mrs. Bobbie E. Chavis, Sr. 
SCT & Mrs. Theodore R, Cherry 
Mr 4 Mrs. C. P. Chew, Jr 
Mr. 4 Mrs. Antonio Chicelli 
Mr. 4 Mrs, Gilbert L. Chilton 
Mr, 4 Mrs. Mitchell A Christian 
LTC 4 Mrs. Charles W, Christy 
Mr & Mrs. Edward C, Clapp 
Ms. Bonnie Lee Clark 
Mr. 4 Mn. Herman A. Clark 
Mr. 4 Mrs. lohn D. Clayborne 
Mr 4 Mn. loe R Clem 
Mrs Anne S Click 
Mr. Clifton W. Coble 
Mr. Joseph |. Coco 
Mr. 4 Mrs. lantes H. Cody 
Mr 4 Mrs, Calvin E, Coffey 
Mr 4 Mrs. Paul R Coffin 
Mr 4 Mrs. George 5. Coffman 
Mr 4 Mrs. Billy R Cole 
Ms, Charlotte M. Cole 
Mr 4 Mrs. Stuart W. Cole 
Dr. Bobby McManus Collins 

Mr 4 Mrs- Donald O. Collins 

Mr. 4 Mrs. HaroW W. Collins 

COL I. Quincy Collins, |r. 

Mr. 4 Mrs. Frank Calvin Comer 

Mr. 4 Mrs. loseph A. Como 

Mrs Laverne Russell Compton 

Mr, 4 Mrs- |. Melvin Conklin 

Mr 4 Mrs. Herbert A. Cook 

Mr. 4 Mrs Elvin R, Coon, |r, 

Mr. 4 Mrs. Wayne T. Cooper 

Mr 4 Mrs Tom D. Coppedge, jr. 

Mr Lynwood B Cosby 

Of 4 Mrs. William B Courtney 

Mr. 4 Mrs. Roland W. Cousins 

Dr 4 Mrs M, Cade Covington 

Mr. 4 Mrs. David R. Cox 

Mr, 4 Mrs Thomas M Cozart, Sr. 

Mr, 4 Mrs. Stuart Lee Cozort, Sr 

Mr. 4 Mrs. William M. Grace 

Mr 4 Mrs Robert B. Craig 

Mr- 4 Mrs. Claude M. Crater 

Ms Catherine T Crawford 

Mr R. Reed Crawford 

Mr. & Mrs. William S. Crawford 

Mr. 4 Mr^ Maurice Crete! 

Mr 4 Mrs. Robert E Cromer 

Mrs Audrey C. Crowder 

Mr. 4 Mrs, Dallas R. Crowe 

Mr. 4 Mrs. Dick M. Crum 

Mrs Hildegard K. Cubell 

Mr 4 Mrs David T Currin 

Mr. 4 Mrs. William C. Currin 

Dr 4 Mrs. Thomas F. Curry 

Mr 4 Mrs. Roy A, Dalrymple 

Mr 4 Mrs. Edward N. Dance 

Mr & Mrs. loshua Darden. Jr. 

Mr. 4 Mrs. Arthur T Davis 

Mr 4 Mrs, C Michael Davis 

Mr 4 Mrs Harry H, Davis 

Mr & Mrs Herbert R Davis 

Mr & Mrs. Thomas M Davis, jr. 

Mr 4 Mrs Alexander A Dawson 

Mr Oavid Ray Dean 

LTC 4 Mrs, O Daniel Dearborn, |r- 

Mr & Mrs. lames R DeHart 

Mr. 4 Mrs. W. R Deitz 

Mr 4 Mrs. Arnold A. Dempsey, |r, 

Mr 4 Mrs. Donald Keith Dennis 

Mr 4 Mrs. William R. Deven 

Mr 4 Mrs. |arT>es £. Devol 

Mr. 4 Mrs. Jimmy A. Dew 

Mr 4 Mrs. Lewis A. Dickerson 

Mr. 4 Mrs. Ronald L. Dignard 

Mrs. N. Fred Dillon 

Mr. 4 Mrs. Silvestro Dipietro 

Mr. 4 Mrs. Buford W. Dixon 

Mrs. Linda W. Oobson 

Mr. William C. Dobson. |r. 

Mr. 4 Mrs. Richard A. Doerrmann, 

Mr 4 Mrs Michael | Dolan 
Mr. 4 Mrs Richard H. Oolliver 
Mr 4 Mrs Robert | Donegan 
Mr. 4 Mrs, Billy R Doss 
Mr 4 Mrs lohn W Doss 
Of. 4 Mrs. Harold C. Doster 
Mrs Beverly L Doughty 
Mr 4 Mrs. Harry M Downs 
Mr 4 Mrs, lohn O Downs 
Mr. 4 Mrs. Dennis M. Doyle 
Mr. 4 Mrs, Thomas W, Doyle 
Mrs, Grace G Orakeford 
COL 4 Mrs Jack C. Dranttel 
Mr 4 Mrs Bill L Dray 
Mr. & Mrs. William A. Driskill 
Mr. & Mrs. C. F Drum 
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald E Orumheller 
Mrs. Roberta A Dubin 
Mr William G Dudney 
Mr 4 Mrs. Norman L. Dula 
Mr 4 Mrs Richard H Dull 
Mr & Mrs. Bobby C, Dunham 
Mr 4 Mrs James T Dunn 
Mr 4 Mrs Woody L Durham 
Mr. 4 Mrs. James J. Durkin, Sr. 
Mr. John B. Dymond 
Rev. 4 Mrs. Hal H. Eaton 
Mr 4 Mrs Robert J Eaton 
Mr 4 Mrs- David L Eckler 
Mr Lloyd V, Edmonds 
Dr. 4 Mrs Janws H Edwards 
Mr. 4 Mrs, Ted L Edwards 
Mf 4 Mrs Thurston Eugene 

Mr Ronald E. Eger 
Mr 4 Mrs. Robert B- Eldridge 
Mr, 4 Mrs. William C. Eldridge 
Mrs. Frances L. Elliott 
Mr, 4 Mrs. Merle S Elliott 
Or 4 Mrs George |. Ellis, |r 
Mr. 4 Mrs. Ree R. Ellis 
Mr. & Mrs. Harry W, Elton, Sr, 
Mr. & Mrs. E. Clayton Embrey, Jr 
Mr. & Mrs. Arne T- Engkvist 
Mrs. Linda M. Engle 
Mrs. Dorothy H Eppard 
Mr 4 Mrs. Willis W. Epperson 
Mr- 4 Mrs. Charles H. Ernst 
Mrs. Rosemary Ester 
Mrs. Vivian V. Esters 
Mrs, Nellie L. Euliss 
Mr. 4 Mrs, H, Carlton Eure 
Mr 4 Mrs. Edward L. Evans 
Mrs- Nancy N. Evans 
Mr. & Mrs. Olen S. Evans 
Mr. 4 Mrs. Edward C Everett 

Page 18 1985^ Honor Roll of Donori 

Mr, & Mfs. Robert Everleigh 

Mr. 8. Mrs. Loren M. Evory 

Mr. & Mrs. Shelly B. Ewell 

Mr. & Mrs. James S- Fairchild 

Mr. & Mrs. W. C. Faircloth, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. James V. Fare, If. 

Mrs. Caroline C. Farrar 

Mrs Theresa Fore Farson 

Mr. & Mrs. Cregor M. Fennell 

Mr, & Mrs. Stephen E. Ference 

Mr, & Mrs. William T. Ferguson, Sr. 

Mr. & Mrs. lacli O. Ferm 

Mrs. Izena Ferrell 

Mr. & Mrs. Warren R, Field 

Mr, & Mrs Ross H Finn 

Mrs. Catherine N, Fischer 

Mr. & Mrs. Clarence H, Fiugerald 

Mr. & Mrs. lohn C. Filigerald 

Mr. & Mrs, Albert S, Flagg 

Mrs Sarah H, Flanagan 

Mr. & Mrs. j, Bryon Flournoy. Sr 

Mr & Mrs. lohn E. Flournoy 

Mr. & Mrs, Carl W Fogleman 

Mr. & Mrs | C Folu 

Mrs. Mary L. Forbes 

Mt. & Mrs. Edgar David Foreman, 

Mf. & Mrs. Fred Forsberg 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert W Foster 
Mf. & Mrs. Ted M. Foster 
Mr. & Mrs. Edward C Fo», |r. 
Mr. & Mrs lack C. Frakes 
Mr & Mrs. Lester E, Francis, |r 
Mr. & Mrs. George C. Ffank 
Mf. lack William Franks 
Mr, & Mrs. Wilmer L. Frazier 
Mrs, Rose M. Frederick 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert £, Fredrick 
Mr. & Mrs. Charles L. Freeman 
Mr. |. F. Freeman, |r. 
Mr. & Mrs. loseph C. Frick 
Mr. & Mrs. Oatha A. Frye 
Mr, & Mrs. Michael Fugmann 
Mr. & Mrs. Edward L fullon 
Df. & Mrs, Eugene Funderburk 
Mrs. Lucy Furby 

Mf. & Mrs. Raymond C. Caffney 
Mrs. Ellen F Cagnon 
Mr. & Mrs lames V. Cait^es, |t. 
Mr & Mrs. lames E. Calbraith 
Mf. & Mrs. William C. Calbraith 
Mr. & Mrs. William P. Gallagher, |f, 
Mr, & Mrs. Fred L. Cann 
Mr, & Mrs. Frank W. Garcia 
Mr. & Mrs, lose' Sieiro Garcia 
Mrs. Norma Thrower Gardner 
Mrs, Sheila Gardner 
Mrs. Mary Alice Carrelt 
Mr. & Mrs. Leo M, Garrity 
Mrs lanette Garvey 
Mr, Alan Roy Cass 
Mr, & Mrs Charles R Cauldin 
Mr. & Mrs, Richard |, Gaulhier 
Mr. Bobby loe Gaydon 
Mr. & Mrs, Russell Cayle, If. 
Mr. Aubrey D. Genlry, Sr 
Mr. & Mrs, I. Alfred Cenlry 
Mrs, ludy Gentry 
Mr, & Mrs Randy Gess 
Mf. & Mrs. Ronald Gibson 
Mr. Anthony Gilbert 
Mr. & Mrs. lames Giles 
Mr & Mfs. Lowell W Gill 
Mr & Mrs. William R. Ginn. Sf. 
Mr. & Mrs G Michael Girone 
Mrs, Marion B Civens 
Mr & Mrs Thomas R Class 
Mr. S. Bailey Clenn, )f 
Mr. & Mrs George I Codlrey 
Mrs. Call C Godsey 
Mr & Mrs, E Carl Godsey, |r 
Mr & Mrs Donald H, Godwin 
Mr. 4 Mrs, Wilson E. Go« 
Mr. & Mfs, Bobby L Goodman 
Mr. & Mrs, I Wayne Goodman 
Mrs, Lena T Coolsby 
Mr. & Mrs Charles T Cordon 
Mr, & Mrs Robert Bruce Gordon 
Mr & Mrs, William S Gorman 
Mr, & Mrs, William H, Cosiard, |r, 
Mf, & Mrs. C. G. Coulas 
Mrs, Mildred Grace 
Mr & Mrs Gary Charles Grace, Sr 
Mr, & Mrs. Earl R Grady 
Mr, & Mrs, Mack W Graham 
Mf & Mfs Pert K, Graham 
Mrs, Martha C. Crantier 
Mr. & Mrs. lohn Cravett. Jr. 
Mrs, Mary Helen Wilkins Cravitt 
Mr, & Mrs Edward S, Gravlin 
Mrs, Sandra S, Gray 
Mr, & Mrs. John D, Greaves, III 
Mrs, P Y Greene 
Mr, & Mrs Dan Griffin 
Mr Robert D, Grigg. Ill 
Mr, & Mrs, Van Dolan Crimes 
Mr. & Mrs. Richard C, Griswold 
Mr & Mrs |ames |, Gudinas 
Mr & Mrs. Bobby E Cuilliams 
Mr. & Mrs, Dan O Cupion 
Mr & Mrs, Robert Edwin 

Mr. e. Mrs Earl P Cuss 
Mr & Mrs Henry R, Cutman 
Mf & Mrs, lohn F Haddock 
Mr. & Mrs, Eddie Haire 
Mr, & Mrs, Clarence Hairston 
Mr, & Mrs, Melvin Haley 

Mr. & Mrs. ICeith M, Hall 
Mr. & Mrs. Kent W, Hall 
Mr, & Mrs. William C, Hall, |r, 
Mr. & Mrs. D. Richard Hallman 
Mr & Mrs Robert L Hamilton 
Mr & Mrs, T. H. Hamilton 
Mr Raymond lames Hamrick 
Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence J. Hance 
Mr, & Mrs. lames E Hanlord 
Dr & Mrs George R Hanna 
Mr, & Mrs, Mark C. Hannan 
Mr, & Mrs, William F. Hardin 
Mr & Mrs, Richard E Hargrove 
Mr Elliot L Harns 
Mr & Mrs |ame W, Harris 
Mf & Mrs Ralph C Harris 
Mr, & Mrs, William E, Harrison 
Mr & Mrs Fenton F Harrison, |r 
Mr. & Mrs Lewis E Harfup 
Mr, & Mrs, lohn C Harry, HI 
Dr & Mrs Albert |. Hart. )r 
Mf Carlos Bowers Han 
Mrs, Gloria M, Hart 
Mr & Mrs. Phillip L. Hart, IN 
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald L. Hart 
Mr Manuel W. Hansoe 
Mr & Mrs A. Ransone Hartz 
Mr. & Mrs Gary Wayr>e HanA<ll 
Mr & Mrs Harold H, Hatcher 
Mf, & Mrs. Robert C Haug 
Mr & Mrs, Thomas P Naught 
Mf & Mfs Jimmy Eugene 

Mr. & Mrs, W. R, Hawley 
Mr & Mrs. Oarryl R, Hawn 
Mf, & Mrs, Reginald P Hayden, Sr 
Mr & Mrs, Donald P Hayes 
Mr, & Mrs, lames E, Hayes 
Mr, & Mrs, Landon Hayes 
Mr & Mrs Robert A, Hayes, |r 
Mr, & Mrs. Richard A, Healander 
Mr, & Mrs, Frederick T. Heath, Sr, 
Mr. & Mrs Johnny C. Helms 
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Dean Helms 
Mr. & Mrs. Tom C Helmstetler 
Mr & Mrs. Leonard C. Henderson 
Mr. & Mrs. Forest D, Henley, Sr. 
Mf & Mrs, Fredrick S. Henry 
Mr, & Mrs. Alexander S, Herbert, |r. 
Mr, & Mrs, Charles E, Hergel 
Mr & Mrs. Michael W, Herrily 
Mr & Mrs Dale A, Hess 
Mr & Mrs. Robert F, Hibbard 
Mr & Mrs. lohn Hardy High. Sr, 
Mr & Mrs, Walter S. Hilliard 
Mr, a. Mrs. Kenneth P. Hinckley 
Mr. & Mrs, Samuel E, Hines, |r 
Mr & Mrs Russell L Hines, Sr 
Mr, Noble W, Hinshaw 
Mr & Mrs Henry H Hinte, |f 
Mr. & Mrs, Henry E. Hirschy, |r, 
Mr, & Mrs, lack M, Hodges 
Mr & Mrs, RomuluS £ Hoffman 
Mr, & Mrs. Hubert N. Hoffman, 111 
Mrs Brenda D, Hogan 
Mr & Mrs, Donald L, Holland 
Mr & Mrs, |ohn Phillip Holland, Sr. 
Mr, & Mrs. Paul B. Holland 
Mr Thomas S, Holland, |r, 
Mr & Mrs Charlie E, Holley, |r 
Mr & Mrs Joseph T Holt 
Dr & Mrs. Alvin R Hooks 
Mr & Mrs Thomas A Home 
Mr & Mrs. Walter D, Horner 
Mf & Mrs, Gene Hornick 
Mr & Mrs Lawrence Horsey, Sr 
Mr & Mrs, Willie S HofSley 
Mf & Mrs Bernard H Howard 
Mr & Mrs Charles T Howard 
Mr & Mrs. Charles H Howell 
Dr Matthew lames Howell 
Mr & Mrs, Robert S Howell, |r 
Mr. & Mrs, P D, Howell. |r 
Dr & Mrs. Thomas R Howie 
Mf. & Mrs. |, D Howsden 
Mr & Mrs. Don W Hubbard 
Mr & Mrs, Alfred C Huber 
Mr & Mrs Richard H Huffman 
Mr & Mrs. Urrv K. Hughes 
Dr & Mrs, Robert S. Hughes 
Mrs Betty O, Hutton 
Mr & Mrs Ernest T Hyman 
Mr. & Mrs, Linwood J, Imlay 
Mr & Mrs. Arnold Ingold 
Mr 4 Mrs, David C. Isley 
Mr & Mrs, George M. Isley 
Mr. 4 Mrs, Donald W. Jacobs 
Mr. 4 Mrs, George A, Jakovics 
Mr, 4 Mrs, David Janicello 
Ms Patricia C. Jennings 
Mr. 4 Mrs, Louis A lermyn 
Mr Raymond A, Jernigan 
Dr 4 Mrs, G. M, Jividen 
Mrs, Joan Murray Jobsis 
Mr 4 Mrs. Alfred C, Johnson 
Mrs, Carolyn L Johnson 
Mr 4 Mrs. Chadwick Johnson 
Mr 4 Mrs. David Woody Johnson 
Mr 4 Mrs, Eugene Johnson 
Mr Frank J Johnson 
MAJ 4 Mrs, Cayle P Johnson 
Mr 4 Mrs, James C, Johnson 
Mr, 4 Mrs, Marion Johnson 
Mr 4 Mrs, Thomas A. lohnson 
Mr 4 Mrs, Walter 5, Johnson 
Mr & Mrs. William t, lohnson 
Mrs. Paul T Johnson, Jr, 
Mr 4 Mrs. Douglas T. Johnston 

Mr. 4 Mrs. Clyde Leon Jonas 

Ms. Barbara Jean Jones 

Mr. 4 Mrs. Bobby J. Jones 

Mr, 4 Mrs. Chester J, Jones, Jr, 

Mr, David R. Jones 

Mrs Delores Jones 

Mf. 4 Mrs. Harold R. Jones. Jr. 

Mr. 4 Mrs, James Larry Jones 

Mr. John T Jones 

Mrs, Carolyn Abernalhy Jones 

Mr. 4 Mrs, Ronald L, Jones 

Mrs, Shirley R, Jones 

Mrs Betty C, Jordan 

Mrs, Linda M. Jordan 

Mr, 4 Mrs. Michael C. Joseph 

Mr, 4 Mrs Bobby Lee Joyce 

Mr & Mrs Otis P Joyce, Jr, 

Mr, 4 Mrs, Edward C, Kaighn 

Mrs Sara L, Kane 

Mr, & Mrs. Mike Kapltula 

Mr, 4 Mrs Charles A, Kashner 

Mr. 4 Mrs, Henry M Kayes 

Mr. 4 Mrs, Thomas L, Keels 

Mr 4 Mrs, James Keelty 

Mr, & Mrs. David E, Kellam 

Mrs. Frank W, Kellam 

Mrs, Pamela W Keller 

Mf, 4 Mrs, John P Kempton 

Dr, 4 Mrs. William D. Ketner 

Mr. 4 Mrs. James G, Kiefer 

Mf & Mrs, Eugene F Ktley 

Mr, 4 Mrs, A, Richard Kiigore 

Mr, 4 Mrs. Charles E King 

Mr, Thomas E. Kinney. If. 

Mt, 4 Mrs, lames A, Kirchner 

Mrs, Martha M, Kirkland 

Dr, 4 Mrs I Roger Kiser 

Mf. William R, Kiveti 

Mr. 4 Mrs. Michael P Koda 

Mr, 4 Mrs, William A. Koenig 

Mr, John R, Kopko 

Mrs, Rebecca Matthews Kopko 

Mr, 4 Mrs. lames R. Kozuch 

Mr, 4 Mrs, Ronald E, Krape 

Mr & Mrs. William S, Krauss 

Mr & Mrs, Albert S. Kula 

Or 4 Mrs. Donald Kurtz 

Mr. & Mrs. lerald Lamaskin 

Mr, 4 Mrs. loseph f Lamb 

Mr, & Mrs, Carroll E, Lambert 

Mr. & Mrs, Robert J. Landrum, |f, 

Mr, 4 Mrs, Charles T Langpaul 

Mr & Mrs, W. N, Lankford 

COL 4 Mrs. Russell M, Unning 

Mr, 4 Mrs, Milton Lanphear. |r. 

Mr, & Mrs, Peter C. Lansdale 

Mr, 4 Mrs Arnold M. Layne 

Mrs, Thelma E. Lazenby 

Mr. & Mrs, lohn M, Leach, |r. 

Mr, 4 Mrs. William M. Leach 

Mr, 4 Mrs, Charles E. Leahy 

Mr Harry F Lee 

Mr, 4 Mrs. William E, Lee 

Mr, 4 Mrs, Raymortd Lepage 

Mr. & Mrs Conrad C, Lewane, Sr 

Mf, 4 Mrs, C. Douglass Lewis 

Of Leo A, Lindquist 

Mr 4 Mrs Charles W, Link 

Mr. 4 Mrs Gordon F, Linke 

Dr, 4 Mrs, Walter S, Linville 

Dr. 4 Mrs, Robert W, Lipscomb 

Mr. 4 Mrs. Allen W, Lloyd 

Mr 4 Mrs, James L. Logan 

Dr. 4 Mrs Donald H, Lomax 

Mr, 4 Mrs, B. Alan Long 

Mr. lohn K. Long 

Mf, 4 Mrs. lohn P Long 

Mr Douglas Carl Looney 

Mr 4 Mrs. Robert E, Loving 

Mr. 4 Mrs. Raymond | Lutinski 

Mrs ludith L Lynch 

Mr, 4 Mrs W, Graham Lynch, III 

Mr 4 Mrs. Robert B, Lytte 

Mr 4 Mrs, Donald W Maass 

Mrs, Ana M. Mackay 

Mr 4 Mrs Earl M, Mackintosh, Jr 

Mr 4 Mrs. Nathaniel Macon 

CPT lohn f. Mahaffey 

Mr. 4 Mrs, Ben Minkowski 

Mrs, Valleen Moore Maness 

Mr, 4 Mrs, John F, Manning 

COL 4 Mrs, George S. 

Mr. 4 Mrs, Dennis A, Marcin 
Mr, 4 Mrs, C. Whitney Markley 
Mr. & Mrs, Anthony J, Markosky 
Mr. 4 Mrs. William J. Marks 
Mr, 4 Mrs, Michael A. Marsden 
Mr. 4 Mrs. Irvin R. Marsh 
Mr. 4 Mrs. John A. Marszalek 
Mr. 4 Mrs. Billy R, Martin 
Mr. 4 Mrs. Jerry L. Martin 
Mf. 4 Mrs, R. R Martin 
Mr. 4 Mrs. Robert L, Martin 
Mr 4 Mrs. T. I. Martin, Jr. 
Mr. 4 Mrs, Samuel |. Martin, Jr, 
Mr. 4 Mrs, James A, Massey 
Mr Fred Tunstall Mathews. |r, 
Mr, 4 Mfs. Ted Y, Matney 
Dr 4 Mrs Roland D Matthews 
Mr, Douglas f Mauldin 
Mr. 4 Mrs T. Breni Mauro 
Mr, 4 Mrs, lohn D. May 
Mrs, Marie H. May 
Mr 4 Mrs. Thomas B, Mayes 
Mr. 4 Mrs, Wamer L, Mayes, Sr, 
Mrs. Linda K, Mayo 
Mr, 4 Mrs. Terence McCabe 

Mrs. loan B. McClernan 

Mr. 4 Mrs Mack Elmo McCorkle. 

Mr. 4 Mrs. lerry W, McCullock 
Mr. & Mrs, John E, McCullough, Sr 
Mr, 4 Mrs, Richard McCumber 
MAJ 4 Mrs, Charles F. McDade, Jr. 
Mrs, Virginia M, McFadyen 
CDR 4 Mrs, T. J. McCinty 
Mr, & Mfs, Ralph McGirk 
Mr, 4 Mrs lohn A, McCowan 
Mr 4 Mrs, Waller Ray McQuire 
Mr. 4 Mrs, lames C, Mclnerney 
Mr, 4 Mrs. Ronald D, Mclntyre 
Mr. 4 Mrs, W. Ben McKee, |r. 
Mr 4 Mn Frank R. McLaughlin 
Mr, 4 Mrs, loseph E, McManus. If, 
Mrs, Earl I McMillen 
Mrs, Catherine C Meadows 
Mf, 4 Mrs Charles E, Meadows 
Mrs. A. L, Meeler 
Mr, 4 Mrs. Tommy Meldin 
Mr. 4 Mrs, Charles H, Melville 
Mr, & Mrs. Harold C. Menck 
Mr. 4 Mrs, Carmen S, Memo 
Mr, James Don Merriman 
MSC, 4 Mrs, Richard H Mernn 
Mr. 4 Mrs, William F Mershon 
Mr, Ralph O. Meyer 
Mr, 4 Mrs Victor P, Michael 
Ms. lane Gregory Michaelson 
Mr, Frederic A, Miercort 
Mr, 4 Mrs. Andrew |. Milanak 
Mr, 4 Mrs. |ohn Miller 
Mrs, Karen B, Miller 
Mr, 4 Mrs. Richard S. Miller, Sr 
Mr. 4 Mrs. |ohn C, Mills 
Mrs, Margaret M, Minner 
Ms. Leatrice Mintz 
Mr & Mrs. Alenandcr H Mirelli 
Ms lanellen K. Mitchell 
Mr 4 Mrs, Thomas W. Mitchell 
Mr 4 Mrs Daniel Mitchell, Ir. 
Dr. 4 Mrs. William B Moncure 
Mr. Charles B. Monro 
COL 4 Mrs. David H, Montplaisir 
Mrs. Mane Knight Moon 
Mr, 4 Mrs, Wiley T, Mooney. |r, 
BG 4 Mrs. H.F Mooney, |r, 
Mrs, Nancy M, Moore 
Mr Robert L. Moore 
Mr, Robert H, Moore 
Mr, Wayne Moore 
Mf, H. Bailey Moorefield 
Dr 4 Mrs. Peter A, Morabito 
Mr. 4 Mrs. Daniel |. Morgan 
Mr 4 Mrs, Voigt FfUi Morgan 
Mr, 4 Mrs. Paul J, Moriarty, Sr, 
Mr 4 Mrs, Kenneth A, Morning- 
Mr. 4 Mrs. Richard H. Morrison 
Mrs. Ruby Morrison 
Mrs, Heather M. Morse 
Mr, 4 Mrs. Perry A, Morse 
Mrs, Kathleen A, Morton 
COL 4 Mrs. Robert L Moser, Ir 
Mr 4 Mrs Cheston V Motlershead 
Mr & Mrs. Martin G, Mullen 
Mrs loan B, MuMins 
Mr 4 Mrs. Clement F. Munno 
Mr 4 Mrs Wayne E. Munell 
Mr 4 Mrs, lames Murphy 
Mf Paul D Murphy 
Mr, 4 Mrs, Joseph E, Murray 
Mr 4 Mrs Eugene Muskus 
Mr, 4 Mrs, Malvin L. Myers 
Mr, 4 Mrs, lames E. Nagel 
Mr, 4 Mrs. Waller Nail 
Mr 4 Mrs, George D Nassief 
Mr. & Mrs. Clifford R, Necessary 
Mr, 4 Mrs, William A, Neel 
Mr & Mrs Don Nelson 
Mr, 4 Mrs, Howard Nelson 
Mr, 4 Mrs, William E, Nelson 
Mr 4 Mrs, Otis E Nelson, Jr 
Mr 4 Mrs Jerome J Nicholas 
Mr. 4 Mrs, Thomas D Nicholas. |f 
Rev 4 Mrs. Jimmy L, Nickelston 
Mr. 4 Mrs, Arthur S, Nickerson 
Mr 4 Mrs, RichanJ S Niemiec 
COL 4 Mrs, Thomas H Niquelte 
Mr. 4 Mrs, B Frank Niven 
Mrs, Carole A, Nivison 
Mr, Charles Royster Noblin 
Dr 4 Mrs. Theodore |. Noffsinger, 

Mr 4 Mrs, John £ Nolan 
Mr 4 Mrs. Leonand J Nolen, II 
Mrs, Georgia Noon 
Mr, & Mrs. Thomas H. Norman 
Mr, 4 Mrs, Uwerance Wayne 

Mr. 4 Mrs. Bari B, Novey 
Mr, 4 Mrs, Charles Nun 
Mr 4 Mfs Clement G. aBrien 
Mr John A aBrien 
Mr, & Mrs, Patrick £ CDonnell 
Mr, 4 Mrs. |ohn T, CUri 
Mr, 4 Mrs, Allen C. O'Neal 
Mr. 4 Mrs. Melvin N. Oakes 
Mr 4 Mrs, Charles E. Odell 
Mr & Mrs David F, Oebm 
Mr 4 Mrs, Albert J Oliva, Jf, 
Mr. 4 Mrs. lames L. Oliver 
Dr William Carlyle Oliver 
Mr 4 Mrs, Peter Onno 
Mr 4 Mrs, Julius Orban 
Mr, 4 Mfs, Dominic Orlando, Jr, 

Mr Roger Lee Overton, Sr 

Mr 4 Mrs Alton F, Owen 

Mr Lindsey Philip Page 

Mr 4 Mrs Leonid C. Pallagut 

Mr 4 Mrs, Melvin B, Palmer 

Mr 4 Mrs, Raymond B. Parker 

Mr. 4 Mrs. Dennis £ Parks 

Mrs. B.repda R Parrish 

Mr & Mrs Curtis E. Parsons 

Mr 4 Mrs. Vernon 1. Partin 

Mr'4 Mrs Pedro Pastrana 

Mr, & Mrs. Cordhan D. Patel 

Mr 4 Mrs. Charlie Patterson 

Mr Clark Benny Paner^on 

Mrs. Lila Walker Patterson 

Mr 4 Mrs, Robert R Patton 

Mr & Mrs George H Paulson 

Mr 4 Mrs Calvin D Peacock 

Mrs, Margo Pearsall 

Mr. 4 Mrs. Terry S. Pemberton 

Mr Allen M Penrod 

Mr 4 Mrs. loseph A. Perini 

Mr 4 Mrs Edward T Perkins 

Mrs. Trudi W f^rkinson 

Mr, 4 Mrs, Dan E, Perry 

Mrs Linda Rouniree Perry 

Mr, 4 Mrs, Willard C. Perry 

Mr & Mrs I Larry Peters' 

Mrs Connie Fttersen 

Mr 4 Mrs, Frank fl, Peterson 

Mr & Mrs, George C Petree, |r, 

Mr 4 Mrs Otto W, Peyer 

Mr 4 Mrs H. Uy Phillips, Ir, 

Mr & Mrs, M Benfield Phillips 

Mrs. Virginia Scott Pickard 

Mr. 4 Mrs. Charles R Pielock 

Mr I C. Pierce 

Mr. 4 Mrs Richard L. Pike 

Dr 4 Mrs. Louis Pikula, |r. 

Mr. 4 Mrs Ronald S. Pillar 

Mr & Mrs lames L Pitts 

Ms. Sue Sandlin Plaehn 

Mr. 4 Mrs John C. Plumides 

Mrs Sarah Rice Poindexler 

Mr. 4 Mrs, Otto T Pokorny 

Mr 4 Mrs, Donald E. Poldy 

Drs Ronald & Phaedra Pollock 

Mr 4 Mrs. Robert W Pomeroy, III 

Mr. 4 Mrs, Fred H. Pond 

Mf 4 Mrs. Delbert E Pool 

Mr. 4 Mrs. William A. Poplin 

Mr & Mrs, Charles Porter 

Mr & Mrs, lames O Porter 

Mr, lohn M Porter 

Mr. 4 Mrs, lohn Porter 

Mr, & Mrs, William G, Poslon 

Mr, & Mrs, H, Reginald Poieat 

Mr, 4 Mrs. A, W, Potts, |r. 

Mrs. Carolyn P Powell 

Mrs. Mildred B Powell 

Mr. 4 Mrs. W. Hunter Powell. Jr. 

Mr, 4 Mrs, L Charles Powell, Sr. 

Mr, 4 Mrs, William £ Present 

Mr 4 Mrs, Billy R. Presley 

Mr 4 Mrs, Tobin E, Price, Sr. 

Mr. 4 Mrs. Robert K. Pritts. Sr. 

Mr. 4 Mrs, lerry Precise 

Dr. 4 Mrs, Ronald A, Pruitt 

Mrs, Sandra S, Puckett 

Mr, 4 Mrs. Franklin R, Pugh 

Mr. 4 Mrs, Edwin T, Pullen 

Dr 4 Mrs, James G. Punches 

Mrs Lynn B Purdie 

COL 4 Mrs, Frank Kerr Purdy, Jr. 

Mr 4 Mrs C Wally Quaketibush 

Mrs, Ann R Quarterman 

Mr 4 Mrs lames D Quigley 

Mr, Richard R, Quinnette 

Mr, 4 Mrs Armando Quinones 

Mr 4 Mrs Lawrence R Rachuba 

Mr. 4 Mrs, Weldon P Rackley 

Mr 4 Mrs. Bobby W Rainey 

Mr 4 Mrs Kader R Ramsey, Ir, 

Mrs, Marilyn Y Rankin 

Mr 4 Mrs Rol>ert A Ransom 

Mf. 4 Mrs, Edward Rapkin 

Mrs. Juanita Ratteray 

Mr Sam Ray 

Mr 4 Mrs. lames P Reed 

Mr 4 Mrs. Joseph H Reed 

Mrs Julia C Reynolds 

Mr 4 Mrs, Gene P Rhodes 

Mr. 4 Mrs, W. Leville Richardson 

Mr 4 Mrs, James E Rickard 

Mr 4 Mrs Robert F Rider 

Mr. 4 Mrs, William Rieck 

Mr 4 Mrs. Emmett B, Riggs 

Mr, 4 Mrs, Edwin R, Riley 

Mr. lohn Riley 

Mr Ale¥ K, Rizos 

Mr. 4 Mrs, Ira C, Robbins 

Mr Philip D, Robbins, Jr. 

Mr. 4 Mrs, Stanley A. Roberson 

Mr, 4 Mrs, Donald L, Roberts 

Mr 4 Mrs Samuel H, Robertson, 

Mr William Lewis Robertson 
Mr, 4 Mrs. Thomas Robinson 
Mr. 4 Mrs. Mark Rock 
Mr, 4 Mrs, Charles 1. Rocknak, Ir. 
Mr & Mrs, Manuel J Rodngues 
Mr, 4 Mrs. Marshall C. Roe, Jr, 
Mr 4 Mrs Thomas J Rogers 
Mr 4 Mrs, William Rogers 
Mr 4 Mrs, Ronald £. Rothwell 
Mr, 4 Mrs O, Douglas Royals 
Df 4 Mrs George W Rupprechi 
Mr 4 Mrs, Edwin M, Russell 

1985-S6 Honor Roll of l>)nors Page 19 

Mf, & Mrs Gerald R. Russell 

Mr & Mrs Archibald H. Rulledge 

Mr & Mrs lames H. Ryals 

Mr & Mrs James A Ryan 

Mr. & Mrs William C. Ryan 

Mr. & Mrs. Martin Sach, Jr. 

Mrs. Ffar>ces L Salak 

Mr. & Mrs. H, Terrence Samway 

Mr & Mrs James R- Sanderlin 

Mr & Mrs. Andrew B. Sari 

Mr & Mrs Francis Saul 

Mr, & Mrs, C Elmore Saunders 

Mr & Mrs William C. Saunders 

Mr 4 Mrs Peter L. Scales 

Mrs lean L Schanewolf 

Mr & Mrs Howard C Schmidt, 

Mr & Mrs George Schwelling 
Mf & Mrs. Lester Scott 
Mr & Mrs Paisley W. Scott 
Mr & Mrs Richard M Scott 
Mr & Mrs Garrett A Screws, Sr 
Mr & Mrs Max P Sears 
Mrs Esther Sebesto 
Mr & Mrs Loy E Self. |r. 
Mr. & Mrs. William C. Semoniie 
Mr & Mrs Fred W. Seward 
Mr & Mrs Cornelius A. Sexton 
Mr. & Mrs. A Steven Shaffer 
Mr & Mrs David E. Shaw 
Mr & Mrs, David H. Shearin 
Mrs. Sandra S. Shelby 
Mr. & Mrs. Richard L. Sher 
Mr R, )udd Sherman 
Mrs. Panhenia Gibson Shields 
Mr. Thomas H. Shields 
Mr & Mrs. Stephen W, Shifflet 
Ms Leiitia B, Shinnamon 
Mr. & Mrs. David C. Shirlaw 
Mr. & Mrs. Alvin E. Shorter 
Ms. Jeanne E Shorthouse 
Mr & Mrs. Dan F. Shreve 
Mr, & Mrs David L Shriver 
Mr & Mrs, Grover Shugarl, Jr. 
Mr, & Mrs Frank T. Shull. Ill 
Mr & Mrs. lerry L Sigmon 
Mr, & Mrs. lohn L, Sills. |r, 
Mrs, Barbara B, Simmons 
Mrs, Etnesta S, Simmons 
Mr. & Mrs. Ervin S. Simmons 
Mr. & Mrs. J Douglas Simmons 
Mr, & Mrs, Thomas Simmons 
Mr. & Mrs Richard E. Sims 
Mrs, Sarah M, Sipe 
Mr, & Mrs, Howard D. Sipler 
Mt. & Mrs lack R Sisco 
Mr. & Mrs, lames Otis Sizemore, 

Mr, & Mrs Roben W, Skinner 
Mr. & Mrs Francis R. Stattery 
Mr & Mrs. Kenneth B Slusher 
Rev & Mrs, Robert L, Smiddy 
Mr. & Mrs David Bruce Smith 
Mr & Mrs. Fletcher Kennette 

Smith, )f, 
Mr. 4 Mrs Frank W, Smith 
Mr, 4 Mrs Cayle C. Smith 
Mr 4 Mrs. Gerald S. Smith 
Mr. & Mrs Henry L Smith 



Mr. 4 Mrs, James P Smilh 

Mr. & Mrs. Richard H Smith 

Mr, & Mrs. Samuel A Smith, jr 

Mi & Mrs. William C Smith 

Mr. & Mrs, James C Snead 

Mr, & Mrs William Snellings 

Mr, & Mrs. Clyde R, Snider. )r. 

Mr Earl Leo Snytler 

Dr 4 Mrs Walstein W Snyder 

Mr & Mrs Robert T, Sochurek 

Mr, & Mrs Keilh Soliday 

Mr, W Grady Southern. |r, 

Mr, 4 Mrs, Robert B, Speers 

Mr & Mrs James L. Spencer 

Mr 4 Mrs, John L, Sprague 

Mrs Donna D Springer 

Mr & Mrs Roy St, Clair 

Mr, 4 Mrs Walter A, Stack 

Mi & Mrs Paul I Siadtler 

Mr 4 Mrs. A. Don Stallings 

Mrs Sara L Stamper 

Mr Ronald W Stanley 

Mi & Mrs. Frank Slaruel 

Mr & Mrs Alexander R, Stephen 

Mr. 4 Mrs, Richard D, Stoll 

Rev, 4 Mrs, HarokJ M. Stone 

Mr, Bernard F Storck 

Mr. 4 Mrs- William |. Story, Ml 

Mr & Mrs, Arthur R Stowe 

Mr, & Mrs. |, Winstead Straughan 

Mrs. Betty Straus 

Mr & Mrs Richard Strauss 

Dr 4 Mrs L W Stringer 

Mr, 4 Mrs. William A. Strittmatter 

Mr. 4 Mrs, Charles E, Strother, |r. 

Mr. James William Suddaby 

Mrs, Joyce B Suggs 

Mr. & Mrs, Frank T, Suman 

Mr. & Mrs Craven H. Sumerell 

Mr, 4 Mrs, John Jaffa Summers 

Mr, 4 Mrs. W, Reid Summers 

Dr 4 Mrs, Edward Sunon 

Mt. lames Cray Swaim 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Sweeney 

Mr. & Mrs John £, Swim 

Mrs. Carolyn C. Swiizer 

M(. & Mr*. Lindy V. Tabor 

Mr & Mrs. John B Talbert, Jr 

Mr, 4 Mrs, Arthur Tarini 

Mr 4 Mrs. William C Tatum 

Mr, 4 Mrs, Blucher E, Taylor 

Mr, 4 Mrs. Charles C. Taylor 

Mr 4 Mrs Jeffrey S Taylor 

Mrs Pearlie B Taylor 

Mr, & Mrs Richard L Taylor 

Mr. & Mrs, William D, Taylor 

Mr 4 Mrs. B. G Terrell 

Mrs Betty Lou Textof 

Mr. 4 Mrs. Tom Thaxton 

Mr. 4 Mrs. Millard Brady Thomas, 

Mrs Catherine Penningtor> 

Mr 4 Mrs Finley M. Thompson 
Mr 4 Mrs. George W Thompson 
Mr 4 Mrs, Joseph M Thompson, 

Mr. 4 Mo, William £, Thompsor* 
Mr, 4 Mrs, R, Max Thore. Sr. 
Mr, 4 Mrs, Philip L. Tilghman 
Mr, 4 Mrs, Donald E Tilley 
Mr, 4 Mrs. Gilbert B Timberlake, 

Mrs Cecie M, Tomlinson 
Mr, 4 Mrs, Victor A Torchia 
Mr 4 Mrs Francis E Torpey 
Mr, 4 Mrs. William H Town 
Mf, 4 Mrs R, J, Treece 
Mf, 4 Mrs. William J. Trogdon 
Chaplain & Mrs, John G, Tfuin, |r 
Mr 4 Mrs. William O Tune, Sr. 
Mr. 4 Mrs, lames R. Turner 
Mf 4 Mrs, leff Tyler 
Mr, 4 Mrs, Robert D. Uhar 
Dr, 4 Mrs Julio E Valbuena 
Mr 4 Mrs, William L. Van Alen 
Mi, 4 Mrs, Tom Vance 
Mr 4 Mrs. Agamemnon Vassos 
Mrs Catherine B. Vaughan 
Dr 4 Mrs, George R, Vaughan 
Mfs Anna J Velez 
Mr 4 Mrs Robert R Vesseliza 
Mr & Mrs, Donald E, Vickstrom 
Mrs, Sara Jane Vignali 
Mr 4 Mrs Bernard L Vollz 
Mr 4 Mrs, William R Vota 
Mr 4 Mrs Beryl M Wagner 
Mr 4 Mrs, Edward R. Wagner 
Mrs Dorothy C Wagoner 
Mr 4 Mrs Jerome Walker 
Mr. 4 Mrs W Howard Walker 
Mr W A Wall. Sr, 
Mr Daniel C, Walser, |r, 
Mr 4 Mrs William C Walters 
Mr 4 Mrs, Joseph D Wampler 
Mr, 4 Mrs, George G Ward 
Mr 4 Mrs A W Waters, Jr 
Mr 4 Mrs Harry Lee Watson. Ill 
Mr 4 Mrs. Harry P. Watson 
Mr Roben G Watts 
Mr. 4 Mrs. Robert E. Way 
Mr, 4 Mrs, Joe R. Weary 
Mr, 4 Mrs, James A, Weaver 
Mrs, Lorraine S, Weeks 
Mr, 4 Mrs Ray K, Weems 
Mr & Mrs. John P. Weinbach 
CDR 4 Mr; Glen E Welch, Jr, 
Mr 4 Mrs, Paul A. West 
Mr, William L, West 
Mr 4 Mrs Richard G 

Mr & Mrs Bobby N. Whatley 
Mr, 4 Mfs, Harwood F, Wheeler 
Mr 4 Mrs, John R, Whelan 
Mr F Grove White, |r, 
Mr 4 Mrs. lames F. White 
Mr, William Walter White 
Mr 4 Mrs Ray A, Whitesell 
Mr, Robert E. Whittington 
Mr James B Widenhouse 
Mr. & Mrs. Arthur L, Wiggins 
Mr 4 Mrs, Robert C Wilber 
Mr. & Mrs. William E. Wilkinson 
Mr, & Mrs. Franklin W. Willard 
Mr Braxton Delano Williams 
Mr 4 Mrs, Jimmy R. Williams 
Mr Maldred C. Williams 
Mr, 4 Mrs, DonaU Williams. Jr 
Mr. 4 Mrs. Franklin Williamson 
Mrs, Lucy H. Williamson 
Mr 4 Mrs, Robert F Williamson, S 
Mr. 4 Mrs. V^illiam Willis 
Mr 4 Mrs. Sill J, Wilson 
Mrs Mariam D Wilson 
Mr 4 Mrs, Parks H, Wilson 
Mr 4 Mrs, Plato S. Wilson 
Mr, 4 Mrs, Ronald E. Wilson 
Mrs Nancy A, Winborne 
Mr, 4 Mrs, Gilbert J. Wirth 
Mr Ono Withers, Jr, 
Mr Donald W. Winen 
Mr. & Mrs, Walter H, Wolf 
Mr, 4 Mrs, Bruce N, Wolff 
Mr 4 Mrs, Edward D. Wonik, Jr 
Mr 4 Mrs. Walter |. Wood 
Mr 4 Mrs Richard L. Woodcock 
Mr 4 Mrs. Robert G, Woodle 
Mr. J, Kenneth Woodruff 
Mr 4 Mrs. Edgar O, Woodson, Jr 
Mr, & Mrs, A, Gordon Wootton 
Mr 4 Mrs, Ronald W. Worrell 
Mf, 4 Mrs. Joe E, Wray, Jr, 
Mrs. Joan Lewis Wrenn 
Mr, & Mrs. Roben Wright 

Mr. & Mrs Roderick A, Wright 

Mr, & Mrs, Lawrence E. Wright, Jr, 

Mr & Mrs Jerry Wfighienberry 

Mr 4 Mrs Donald |, Wrobel 

Mr 4 Mrs Charlie A Wyatt 

Mr 4 Mrs James E, Wyatt 

Mr & Mrs Euliss Wyrick 

Mr 4 Mrs Robert N Yarborough 

Mr 4 Mrs. Richard C Yeatts 

Mrs Carol A, YeLzer 

Dr 4 Mrs Delosa A. Young 

Mr 4 Mrs. Philip D, Young 

Mr 4 Mrs Robert Younger 

Mr 4 Mrs, Kamal H Voussef 

Mr 4 Mrs lames H. Ysteboe 

Mrs Regina M Zamenick 

Ml & Mrs William H Zeanon 

Mr & Mrs T lack Zimmerman, (r 

Mrs. Kay C, Zipf 


A BW A /Virginia Chapter 

Mr Everett M Abernethy 

Dr 4 Mrs, Paul M Abernethy 

Mr & Mrs lames F Adams 

Mr & Mrs, Brady B, Adcock 

Mr 4 Mrs Thurston Adcock 

AHS Scholarship Association 

Alamance-Caswell Medical Auxiliary 

Mi 4 Mrs Charles B Alderman 

Dr 4 Mrs Alexander F. Alexander 

Mr. 4 Mrs Harold Edward Alexander 

Mr 4 Mrs Bruce C Allen 

Ms, Carolyn T. Allen 

Mr, 4 Mrs lames V. Allen. Jr 

Mrs, Kathleen C, Allen 

Mr & Mrs Louis C, Allen, III 

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority 

Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc, 

Mr, 4 Mrs. Johnie Alston, |r 

Mr 4 Mrs Walter Lee Alvis, III 

Mr 4 Mrs, William R, Anderson 

Mr 4 Mrs, Benny L. Andrews 

Mr. 4 Mrs Larr/ D. Andrews 

Mr. 4 Mrs Benjamin R. Ansbacher 

Mr 4 Mrs, Robert C. Anthony 

Mr 4 Mrs Daniel P Apple 

Mrs Evelyn S. Apple 

Mf, 4 Mrs, Harold E, Apple, Sr, 

Mf 4 Mrs, James H, Arey, Jr. 

Mrs Mildred D, Argyle 

Dr 4 Mrs. Luther B Arnold, |r 

Ashebofo High School 

Mr, & Mrs. Fred A, Ashworth 

Mr. 4 Mrs, William H, Atkinson, Jr. 

Mr 4 Mrs. Harry H Augustine, |r 

Mr. Rodney Aulbert 

Mr. 4 Mrs, Ralph L. Austin 

Mr 4 Mrs. lay D. Aydlen 

Mr, 4 Mrs, Thomas I Badgett 

Dr, 4 Mrs, lames H, Baird 

Mr & Mrs. Chris Baker 

Ms lewel Saker 

Mr 4 Mrs. Edwin C, Baldwin 

Dr & Mrs Robert E, Balsley 

Mr 4 Mrs Robert L Bangley 

Mrs, Edith Barakat 

Mr. 4 Mrs, M. C. Barbee, |r 

Ms Kathryn B Barcalow 

Ms, Sharon 1, Bare 

Mrs Anna B Barnetl 

Mr 4 Mrs John C, Barney 

Mr. 4 Mrs. James A Barnwell, Jr. 

Mr 4 Mrs. Joseph C. Barnwell 

Mr 4 Mrs. David W. Barrett 

Mr 4 Mrs George I Bartolomeo. |r 

Bassetl Salesn>en Memorial Fund 

Ms, Barbara J, Basiian 

Dr & Mrs Harold B, Bates 

Mr 4 Mrs T, R, Bazemore. Jr, 

Mr 4 Mrs, W L Beamon 

Mr James F, Beasley 

Mrs. Frances Poe Beasley 

Mf 4 Mrs C Hayden Beatty 

Mr 4 Mrs. A, Vance Beck Sr 

Mr 4 Mrs, James E. Behrend 

Mrs Leota Taylor Beisinger 

Dr, 4 Mrs. Alfred L, Bell. Jr 

Mr 4 Mrs Richard S Bell 

Ms Katherine W, Benesek 

Mr 4 Mrs. Oavid L Benne 

Mr 4 Mrs, John Howard Bennett 

Mr. William C, Bennett 

Mr 4 Mrs William Howard Bennett, 

Dr, 4 Mrs. J, Michael Besiler 
Beta Sigma Phi Executive 

Coordinating Committee 
Mrs. Nancy L, Bischoff 
Mr 4 Mrs Carl M Bishop 
Mrs, Armecia Eure Black 
Mr 4 Mrs Boyd Lee Black 
Ms Naomi C Black 
Mr, 4 Mrs, J, Whit Blacksione 
Dr, 4 Mrs, C, Walker Blair Jr, 
Mr. Charles J, Blake, Jr, 
Dr 4 Mrs John P Blake 
Mr & Mrs. E Lewis Blankenship 
Dr 4 Mrs Mike C, Blankenship 
Mr, Ted Bleecker 
Mr. 4 Mrs. Clarence H, Blue 
Mr, David Bobbin 
Mr. 4 Mrs. Harold J. Bobo 

Mr 4 Mrs, Nick B, Boddie 

Boiling Officers' Wives' Club 

Mr, 4 Mrs. loseph Bonavita 

Mr 4 Mrs, lerel T, Boone 

Kathleen B, Boone 

Dr 4 Mrs D 1 Bowden 

Mr, 4 Mrs Clifford W Bowers 

Mr & Mrs. Francis O'Hara Bowling 

Mr, W, Maurice Bowman, Sr 

Mrs. Delos White Boyer 

Mr 4 Mrs, Mark F. Boyer 

Mr 4 Mrs Elbert H Bradberry 

Mr. F, Randolph Bradham, Jr, 

Mr 4 Mrs, Craig M Bramley 

Ms Linda Deal Branch 

Mr C K Bransford 

Mrs. EJorothy S Brawley 

Mr Donald E Braxton 

Mr. & Mrs William M. Braxton 

Mr. William D Bremgan 

Mr 4 Mrs Robert K Bresnahan 

Dr. 4 Mrs Kenneth M Brinkhous 

Miss Dorothy M Brittle 

Rev 4 Mrs Thomas H Bntton 

Mr 4 Mrs lack Broadbridge 

Dr 4 Mrs Henry T, Brobsl 

Mr, 4 Mrs. Arthur F. Brown 

Mr. Bergen T, Brown, \r 

Mr, & Mrs, Billy Cray Brown 

Mr 4 Mrs Clarence J, Brown 

Ms Dons 6 Brown 

Mr 4 Mrs Edwin S, Brown 

Mr Elmer C, Brown 

Mr & Mrs. Elmo Brown 

Ms. Mildred |. Brown 

Mrs. Rosemary Brown 

Mr. & Mrs. Waller M. Brown, |r, 

Mr 4 Mrs. William M Brown 

Mf. Ferdinand L Bruckler 

Mr 4 Mrs, Bernard F, Brugger 

Mr 4 Mrs, Jennings M Bryan, |r, 

Mr. C. H, Bryant, |f, 

Mr Richard lames Bryani 

Mr 4 Mrs Robert M Buck 

Mr 4 Mrs Stephen F Buff 

Mr, E E Buffington 

Stephen Button Memorial 

Mf, 4 Mrs James M. Bullard 

Mr, 4 Mrs, lames A. Bulls, Sr 

Mrs Rachel lackson Bunle 

Mr 4 Mrs Donald R. Burch 

Mr 4 Mrs R. Burke 

Burlington Association of Office 

Burlington B,P W. Club, Inc, 
Buflmgton Woman's Club, Inc. 
Mrs, Ann M Burnett 
Ms, Mildred |, Burnett 
Mr Edward R Burns 
Mr. & Mrs, Franklin C. Burris 
Mr 4 Mrs, Frederick A, 

Burroughs, HI 
Mr. 4 Mrs George R, Burton 
Mr 4 Mrs William S Burton 
Mr Joe R Burwell 
Mr 4 Mrs, Max Butler 
Mr S Page Butt 
Dr 4 Mrs Charles W Byrd 
Dr 4 Mrs Worth M Byrd 
Mrs, Annie Mae Caddell 
Mrs, Carrie B Cade 
Mr 4 Mrs Lawrence E. Caldwell 
Dr, Ramsey £ Cammack 
Mr & Mrs D M Campbell 
Mr loseph C Canada 
Mrs, Mary P, Cannady 
Mrs Tracy Lee Cannon 
Mrs, Ethel B Cardwell 
Mr 4 Mrs Herbert A Carmen 
Mr 4 Mrs Graham Carothers 
Mr, 4 Mrs, Charles L Carrico 
Mrs. George Carrington 
Dr 4 Mrs Robert W Carter 
Mf. 4 Mrs. Thomas Glenn Carter 
Mr 4 Mrs, I Kenneth Cassel 
Mr 4 Mrs Frank S Castor 
Caswell County Board of 

Mr, 4 Mrs. Chandler H Cates 
Mr 4 Mrs Coleman C Cates 
Mrs Vance Cates 
Mrs. Wilma C. Cates 
Mr 4 Mrs William L Catoe. Sr 
Dr, Steven D, Cecil 
Ceniel Carolina Pioneer Club 
Mrs I. Q Chadwick 
Mr. 4 Mrs. T, A Chadwick 
Mr. 4 Mrs, Chan Chandler 
Miss Minnie Chandler 
Dr, 4 Mrs Don C, Chaplin 
Mr, 4 Mrs, Wesley L Chappell 
Mr, 4 Mrs. Roy R Charles 
Mr 4 Mrs, |ohn D, Chase 
Chatham-Lee Credit Union 
Dr, 4 Mrs, George W, Cheek. Jr 
Mr 4 Mrs, Arthur W, Chenaull 
Cherokee High School 
Mr Marty E Chewning 
Mr, 4 Mrs Don W, Chrismon 
Citizens Scholarship Foundation 

of America 
Citizens Scholarship Foundation 

of Shenandoah County, Inc. 
Mr, H, Fletcher Clark 
Ms- Joyce F Clark 
Mr, 4 Mrs. Coy Clayton 
Mrs. Virginia O. Clayton 

Mrs Lorene R. Clewis 

Mr, 4 Mrs, Charles S, Click 

Mr Daniel |, Clifton 

Dr 4 Mrs J, William Cline 

Mrs Adrianne Clingan 

Mr 4 Mrs. Henri G, Cloulier 

Mf Carson R Coats 

Mrs Fred D Cobb 

Rev 4 Mrs W T Cockman 

Mr, 4 Mrs. Albert Colaiula 

Mr 4 Mrs. Anthony Colaiuta 

Mr George M Cole 

Mrs. Stella M Coles 

Mrs. Elinore G. Collins 

Mr T Clyde Collins. |r 

Mr jimmy F Combs 

Mr 4 Mrs Clinton Comer 

Mf 4 Mrs William R, Compton 

Mrs. Ann Hoff Conover 

Mr. Allred Bufnelle Cook 

Miss Cindy Cooke 

Mr Ralph H Copeland 

Mr, & Mrs lames R Copland, III 

Mr Plese Corbett 

Mr 4 Mrs. R E, Corbett. |r 

Mr, Ronald Franklin Corbett 

Mr 4 Mrs Domenic Cordone 

Mr 4 Mrs Romeo | Cordone 

Mr, 4 Mrs Howard C Core 

Mrs. E>orolhy Cole Cornell 

Mr. & Mrs, Wayne E Cotirell 

Mr. 4 Mrs, R. L. Cox. Ir. 

Df 4 Mrs, Wiley H, Cozart 

Mr, 4 Mrs, Peter |, Craig 

Dr 4 Mfs Larry C Crawford 

Df, 4 Mrs, Roben O Crawford, |r. 

Dr. 4 Mrs, Clinton S. Crissman 

Mr 4 Mrs Richard A, Crittenden 

Ms, Simone Crone 

Mr. 4 Mrs, Harold F Crook 

Mr, 4 Mrs. Thomas 1, Crooks, |r, 

Mrs. Alan W, Crosby 

Mf, 4 Mrs, James E Cross 

Mr 4 Mrs, Marcus B. Crons 

Mr 4 Mrs Alan H Crouch 

Mr 4 Mrs Wayne Crowson 

Mrs. Mamie Byrd Grumpier 

Ms leanne M Crusan 

Ms. Anne Prince Cuddy 

Cumberland County Schools 

Ms. Carole L. Cummings 

Mrs. Hugh Cummings 

Mr Paul A. Cummings, Jr 

Mr 4 Mrs, Wilton R Cummings 

Mrs, Mary Shaw Cunningham 

Mr 4 Mrs George E, Curnock 

Mr 4 Mrs. Harold 6- Curtis 

Mr 4 Mrs. Anthony ), D'anna 

Mrs Jennie Lee Bradford Daley 

Mr, 4 Mrs Roben K, Dalton. Sr 

Mr £ S W Dameron, Jr 

Mr. & Mrs, lames Walter Daniel, 

Mr. & Mrs. lames William Daniel 
Mr. Robert Howard Daniel 
Mrs Mildred H Darden 
Mrs, Esther L. Darnaby 
Mr, 4 Mrs, H, £ Davenport 
Mr, 4 Mrs C Richard Davidson 
Mf Charles D, Davis 
Mr, 4 Mrs, |, William Davis 
Df lack 8 Davis 
Dr James Addison Davis 
Mr 4 Mrs, |ohn D Davis 
Mrs Oppie S, Davis 
Mrs, Ruby W, Davis 
Mr 4 Mrs, Steve I Davis 
Mrs Thelma Taylor Davis 
Mr 4 Mrs, C, Howard Dawson 
Mr 4 Mrs. Alga S, Day 
Mrs Carol Day 
Mr O, O, Day 
Mr 4 Mrs, George V Dean 
Dr 4 Mrs. George C. Debnam 
Mr 4 Mrs W. L Dechert, II 
Mr 4 Mrs Robert H. Deford, |r. 
Mrs Naomi Delancey 
Delia Kappa Gamma— Alpha Alpha 

Delia Kappa Gamma Society— Beta 

Omega Chapter 
Mr 4 Mrs, Lee W Derrer 
Miss Ann Di Fabio 
Mr 4 Mrs Frank Di Fabio 
Mr 4 Mrs, Frank Di Fabio. Jr, 
Mr, 4 Mrs, Fred L- Dickens 
Dr 4 Mrs, Robert L. Dickens 
Mr Herman E. Dickerson 
Mr 4 Mrs. James C. Dickerson 
Mr Philip A Diehl 
Ms Barbara A. Dijulio 
Mrs Edward | Di Paolo 
Mr 4 Mrs, Lyman B. Dixon 
Mrs Betty E Ooby 
Mr J. Richard Dodson 
Mr & Mrs John Donahue 
Mr- 4 Mrs John A. Donald 
Mr 4 Mrs. Fred Dornacker 
Ms. Catherine R, Dorsey 
Mr 4 Mrs B E, Dotson 
Mr 4 Mrs Robert H Douthan 
Mr 4 Mrs Bradford W. Downey 
Mr 4 Mrs Ira W. Drake 
Mr. 4 Mrs. William L. Drake 
Mr- John V. Draper 
Ms. Willamlne O. Orymalski 
Mr. & Mrs. O. Witcher Dudley, III 

Page 20 198S^ Honor Roll of Donon 


Mr, 4 Mrs, Herbert L. Du(f 

Mr & Mrs James B. Dula, |r 

Mrs Lucile Noeil Dula 

Mrs. lanel B, Durham 

Mr. & Mrs. Willard S. Earle 

East Davidson High School 

Mr, & Mrs. Fletcher E, Eaion 

Mr, & Mrs. T. D, Eaton. |r, 

Mr & Mrs, George R, Ebinger 

Mr & Mrs, Lee A, Eckard 

Mr. & Mrs, Miles L Eckard 

Mr & Mrs, Richard W Edens 

Mr, 4 Mrs, Howard H. Edgerton 

Rev & Mrs D Raby Edwards 

Mr & Mrs, Gene A Edwards 

Dr & Mrs |. Ron Edwards 

Mr & Mrs. Philip F Edwards, Jf 

Mr Richard Eggleston 

Mrs, W, Clifton Elder 

Dr. & Mrs. John E. Eliason 

Mr, Weslev R. Elingburg 

Dr & Mrs A. t- Ellington, )r 

Dr & Mrs Robed N Ellington 

Mr & Mrs, William L. Ellis. If. 

Mr. A Mrs Max O, Elmore 

The £lon Home tor Children 

Mr & Mrs AHonzo Emerson 

Mr. Raymond Emerson 

Mr. & Mrs. I. Harper Efwin, II 

Mrs Alice N. Essen 

Mr & Mrs. Jesse W Ethndge 

Mr, David Evans 

Mr. & Mrs, George S, Evelyn 

Mrs, Mary F, Fabian 

Mr. & Mrs. Allen j Faircloth, Sf 

Mrs Arthur C, Farris 

Mr. Clarence McDonald Ferguson, 

Mr & Mrs, W. Richard Feroe 
Mi, & Mrs, |ohn W, Ferrell 
Mrs Marie Slreich Ferry 
Mr, & Mrs, Randolph R. Few 
Mrs Clyde L. Fields, Sr, 
Ms, Susan Dale Finley 
F\n\ Presbyterian Church- 
Mens Bible Class, Rocky Mount, 
Mr. & Mrs, Richard N, Fisher 
Mr & Mrs, J, Franklin Filchen 
Dr. & Mrs, F, O, Fitzgerald. Jr. 
Mr & Mrs |. Fitzgerald 
Mr Timothy |. Fitzgerald 
Ms. Virginia Flanagan 
Mrs Carolyn Lightbourne Fleming 
Dr. & Mrs. EmmeH O. Floyd 
Mr & Mrs. Howard S Fogleman 
Mr & Mrs W A fogleman 
Mrs Louise 5. Foley 
Mr. & Mrs. Franklin T. Forrest 
Mr & Mrs. lack R. Forsythe 
Mr W S Foster, |r. 
Miss Eleanor V Fountain 
Mi & Mrs Clyde M. Fowler 
Ms Kathleen Elder Fowler 
Mr, Ray H. Fowler 
Mr & Mrs. Gerald N, Fox 
Mr. )ohn T. Fo». St 
Frank Roswell Fuller Scholarship 

Mrs I H, Freedman 
Ms, Patricia j, Frele 
Mr, & Mrs. Thomas Butler French 
Dr, & Mrs William Clyde Friday 
Mr F D Frissell, III 
Mr & Mrs, Carl Fruechtemeyer 
Dr & Mrs Edmund Fuller 
Dr, & Mrs. Rawley H, Fuller, 111 
Mr, & Mrs, Harry L. Funk 
Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Lee Fuirell 
Mrs, Mane N, Gaddis 
Mr & Mrs. Graham | Caddy 
Mr & Mrs Herbert H Gaddy 
Mr. & Mrs. Clyde H. Gambrell 
Mrs C C Gant, Sr 
Mrs. Naomi Allen Carber 
Mr fi. Mrs, Edward R. Gardner. |r 
Mr & Mrs loe W Garrett 
Mr & Mrs. lohn S Caslineau 
Mr & Mrs. Ernest M Gates 
Mrs Etta A, Gates 
Mrs Margaret B. Gee 
Mr, & Mrs. Wallace W. Gee 
Mr & Mrs. Harry S George 
Mr & Mrs. James A. Cerow 
Mrs Ressie E Gibason 
Dr. Kathryn Lee Gibbs 
Rev & Mrs L B. Gibbs 
Dr. & Mrs, Don B- Gibson, Jr. 
Mrs. Mary Ruth Gibson 
Mrs Bonnie K. Gilbert 
Mr, & Mrs. George E, Gilbertson 
Mr 4 Mrs. Frank E. Gilliam, Jr. 
Mr & Mrs. lay Gilliland 
Mr & Mrs, Thomas N Glenn. Jr 
Mrs Frances B. Goddard 
Hon & Mrs. Mills E, Godwin, Jr. 
Mr & Mrs- John Wood Goins. Sr. 
Or & Mrs. Alex F Goley 
Dr Willard C Goley 
Mr Eugene L Goodes 
Mrs Kathleen Goodwin 
Mr & Mrs. Benjamin J. Gordon 
Mr & Mrs. Ottis L Gordon 
Mr Russell E Goss 
Graham High School 
Mr, I. B. Grainger, Jr. 
Mr, & Mrs. H. T, N. Craves 

Mr. J. Harold Graves 

Dr. & Mrs Howard L, Gravett 

Mr McChesney P. Gray 

Mr & Mrs Thomas C Green, Sr. 

Mr, & Mrs William A- Green 

Greensboro Civitan Club 

Ms, F. Kathleen Griffin 

Mr. J. William Griffin 

Mr Jim Criswold 

Mr & Mrs William J. Griswold, Sr. 

Mr. & Mrs, lohn L. Gross 

Mr & Mrs Wayne Cross 

Mr, & Mrs. Vincent J. Cuerrin 

Mr, & Mrs, W. R. Cuffey 

Guilford County Black Educators 

Miss Ruth Helen Cunn 

Mr Roger G Gupton 

Mr Robert |. Guthrie 

Mr & Mrs. Jasper Dean Haizlip 

Or & Mrs. Thomas M Haizlip 

Mr. & Mrs. C, Wayne Haley 

Mr. & Mrs, David Lane Hall 

Miss Lowrine V Halstead 

Mrs, Juanita P Hamby 

Mr Paul T, Hamilton 

Mr. & Mrs, Robert D. Hamilton 

Mr. & Mrs, A, Scott Hammond 

Mr. Steven Haney 

Estate of George W Harden 

Mr, & Mrs, John Patrick Harman 

Mr. & Mrs, William R. Harmon 

Mr. & Mrs. Albert C. Harper 

Mr. & Mrs. Larry Harper, Jr. 

Dr, & Mrs. Larry O. Harper 

CPT & Mrs. TJ. Harper 

Mr, Alfred Merle Harrington 

Mr, & Mrs, Charlie Hams 

Mr, & Mrs David E. Harris 

Mr, & Mrs. David L, Harris 

Mrs. June Strader Harris 

Mr & Mrs. Roy H, Harris 

Mr & Mrs Thomas G. Harris, Sr. 

Hon & Mrs William S. Harris, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. Julian Randolph 

Harrison. Jr, 
Mr. & Mrs Edgar L. Hartgrove 
Mr. & Mrs, Daniel Hartnett 
Mr, Jeffrey D Hartsock 
Miss Lome Leigh HanA-aid 
Mrs, Sue Barrett Harward 
Mr. W. Paul Haviland 
Mr & Mrs. D. Swan Haworth 
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas N, Hayes 
Mrs Benha Kay HeKnch 
Mr & Mrs. Albert H, Helmke 
Dr 8. Mrs C Robert Helsabeck 
Mr. H, Clay Hemrcc, Jr. 
Mrs. Dons | Henderson 
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas H. Henderson 
Mr & Mrs Snowdon P, Hernck 
Ms Rebecca Terrell Herring 
Mr & Mrs Harold W, Hester 
Mf, & Mrs, W. Craig Heston 
Mr. Richard P Hickey, Sr. 
Mr. & Mrs, Clifford S. Hicock 
Mr. & Mrs Charlie B, Higgins 
Mr, & Mrs, James D Hill 
Hillsville Woman's Club 
Mr. Carl M Hines 
Dr, & Mrs Hans E, Hirsch 
Mr Mike Hirsch 
Mr & Mrs. Harold Hockstetter 
Mrs. Erwin E Hodge 
Mr. & Mrs William F. Hodge, Jr 
Mf. & Mrs, Paul R. Hoffner 
Mr Charney Hoggard 
Dr. Clarence A. Holland 
Mrs. Gladyse J, Holland 
Mr, & Mrs. W. F, Hollandsworth 
Mr. & Mrs, W. Richard Holloway 
Holmes & West Funeral Home 
Mr & Mrs Malcolm L Holmes, Jr 
Mrs, Donnell S, Holl 
Mr. & Mrs Maurice S. Holt 
Mr. & Mrs. Ralph M, Holl. Jr, 
Mr. & Hon. W. Clary Holt 
Mr William De R. Holt, Jr, 
Mr. & Mrs. James W Hooker 
Mr Fred V Hooper 
Mrs. Myrtle S, Hopson 
Mr. & Mrs Stephen M. Horan 
Mr & Mrs Lawrence Alan Horlon 
Mr, C Rhea Houchins, Jr, 
Ms. Anna I. Houck 
Mr & Mrs John C, Houser 
Mr. & Mrs Bartow Houston. Jr 
Ms. Nancy E, Howie 
Mr. Franklin D. Hoy 
Mr. & Mrs. Edwin A, Hubbard 
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas R. Hubbard 
Mr. & Mrs. Jack P. Huddle 
Mrs Woodrow Wilson Hudson 
Mr, & Mrs William R, Huff 
Mr & Mrs | Paul Huffines 
Mr & Mrs. Joe R. Huffsteiler 
Mr, & Mrs Hubert E- Humphrey 
Mr. & Mrs. Larry W. Hunt 
Hon. & Mrs, R. Samuel Hunt 
Mrs. William B, Hunt, Jr, 
Mrs, Christina Hardy Hunter 
Mr. & Mrs Gordon Pannill Hurley 
Mr, & Mrs, Robert W Hutchins 
Mr & Mrs. James 8. Hutchinson 
Ms. Katherine Iris McCrary 

Mrs, Lester R, Hutt 
Mr. a> Mrs. Robert Hykes 

Dr & Mrs, John M. Irvine. Jr, 

Mrs, Howard Isaacs 

Mrs, Randolph I, Isley 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert B, Isner 

Mr & Mrs. H, £ lames 

Mr. & Mrs, Ron James 

Mr. & Mrs. Elliot F Jaquith, Jr. 

Mrs Cornelia W. Jay 

Mrs Mildred Holl Jenkins 

Ms. Frances P, Jennings 

Mr, & Mrs Frank L, Jennus 

Mr, & Mrs. ABC Johnson 

Mrs. Barbara A Johnson 

Ms. Barry Hope Johnson 

Mrs. Dorothy J Johnson 

Mrs Harold W Johnson. Sr. 

Mr, & Mrs, Horace M. Johnson, Jr, 

Mr. & Mrs James Johnson 

Mr lohn Fred lohnson, Jr 

Estate of Lessie Mae S Johnson 

Mr & Mrs. PhiJip L Johnson 

Mr Robert L. Johnson 

Mr. & Mrs, Tapley O Johnson 

Mr, Victor Johnson, Jr. 

Mr & Mrs. W. Eugene Johnston, 

Hon, Charles Raper Jonas 
Mr. & Mrs Andrew Travis lones, 

Mr & Mrs. Bruce E Jones 
Mr & Mrs, Charles F Jones 
Ms Louise I. Jones 
Mr & Mrs. Thomas O. Jones 
Mr. & Mrs, W, L, Jones 
Mr Ben E, Jordan, Jr. 
Mr, & Mrs. John David Jordan 
Hon & Mrs. John M Jordan 
Mf, & Mrs, William F loye 
Mrs, Martine T Joyner 
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas M. Joyner 
Mrs, Sunie T. Justice 
Kappa Sigma Endowment Fund 
Mr. Loraine Kays 
Judge & Mrs, Richard B. Kellam 
Mr & Mrs. Dale F Keller 
Mr, Edward H. Kellogg, Jr, 
Ms, Betsy K, Kelsey 
Mr Herman D. Kemp, Jr, 
Mr & Mrs. Irvin Windsor Kemp 
Mrs Lou S, Kendnck 
Dr. & Mrs Harold B, Kernodle, Jr 
Mf, & Mrs. Robert E, Kerr 
Mr & Mrs. John Ketcham 
Mr & Mrs, Francis S Key 
Ms. Evelyn Kilpatnck 
Ms, Henrietta Kilpatnck 
Mr, & Mrs. Harold D Kimball 
Mr & Mrs. O C Kimbrell, |r 
Mr, Al King 

Mr & Mrs George C. .King 
Mr & Mrs. George M, King 
Mr Joseph Wallace King 
Mr. & Mrs. Maurice Q, King 
Mrs Helen Smit Kirchen 
Mr & Mrs, Kent Kirchin 
Rev, Donald L. Kirkbnde 
Ms, lean Elizabeth Kirkman 
Ms Eleanor B. Kirkpatrick 
Mr & Mrs George F Kiser 
Mr. & Mrs. Larry A Kittner 
Mr. & Mrs. Raymond E. Kivett 
Kiwanis Education Fund, Inc. 
Mr & Mrs, Peler H. Klopman 
Rev. G, Arthur Knauer 
Miss Rosa Jane Knott 
Mr & Mrs Alexander Kohan 
Mr Robert D. Kornegay 
Mr & Mrs. William R Kornegay 
Mr. & Mrs, William Koloski 
Mr, Maurice J, Koury 
Mr & Mrs. Joseph | Kowski 
Mr Irwin Kremen 
Mr & Mrs. Jacques D, La Marre 
Mr & Mrs R Otis Lackey 
Mr, & Mrs. John W. Landrum, III 
Mrs. V. Wilton Lane 
Mr. & Mrs. John A. Langerman 
Mr & Mrs. Eugene Langone 
Mr & Mrs. William T Lasley 
Mr, & Mrs Lawrence W, Latane , 

Mr. Martin Vance Latta 
Mr, & Mrs, Curtis Lawson 
Mr & Mrs, Stanley 0. Lea, Sr. 
Leach Education Fund 
Mrs Lucille V Leath 
Mrs. Rebecca Koontz Lee 
Mr Richard H Lee 
Mi & Mfs. James A, Leimberger 
Mfs Linda M. Leister 
Mr & Mrs. Leo G Leitner. Jr 
Mr Louis J. Leiiner 
Mf & Mrs, Clyde C Lester, Jr 
Mr & Mrs. Hubert Lester 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Lester 
Mr. & Mrs. N. Travis Levin 
Rev Dr. Edward W. W Lewis 
Mr & Mrs lack Nathan Lewis. Sr 
Mr & Mrs, R Cruse Lewis 
Library Staff - Elon College 
Mr, & Mrs, William Lichtenfield 
Mf, & Mrs. Edmond H, Liles. Jf, 
Or, & Mrs. Joseph J. Lindley 
Mr & Mrs. Tom Lindley, Jr 
Ms. Alice V. Lindsay 
Rev & Mrs Robert 8 Lineberger 
Mr & Mrs, Roger D. Lineberry 

Mr & Mrs, Russell L. Linton 

Mr, & Mrs. Woodrow P Lipscomb 

Dr & Mrs Robert W Lmle 

Mr & Mrs Vance T Littlejohn 

Mr, 4 Mrs, J. L, Lively, |r 

Mr. 4 Mrs, David Livengood 

Mr. 4 Mrs, Wilbur Rudy Lloyd 

Ms, Cleo Locke 

Mr James Logan, Jr, 

Mr. & Mrs Edward S. Long 

Dr. & Mrs William loseph Longan 

Mrs. I Carl Looney 

Mr. & Mrs Harmon L Loy 

Mr, 4 Mrs, Lowell T. Lunsford 

Mrs, W, C. Lyda 

Mr 4 Mrs Thomas E Lynch. St 

Dr, 4 Mrs John Worth Lynn, Sr, 

Mr 4 Mrs Ronnie F Mabe 

Mr Angus MacDonald 

Mr 4 Mrs, Don A Maclntyre 

Mrs, Duncan A. MacKenzie 

Mr, 4 Mrs. William MacKnight 

Mis Mary C. MacLin 

Mf 4 Mfs Robert R, MacMillan 

Mrs. Thelma S. Madry 

Mr 4 MfS F Daniel Magee 

Mf, 4 Mrs, Samuel L, Maggio 

Mr, W. P. Mahan 

Ms Betty Malone 

CPT 4 Mrs Francis Edward 

Ms. Janice S Manassa 
Manchesier Scholarship Founda- 
tion, Inc, 
Dr. 4 Mrs, Paul F, Maness 
Ms. Ruby Ann Maness 
Mr & MfS. Robert William 

Dr, Victor E Mantiply 
Mr 4 Mrs, Harry L Mapp, Jr. 
Mr, 4 Mrs, J. C, Markham. Jr, 
Mr 4 Mrs Rudolph K Marks 
Mr 4 Mrs Bill Martin 
Mr. 4 Mrs. Pullen D Martin 
Mr, William H, Massey 
Mr, 4 Mrs. Phil H. Mast 
Mr 4 Mrs. Russell E, Malhey 
Mr. 4 Mrs Graham L, Mathis 
Mr. 4 Mrs Donald L Malkins 
Mr, 4 Mrs Eugene H, Malkins 
Mrs. Florence B. Malkins 
Mrs. Elizabeth W. Mattox 
Mr. J. S- May 
Mrs, Reid A, Maynard 
Hon 4 Mrs. Robert L McAlister 
Mr, 4 Mrs, Frank L McCabe 
Dr Darwin W, McCaffily 
Mr. 4 Mrs James A McCarther, 

Mr. & Mrs. Bernard P. McCauley, 

Mr 4 MfS William M, McCauley 
Mr. 4 Mrs Donald P McCorkle 
Mr James McEwen McCrary 
Mr & Mrs. John A. McCrary, Jr, 
Mr, 4 Mrs John A, McCrary, 111 
Mrs Oorolhy Irene McFarland 
Mrs. Carolynn W. McGill 
Mr 4 Mrs, Charles G. McGimsey 
Ms. Marian H, McGuinn 
Mr. 4 Mrs Austin McHugh, Jr 
Mr, Joe Mcintosh 
Mr. loe H, Mclnlyre 
Mrs Cora Lee Mclver 
Ms, Sally H, McKibbin 
Of James F McKintey 
Mf, 4 Mrs, Johnnie S. McKinney 
Miss Alice McLean 
Mr, 4 Mrs. Hugh McLean 
Ms, lean McLean 
Hon 4 Mrs. D Marsh McLeliand 
Dr, Hubert F McLendon 
Mr. 4 Mrs. B, F. McLeod. Jr 
Ms, Kay C. McMullan 
Mr, 4 Mrs. C C. McNeely. Jr 
Mr. 4 Mrs, R, Aubrey McPhail 
Mr. 4 Mrs. Horace L, McPherson 
Mr 4 Mrs, John McSheehy 
Dr. G Yancey Mebane 
Mr, 4 Mrs. Grady Nelson Mebane 
Mr, 4 Mrs, Theodore B. Meding 
Mr. 4 Mrs. Tony Medlin 
Mr. A. T. Meeks, Jr. 
COL 4 Mrs, Winfred H. Meibohm 
Mr, 4 Mrs. Albert Meisel 
Mr & Mrs Stephen Melchiore 
Mr 4 Mrs James S. Melvin 
Misses Lucy 4 Helen Melvin 
Men's Garden Club— Burlington, 

Mr, 4 Mrs. Leonard C, Menius 
Mr, 4 Mrs William L Meredith. Jr. 
Mr, 4 Mrs John C. Merkel. Ill 
Mf John F, Merritt 
Mrs Eleanor D. Mewborn 
Mr, 4 Mrs Roland Lee Midgene, Jr. 
Mr. 4 Mrs. Stephen H, MilJender 
Mr. 4 Mrs. David Eugene Miller 
Mr. 4 Mrs, Jesse Miller 
Or. 4 Mrs Malcolm E. Miller 
Mrs, Norman E. Miller 
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas D. Miller. Ill 
Ms. Isabel Millicovsky 
Mrs. Clenda P. Milligan 
Mr. James Michael Mills 
Miss Roanoke Valley Pageant 
Mr. & Mrs. James K Mitchell 

Mr, 4 Mrs, Louis A, Mitta 

Mr Joseph R Mize 

Mf & Mrs, Don Moats 

Mrs. Patricia Molinari 

Mr 4 Mrs, John C Montague 

Mr, 4 Mrs, Wade H, Montgomery 

Mr 4 Mrs. Willard J, Moody 

Mrs, Louise 8, Moon 

Mr & Mrs. Tracy Leon Moon 

Mr 4 Mrs. Edward W Mooney. Jr. 

Hon & Mrs. Dan K. Moore 

Mr, 4 Mrs Grover W, Moore 

Mr. & Mrs, Paul W. Moore, Jr. 

Mr. 4 MfS. Robert A. Moore 

Mrs. Ruth K. Moore 

Dr. Saunders W Moore 

Dr Walter H Moore 

Mr. & Mrs. John O, Moreton 

Mr, 4 Mrs Charles B Morgan 

Mr, 4 Mrs. Ronald F Morgan 

Mr, William Jack Morgan 

Or, C, Hunter Monde 

Mr Anthony Morris, VIM 

Ors Mary 4 George Thomas Morris^ 

Mr 4 Mrs. Theo H Morris 

Mr. Daniel 8 Morrison, Jr. 

Mr, 4 Mrs. Roger L. Morrow 

Mr, 4 Mrs. Buell Edward Moser, Sr. 

Dr Galen C, Moser 

Mr 4 Mrs. Sidney T, Moser, Jr. 

Mr 4 Mrs William D. Moser 

Mr. 4 MfS A, C Motsinger 

Mr. Robert L, Mott 

Mrs, Joseph J. Mottola 

Dr, 4 Mrs, Daniel N. Moury 

Dr Vester M, Mulholland 

Dr, Rhen C Mullmax 

Mrs. Virgina B. Mullis 

Mr. & Mrs James P, Murphy 

Mr, 1. E. Murray, |r. 

Dr 4 Mrs, James C, Murray 

Dr 4 Mrs Alonzo H Myers 

Dr, Charles Franklin Myers, Jr. 

Mr & Mrs, Edward Lee Myers 

N.C. 4~H Development Fund, Inc. 

N.C. Lions Assoc for the Blind 

Mr. Herb Nave 

Mr 4 Mrs. Thomas S, Neal 

Neighbors of Carol Chase 

Mrs Beulah Nelson 

Mr, 4 Mrs Ibra T Nelson 

Or 4 Mrs Kenneth R Newbold 

Dr, loseph F, Newhall, Jr. 

Mr, 4 Mrs. David M, Newlin 

Mr, 4 Mrs. Harvey R. Newlin 

Mr. J. H. Nichols. Jr. 

Mr, 4 Mrs, William B. Nichols 

Mr, 4 Mrs. William F. Nix, Jr, 

Mr 4 Mrs, George A. Noah 

North Carolina Coaches Association 

Mr. 4 Mrs. Leonard M. Northington, 

Mr. & Mrs. A, N. Norwood 
Mr. & Mrs Armond A Novelli 
Nu Alpha Chapter, Washington, N.C. 
Mr 4 Mrs, Jimmy C, Nunn 
Mr 4 Mrs, John W, O'Brien 
Mr 4 Mrs, Robert W. O'Brien 
Mrs, Alice Chealham O'Connell 
Mr & Mrs Charles M. Oaks 
Ocean Lakes Family Campground 
Mrs. Lee Ogburn 
Mr. 4 Mrs. Winfred C. Olive 
Mr 4 Mrs. Jesse 8. Osborne 
Mr, 4 Mrs Dan A Overbey, 111 
Mr, 4 Mrs Curtis £. Overby, Sf 
Mrs, John A, Overby 
Mr 4 Mrs, Warren H. Overstreel 
Mr. 4 Mrs. Ralph H. Oxford 
Dr. 4 Mrs. Benson Ozer 
Ms. Agnes Palena 
Ms. Sharon A. Palsha 
Mr. & Mrs, Francisco S. Paman 
Mr. 4 Mrs. Edward I. Pankenier 
Mr 4 Mrs O, Earl Pardue, Sr. 
Mrs, Emma F Parham 
Dr, 4 Mrs. George Thaxton Parker 
Ms Bobbi Parra 
Mr 4 Mrs R F Paschal, Jr 
Mrs. Margaret Anne Morgan 

Mr, 4 Mrs. Richard L, Patterson 
Mr, 4 Mrs. Donald L. Paulson. Jr. 
Mr. 4 Mrs, Thomas E, Pealross 
Mr. 4 Mrs, Tom Pemberton 
Mrs. Louise S Pender 
Mr 4 Mrs, Kelso Pendergrass 
Mr. & Mrs. A. R- Perez 
Mr. 4 Mrs. Kenneth W. Perkins 
Mrs. Eloise B Perkinson 
Mrs. Linda Rountree Perry 
Mr, William A Petrie 
Rev 4 Mrs. George M. Phillips, Jr. 
Dr Claude Piantadosi 
Mrs Eunice S Picka'H 
Mr, M. C^e^-n Tickard 
Mr, 4 Mrs. Harry A, Pickett 
Mr C Emmett Piland 
Dr & Mrs Eric W Pmman 
Dr. George L Pmman 
Mrs. Patricia B, Pittman 
Mr. 4 Mrs. T, Bruce Pitiman 
Planters Educational Foundation 
Dr, 4 Mrs, Lloyd G. Plummer 
Mr 4 MfS, Boyd C Poe 
Mr. Gary T. Pollock 
Mf, & Mrs. Thomas F. Pomer. Jr. 

1985-86 Honor Roll of Donors Page 21 

Mr. & Mrs. William D, Ponton 

Mrs. George A. Poole 

Ms- loann |. Porierfield 

Of 4 Mrs. Nicholas C Poutos 

Mr, & Mrs. Gary Powell, |r. 

Mr & Mrs |. Dewey Powell 

Mrs. Nancy Powell 

Mr. & Mrs. Leslie C. Prairie 

Mr & Mrs, A J Preslar. \i 

Ms. Anne Presnell 

Mr- U)cy M Pfesnell, IN 

Mrs Mary Uou Fogleman Preston 

Mr & Mrs Raymond A Price 

Miss Annie H Prillaman 

Prince Hall Grand Chapter OES— 

Savannah, Ga. 
Mr. & Mre Robert E. Prince 
Mrs Ruth Robertson Prince 
Mr & Mrs, Donald S. Proffin 
Mrs, Richardson K. Prouty 
Mr & Mrs. Robert L. Pryce, Jr. 
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph C, Pryor 
Mr & Mrs. Robert Lee Purcell 
Mr. A. L. Purnngton, |r 
Mr, & Mrs- Marvin Wesley Purvis 
Quarry Hills Country Club- 
Graham, N.C. 
Mr & Mrs. Raphael A. Raab 
Mr. & Mrs lames W, Ragan 
Mrs. Beolah Railord 
Mr. Amos Rakes, t'. 
Dr. Robbins Ralph 
Mr. & Mrs lames K Ramborger 
Mrs. Evelyn W Randolph 
Mr. & Mrs. Ervin L. Raper 
Mr & Mrs. |oe Ratlifl 
Mrs. George M. Ratterman 
Mr, & Mrs E O Reams, Sr. 
Mrs. Thomas B Redd 
Mr. & Mrs Kemp Reece 
Ms. Virginia K. Reece 
Mr. a Mrs. Thomas E, Register 
Mr lames Harvey Renn, |r 
Mr, Claude M. Reynolds, Sr. 
Mrs. Julia W Reynolds 
Mr. Norben E. Reynolds 
Mr. & Mrs. William F. Reynolds 
Hon, & Mrs Myron A. Rhyne 
Mr & Mrs Louis M Riccio, Sr, 
Mr George B R'ce 
Mr. & Mrs Clay A. Rich 
Dr. & Mrs. Louis E Richard 
Mrs. Ada C. Richardson 
Or. & Mrs H M. Richardson 
Mr. & Mrs Howard R Richardson, |f. 
Mrs. loan Stuart Richardson 
Mr & Mrs. lames David Rickard 
Mr. & Mrs. Earl E. Ricks 
Mr. & Mrs, lohn G. Riley 
Mr, & Mrs Laurence C. Riley. Sr. 
Dr. & Mrs George E Rinker 
Mrs, Helen Snow Risher 
Mr. & Mrs William H. Ritler 
Mrs, Charles M Rives, )f 
Mr, & Mrs Samuel E. Roach. Sr 
Ms, Patricia C, Roberson 
Mrs, Ethel C, Roberts 
Rev & Mrs, Frederick Roberts 
Mr, & Mrs. lohn K. Roberts 
Or. & Mrs Jerry R, Robertson 
Mr, Richard A, Robertson 
Mr, & Mrs, Richard E, Robinson 
Mr, & Mrs. Arthur H. Rogers 
Ms. Ethel B, Rogers 
Mr Hurley Rogers 
Or Isabel W, Rogers 
Mrs, Ruth M, Rollins 
Of Donald M. Ross 
Mr & Mrs Jerry Ross 
Rotary International— Tarboro, N C 
Mrs. loline C, Roush 
Roxbury School Council— 

Succasunna, N.|. 
Mr- & Mrs Richard E. Royer 
Ruitan National Foundation- 
Dublin, Va, 
Mrs, Emma A, Russell 
Mr, & Mrs. Samuel F, Rutland 
Dr. & Mrs William lames Ryan. II 
Of, & Mrs. Daniel P Ryskiewich 
Mr & Mrs lames Sabin 
Dr, & Mrs. lohn H. Sadler 
Mr, & Mrs. M ludson Samuels 
Mr Robert E Sandell. |r. 
Mr- & Mrs, Wilbur Hale Sanders, Sr, 
Chaplain & Mrs- Lawrence O, Sanger 
Mr, & Mrs, Bennett B. Sapp 
Mis Katie P, Sanerfield 
Or & Mrs Charles L Saunders, |r 
Ms, Sandra M. Saunders 
Dr- & Mrs. Phillip L Savage 
Mr, & Mrs I R Sawyer 
Mr & Mrs George T Schaetfer 
Mr. & Mrs Carl J. Scharoun 
Mr 4 Mrs Dodson R. Schenck 
Mr, & Mrs, lames S. Schenck, Ml 
Mr, 4 Mrs. lohn L Schoderbek 
Dr- Curtis R. Schumacher 
Mr. 4 Mrs. lohn R Scoggins 
Dr & Mrs Charles K Scott 
Mr & Mrs Claude F Scott 
Mrs- Cayle W. Scon 
Mr, 4 Mrs Loman H- Scott 
Mr. & Mrs. Walter W Scott 
Mr, Winfield A. Scon 
Dr 4 Mrs. Po-'er William Seiwell 
Mr & Mrs. William E, Sellers 

Mrs. lames H. Scmans 

LCDR Louise W- Sharp 

Mr 4 Mrs. Richard K Sharpe 

Mr & Mn William C Sharpe, IV 

Mrs Mary Shelton 

Mr. 4 Mrs. Frank L Shepherd 

Mr, 4 Mrs, Richard H, Shirley, |r, 

Mr, 4 Mrs Henry V Shriver 

Mr. 4 Mrs. Edward A, Siemering 

Ms. lanet V. Siemenng 

Sigma Pi Fraternity— Elon College, 

Mr. 4 Mrs. Mike E. Sigmon 
Mr. Ron Edsel Simms 
Mr, lohn A, Sippel. |r 
Mr & Mrs. Thomas H, SVeen 
Dr, 4 Mrs, Steven D, Slott 
Mr 4 Mrs, Harold D. Smith 
Mr 4 Mrs Ralph Smith 
Mr Ricky L, Smith 
Or, 4 Mrs. Roy M. Smith 
Ms, Sandra L. Smith 
Mr Silas B Smith 
Mr, 4 Mrs Waller S, Smith 
Mr 4 Mrs Horace Carman Snead 
Ms, Kay Sncllgrove 
Ms, Benetla W. Snively 
Mr, 4 Mrs, |immy M. Snow 
Mr, & Mrs. Raymond W, Southerland 
Ofs. Judith 4 Frank W Spaeth 
Mr 4 Mrs Joseph F Spaniol, Ir 
Ms, Barbara B, Sparks 
Mr Dow Spaulding, |r, 
Mr Royall H, Spence, Sr 
Mrs Jennie Barrett Spratley 
Mr. 4 Mrs, Bill Springer 
Mr 4 Mrs. William Ross Sprinkle 
Mr. Bobby Squires 
Mr & Mrs Cecil W, Stackhouse 
Mr. 4 Mrs. Howard Staftord 
Mr. 4 Mrs. lack C Staley. Sr. 
Mr Richard Norman Slallings 
Mrs Helen B. Stanford 
Mr. 4 Mrs. Roger W. Stanley 
Mr 4 Mrs. Charles Staton 
Rev 4 Mrs. Dale O Steele 
Mr. Rollin M. Steele. Jr. 
Mr. 4 Mrs. I. Flay Steelman 
Mr & Mrs. Glendel Stephenson 
Mr Branch K. Sternal 
Mr. 4 Mrs Samuel H. Stevenson 
Or 4 Mrs. Albert Stewart. |r, 
Mr. 4 Mrs Eric Stewart 
Mr. 4 Mrs, Ronald H, Stokes 
Mr. 4 Mrs, Harry G, Stonbraker 
Mr & Mrs. Emmert M. Storey. |r. 
Mrs. Eunice O. Stott 
Mr. 4 Mrs. limmy C. Stout 
Mr. 4 Mrs R D Stout 
CDR 4 Mr^ H. E. Strange. Ir, 
Mr 4 Mrs. Clifford A Strimpte 
Mr & Mrs. Robert T. Strong 
Mr, & Mrs, Philip O. Stuart 
Mr 4 Mrs, Owen G Studt 
Rev. Clarence L Slumb 
Mr & Mrs. lohn A Suiter. |r 
Mr 4 Mrs. Grady W, Sumner. |r, 
Mrs Sam C, Sumner 
Sunshine Club— A4T Communica- 
tions—Richmond, Va, 
Mr. Dallas O, Swan, |r. 
Mr. 4 Mrs. Calvin William Swart 
Dr. & Mrs. lonalhan Sweat 
Mr & Mrs Bernard P. Sweeney 
Mr Charles L Sweeney 
Dr, 4 Mrs, Daniel O, Talley, III 
Dr, 4 Mrs. Allen 0, Tate. |r 
Mr Walter H latum 
Mr, 4 Mrs, N. Karroll Teachey 
Mr 4 Mrs, Milton J Teeple 
Ms Jackie W Temples 
Mr, 4 Mrs, Calvin L- Tenhei, Sr. 
Mr 4 Mrs. Leon F Teramo 
Mr, 4 Mrs Jule J- Terrell 
Mr, 4 Mrs, William B. Terrell, Jr. 
Mr, 4 Mrs. George F- Theobald 
Mr 4 Mrs. Cattis B. Thomas 
Rev 4 Mrs P Leon Thomas 
Mrs Ralph L Thomas 
Mrs. Beatrice Thompson 
Mr, & Mrs. C Boardman Thompson, 

Mrs. C V. Thompson 
Mrs Donnie S Thompison 
Mr 4 Mrs, Earl M, Thompson 
Mr & Mr^. lames E. Thompson 
Mr. & Mrs- W. C. Thompson 
Or 4 Mrs, George T, Thornhill, |r, 
Mr 4 Mrs, Richard |, Thornton 
Mrs Fanny Pray Timmons 
Mrs Eleanor S. Tinsley 
Mr, 4 Mrs, Clrfton S. Tippett. Jr. 
Mr Charles R- Tolley 
Tom Sawyer - Huck Finn Tennis 

Mr 4 Mrs. Arthur James Toompas 
Mr, Joseph C, Totherow 
Mr 4 Mrs. lohn Z. Touloupas 
Mr 4 Mn C D Towers. Jr 
Dr. & Mrs. Theodore T, Trapp 
Mr 4 Mrs William A, Tripp 
Mr. 4 Mrs, Avery N. Trollingcr 
Mr & Mrs- R, Scott Troxler 
Mr 4 Mrs, Bobby Lee Trump, Sr, 
Mrs, L D, Tucker, Sr. 
Mr, L. O. Tucker. Jr. 
I Mrs. Margaret Tucker 

Mr- & Mrs. Sandy L. Tucker 
Mr- Thomas C. Tunney 
Dr Lee F. Tunle 
Mrs. Sarah Womack Upson 
Mr 4 Mr5. Jesse C, Vail 
Mr, 4 Mn. Ray A. Vargas 
Mrs. Mabel H, Veazey 
Mr & Mrs, lohn H. Vernon. Ill 
Mr 4 Mrs, lohn H. Vernon, |r. 
Mr Billy K. Vickrey 
Mr & Mrs. Richard L- Villec 
Mrs. Michael Volturo 
Mr, Ralph Wadlinger 
Mr 4 Mrs. Donald Wagstaff 
Mr 4 Mrs, D |. Walker, ]r 
RADM 4 Mrs Edward K. Walker, |i 
Df, 4 Mrs. lohn B, Walker, III 
Or W, W, Walker 
Mr 4 Mrs, Dwight Wall 
Of 4 Mrs, lack C Wall 
Mr 4 Mrs- Jon Wallner 
Mr & Mrs, Robert M, Walsh 
Mrs- Freda Wamsley 
Mr 4 Mrs Charles F Ward, Jr 
Mrs. Cynthia Ward 
Mr 4 Mrs George Mike Ward 
Mr 4 Mrs, Robert W- Ward, |r, 
Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Ward 
Mr 4 Mrs. W. Dace Ward 
Mrs. W. I. Ward, Sr. 
Or 4 Mrs Frank Reid Warder 
Mr 4 Mrs. Robert L. Warren 
Washington High School- 
Washington. N.C. 
Mr, Ffederick L Watson. Jr 
Mr, 4 Mrs, |ames Watson 
Mrs James Eugene Watts 
Mrs lohn H Weaver 
Mr 4 Mrs David C, Weavil 
Mr 4 Mrs Herbert N Wellons 
Wesley Long Hospital Auxiliary- 
Greensboro. N-C- 
Mr, 4 Mrs- John B. West 
Mr, 4 Mrs. William W, West 
Mr 4 Mrs, David W, Westcott 
Western High School— Elon 

College. N,C, 
Mr, 4 Mrs. W, Howard Wheatley 
Mr, 4 Mrs, Crady loseph Wheeler, Jr. 
Dr 4 Mrs, Crady | Wheeler 
Mr 4 Mrs Kenneth Ervin Wheelock 
Mr 4 Mrs, Henry White 
Ms, leanneine P. While 
Mrs, Mary W, White 
Mr 4 Mrs, Michael C White 
Mr, 4 Mrs, Robert D, White 
Ms Sherley M, White 
Mr, & Mrs lohn P, Whited, Sr, 
Mr 4 Mrs, Richard L, Whitelaw 
Mrs, Hurley Whiiesell 
Mr 4 Mrs. George R Whitley 
Mr. 4 Mrs. loseph R. Whitney 
Dr. 4 Mrs. Dolphus Whitten, |r. 
Mrs, Bettie I Wiechelman 
Rev & Mrs. RichanJ P Wilkerson 
Mr, 4 Mrs, lohn Raymond Wilkie 
Ms, Dorothy M. Williams 
Dr, & Mrs, Paul F, Williams 
Mr 4 Mrs Richard L, Williams 
Mr Ronald Williams 
Mrs, W Earl Williams 
Ms, Elaine H- Williamson 
Rev Dwight Wilson 
Mr lames H Wilson, II! 
Mrs Virginia B, Wilson 
Mr, 4 Mrs Kenneth B, Wmfield 
Mr George Wingfield. Sr, 
Mr 4 Mrs lohn D, Winnen 
Mr & Mrs Burwell Riddick Winstow 
Mrs Mary Bland Winslead 
Mr. 4 Mrs. W, A, Winstead 
Mr. & Mrs- W Wayne Winstead 
Mrs. William P, Wiseman 
Mr Robert J Wishart 
Mrs, Ann Coulter Wiss 
Dr 4 Mrs. William Emil Wisseman 
Mr 4 Mrs Ronald J- Witherby 
Mr Francis Witkoski 
Mr 4 Mrs, Helmut A Wiliel 
Mr 4 Mrs Hermann B Wobus 
Mr, & Mrs, Albert E Wolfe 
Woman's Club of Denvilte. N,|. 
Mn. Beulah O, Womble 
Mrs. Rosalie T WOmble 
Women o( the Church, Orange 

Presbytery— Raleigh. N.C 
Mr 4 Mrs A, Wilton Wood 
Mr Bryan Wood 
err 4 Mrs, William Kenneth 

Mr & Mrs Stanley H. Woodie. |f 
Mr & Mrs, Donald A. Woodley 
Or & Mrs Gordon R Woody, |r, 
Mr 4 Mrs. G, Wayne Wayne 

Mr 4 Mrs Robert E Wooten 
Mr 4 Mrs, Bobby 8. Worrell 
Mr 1 Paul Wrenn 
Mr & Mrs, Carrington Wright 
Mr 4 Mrs lohn D. Xanthos 
Mr Cecil M. Yarbrough 
Or. 4 Mrs, Matthew F Yenney 
Mr, C, Wayne York 
Mrs Kenneth W. Young 
Mr 4 Mrs Philip |. Young 
Mr. 4 Mrs Donald Ray Yount 
Mr. & Mrs Hilton L, Yow 
Ms, 5- Kay Yow 

Mr 4 Mrs, Edward R Zane, Sr 

Mr 4 Mrs loseph A, Zang, Jr. 

Mr 4 Mrs. Nick Zangotsis 

Mr 4 Mrs W. |, Zatloukal, |r, 

Mr 4 Mrs Paul Zeagler 

Zeta Phi BeU Sorority, Inc.-Ela Delta 

Zeta Chapter 
Rev. loseph Zezzo 
Mrs, Lois D- Zugay 
Mr & Mrs, Val E. Zumbro 


Ms, Gretchen M, Brodowicz 

Ms, Karen E, Burke 

Mr, Kenneth E. Ference 

Ms Lisa Ann Graves 

Mr Russell L Hines 

Mr John O. Horsley 

Mr Maurice N Jennings, Jr 

Ms, Susan B. Kinney 

Mr, Anthony S. Long 

Mr [esse W Long 

Mr, Kevin W, Long 

Mrs. Connie H. McPherson 

Ms, Carol O. Parrish 

Mr, Stephen A, Splan 


Beck's United Church of Christ, 

Lexington, N.C. 
Bethany United Church of Christ- 

Claremont. Newton, N.C. 
Bethany United Church Of Christ. 

Winston-Salem. N.C, 
Bethel United Church Of Christ, 

Burlington, N,C. 
Bethlehem Christian Church. 

Suffolk, Va, 
Bethlehem Christian Church. 

Altamahaw. N.C, 
Bethlehem United Church of 

Christ. Winslon-Salem. N,C, 
Beverly Hills United Church of 

Christ, Burlington. N,C, 
Buck United Church Of Christ. 

Gibsonville, N.C. 
Calvary United Church of Christ, 

Thomasville, N,C, 
Christian Temple. Norfolk, Va 
Church Of Wide Fellowship, 

Southern Pines, N,C, 
Congregational United Church of 

Christ, Greensboro. N,C, 
Corinth United Church Of Christ, 

Hickory. N-C, 
Damascus Congregational Church- 
Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill. N.C, 
Dendfon Christian Church, 

Oendron, Va 
Elon College Community Church, 

Elon College. N,C. 
First Baptist Church, 

Winsion-Salem, N.C 
First Christian United Church ol 

Christ, Burlington, N.C, 
First Congregational Christian 

Church. Irvinglon. N,J, 
First Congregational Church, 

Asheville, N,C, 
First Evangelical 4 Reformed 

Church, Asheboro, N.C 
First Reformed United Church ol 

Christ, Burlington, N,C, 
First United Church Of Christ, 

Hampton. Va, 
First United Church Of Christ, 

Winston-Salem, N,C, 
Florida Conference of the United 

CHurch of Christ. Winter Park. 

Franklin Congregational Christian 

Church, Franklin, Va, 
Grace Reformed United Church of 

Christ, Newton. N.C 
Hank's Chapel Church. Pittsboro, 

Happy Home United Church of 

Christ, Ruffin, N C- 
Hebron United Church of Christ. 

Winston-Salem, NC 
Holland Christian Church. Suffolk. 

Hunierdale Women's Fellowship, 

Franklin, Va 
Liberty Vance United Church of 

Christ, Henderson, N,C, 
Longs Chapel Congregational 

Christian Church, Burlington. 

Lynnhaven Colony United Church 

ol Christ. Virginia Beach, Va, 
Mary and Martha Circle, Wake 

Chapel Church, Fuquay-Varina, 
Ml, Carmel Christian Church. 

Walters, Va. 
Mt, Zion United Church of Christ, 

China Grove, N C 
Mt Hope United Church of Christ. 
Whilsett, N.C. 

Paul's Chapel United Church of 

Christ. Lexington, N.C. 
Pembroke Manor United Church 

of Christ. Virginia Beach, Va, 
Pilgrim Reformed United Church 

of Christ, Lexington, N,C. 
Providence United Church of 

Christ. Graham, N.C. 
Shallow Ford United Church of 

Christ. Eton College. NC, 
Shiloh United Church of Christ, 

Faith. N.C. 
Smithneld Avenue Congregational 

Church. Pawtucket. R.I. 
Snyder Memorial Methodist 
Church, lacksonville, Fla. 
Sophia United Church Of Christ. 

Sophia, N.C 
Southern Conference of the 
United Church of Christ. 
Buriington, N.C. 
Southern Conference, United 

Church of Christ, Durham, N C, 
Speedwell Presbyterian Church, 

Reidsville. NC, 
St John's United Church of 

Christ, Kannapolis. N.C. 
St Luke's United Church of Christ, 

Salisbury. N.C, 
St, Mark's Reformed Church, 

Burlington, N,C, 
St Marks United Methodist 

Church, Easton, Md. 
St Paul United Church of Christ, 

Franklin, Va. 
St, Paul's United Church of Christ, 

Newton. N.C, 
St. Thomas United Church of 
Christ, Winston- Salem. N.C. 
St lames/Bet hel.Boger United 
Church of Christ Joint 
Fellowships, Ml, Pleasant. N,C, 
St Peters United Methodist 
Church. Ocean City, N,l. 
Suffolk Christian Church. Suffolk, 

Trinity United Church of Christ. 

Conover, N.C, 
Union Ridge United Church of 

Christ, Burlington, N.C. 
Union United Church Of Christ, 

Norfolk, Va- 
Union United Church Of Christ, 

Virgilina. Va 
United Church Board for 
Homeland Ministry, New York. 
United Church Of Christ, Commis- 
sion for Racial lustice. New 
York. N-Y- 
Wake Chapwl Missionary Fellow- 
ship. Fuquay-Varina, N.C. 
Wakefield Christian Church, 

Wakefield, Va. 
Windsor Congregational Christian 

Church, Windsor. Va. 
Womens Fellowship First Church, 
Congregational, Painesville, Ohio 
Womens Fellowship, Elon College 
Community Church. Elon 
College, N.C- 
Zion United Church of Christ. 
Lenoir, N.C. 


Abbott Laboratories Fund 
Abex Foundation, Inc. 
Add-Cal-Type, Inc. 
Aetna Life 4 Casualty Foundation, 

Alamance Clinic For Women 

Alamance Fence Company 

Alcoa Foundation 

Alley, Williams. Carmen & King 

Allied Chemical Foundation 

Allstate Foundation 

American Brands, Inc. 

American Telephone & Telegraph 

American Tobacco Company 
American-StarxJard Foundation 
Anderson-Wells Marble & Tile 
Annedeen Hosiery Mills, Inc. 
Apollo Chemical Corporation 
Appalachian Power Company 
Apple, Bell. Johnson & Company. 

ARA Services Corporation 
Ashland Oil Foundation. Inc 

B.A. Scllars Department Store 

Baby Needs. Inc. 

Bakatsias Cuisine 

Bank of Virginia Trust Company 

Bankers Life Company 

Barbour Drugs 

Belk-Beck Company 

Belt Atlantic 

Bellsouth Corporation 

Bennett Corporation 

Bennen-Hockett Supply Company. 

Best Productions Foundation 

Bethlehem Steel Corporation 

Black Cadillac Olds. Inc. 

Page 22 1985-66 Honor Roll of Donora 

Blue Bell Foundation 
BoIm CaKide Corporation 
Branch Banking & Trust Company 
Breuda Container Corporation 
Brown Wooten Mills, Inc. 
Buchar^an Chevrolet, Inc. 
Bulla-Warreo Tire Company, loc 
Bundy Foundation 
Burlington Medical Equipment & 

Burlington Bag & Baggage. Inc 
Burlington Chemical Company, 

Burlington Handbags, Inc 
Burlington Industries Foundation 
Burlington Motors, Inc. 
Burlington Printing Company, Inc. 
Burlington Tire Service 
Burroughs Corporation 
Burroughs Wellcome Company 
Byrd's Food Stores, Inc. 
C & L Radiator Company 
C. B. Ellis Music Company, Inc. 
C, B. Fleet Company. Inc. 
Campbell Soup Company 
Canada Dry Bottling Company of 

Raleigh-Durham, inc. 
Canada Dry ot Greensboro, Inc 
Carolina Ciftware 
Carolina Nissan. Inc. 
Carolina Paper Box Company 
Carolina Power & Light Company 
Carolina Steel Corporation 
Caner-WaUace, Inc 
Carteret Savings 4 Loan 

Celanese Corporation 
Centel Corporation 
Central Carolina Bank & Trust 

Central Carolina Bank 
Chandler Concrete Company, Inc 
Chick-Fil-A, Inc. 
Chisholm Service, Inc 
Ciba-Geigy Corporation 
Cigna Four>dation 
Citibank, N.A. 
Coca-Cola Bottling Company of 

Coca-Cola Bottling Company ot 

Community Federal Savings and 

Conoco, Inc. 

Container Corporation of America 
Cooper Wood Products Founda- 
tion, Inc. 
Copland Fabrics, Inc 
Corning Class Works Foundation 
County Motor Company 
Couturier's Added Touch, Inc. 
CPC International, Inc. 
Crafllque. Inc. 
Cutting Board 
Davis Street Pharmacy. Inc. 
Deloitte Haskins & Sells 

Dick Shirley Chevrolet, Inc 
DiKOn, Odom & Company 
Dominion Bankshares Corporation 
Dow Chemical Company 
Dresser Foundaiion. Inc. 
Duke Power Company 
Duncan E»xon Service Center 
Dura-Tred Hosiery Mills 
Durham Corporation 
Eaton Corporation 
Ed Alexander Fabrics, Inc. 
Elearo Installation, Inc. 
Ehzabeih-Meade Hosiery Mill 
Eihyl Corporation 
Exxon Education Foundation 
Fairlane, Inc, 
Fairyslone Fabrics, Inc 
Firestone Tire & Rubber Company 
First Federal Savings & Loan 
First lersey National Bank 
First Union Donor Advised Fund 
First Union National Bank 
First Virginia Banks. Inc. 
Flanders Filters, Inc. 
Floral Decor. Inc 
Flynt Fabrics & Finishing. Inc. 
Ford Motor Company Fund 
Franks Furniture Outlet 
Garrison, McKenzie, & Moore, 

General Electric Foundation 
CKN Automotive Components, 

Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company 
Graham Savings & Loan 

Green & McClure Furniture 

Company, Inc 
Greensboro News & Record 
Cfover W Moore Construction 
GTE Service Corporation 
Guardian Life Insurance Company 

o( America 
Gulf & Western Foundation 
Hanford Brick Company, Inc. 
Hardware Distributors, Inc. 
Harriet & Henderson Yarns. Inc 
Hartford Insurance Group Founda- 
tion. Inc. 
Hatteras Apparel 

HayworxJ Simpson Insurance 

Agency, Inc 
Hemnc, Hemric & Elder. P. A. 
Hewlen- Packard Company 
Hoffmann-La Roche, Inc 
Holt Manufacturing Company, Inc. 
Huffman Oil Company. Inc 
Hunt Electric Supply Company 
ICI Americas, Inc. 
International Business Machines 

International Telephone & 

Telegraph Corporation 
Itek Graphic Systems 
I C Penney Company 
l&l Corrugated Box Corporation 
I P Stevens & Company, Inc. 

Jefferson -Pi tot Corporation 
Jeffreys Paint & Hardware 

lennings M Bryan Agency, Inc. 
lerry L, Combs Insurance 
lohn Deere Company Foundation 
lohn Hancock Mutual Life 

lohnson's Wax Fund, Inc. 
lohnston Oil Company, Inc. 
Kepley Auto Parts 
King Electnc Company, Inc. 
Lawrence Industries 
Leath, McCarthy & Maynard, Inc. 
Leavy Investment Management 
Lee and Company 
Lever Brothers Company 
Levin Brothers, Inc. 
Liberty Embroidery. Inc. 
Lighthouse Tavern. Inc. 
Lindley Chemical, Inc, 
Lucas-Brown Travel. Inc. 
Macfield Texturing Company. Inc 
Mailing Factory 
Marley Company 
Martin Marretta Corporation 
Massachusetts Mutual Life 

Insurance Company 
May Pharmacy 
May Stores Foundation. Inc. 
McCrary-Acme Foundation, Inc. 
McKesson Foundation, Inc. 
Mebane Home Telephone 

Company, Inc. 
Mebane Hosiery, Inc. 
Mebane Oaks Professional Office 
Mebane Packaging Corporation 
Melville Plastics, Inc, 
Merck Company Foundation 
Metropolitan Life Foundaiion 
Minnesota Mining & Manufactur- 
ing Foundation, Inc 
Mobil Foundation. Inc. 
Monarch Hosiery Mills, Inc 
Morris Plan Industrial Bank 
Mr. I's 

Nabisco Brands. Inc. 
National Cash Register Foundation 
National Gypsum Company 
Nationwide Foundation 
NCN8 Corporation Chanties 
Neuville Industries, Inc 
New England Mutual Life 

Insurance Company 
Newlin Hardware Company, Inc 
Norfolk Southern Corporation 

North Carolina National Bank 
Northern Telecom, Inc. 
Northwestern Bank 
Paul B. Williams, Inc. of N.C 
Pearson Music Company 
PHH Group Foundation, Inc. 
Philip Morris. Inc. 
Phoenix Mutual Life Insurance 

Piedmont Aviation, Inc 
Piedmont Natural Gas Company 
Poyner & Spurill, Attys 
Price Walerhouse Foundaiion 
Pro-Forms & Systems, Inc 
Procter & Gamble 
Professional Klean 
Prudential Insurance Company o( 

Purchasing Management Associa- 
tion of Carolinas/Virginla. Inc. 
Quality Printer; 
R H. Barringer Distributing 

Company, Inc. 
R I Reynolds Industries. Inc. 
Randolph -Roxbury Lions Club 

Re/Insurance, Inc 
Rego Company 
Reliance Electric Company 
Robertson & Son 
Royal Insurance 
Royal Textile Mill 
Sam W Moore & Associates 
Sandoz. Inc 
SCM Corporation 
Scott Paper Company Foundation 
Shell Companies Foundation, Inc. 
Signode Foundation. Inc. 
Soabar Company 
Somers-Pardue Agency. Inc. 
Southern Bell 
Special T Sales, Inc. 

Sperry Corporation Foundation 
Stadler's Country Hams, Inc 
Stan's Market 
Standard Commercial Tobacco 

Slate Farm Companies Foundation 
Stone & Webster, Inc. 
Student Loan Marketing 

Sun Life Assurance Company o' 

T S Designs, Inc 
Tandy Corporation 
Telamarketing Communications 
Tenneco Foundation 
Texasgulf. Inc. 
The HCA Foundation 
The Positive Image, Ltd. 
The Tire Center 
The Xenon Company 
Thomas, Stout. Stuart, Core & 

Times-News Publishing Company 
Today's Office, Inc. 
Transamerica Corporation 
Travelers Insurance Company 
Truxmore. Inc 

U.S. Fidelity & Guaranty Company 
Unichem, Ire 
Union Camp Corporation 
Union Carbide Corporation 
Union Pacific Corporation 
United Engineers & Constructors 
United Technologies Corporation 
United Virginia Bankshares 

Universal Leaf Tobacco Company 

Virginia Chemicals 
Volunteer Hosiery, Inc. 
W. E Love & Associates, Inc. 
Wachovia Bank & Trust Company 
Warner-Lambert Company 
Weslinghouse Educational 

Winn-Dixie, Raleigh, Inc. 
Xerox Corporation 
Zacks Restaurant 


Gifts were made in memory 
of (he following pertons: 


A. J. Fletcher foundaiion 
Algernon S. Sullivan Foundation 
Boone Fund 

Brenner Foundation, Inc. 
Bryan Family Foundation 
Cannon Foundaiion, Inc. 
Carter Foundation, Inc. 
Cary C. Boshamer Foundation, 

Clark Scholarship Trust 

Grumpier Foundation 

Dresser Harbison Foundation, Inc. 

Frueauff Foundation, Inc. 


Hoke Maroon Foundation 

lephson Education Trust 

Kent-Lucas Foundation, Inc 

Lakes Regior^ Scholarship 

Martin Marietta Philanthropic Trust 
Myers-Ti-Caro Foundaiion. Inc 
Planters Educational Foundaiion 
Presser Foundation 
Sears-Roebuck Foundation 
Sigmund Slernberger Foundation 
Simpson Reed Fund 
Sophia K. Reeves Foundation 

T.E. Powell, Jr. Biology Foundation 
The Kresge Foundation 
The Martha & Spencer Love 

The Wheat Foundation 
W Leroy & Elizabeth Traylor 

Youths' Friends Association 


Gifts were made in hono. 

of th"^ fo"o-":"" 


Mr. C.V, -Lefry" Briggs 

Dr. Brooks Gates 

Dr. Paul H, Cheek 

Mr; lanie E. Council 

Mrs. Alan W Crosby 

Dr. |. Earl Danieley 

Mr; Verona Daniels Danieley 

Mr. James F Darden 

The Honorable and Mrs. Eugene 

Miss Margaret Clarice Cunn 
Rev. Wilton S. Haffey 
Mr. and Mrs. lack Leath 
Mr, Graham L. -Doc" Mathis 
Mr. Voight F. Morgan 
Mr. L. 1. -Hap" F^erry (Died 

Dr. Mary Ellen Priestley 
Mr. Paul S. Reddish 
Mr. William B. Terrell 
Dr. Harry E. "Sid" Varney 
Mr. S. S. "Red" Wilson 

Mr. Cecil Cade Abernathy 

Mr Neill Preston Andrews 

Mr Earl Angell 

Mrs. Faye Louise Young Atkinson 

Mrs. Ellen Avent 

Mr, Howard Barham 

Mr, Harold Barnes 

Mr John W Barney 

Mrs Mildred Dillard Bean 

Mrs Carrie Savage Bell 

Mr W I. Berry, Sr. 

Mr Thomas Bobo 

Mrs Mary L Bolden 

Mrs John A Bowden, Sr 

Mr, John Wilson Brafford 

Mr. Bill Bray 

Mr. Chester Eugene Brittain 

Dr Mary G Brittain 

Mrs Agnes Riddick Brittle 

Mrs EfTie B Butt 

Mr, Luther Byrd 

Mrs Lois McFarland Caddell 

Mr Philip Vance Gates 

Mr William Staley Cheatham 

Dr Koslas V. Cepas 

Mrs Frederica Olsson Chase 

Mr Constant W Chase 

Mr. lames Clifton Childress 

Mr. Richard L Cox 

Mr Billy Crocker 

Mr. Alan W Crosby 

Mr. Dwight Wayne Dabbs 

Mrs Tennie L Daniels 

Mr. H. Burton Daniels, )r 

Mr. H. Burton Daniels, Sr 

Mr. Carroll Deal 

Mrs Gladys Butler Dearing 

Mr Edward J Dipaoto 

Ms. Elizabeth Leigh Ooulhiti 

Mr W. Clifton Elder 

Mr Clyde Fields 

Mrs. Mrytle Fitch 

Mr Marvin Forlenberry 

Mrs Geraldine O. Garner 

Mr Carl Garrison 

Mr Robert B. Gibbs 

Mr Charles Coff 

Dr Willard C. Coley 

Mr, Clyde W Gordon, Sr. 

Mr Staley P Cordon 

Mrs. Margaret White Grainger 

Mrs Earie Huffman Griffin 

Mrs Eloise Boney Baird Guest 

Mrs, Catherine Gupton 

Mrs Cordie Dickens Hall 

Mr. Hilton Hall 

Mrs Alberta Boone Harrell 

Mr, William Edward Harward 

Mr. Thomas Hill 

Mr. Carl Holch 

Mr H. Richard Holt 

Miss Louise Homewood 

Dr Atonzo L Hook 

Mr Robert Hook 

Mrs. Mabel W. Home 

Mr W, Hadley Horner 

Mr Chester Huey 

Mrs Mamie | Huffman 

Mr. |. R. Ingram. Jr. 

Mrs Berta James 

Mrs, Evelyn Harris Jones 

Mr George Keck 

Mrs, Martha Kirkman 

Mr and Mrs P L, Kivetle 

Mr. C. A. Lambert 

Mrs. Margaret H Lamberlh 

Mr, Louis J. Leitner 

Dr. J. H. Lighlbourne. Sr. 

Mr, Tyree Lindley 

Dr- Howard Q. L. Little 

Mr. William H. Lorimer 

Mrs. Mary Mackintosh 

Mrs. Beulah M. Maness 

Rev. William L. Maness 

Mr. Louis Markus 

Mr. Frank McCabe 

Mrs. Beulah McPherson 

Mrs. Pauline McPherson 

Mrs. Sarah McPherson 

Mr, Alex Mebane 

Mrs. Elsie Mercer 

Mrs. Adelaide Morrow 

Mrs. Ruvater Gartner Moser 

Mrs. Helen Moninger 

Mr. William C. Motz, Jr. 

Mr. Edwin Thomas Nash 

Mr. Joseph Mabbett Neel 

Mr, Allen Newlin 

Mrs. Elva C. Cakes 

Mr. E. F O'Connelt 

Mrs. Mary Odell 

Mrs. Nellie Palmer 

Mr. L. J. -Hap" Perry 

Mr, W, H, Perkinson 

Mr Fred R, Perkinson 

Mrs. Sadie PIttman 

Mr. J. C. Poole 

Mr. Rex C Powell 

Mr. Grady Rich 

Mrs. Mary Rich 

Dr. Howard R. Richardson 

Mr. Lester Ridenhour 

Mr. Charles Ritchie 

Mr. Charles M. Rives. Jr 

Mr Charlei Thomas Ross, Sr. 

Mr. John Ross 

Mrs. Leona RufTin 

Miss Olga M. Schiike 

Mrs Faye L Scon 

Rev Henry Lee Scot 

Mr. James C Scott 

Mrs, Mary Mackenzie Thomas 

Mrs. Virginia P, Sharpe 
Mr, James C. Smith 
Mrs. Naomi Snipes 
Mrs. Monroe Stadler 
Dr. William Wesley Staley 
Mrs. Dan Stewart 
Miss Mary E Strader 
Mr. F. Ray Taylor 
Mr C Avery Thomas, Sr. 
Mrs. Ethel Thompson 
Mrs Mae P. Thornton 
Mrs. Athleen Turnage 
Mr C. James Velie 
Mrs. Louise Abraham Vicker' 
Mr. Norman B. 'Muddy" Waters 
Mr. |. Eugene Walts 
Mr. Lee Wilson 
Mr. K.C. Wineoff 
Mr. Jack Waybon Wrenn 
Mrs. Mary Zach 
Mr;, Madeline W. Zodda 


Byrd's Food Stores, Inc 

Dr Clingman Carter Capps 

Dr David M. Crowe, |r. 

Dr. James Earl Danieley 

Dick Shirley Chevrolet. Inc. 

The Honorable Thad Eure 

Mr & Mrs. Edmond J Cagnon 

Mrs. C C Gant Sr 

Mrs, Beny K Gerow 

Mr. James A Gerow 

Dr. E. Franklin Harris 

Mr. C. Clyde Johnslon, Jr. 

err Walter C. Joyce, Jr. 

Mr. Joseph Wallace King 

Mr Irwin Kremen 

Mr. lack R. Lindley 

Mrs. Frances Cochrane Longest 

Mr. & Mrs. lohn A. McCrary, )r, 

Mr, James H. McEwen, Jr. 

Melville Plastics. Inc 

Dr 4 Mr;. Malcolm E. Miller 

Mr. T William Morningstar. Jr. 

Mr. J's 

Dr. Vester M. Mulholland 

Or, Whitney P Mullen 

Ms. Bobbi Parra 

Di Claude Pianiadosi 

Mr. M. Glenn Pickard 

Quarry Hills Country Club 

R H. Barringer Distributing Company. 

Mrs. Myron A. Rhyne 

Mr. lerry Richardson 

Mrs. Andria McDowell Smith 

Special T Sales, Inc 

Standard Commercial Tobacco 

Mr Branch K. Sternal 
Dr Durward Turreniine Stokes 
Telamarketing Communications 
The Xenon Company 
Ms Lydia Ellen Tickle 
Dr Jerry R, Tolley 
Mr. Robert J. Wishart 



Abbott Laboratories Fund 

Abex Foundation. Inc 

Aetna Lile & Casualty Foundation, 

Alcoa Foundation 
Allied Corporation Foundation 
Allstate Foundation 
American Brands. Inc 
American Telephone & Telegraph 

American Tobacco Company 
American-StarxJard Foundation 
Appalachian niwer Company 
Ashland Oil Foundation, Inc. 
Bankers Life Company 
Belt Atlantic 
Bellsouth Corporation 
Best Produaions Four^dation 
Bethlehem Steel Corporation 
Blue Bell Foundation 
Boise Cascade Corporation 
Bundy Foundation 
Burlington Industries Foundation 
Burroughs Corporation 
Burroughs Wellcome Company 
C- B. Fleet Company, Inc. 

1985-66 Honor Roll of Donors Page 23 

Campbell Soup Company 
Carolina Power 8. Light Company 
Carter-Wallace, Inc 
Carteret Savings & Loan 

Celanese Corporation 
Ceniel Corporation 
Central Carolina Bank ft Trust 

Ciba-Ceigy Corporation 
Cigna Foundation 
Citibank. N A 
Coca-Cola Bottling 

Conoco, Inc. 

Container Corporation ol America 
Corning Class Works Foundation 
CPC International. Inc 
Deloiite Haskins & Sells 

Dominion Bankshares Corporation 
Dow Chemical Company 
Dresser Foundation, Inc 
Duke ftower Company 
Durham Corporation 
Eaton Corporation 
Ethyl Corporation 
Exxon Education Foundation 
Firestone Tire & Rubber Company 
First Virginia Banks, Inc. 
Ford Motor Company Fund 

General Electric Foundation 
Goodyear Tire 4 Rubber Company 
GTE Service Corporation 
Guardian Life Insurance Company 

of America 
Gulf & Western Foundation 
Harriet 8. Henderson Yarns. Inc. 
Hartford insurance Group 

Foundation, Inc. 
Hewlett-Packard Company 
Hoffmann-La Roche. Inc. 
Honeywell Foundation 
ICI Americas, Inc 
International Business Machines 

international Telephone & 

Telegraph Corporation 
ITEK Graphic Systems 
J. C. Penney Company 
J. P. Stevens & Company, Inc 

Jefferson-Pilol Corporation 
John Deere Company Foundation 
lohn Hancock Mutual Life 

Johnson's WaK Fund, Irrc 
Kellwood FourKJation 
Lever Brothers Company 
Martin Marietta Corporation 
Massachusetts Mutual Life 

Insurance Company 
May Stores Foundation, Inc 
McKesson Foundation, Inc 
Merck Company Foundation 
Metropolitan Lite Foundation 
Minnesota Mining & Manufacturing 

Foundation, Inc. 
Mobil Foundation. Inc. 
Nabisco Brands, Inc 
National Cash Register Foundation 
National Gypsum Company 
Nationwide Foundation 
NCNB Corporation Chanties 
New England Mutual Life 

Insurance Company 
Norfolk Southern Foundation 
Northern Telecom. Inc 
PHH Group Foundation. Inc 
Philip Morns, Inc. 
Phoenix Mutual Life Insurance 

Piedmont Aviation, Inc. 
Price Walerhouse Foundation 
Procter & Gamble 
Prudential Insurance Company of 

R I Reynolds Indbstries, Inc. 

Reliance Electric Company 
Royal Insurance 
Sandoz, Inc. 
Sara Lee Foundation 
SCM Corporation 
Scott Paper Company Foundation 
Shell Companies Foundation, inc. 
Signode Foundation, Inc 
Southern Bell 

Sperry Corporation Foundation 
State Farm Companies Foundation 
Stone & Webster, Inc. 
Student Loan Marketing 

Sun Life Assurance Company ol 

Tandy Corporation 
Tenreco Foundation 
Texasgull, Inc. 
The HCA Foundation 
Transamerica Corporation 
Travelers Insurance Company 
Truxmore. Inc. 

U S, Fidelity & Guaranty Company 
Union Camp Corporation 
Union Carbide Corporation 
Union Pacific Corporation 

Page 24 1085-86 Honor Roll of Don. 

United Engineers & Constructors 
United Technologies Corporation 
United Virginia Bankshares 

Universal Leaf Tobacco Company 

Virginia Chemicals 
Wachovia Bank & Trust Company 
Warner-Lambert Company 
Westlnghouse Educational 

Xerox Corporation 


Ms Carolyn T, Allen 

American Telephone & Telegraph 

Mr a, Mrs Larry D, Andrews 
Mr & Mrs Benjamin R. Ansbacher 
Mr & Mrs. William H. Atkinson, 

Mr & Mr^, Chris Baker 
Mrs Edith Barakat 
Ms Barbara | Bastian 
Miss Eloise Baynes 
Mr and Mrs. lames F. Beasley 
Mr. Charles Frederick Bell 
Mr. & Mrs. W. lennings Berry, |r. 
Mr & Mrs Don Bolden 
Mrs Lois McAdams Etost 
Mr. Maurice Walker Boswell 
Mr & Mrs Harry E, Bristow 
Mr. & Mrs. Clarence ). Brown 
Mr E. e Buffington 
Ms. Shelia Ann Bumgarner 
Burlington Industries Foundation 
Dr. Ramsey E. Cammack 

Mr. ). Albert Carpenter 

Mr. & Mrs. Rhett Eugene Catoe 

Mr. & Mrs Thomas Grady Conally 

Miss Cindy Cooke 

Mr Ronald Franklin Cofbett 

Dr. James C. Crew 

Mr. & Mrs. Alan H. Crouch 

Mr, & Mrs. Hugh Cummings 

Mrs. Mary Shaw Cunningham 

Mr, & Mrs. E S. W Dameron, Jr. 

Dr & Mrs James Earl Danieley 

Mrs, Linda ©"Briant Podson 

Mr. & Mrs. Robert H Douthart 

Miss Joyce Kay Drake 

Mr. John V Draper 

Mrs. Janet B Durham 

Mr. & Mrs. Howard H Edgerton 

Mrs. Gayle Patterson Efird 

Mr, Richard Eggleston 

Mrs, Alice N. Eisen 

Mrs. Mary F Fabian 

Ms. Susan Dale Finley 

First Christian United Church of 

Christ. Burlington, N C. 
Ms. Gayle Ann Fishel 
Dr. 4 Mrs, F O. FiUgerald. Jr 
Mr. Timothy 1 FiLtgerald 
Mr, James Herbert Gardner, II 
Mr Carry Philip Gates 
Mr. & Mrs Harry S, George 
Mr, & Mrs. James A. Cerow 
Dr. Kathryn Lee Gibbs 
Mr. & Mrs. William Lee Craves 
Mf. & Mrs. J. William Griffin 
Mr & Mrs. David Lane Hall 
Mr Steven Haney 
Dr, & Mrs. Larry O Harper 
Mr. & Mrs Dale Allen Harrison 
Mr. Jeffrey D Hartsock 
Mr R Thomas Hobbs 

Mr. & Mrs. tames W. Hooker 
Ms. Anna L. Houck 
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas R. Hubbard 
Mr. 8. Mrs. Larry W. Hunt 
Dr & Mrs Alfred W. Hurst 
Dr & Mrs. lohn M. Irvine. |r. 
Mr. & Mrs. S, Carlysle Isley 
Mrs. Barbara A. Johnson 
Mrs lanell Hagen lohnson 
Mr. Plummer Alston lones, Jr. 
Dr & Mrs. Harold B Kernodle, Ir 
Dr and Mrs lohn Robert 

Mr. & Mrs lohn Ketcham 
Mr 8> Mrs, Robert Kirchen 
Ms Eleanor B. Kirkpatrick 
Mr Robert Bruce Kittenger 
Mr. Robed O. Kornegay 
Mr. & Mrs. Charles E. Leahy 
Mr. & Mrs. Harry LeCeHe 
Mrs Linda M Leister 
Rev. Samuel White Loy 
Mrs Mary Lawrence Mackintosh 
Mr. & Mrs. L. Wesley Martin 
Mr & Mrs Gary R. Matlock 
Mr & Mrs. C. Almon Mclwer 
Dr Hubert F McLendon 
Ms Kay C McMullan 
Ms. Chloe Dean McPherson 
Mrs Connie H. McPherson 
Mr & Mrs lesse Miller 
Ms Isabel Millicovsky 
Mr & Mrs. Robert Moffett 
Mrs, Patricia Molinari 
Dr & Mrs Wayne T. Moore 
Mr & Mrs Charles M Oaks 
Mr & Mrs Wallace H Owen 
Ms Charon A Palsha 
Mr. Robert George Pease 
Mr & Mrs Kenneth W Perkir>s 
Dr Rosalind R Reichard 

Mr. George B. Rice 

Or & Mrs George E. Rinker 

Or. & Mrs. Rollin P. Russell 

Dr & Mrs. William lames Ryan. II 

Dr & Mrs Charles K. Scott 

Mr & Mrs Douglas W Scott 

Dr Lawrence A. Sharpe 

Mrs. Mary Shelton 

Mr 8r Mrs Frank L Shepherd 

Mr & Mrs. Barry W. Simmons 

Ms. Barbara B. Sparks 

Mr & Mrs, lohn Speas 

Mrs. Becky Garrison Stearns 

Rev & Mrs. Dale O. Steele 

Mr Rollin M Steele, |r 

Mrs Lucile C Stone 

Rev. Clarence L Stumb 
Ms Lydia Ellen Tickle 

Df Thomas K Tiemann 

Mrs. Adelia lones Truitt 

Mr & Mrs, Earl W. Vickers, |r. 

Mr. Billy K. V.ckrey 

Mrs. Betsy Watson Wall 

Or & Mrs. lack G. Wall 

Ms leanneine P While 

Ms, Sherley M. White 

Mr & Mrs. RichanJ L Whilelaw 

Mrs, Arlene Pate Widerman 

Rev. & Mrs Richani P Wilkerson 

Mrs. W. Earl Williams 

Rev Dwighl Wilson 

Ms. Teresa Lynn Wilson 

Mrs. Katrina Hilliard Windsor 

Mr Bryan Wood 

Mr & Mrs. Carrington Wright 

Or & Mrs. lames Fred Young 

Mrs Margaret May Zang 

Mrs. Lois D. Zugay 




Elon College 

North Carolina's proposed constitutional amendnnent 
#1 will allow Elon to sell tax-exempt bonds to finance 
constnjction of new facilities, improvements to 
facilities and purchase of equipment. The savings in 
interest paid on bonds by Eton in the future will be 

Independent Colleges & 

Rjture students at Elon and 37 other independent 
colleges and universities in North Carolina will benefit 
from this constitutional amendment. Tax-exempt 
bonds will allow these schools to hold down costs to 
students, while making needed improvements to 
their facilities. 

The Future of North Carolina 

North Carolina's independent colleges and 
univei^ities play a key role in the state's economy 
and the quality of life we enjoy. Passage of the 
constitutional amendment will help ensure that these 
important institutions of higher education will 
continue to be a vital part of North Carolina's future. 




Autterrod by NC Frtends of Higrier EduCJOon 

Vol. 48, No. 5 

Magazine ] 

December 1986 

News in Brief 

Astin Calls For New 

In a speech on the Elon campus, 
Alexander W. Astin, professor of 
higher education and director of 
the Higher Education Research In- 
stitute at UCLA, called for new 
standards for rating a college's ex- 
cellence. Instead of reputation and 
resources, "the critical issue is what 
an institurion does for its students," 
he noted. 

]ob Fairy Fashion Shoiu 
Prepare Seniors 

One hundred Elon students held 
150 interviews with local and na- 
tional companies at the largest job 
fair in the state held at Wake Forest 
University. Karen Thompson, 
Elon's director of placement, 
chaired the event. Back on campus, 
Thompson directed "Dress for Suc- 
cess," a career-styled fashion show 
using student models. In October 
the placement office co-sponsored a 
national video teleconference 
entitled "Get That Job! Success in 
Employment Interviewing." 

Roberts Speaks at 
Religious Forum 

Dr. Nanette Roberts, secretary for 
public issues in education for the 
United Church Board for Home- 
land Ministries of the United 
Church of Christ, spoke at the Fall 
Religious Forum. Her topic for the 
two-day event was "Faith journeys 
Toward the Twenty-first Century." 
Events included dialogues with 
students, a faculty luncheon and an 
evening worship service. 

New Sorority 

Alpha Omicron Pi has begun its 
third Nonh Carolina chapter at 
Elon, and 43 women have joined as 
charter members. National and 
regional representatives, on campus 
to select the new colony members, 
noted that Elon was chosen 
because of its growth pattern and 
stfong Greek system. 

Career Day Has New 

Betsey Savage, director of career 
planning, kicked off the new career 
Continuai on p. 2 

Accepts New 
Post at Elon 

Dr. J. Earl Danieley, Thomas E, 
Powell Jr. Professor and former 
president of the college, has ac- 
cepted the position of Elon's Direc- 
tor of Planned Giving, effective 
January 1, 1987. He succeeds Dr. 
Brank Proffitt, who will retire at 
that time. Dr. Danieley will con- 
tinue as a member of the Depart- 
ment of Chemistry with a reduced 
teaching load to allow time for his 
new duties. 

"Dr. Danieley retires from full- 
time teaching as he retired from the 
presidency— at the peak of success," 
said Dr. Fred Young, president of 
the college, in making the an- 
nouncement. "However, because of 
the importance of the planned giv- 
ing position and his unique quali- 
fications for it, his most significant 
contributions to Elon College may 
well lie ahead." 

In response to his new position, 

}. Earl Danieley 

Danieley noted that each oppor- 
tunity the college has provided him 
has been interesting and rewarding. 
"Teaching has been highly satisfying 
and enjoyable," he said, "and serv- 
ing as the president was a high 
honor and a great privilege. Now as 
I come near retirement age, I look 
forward with enthusiasm and excite- 
ment to the possibility of continu- 
ing to serve Elon in this new 
capacity." Continued on p. 2 

Thompson Courtyard Named 

The courtyard surrounded by 
Chandler, Colclough and Maynard 
residence halls has been named in 
honor of Elon alumnus and trustee 
A.G. Thompson '41 and his wife, 
Rachel. A brass plaque was unveil- 
ed during ceremonies held at the 
courtyard in October. More than 
200 students and faculty were on 
hand for the event. 

President Fred Young spoke of the 
significance of the court, noting 

that it is more than a beautiful spot 
on the Elon campus. "This is a 
place where plans are made for the 
future, where dreams originate, 
where academic ideas grow, and 
where romance is sure to spark," he 

Thompson, retired senior vice 
president of NCNB in Lincolnton, 
N.C., provided the resources to 
make the court possible. 

Greg Zaiser, right, looks like he's enjoying his role in "Black Comedy'' Alex 
Neumann is the unlucky recipient. The student drama u>as presented during 
Homecoming Weekend. 

Board Hears 
From Several 

The Elon College Board of Trustees 
heard and discussed a wide range of 
topics at its annual fall meeting, 
Wednesday, October 22. according 
to President Fred Young. 

"It was basically an information 
session," said Young. "No action 
was called for on most of the 
issues, but it was still a productive 

The board heard that the Fine 
Arts Center is progressing on 
schedule, with completion slated for 
late spring, 1987. In the mini- 
campaign to raise additional funds 
for the center, $1 million has been 
pledged toward the $1.5 million 

The board reviewed the campus 
housing situation and discussed the 
matter of institutional size at 
length, said Young. They consider- 
ed several options for upgrading a 
number of unsatisfactory residence 
hall spaces, including seeking an ar- 
rangement with a commercial 
developer. The members deemed it 
"difficult, if not impossible," said 
Young, to have any additional 
spaces available by the 1987 open- 
ing of school and did not take any 

The board heard a report on the 
reorganization of the Elon Office of 
Development. The fund-raising staff 
of the office will now report direct- 
ly to the director of development. 
and the vice president will concen- 
trate on securing major gifts. Fund- 
raising staff members will be assign- 
ed responsibility for various 
geographic regions. 

Paul C. Purdy. a 1986 graduate of 
the college, was elected youth 
trustee and Warren Board was 
elected assistant secretary and assis- 
tant treasurer of the board. 

Twenty Named 
to Who's Who 

The 1987 edition of Who's Who 
Among Students in American Univer- 
sities and Colleges will include 20 of 
Elon's outstanding campus leaders. 
Selection for the honor is based on 
academic achievement, service to 
the community, leadership in extra- 
curricular activities and potential 
for continued success. 

Inductees are: Kevin Curry, Elon 
College; Yvonne Evans, Mebane, 
Continued on p. 2 

The Magazine of Elon December, 1986 1 



The following letter was received 
recently from Dr. and Mrs. Hans 
Hirsch. They were members of the 
faculty during the 1940s. He taught 
history, and she taught French and 
German. The Hirschs' address is 
267 Cornelia Street, Plattsburj, NY 
12901.— Editor's Note 

October 13, 1986 

Dear Dr. Williams, 

AithougK a full year has passed 
since UJe received your gpod letter con- 
firming our annual— alas srruill— 
contribution 10 dear "ok Elan"! As 
you reminded us in your message, it 
was the 7th comeaitive jear of our 
membmKip m the A.L. Hook Club, 
and 1 om sending you this note to 
enclose our eighth check for the Club, 
addressed to the Office of Development. 

We are delighted and excited about 
the series of wonderful news simply 
"streaming out" of Hon (which we 
receive in the various ryiwspapers you 
so kindly send usj and we marvel at 
your successes, both spiritually and 
/inancially. May it so continue ond 
the institution iieep cm to /lourish! It is 
always in our prayers! 

Please convey our very best greerings 
and wishes m Earl (Danieley) and to 
President Young. Our year, I am 
grateful to say, has been a good one, 
filled with responsibilities and many 
pleasant experiences. With our kindest 
personal regards to you, hoping that 
you are well, in which, of course, Mrs. 
HirKh joir\s me, I am, as ever, 


Hans E. Hirsch 

Who's Who, 


N.C.; Nancy Harper, Atlanta, Ga.; 
Karen Holland, Elon College; Ran- 
dall HoUey, Henry, Va.', Jane Marie 
Jones, Bethesda, Md.; Michele 
Lashley, Elon College; Charlene 
Layne, Bumpass, Va.; Mary Leahy, 
Burlington, N.C.; Anne Lewis, 
Lakeland, Fla.; Todd Nassief, 
Ashtabula, Ohio; Megan Rae Poldy, 
Vienna, Va.; Seth Pomeroy, 
Washington, D.C.; Gordon Rankin, 
Rio Rancho, New Mexico; Curtis 
Rickard, Thomasville, N.C.; Lisa 
Ann Shadyac, Vienna, Va.; Todd 
Taylor, Richmond, Va.; Martha 
Thomas, Newell, N.C.; Margaret 
Jeanne Tilley, Lawsonville, N.C.; 
Pamela York, FayetteviUe, N.C. 



A native of Alamance County 
and a graduate of Elon College, Dr. 
Danieley also holds a master's 
degree and a Ph.D. in organic 
chemistry from the University of 
North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He 
has been a member of the Elon 
College faculty since 1946 and 
served as president ftom 1957 until 
1973, when he resigned to retutn to 
teaching. In 1983, he was named 
Thomas E. Powell Jr Professor His 
accomplishments in the field of 
chemical education are nationally 

Dr. Danieley has long been a 
leader in state and civic, church and 
educational affairs. He was ap- 
pointed to state commissions by 
four N.C. governors. He is a former 
member of the Board of Trustees of 
East Carolina University and cur- 
rently serves on the Board of 
Governors of the University of 
Notth Carolina. 

Dr. Danieley is a member and 
former president of the Burlington 
Rotaty Club and a former member 
of the Board of Trustees of Ala- 
mance County Hospital. A former 
Alamance County commissioner, 
he is a lifelong Republican and has 
served twice as secretary and once 
as parliamentarian of the state 
Republican Party 

A member of the Elon College 
Community Church (United 
Church of Christ), Dr. Danieley 
has been a deacon in that church 
since 1949 and has served as chair- 
man of the board and moderator of 
the church five times. He has also 
held a number of denominational 
positions, including serving four 
years as the national chairman of 
the Council for Lay Life and Work. 
Dr. Danieley has received Citizen 
of the Year awards from the Civitan 
and Kiwanis clubs. He has also 
been awarded honorary degrees 
from Catawba College and Camp- 
bell University. 

News in Brief, 


day series in late October. Alumni 
visits will be held on a department- 
al basis at different times during 
the year. Graduates Alton "Buddy" 
Skinner '66 with the N.C. Depart- 
ment of Commerce and josh Stone 
'86 with Wachovia Bank began the 
series by speaking to classes in the 
economics department. 

Hall of Fame 
Adds Five 

Five outstanding athletes were in- 
ducted into Elon's Sports Hall of 
Fame at a special ceremony on 
October 18. New inductees are 
baseball's Lefty Taylor and Johnny 
Clayton, football stand-outs Joe 
West and Don McLaughlin, and 
former women's basketball coach- 
now of national fame— Kay Yow. 
Yovv is the first woman ever to be 
inducted in Elon's Hall of Fame. 

Johnny Clayton 

A native of Hillsborough when it 
was Hillsboro, Clayton played 
baseball at Elon before and after 
World War II before joining the pro 
ranks, where he played for the 
Burlington Bees at the old Elon 
baseball park. 

A shortstop, Clayton lettered in 
1940, 1941, 1946 and 1947. and he 
was the leading batter on the Elon 
squad in 1941 with a .381 batting 

Clayton, who has lived in Burl- 
ington since his college days, had a 
career batting average of .341 and 
was on the 1947 All-Conference 
team. He ranks second in all-time 
doubles at Elon with 20 his senior 
year; he is third in season hits with 
91 his senior year. 

Clayton was a valued member of 
the 1941 team that set (and still 
holds) the conference and NAIA 
record for percentage of victories. 
.952. The Fightin' Christians won 
20 games and lost only one that 

Clayton played under three 
coaches at Elon, Horace Hen- 
drickson. Jet Pierce and Jim 

Clayton also played basketball 
and lettered four years as a guard. 
He scored 447 points for a 4.8 
average. He was named MVP on 
the team in 1947 and captained the 
1948 team. 

Lefty Taylor 

Taylor, living in Thomasville, 
Ga., lettered in baseball under 
coach Jim Mallory in the 1949, 
1950 and 1951 seasons and is one 
of Elon's all-time great southpaw 

He posted an aggregate record of 
16 wins, four losses and struck out 
151 batters while walking 82. Taylor 
pitched one 2-hitter, two 3-hitters, 
three 4-hitters. 

His most recalled victory was a 
16-inning triumph over East 
Carolina when he went the route 
Continued on p. 9 

Editor: Nan Pnkitis 
Art Director: Gayle Fishet '78 
Staff Writer: Susan C Klopman 
Photographer Carol Nix '85 
lypeBetter. Laura ]. Benneo 
Keith Harris 

Ditectot of Development 
William G. Long 
Director of AJumni &. Parent 
Tim McDowell 76 

Director of Community Relations 
Frances T. Stanley 

Coordinator of Alumni Giving 
Bill Grubbs 
Sports Information Director 

Shirley Crawford 
Mary Eliiabeth McCauley '51 

Elon College Alumni Aasocia- 
tion 1984-86 
Executive Officers 


President, W. W Snyder '45; First Vice Presi- 
dent, Victor H. Hofftnan "61; Second Vice 
President, C Grayson Whict '79; Immediate 
Past President, Zac T Walker El '60; Ex- 
ecutive Secretary, William G. Long 

Alumni Chapter Leaders 
Alamance County, NC, Wade Williamson 
Jr. 71; Greater Atlanta, Ga., a Allen Bush 
Jr. '68; Greater Charlotte, NC. Sandra Jones 
Lemons '81; fotsyth County, NC. Jack P. 
Lociceto '81; Guilford County, NC. William 
C Zint 79; Greater Richmond, Va.. Nancy 
Redd Pcnick '80; Sanfotd/Lee County, NC 
Michael J. Willen '82; Suffolk, Va.. James E. 
Butler III; Triangle Area, NC, Timothy M. 
Moore '78; Vitpnia Beach, Va., Henry F. Pitt- 
man '72; Greater Washington, DC, R. E. 
Teller '75. 


Thomas L. Bass *71, Ronald ?. Butler 75, 
Bryant M. CoUon '80, Irene R Covington 
'41, Betty R. Criggcr '76, James S. Denton 
'73. Lester E. fomire '24 , Daniel B, Harrell 
jr. '48, Victor H. Hoffman '61, L Donald 
Johnson '65, Michael A. Leggen '77, Helen J. 
Lindiev "52, Phillip R. Mann '54, John Z. 
McBrayer '38, Nina M. McConnell '70, 
Calvin A, Michaels '54. Sally O'Neill '70, 
John P. Paisley Jr. '70, Lynn M. Siewan '81. 
C Grayson Whitt 79. Ann M. Wilkins 'Si, 
W. Woodrow WiUon '38. 

The Magazine of Elon (USPS 174-580) is 
published quarterly wirh an extra issue during 
the fourth quarter. Second class postage paid 
at Elon College, NC 27244. Ptostmaater: 
Send address changes to Elon College Office 
of Development. Campus Box 2116, Elon 
College, NC 27244-2010. 





Parents Weekend 


Life Income Plans 











2 The Magazine of Elon December, 1986 


Life in London 

Learning to Live With Pubs, 
Pence and Pork Pies 

By Nan Perkins 

For 35 Elon College students, life 
has suddenly changed. They 
haven't been in a car since August. 
They don't own a phone and their 
mail takes a week to reach them. 
They haven't seen their parents or 
sweethearts in months, and they 
don't have any idea what's happen- 
ing on "The Guiding Light." They 
don't walk to class anymore or 
meet their friends at the library, 
grill or frat house. And the 
backdrop for their everyday lives is 
not the steady blast of rock music 
coming from every stereo, radio and 
TV; it is the bustle and hum of 
one of the world's largest and most 
exciting cities— London, England. 
Are they miserable? Far from it. 
"I love it!" exclaims Babette Alm- 
quist of Harrington, Rhode Island, 
and her comment expresses the 
unanimous opinion of Elon's 
second group of students to spend 
the fall semester in London. Last 
year 19 students inaugurated the 
college's semester 
abroad program 
with Professor 
Will Migniuolo as 

faculty leader. Word quickly spread, 
and this year 35 students are in 
London with Dr. Lamar Bland of 
the English department and his 

Students in the program live in 
flats in the Paddington and 
Bayswater areas of London. They 
take their courses at facilities rented 
from the University of London, 
where they also have library and 
student union privileges, and they 
study under professors hired from 
various London colleges and 
universities. One of the courses is 
taught by Dr. Bland. 

This year's students have a choice 
of six courses in the fields of fine 
arts, history, literature, theater, 
economics and political science. All 
of the courses except one. Interna- 
tional Economy, focus on the 
British culture. Classes are taught 
Monday through Tliursday, leaving 
an extra day for weekend trips. A 
ten-day fall break allows time for 
additional travel. 

Since their initial orientation 
period, the students have been 
basically on their own. According 
to Dr. William G. Rich, Elon's 
director of study abroad programs, 
building independence is one of the 

goals of the program. The faculty 
leader is available to the students 
and sees them at least once a week 
but does not supervise them on a 
daily basis. 

Life in London vs. life in Elon 
College is, of course, a study in 
contrasts. For the students, the 
routines of a small college campus 
fade as quickly as their jeans do in 

Money presents the most im- 
mediate challenge. If not purchased 
in the states, English pounds must 
be bought the minute one steps off 
the plane. And what are all those 
coins that weigh the purse or 
pocket so? Is a two shilling piece 
the same as 10 pence? Can that 
huge coin really be worth only 2p? 
And most difficult to understand, 
how can $100 buy only 66 pounds? 

The language one might expect 
to be the same. But not quite. 
Some Southern U.S. pronunciations 
are foreign to the English ear and 
some English words are not what 
they seem. The Underground, for 
example, is NOT a subway— that's 
something else entirely. And the 
menu contains some strange 
designations; Plaice? Prawns? 

Food, in fact, may require the 
students' biggest adjustment. In 
London's thousands of bakeries, 
patisseries and cafes, the shelves are 
filled with delectable-looking 
scones, tarts, pastries and pies. 
Fresh rolls bulge with ham, cheese. 
chopped egg, cucumbers, lettuce 
and cress. "Ploughman's" plates 
stand ready— roll, cheese, fi-uit and 
chopped pickle. Everything looks 
mouth-wateringly delicious and 
everything tastes— bad. 

The Elon students, however, have 
found ways to adapt. McDonald's 
and Wendy's— or the English 
substitute Wimpy 's— are readily 
available, but more often than not 
they take their weekly food 
allowance, visit the abundant 
corner markets and fruit stands, 
and cook in. They also adopt the 
best of London culinary fare— hot 
tea, tasty cheeses and crackers, and 
Toblerone chocolates. And in the 
place of England's tepid canned soft 
drinks, they've been known to 
resort to a ha'pint of lager or ale. 

Travel presents the greatest 
opportunity— and the greatest 
challenge. The automobile, the 
most ubiquitous symbol of 
American life, is not an option. It 
is replaced by the Underground or 
"tube," the bus and the train. 
Students no longer buy gas, they 
buy tickets and passes. They con- 
sult train schedules, learn bus 

Continued on p. 19 

Study in Spain 

Another Inter-Cultural 
Opportunity Increases 
in Popularity 

By Yvonne Evans '87 

Last summer for the first time, 
Elon sponsored a 4-week study 
abroad program to Spain, from 
July 1 through July 31, seven Elon 
students and one faculty coor- 
dinator, Dr. Ernest Lunsford, toured 
the country and took courses to 
broaden their perspectives of life in 

Students were enrolled at the 
University of Salamanca, Spain's 
oldest and most prestigious univer- 
sity. In the summer the university 
holds special classes to teach 
Spanish to foreigners, and this past 
summer, total enrollment was 
around 1,500. Many countries were 
represented, but American and 
western European students 

Students took a placement test 
when they arrived and were placed 
accordingly at the appropriate 
beginner, intermediate or advanced 

Classes were held four hours per 
day, Monday through Friday. All 
instruction was in Spanish and the 
students seemed to like their pro- 
fessor very much. 

Participants were housed in in- 
dividual private homes with 
Spanish-speaking femilies. TTiis pro- 
vided an opportunity for students 
to improve their speaking and 
understanding of the language. 
Relations between students and 
their "families" varied from close 
and family-like to a more business- 
like boarding-house atmosphere, but 
they all unanimously agreed that 
they learned as much or more 
about Spanish by living with a 
family as they had learned in the 

The university provided a broad 
range of optional activities for 
students at a nominal additional 
cost. Seven concerts and theater 
productions were offered, including 
two Spanish plays performed by a 
group from Madrid. Movies, choral 
concerts, contemporary dance and 
guitar concerts were also available 
to the students. Guided walking 
tours of Salamanca and one-day 
bus tours were also offered. 

Because of the program's success 
and popularity, Elon will offer its 
first Winter Term in Spain in 
January 1987. 

The Magazine of Elon December, 1986 


For Jeff and Ruth 
Pugh, a ten-day 
stint in a Bolivian 
mission meant 
hard work and a 
dramatic escape. 

Bv Susan Klopman 

J jeel North America and South 
America, from a spiritual perspective, 
are so intimately connected to one 
another that i/ we are to understand 
the Word 0/ God m North America 
we hat-e to lnou> hou' the Word 0/ 
God u'orb in L^tin America. 

— Henn J. M. Nouuien 

It isn't easy to get to Bolivia. Nor 
can It be done in a hurry. For Jeff 
Pugh, assistant professor of religion 
and United Methodist ininistet, 
and his wife, Ruth, secretary fot the 
fine arts department, it took two 
long, exhausting days, six plane 
flights and a final trip through the 
jungle at night in the back of a 
pickup truck. 

It also took courage. Each leg of 
the journey was threatened by a 
brush with death— fire engines 
waiting on the runway as their 
plane made an emergency landing; 
a 'cowboy' pilot pointing the plane 
straight down from 4,000 feet to 
buzz a village; Ruth writhing in 
pain from altitude sickness; and 
finally the Bolivian airline strike 
coupled with the American cocaine 
raid making their depatture more 
like a death-defying escape. 

Sandwiched in between wete ten 
idyllic days in a jungle settlement— 
a little clearing 70 kilometers, and 
hundreds of years, away from 
"modern" civilization. 

For the Pughs, this ladical change 
was part of the leason for the trip. 
Jeff explains; "I realized how 
sheltered students are— in fact, how 
sheltered we all are. We just don't 

know what life is like beyond our 
boundaries. So part of my objective 
was to offet students exposure to a 
different cultute. 

"I am also interested in theology s 
effect on society, particularly libera- 
tion theology and Third Wotld 
society," continues theologian Jeff 

Ruth, who is also well-versed in 
liberation theology, had joined the 
Rosa Caufield Circle at the Metho- 
dist Church at their former home 
in Athens. Tennessee. Thtough that 
association she discovered that Rosa 
and Bob Caufield are Methodist 
missionaties in Bolivia. They have 
built a small settlement in the 
tropical foiest region of eastetn 
Bolivia at Yucumo. The complex 
contains a school with dormitory 
facilities, a tiny open-air church 
and the Caufields' home. 

Ruth became intetested in the 
settlement and found out that 
groups often visit to help the 
Caufields with their work. One bit 
of knowledge led to another. Before 
long, plans were being made for 
Ruth and Jeff, some students and 
Jerry Russell, a former missionary 
to South Ametica, to travel to the 
settlement in Yucumo. The Pughs' 
two daughters, Miriam, 12, and Joy, 
8, were simply too young to be in- 
cluded in the gtoup of 13. Church 
members and friends took care of 
the girls. "Leaving them was tough," 
Ruth adds-the first of some tough 
decisions that the Bolivian ex- 
perience demanded. 

The population of Bolivia is con- 
centrated in the western part of the 
country, primarily in the Andes 
Mountains on a plateau called the 
Altiplano. Centuries of life thete 
have left the land batten and un- 
productive. In an attempt to im- 
piove the lot of its people, the 
government is encouraging Boli- 
vians to move from the atid 
Altiplano area to the tich, un- 
touched Amazon jungle regions in 
the eastern part of the country. 
"The people are brought to the 
atea and given land," Jefi' explains. 
"They arrive with a few tools and 
the clothes on their backs. That's 
all. They literally hack out an ex- 
istence in the jungle." 

"Moving from the mountain 
areas to the jungle is almost as 
tadical a change fot the 
Bolivian Indians as 

Jeff and Ruth Pugh 

R Briclt mtisom, Boiifian style, raise 
the walls of a cltissroom 

It was for us," Ruth points out. 
"Evetything is different for them— 
the climate, the food, and the type 
of land. Their clothes ate too 
heavy. They don't know how to 
grow warm-weather crops. And 
they don't know how to ptotect 
themselves from ttopical insects. 
Thete's a lot of disease as a result." 

So the Caufields' little Yucumo 
settlement and vocanonal school 
exist to help these people adapt to 
theif new sutroundings. By pro- 
viding education for children above 
the third grade (the level at which 
government schools end), the settle- 
ment holds promise fot the fiiture 
while serving as school, trading 
post, hospital and religious center 
for today. It is also an oasis of ad- 
vanced civilization. 

At Yucumo there is the luxury of 
a well, but no running water. There 
is electricity; however, it is only 
generated twice a day to power the 
radio for contact with the outside 
world. In the morning it also 
tuns the antique 

washing machine. The Caufields' 
abode has a ketosene refrigerator 
and stove, but cooking for the 90 
students, teachers and any passeis- 
by is done over open fire or in 
stone ovens. 

"I would get up about 6;00 a.m. 
and help with the cooking," Ruth 
says. "We ate off the land-banan- 
as, meat from jungle animals, 
whatevei— and food pteparation ^^ 
took a lot of time and planning." 
Then she would serve as nurse or 
housekeeper or join Jeff at the 
building site to work on the 

"The buildings are made of hand- 
made brick trucked in from San 
Borja (a small town 2'/z hours 
away)," says Jeff. "It took six 
months to get the last shipment." 
Continued on p. 19 

Belou': "El Toro'-the meat cargo 
plane which offered escape. 

The Magazine of Elon December, 1986 


Five Outstanding Alumni 
Receive Awards 

Five graduates of Elon were 
recognized for their outstanding 
contributions to business, their 
communities and the college at the 
annual Alumni Association awards 
luncheon held during Homecoming 
Weekend on November 8. New 
Alumni Association President Dr. 
Walstein Snyder presided. Zachary 
T. Walker 111, immediate past presi- 
dent of the Alumni Association Ex- 
ecutive Committee, introduced the 
alumni, and William G. Long, 
director of alumni and parent rela- 
tions, presented each winner with a 
commemorative plaque. 

Other highlights of the luncheon 
included recognition of the Class of 
1936, the newest members of the 
Golden Alumni Association, and 
reunion classes of *45, '46, '47. '65 
and '66. 

Calvin A. Michaels *54 
Citizen's Service Award 

Action and service have always 
been a part of the life of Calvin A. 
Michaels. A Marine veteran of the 
Pacific Theater, World War U, 
Michaels distinguished himself at 
Elon through participation in 
baseball, football and intramural 
athletics. He was also an active 
member of his social fraternity, 
Sigma Phi Beta. 

Michaels currently serves as direc- 
tor of personnel administration for 
Burlington Inductries, a role which 
also involves him in policy forma- 
tion for that giant industry. 

Community leadership includes 
membership in the Rotary Club, 
Kiwanis, Lions and Sertoma clubs. 
His interest in the field of health 
delivery and cost containment has 
led to his service on II national, 
state and regional health-related 
boards or commissions. 

Michaels has been a loyal sup- 
porter of Elon, especially in the 
Alumni Association, serving at one 
time as its president. He remains an 
active member of its Executive 

Barbara Day Bass *61 
Distinguished Alumna 

Barbara Day Bass went directly 
into education upon graduation 
from Elon. In 1974 she received the 
master of education degree from the 

University of Virginia, three years 
after she had begun teaching at St. 
Catherine's School in Richmond. 
Virginia, where she is currently 
chairman of the mathematics 

Bass's exceptional work at St. 
Catherine's includes the introduc- 
tion of computers into the school's 
program. Her vision concerning the 
computer age brought her national 
recognition as a winner of a 1984 
Presidential Award For Excellence 
In Teaching Mathematics, presented 
to her at White House ceremonies. 

Bass is active at the college as a 
member of the Board of Trustees. 
She has served on the Alumni 
Association Executive Board also. 
She and her husband, Walter, also 
an Elon alumnus, have funded the 
Bass Scholarship, which annually 
provides aid to exemplary students 
with financial need. They have also 
pledged $100,000 to Elon through 
the Elon Life for Endowment 

June Clark Brooks '77 
Eddie Ricky Brooks *76 
Co-Young Alumni 
of the Year 

June Clark Brooks and Eddie 
Ricky Brooks were very active dur- 
ing their college days. Eddie played 
football and June was a cheerleader. 
They both entered the teaching 
profession when they were 

On February 1, 1983, their son 
Joshua was born. It soon became 
clear that he suffered from biliary 
atresia, a terminal medical com- 
plication. Their efforts to secure a 
liver transplant gained national 
attention. Dr. J. Earl Danieley 
helped lead a campaign to raise the 
$250,000 required for Josh's medical 
treatment. Josh received the neces- 
sary transplant, but died in his par- 
ents' arms on November 26, 1983. 

Out of this tragedy, the Brookses 
began the Joshua Brooks Living 
Memorial Transplant Association, 
now a chapter of the National 
Children's Transplant Association. 
June is director of patient relations. 
Ricky serves on the association's 
board of directors while continuing 
his teaching and coaching activities. 

The Brookses have recently 
received many awards and cita- 
tion—the Andre-Nadeau Award for 

Service to Humanity, Family of the 
Year in North Carolina, and the 
Presidential Citation Award 
presented to those organizations 
which give support to the private 

D. Keith Hall '72 
Young Alumnus 
of the Year 

D. Keith Hall's years at Elon were 
very busy. He was invoked in the 
college's intercollegiate football pro- 
gram while he was also carrying out 
his responsibilities as husband, 
father and bread-winner. 

Hall worked as a dishwasher at 
Le Chateau of Burlington. He pro- 
gressed rapidly to management 
trainee and store manager in 1972, 
area manager in 1973, regional 
manager in 1974, vice president of 
operations in 1975 and senior vice 
president in 1977. 

During 1977 and '78 when first 
Green Giant and then Pillsbury 
purchased the 26 Le Chateau 
restaurants. Hall stayed on as senior 
vice president and doubled the 
number of restaurants. 

In 1978 he left: Pillsbury and join- 
ed friend Thomas D. Mincher to 
start T K. Tripps restaurants. TK. 
Tripps has added several more loca- 
tions to its original Greensboro site, 
and the corporation has branched 
into a chain called Rock-Ola Cafe- 
Hall is co-owner and vice president 
of the multi-million dollar 
—at age 35. 

He has been an active leader of 
youth programs in Greensboro and 
sponsored a football camp for the 
underprivileged of the area. He also 
served as an assistant coach for 
Page High School in Greensboro, 
the state 4-A champions in 1984. 

Calvin A. Michaels '54 

Barbara Day Bass '61 

Keith Hall 72 

June Clark Brooks '77 and Eddie Ricky Brooks '76 

The Magazine of Eton December, 1986 5 


New Chapter 



Three alumni have accepted the 
positions of chapter presidents for 
their local alumni groups. They will 
provide principal leadership to their 
chapters and join the Alumni Ex- 
ecutive Committee, the policy- 
making body of the total alumni 

James Edgar (Jay) Butler III '78 
has taken the helm of the Suf- 
folk/Tidewater Chapter, succeeding 
Betty Riddick Crigger (B-J.) 76, Jay 
IS associated with the Butler Paper 
Company. He is an active member 
of the Suffolk Ruritan Club and 
the Main Street Methodist Church. 
He enjoys tennis and fishing. Jay 
and his wife, Debbie Terry Butler 
77, have two children— Jenna, 2'/2, 
and Ashley, 1. While at Elon Jay 
was a member of Kappa Sigma, a 
leader of Greek Week, and a 
member of the lacrosse team. 
I The new president of the 

Alamance County Chapter, the col- 
I leges largest, is Wade Williamson Jr. 

70. His predecessor was Tom Bass 

71. Wade is city executive for 
Branch Banking and Trust. His 
activities include membership in 
the Kiwanis Club (president) and 
membership on the boards of the 
Alamance Chamber of Commerce, 
the Boy Scouts of America, and 
the Salvation Army. He and his 
wife. Jane, have two children — 
K'risten, 14. and Karrie. 10. While 
at Elon Wade played varsity foot- 
ball and was a member of Sigma 
Phi Epsilon. 

Succeeding Ashburn Kirby '57 as 
head of the Guilford County 
Chapter, the second largest alumni 
group, is William Carl (B.Z.) Zint 
79. He is associated with AT&T 
Technologies of Greensboro. B.Z. 
and his wife, Patricia, are the 
parents of two children— Katie, 4'/;, 
and Chip, 1'/:. They are members 
of the Piney Grove Methodist 
Church of Kernersville. Fishing and 
all types of water sports fill B.Z.'s 
spare time. While at Elon B.Z. was 
a co-founder of WSOE-FM, the col- 
lege's radio station, and a member 
of Kappa Sigma. 

Sigma Pi 
Alumni Win 
National Award 

Elon's alumni chapter of Sigma Pi, 
the Walter H. Lemmond, Jr. Alum- 
ni Club, was named the "Outstand- 
ing Alumni Club" at the 1986 
Sigma Pi convocation in Washing- 
ton, D.C, The club was selected out 
of over 40 active clubs in the 
United States and Canada. 
To commemorate the occasion, a 
plaque was presented to the club. 
Current alumni of^cers are Tim 
Moore 78, president; James 
Kouchinsky '83, secretary; and Ken 
Gould '80, treasurer. 

Elon's alumni chapter was found- 
ed in 1979 and currently tallies its 
membership at 76— a remarkable 61 
percent of all Sigma Pi alumni. 
Over the past eight years the 
club has given more than $2000 in 
scholarships to brothers at Elon. 
The members also publish a 
magazine, A Slice of the Pi. three 
times a year. 

Mark Your Calendars! 
Alumni Chapter Meeting Dates 

Tidewater (Virginia Beach/Suffolk) Friday, Jan. 16 

Cavalier Golf & Yacht Club 

Greater Richmond Saturday, Jan. 17 

Downtown Club, Ross Building 

"Crystal Coast" (Morehead City/New Bern/Jacksonville) Saturday, Jan. 24 

Place to be announced 

Greater Charlone Friday. Jan. 30 

Myers Park Country Club 

Triangle {Raleigh/Durham/Research Triangle) Saturday, Feb. 14 

Hope Valley Country Club 

Guilford/Forsyth Counties Saturday, Feb. 21 

Starmount Forest Country Club 

Alamance County Saturday, March 7 

Alamance Country Club 

Greater Washington To be announced 

Sanford/Lee County To be announced 

Catching Up With a Few 
First Editions 

Reprejmtmg ne^.papen from ikt area, joumol,™ g,aduau, helA tl,..r oum reun.or, dunng 
Homecommg. Back rou., L to R: Bob N«.dl. ass^z-nr pwfessor of c^mummm,^: V.cky 
Jiggelli 'SS. Frank hley '86, lar,e Kulu^ll '86, Front rau., L to R: Foileman 85, 
Christine (Motiche) Maggio '85, Carol Nil '85. 


Plans are being made for an alumni football game in mid-March. If you 
are interested in participating (and special consideration will be given to 
applicants who are members of the Fightin' Christian Club), contact 
John Muir, 2432 Cottage Place, Greensboro, NC 27205 or Jeff MacKen- 
zie, C/O Mr. J's SUkscreen Inc., 1235 E. Webb Ave., Burlington, NC 





Tour Russia, Finland, 
Armenia, Mongolia, China 

June 6— July 1, 1987 

Elon College 

Round the World Tour 

For more information contact: 

Dr. David Crowe 


Box 2147 

Elon College, NC 27244-2010 

The Magazine of Elon December, 1986 

A promotional spot for a 
Washington TV series wins 
Lana Peavy '76 an Emmy, 

By Yvonne Evans '87 

How does a woman react to the 
news she has breast cancer? Lanna 
Peavy '76 attempted to answer this 
question in a promotional spot for 
a television series entitled "Breast 
Cancer: A Portrait of Hope." The 
result was a commercial that won 
her the Washington Emmy Award 
from the National Academy of 
Television Arts and Sciences. 

"The assignment wasn't difficult," 
said Peavy. "I could do anything I 
wanted. They were all my ideas, 
ideas of a woman's struggle with 
breast cancer." 

Peavy is the senior promotion 
producer for WTJSA, Washington's 
highest rated television station. The 
promotional spot for the breast 
cancer series was her first assign- 
ment when she began working at 
the station in 1983. 

The series, which was to be aired 
on the nightly news, was about 
Ellen Kingsley, a WUSA reporter. 
After discovering she had breast 
cancer, Kingsley decided to tell the 
story of her own personal struggle 
from beginning to end. She began 
to film her battle with cancer— the 
chemotherapy treatment which 
resulted in her losing her hair; the 
days spent in a hospital bed. This 
footage revealed perhaps the most 
important part of her struggle — the 
constant support she received from 
her family and friends. The footage 
was then edited and shaped to 
become the series on breast cancer. 

In producing the commercial, 
Peavy decided not to use any of the 
actual footage from the series. In- 
stead she shot her own black-and- 
white portraits of Kingsley's family 
and friends, mixed them with piano 
music by George Winston and 
wrote a moving script to produce a 
soft-sell effect for the series. 

"I tried to get a feel for the spot 
and what it was all about. I decid- 
ed it had to be very personal so it 
wouldn't scare viewers away. I 
wanted to present a portrait of 
hope for women with breast cancer," 
Peavy said. 

"Winning the award was such a 
personal victory for Ellen and me," 
said Peavy. "Now we are best 

Peavy's commercial was chosen 
from more than 90 entries for the 
Washington Emmy. In fact, two of 
the final five in the selection pro- 
cess were her spots — quite an ac- 
complishment for her first 

Television work was not always in 
Peavy's career plans. "I wanted to 
write for a newspaper, but when I 
graduated from Elon, I couldn't find 
a job," she said. So she worked as a 
waitress at night and taught tennis 
under Kay Yow, an Elon graduate 
who was recently named coach of 
the U.S. women's Olympic basket- 
ball team for the '88 games. She 
then worked selling ads for the 
Cicy/Councy Newspaper in 

"I didn't think television work 
was accessible to me at the time," 
said Peavy. She asked a friend of 
hers in Wilmington, N.C., to help 
her get a job at the Wilmington 
Star. Instead he got her an inter- 
view at WECT Channel 6 in Wilm- 
ington as a cameraperson. 

"1 had no previous experience 
with television," Peavy said. That 
did not seem to matter. "In a low 
market situation like Wilmington, 
you really don't need experience," 
she said. "You learn how to do 
everything and really gain more 
that way." 

Peavy learned to operate a camera 
in two hours and was assigned to 
film the 6 and 11 o'clock news. She 
ran a camera for about three 
months and was then promoted to 
on-air switcher. "I was actually 
switching commercials on live TV," 
she said. She was quickly promoted 
to director of morning broadcast 
and later to promotion manager. 

Peavy gained valuable experience 
in her three years in Wilmington. 
She then moved to Charleston, 
SC, where she worked as a promo- 
tion manager. Through her job she 
made many important contacts, in- 

Lana Peavy 

eluding Bruce Bryant, who would 
become most influential in her 

Bryant was the promotion 
manager for KPRC in Houston. 
Peavy, originally from Houston, met 
Bryant at a convention and never 
dreamed she would one day work 
for him at a station in the lOth 
market, one with a very large view- 
ing audience. "He called me and 
asked me if 1 was ready to come 
home. I quickly resigned and went 
to work for Bryant," she said. There 
Peavy learned many new skills and 
worked with the most advanced 
equipment in the field. "I could not 
believe I was working at a place like 
this and getting paid for it," she 

While at KPRC, Peavy began to 
get job offers. "I was on stage in 
Houston and I started getting 
noticed," she said. After turning 
down an NBC afiiliate in Washing- 
ton, she received an offer from 
WUSA and flew to Washington to 
look the job over. "It was a great 
opportunity for me because 
Washington is the news mecca of 
the East Coast," she said. 

Peavy has produced many other 
commercials while at WUSA. "I 
think I have promoted everything I 
could possibly promote," she said. 

Some of her other work includes 
commercials for series on chemical 
crime, neurotoxins, polygraph tests 
and a weekly series called "On the 

"They tell it, I sell it," said Peavy, 
describing her duties at the station. 

Peavy attributes her success to 
starting at the right level, preferably 
a lower level which gave her the 
opportunity to learn how to do 
everything. Peavy feels that showing 
aggression and being relaxed and 
confident in interviews are also 
essential to success. 

"The most important thing is to 
have ideas. If you have the ideas, 
you can be successful at anything" 

The Magazine of Elon December, 1986 7 

Brenda Holt McGee 75 

A Teacher Who Beat the Predictions 

Bv Susan Klopman 

No one understands the influence 
of an elementary school teacher 
better than Brenda Holt McGee 
75. That's why she decided to be 
one, and by all accounts, she's very, 
very good. 

This spring McGee was awarded 
one of nine Perot Excellence in 
Teaching Awards for her outstand- 
ing work as a fifth grade teacher at 
Thomas Elementary School in 
Piano, Texas. She also received the 
Conservation Teacher of the Year 
award in her county and region. 
The Perot Awards, named after 
patron H. Ross Perot, are the most 
prestigious teaching awards in 
Texas, and competition is intense. 
With 950 students. McGee's school 
is the largest elementary school in 
Piano, a city which has one of the 
largest public school systems in 
Texas. McGee was selected "Teacher 
of the Year" by her peers. Local 
winners compete statewide until 
nominations are narrowed to the 
final nine. Winners receive a $650 
cash award. 

"1 was realy honored just to be 
chosen by my school," McGee said, 
never dreaming that she would be 
one of the Perot Award winners. 
Criteria for the award evaluate a 
teacher's "extra efforts": encouraging 
high quality work and risk-taking 
to learn; going beyond expected 

teaching requirements so that 
students positively adjust their life 
goals; and providing educational 
leadership for parents, fellow staff 
members and the community. 

McGee describes the evaluation 
process; "The selection team 
observed my classroom, read folders 
1 had compiled about our work and 
conducted a personal interview 
with me." The interview examined 
her teaching philosophy, especially 
probing how she would handle cer- 
tain situations. It was perhaps in 
that interview that the award was 
won, for McGee's philosophy of 
teaching has its roots in her own 
unfortunate elementary schcxil 

Not long after little Brenda Holt 
began school, her teachers told her 
parents that she appeared to be 
"slow." They even projected that 
she might never graduate from high 
school. Tragically, everyone fell 
under the spell of that prediction. 
Teachers expected very little of 
Brenda. She expected even less of 

"1 remember hating school," she 
says, "and school hated me! 1 will 
never forget the humiliation of be- 
ing called out of class to go to 
remedial reading sessions and being 
placed in a reading and math group 
called the 'chickadees.' " 

"My high school years were 
definitely an improvement," she 
recalls. "My grades hovered in the 
low-average range. The thought of a 
career and college only entered my 
mind about the time everyone else 

was buying footlockers for their 

. "I managed to get into a small 
junior college in North Carolina 
where my parents knew the college 
president on a«personal basis," she 
continues. "They decided secretarial 
science would be best for me. 1, on 
the other hand, decided to major 
in extracurricular activities. Need- 
less to say, 1 had a wonderful year 
socially, but I did not impress the 
academic dean." 

The working world was next, and 
by the time McGee was 21, she had 
met and married her husband, 
Gerald. He was a student at Guil- 
ford College. 

"During his last semester," she 
says, "his Marine Reserve unit was 
called to active duty. That meant 
his graduation would be put off in- 
definitely unless we could get his 
professors to agree to let me sit in 
class for him. take notes and for- 
ward his assignments. Guilford 
agreed and that was the turning 
point in my life." 

One week after her husband 
graduated. McGee launched her 
own college career at Elon. "Ken 
Harper {now director of graduate 
admissions) admitted me on proba- 
tion. That was the beginning of a 
whole new life for me," McGee 
recalls with real emotion in her 

She goes on to talk about faculty 
members who believed in her and 
encouraged her. "All my professors 
cared." she says. "They were fan- 
tastic." Without a moment's hesita- 
tion she can recall professor after 
professor and tell you what was 
special about the person and the 

"Jo Williams (now vice president 
for development) really encouraged 
me," she says. "I wrote a children's 
book for her education class and 
handed it in with great uncertainty. 
Dr. Williams applauded my creativi- 
ty. Her support was just what I 

McGee was on the dean's list 
each semester at Elon. She received 
a B.A. degree with honors in three 
years and passed the teacher's cer- 
tification with flying colors. 

She taught third grade for six 
years in Burlington and completed 
the M.Ed, degree at UNCG. Then 
her husband was transferred. They 
moved to a little community in the 
mountains of North Carolina, and 
she discovered that the town had 
not hired a new teacher in over five 
years. She was not able to change 
that statistic. The local newspaper 
editor, however, found out that she 
had published some articles in 

Brenda' McGee '75 

teaching magazines, so he hired her 
as a feature writer. 

Six months later her husband 
was transferred again— this time to 

McGee quickly found a job at 
the Piano Daily-Star Courier as a 
business writer and photographer (a 
skill she had added along the way). 
One day while giving a tour to a 
troop of Boy Scouts, she realized 
what was missing in her work- 
children. So it was back to the 
schoolhouse for Brenda McGee. 

What's It like today in her 
classroom at Thomas Elementary 
School? "1 work with the kids who 
are 'not supposed to do well', " she 
explains. "I always look for the 
child who slumps in a chair and 
never says anything. Learning 
should be a pleasant and successful 
experience. Each child should have 
the right to exceed his expected 
potential and feel comfortable in a 
non-threatening environment." 

"Elon formulated the way I 
teach," she adds. "They taught me 
to care, first, and to teach, second. 
Elon is not a paper mill. Their first 
concern is people." 

McGee's award as the Conserva- 
tion Teacher of the Year reinforces 
the fact that she adds quality to 
her caring approach, This competi- 
tion begins locally and finally 
results in a national award. At each 
stage the focus is on how a teacher 
presents environmental conserva- 
tion to the students. 

McGee and Her class, like all fifth 
graders in Piano, spend one week at 
an environmental camp in 
Oklahoma. She entered her class's 
work at the camp as a special 
"Throughout the year we focus 

Continued on p. 19 

The Magazine of Elon December, 

Winter Sports— Sneak Preview 


Men's Basketball 

The 1986-87 basketball squad is 
under the direction of new head 
coach Bob Burton. Coach Burton 
came to Elon after serving on the 
staff of Don DeVoe's Tennessee 

"Control" is the key word for 
Elon to have a successful season. 
Coach Burton feels that a more 
disciplined style of play will help 
the Fightin' Christians to become 
more consistent and confident on 
the road to a winning season. 

Experience is no problem for this 
year's squad. Ten of II players 
return from a team that finished 
fifth in the conference and the 
district. The only player lost was a 
big one, Warren Wallace, All 
District, All Conference and most 
of all, 16.3 points per game. Coach 
Burton hopes that with a little 
more control, the team should be 
able to balance the scoring and not 
just be a one-man show. 

Back from last year's squad are 
second leading scorer Bernard 
Torain, avg. 10.9, and third leading 
scorer Eric Blair, avg. 10.4. Coach 
Burton feels that the big change 
will be the inside game. Eric 
Hairston returns at the center spot 
where he performed well for the 
Fightin' Christians last year. Burton 
hopes to use his big man inside for 
at least 16 points per game as com- 
pared with Hairston's 9.8 of last 
year. The backcourt is solid with 
the return of Russ Capps and 
Howard Coe. 

Burton lists the strengths of his 
team as experience, good athletic 
ability, quickness and excellent 
players in the 6'3" to 6'5" range. 
Lack of height and the absence of 
dominant players seem to be the 
only weaknesses of the 1986-87 
Fightin' Christians. Look for an im- 
provement on last year's 16 and 14 
record. Burton feels that control 
and discipline will swing the close 
games Elon's way, which should 
add five wins to the schedule. 


For Jackie Myers and the Lady 
Fightin' Christians, the '85^6 
season may well have been an ex- 
ample of what coaches these days 
call a "rebuilding year." Overall the 
lady hoopsters finished at 5 and 22, 
3 and 13 in the conference. Most 
people would say, "5 and 22, exact- 

ly how much rebuilding are you 
planning to do?" But for people 
who know Jackie Myers and the 
ladies who make up this very 
young squad, 1986-87 is shaping up 
to be a productive year. 

Coach Myers feels that this team 
has promise. It should be much im- 
proved over last year's team. Ex- 
perience returns in the form of 
three previous starters. Sophomore- 
guard Mae Haith (14.2 ppg) is back 
from last year's squad, along with 
running mate Lisa Briggs (22.1 ppg) 
and junior center/forward Lisa 
Hairston (9.7 ppg). Joining this 
year's squad will be two East/West 
All-Star performers, Ann Walters 
67" from Monroe High School and 
Paula Keaney, 5'10", out of 
Southwest Guilford High School. 
Look for the development of a 
strong number of young players 
and add timely senior leadership— a 
combination that should make the 
Lady Fightin' Christians com- 
petitive in both the conference and 
the district. 

Dockrill *86 
Named AU- 

Former Elon golfer Chris Dockrill 
*86 has been voted UAIA All- 
American and NAIA Academic 
All-Arnerican for his athletic and 
academic achievements. To be 
named to the Academic Team, one 
must place within the top 15 golfers 
in the country and have a grade 
point average of 3.25 or better. Last 
season, Dockrill placed fifth na- 
tionally overall. He is now 
employed at an accounting firm in 


Sports Finals 

Football 8-2 

Men's Soccer 

Overall Record: 9-8-1 

District Record: 5-4-1 

Conference Record: 3-4-1 

Women's Soccer: 10-3 

This was an outstanding 
first year for the new women's 
soccer team. They made it to 
the NAIA Eastern Regional 
playoffs, losing to Berry in the 

Jn the fim season ever for u-omen'j soccer at Elon. :hc Lady Chmmns micalized succejs 
05 tho' glided to the NAIA E^iem Regional finah. Above, Judy Smith breaks past a 
defender on Bakatsias Field m their last game of the season. Phom Counwy of Tim«.Ncw, 

Hall of Fame from p. 2 

and fanned 17 batters while walk- 
ing just two and allowing only six 

Taylor could also hit and had a 
.292 average in 1949. He led Elon 
to three straight North State Con- 
ference titles. Taylor dropped out of 
school his senior year after attain- 
ing a contract with the Pittsburgh 
Don McLaughlin 

One of the all-time defensive 
specialists at Elon, McLaughlin 
played football for four years at 
Elon (1972-75) and was on the 
NAIA national runner-up team in 
1973 with Joe West. 

He reaped All-Conference, All- 
State and All-District honors and 
was named honorable mention All- 
America by the Associated Press in 
1975, his senior year. 

He holds the season record of 
593 kickofi^ return yards at Elon. 
Career-wise, he still holds defensive 
records of most kickoff returns (50), 
most yards on kickoff returns 
(1193), most combined punts/kick- 
off returns (105) and most yardage 
on same (1,721). 
Joe West 

West, from Greenville, N.C, is stil 
on the sports scene as a National 
League umpire, but at Elon he was 
one of the finest quarterbacks ever 
to wear the Maroon and Gold. 

West played at Elon in 1971, 1972 
and 1973 after transferring from 
East Carolina after the Pirates mov- 
ed him to a safety position. All of 
his Elon years were played under 
coach Red Wilson. 

West was an excellent passer and 
a smart quarterback who led the 
Fightin" Christians to its first No. I 
ranking during the 1973 season. 

During his career, West completed 
342 of 638 passes for 4,337 yards 
and 35 touchdowns. He threw 18 
TD passes in 1973, second best in 
Elon history. 

Kay Yow 

A native of Gibsonville, Yow has 
become a legend in her own time 
by coaching U.S. women's basket- 
ball teams to successive victories 
over the Russian women. 

Her greatest honor came even 
more recently. She has been named 
head coach of the U.S. Women's 
team for the 1988 Olympics at 
Seoul, Korea. 

Her first season at Elon, 1971-72, 
saw the Lady Christians win only 
five games while losing 11. But in 
1972-73, they won 13 games and 
lost three. And in 1973-74, Elon 
won 20 games while losing only 
one to win the conference and 
Region 2 playoff championships. 

In her final year, 1974-75, Yow's 
Elon squad won 19, lost four as the 
Lady Christians again won the con- 
ference crown. 

The Magazine of Elon December, 1986 9 


Parents Weekend 

Beginning with the Elon College 
Faculty/Student Showcase on Fri- 
day. September 26th and ending 
with a concert by the Emanons of 
Elon on Sunday, hundreds of par- 
ents and their sons and daughters 
enjoyed Parents Weekend. Meetings 
with faculty advisers, a picnic lunch, 
a winning football game (Carson- 
Newman), a dance at the Alamance 
Country Club, and a special wor- 
ship service constituted the other 
principal events. 

During the Weekend the first 
meeting of the Elon College 
Parents' Council took place. An ad- 
visory body consisting of parents 
representing students in each of the 
college's classes, the council held its 
first official sesson on Friday. At 
Holland House the following day, 
President and Mrs. Young hosted 
the new group at a buffet luncheon. 

Homecoming is traditionally a time 
for renewing old friendships and 
enjoying being part of campus life 
agam. This year was no exception. 
Beginning with the 13th annual 
golf tournament, held in a torren- 
tial downpour, the Elon spirit 
proved to be strong! Several 
classes-1936-, 1945, 46 and 47; and 
1965-66— held special reunions 
which were unqualified successes. 


10 The Magazine of Elon December, 1986 

The Magazine of Elon December, 1986 11 

Elon College Life Income Plans 

Elon College has been able to ex- 
tend its outreach and to improve its 
programs and facilities largely 
because of people who cared about 
the institution and contributed to 
its support. This support has 
enabled Elon to keep its tuition 
among the lowest of the private in- 
stitutions and to build up a modest 

Even with increased support from 
a larger number of alumni and 
other friends, it has been difficult 
in recent years to stay abreast of 
the dramatically increasing costs of 
providing quality education for 
young people. It has been necessary 
to raise tuition from time to time in 
order to ensure financial stability 
and to pay the costs of operation. 
Special campaigns have helped by 
providing funds for capital im- 
provements and increased 

One of the ways in which Elon 
has moved to strengthen its finan- 
cial support has been to develop 
carefully structured programs of 
deferred giving, whereby benefactors 
can get the satisfaction of arranging 
in the present for gifts which come 
to the college in the future. Such 
gifts can be planned to benefit 
donors as well as the college. 
Donors benefit by taking maximum 
advantage of available tax deduc- 
tions, by planning the gifts in a 
way to fit in with their long-term 
financial circumstances and income 
needs, and by making the gifts an 
integral part of their estate plans. 
Deferred gifts can be made to Elon 
in a number o( ways, among which 
are life income plans, gifts by will, 
life insurance, gifts of property with 
life estate retained, and the 
charitable lead trust. 

The Need for Life 
Income Plans 

Some Elon supporters want to ex- 
press their regard for the college in 
a larger, tangible way but are faced, 
at the same time, with the need to 
protect their own financial future, 
often including providing for a 
spouse or other family members. 
Giving a major gift outright may 
not seem like a prudent act in the 
face of concerns about long-term 
personal and family neecis. On the 
other hand, a life income plan may 
make a major gift possible and help 
assure personal and family security 
at the same time. 

How Life Income 
Plans Work 

Each life income plan has its own 
particular advantages, but all come 

from the same basic concept: 
money, securities, land or other 
property is given to Elon College 
and, in return, the donor receives 
an income for life. If the donor 
desires, a spouse or other person 
can be designated as a beneficiary, 
either instead of the donor or as a 
survivor beneficiary after the death 
of the donor. All plans provide tax 
advantages to the donor. All relieve 
the donor, or any beneficiary 
designated by the donor, of invest- 
ment worries or management pro- 
blems connected with the assets 
which are given to Elon. In all of 
these plans, Elon College wilt 
ultimately receive the remaining 
principal of the gift, to be used for 
its general purposes or for a special 
purpose which has been mutually 
accepted and written into the life 
income agreement. 

Benefits of Life 
Income Plans 

Tax Benefits 

Income Tax Deduction. In all of 

the life income plans, there is an 
immediate income tax deduction 
for the charitable portion of the 
gift. The charitable portion is the 
total value of the gift at the time it 
is made, minus the value of the life 
income interest which the donor re- 
tains. The income tax deduction is 
determined from official tax tables 
which take into account the 
amount of the gift, the ages and 
number of beneficiaries, and the 
rate of return. 

Possible Capital Gains Tax 
Benefit. In many cases, a life in- 
come plan can be funded with ap- 
preciated securities or other ap- 
preciated assets, thus providing the 
donor with an income tax deduc- 
tion based on the fi'Il current 
value, without capital gains tax 
liability on the appreciation. 

Estate Tax Benefits. A donor 
who makes a life income gift to 
Elon College can obtain the same 
estate tax benefits as for a 
charitable gift by will- 
Reduced Tax on Income. In 
some cases, life income payments 
may be taxed at capital gains rates 
or even as a tax-free return of 

Other Economic Benefits 

A life income gift to Elon can 
assure an income for life to the 
donor, to another prime 
beneficiary, or to a survivor 

beneficiary. In some cases, this may 
be the best way to provide a sup- 
plemental or main income during 
regular retirement or for a disabled 

Increased Yield. The life in- 
come gift can be fijnded with low- 
yield stocks, real estate, or other 
property as a means of improving 
the return on these assets. If the 
assets are also appreciated as well as 
low-yield, a life income plan pro- 
vides an opportunity to maximize 
yield while escaping a capital gains 

Investment Benefits. A life in- 
come plan permits diversification of 
investment holdings while freeing 
the donor or other designated 
beneficiary from investment worries 
and responsibilities. This could well 
be a major consideration in any 
case where a spouse or other 
designated beneficiary is inex- 
perienced or uninterested in look- 
ing after investments. 

Personal Satisfaction 

Perhaps the greatest benefit of a 
life income gift to Elon is the joy 
the donor feels in making a 
substantial contribution to the 
work of the college during his or 
her lifetime. The donor has the 
pleasure of this new relarionship 
with the college, during which both 
the donor and the institution are 
keenly aware of the good the gift 
will do in helping to provide educa- 
tional opportunities for young peo- 
ple. The fact that both donor and 
institution benefit from the gift 
adds to the overall satisfaction. 

Description of Life 
Income Plans 

Life Income Annuity 

The charitable gift annuity is prob- 
ably the easiest to understand, and 
the simplest to set up and ad- 
minister, of any of the deferred gift 
programs. In return for a gift, Elon 
College will give a legal agreement 
which guarantees lifetime payments 
to the donor or other designated 
beneficiary. The program is similar 
to insurance, in that the payments 
are based on life expectancy. 

For tax purposes, the gift to Elon 
is treated as part gift and part in- 
vestment. The gift part is deducti- 
ble on the donor's income tax 
return in the year the gift is made. 
The amount of the deduction 
depends on the donor's age and 
the rate of return to the donor. A 
substantial part of the income from 
the gift annuity is tax free, since a 

portion of each annuity payment is 
treated as a return of capital. 

When appreciated assets are ex- 
changed for a charitable gift annui- 
ty, the gain is determined under 
the bargain sales provisions. Under 
these rules, only part of the gain is 
taxable. A further benefit is that 
usually the taxable portion can be 
deferred and reported ratably over 
the term of the annuity. 

Deferred Payment Life Income 

If an Elon College donor enjoys a 
comfortable income now but would 
like to ensure an adequate income 
during retirement, a deferred pay- 
ment life income annuity may be a 
good answer. Or a donor can con- 
tribute to the financial security of 
another person, whose income 
needs may be greater at a later 
time, by establishing a deferred pay- 
ment life income annuity and nam- 
ing the other person as beneficiary. 
Income payments can start at the 
time of retirement or on a specified 
date in the future. 

The donor has the satisfaction of 
making a significant gift to Elon 
College now, resulting in an im- 
mediate income tax deduction 
when the tax bracket may be 
higher. Likewise, deferred income 
payments may be taxed at lower 
rates because income is generally 
lower during retirement years. Since 
a large part of each guaranteed an- 
nuity payment is also tax-free, the 
beneficiary of a deferred payment 
gift annuity will receive income 
when it is most needed and at a 
time when it is likely to be taxed 
the least. 

If an Elon College supporter is 
interested in a deferred payment 
gift annuity but does not wish to 
make a major gift now, he or she 
should consider establishing a small 
deferred payment gift annuity now 
and adding to it each year until it 
has reached the level necessary to 
provide the desired income upon 
retirement or by a specified date. 

Life Income Trusts 

Federal tax law authorizes life in- 
come trusts which are commonly 
called charitable remainder trusts. 
These trusts are divided for tax 
purposes into the income interest 
and the remainder interest. The re- 
mainder interest is that portion of 
trust assets which remains after the 
income interest has been satisfied. 
This is the portion for which an 
income tax deduction is allowed. 

12 The Magazine of Elon December, 1986 

A trust provides an excellent 
means of transferring gifts to Eion 
College in return for a life income. 
The trust allows considerable flex- 
ibility in setting up the agreement 
and in managing the assets. Elon 
College usually serves as trustee, 
but the donor may choose to name 
a financial institution or other 
competent agency or person as 
trustee. The donor may, in lieu of 
setting up the trust for life, elect to 
have the trust termmate after a 
designated period of time, not to 
exceed twenty years. 

A life income trust is a very 
useful way to convert low-income 
or non-income assets into a form 
which will yield current income to 
the donor or designated beneficiary. 
In fact, any supporter who would 
like to give a major gift to Elon but 
needs an income from the gift 
should consider a life income trust. 
This is particularly so when the 
trust will be funded by the transfer 
of low-cost, highly appreciated 
assets which, if sold, would result 
in a large capital gains tax liability. 
If a life income trust is established, 
the capital gains tax will not be 

Elon College Pooled Income 
Fund. The Elon College Pooled In- 
come Fund is a specific kind of life 
income trust which was established 
in 1975, in accordance with stand- 
ards prescribed by the Internal 
Revenue Service. All gifts to the 
fund are "pooled" and invested by 
the trustee to produce a life income 
for the donors or other designated 
beneficiaries. Thus the fund 
operates in much the same way as 
a mutual fund. Donors share in the 
fund in proportion to how much 
they have contributed to it. 

Net earnings of the fund are 
distributed quarterly to the 
beneficiaries on a pro rata basis. 
Donors can make additional gifts to 
the fund any time they want to in- 
crease their shares and their income 
payments. The fund cannot accept 
or invest in tax-exempt securities. 
When an income interest is ter- 
minated by the death of the last 
beneficiary, that portion of the 
assets is removed from the fund 
and distributed to Elon College for 
its general use or for a mutually 
agreed upon purpose. 

A federal income tax deduction is 
allowed for a gift to the pooled in- 
come fund in the year the gift is 
made, with a five-year carry-over of 
any unused portion of the deduc- 
tion. The deduction is determined 
from official tax tables which take 
into account the value of the re- 

tained life interest, based on the 
donor's age and the rate-of-return 
history of the ftind. If a gift of ap- 
preciated assets is made to the 
fund, the donor receives credit for 
full current value without capital 
gains tax liability. 

Charitable Remainder Annui> 
ty Trust. This trust allows the 
donor to retain a life income in- 
terest as a guaranteed annuity, a 
fixed dollar amount which must 
equal at least five percent of the in- 
itial fair market value of the trust 
assets. This may appeal to a donor 
who prefers a guaranteed fixed sum 
rather than a variable rate of 
return. The fixed sum must be paid 
at least annually to the donor or to 
one or more designated 
beneficiaries, either for life or a 
term not to exceed 20 years. In- 
come payments may be made 
quarterly, semi-annually, or 

An income tax deduction is 
available to the donor in the year 
that the trust is established, based 
on the present value of the portion 
which will eventually come to Elon 
College. If the donor cannot use 
the entire amount of the deduction 
in the year when it is allowed, the 
excess can be used up during the 
five succeeding years. There is no 
capital gains tax on long-term, ap- 
preciated property, either when 
donated to the trust or when sold 
by the trustee for reinvestment 

Charitable Remainder 
Unitrust. Any donor who wants 
to make a sizable gift to Elon and 
receive a life income in return should 
consider the unitrust. The unitrust 
has its own portfolio, and the income 
payment to the donor or other 
beneficiary is a fixed percentage of 
the market value of the portfolio, as 
determined by annual revaluations. 
The rate of return (percentage of 
market value) does not change, but 
the dollar amount of income 
payments will vary as the value of 
the trust assets changes from year 
to year. Thus, the unitrust can be a 
hedge against inflation. Income 
payments may be made quarterly, 
semi-annually, or annually. 

An income tax deduction is 
allowed for the present value of the 
charitable remainder in the year 
that the trust is established. There 
is a five-year carry-over for any part 
of the deduction which cannot be 
used in the first year. The unitrust 
is especially attractive to the donor 
who wants to fund the trust with 
highly appreciated assets, since 
neither the donor nor the trust is 
subject to a capital gains tax. 

Part of the income received by 
the donor or other beneficiary may 
receive favorable tax treatment, 
depending on how it was earned by 
the trust. The normal investment 
strategy for a unitrust is growth- 
oriented, which may make this the 
most appropriate plan for a donor 
who is in a high tax bracket and 
would prefer increased future in- 
come payments, as the portfolio 
grows. Also, in contrast to the an- 
nuity trust, additional contributions 
may be made to the unitrust at the 
discretion of the donor. 

Net Income Unitrust. There 
are two variations of the charitable 
remainder unitrust. The net in- 
come unitrust provides for pay- 
ment to the donor or other 
beneficiary the net income earned 
by the trust up to the percentage of 
the value of the trust assets 
specified in the trust agreement. 
The net income plus make-up 
unitrust is the same as the net in- 
come unitrust, except that any 
shortage in the annual payment or 
payments (failure to reach the 
percentage specified in the trust 
agreement) is made up in future 
years when the earned income is in 
excess of the specified percentage. 

The net income plus make-up 
unitrust is recommended as a 
method of providing for retirement. 
The trust can invest initially in 
growth assets and later change over 
to high yield investments. The net 
income unitrust or the net in- 
come plus make-up unitrust is 
also the best life income agreement 
to use when the funding gift con- 
sists of non-income-producing real 
estate or low-yield securities which 
cannot be readily sold or 
reinvested. This approach gives the 
trustee the necessary time to con- 
vert non-income-producing or low- 
yield property into income- 
producing assets. 

Gift of Home or Farm, 
Retaining Lifetime Use 
and Enjoyment of Property 

This remarkable gift technique is 
not strictly one of the lifetime in- 
come plans but is related to these 
plans because it allows a donor to 
give a home (including a "second" 
or vacation home, condominium, 
or apartment) or a farm to Elon 
College, while retaining a lifetime 
right to the full use and enjoyment 
of the property. The donor is en- 
titled to an income tax deduction 
equal to the present value of Elon 
College's future interest in the pro- 

perty. The donor experiences the 
satisfaction of giving Elon the pro- 
perty and getting an income tax 
deduction now, even though donor 
use and enjoyment of the property 
continue the same as before. The 
donor can also retain a life estate 
in the property for a spouse or 
other survivor. 

This method of giving has some 
advantages over giving the samg 
property by will. Along with the 
income tax deduction, it provides 
the same estate tax benefits, plus a 
saving in probate costs. 

Which Plan h Best 
for You 

Any major gift to Elon should be 
planned and timed to suit your per- 
sonal interests and to fit into your 
overall estate plans. For instance, 
unproductive assets could be placed 
now in a charitable remainder 
trust, generating tax savings and 
dependable new income. Part of the 
tax savings and new income could 
be used to pay the premiums on 
additional life insurance, thus not 
only assuring cash liquidity in your 
estate but partially or wholly replac- 
ing the value of the assets which 
you donated to Elon through the 

Check with your attorney or tax 
adviser to see how a major gift to 
Elon College can fit in with your 
estate plans. Also feel free to call or 
write us for further information or 
answers to your questions. We will 
be pleased to work with you and 
your advisers in exploring the best 
way for you to make your gift to 

By Dr. Brank Proffitt 

Call or write: 

Director of Deferred Giving 
and Estate Planning 
Campus Box 2116 
Eion College, N.C. 27244 


The Magazine of Elon December, 1986 13 


In every issue of The Magazine^of 
Hon we invite our readers to keep 
us posted on their activities. To let 
you know how much we appreciate 
hearing from you, each issue will 
now feature a class note selected 
at random by the magazine staff. 
The noteworthy sender will receive 
a customized "ELON" coffee mug 
and our warmest thanks for keep- 
ing in touch. So come on. . -get 

We're glad we heard from: 

Kathy Harper '72 has been elected to 
the Srccfing Committee for the InicTno- 
tionol Phoenix Users Group. Her respon- 
sibilities Include working with the spon- 
•oring consultants to obtain the documcn- 
TQtion and communication needs requested 
by the user group and serving on a task 
force to award CKCcllcnce In computer- 
based training. 



In the October Honor Eloll of 
Donors, Kathleen McDonald 
Snead '57 was erroneously listed a: 
deceased. Ms. Snead is very much 
alive-and well-in Colts Neck, Ne^ 
Jersey We sincerely apologiic to her 
for this error. 


Mark W. Andea was installed as pastor 
of Boger United Church of Christ, Con- 
conj. NC, 

Bettv Lynch Bowman has been named 
Principal of the Year for Burlington City 
Schools. Dr. Bowman has been involved 
in education for 41 years— the last 18 with 
the city system. 


Former football coach BUI Paolantonio 
was featured recently in an article in The 
Philadelphia inquirer. The subject was foot- 
ball— football as it used to be, when every- 
thing was simpler. 

Paolantonio coached Conestoga High 
School teams in the mid-1950s when they 
dominated the Chcs-Mont League. In the 
article he reminisces about the teams, the 
plays, even the students, noting that evei^- 
thjng IS different now, especially the lang- 
uage, the itraiegv, even the typical player 
/student. Although there are lots of 
changes, Paolantonio stays involved in the 
world he loves as an assistant in Con- 
estoga 's athletic department. 


Graham Erlacher retired from the United 
States Federal Court System on July 31, 
after serving 23 years as Official Coun 
Reporter. He began working with The 
Honorable Eugene A. Gordon when he 
was appointed to the bench in 1964. 
Graham, and his wife, Mildred Johnson 
Erlacher "49 will continue to operate 
theit private court-reporting business. 
Graham Erlacher 6i. Associates in Vfinston- 
Salem. NC Graham is also a real estate 


Dwight L, Dillon was elected president 
of the Independent Iruurance Agents of 
Amenca (IIAA) during the Association's 
90th Annual Convention held recently in 
Toronta Mr, Dillon, of Dillon Insurance 
Agency. Bassen, Va., will serve as presi- 
dent of the llAA for one year. HAA is 
the nation's brgest independent producers 
association, representing 220,000 indepen- 
dent agents and their employees. 

Happened To? 

H. Reid '46 

A major in Eng- 
lish has worked 
very well for H. 
Reid— writer, jour- 
nalist and teacher. 
He retired in 1982 

after a 42-year 

career in the newspaper business, 
and now he occasionally writes for 
magazines. He also taught journal- 
ism in high school for a while, but 
his favorite vocation has always 
been writing, and his favorite sub- 
ject is steam railroading. 

Reid is the author of five books 
about the railroad. His most recent 
publication, which is in its second 
edition, is Extra South — An 

Unscheduled, Unhurried Look at Dix- 
ie Steam Railroading. The book con- 
tains a foreword by former Elon 
professor and friend Manly Wade 
Wellman. Many of the photographs 
in the book were taken by Reid. 

His other interests include car- 
tooning, for which he was well 
known at Elon, and stamp and 
record -col leering. His extensive 
recordings of the big bands, which 
date back to 1918, have been willed 
to Elon's McEwen Library. 

Reid is married to the former 
Virginia Ezzell, a 1947 graduate of 
the college. She runs a medical lab 
in Virginia Beach, Va. 

The Reids are at home at 8549 
Wayland Street, Norfolk, VA 23503, 

Robert F. McLean '60 

Former football 

player and history 

major Robert F 

I jjf McLean gradu- 

^--^^M^ ated from Elon 

and went straight 

back into the 

classroom as a history teacher and 
back out on the field as football 
coach in Florence, S.C Four years 
later he switched to a career in 
insurance — obviously a very good 
move. For the next 11 years he was 
associated with the Horace Mann 
Insurance Company. Now as an 
agency owner and representative for 
Nationwide, he has a 1983 Service 
Award to his credit. 

McLean's interest in sports has 
found an outlet in many civic 
organizations. He was on the 
original board for the Florence 
Junior Football League. He current- 
ly serves on the city recreation 
board and enjoys being a member 
of the Fee Dee area Big Brothers 
association. As president of the 
Kiwanis Club, he traveled to 
Austria to attend their intema- 
rional convention. 

McLean and his wife, Emily, have 
four children: Mark, a graduate of 
the University of South Carolina; 
Heather, a junior at Columbia Col- 
lege and the 1984 "Miss Citadel"; 
Laura, 17; and Courtney, 13. 

Tlie McLeans live at 823 
Mohawk Drive, Florence, SC 29501. 

Harriet Hammond Dalcin '62 

Harriet Dalcin 
received her 
bachelor of arts 
degree in elemen- 
tary education at 
Elon, She taught 
school for three 
years after graduation. Later she 
worked for two years as an interior 
decorator in Lexington, Kentucky. 
After an absence from the 
classroom, she is considering doing 
graduate studies at the University 
of Kentucky and returning to 

Dalcin serves as a volunteer for 
the Chandler Medical Center at 
the university and for many politi- 
cal and booster clubs in Lexington. 

She is married to John Dalcin Jr., 
a '63 graduate and former football 
player at Elon. He is the manager 
of Reich Drill Industries. TT\e Dat- 
cins, including their two children, 
Becky and Matt, love sports and 
keep up with the Fightin' Chris- 
tians. Dalcin says she is looking for- 
ward to returning to Elon next year 
for her 25th class reunion. 

Her address is 724 Malibu Dr., 
Lexington, Kentucky 40502. 

Lost touch with a former classmate? Maybe we can help. Give us a trail and we'll try 
and find your favorite missing person. When we do, we'll publish an update on their 
activities and whereabouts. Clip and complete this form and mail it to: 

MOE Buddy System 

Box 2116 

Elon College, NC 27244-2010 
Yes! I would like to know whatever happened to: 

My t\ame and address: 

Note: This service will not be used to assist alumni in the collection of debts, 
rekindling of romances or locating of classmates who wish to remain "lost!" 



Wilma Parriah was selected as 1986 Prin- 
cipal of the Year for Alamance County 
Schools in a program sponsored by Wachovia 
Bank and Trust and the N.C. Department 
of Public Instruction. When she came to 
Western Middle School, her goal was to sec 
it become one of the greatest in the USA. 
Three years later Western Middle was selected 
as one of the nation's four leading middle 


Jcrrv King is a pharmaceutical sales manager 
for Wyeth Laboratories in Burlington, N.C. 


George D. Chapman is a graduate assis- 
tant in the Outdoor Museum and Living 
History program at Utah State University. 
Vernon A. Rogers is department manager 
for Burlington Industries in Madison. N.C. 


Bill Barker is an executive vice president 
with Dibrell Brothers, Inc. in Danville, Va. 


Edward T. Green, a computer systems 
analyst with the Veterans Administration in 
Washington, DC, retired in April 1986. 


Mabel Coffee Perkins and Edward 

Timothy Buckley were married August JO 
in Winston-Salem, NC 


Durward T. Stokes, retired professor of 
history at Elon, has been appointed an 
honorary advisory board member to the 
Pee Dee Heritage Center in Hartsville, S.C. 
The Center is a joint project of Cokcr and 
Francis Marion colleges in South Carolina. 
Dr. Stokes is noted for his writing of the 
history of Dillon County. SjC. 


Thomas S. Corbitt Jr. is director of 
Brunswick Visitors Center for Carplina 
Power St. Light Company in Southport, NC 
Jerry W. Tillman was recently appointed 
principal of Archdale-Trinity Middle School 
by the Randolph County Ek^ard of Education. 
Tillman, a resident of Archdale. was a science 
teacher, coach and assistant principal of 
Trindale Elementary. Trinity Elementary and 
Brower schools before going to 


Grant Blevins has become assistant prin- 
cipal at Western Branch Primary School in 
Chesapeake, Va. He recently completed his 
CAS degree work at Old Dominion 
University in educational administration- 
Jack Burtschc has just become the Nor- 
thwest area manager of Mobil Oil Corp. 
Alex Lewis Cook is working with Pro Buff 
East, Inc. in Greensboro and has moved in- 
to a new home on Lake Dale Way. Clem- 
mons. NC 

Don Richardson is pastor of First 
Wesleyan Church in Siler City, NC 
Tyrone Rowell was promoted by UNO 
Wilmington to the p>osition of associate vice 
chancellor for university advancement. He 
will seek to expand the level of private 
financial support at UNC-W, assist in other 
development and public affairs functions, 
and be involved in planning and carT7ing 
out special events for the university. 


In a recent letter to Dr. Earl Danieley, Bill 
Daike writes: "At age 42 and unavoidably 
middle-aged, it strikes me as incredible that 
I am looking back over fifteen years as a 
parish minister in the U.CC. and am now 
in the midst of exciting changes with a wide- 
open future. After six years in my previous 
parish in Portland, Maine (Woodfords Con- 
gregational Church, UCC). I have been 

14 The Magazine of Elon December, 1986 

director of the Stale of Maine's 
Weatheriution Program for the past year. 
This ten-million dollar program makes the 
homes of low-income persons more energy 
efficient- I became involved in low-income 
housmg problems through Habitat for 
Humanity, helping to establish the first af- 
filiate in Maine- 

Now I am beginning a new position- 
Interim Associate Conference Minister for 
the Maine Conference, UCC— which 
gives me a wonderftil opportunity to ex- 
plore Conference work in an area my 
family and I enjoy living in. while work- 
ing with staff and churches I enjoy- After 
SIX years of city life, Sylvia and 1 are hap- 
py living in a rural part of Maine with 
our two daughters, Keith and Kara, now 
a sophomore and a freshman at Wiscasset 
High School. 

I continue to look back with fondness 
and appreciation to the second chance 
Elon gave me after a false college start in 
the Engineering School of UVA. Elon 
ptepared me well for the M.Div. Program 
at Vanderbilt and the post graduate 
S.T.M. Program at Union Theological 
Seminary, New York City, where I was 
awarded a Masland Fellowship. I hope 
Elon continues the compassionate, yet 
quality academic air which you instilled 
as president. Elon was there for me at a 
critical time." 


Frank Lynn Michael and Donna Beck 
Rhodes were married October 5 in Old 
Salem. N,C. 
CharlcB A. VanLear III has become 

assistant principal of Lord Botetourt High 
School, Roanoke, Va. VanLear began his 
career in education at William Fleming 
High School. During his 18 years there, 
he also served as night program ad- 
ministrator for National Business College 
for 10 years. 

Mike Wilbum is minister of member- 
ship at Peace United Chureh of Christ in 
Greensboro, NC 


Edwin Kiner "Dice" Wyllie is assis- 
tant vice president for Sav-A-Tbn Oil, Inc. 
in Matthews. NC 


Don Perkins is president of Audiocord- 
ings. Inc. in Fayetteville, NC 


Kathv Harper has been elected to the 
Steering Committee for the International 
Phoenix Users Group. Her responsibilities 
include working with the sponsoring con- 
sultants to obtain the documentation and 
communication needs requested by the 
user group and serving on a task force to 
award excellence m computer-based 

Vergil Hcdrick has been named plant 
manager by Georgia-Pacific Corp, at the 
company's panelboard plant in Mon- 
ticello, Ga. He has been with the com- 
pany since 1974, serving in various super- 
visory and sales positions. 
David L. Manhall and his wife, Betsy, 
7621 Fire Tree Une, Charlotte. NC 28ZI2. 
announce the birth of a daughter, Katie 
Elizabeth, on October 20, 


William O. Bivens is rector of St. 
Patrick's Episcopal Church in Somerset, 
Ky, Bivens has served parishes in Lex- 
ington, Ky, and Hannibal. Ma, prior to 
returning to Kentucky. He is married to 
the former Colleen Modenia and they 
have two sons, Aaron and Shaun. ages 9 
and 6 years. 

Bill Ogle is president of Vesta Inc., an 
industrial and commercial general contrac- 
tor based in Raleigh. Vesta recently 

Roger B. Wilson '52 

Do You Remember When? 

No, this is not a photo of the dar- 
ing young man on the flying trap- 
eze! It's alumnus Roger B. Wilson 
'52 walking some rather precarious 
scaffolding during the renovation of 
Whitley Auditorium in June 1952. 

Wilson sent this and other photos 
from his Elon days to the college 
recently for use in upcoming 
Centennial publications. Our 
thanks to Mr. Wilson for this tzk 
and unpublished photOL It is just 
too good to keep secret until 1989. 
Included was Wilson's fascinating 
description of how the scaffolding 
was constructed. He writes: 

"TTie side supports were erected 
first. Tlie tops were made glassy 
smooth with either soap or candle 
wax. Two long ladders were lashed 
together (under the projection 
booth) with center pieces and cables 
affixed. Cloth-covered planking was 
placed over the rungs to make 
walkmg easier {the cloth prevented 
slips). TTie two ladders were then 
easy to slide the length of the hall. 

"The light blue overhead dome 
was painted by means of a steplad- 
der on the covered planks. It was 
tall enough to reach another cross- 
piece which rested on the inside of 
the dome. 

"A large tarpaulin was tied to the 
railing to catch any paint droppings." 

"The boss asked me to get to the 
middle. I crawled there, stood up 
and started walking." 

Wilson forgot to mention how 
hard his heart was pounding. 

With the Elon Centennial 
celebration only two years away, 
the Office of Publications is looking 
for photographs to use in publica- 
tions and displays. If you have in- 
teresting original photographs or 
snapshots from Elon's history— early 
or recent— that you are willing to 
lend or donate to the college ar- 
chives, please contact Nan Perkins, 
Director of Publications and Public 
Information, Campus Box 2116, 
Elon College, NC 27244-2010. 
Telephone 919-584-2231. 

completed the concrete foundation walls 
for the new fine arts building at Elon as 
well as a waste treatment plant at 
Woodlake Country Club in Vass, NC. 
Kaihryn Vaughan McGehee and her 
husband. Garry, 4352 Lake Prince Drive, 
Sul^oik, VA 23434, announce the birth of 
a daughter, Eliiabeth Gilliam, on 
September 22. 

Steve RoBB, who was recently named 
associate vice president of investments 
with Prudential-Bache Securities (a Wall 
Street mvestment firm), has been named a 
Quantum Portfolio manager, a manage- 
ment service developed expressly for the 
investor seeking long term capital ap- 
preciation from a diversified portfolio of 
stocks in order to anain a superior level 
of performance, as measured against the 
major market indices 


John O. Edwards, a resident of 
Wadesboro, NC, recently participated in 
operation Sea Dragon '86, a 4&-hour exer- 
cise designed to enhance the combat 
readiness of the Reserve unit. 
Frank Downing WjBcman and 
Margaret Paige Collier were married Oc- 
tober II in Blowing Rock, NC 


Louise Damon Baucom has received 

her doctorate in education from the 
University of South Carolina at Colum- 
bia. She is now a member of the faculty 
of the University of North Carolina at 
Charlotte and is teaching early childhood 
education. Her husband Larry '75, is 
district manager for Lever Brothers in 
Charlotte. NC 

Don Boaz is president of Packaging Pro- 
ducts, Inc. in Martinsville, Vn. 
Preston William Bowland Jr. is a sales 
representative for Riverchase Imports in 

Murfreesboro, Tcnn. 

Vicky Carol Jone» and Baxter Darnell 
Carver were married September 20 in 
Roxboro. NC 

Allen Lloyd, employed by Home Federal 
Savings and Loan in Fayencville, NC, 
presented a recital of sacred ot^an music 
recently in the sanctuary of First Presby- 
terian Church, Lumberton, in celebration 
of the anniversary for the directors of 
music, Allen serves the church as assistant 
organist and accompanist for four choirs. 
Nancy Joyce McDald and her husband • 
Dan. 1513 Havens Drive, North Myrtle 
Beach, SC 29582, announce the birth of 
a son. Joshua Aidan, on January 6, Nan- 
cy is in her fifth year of reaching at 
North Myrtle Beach. 

Alan R. Parham and Ccclia M, Walters 
were married on August 2 in Atlanta, Ga. 
Alan is currently located in Dunwoody 
and is employed as a division manage- 
ment recruiter for the TGI Friday's Res- 
taurant Company. He is responsible for 
staffing 250 management positions in )7 
restaurants in a territory covering Atlanta, 
north to Boston, northwest to Detroit 
and east to Birmingham, Alan alko con- 
ducts seminars and writes program mat- 
erial for the company on subjects in- 
cluding candidate selection, interviewing 
techniques, turnover reduction and 
manager evaluations. 
J. Brant Simpson and wife, Debbie, of 
1718 Brookhaven Mill Road, Greensboro. 
NC 27406. announce the birth of a son, 
Christopher James, on April 23- 
JohnUnsworth is plant manager for Hali- 
fax Hosiery Mills, Inc., a division of Cluett 
Hosiery Group, located in Scotland Neck 


Jack H, Adams U is employed by Milli- 
ken and Company as plant manager in 
Barnwell. S.C He lives there with his wife, 
Bonnie, and their three childreni Jonathan, 
age 5: Jeremy, age 4; and Jaclyn. age I 
James Berry and his wife, Martha. 9010 
Larchwood Dr., f«:er nets vi lie, NC 27284, 
announce the birth of a son, James III. on 
May 18, 

Pat Grady is a major accounts manager 
for A.O.S, in Raleigh. NC 
David Gurley is the new director of the 
cardiopulmonary services department at 
Columbus County Hospital, Whiteville, 
NC Gurley and his family moved to 
Whiteville from Des Moines, Iowa, where 
he was director of a sleep disorder center. 
His 22-year career also includes experience 
m a pulmonary laboratory and respiratory 
therapy facility. 

Donald McLaughlin is production man- 
ager for Coca-Cola Foods in Hightstown, 
I N,J, 
Bonnie Marshall joined Salem Trust Bank 
in Wmston-Salem as vice president in 

John Nicholson, who joined Wachovia 
Bank and Trust in 1979, is now assistant 
vice president in Wilson, NC. He serves 
also as assistant manager in sales finance- 
Ann Shoffncr Rhem and her husband, 
Nick, 1003 Robin Lane , Archdale. NC 
27263, announce the birth of a son, Mark 
Alexander, on August 20. 
Garry Spence is operations manager for 
Carolina Quality Concrete Company m 
Greensboro. NC He and his wife, the 
former Pam Moseley, have three children, 
Tylct, Jennifer and Katie, 
Cynthia Stinson Story has accepted a 
position with Senator James T Broyhill in 
his Greenville, NC, office. She had 
previously served on Senator John East's 
staff. She and her husband, Doug, reside 
in Greenville with their daughter. Amber. 

The Magazine of Elon December, 1986 15 

Pat Dctomo Utz and her husband, 
Jack '77, 1125 Aycock Avenue, Burling- 
ton. NC 27215, announce the birth of a 
daughter, Lauren Brooke, on Sq>tember 

Randv Woraham was awarded the Army 
Athievement Medal while assigned to ihc 
Ninth Field Artillcrv during their annual 
training and evaluation program. Respon- 
sibilities included conducting a brigade 
level M-60 qualification range and training 
target atquistion personnel. Worsham was 
rctenilv promored to the rank of Capram 
m the Army and fellow Captain R.E.H. 
"Rick" Teller '75 provided ihc bars for 
his promotion ceremony. 


Lu-Anne Winfree Deacon and her hus- 
band, Bob, Route I. Bok 288-A. Seagrove. 
NC 27341, announce the birth of a 
daughter, Kathcrinc Anne, on June 30. 
They also have a son, James Andrew, age 
3. Lu-Annc is co-owner of Pippin Hill 
Originals which specializes in "hand- 
^titchcrics" for children. 
Jeanne Dutcher Fink and her husband, 
Thomas. 8405 Spring Meadow Rd., Rich- 
mond. VA 23235, arc the parents of a 
son, Michael Lee, on February 17. 
Jack Ut2 and his wife. Pal Dctomo 
'76, 1125 Aycoclc Avenue. Burlington, 
NC 27215, announce the birth of a 
daughter, Lauren Brcxike, on September 


Martha Rice Barber was married to 
Howie Barber on September 6. She is a 
director of sales promotion for Alexander- 
Wilkinson Advertising in Shelby, Ohia 
Lon Banks Bowland Jr. and Lynne 
Judy Whiteside were married August 31 in 
Burlington, NC. 

Pam Clark is teaching in the Burlington 
City Schools system. 
Mr. and Mn. Don Colclough, 21 
Hounds Ear Road. Hillsborough. NC 
27278, announce the birth of a son. 
Adam Daniel, on August 7- Their other 
children are Chns. age 6, Matthew, age 4. 
and Heather, age 2'^. Don is a cor\tToller 
with Keland Company. Inc. 
Terry Manh is an accountant for Lewis 
Marsh Si Associates in Lynchburg, NC. 
Mark Heil and his wife, Nancy. 3517 
Farm Cirt:le. Fayetteville, NC 28305, an- 
nounce the birth of a daughter, Hanruh 
Lyn. on May 3, 

Beverly Louis Maness and Robert 
Daniel Allen were married August 2 in 
Las Vegas, Beverly is a lab technician at 
Roche Bio Med Laboratory in Burlington, 

Karon Price and her husband. Jeff. 707 
Hanover Drive. Concord. NC 28025, an- 
nounce the bifth of a daughter, Kendall 
Joy, on August 15. 

Carla Whitfield Mangum and her hus- 
band. Ronald, Rt. 1, Box 226, Rjjuge- 
mont, NC 27572, announce the birth of 
a daughter, Kristin Alaine, on August 28. 
Carla teaches kindergarten at the Butner- 
Stem Elementary School in Butner, NC. 
Lee Steele is working toward becoming a 
pharmacy technician at North Caroliria 
Memorial Hospital in Chapel Hill. He is 
still a D.]. and has his own mobile disco 
show "The Main Event Mobile Disco 
Show with Lee J." 

Cary B. Taylor HI is head coach for the 
Clinton High School first-ever soccer 
team. David Lewis '80 is his assistant 
coach, Cary is also an iruursnce agent 
and real estate broker with his father's 
company. Taylor Agency in Clinton, He 
says "hello" to all his Kappa Sigma 
brothers and other Elon friends. 

Receive Top 
Marks as 

By Yvonne Evans '87 

Elon College has a reputation for 
producing top quality graduates in 
all fields of study. The education 
program is no exception, yielding a 
rich history of successful gradu- 
ates — educators like Dr. Betty Bow- 
man '44, Wilma Parrish '57 and 
Shirley Faircloth '69, who have re- 
cently been named Principal or 
Teacher of the Year for their respec- 
tive school systems. 

Dr. Betry Bowman has been 
named Principal of the Year for the 
Burlington City Schools. This 
11-year principal of Broadview Mid- 
dle School has been involved in 
education for 41 years, 18 of those 
with the Burlington City Schools. 
She earned the master of education 
degree at UNC-Greensboro and the 
doctoral degree at UNC-Chapel Hill. 

Bowman is involved in many 
civic and community organizations. 
She is a veteran of the Parent- 
Teacher Association from which she 
received the 1985 District VI 
Outstanding Educator of the Year 
Award. She is chairman of the state 
PTA education commission. 

A 1957 graduate of Elon College, 
Wilma Parrish, principal of Western 
Middle School, has been named 
1986 Principal of the Year for 
Alamance County Schools. 

Parrish is also a graduate of 
UNCG and UNC-Chapel Hill. 
Three years after she came to 
Western Middle, the school was 
selected by a leading education 
author as one of the four leading 
middle schools in the nation. 

Betry Boumum 






Shirley Riircloih '69 

Shirley C. Faircloth, an English in- 
structor at Walter Williams High 
School, has been named Teacher of the 
Year by the Burlington City School 
Board. Faircloth earned her bachelor of 
art degree from Elon College and did 
post-graduate work at UNC-Chapel Hill. 

Faircloth, who has taught at Williams 
for 17 years, has served as chairman of 
the English department, a member of 
the scholarship committee, as a perfor- 
mance appraisal training leader and as 
a mentor teacher. She has done much 
to help students prepare for college by 
setting up the high school's first Ad- 
vanced Placement course. 

Wilma Parrish '57 


Gary L- Brant Jr. and his wife, Kim, 

Box 8805, GibsonviUe, NC 27249, have a 
daughter, Meredith, born on November 8, 
1985, Gary iias been appointed personal 
financial planner wjth IDS Financial Ser- 
vices, Inc. an American Express 

Bill Brown is a finance officer for Davie 
County Schools in Mocksville. NC. 
Barry Duff and his wife, Angle LtnCz 
'80. 3251 Shamn^ck Dr,. Fayetteville, NC 
28303, announce the birth of a son, Ben- 
jamin Gordon, on May 13. Barry is 
coaching football and is head wrestling 
coach at Douglas Byrd Senior High in 

Mark Given and his wife, Janice, 534 
Jefferson Street, Roanoke Rapids, NC 
27870, announce the birth of a son, Kyle 
Lewis, on April 29. Mark is president of 
Video Stereo, Inc. in Roanoke Rapids, a 
company composed of one wholesale site, 
one restaurant, and three retail locations. 
Chrlntine Vannciver Gorrell and her 
husband, Ray, 919 Quallmeadow Lane, 
Colfax, NC 27235, announce the birth of 
a son, Jason Maahew, on May 4. 
Lynne Smith King and her husband. 
David Wayne '81. 4621 Westavia Drive, 
Raleigh, NC 27612, announce the birth of 
a son, Lewis, on June 25 
Karen Bauldlng McMasters and her 
husband, Randy, Rt. 10, Box 289, Spring 
Valley Drive. Burlington, NC 27215, an- 
nounce the birch of a daughter, Jennifer 
Ann. on July 21. 

Denise Tompkins Mchrlng is con- 
troller vice president for McLeod Oil 
Company, Inc., Mcbane, NC. 
Annette Metcalf is a purchasing agent 
for Barclays American in Charlotte, NC, 
Jeff Price and his wife, Karen, 707 
Hanover Drive, Concord, NC 28025. an- 
nounce the birth of a daughter, Kendall 
Joy, on August 15. 

Gave Gatlin Sartin is an 8th'9th-grade 
math teacher for Guilford County 

Margaret Ann Scott and Carl David 
Dahle were mamed October II in 
Raleigh. NC, 

Nancy Warren is a fourth gr^de teacher 
in southern Maryland, 
Gtayson Whitt, second vice president of 
the Elon Alumni Executive Comminee, is 
vice president and city executive for First 
Citizens Bank and Trust Company in 
Eden. NC- 

Bonnie Irby Williams is a self- 
employed decorator for Paper Dolls in 
Richmond, Va, 


Angle Lintz Duff and her husband, 
Barry '79, announce the birth of a son, 
Benjamin Gordon, on May 13. Angie is a 
third grade teacher- 
Tory Everett and Hilton Newman were 
married September 25. Tory is employed 
with First Citizens Bank in Wrightsville 
Beach, NC. 

Debbie Pate Menius is an account 
representative/ recruit manager for Office 
Specialises in Raleigh, NC 
Tina Marie Morgeiison is teaching for 
Lexington City Schools in Lexington. NC 
Francisco T. Paman has completed 
recruit training at Recruit Training Com- 
mand, Great Lakes, 111. He studied general 
military subjects designed to prepare him 
for further academic and on-the-job train- 
ing in one of the Navy's 85 basic fields. 
Ronald Lee Panerson is a real estate 
broker for Gourley Real Estate in Burl- 
ington. NC 

Cynthia Harrington Peacock and her 
husband, Doug, 4321 Southwind Dr., 
Raleigh, NC 27612, announce the birth of 
a son, Joseph Zachary, "Zack", on July 3. 
The Peacocks also have a daughter, 
Adricnne Claire, 2 1/2 years old. 

The Magazine of Elon December, 1986 

Stephen C. Perry and his wife, 
Kimberly Drummond '81. RO. Box 

7812. Cibsonvillc. NC 27249. announce 
(he birth of a daughter. Rebecca Lynn, on 
September 27. 

Richard Riggsbec Jr. and Sharon Over- 
cash were married Seprembcr 20 in Dur- 
ham. NC Richard is a sales representative 
lor Carolina Distributing Company in 

Mark Sessoms works with office services 
at the Shearon Harris Nuclear Plant, San- 
ford, N.C- 

Dennifl Walker has been promoted to 
assistant principal at Williams High 
School in Burlington, after being a school 
counselor with the Burlington City 
Schools for three years, He is also the 
defensive coordinator of the football team 
and head track coach. Currently, he is 
working on his second master's degree at 
NC A&iT State University. 
King White has been promoted to dealer 
representative for Cellular One, a cellular 
mobile telephone system serving the Ra- 
leigh-Durham-Chapel Hill area of North 
Carolina, effective July 1. His responsibil- 
ities include managing the Authorized 
Dealer Program (a network of area busi- 
nesses which IS the primary source of 
Cellular One customers), providing pro- 
duct and sales training to dealers' sales 
representative, and recruiting new dealers. 
King is also building a house in a new 
development near Longview Lake in Ra- 
leigh with closing expected in February. 
His telephone number is (919) 481-1181. 
Using only a five iron for the entire 
round, King placed 7th in a field of 72 
amateurs in the low net division of the 
World One Club Golf Championship 
held at Lochmere Golf Club in Gary, 
N.C.. on October 26. 
Robin Whittenaur recently purchased a 
home in Atlanta, Ga. She is currently 
employed by Delta Airlines as a flight 


Allen Wilton Bass is a state park ranger 
for the State of Virginia in Clarksville. Va. 
Penny Page O'Brien and her husband, 
Mike, have moved to 166 Gettysburg Way. 
Lincoln Park, N.]. Mike has a Domino's 
Pizza franchise in the Wayne N.J., area. 
They would love to hear from any alumni 
visiting or living there. 
Christopher Joseph Bumen and 
Carol Elaine Hall '81 were married Oc- 
tober 4 in Burlington, NC. 
Janet Combs Cameron is a teacher for 
Lee County Schools in Broadway. N.C. 
Jean Robertson Goodnough is a first 
grade teacher for Horry County Schools 
in Conway, SC. 

Meg Guy Harwell has recently been 
promoted to supervisor at Lafaye, Hannon 
&. Brock, a certified public accountant 
firm in Jacksonville, Fla. She has been 
employed there for the past five years. 
William Thomas Jones and his wife, 
Lynne Smith '79, 4621 Westavia Drive, 
Raleigh, NC 27612, announce the birth of 
a son, Lewis, on June 25- David is a sales 
engineer for Beacon Technical Industries. 
They have another son, Shepard. who is 
22 months old. 

Steve Martinelli and his wife, Denise. 
2321 McKinney Street, Burlington, NC 
27215, announce the birth of a son, 
Dustin Brantley, on October 28. 
Mike Nichols is division manager for 
Hydro Lawn Spray m both Roanoke and 
Lynchburg, Va. He and his new bride, 
Genia, own a home in Roanoke, Va. 
Kimberly Drummond Perry and her 
husband, Stephen '80, PQ Box 7812. 
Gibsonville. NC 27249, announce the 
birth of a daughter. Rebecca Lynn, on 
September 27. 

Scon Filmorc Stidham and Anna 
Burns Comer were married September 13 
in Salisbury, N.C. 


Gets Mxi There Whh Care - 

Official Airline of 
the New Stage Theater 

C 1966 Dtlto As Una Inc 

Nancy April Marchman '83 

A Career That Is Taking Off 

When Nancy April Marchman 
spent the Winter Term in England 
in 1983, she never dreamed she 
would make the connection that 
would lead to her future career— 
nor could she have predicted the 
interesting twist her career has 

It all began when she took a side 
excursion to Paris to see the sights. 
"On the plane I met two Delta 
Airlines flight attendants who 
started telling me about their work," 
she recalls. "It sounded interesting 
and they promised to send me an 
application, but I really didn't think 
too much more about it." 

Majoring in business administra- 
tion ofifered Marchman several 
career opportunities, so she wasn't 
absolutely sure she wanted to work 
in the airline industry. 

True to their words, however, the 
attendants sent her an appttcation. 
"I remember thinking that since 
they had taken the trouble to send 
it, I should fill it out," she says. 

Tilings began to fall in place, and 
in the fall of '83, Marchman began 
working for Delta. "I'm on reserve 
status at our base in Atlanta," she 
says, explaining that she is on 
standby 24 hours a day, everyday, 
except for designated days off. 

Early in her career her supervisor 
asked if she were interested in 
working for the publications depart- 
ment. "I wasn't sure exactly what 
that meant," she says, "but it 
sounded interesting, so I said yes." 

It was one full year before she 
heard anymore about it. Then she 
teceived the exciting news that she 
had been selected as the featured 
employee in Delta's latest advertis- 
ing campaign. 

"I believe Delta is the only airline 
using their own employees in their 
advertising," Marchman points out. 
Everything was done very profession- 
ally, just as it is with top models. 
She spent about nine hours with a 
make-up artist, a hairdresser and a 
wardrobe specialist. About 400 pic- 
tures were taken; five poses were 
finally selected. 

The photo session was in April, 
but the ad did not appear until 
June. Since then the photos have 
been used separately and in com- 
bination many times in trade publi- 
cations and magazines like Southern 

Will Delta flight attendant Nancy 
April Marchman become a famous 
model? She laughingly answers: 
"Well, I haven't thought a lot 
about that, but the ads have been 
fun for me and my family (meaning 
her mother, Mrs. Charles R. March- 
man, and her brother, Richard, who 
is a 1977 graduate of the college). 

"Before I saw any of the ads," she 
says, "a lady called me over to her 
seat and asked me my name. When 
1 told her, she pulled out the 
magazine, pointed to the picture 
and said, 'Are you this Nancy?' " 
Isn't that the way stars are born? 


Bruce Tyndall Alligood and Cynthia 
Ann Turner were married October II in 
King, N.C. 

Karen Parks Aver is a substitute teachet 
for area public schools in Hampton, Va. 
J. Dennis Bailey has joined Atlman 
Spry Humphreys Leggett St Howington as 
an a&sociate, bringing the number of 

lawyers in the firm to 20. Bailey recently 
completed a year's clerkship with the U.S. 
District Judge of the Middle District of 
North Carolina. A 1985 graduate of Wake 
Forest University Law School, he was on 
(he scholastic honors list and a member 
of the Student Trial Bar, 
Mari K. Behrend and Denrus Martin 
Straub were married on August 16 in 
Garrett Park, Md. 

Lisa Peele Burroughs is n 7th grade 
language arts/social studies teacher of 
Scotland County Schools in Laurinbur^ 
Married to Mitchell Wayne on December 
28, 1985. she is currently working on her 
master's (6-9 education) at Pembroke State 

Carolyn Hall Cordonc is an accoun- 
ting manager for Travelers- flea I Estate In- 
vestment Department in Alexandria, Va, 
Johnny George Cortesis and Terry 
Ann Poe were married on October 11 in 
Winston-Satem. NC. 
Effic DascalaklB is deputy town clerk 
for the town of Elon College. Among her 
many responsibilities are taking the 
minutes of the town Board of Aldermen 
meetings, handling all purchase orders for 
the town, and processing bills from 

David Michael Dean und his wife. 
Heather, 1908 Stanberry Drive, Rich- 
mond, VA 23233, announce the bift|i of 
3 son, David "Austin", on )une 29. 
Mr and Mrs. Ken Dlmock. 2424 Cot 
tage PI., Greensboro, NC 27408, an- 
nounce the birth of a son, David Browcr, 
on September 9. 

James Thomas Love is a manager for the 
Jack Eckerd CorporBtion in Burlington, 

Keith Miller is the owner of TN. Boone 
Formal Wear in Burlington, N.C. 
Bruce Plner received the Navy Achieve- 
ment Medal in August for outstanding 
achievement as career planning officer. 
Bruce was also promoted to the rank of 
captain in August. 

Sharon Kay Scuber and Mitchell Gene 
Oakley were married August 31 in Burl- 
ington, N.C 

Michael Anson Teachcy is a mortgage 
loan officer for Citiiens Savings in 
Raleigh, NC. 

Keith Best Tliomas married Julia 
Rochelle Cox on August 23. 1986, Keith 
15 3 field representative for Wachovia 
Bank in Burlington, NC. 
Ernie Lauler To'o To'o is the manager of 
Wilson's Grocery Store in Wilmington, NC. 


Gail Durham Alexander and her hus- 
band. Chuck. Route 2. Box 246-A. Snow 
Camp, NC 27349. announce the birth of 
a son, Lawrence Brent, on June 30. 
Vicky Lynne Ashley and Finley 
McFarland Thompson '86 were mar- 
ried September 6 in Reidsville, NC. 
Cheryl Lynn Crawford is a flight atten- 
dant for Delta Airlines and is based in 
New Orleans, 

TVaccy Murray Crowder and her hus- 
band, Jeff, Route 2, Box 626-A. Graham, 
NC Z7253. announce the birth of a 
daughter, Lindsay Nichole, on August 4, 
Martha Frye Dorage is associate direc- 
tor of admissions for Lees-McRae College 
in Banner Elk, NC. 

Angelina Shirene Estes and Hal Larry 
Scott U were married September 27 in 
Burlington. NC. 

Martha Anne Frye and Anthony 
William Dorage were married October 4 
in Banner Elk, NC. 

Steve Harper is an account manager for 
Colonial Storage Company in 
Washington, DC. 

Greg M. Holmes and Julia Claire Allen 
were married September 27 in Raleigh, N.C- 
Beth Saunders Horan and her hus- 
band, John, 7321 Woodley Place, Falls 
Church, VA 22046. announce the binh 
of a son, John Patrick, on July 4. 
Lisa Perriccio Malay and her husband, 
Andrew. 10618 Sawdust Cr.. Rockville, 
MD 20850. announce the birth of a son. 
Christopher Michael, on September 11. 

The Magazine of Elon December, 1986 17 


Bcverlv Minitcr is a financial manage- 
ment systems analvst for Navy Accoun- 
ting and Finance Center in Crystal City, 
Va Beverly was chosen ro participate in 
the Department of Defense Graduate Level 
Financial Management Program and began 
attending the AmcricBn University in 
February working toward a master's degree 
in public financial management. She also 
works part time at McGarvey's Oyster Bar 
on the City Dock in Annapolis. 
Shirlcv Oiment handles investment trad- 
ing for First Home Federal Savings St 
Loan in Greensboro, NC. 
ChrU Phelps is the minister of youth 
and education at the First Baptist Church 
in South Boston, Va. 
Jan RIggB is employed as a flight atten- 
dant and scheduling and payroll officer for 
Piedmont Airlines in Winston-Salem, N.C. 
Penny Wilkins Sellers is a secretary for 
the U.S. Army Beivoir at Fort Belvoit, Va. 
Craig A. Tucker and Priscilla Gottsch 
were married September 20. Craig com- 
pleted his master's degree in chemistry at 
North Carolina State University in August 


Mark W. Andes was installed as pastor 
of Boger United Church of Christ in 
Concord, NC 

Bubba Aver ill is sales manager for Po- 
quoson Motors in Hampton, Va. 
Angela D. Bumctte completed the 
physician assistant program at Bowman 
Gray School of Medicine in August and 
is employed by Dr. Charles Cook in 
Raleigh, NC 

Kevin Hand is salesman for BMW. Crown 
Maida in Richmond. Va. His wife. Linda 
Bclsncr is employed by Broad Street 
Veterinary Hospital as office manager. 
They celebrated their first anniversary on 
September 28. 

Bcckv Dolliver Langworthy is employed 
as a cost accountant for Filtbrite Com- 
pany. Filcbrite 15 a division of Brunswick 
Corp, in Chicago, 111 

Melissa Moore Mann and Richard Mann 
were married October 12 in Burlington, 

Mindy Moon is a sales manager for 
Hotel Ibis in Atlanta, Ca. 
DarrcU Ted Moore is a supervisor of 
the patts department at Pepsi Cola Cor- 
poration in Wilmington, N.C. 
Gregorv Dixon Owens and Angela Lyn 
Howell were married September 27 in 
Chapei Hill. NC 

Leslie Long Phillips is a representative 
for Blue Cross-Blue Shield in Durham. N.C. 
Cindy Pike is a staff accountant for Ala- 
mance Memorial Hospital, Burlington, NC. 
Brian Rollins and Patry Costls '86 
were married on February 14 in Norfolk, 
Va. Brian graduated last December from 
the University of South Carolina with a 
master's in music education. He is self- 
employed as a studio engineer/com- 
poser/arranger in Suffolk, Va. 
Steve Schwartz has been appointed new 
sales supervisor of packaged products at 
Seaboard Farms of Athens. Inc., in 
Athens. Ga. 

David Timothy Spach has been named 
credit and office manager for General 
Wholesale, a building materials manufac- 
turer and discributor for eastern North 
Carolina in New Bern. 
Penny Wilkins and Ralph W Sellers Jt. 
wcnr married August 23 in Durham. NC 
Kathy Weems West is director of social 
services at St Joseph of The Pines, Inc. in 
Southern Pines, NC. 
Donna Davis Weatbrooks is teaching 
mathematics with Alamance County 

William Lloyd Wiggs and Margaret 
Elizabeth Fish were married September 28 
m Wilson, NC 

Lori Milts Woodard is a section chief/ 
purchasing at AT&tT Technologic*. Inc. at 
the Guilford Center in Greerxsboro. NC 


Fred Charles Applln is a special care unit 

coordinator/Alihcimers unit for Hillhaven 
Rose Convalescent Center in Durham. NC 
Mike Brovm is a teacher/coach for Fern- 
dale Middle School in High Point, NC 
April Louise Buck is an administrative 
assistant for Arlington County Department 
of Human Services in Arlington, Va. 
Laura Campbell is teaching in York 
County, Va., where she has been elected by 
her colleagues to serve on the Advisory 
Council to the superintendent of York 
Coumy Public Schools. Laura has also 
been chosen to be a representative to the 
York Education Association, and she has 
completed Virginia's Beginning Teacher 
Assessment Program 
Barry Dale Church and Donna Lee 
Vestal were married recently in Jamestown, 

Thomas Preston Belnn Clayton is a 
sales representative for Taylor Printing Co. 
in Roxboro, NC 

Heidi Sleeber Clements is a surgical 
coordinator for the Virginia Eye Institute in 
Richmond. Va, 

Tom Crabbs spent half of last summer 
traveling in Mexico and Central America. 
Ervin Reid Dickens :s pastor of 
Turner's Chapel United Church of Christ 
in Sanford. He is continuing work on his 
master of divinity degree at Southeastern 
Baptist Theological Seminary. 
William Tyler Fanney and Myrna Lor- 
raine Coble were married September 27 
in Burlington, NC 

Sean Thomas Flanagan and Sandra 
Faye Perry '86 were married August 30 
in Burlington, NC Sean is an accountant 
for Horan, Martello. Morone CPA firm in 
Garden City. N.Y 

Alicia Caddy is employed as a part-time 
reporter for the The PKoenm Enterfmie. 
She also writes for The Greater Pfioenti 
Realestau newspaper, 

Laura Broome Harper is a beauty con- 
sultant for Esree Lauder in Bethesda, Md 
Vicky Jiggetts is a free-lance writer for 
the Durham Morning Herald. 
Robin Leigh Keller and Charles Foster 
McCraw were married September 13 in 
Elon College. NC, 

Tim Walton Lane is color trafficking 
coordinator for Iruighi magaiine in 
Washington, DC 

Kim Morehouse is an administrative 
asssistant for Transamerica Title Insurance 
Ca in Santa Rosa, Calif 
Kelly Anders Morgan and Kurt Henry 
Breitenstein Jr. wcrt married August 23 in 
Slier City, N.C. 

Lori Dee Realini and Albert Lee 
Freeman were married September 20 in 
Burlington, NC Lori is an assistant 
manager m the deli at Winn-Dixie in 

Darryl Robinson is inventory control 
manager for Green Tree Acceptance, Inc. 
in Raleigh, N.C 

Roger Vernon Squires Jr. and Amy 
Margaret McCoo! were married August 16 
in Greensboro, N.C 
Tammara J. Themes recently joined 
AUenton Realty of Durham, NC 


Kim Ann Benton is a congregate coor- 
dinator for SpringmcxDr Retirement Center 
in Raleigh, NC 

Callia Lynn Bowling and Mark Lynn 
Richardson were married September 20 in 
Danville, NC 

Chip Coble Jr. is deputy sheriff for 
Alamance County in Graham, NC 
Joe Coco is dock records clerk for Road- 
way Express, Inc. in Tanncrsvillc, Pa. 
Lisa Conklln has been promoted to 
weekend assignment editor for TV 8 
WGHP in Greensboro, NC 
Patsy Coacis and Brian Rollins '84 
were married February 14 in Norfolk. Va. 
Patsy IS performing professionally in the 

Tidewater area and is an entertainment 
agent for Talent Connection in Norfolk, 
Diana Repine Deatrick is a 

cytotcchnologist for Clinical Pathology 
Facility m Pittsburgh. Pa. 
Kevin Lee Dillon and Julia Susan 
Toggweiler were married October 18 in 
Roanoke, Va. 

Jimmy English is assistant director of 
admissions for Hargrove Military Academy 
in Chatham. Va. 

Chrietin L Farrior is employed by Burl- 
ington Industries, Inc. in Burtingron. NC 
Beth Ann Gardner is a program- 
mer/planner for Alamance Racquelball in 
Burlington. NC 
Leila Renee Gentry is a 
cytotcchnologist at Duke Medical Center 
in Durham. N.C 

Amy Elizabeth Grace is a secretary for 
the personnel office at Burroughs 
Wellcome in Research Triangle Park, N.C 
Kelli Kathleen Henry is a graduate 
student at New York University College 
of Arts and Science. 
Pamela Lynn Hlnsley and Allen C. 
Lewis Jr. were married August 16 in 
Mebane, N C 

Dwayne Oakley Jeffries is a commis- 
sioned sales representative for Lowe's Com 
panies in Burlington, N.C. 
Kathie Shober Kalstrom is a secretary 
for Durrer Appraisal and Consulting Ser- 
vices and choral director for Green Hill 
Church of the Brethren in Roanoke, Va 
John Edward Krahe is a sales trainee foi 
Fastener House, a division of Russell Burd- 
sall and Ward Corp. 
Mary Margaret Lambert is a second 
grade teacher for Sandy Hook Elementary 
School in Strasburg, Va. 
Donald J- McCauley is working toward 
his master's degree in public health educa- 
tion at UNCG and has been elected to the 
Graduate Student Council representing the 
public health education department. He is 
assistant to the project director of rhe 
Greensboro Wellness Council for this year. 
John McFadyen is a loan officer for First 
Citiiens Bank in Pinsboro. N.C. 
Scott Carlyle Oliver is a student at 
Southern College of Optometry in Mem- 
phis, Tenn. 

Deniese May Parrlsh is business 
manager/radiology for the University of 
N.C. at Chapel Hill. 

Sandra Faye Perry and Sean Thomas 
Flanagan '85 were married August 30 in 
Burlington. NC. Sandra is an investment 
accountant for NY Life Insurance Co. in 
New York City. 

Margaret Ann Peterson and Gregory 
Mack Balkcum were married June 28 in 
Greensboro, N.C- 

Paul C. Purdv is a sales representative for 
Lipton &. Lawrys, Inc. He is t'esponsible for 
the northwest area of North Carolina. 
Zoe Catherine Rizos and Phillip Spiros 
Nixon were married August 31 in High 
Point, N.C. 

Andy Sack is a horse trainer in Jackson- 
ville. Fla. 

Sherrie St. Clair is a flight attendant for 
American Airlines based in Washington, 

Andy Schaefer is assistant manager for 
Winn-Dixie Stores, Inc. in Altamonte 
Springs. Fla. 

Angle Scott is a cytotcchnologist for 
Roche Bio-Medical Laboratory in Burl- 
ington, N.C. 

Julia Lynne Shepherd and Matthew 
Steele Sowinski were married September 20 
in Gibsonville. N.C. Julia is a salesperson 
for Gibsonville Drug. 
Regena Shires is a leasing agent for 
Woodlake Village in Richmond, Va. 
Josh Stone is a banker at Wachovia Bank 
in Burhngton, N.C. 

Michael Slorck is a marketing represen- 
tative for Mobile Oil Corporation in the 
U.S. Marketing and Refining Division. 

Susan Leigh Tabor is anending the 
University of North Carolina at Charlotte 
working toward a master's degree in 
counseling. She is also employed by the 
University as a graduate assistant in the 
Residence Life Program. 
Finley McFarland Thompson and 
Vicky Lynne Ashley '83 were married 
September 6 in Reidsville, N.C. 
Patrick Robert Vota is a second lieute- 
nant in the U.S. Army. 
Anne Madcnford Wlldman is a medical 
laboratory technician for High Point 
Regional Hospital in High Point, N.C 
Kari Spitzer Wilkinson is a physical 
science teacher for Cummings High School 
in Burlington. N.C. 
Sylvia Annette Williamson is a 
graduate student ar Emory Universtiy in 
Atlanta, Ga. She has a combination 
fellowship, assistantship and tuition grant 
for study in math and computer science. 
Lisa Ann Young is sales auditor for Brit- 
ches of Georgetown in Alexandria, Va. 


Jon Eric Anthony and Christiana Collins 

George were married June 21 in 

Greensboro, N.C. 

Elizabeth Lalne Harden and Terry Lynn 

Ball were married June 7 in Burlington, 

N.C, Eliiabeth is employed by Finance 

One in Burlington. 

Douglas Emory Hensley and Kathy 

Elsie Smith were married September 6 in 

Mayodan, N.C 

Patricia Royall Honeycun and James 

Houston Hatley III were married August 15 

in Burlington, NC. 

Ktmberly Bradford Mills and Dennis 

Michael Holston were married September 

20 in Charlotte, N.C, 

Pamela Jean McCullock and Jason Lee 

Gainey were married October 11 in 

Walnut Grove, N,C, 

Shawn M. Robinson and Connie Pace 

were married July 26 in Charlottesville, Va. 

In Memoriam 


Duane York Brannock Sr., 218 Willow 
Springs Drive, Clemson, SC, September 7. 
A native of Mebane, N.C, he was 
employed as a professional chemical 
engineer and a professor of chemistry. 
Ferry Lee Gibbs, 1419 Vaughn Road. 
Burlington. NC, October 27. A native of 
Alamance County, Dr. Gibbs joined the 
Pittsburgh Presbytery in 1952 and held 
several pastorates in the Pittsburgh area 
until his retirement to Burlipgton in 1971. 


Arthur Franklin Fowler Jr., 306 East D 
Street, Erwin. NC. November 4- 


Dwlght H. Unkford, 39 Fuller Place. 
Brooklyn, NY. July 9. A rcrired 
photographer, Lankford served in the US. 
Navy Seabecs during World War II. He 
was a former pastor at the First Christian 
United Church of Christ in Burlington. 


Dorothy Paige Allen, Route 4, Mebane, 
NC, August 19. A native of Danville. Va.. 
she was a secretary and bookkeeper at the 
].H. Frecdman Company for 37 years. 


George L. Cameron, 17 Willow Drive, 
St. Augustine, FL 32084, September 1. Mr, 
Cameron was a band director and math 
teacher in Statcsville and North 
Wilkesboro, N.C. After serving four years 
in the Army during World War II, he 
taught math in the St. Johns County 
school system in St. Augustine, Ronda. He 
retired in 1983. 

18 The Magazine of Elon December, 1986 


Soule C. Chandler, 721 Garden Road. 
Aberdeen, NC, September 5. He was a 
native of Scotland Countv and a retired 
public school superintendent. 


J Lvnwood Floyd Jr., 2155 Pawnee 
Drive, S.W.. Marietta, OA 30067, October 


Robert Edgar Harris Jr., 723 Sycamore 

Street, Rockv Mount, NC, May 14. He 
was vice president of Thorpe-Ricks Tobac- 
co Company in Roclcy Mount. 


David Julian Griffin, 5619 Drake Road, 
Concord, NC. Griffin was a retired 
Greensboro City Schools teacher who had 
taught for several years at Mendenhall and 
Aycock Junior High Schools. 


John C. Foust, Route 2, Waxhaw, NC, 
April 17. 

Thomas Dennis Vollmer, 2512 W. Club 
Boulevard, Durham, NC, October 19. His 
denta! practice was at Medical Village in 
Burlington. He was past president of the 
Burlington Civitan Club and the 
Alamance-Caswell Dental Society. His 
book, Trumpet Self-Taughi, was published 
in 1981. 


William J. Stoffel Jr., 216 Catlton 
Avenue, Westmount. NJ, September 4. 

G.L. "Doc" Mathis, Route 1, Box 314-B. 
Snow Camp, NC, October 24. A native of 
Wilkes Countv, he was a physical educa- 
tion coach at East Carolina University and 
Elon College. He was voted into the Elon 
College Sports Hall of Fame while teaching 
there. Mathis was a baseball scout for the 
Chicago Cubs. He was also a veteran of 
World War II. 

Dan K. Moore, a former governor, 
Superior Court judge and associate justice 
of the North Carolina Supreme Court, 
Spetember 7- Elon College gave Moore an 
honorary doctoral degree in 1965. In 1966, 
Moore participated in the dedication of 
new dormitories at the college and in the 
groundbreaking for the new Elon library. 
Poner Sciwell, !49 Lilly Avenue. 
Salisbury, NC. September 23, A native 
of St. Clair. Pa,, he was former pastor of 
the First United Church of Christ in 
Salisbury and campus pastor of Catawba 
College and associate professor of religion 
there. He received an honorary degree 
from Elon College in 1971. 



on various aspects of conservation," 
McGee explains. "I teach a major 
unit on pollution, especially as it 
relates to gas and oil. The students 
really pay attention to that since so 
much of their livelihood depends 
on petroleum." Another classroom 
favorite is a study of extinct 
Competition at the regional level 

required that McGee add a ten- 
minute slide show and a booklet of 
her students' work to her presenta- 
tion package. Her newspaper/photo- 
graphy experience proved very 

McGee is proud of the conserva- 
tion award, but nothing makes her 
prouder than seeing a student suc- 
ceed. "Receiving awards is not that 
important to me," she says. "I prefer 
the small victories in my class- 
room." Obviously there have been a 
lot of those. 

Brenda and Gerald McGee and their 
son, Thorrms, live at 1202 Clearview 
Dr., Allen, Texas 75002. 



He adds: "When it rains, the road 
turns into a river and travel ceases. 
That's just a fact of life." Therefore, 
life must be self-sufficient. Even 
building tools are handmade, 
although at the settlement, chain 
saws have replaced the slash-and- 
burn method of site clearing. 

After a long, hot day the Pughs 
could take a modern shower- 
modern only when compared to 
river-wading. The outdoor, privy- 
style shower was fed by a rain bar- 
rel overhead. "That was the coldest 
water," Ruth says with a shiver of 

"I was so desperate for a warm 
bath at one point that I heated 
water over an open fire," Jeff con- 
fesses. More precious than hot 
water is toilet paper. "It's worth 
more than gold," Ruth says with a 

Sleeping dorm-style on pallets on 
the floor requires yards of protec- 
tive mosquito netting. "Jungle in- 
sects are prolific and dangerous," 
Jeff explains. He was particularly 
fearful of a common skin-boring 
parasite that causes deep infection 
and pain. "Tliere's no way to pre- 
vent infestation," he says. "You just 
hope it doesn't happen." It's simply 
another risk involved in tropical 
forest life. 

Getting out of Bolivia was prob- 
ably the greatest risk of all. The 
Pughs' group was scheduled to 
depart a few days before the 
American drug sweep. "I read 
about the plans for the raid in a 
Bolivian newspaper three days 
before the Americans landed," Jeff 
says. "I suspect the cocaine dealers 
knew weeks before." While natives 
in the little 'coke villages' are 
generally suspicious of North 
Americans and Europeans, tensions 
were really heightened, according to 
Pugh. It was definitely not a good 

time to be an American traveling 
in Bolivia, and yet getting out was 
close to impossible because of the 
Bolivian airline strike. 

Air travel within the country vir- 
tually ceased. Traveling by bus to 
La Paz would have taken a week or 
more, if the bus made it. The first 
available means of air travel was by 
way of a private meat cargo plane 
leaving a nearby village. By plead- 
ing and outright bribery, eight of 
the 13 group members were able to 
ride in the plane, which did not 
contain seats. Ruth was one of the 
eight; Jefi^ was not. "I couldn't go 
because the legs of a cow were 
more valuable," he says. 

"We decided one of us had to get 
out so our children would have at 
least one parent," Ruth adds very 
seriously. To do that, she literally 
sat amidst freshly slaughtered, un- 
wrapped meat piled in the middle 
of the plane. Jefi" was able to bribe 
his way onto an overloaded military 
transport plane a day later. 

Now months later, Jeff is settled 
in his office in Mooney and Ruth, 
in Carlton Building. Bolivia, how- 
ever, is never far from their 

"I think people like the Caufields 
are the real peacemakers in this 
world," Ruth says. "They offer val- 
ues that endure; they offer hope." 

And from Jeff: "I received ano- 
ther perspective on the world I live 
in, and a measure of the human 
spirit that I've never had before." 

For the Pughs, Henri Nouwen's 
recognition of the spiritual connec- 
tion between North and South 
America is an undeniable truth. 



routes, figure out "tube" changes. 
They don't sit fuming in rush hour 
traffic jams; they get squashed in 
the tube as thousands of London 
clerks go to and from work. They 
learn to schedule their trips and 
allow for travel time. 

But the compensations are ter- 
rific. Weekends can be spent in 
Scotland, Amsterdam or France. 
The October class break left not an 
Elon student in London. Instead, 
they were lying on the beaches of 
the Mediterranean, exploring nor- 
thern Africa, or backpacking 
through Europe— hopping on and 
off trains and sleeping in youth 

In between there are one-day ex- 
cursions to England's famous cities 
and historic sites: Canterbury, Ox- 
ford, Brighton, Bath, Dover, 
Stonehenge, Windsor, York and on 
and on. "TTiere's so much to do!" is 

a constant refrain. London itself 
overwhelms one with opportunities: 
Cathedrals, palaces, parks, 
museums, shops, flea markets, con- 
certs, ballet, the theater— and that 
staple of British life, the pub. Be it 
the one on the corner or the one 
across town offering a band, the 
pub is the place to go. "Why stay 
home and watch 'The Secret Life of 
the Field Mouse' on BBC?" the 
students join t